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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  April 30, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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that's some bad hat, harry. ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ strea-ea-ea-ea-eam ♪ stream, stream, stream... ♪ when i want you... ♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. fox 5 working several big stories tonight, new clues in a pair of car crashes that were no accident, the pictures that could help police find two dangerous criminals. >> plus a newspaper investigation is implying a local school's improved test
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scores maybe the result of cheating. now the superintendent is fighting back. >> and there's something missing from this georgetown university clock tower. why the school cannot rush the replacement. we begin tonight, though, with the hunt for those two dangerous criminals. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. police say they're behind two incidents this month both on jones lane in potomac, one victim kidnapped and robbed at gunpoint. now investigators have released surveillance pictures. take a good look. fox 5's karen gray houston working this now. >> police are looking for two dangerous armed robbers who bumped into motorists late at night in north potomac last month. they were two separate incidents and in one the motorist was assaulted, placed in the trunk of his car and taken to atms to get money. they are scary looking pictures of a masked bandit at an atm. if anything about him resembles anyone you know, police want to hear from you and people who
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live in the north potomac neighborhood where the incidents happened want the culprits caught. >> you get a sense of safety, security around here, so i'm very, very surprised. i'm actually shocked. >> reporter: in the most recent incident a man driving a volvo was struck from behind after midnight on jones lane near carry back drive. he got out of his car and was confronted by two masked men armed with a long gun and knife. the suspects knocked him to the ground, duct taped his ankles and wrists together, forced him into the trunk of his car. police say the men trove him to several atm locations -- drove him to several atm locations to get money from his account before eventually dropping him off at a church parking lot. >> we haven't sensed any danger. when i hear something like this, i'm like what? >> reporter: the neighborhood may appear safe, but there have been two victims. back on april 3rd a 49-year- old woman driving a range rover was targeted. when the woman was struck from behind, she called police and didn't stop. when the man in the striking vehicle saw her on the phone,
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he turned around and drove away. so instead of getting out to exchange information what should you do? aaa has some advice. >> immediately call 911. notify the police and if you're really uncomfortable then drive to the nearest location where there are people present or to a police station or fire station. >> i don't feel unsafe, but yet i think it's a good thing to know that when you get hit in the middle of the night or when it's very dark and nobody is around, not to stop. >> montgomery county police are giving out the same advice. if you're in a minor collision and in any way it's suspicious, dial 911 and advise police you're going to a public well lit area. crime solvers is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a couple of university of maryland students found themselves the victims of a frightening home invasion in the 8300 block of curry place
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before 1:00 this afternoon. prince george's county police are looking for two people, at least one armed. they took one victim's honda crv, but that's not all. >> i woke you to one of them walking in my room and asking where my money and drugs were. he showed me the gun, told me wasn't here to hurt me. >> he asked you for money and drugs. did he get it? >> he took my weed and took my rent money. >> the stolen honda crv is a 2003 model civil with maryland tags. tag-- silver with maryland tags. the man accused of killing his pregnant girl friend was on house arrest at the time of the murder. nathan rogers confessed to stabbing jasmine moss found inside her car in district heights last week. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> reporter: jasmine moss was 14 weeks pregnant when police say they found her body under a tarp in the back seat of her car parked around the corner from nathan roger's house in
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district heights. >> we know that she visited him in this home. we believe that the murder occurred in the home and then what happened after that, all of those matters are still under investigation, but we believe he was in his home on home detention at the time that the offense occurred. >> reporter: during a bond hearing this afternoon rogers was ordered held without bond and ordered to undergo a mental evaluation. >> nathan rogers could have walked away from the relationship and never had to interact with jasmine ever again. now we will never have the opportunity to meet the child and to see jasmine's bright smile and witty sense of humor. we want justice for our family. >> reporter: when jasmine moss failed to show up for work friday morning, her mother told fox 5 friday night she began calling her cell phone, checking her texts and checking twitter to see if she posted anything. >> i called her and h went straight to voicemail. i sent her a text. she didn't respond. i also looked on her twitter
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account. she would also post on twitter and she had no tweets that day. >> reporter: as the day went on, there was no word from jasmine until 6 p.m. when a detective called to say they found her car in district heights. jasmine's body was inside. her boyfriend was being questioned. >> i noticed that she hadn't been spending as much time with him and i asked her if everything was okay and she said yes, but they were just trying to work thongs out, sort things out. >> reporter: work things out, sort things out. >> reporter: according to her mother, jazz minimum was really looking forward to the birth of her child -- jasmine was really looking forward to the birth of her child. >> it hasn't really hit me yet, but i don't know who could be so cold hearted to do such a thing to a person. >> reporter: in january the body of jasmine's uncle lenny harris was found in ft. washington, abducted, robbed
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and shot to death. paul wagner, fox 5 news. more details now on the battle between the montgomery county school board and a newspaper in atlanta. the atlanta journal constitution reported recently on several blue ribbon schools across the country where test scores got remarkably better in a short time. the article implied that there may have been sanctioned cheating at highland elementary school in silver spring, that the school went from the verge of a takeover to blue ribbon status in three years. the paper is defending its article, but the montgomery county school superintendent calls it irresponsible journalism. >> kids' scores change in a relatively predictable pattern and when those changes fall out of a predictable pattern, it's time to ask how did that happen? >> what we know is that the staff and leadership at highland elementary worked incredibly hard, did all the things that you're supposed to do to help our kids achieve at a higher level. >> dr. starr says there's no evidence of cheating at highland as the article in the
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paper points out , most students there are poor and don't speak english at home. it's been nearly a year since the raid that killed osama bin laden. tonight on the eve of that anniversary democrats and republicans appear to be using the killing of the terror mastermind to score political points. fox's jennifer davis has more on the controversy. >> reporter: governor, would you have gone after bin laden? >> of course. >> reporter: mitt romney responds to the latest attack ad by president obama. >> he took the harder and the more honorable path. >> reporter: the ad featuring former president bill clinton challenges whether mitt romney would have made the decision to take out terror leader osama bin laden. while in new hampshire the former massachusetts governor scoffed at that notion responding to that question with even jimmy cart we're have given that order. -- carter would have given that order. some gop critics have said it's inappropriate for the president to bring this up issue in a political conference. at a white house news conference the commander in chief argued the anniversary of the al-qaeda leader's death is
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a good time for reflection. >> i said we'd go after bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did. >> reporter: mitt romney is also sticking to an economic message as his party release an ad saying the party's broken promises around working for the country. >> the president proposes raising taxes on small businesses from 35% to 45% at the top rate that. will kill jobs. >> reporter: last time it was hope and change. this time president obama's campaign slogan will be forward. the republican national committee responded to that news with a social media campaign of its own warning people in a second obama term they can look forward to higher taxes and bigger deficits. jennifer davis, fox news. >> the fox 5 weather team tracking big changes coming our way. feels like your typical spring night, but we're about to get a davis summer. sue palka in the weather center now -- a taste of summer. sue palka in the weather center now. >> the dew points are up there.
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in the southeast wind that brought a lot of cloud cover has kept the atmosphere pretty moist. in fact, i'm seeing dense fog advisories getting posted south and west of d.c. i don't think that will be an issue for us, but we'll get started with a look at temperatures on the last day of april, a little below normal and didn't even get to 67 until quite a bit later in the day when the clouds thinned out and the sun was able to make a difference. we spent the last day of april below normal. it's a little on the chilly side, humidity climbing as brian mentioned, temperature right now at gaithersburg 57, but you do not have to go far from d.c. to find much warmer weather. pittsburgh 74, down from a high of 82 degrees today, 70 in beckly, 72 raleigh. that red line there is the leading edge of warmer air got trapped a little south and west of us, about the it's going to try to move through -- but it's going try to move through overnight and as it does, so warmer air will move in and also we could see a shower.
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i'll show you satellite and radar quickly. clouds have been kind of socked in tonight. we had some thinning in the afternoon, but they're building back in and we have a line of showers to our west and some thunderstorms as well. overnight there could be a shower. we may have to watch for a couple thunderstorms tomorrow, talk about that and a 10 to 15- degree warm-up. i'll let you know how long that is going to stick around. may is going to come in more like june. georgetown university students are asking what time is it because someone stole the hands off the school's healy clock tower again. university police say the vanneddism is a serious violation of georgetown's -- vandalism is a serious violation of georgetown's student code of conduct. some are even wondering how the thief pulled it off. >> a lot of smart kids here. i guess they figured something out. >> the prank is apparently a tradition, hadn't been done in years. the school says it needs to make sure the clock wasn't damaged before they replace the hands. >> how do they do that? a metrobus driver hailed a
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hero tonight. police say he saved the life of a victim in the recent series of hammer attacks in the district. tonight he talks exclusively with fox 5. >> on the news edge at 11:00 they are best known for being used in the war on terror, but drones could soon be flying over the beltway helping you navigate traffic. we'll have the details coming up. 
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a metrobus driver is being called a hero for saving the high of of a victim of one of the recent hacker attacks in the district. maureen, you covered this story today. hang it goodness he was this. >> indeed. -- thank goodness he was there. >> indeed. he was on his route as a bus driver and saw what he thought was a pile of clothing in the middle of georgia avenue. it was about 2:30 in the morning. edwin ruffin, a metrobus operator was driving down georgia avenue through the petworth section last wednesday when he saw something that wasn't quite right. >> it looked like it was a bunch of clothes in the street. so i pulled all the way up and i looked out my side window and that's when i noticed it was a
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guy laying down and so i slowed up and just kept looking out the window and he was laying on his back and i see his hand up and i see his hand move. >> ruffin stopped the bus, hopped off and ran over to the man. he says the man was badly injured covered in blood and struggling to talk. >> he was gargling and he couldn't breathe. i seen bubbles and everything coming and blood all over. i don't know where it was coming from. >> ruffin who had some first aid training said he knew had he to do something. so he grabbed the man and turned him on his side to stop him from choking. ruffin then ordered two passengers who had also gotten off the bus to stop traffic on the busy road while someone called 911. >> i was trying to help him because i knew he was in the street. if anybody was coming, because they fly up and down. if they would have came flying, they would have hit him first. >> ruffin said he had no idea someone had been attacking people in the area with a
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hammer. he later learned one of the men he helped was one of the five people a being tad with a clawhammer over a -- being attacked with a clawhammer over a three-day period. one of the victims died. >> there had to be something wrong with him. >> the victim ruffin helped is expected to survive. ruffin said he did what anyone else would have done and is just glad he happened to be at the right place at the right time. >> the suspect was in court this weekend? >> yes. he was in court saturday and is held on no bond. he has another court appearance may 11th. a chicago judge released the 911 call of singer jennifer hudson's sister's desperate cry for help the day she discovered her mother's lifeless body in her chicago help. >> help, please. >> someone with a gun? >> please. mama, oh, my god. >> i don't understand what you're saying. you got to stop screaming.
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>> somebody killed my mama, please. >> somebody killed what? >> somebody killed my mother. >> julia hudson's ex-husband william balfour is on trial and charged for the slayings of jennifer hudson's mother, brother and nephew and has pled not guilty to the first degree murder charges in the 2008 killings. if convicted he faces mandatory life sentences. the judge in the federal case against former pitcher roger clemens may soon decide whether the government can bring in other high powered witnesses, clemens being retried for perjury. the judge has to rule whether witnesses like former teammates can be brought. in clemens' attorneys don't want them on the stand. the john edwards trial and campaign finance charges continued today. cheri young, the wife of edwards' former aide andrew young, testified edwards made his plan sound as if it was for the good of the country. fox's jonathan serrie with the latest from greensboro, north carolina. >> reporter: the wife of the
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man who helped john edwards hide his love child dropping a bombshell in court contending former democratic presidential candidate edwards told her it was legal to take money from a rich campaign donor and spend on his mistress. cheri young testified monday that edwards, an attorney before being elected senator, gave her his legal explanation over the phone. it's the second week of the federal corruption trial as john edwards faces $1.5 million in fines and up to 30 years in prison if convicted. got prosecutors con end some $900,000 received from two donors amounted to illegal campaign donations. edwards' defense team claims the money was a personal gift from friends. >> if the government can show edwards knew about it and the money was used just to save him from embarrassment with his wife, that would be an improper use of campaign funds for which he's been indicted. >> reporter: cheri young also saying she was disgusted by the scheme to have her husband andrew claim paternity of rielle hunter's child fathered by edwards saying, "the first thought in my mind was how in
10:20 pm
the world could mr. edwards ask one more thing of me, of us? i was mad. i was up yet. of course, i said absolutely not. i screamed and cursed at him." while young's family has been inconvenienced the defense urges jurors to follow the money trail. >> much of this alleged million dollars, in fact, went to mr. young and his family. >> reporter: although the defense team has yet to decide for sure, it's possible john edwards himself may take the stand as the trial continues. in greensboro, north carolina, jonathan serrie, fox news. a tense standoff between the u.s. and china tonight. coming up next the human rights activist in the center of the international dispute and why it's bad timing for the u.s. >> and later a warning from dentists, a simple toothache turned deadly. fox 5 news is coming right back.
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a human right activist
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sparked a diplomatic standoff between the u.s. and china. he escaped house arrest and the communist country -- from the communist country and is now u.s. embassy in beijing. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: here in washington supporters of chen guangcheng demonstrated outside the chinese embassy. >> human rights, freedom. >> reporter: likewise halfway around the world similar protests are underway in hong kong. chen guangcheng who is blind had been under house arrest in china but escaped to the u.s. embassy in beijing. >> he's one of the few crusading human rights lawyers in china. >> reporter: frank gianuzi of amnesty international says chen guangcheng is wanted by chinese abuses because he's exposed human rights abuses under its one child policy. >> his particular cause has often been those subjected to forced sterilization or other
10:25 pm
forms of persecution in the chinese system. >> reporter: speaking to fox news sunday white house counterterrorism advisor john brennan would not confirm that the u.s. is harboring the chinese activist. >> i'm not going to address the issue of mr. chen right now. we are working very closely with the individuals involved in this. >> reporter: the timing of the dispute comes as the u.s. and china are set to kick off their annual economic and security talks this week. >> human rights should trump trade. >> reporter: virginia congressman frank wolf is a critic of china's treatment of its citizens. wolf is urging the u.s. not to let trade overshadow human rights. >> that government will respond, but if they don't see us raising these cases and abdicating for them, they will not. they'll say all we care about is business. >> reporter: but one thing is clear. time is running out to resolve this issue before the united states and china talks begin. what is still not known about
10:26 pm
this case is how chen guangcheng remember who is blind was able to evade his guards and make his way to beijing. experts say undoubtedly he had help and this effort was months in the planning. secretary of state hillary clinton and treasury secretary timothy geithner are expected to travel to china this week to begin their talks. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. coming up the emergency action being taken in the wake of the scandal that could send a former ring did council member to prison. >> also ahead -- former d.c. council member to prison. >> also ahead one building now officially the tallest building in the city. >> if you see a story we should look into send your tips to fox5tips at or call us at 202-895-3000. we'll be right back. ♪
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. in the district tonight in a few days a former d.c. council member could be on his way to federal prison. harry thomas, jr. is supposed to be replaced on the council, but the mayor hasn't put forth any nominees. fox 5's matt ackland shawns now one council member is done waiting. >> some believe if there had been more oversight when it comes to ethics enforcement, harry thomas' scam to steal hundreds of thousands of city dollars would have been caught much earlier. >> council member muriel bowser crafted legislation to put in place stricter ethical rules and a new board to enforce them but so far has not received a list of nominees from mayor gray. so tomorrow she'll introduce emergency legislation to give the power to the council to nominate one person without delay. >> i'm going to talk to my colleagues about how strongly they feel about moving forward with some urgency and being
10:31 pm
able to have one of the appointments. >> reporter: council chairman kwame brown is also concerned about the delay but seemed to give the mayor a little slack on timing. >> clearly you're always concerned things aren't moving as quickly as possible, but at the same time, you know, the executive has been reaching out trying to make sure that they have qualified applicants, but more importantly, that they're properly vetted. >> reporter: mayor gray's office says a list of strong nominees should be sent to the council soon but would not be specific on the exact time. all nominees must be thoroughly vetted and that's taking more time. >> it will be great if we could have the board up and running. that is our main objective. >> at a budget press conference this morning i had a chance to ask chairman kwame brown if he has spoken to former council member thomas. he sort of avoided the question, didn't say if he had, but he did say he'd spoken to thomas' wife and seen harry thomas' children. matt ackland, fox 5 news.
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you may soon get a chance to read some of the last things osama bin laden ever wrote. navy seals seized documents during the raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan last year. now the army combating terrorism center at west point will make those documents available. intelligence operatives say the documents show how al-qaeda worked and that bin laden was planning another attack in the u.s. meantime a major milestone for the still unfinished freedom tower in new york city. here's a live look tonight of one world trade center. today it officially became the tallest building in the big apple. fox's david lee miller reports it will soon set another record. >> reporter: one world trade center becoming the tallest building in new york city, steel columns on the 100th floor placed this afternoon making the building more than 1,250 feet high, high enough to peek over the roof of the empire state building. >> i'd like to welcome you to one world trade center which as of now is the tallest building
10:33 pm
in new york city and well on our way to being the tallest building in the western hemisphere, so very exciting day. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: one world trade center isn't expected to reach full height for at least another year. when completed, the 104 floor skyscraper with its antenna will be the tallest building in the u.s. surpassing the willis tower in chicago and it will be the third tallest in the world. dubais has the world's tallest building. >> the world trade center is much more than an iconic symbol for oregon. it is a symbol of lib -- for our region it. is a symbol of liberty for our country. it is a symbol of ingenuity to build perhaps what is the most complex construction project in our history. >> reporter: the major milestone comes a day before the one year anniversary of osama bin laden's death. one world trade center is replacing the twin towers
10:34 pm
destroyed in the 9/11 attacks in 2001. most of the world trade center will be used for office space, more than half the building now reportedly rented. in lower manhattan, david lee miller, fox news. two former presidents will host a within fit in the district to raise money for a memorial dedicated -- a benefit in the district to raise money for a memorial dedicated to the 9/11 memorial. phase 1 of the memorial was dedicated in september. coming up with vets at the national zoo are paying very close attention to one of its giant pandas. >> plus when was the last time you went to your dentist? we're shedding the light on toothaches that can turn deadly. but first here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> you're making more but man, oh, man, you're not spending a lot more, personal income rising in march, but consumer spending slowing. that's a very big deal because all the stuff we buy makes up around 70% of our entire
10:35 pm
economy. and you are paying a little less for gasoline, the national average for regular unleaded going south now for the 14th straight day. still it's high at $3.82. stocks ending basically flat in april and after a month of some wild swings flat on the month. meanwhile microsoft is currently up with the good nook. the software giant plans to invest over $600 million in barnes & noble. in return microsoft gets a 17% stake in a new division that will focus on e-readers and college textbooks. get ready for a titanic sequel but not on the big screen. i'm talking literally on the high seas. australian millionaire clyde palmer planning to build a replica of the doomed cruise liner and like the original the new titanic's maiden voyage will be from england to new york, setting sail in late 2016. start booking. that's business.
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i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your ex husband dealer. live life here -- your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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well, i don't know if it's a news alert, the capitals are back on the ice in the big apple tonight trying to draw even with the rangers in their 2nd round playoff series. sports director dave feldman joins us. >> it is breaking news because they fared better than game 1. so far the caps are following the boston script from long one, lose open on the road, bounce back strong in game works win the series in game 7, although the caps would like to change the script and win in 5. joel ward on the steal brings it into the rangers zone gets the return pass to keith aucoin
10:40 pm
to keith knuble and the 39-year- old buries it. jason chimera steals it from henrik lundqvist. matt hendricks between the legs of his opponent. deflected in front by ryan callahan past braden holtby, game tied 2-2. under eight minutes left, caps on the power play to face off one to alex ovechkin, his shot through traffic with a dow browers with screen beats lundqvist, ovechkin with a close-in shot. holtby had 26 saves and makes the save. the final seconds tick off and the caps escape with a 3-2 victory to even the series at 1 game apiece. the series returns to verizon center on wednesday at 7:30.
10:41 pm
so the series is now back where the capitals have home ice advantage again. 1-1 going home. they wanted a split. they got a split and now they get to go back to home ice for two games, wednesday and saturday where they could take a commanding 3-1 series lead. >> let's hope they keep it going. >> of course, absolutely. it would be great, you know, coming in as a 7th seed when in the past they've been 1 and 2 seeds. they had to eke into the playoffs and now there's a chance they could make a deep run as a 7th seed which would be very impressive. >> thank you, feldy. tonight on the news edge at 11:00 from the battle zone to the beltway drones could soon be flying overhead during your commute. we have details. >> and the death of osama bin laden becoming a hot topic on the campaign trail. is the president politicizing the navy seal raid? those stories and more at the top of the hour.
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i think most of us have had
10:45 pm
a toothache, maybe you saw a dentist or ignored it until it went away, but did you know a toothache could turn deadly? many people don't realize how serious dental infections can be. >> we don't want this to happen again. >> out of work and too proud to ask for money, kyle willis was treated for a painful abscess twice at a local hospital, but he could only afford to fill one prescription. he got the painkiller, not the antibiotic and a couple days later the infection spread to willis' brain. his toothache ended up killing him. >> he had to make a choice between being out of pain or taking care of the infection. >> reporter: he's not the only one these days. >> no, no, he's not. >> my situation i didn't think i could die. i could die from being in pain and agony. >> for him to suffer 11 weeks a lot of other things could have happened. >> reporter: yes, 11 weeks and barely able to eat. >> something sweet gets caught up in there and oh, hot, cold. >> he was just very fortunate
10:46 pm
that the abscess was draining back out through the tooth. >> reporter: and lucky his wife insisted edwin forget the cost and go for help. >> is that better when i press here? >> reporter: she made the emergency call to dr. everett coleman. >> the swelling is down. at least you can eat now? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: c coleman showed us -- dr. coalman showed us how edwin's infection is like so many -- coleman showed us how edwin's infection is like so many others. >> because it looks normal does not necessarily mean it's fine and it's about ready to infect the nerve here. >> reporter: he says injuries can set off hidden danger from something as simple as a baby accidentally whacking mom in the mouth to playing sports. >> you know, if it stays in the mouth or drains into a lymph node, that's when you start seeing the problems. >> i got in here quick. >> reporter: james bun dick
10:47 pm
still enjoys playing ball but he never plays around with his teeth or the abscess it developed, the treatment mostly not covered by his retirement plan. >> don't let it linger. build-up in your mouth is the worst thing you can do. >> unfortunately it was so long we're not going to be able to do a root canal. we're going to have to lose that. >> reporter: edwin will lose his tooth, but he knows he dodged a bullet this time. >> i'll be here. i'll be coming to getting them cleaned. >> we can find problems earlier and it's less expensive to take care of with a filling as opposed to an extraction or root canal or what have you. >> reporter: joyce evans, fox news. here at home vets at the national zoo are hoping for some magic. we are on panda watch again. veterinarians artificially inseminated mei xiang overnight and today after the more natural mating effort didn't go
10:48 pm
as hoped, but they won't know whether it took for weeks. >> bears have what's called delayed implantation, so although that egg may be fertilized, it may not implant in her uterus for 30 to 90 days. so we just have to follow her. >> the zoo will watch mei xiang's hormones and behavior to see if there are any changes, but bears can be tricky. so it could be months before the zoo knows for sure whether there will be a new panda. >> tell you. what we've been waiting for years. hopefully it takes this time. >> i hope we always have panda stories. it's a staple of local news. >> i'm going to let you take all the panda stories. >> okay. i thought you loved talking about the little butter stick. >> once they're born i don't mind. the whole process, let me out. >> we've been doing stories like this for all the years i've been here and i can remember we did these stories and i'm like hey, throw some bamboo at me. i'm going to have a baby. >> they live tweeted the
10:49 pm
artificial insemination. invasive. >> tmt, too much tweeting. >> all yours. all yours. let me know when the panadas here. >> something you might like. you might like that warm weather. >> you are going to love the warm-up, 10 to 15 degrees warmer, a little shower and norm activity accompanying the warm-up. -- thunderstorm activity accompanying the warm-up. we're all over the place and tonight the warm front hasn't moved through here, upper 50s, low 60s, but we will likely see a couple showers for parts of the area tonight and maybe a rumble of thunder and if you hear that and know that's the warmer air trying to come into town. let's start with a look at weather headlines. for our overnight hours a little later tonight and maybe closer to say 4:00, 5:00, there could be some showers and maybe a rumble of thunder say after 5:00. doesn't look terribly widespread, but that is that warmer air coming in and may will start out toasty, maybe not for your morning commute,
10:50 pm
but by noon i bet we're 75 degrees headed for 80 degrees tomorrow. we're only 67 degrees today. some showers and storms around on tuesday. i think for the most part these will probably be between let's say the predawn hours to about maybe 12:00 to 2:00 and i think that will be shutting off in the afternoon. it's coming with a cool front that should continue to make good progress. not a washout, that's for sure. could be another round wednesday as well as we have a couple different systems that will try to play tag around our area. meanwhile satellite and radar, a lot of clouds. where did they come from? the wind direction, east or southeast and it kind of loaded us up with moisture. so we weren't able to get rid of those clouds and the warm front stayed way down to our south. now tonight we see embedded in those clouds the first signs a couple showers are trying to develop and there are a few more out to our west. let's widen the picture. we know we have a warm front to our south. that will probably promote a
10:51 pm
little moisture coming through and then during the take here comes another round of showers, potentially some thunderstorms. they could be also passing through the area. this is a weak cold front. we aren't expecting a lot of severe weather. it has produced some damaging wind tonight across ohio as it's moved through, but that is going to move through in the afternoon. maybe late morning and it will definitely continue to move on out of here and it's also going to be a factor in getting us warm. today's high temperature 67 degrees as mentioned, boston on the chilly side at 54, rochester 57, raleigh 80, pittsburgh 82, cincinnati 82, a lot of warm air on the weather map, atlanta up to 88 degrees, little rock 80. that's the kind of warmer air that will get tapped. so we thought we'd show you the temperature trend. here's what you can expect this week. average is 71, below it today, 80 tomorrow, 80 wednesday, probably 82, maybe warmer thursday, friday about 83 degrees. again dodging some showers and storms here and then another
10:52 pm
cool front for the weekend might also give us a chance for a couple showers and storms. meanwhile 62 degrees, fredericksburg 64 and we widen out the picture to find raleigh at 72, beckly 70, pittsburgh 74 fire, and warm. in the forecast for us -- 74, nice and warm. in the forecast for us temperature dropping to about 58 degrees. a much warmer tuesday headed for 80 degrees. we won't hit it till midafternoon. it will be very noticeable by noon and maybe a shower or storm for parts of the areas that cool front comes through. there's not cold air behind it, but it's just enough little instability to trigger that. we'll say spotty showers around for the morning rush hour, some before that, too as well, a few thunderstorms at noon and by 5:00 80 degrees. i bet most of what we've had is past to our south by then. quick look at futurecast for tomorrow. you can see a little activity coming through as early as 6 a.m., especially south of d.c.
10:53 pm
we'll take this out to noon, 1:00. we aren't finding as much and it looks like everything kind of moves down. so what we get tomorrow look like it will be in the first part of the day. here's your five-day forecast, temperature 80 as we talked about, a couple showers and storms, especially before noon and maybe noon and 2:00. wednesday we reverse that pattern and anies showers and storms will probably be -- and any showers and storms will probably be after 6:00. thursday looks dry. friday, so far so good. saturday 79 degrees, might have a shower or storm especially east of the bay. keep an eye on all that and have another look at the forecast and wednesday's forecast, too on the futurecast on the news edge. >> sounds good. coming up next we are down to the final five singers on american idol. what will happen to them after a winner is crowned. we talked to some past winners and runner-ups about dealing with their newfound fame. >> plus certain d.c. employees might soon see extra cash, the controversial issue next on the
10:54 pm
news edge at 11:00. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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a big help for a military family in need today. operation home front made it possible for an airman and his wife to get this brand-new vehicle. the company lives at joint base andrews and expect their first child in june and they didn't have a car. the vehicle was donated by american shipping and logistics group. operation home front has four thousand five hundred volunteers and helped supply more than a half million needs since 2002. well, surviving the hot seat as a contestant on american idol is one thing, but dealing with the pressures of fame and success after idol proves more difficult for some. fox's casey steigel talks to past idols about what happens when they exit the idol stage. >> reporter: when a contestant's time on idol ends, turning their household name into a bankable career can be
10:58 pm
more difficult than most can ever imagine. >> we're all here chasing the same dream, but i think everyone this evening can get a record deal. >> reporter: like in years past alumni return to the show with their stories of life after idol. >> it takes a few months to get readjusted back to normal and then to explain to your mother no, i still can't buy you a castle. i'm working on it. >> got to get used to american idol and when that was over, i had to get used to like my new life as a sing other tour with really famous people. >> it's a lot tougher in a different way, you know. i mean coming up on your own and cutting your teeth and busting your butt in this business just to try to get your tow or pinky or just -- toe or pinky or just a fingernail in or hair, like a split end of a split end of a hair in the door, like that's hard. >> you just have to sing all the time, perform all the time. >> reporter: carrie underwood,
10:59 pm
kelly clarkson, chris daughtry and jennifer hudson hit it big, but for others hitting the idol lottery is all relative. >> i'm going to be doing vegas this summer. this is a first, a first headlining idol in las vegas which is really cool and i'm just so thrilled, you know, to get it. it's legendary and i auditioned. >> i'm lucky. i had two albums out and got to do a lot on the writing side, scored a couple documentaries, a film and then the charity events you get to do, the corporate things and the people you get to meet has been everything i've ever wanted i got from idol and it was a great platform. i'm not just saying that. >> you have to rely on like independent things and blogs and your own social networking and your own website. >> every night like i go out and watch the shows with jason and luke and i just see how they interact with their fans.


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