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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  April 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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play from our handbook, the verbiage will be long at the next level. try not to take the weight of the past 20 years on my own shoulders. there is other guys on this team that can help us be suck assessful, i don't have to do everything. all these guys are very talented, many all americans, all conference players. everybody wants to win because they are good at what they do. >> good morning, everybody. it is monday. let's get this party started. april 30th, 20912. temperatures feeling not too bad out there you know things have warmed up as the day goes on. good morning, i'm sarah simmons. >> and i'm wisdom martin. time now to talk about the weather situation. >> reporter: party has already gotten started in the weather center. >> i'm on my second cup of coffee. >> and i'm drinking some other
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stuff. not coffee. >> reporter: cool temperatures to start your day but later this afternoon we'll start a gradual warm up which is going to peak with temperatures in the 80s. quiet this morning, we have cloud cover, this particular satellite pick is not doing a great job showing you the satellite cover. temperatures 51 for you in washington, 49 dulles and bw i marshall. probably want a jacket here to star your day, but we'll be in the 60s by this afternoon, so a little cooler than yesterday, mid-60s with cloud cover and we are expecting rainshowers, maybe a thunderstorm later tonight.
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thank you tucker. time to check in with julie. >> reporter: a great start, kind of quiet out there. no complaining on the beltway as you travel between montgomery county and fairfax. as you work your way across the bridge overnight work has cleared. traveling the beltway each way at the wilson bridge, nice and quiet at beg the main line and the express lanes as you guys travel north out of woodbridge. that is a check of your on time for hiss traffic. a horrific crash at the bronx zoo leaves four adults and three children dead. the accident happened after a driver lost control the of car. the suv shot across several lanes of traffic before plunging off the side of an elevated highway. >> the injuries were quite horrific. >> obviously the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. it hit something that caused it to become airborne.
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it traveled over the railing at a distance of 75 or 80 feet before it came down and hit the ground. >> the victims were all wearing their seat belts. they were a few miles away from their destination when the accident happened. prince georges county police are looking for whoever shot two people on 55th avenue. both men were aiken to the -- taken to the hospital. one neighbor says she saw a tow truck speed down the road and thinks it might have been related to this. police have not made any arrests. five victims and still no suspects. police in prince george's county are trying to crack a series of sexual assaults against him. melanie is in the news almost with the story. >> reporter: the most recent assaults ban mid march. five women have been attacked. three on the very popular
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northwest branch trail. the women attacked on the trail were all accosted by an armed man, dragged off the trail and raped. one victim was in had her 30s and one in her 20s. this past week several local police departments met and compared notes and started to connect the dots with the other two incidents that happened in january. those were described as sexual assaults but not rapes. the trail users are warned with flyers. victims reported they were threatened with a gun or a knife. three different sketches have been produced. the attacker is a male hispanic in his 20s between 5 phot 5'5" and 5'7". people are warned not to use headphones on the trail and also to travel in pairs.
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> eye university of maryland basketball player was arrested and charged after a fight. college park police say howard is charged with disorderly conduct. this happened outside of the shanghai restaurant in college park. howard with his not involved in the fight but was shouting nearby. howard's arrest is the second of the year for maryland's basketball program. the assistant coach hill with his arrested in jap for dwi. a college campus put on lockdown. up next, shots fired at a dorm. the latest on the search for a gunman on average 5,000 people a day swswitch from cascade to finis-
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making headlines around the country today classes will go on as normal. the university of south alabama in mobile spent part of sunday on lockdown other an armed robbery on the campus. a shot was fired during the ipse den. authorities are looking for another involved in the crime. a 23-year-old florida man accused of stabbing his
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grandmother to death had gotten into a fight with her. the suspect had been living with his grandmother for at least five years. police say he turned himself in when they arrived at the scene. sudan declared a state of emergency. the move broadens the power to make arrests and try suspects and comes one day after three foreigners were detained in the region. the two countries have lingering disputes over oil revenue, borer -- border issues and citizenshippish sues pool -- issues. newt gingrich will end his bid and officially drop out of the presidential race on wednesday.
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that leaves mitt romney and ron paul still in the hunt for the delegates. right now romney's delegate count stands at 840 still 300 delegates high of the amount needed. >> noi today president obama will welcome the japanese prime minister to the white house. the two leaders will discuss a wide range of regional and global issues, including the u.s., japan and security alliance. it was nearly a year ago that osama bin laden was killed by u.s. navy seals after a raid at the compound in pakistan. now the threat from his al qaeda organization is still alive. >> reporter: it's been almost a year since operation jeer ron know and the president's chief
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counter triers im-- counterterrorism adviser made clear al qaeda didn't die with osama bin laden. >> we have taken off the battlefield the founding leaderch we are determined to destroy that organization. we are going to destroy -t but that is going to continue to require us to maintain this pressure, al qaeda, when it be in pakistan, afghanistan or yemen. >> reporter: brennan said aviation is still a target. but since we took out al qaeda's leader their big target is likely ours. >> generally al qaeda is not in the game of symbolic attacks. but the at this time for at that time -- the killing of osama bin laden is aiming at the president, this one or the next one. >> congressman mike rogers says there is no specific threat to the homeland. >> all the affiliates have the
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anniversaries, they are going to try to find where all the pieces come together. they are patient they'll wait. >> reporter: the obama's campaigns has a new ad. when john brennan was asked if it is propose to politicize the anniversary of that raid brennan said he doesn't do politics. politics took a back seat to comedy in washington over the weekend. >> jimmy kimmel headlined the white house correspondent's dinner. but first tucker barnes. >> reporter: we have cool temperatures today, upper 40s, low 50s should be a decent start for your work julie wrigh right after the break. ♪
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all right. live look outside on monday as we start the week and the month. start the week at 5:15. you know what that is. i don't need to tell you. the weather is not that bad outside today. but you know, things change in a hurry around here. they can get worse quickly or better. >> is it going to get better? >> yeah. he is going to get warmer. i don't know if it is better or worse. >> that is good. >> we'll take it. today not so much. they will be in the 60s. as we get into tomorrow the rest of the week in the 80s.
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>> so get warmer from here. >> today should be a decent day. generally dry conditions after a cool start mid-60s this afternoon. 50 degrees in washington. you want to see cool out there. bring a jacket if you are out the door in the next hour or so. 46 in that manassas, 53 in an apes indianapolis -- in annapolis. it is a warm front aroaching from the south and west. we'll start today with sunshine. partly sunny, high, thin cloudiness. later tonight as the warm front continues kind of move on top of colder air it is possible we could get a few showers. our terms are going to be in the upper 70s and low 80s.
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going to feel like summertime as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow. lots of rain off to the west, that was a cold front that will stay off to our north and west. high pressure that will keep us nice and dry. we call that return flow, winds out of the south. mild today, warm tomorrow as temperatures jump a good 10 to 15 degrees by tomorrow afternoon. 65 today early sun afternoon clouds moving on in winds infrastructure east here, scattered showers and storms, 95 your overnight low. tomorrow could be a few showers and thunderstorms around but warmer, upper 70s, 80 on wednesday with a few storms thursday and friday. here we go. humidity as well thursday and friday in the 80s as well. a nice week if you are julie wright. early summertime feel for the first of may.
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>> every time you say summertime i think of will smith. >> reporter: i'm not going to sing it. >> reporter: thank god for that. i think about will smith, not about you singing it. >> all right. on the roads traveling northbound i-95, no problems to report right now. toward the capital beltway hov lanes rolling at speed. out of frederick through stafford, leaving woodbridge, still an easy commute. leaving new hampshire avenue headed westbound toward silver spring light volume here, they had the overnight construction on the westbound span of the bay bridge. eastbound was available for two-way traffic. all of that activity should not be cleared. hollywood alisters -- a
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listers partied at the washington hilton saturday night. president obama was the butt but of many jokes, along with newport cre's rocket and the secret service scandal. >> i know the administration has been cracking down. if this had happened on president clinton's watch you can bet those secret service agents would have been discipline with a very serious high five. palms would be red. i want to thank the washington hilton for hosting us tonight. president obama wanted to move the dinner to the kennedy center this year but the republicans wanted it here at the hilton so they compromise and here we are at the hilton. >> kimmel was not the only one getting laughs. president obama also took to the mike joking about the gs.a. and so-called war on women. >> jimmy got his start years ago on the man show.
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in washington, that is what we call a congressional hearing on contraception look at this party. we have men in tuxes, women in gowns, fine wine, first class entertainment. i was relieved to learn this was not a gs.a. conference. >> it has become a hot ticket here in dc attracting a who's who of hollywood and washington. a lot of big stars out there saturday night. looks likes a lot of fun where i wonder who is writing the jokes for him,. >> i don't know they are pretty good though. >> they are good. up next, the latest trend to dish out good food. >> they are called pop up restaurants. we are going to explain what it is all about. stay with us time now is 5:20 
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fast food and a fast delivery at a california mcdonalds restaurant. a police officer had to make an emergency -- stop to deliver his own baby. >> his wife went into labor as they were driving. so he pulled into a mcdonalds parking lot to welcome their new little girl. >> my wife said it was coming out. so had to make a quick
5:24 am
decision. pulled into the first well-lit parking lot which happened to be a mcdonalds restaurant. >> he was like my wife just gave birth and we were like what? >> i guess that was a mcdelivery. >> reporter: his wife says obviously he did a great job and stayed calm through the delivery. mom and the baby are doing fine. >> you had to stop somewhere. well a new trend is feeding america's appetite for new things. they are called pop up restaurants. >> instead of investing a lot of money in a traditional range, they are finding ways to dish out good, inexpensive food. >> owning his ian restaurant --
5:25 am
his own restaurant isn't the only recipe for success. part of the pop up trend it is a restaurant with no permanent home. he is the only person of his caliber and training. pop up restaurants are temporary eat ries in spaces not their own. >> he wants the food to be good and it doesn't matter where we are. >> this is your chance to experience great food in a casual setting. >> reporter: it is also the perfect opportunity for aspiring chefs who one day, want their own permanent space. >> they can show their talent and gain a following. what you need as a chef these days, is a following. >> it is a plan for the two
5:26 am
chefs in a wolf in sheep's clothing. >> i think for almost every chef that i know, brick and mortar is usually the ultimate goal. >> these pop up restaurants save money advertising because they rely heavily on social media and word of mouth to create buzz. a lot of them do very, very well. i read articles about some of these places. twitter, facebook, it is r it is big in norm. >> wonder what the -- it is big in new york. >> wonder what the food tastes like. up next we are checking all your top stories, plus weather and traffic. stay with us. 
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good morning. it is coming up on 5:30 right now on this monday we are taking a live look at the woodrow wilson bridge right now. traffic moving along well out there this morning. speeding along april into may. tomorrow is may 1. >> my gosh. temperatures back in the 80s after a cool off here. we are going to be warming up. >> work week here. >> it was a cool start.
5:30 am
it was okay. we start our year cool too. not a lot of weather. let's get a look at our temperatures at reagan national, 50 degrees. >> not too hot, not too cold. >> winds out of the north and east here at 10. there will be clouds moving in from the south and west. see the green here that is the leading edge of warmer air it is going to arrive in the form of cloud cover. i think most of the day today should be dry. it is going to feel summery, and will be noticeably warmer off to the south and west. we can look forward to that tomorrow afternoon. mid-60s is the area of high
5:31 am
pressure keeps us dry for another day. time now to talk with julie wright to see how things are moving along on the roads. >> so far so good really no major tie ups to report as you travel to and from the wilson bridge. overnight construction should be cleared and the beltway looks good as you are headed in toward silver spring. no problems on 270. northbound 95 lanes are open both the expression lanes and the main line. 123 and palmer road we had a crash and there is an ongoing investigation. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. some people who use a popular park in prince george's county are on edge with. >> several assaults have happened near the northwest
5:32 am
branch trail. good morning melanie. >> reporter: there are several police agencies that work that area. last week they met, compared notes, and agreed five cases of rape or easm sexual assaults may be connected. >> all were accosted by an armed man, drapped off the northwest trail and raped. two other attacks, one in january and one in march on side streets near the metro station, the trail has been pasted over with flyers to warn trail users of the dangers out there. >> i'm happy to see the signs every where. as soon as i pulled ahead of my family, i turned around and decided to go back in with them. i don't feel safe here. >> the victims have reported they were either threatened with a gun or a knife. park police say do not use headphones on the trail.
5:33 am
three different sketches have been produced. victims in all the cases describe the attacker as a male in his 20s, with a stocky build. at this point wisdom and sarah, police aren't sure if they are dealing with one suspect or more than one. tree generations of a family were killed after an suv plunged off an elevated highway in new york. >> the accident happened right next to the bronx zoo. >> reporter: the incident cost seven people their lives. >> three generations of a anyone can family described as close knit wiped out in an instant. >> an suv carrying seven people plummeting off a busy expressway. >> it hit something that caused
5:34 am
it to become airborne. it traveled over the railing at a distance of maybe 75, 80 feet before it came down and hit the ground. it fell 100 feet from the overpass. >> all seven victims pronounced dead of the scene. a 45-year-old woman behind the wheel, a 3-9d-year-old woman, an 84-year-old man, an 80-year-old woman and three girls ages 10, 5 and 3. the white honda pilot landing upside down on its roof. hours later the van, covered by a green tarp, is hauled away by nypd investigators. >> it affects all our units. it is something we see daily. >> is a tough day for rescue workers who were forced to cut the victims from their seat
5:35 am
belts. a car accident leaves frederick -- leads frederick police to a shooting victim. officers saw a car speeding around the corner of college and dill avenue. police discovered one of the passengers had been shot. the driver was trying to take the victim to the hospital. the shooting happened outside the raw bar and so far no one has come forward. new details this morning about a man, charged with first degree murder in the death of a pregnant woman. 22-year-old nathan rogers had been sentenced to home detention if an assault conviction last year. the district heights man is the father of the child 23-year-old jasmine moss was carrying. moss was found stabbed to death inside a truck. maryland pit bull owners
5:36 am
could face harsher penalties. because the maryland court of appeals has ruledy bulls are inharply dangerous animals. now showing the owner or landlord was part pit bull will be sufficient evidence if a claim. an architectural milestone coming up next. details coming up. missiles stations near athletes and fans. checking more headlines, coming up next. 
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making headlines this morning a yacht race takes a deadly turn. officials believe the yacht collided with a much bigger boat over the weekend, killing three crew members and leaving one person missing. the u.s. and china are hoping for a bit of quick diplomacy. a chinese activist escaped house arrest last week and sought refuge at the u.s. embassy in beijing. officials want the matter cleared up before secretary of state hillary clinton arrives in china later this week for
5:40 am
talks. he had a chance to leaf the country right after his escape, but instead went to beijing. there may be missiles at the london olympics this summer they could be stationed on the rooftop of an apartment block in east london. soldiers are said to be stationed at the site for two months. residents have been warned about the weapons. freedom tower is set to become the tallest building in new york city today. workers will erect steel columns to make it a little over 1250 feet high. that is a little enough am to peak over the roof of the observation deck of the empire state building. up next, more incentives to
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you know what they say about the weather outside, it is really nice. >> reporter: it looks like, a gorgeous day out there. >> lights are on over the city. it is beautiful early in the morning. today that is what we are celebrating, because today is national honesty day. >> reporter: the day was purposefully creed at the end of april for two reasons. first it marks the end of a month dedicated to fooling people and today is the day george washington was inaugurated. >> experts say that is why it is important to celebrate and be honest. and dishonest citi doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon i don't we all lie -- dishonesty done seem to be going away
5:45 am
anytime soon. we all lie. in the end, history shows we find out the truth. with the day and age of internet, facebook, tweeting and all kinds of stuff, we really find out the truth quicker than ever before. so now this skill set is important. >> all you need to do for national honesty day is tell the truth. tucker barnes, how do you really feel about us? and be honest. >> i don't feel like i have had any problem telling you how i feel. >> i'm starting to turn red. >> really? that embarrassed you? >> he swap being honest. >> i didn't say anything about julie, you notice that. >> 50 in washington off to the north and west. 39 in frederick. cool off to northwest. i can't lie to you. very cool here off to the
5:46 am
northwest. 53 in app indianapolis. -- in annapolis. a cool start to the day. upper 70s, tomorrow then into the 80s for the rest of the week. starting the day with sunshine. next half hour the sun will come up. the clouds move in from the south and west. generally dry, i guess there could be a sprinkle or two, particularly south and west of the city. tomorrow as the warmer air pushes up. we have a chance for thunderstorms in the forecast both during the day tomorrow and during the day on wednesday. that will be the too many around here for most of the week here's your futurecast. 5:00 this morning, just a few clouds. notice this kind of partly supany out but we are dry.
5:47 am
then the showers move in a few more maybe a thunderstorm during the afternoon tomorrow not going to rain all day tuesday and wednesday but a few showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. early sunshine, afternoon clouds, 65 your daytime high, winds out of the east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. thunderstorms believe as well, 55 your overnight low. winds out of the south at 5 to 10. warmer temperatures tomorrow with a few thunderstorms, around. we'll do it again wednesday thursday and friday, humidity as well, going to be in the low 80s for the end of the week that is a look at your weather forecast. i can't lie. my favorite traffic reporter, y'allly wright. >> reporter: what do you want? you want something. >> no i'm just being honest julie. >> reporter: what do you want?
5:48 am
>> i'm not digging it. on the roads right now northbound i-95, you'll find the lanes are open headed toward the capital north of the center parkway, debris in the roadway keep your eyes peeled for that. accident activity 123 at palmer drive. only one lane is open and able to get by. 32 at i-70, activity north of town, that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. julie, thank you i think like a man stays on top of the weekend box office for the second straight week. the film brought in $18 million in ticket sales the pirates
5:49 am
band of miss fists came in with more than $11 million and the five year engagement. >> that done sound like a good thing. >> sounds like a long time to be suffering that is what it sounds like. > two games, two nice hits. >> but how long will it laugh? dave is here next. plus r g3 and kurt cousins, a smart move or wasted pick? going off the wall, coming up next. 
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5:52 am
snbc did you say off camera you didn't like the music any more? >> yes. you know the redskins, they have a quarterback. >> let's start off with brice hawkins. >> it is a big deal. >> did you see them calling him up this early in the year? >> yes, i did. >> how did you see it? >> i have vision, dave. i saw a star in the minor leagues in the making. >> they didn't pick him to leave him in the.nor leagues. they were winning. >> let me take you to next saturday night. this is how los angeles
5:53 am
welcomed brice harper. take a listen. >> reporter: coming to the plate left fielder number 34 brice harper. >> haters in the house. >> that is how you know you have arrived. when people are booing you. >> you know you have made it. >> we have to work on that. history right here, his first ever major league hit. >> i'm telling you, i had visions. >> does that make him run faster? >> they have been won yet. he also had an incredible catch. hopefully you are going to get some of the defense. relevantly didn't pli a lot of center field. it is one of the better catches i have seen this year. how good is this catch?
5:54 am
for a guy that done play a lot of outfield. >> you know i see it. i say to you, i see it. that is why he got called up. >> you know who else has that it quality? the new quarterback of the washington redskins, kurt cousins. i can't believe they drafted two quarterbacks. >> i see it dave. >> you saw this? we knew r g3 was coming here. you lost a bet for that. that is a story for another day. this isn't about 2:00 over at fedex field. what do they do just before welcoming robert griffin of dc? she draft kurt cousins. how could you possibly see this? >> this makes zero sense. zero sense, other than the fact
5:55 am
that you have another quarterback on the roster. >> you had one on the roster and they resigned him. >> again if you have another quarterback on the roster. >> we both agree drafting cousins is not a pick you and i would have made. >> it makes zero sense to anybody, other than the fact that he is going to be a quarterback. by the time he develops,. >> they can trade him in a couple of years. couple of years? you need help now. if you have a ferarri sitting in the driveway you better get trucks to put around that suck tore protect him right? >> or at least fill it up with premium gas or something. >> something. i don't understand the teary of taking this kid in the fourth round. i like kurt cousins, we should
5:56 am
never find out if it is a decent quarterback in washington dc. >> reporter: here's the thing the with the i understand, ours is not to think, -- with the redskins, ours is knotted to think, just to watch -- is not to think, just to watch. when you trade up to r g3 and then come back with this peck, is that not just more head scratching? >> ours is not to think. >> i don't know exactly what you mean by that, but i kind of like it. >> they are booing you. >> i say bring it on. >> we love the live version. we need to make this happen more often. straight ahead at 6:00, new numbers show just how fast the american dream of owning your own home is fading.
5:57 am
first say good morning to cookie michelle burrell winters, she is our facebook friend of the day. today she and her husband, harry, are celebrating their first wedding anniversary. we'll be right back.  a party?
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