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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 1, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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the al qaeda leader this morning more on the lasting impact his death is having on the terrorist organization and this year's presidential campaigns. hey, another good day for washington sports fans. the caps celebrate a big win in new york and big leagues, harper gets ready to make his debut in front of the hometown crowd a live lookout side hey, it is wet, it is raining even moderate to heavy rainfall in some locations allow a little extra time this morning believe it or not this is tuesday may 1st. 2012 good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour we are just rolling along. >> very quickly. >> got tucker barnes joining us now we are getting some rain we needed that. good morning. >> good morning we need the rain good new it is rolling along as well you want some
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sunshine and warmer temperatures hang in there by this afternoon we will be near 80 and start to see a sun break shortly. there is your live look at radar, raining at the moment you can see most of the action is pushing east of washington, pushing out, route 50, i don't have then, buoy, pretty good rain showers, i want to mention this thunderstorm complex, south and east of chesapeake beach, pushing across the bay issued moments ago a special marine warning for the chesapeake bay north beach to drum point maryland expecting winds gusting to 40, to 45 miles an hour with frequent cloud to water lightning as that storm passes east. once we get these rain showers out, we should see gradual improvment, currently 62 washington humidity 80%, rain, winds out of the south and west, 5 miles per hour and pressure generally steady, 30.02 inches. >> thunderstorms, warm conditions this afternoon and
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not expecting anything more than a lonesome shower with highs in the loan 0s nice -- 80s nice forecast for you later today on tuesday. more details on the weather, let's do traffic and julie. >> on the roads this morning, wet roads heavy volume not a good mix. 22 miles per hour here, and slow traffic father hurly boulevard towards the split north of the belt way accident activity university boulevard inwood, police on the scene, wheaton outer loop, georgia avenue inside of the belt way, authorities checking for the crash near the cia entrance, gw parkway still in good shape 66 inside the belt way this is where you will find delays, 18 miles an hour headed inbound towards the city that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you julie. new this morning a deadly night in the district as police continue to investigate two
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stabbings. the first happened on northeast, 1:20 a.m., the other an hour later 5th and florida, northwest. when police arrived to that scene they found a car smashed into the side of a building. >> fox 5s, melanie alnwick live with the details. >> reporter: yeah, the scene is clear here you wouldn't really know anything happened unless you took a walk down this sidewalk as i just did. it appears, the stabbing happened inside a vehicle, a driver stabbed in the neck trying to make his way to the hospital, the car went off of the road, about mid-block, behind me there, on florida avenue, in between 5th and 6th streets, and then, crashed into the side of a building this is sail's tavern look at the video of the aftermath we shot on scene, 3:00 a.m. this morning police say the incident was reported 2:15 a.m. again it came across as a
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stabbing victim adult male found stabbed in the neck driving a black bmw, so when we got here, we saw a large light post on the ground on the sidewalk in front of the tavern and then that black bmw looked like it hit the light post and the light post crashed on top of the roof of the vehicle and landed open the street as well we know the victim was transported to howard university hospital and then told, the victim died we don't know if the victim was deceased on scene or died later in hospital not able to revive him. again, police right now are saying they don't believe at this point, have no evidence to tell them those two stabbing scenes the one you talked about earlier, corral street, 1:15 a.m., and they don't believe those two are related, but again they are trying to unravel details and figure out what happened we did see them going up and down the street
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looking for evidence down closer to, 5th street, and we are 6th here. so we are waiting for updates from dc police but for now t scene is clear unfortunately, not too much dam -- forchew theyly not too much damage to the building behind me, but yes, we have an adult male, deceased from a stab wound to the neck. >> thank you mel. now in our other top stories this morning a new clue in the search for two armed robbers accused of purposefully bumping into motorists late at night in north potomac maryland police are hoping newly released surveillance pictures will lead to the suspects the separate incidents happened last month on jones lane in one incident the driver was assaulted, placed in the trunk of his car and take on the anatm to get money. >> dc police hope you can help them find a missing teen. this is 13-year-old alexis
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mccain she was last seen sunday, 300 block anacostia road southeast if you know anything about where she is contact dc police. polls have just opened in citytowns across virginia municipal elections for mayors councils and school boards throughout northern virginia include mayoral races in fairfax, vienna, polls are open tonight, polls in the common wealth go back next month for u.s. senate and u.s. house primaries. >> to the race for the white house, mitt romney is looking to pick up endorsements from his former rivals he will meet with rick santorum, friday and expect to hear from newt gingrich this week but before they back romney they are looking for assurances rick santorum wants to make sure conservative priorities are reflected in his campaign and newt gingrich wants to repair his reputation within the party
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and pay down millions in campaign debt. >> politics has become a big issue, as the world marks the one year since the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> this morning foxes doug luzader takes a look at the lasting impact of his death. >> there is no debate here, osama bin laden's death was a clear victory for the united states the anniversary is touching off an election year battle. >> one year later there isn't much to see at osama bin laden's compound in pakistan people still take pictures the place where the terrorist leader and arch enemy of the united states met his demise. white house counter terrorism chief, john brennan says it was part of a turning point. >> if the decade before 9/11 was the time of al qaeda's rise and the decade after was the time of decline, i believe this decade will be the one that sees its demise.
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>> president obama used the not so vailed death to take a swipe as mitt romney. >> i said i would go after osama bin laden if we had a clear shot at him and i did, if there are others who have said one thing and now suggest they would do something else, then i would go ahead and let them explain it. >> obama campaign ad explains romney once said he wouldn't move heaven and earth to hunt down osama bin laden. romney says it was a no brainer >> you would have given the order? >> yep. >> is it criticism from the obama campaign unfair? >> as far as the anniversary is concerned, there are no specific threat that is coincide but recognize it is a day that carries a great deal of significance for remnants of al qaeda. florida task force is meeting this morning to look at the state's stand your ground law the governor created the task force to examine the law in the wake of the trayvon
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martin shooting 17 experts are trying to figure out if the controversial law should be changed today's meeting in tallahassee is just the first the task force will hold across florida. we are following a major developments just in, a report issued by uk lawmakers say executives of news corp. mislead parliament over the phone hacking scandal that comes a few months after rupert murdoch and his son james testified before a particle meantry committee findings say james murdoch and others are at fault over the scandal involving the news of the world tabloid it says news international, deliberately ignored evidence of malpractice, covered up evidence frustrated efforts to expose wrong doing, the report says rupert murdoch is unfit to lead a major global company news corp. is the parent company of fox 5.
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this morning the washington capitals and their fans are celebrating a big win at madson square garden. alex ovechkin scored a power play goal the take the lead under 8 minutes to go third period final seconds rangers with their goalie, close shot at the caps made, hopi makes the save, they escape with a 3- 2 victory to even the series a game a piece a huge win despite ovechkin playing less than 14 minutes. >> we need him real fresh for the power play. power play was good tonight he got the winner on it he was fresh, to go out and play an offensive game. they both scored goals in first period the series comes to dc and verizon center wednesday night puck drops at 7:30 p.m. >> all eyes on nats park as harper makes his home debut he is two games under his belt in majors both played in los
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angeles over the weekend his promotion from triple-a syracuse came earlier than expected ryan zimmerman was placed on disabled list making room for harper next hour we will be live from nats park with more on the harper mania. 7:10 a.m., it is a tuesday morning, airline industry s really taking a hit from high gas prices like we all are but delta found a solution to cut fuel bills. we will explain that next. >> international movement under way calling attention to government and big business, we've got more on the annual tradition, coming up they are a common sight in war zones but drones could be a regular presence in the skies over the district what purpose they will serve next. >> as we head to break a live lookout side, rain, traffic, delays, with the rain you get the traffic delays, we will tell you how long this rain will last tucker barnes will
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>> making headlines a ferry disaster in india, more than 100 people are dead, after the boat broke into two pieces, near the border with bangladesh late last night soldiers pulled dozens of survivors from the water army divers and rescue workers are still conducting rescue and recovery operations this morning. u.s. troops in afghanistan face more threats than previously thought. according to the associated press u.s. led military coalition is under reporting the number of times afghan soldierpolice open fire on american and other foreign troops. coalition routinely reports when one of their soldiers is killed by an afghan in uniform but does not report instances
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an afghan wounds troops or misses his target. dominic strauss-kahn is back in the headlines a ruling expected on whether to throw out a new york city hotel maid's lawsuit, claiming the former imf chief sexually attacked her straws cane tried to rape her in his -- strauss- kahn tried to rape her in his hotel room last may. >> delta airlines is going into the oil business they announced they will buy a refinery near philadelphia from phillips 66 the first time an airline has bought a refinery, they estimate the deal will cut its fuel bill by $300 million a year. >> wow. >> hopefully that will trickle down to us. >> where is the line about passing that savings on to customers. >> well, that is understood >> we got to buy our own refinery. >> that is what we got to do and get some body really skilled to run it.
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>> not me >> i would agree. >> all right, rain showers thunderstorms, working through the region at the moment the good news they will be east of us shortly and breaks in the cloudpartly sunny afternoon there is a live look radar indicating heavy rain generally east of the city out 50, annapolis seeing pretty good rain showerflashing you see north of salisbury and pushing across the bay, south of easton and just east of oxford that is a pretty good thunderstorm complex holding together, winds have been reported 40 to 45 miles per hour, cloud to ground lightning, it is possible, south and east of the city across the bayou could encount era thunderstorm short -- across the bay, you could be encountering a thunderstorm shortly. >> let's push on to our next satellite radar cold front moving through not going to cool things down will dry out the atmosphere later today, winds will pick up out of the west 10 to 15 partial sunshine
7:18 am
this afternoon, warm temperatures too, high should be about 82 degrees. yesterday was mid-60s notably warmer than yesterday. 81 today, 82 tomorrow, friday, 88, the heat is on. >> no rain friday. >> hard to believe it will get to 81 today. >> hang in there it will. >> all right. >> i am not doubting you. >> you want to put a little. >> no, allison. no no, i learned my lesson out with you. >> you know who loves it julie wright. >> 81 today like 88 friday, who could complain about that. >> this is good stuff i am telling you. southbound, 270, below speed, route 80, our vanna, big delays, german town, university boulevard, on scene there, delays travelling inbound, gob
7:19 am
parkway. 66 inside the belt way down to 26 miles an hour inbound, suit land parkway, silver hill road shut down, you will also find 295 on the brakes, leave the suit land parkway inbound to 11th street bridge, inbound, washington boulevard accident activity along the left side of the belt way, lanes creep up as you travel south of the pentagon, northbound i-95 remains of the incident, to the right causing delays out of wood bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you listen to this, drones, similar to the ones used by the military could soon be used for civilian purposes in the dc region they would help monitor traffic on the belt way, fight forest fires, monitor hazardous situations and guide first responders through widespread flooding the faa hopes to have these unmanned aircraft systems
7:20 am
running by 2015. >> well, big protest planned for today's may day celebrations some here in our area occupy protestors and unions plan to gather at malcolm x park in northwest, 3:30 p.m. >> they are part of demonstrations, strikes acts of civil disobedience taking place across the could be industry and around the world, -- county and around the world part of international workers day. >> reporter: may day protests are taking place here in the u.s. and around the world, may day known as international workers day is common for demonstrations in greece, a group of striking steel workers are set to mark 6 months off the job with a protest. >> right now this may be civil for us, one of the main reasons we are striking we can't turn our back on the struggle. >> reporter: the event marks a show of solitarity for workers against the government. >> message of this year's may day continuation and escalation against the struggle of
7:21 am
policies that want to destroy unions and society rights. >> reporter: thousands in philippines have taken to the streets reiterating their call to the government, to protect jobs. >> for wage increase, stop continuing high oil pricethe price of electricity. we want a decent job. >> reporter: during the u.s. occupy protestors are planning a major come back today, a series of demonstrations are expected to take place across the country along with an event in new york, some dubbed it a day without the 99%. >> may day will be one of the largest events that happens occupy wall street yet well over 100,000 people. >> reporter: some demonstrators hope to shut down subways tunnels, bridges new york stock exchange other protests planned in several other major cities chicago, houston, los angeles and philadelphia, in new york, aiynsley earhart, fox new.
7:22 am
>> 7:21 a.m., tuesday morning, today is law day, and the day to celebrate some local judges are answering your questions on twitter details next. >> virginia trying something new, to boost tourism in the state, and it includes a lot of give away >> i like that. >> this weekend travel the world without ever leaving dc holly has your passport to dozens of embassies all for free. we will be right back
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find out more online. >> it is law day to celebrate courts in the district are letting people tweet questions to the chief judges from 1 to 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. dc court of appeals chief judge eric washington and superior court judge, will be answering questions from the public through the court's twitter account today if you want to tweet a question there is a
7:26 am
link at good chance of getting insights. maryland governor o'malley is joining the campaign to put salad bars in public school it is governor and other elected officials will launch the let's move salad bars to school programs at an elementary school in baltimore today it aims to improve, children's access to fruitvegetables offering 100 salad bar grants to schools in 12 american cities. >> that is so great. >> incentive to visit a website, for the month of may is giving away prizes to people who come to the website, tourism officials hope this will help them draw 1 million visitors for every 100,000, new prizes will be unlocked. as officials get closer to the goal, prizes will get bigger. some of them include hot air balloon rides kayak excursions and gas cards. you can enter to win, up to 10 times.
7:27 am
>> very good like that. 7:26 a.m., tuesday morning, still ahead, vets at the zoo are hoping for magic. >> the white house is talking about drone strikes why president obama is opening up to the public about missions and intended targets going in depth with wtops national security correspondent, jj green up next. >> first, rainy look at this tuesday morning live lookout side there, we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie when we come back 7:27 a.m. 62 degrees 
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we are on panda watch again, veterinarians officially inseminated mai jong. >> tmi. >> do we have to know the exact night it happened. >> the zoo will watch her hormones and behaviour to see whether there could be changes it could be months for sure before the zoo knows she is pregnant. >> tough when you e people watching. >> we are all up in her business. >> come on. >> is it possible she just doesn't like the guy. >> needs a courtesy curtain or
7:31 am
something. >> any way we will see. >> we do miss tai sean. >> he is probably fully grown it was almost not in there. >> i was trying to thing what is the name of that panda. >> we will see. raining at the zoo. >> later today it will be nice, temperatures low 80s summertime on the way. >> man, it is going to feel, crazy. >> panda bears i don't know if they like the heat or not. >> i wouldn't -- well, that is a good question. >> i will do a little research. actually, i think we are generally done rain here in washington inside the actual city off to the south and east, dealing with rain across portions of prince georges county, southern maryland, leonard town and a thunderstorm east of cambridge, pushes off south and east, salisbury, you
7:32 am
are not done with this rain yet it will push through over the next hour or two. north and west of the city, reston hagerstown, cumberland you are generally done with the moderate rain, let's push on to the next map off to the northwest with the actual cold front i guess it is possible, there could be a few more scattered showers in the forecast once this gets east of us later this morning early this afternoon we should break out into sunshine, and warmer temperatures too. should be a really nice afternoon, actual cold front back here, into western maryland and leading edge of that cooler air, associated with the rain, so behind the front, not actually cooler, dryer winds pick up out of the west, 10 to 15 miles per hour that will allow air to dry out, 61 washington nice mild start to your day, 61 gaithersburg, leonard town, 64 degrees, we will get showers and storms out of here sunshine leaving this
7:33 am
afternoon, 81 degrees, notably warmer than yesterday, yesterday we were only 60s winds out of the west, definitely 15 later this afternoon as dryer air moves in clouds move back in. warm front waiverring across the region for the next day or two, showers and storms back in the forecast, for your day tomorrow, and then we bounce around a little bit, but by friday, near 90 degrees, sunshine, we will go with hot, cooler for the weekend, maybe more rain showers by sunday, let's do some traffic and see if julie is still celebrating, the caps win last night. >> celebration was cut short when you walk in and have an over turned vehicle to deal with this morning. delays, travelling southbound 395 washington boulevard accident activity now up on the roll back so we have the two left lanes blocked progress has been made hopefully this will be out of the way shortly southbound delays from the pentagon stay to the right to
7:34 am
get by southbound 270, grid locked delays approaching our vanna. leaving father hurly boulevard, 55 minute commute, lanes open out of german town. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you a year after navy seals killed osama bin laden, national security officials are talking more openly about the use of drones, and how they choose their targets. this comes amid-signs some al qaeda terrorists shifted their home bases into countries including yemen in an effort to escape detection joining us now wtop radio national security correspondent jay jay green good to see you. >> good to be here. >> been listening to your reports during the last couple days let's start with this anniversary, of osama bin laden's death. in the wake of his death, how do you assess where al qaeda is now and what the threat is. the most dangerous thing
7:35 am
about al qaeda today is the same thing dangerous a year ago and even, at the time 06 9/11 -- of 9/11, they have lots and lots of off the shelf plots just add water plots. things they have gone out and tested put together they haven't used, knowledge exists for people out there, willing and capable of tearying out plots that -- carrying out plots that want to do it now they don't have the kind of brains like osama bin laden and don't have the kind of charisma like osama bin laden to guide them along, but they do have some resources, and they do have the internet where they can pull information about these plots off the shelf and do it themselves. the big grand plots like 9/11 most likely won't happen again but there is concern about the home grown violent extreme mists, known to as as the lone
7:36 am
wolves. >> how serious is the threat of lone wolf activity here in the u.s. >> talking with former deputy director of the fbi last week former number two retired, tim murphy he was saying to me, look there is lots of people out here, who are sympathizing with al qaeda, or some insurgent organization for whatever reason those folks are always at the ready, if al qaeda can act, if any terror group the taliban or some drug cartel can activate them there are lots of normal people out there, who could be turned into a terrorist, if given the right information and put in the right situation, where they are essentially pushed over the line. >> they are harder to catch. >> more difficult to catch because typically, as time has passed authorities always have relied on being able to eves drop on terror cells get
7:37 am
information from some body talking too much or find some of the bread crumbs they dropped or something the problem with lone wolves is that there is just one person and reading minds i don't believe is a good idea. there was -- >> i know they tried but i don't think they are there. >> talk about yemen we are hearing more about yemen now and possibility of some of this type of activity being based in yemen and u.s. having tension or paying much more attention now to yemen. >> ungoverned space tony is the problem whether it is yemen, whether it is travel territories, parts of africa or any where in the world, any where, where there is a permissible environment for organizations like al qaeda and others, to organize and plot and plan, in peace if you will, that is the problem and yemen is one of those places today right now situation, where the government is trying its best but it is one of the poorest countries on earth, it means
7:38 am
the future doesn't look that great, they will probably run out of water in a few years or oil in a few years, it is going to be a real problem there, and right now, al qaeda, and other organizations, sense that country is vulnerable so they are trying to take advantage. >> we mentioned the drone program earlier i have to say i read an article recently in rolling stone about the drone program i had no idea how extensive it has become and there is kind of an effort now, i guess the president, administration wants it to be a little more open? why is that? why are we hearing more about the drones? >> because i think one reason is because, there is so much concern about pakistan, the allies, and pakistan says openly look we want you to stop this, and the government is condemning the use of these drones, but secretly there are those saying please help us we need your help because we need to deal with this kind of extremist because the bottom
7:39 am
line for pakistan, those extremists being targeted by drones, are folks they don't want any way so they need that help but the government recognizes as well, there is a growing human rights drum beat, against using drones, and they need the get information out there, about what they are doing to be transparent another part of this issue as well, is a concern or allegation, that the government obama administration is not being open about their decision making process, is not being open about what they do, in fact, conversation with national security spokesman, he was pretty surreyment about pointing out -- vehement about pointing out yes, they are open and share. i think a part of what they are doing is making sure folks know they are open.
7:40 am
>> at least to some extent. >> yes. >> jay jay green national security correspondent wtop radio good to have you here. 7:39 a.m., deep in debt octo mom takes the first step to a fresh start. >> they grew up together now they will spend time behind bars together. time now, 7:40 a.m., we will be right back -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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making headlines update on that deadly crash near the bronx zoo. auto safety group says the highway was inadequate or has inadequate guardrails on sunday an out of control suv hit a curb and plunged 6 stories into a ravine killing 7 family members, the american automobile association says the bronx river parkway opened in 1925, and lacks modern engineering features. three members of the so called daugherty gang have been
7:44 am
convicted to a 37 year prison sentence. nadia suleman the woman most of us know as octo mom is looking for a fresh start the mother of 14 is filing for bankruptcy telling federal court she has as much as $1 million in debt. according to reports octo mom owes money to her father and children's school and apparently owes more than $30,000 in rent on her four bedroom house. so the fresh start is bankruptcy. >> i guess. >> that is too bad. a few rain showers moving through, thunderstorm earlier today, yeah,. >>th inning to say. >> okay, -- nothing to say. >> okay let's go to radar. current action, southern maryland getting left over rain showers across the bay stevensville as you get into easton and oxford, st. michaels
7:45 am
you are not done with the rain showers yet. this is pushing south and east viewers down, across the eastern shore, ocean city you will still get the possibility of scattered showers for your morning and then a gradual improvement, sunshine by this afternoon and warmer temperatures, 60s today, high temperatures low 80s. future cast, let's go to it, and put in motion, and watch how quickly this current rain ban, as we put it in motion, there we go, take my word for it all the rain is out of here and by this afternoon partial sunshine, 81 check out your 5 day forecast by friday thirtying with 90. >> crazy time. >> gosh flirting with 90. >> crazy time. >> here is julie. >> julie likes to do crazy time. >> julie. >> when did you hang out with me on a saturday night how do you know about that? [ laughter ] >> loose lips julie just be
7:46 am
careful. >> tmz follows me around all the time. >> and you tweet. >> yeah, but you don't so who do you know >> i have my tweet sources. >> the three of you on that desk, i get that all the time, that is probably my most asked question how come the weather guys don't tweet me back. >> yeah, you do hear no evil i will do see no evil. sorry julie. >> i told them they don't know how. >> all right, northbound, 395, not so bad right now express lanes, accident southbound side of the highway has cleared lanes are open, northbound below speed leaving the pentagon, inbound, 14th street bridge. inbound new york avenue, nice and easy, headed out towards the tunnel, 5th street georgia avenue all that activity has cleared big delays on the capital belt way, outer loop, towards the baltimore washington parkway, 95 to georgia, no change 270, well
7:47 am
below speed. father hurly boulevard headed out towards old georgetown road. braddock to 66. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. very interesting federal government has a new tool to measure how bad tornadohurricanes are they call it the waffle house index. >> okay. fema uses the famous 24 hour waffle house restaurants to determine extent of damages after natural disasters a fulmen you means the store has power and little to no damage first of all has anybody eaten at waffle house. >> yes. >> then i don't need to tell you how good it is. >> some times they are the only place. >> no, it is good. the first one is when they have no power and little to no damage limited menu running on generator if waffle house is closed people are desperate. >> if the waffle house is open, after the hurricane, then that means there is power and water.
7:48 am
if waffle house is closed things are pretty bad. >> if we are able to get back open things might be bad but not horrible if we don't happen to be able to be doing business then that must be a sign that the community is in really bad shape. >> okay. well, this is real stuff folks fema cruises more scientific methods but the waffle -- fema uses more scientific method bus the waffle house is useful in the south and there are lots of those restaurants. >> this sounds like a joke but i get it having covered hurricanes tornadoes in the south, there are a lot of waffle houses frequently it is a great way to gauge frequently the waffle house will be the first place open or the only place open, in the aftermath of something like that. >> so, if it is devastating you know it is not open. >> almost -- it is not a bad way to do things. >> people understand it. >> a month long celebration of international culture here in
7:49 am
dc. >> holly morris is filling in this morning. >> hey, guys we are talking about passport dc when this festival started five years ago it featured 26 embassies this year more than 70 are taking part, and guess who was in it from the beginning australia. that is why we are live here this morning, at the australian embassy they are helping us kick off this month long international celebration we will tell you how you too can immerse yourself in the culture stay with us 
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7:51 am
7:52 am
passport dc celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. >> good morning. >> good morning to you you know this is a month long celebration, truly embracing the internash fall culture that dc has -- international culture
7:53 am
dc has to offer it is only in its fifth year but they have come a long way in a short amount of time which goes to show you this is one great idea the people behind it cultural tourism dc and executive director linda harper. good to see you >> how exciting. >> this is exciting because we have been here for these five yearwe have just watched this, blossom, into this destination event. >> it is destination event last year we had about 180,000 people from all over the united states we know in one of our events, we had 40 out of 50 states represented so people are coming people in the area are coming and inviting their friends and family it is a great event to come out and bin solved in. where else -- i mean only in dc event so where else are you going to go to go to all these various countries. >> there is no way you are going to be able to travel this economically. >> true. >> because it is free. give us highlights for this year. >> fabulous we have a lot of new embassies involved this year, so that is going to be
7:54 am
exciting. turkey, south africa, chad, a lot of different from a lot of different parts of the world so that will be a whole new experience obviously, food, trinidad and toe bag go is celebrating their 50th anniversary as a country, they are going all out this year, everything from steel bands to drumming from africa to food, to and the other thing we are doing which is really exciting, the 25th anniversary of the women's museum, and so, the embassies are helping us celebrate women in the arts this year. >> you know what i love about this i remember when you guys started this you had to sell the embassies, hey, listen we want the public to come in and experience all you have to offer now the embassies are coming to you to say hey, we want the public to see what we have to offer. >> they do and the public comes this is one on one diplomacy this year we actually have a souvenir passport, that you can purchase, and get stamped, and we are expecting lots of
7:55 am
children -- you can have your picture put in the front a lot of childrens and families will take that to school for show and tell, order the passport in advance pick it up that day and travel away. >> when you travel you must stop at australia that is what we are doing we are here at the australian embassy, and mar low is the consulate general. good morning. >> good morning how are you. >> doing great i am going to do even better after this vegemite sandwich. >> we sell 22 million jars of this in australia every year, one jar per man, woman and child in australia, i think it is a great pick me up in the morning. >> what's in it do i want to know >> it is a secret product. >> secret product that scares
7:56 am
me. >> no, it is a yeast extract made from the bee making process. >> make me up a vegemite sandwich, as you do that tell me why it is important for you to be part of passport dc. >> it is important for people in the washington and grey diarea to come and appreciate the opportunities all these embassies are opening up, on saturday, have to offer. the variety of interesting wines, foods, culture, education, travel opportunities that we will be able to show case, for visitors. so we are really keen to see the visitors come to the australian embassy and just take advantage of all those things australia has and of course, being so far away, as you said previously, it is an opportunity to come and see us up close, without that travel, but here you go holly try that. >> does everyone get to try this if they come.
7:57 am
>> we will have vegemite sandwiches, tea from australia, wine from the south. >> what's wrong >> as far as you though this is the best thing i have ever had the best time and you will have fun in you come and take advantage of passport dc we have a link so you can find out more can we open some of that wine? any way we will have more fun in our next hour back to you. >> that good >> doesn't make me want to taste that holly. >> coming up in our 8 al hour we are going inside the united states house of representatives. really cool story decades in the making a post card mailed from chicago 1958 finally reaches its intended recipient who now lives in northern virginia, next hour we will meet that man and hear how social media played a role in tracking him down i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-t-kind.
7:58 am
[ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
7:59 am
8:00 am
police investigate two deadly stabbings, and at one of the scenes police are
8:01 am
investigating how a car ended up smashing into the side of a building, a live report straight ahead. >> also ahead, we are checking in with the fox medical team researchers, maybe one step closer to under staning brain freeze -- understanding brain freeze. and after a 55 year delay, a long lost post card finally makes its way to its destination that happens to be in the dc area the man who just got that post card joins us in studio to share his story good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour and off the top a big playoff win for the washington caps they beat the new york rangers, 3-2, even the playoff series 1 game a piece. >> they scored for the caps, the series now moves to dc tomorrow night for game three. good news, doesn't stop baseball now washington nats,
8:02 am
young fee not harper will make his debut tonight. man, young phenom reminds me what we used to call tucker barnes. >> sure allison >> i am going to the game tonight. >> good game to go to >> i hope so. i went to cal ripken juniors first game, years ago. >> how old were you? >> 10 years old. >> hope he has a career equally as good. let me get you weather real quick, rain showers all the way through, thunderstorms, south and east, bethany beach, shower and thunderstorm activities, storms on your door step out west, all of this pushing very quickly south and east out of here another hour or two, let me also mention southern maryland light showers, down towardsst.
8:03 am
marinera's city, -- st. maries city i just looked out the window, we are getting breaks in the clouds nice looking forecast temperatures 61 washington humidity way up with the rain, last couple hours, winds out of the south, 12 miles per hour forecast gets better from here, i think we are done with showers and thunderstorms, high temperatures this afternoon, about 80 degrees, so get ready for some summertime warmth around here for the next several days more details in the 5 day. >> i will lather up my sun block and just sit outside, soak it up. >> all right. >> going to feel good. >> that is the plan. >> all lathered up. >> lathered up. >> julie wright. >> i am old i can't take the chance. >> hey, julie what is going on. >> don't forget another important thing to have in the sun. >> nutty buddy. >> exactly now we are back here. all right on the roads this morning, wet pavement not our friend, keeping us on the brakes as you make your way
8:04 am
down towards arvana over an hour commute, 63 minutes headed southbound out of german town towards that lane divide, travelling the outer loop of the belt way, heads up accident activitiry key marlboro road, big delays, leaving the baltimore washington parkway. now we have the accident going to check on more time outer loop, inner loop, st. barnabus road. travelling inbound along the george washington parkway, headed out to the belt way, 25 minute ride all lanes open, 66 inside the belt way, also on the slow side inner loop below speed, annandale, 1895, headed up towards 366, 395, lanes open, seminary road 19 miles an hour that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. our top stories dc police investigator deadly stabbings
8:05 am
the first on quarrel street, northeast, 1:20 a.m., the other an hariolatedder 5th and florida northwest -- an hour later, 5th and florida northwest. fox 5s melanie alnwick live in northwest, good morning melanie. good morning allison look behind me here florida avenue between 5th and 6th streets you don't see anything except for that orange cone the orange cone basically is where dc police believe that car came off of florida avenue, into the building, there used to be a very large light post where that orange cone is now, let's take a look at what it looks like early this morning when we first arrived on the scene we came here after a report of a fatal stabbing we knew an adult male had been stabbed in the neck when we arrived on scene we found the light post in the middle of the sidewalk here as well as a black bmw sedan crashed into the side of the
8:06 am
building, shaw'stavern here. there was an adult male, stabbed in the neck. we don't know in fact if that is the driver of the car but that is what we believe happened here, there were also some in dc police who sawiested the man had been -- suggested the man had been stabbed at another scene and was trying to drive himself to howard university hospital, it is literally just right across the block from where i am standing if that was indeed the case the man as you can tell was not able to make it we know he was transported by crews to the hospital, and there is -- that is where he was pronounced dead tony and allison, at this point live on florida avenue, everything is back open the car was towed away for further investigation we know police did take away several evidence bags we are still waiting for third district police investigators to finish up
8:07 am
their report, been many contact with public information office all morning, waiting for that update, which they promise is coming shortly back to you. >> all right thank you very much. a serial stabbing suspect linked to three attacks in lees burg virginia goes on trial today in higan for a similar string of crimes there. jury selection begins in the case of elias he is charged in three murders six attempted murders in flint area, although authorities thing he could be responsible for as many as 13 stabbings in the state of michigan. >> first time, top white house official publicly admitting, the u.s. conducted covert drone attacks against al qaeda targets it is known, u.s. unmanned aerial vehicles were used to kilter or leaders -- kill, terror leaders but yesterday, john brennan made the most detailed comments on
8:08 am
the practice. >> drones are a common sight in war zones but they could one day be a regular presence in the skies over dc. faa plans to green light use of small remotely piloted aircraft in 2015, they would help authorities monitor traffic on the belt way, fight forest fires deal with hazardous situationguide first responders through widespread flooding. anniversary of the death of osama bin laden is turning political on the campaign trail, president obama says it is a time for reflection, and is pushing back against criticism his campaign is using the day for excessive celebration, republicans are upset with an advertisement showing former president bill clinton questioning whether mitt romney would have made the same decision to kill osama bin laden. obama campaign is out with another new ad which will be shown in gin yeah the ad accuses republican rival mitt romney of out sourcing american jobs to mexico and china and slams romney for keeping money
8:09 am
in foreign bank accounts the ad is in response to one released last week by a conservative group which suggested money from the president's economic stimulus plan went to companies overseas. mitt romney is looking to pick up endorsements from former rivals he will meet with rick santorum friday and expect to hear from gingrich this week before they back romney both are looking for assurances santorum wants to make sure conservative priorities are e reflected in the romney campaign and gingrich wants to repair his reputation within the party and pay down millions in debt. >> occupy move in the dc heats up to coincide with may day worker rights around the world. occupy dc is core ordinating a festival at malcolm x park set to begin at 3:30 p.m. it will end with a march to lafayette park near the white house hundreds of other protests are getting under way across the globe from greece to
8:10 am
philippines to wall street millions are hitting the streets for protests, for better wages and working conditions. may day is traditionally one of the biggest holidays in formerly communist countries. it is 62 degrees, on this rainy tuesday morning political party leaders in congress have had their chair of challenges dealing with a wave of freshman lawmakers all detailed in the new book do not ask what dad we do. we will get -- do nod ask about the good we do. we will get more incite when the author joins us in studio. if you work for the district you may soon have money coming your way when and how much? it has to do with last year's furlough, fox 5 morning news will be right back and we will explain that. 10 minutes after 8:00 a.m.
8:11 am
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8:13 a.m. on tuesday morning here is pa look at store -- here is a look at stories making headlines. the flight 93 memorial will
8:14 am
happen on may 13th, in dc. they hope to fund complete plans for the memorial in pennsylvania. those plans include a learning center and wind chime tower in addition to the memorial wall that is there now. allison. >> virginia's wild fire season is finally over, but not without its fair share of damage. over four months 43,000-acres burned most burned acreage came from seven large wild fires on national forest system land the 4:00 p.m. burn ban has also expired. all right 14 minutes after 8:00 a.m., tucker barnes joining us we have had rain throughout the course of the morning that looks to be changing. >> i feel like here comes the sun right now tuck good morning. >> good morning allison let's get down to business. time for my first 5 photo of the day, this is 3-year-old daisy danae. hope i am getting that name right. >> me too. >> her parents say she loves to
8:15 am
pose, play dress up, and teach her imaginary class new things. >> ah. >> cute. >> she is also a new big sister. >> congratulations. >> we want to congratulate you to send your child's picture go to >> you can tell she is a little sassy >> chef a little attitude but she is cute. >> adorable. >> all right daisy, if you want to get out and play this morning you can go for it, temperatures 80 or so, rain continues south and east of the city, southern maryland not quite done with it yet, storm near ocean city a few more showers and thunderstorms, but all of this will quickly exit stage right, into the ocean and we should see gradual clearing later this morning and, during the afternoon, all right, let's go to our next map there you go, rain shower activity
8:16 am
quickly pushing east, and you can see the breaks in the clouds starting to emerge here north and west of the city montgomery county getting sunny breaks out to the west. left over sprinkle whole front moves through winds will pick up and atmosphere will start to dry out i think a trend is generally, favourable here for more sunshine this afternoon here is your 5 day, 81, get the shorts out it will be a warm afternoon humid next couple days wednesday, a little on the steamy side, check out your daytime high, 88 degrees, when do the pools open. julie wright who has a big smile. >> pools open, friday before memorial day in my hood. >> is you know exactly what time it opens. >> dude i am like marking the xs on the calendar. >> waiting outside the gate. >> first person in line. no doubt about that. all right on the roads this morning southbound 270, still a tough ride for you guys making your way, an hour commute
8:17 am
german town toward it is lane divide, accident activity local lanessings all that activity cleared 28 jefferson near the courthouse, accident activity in the process of being cleaned up you will find lanes are open 66 inside the belt way slow going and again, a 25 minute commute on the gw parkway as you leave the belt way accident activity reported in the left lane near the key bridge 395 below speed as you leave the belt way, towards the 14th street bridge inner loop delay 18 minute drive leaving springfield headed out towards 66, outer loop slow, leaving 95, headed around towards georgia avenue. julie thank you there is a new book out now just a week old causing quite a stir, do not ask what good we do. inside the u.s. house of representatives digs deeper into the world of the 112 congress one of the highlights talks about top republican lawmakers and strategists plotting out ways to win back
8:18 am
political power the night president barack obama celebrated his inauguration. the author himself, robert draper it is a pleasure to meet you. >> thanks nice to meet you allison. >> yes. first of all the book, it is a power house of knowledge and information, but just talks about basically what goes on behind closed doors on the hill can you summarize what readers are going the find out. >> sure i decided to do this back allison when the mid-term elections occurred and it became clear republicans won majority due to 87 freshmen who had been elected on a tea party wave many of whom had never had any kind of political experience so, they came to shake things up and what i was interested in seeing was, the degree to which they would change the institution and the degree to which the institution would change them it was a little bit of both. >> the title just to back up it is a real quote. >> it is from a congressman,
8:19 am
one of our first fisher aims who after serving four terms decided not to run for a fifth term in 1796 he wrote a friend saying do not ask what food we do, that is -- good we do, that is not a question in these days of faction. you have been in washington a long time, long time journalist and author, have you seen it like this before? >> no, again, there is always partisan ship and a lot of people mark, the rachetting up of partisan to the time of newt gingrich but even then he worked with clinton to pass welfare reform, pelosi and bush worked together to passish eyes there is a level of -- pass, issues, there is a level of par san ship washington has not seen. the public is noting approval rating at an all time
8:20 am
low. you are not surprised by those low poll numbers. >> not at all but what i am surprised by is how little effected house members are by this the reality is they listen more to extreme of their party both sides do as a result, they have been hunkering down in their position rather than governing we have seen very little change in terms of governance since the debt ceiling fiasco. let's talk about that you go into specific cases we all watched play out on television news but you go behind the scenetalk about private negotiations let's talk about the debt keeling and let's talk about the government you know avoiding the government shut down what is the theme here. >> the theme is that the freshmen, republican freshmen, polled if republican leadership farther right, on all of these issues, than would have ever conceivably resulted, in the democrats signing on to it, it is speaker boehner looking for a deal both with the debt
8:21 am
ceiling, with president obama, and with democrats on these continuing resolutions used to fund the government but the freshmen were insistent no, we were elected by the people, in this sort of mass movement to cut government spending roll back the obama administrations initiatives that set the stage for the grid lock. >> house speaker boehner was told, there will be a campaign against you, if you try to negotiate and make a deal with this president. >> that is detailed in my book there was a meeting of several allies, senior republicans who said speaker boehner, john, be careful if you try for a deal with president obama, they can't get a majority of support there will be a mute any against you the way there was against newt gingrich, speaker boehner was there, mindful of that warning and walked away from the talks as a result. >> as we said in the introduction this started with a private meeting the night of the inauguration but what you say which i find interesting
8:22 am
you can tell us what is the meaning behind this, not absent at this private meeting, mitch mcconnell not there also john boehner what is the group that was there and what did they plan out that night. >> sure 15 republicans, the meeting was organized by repub will you republican pollster. lund was placing a premium on people who would be there. these 15 guys largely came there just to drown their sorrows this was after the inauguration, they were depressed seeing .8 mill it shall 1.8 -- 1.8 million people on the mall, after discussing how republicans lost their way they deban to talk how repub -- began to talk how republicans could get back in the game. to attack cabinet members win back the house and then use the house as a point of a spear
8:23 am
against the obama white house which is what took place. >> fascinating, the book is do not ask what good we do inside the house of representatives this is its author, robert draper i wish we had a whole half hour to talk >> i will come back. thank you over to you. it is now 8:23 a.m. on tuesday morning coming up, a local elementary school accused of cheating its way to the top. now, montgomery county superintendent is speaking out and a trip around the world without hopping on an airplane. how you can discover experience and celebrate dozens of different cultures in the district for free we will be right back ♪
8:24 am
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8:26 am
>> a battle is brewing between montgomery county schools and atlanta newspaper, atlanta journal constitution recently reported on several brew ribbon schools across the country when -- blue ribbon schools across the country when levels became high. they said there may been
8:27 am
sanctioned cheating at high land elementary school. the newspaper is defending its article but the montgomery county schools superintendent is calling it irresponsible journalism and credits the turn around to a great principal and motivated staff. dc government employees may soon see extra cash in their pay checks city council is expected to dis'cause the possibility of pay -- discuss the possibility of pay back for dc workers who were forced to take four unpaid days last year. since times are better some leaders want to return the money which will cost $22 million. still ahead, can't resist a piece of cake? well, maybe you were born that way. fox medical team takes a closer look after the break >> all the hype one would expect for a player dubbed baseball's chosen one. bryce harper now in the bigs makes his debut at home. 8:27 a.m. now i was paying too much with cable.
8:28 am
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8:31 am
we heard all the hype and have seen his first two big league games on tv now nats fans will get to see bryce harp inner person. >> the rookie fee not makes his debut against the diamond backs good morning wisdom. >> good morning allison and tony. this is a big week in washington or big last couple of days in washington rg 3, caps are winning and now, bryce harper thing is blowing up this is a big deal and here is why, bryce harper i don't know if you know or not but he is a phenom it comes with a lot of hype tonight, 7:05 p.m. making his home debut here at nats stadium against arizona now this is a big deal, we will look at this video of bryce harper in his debut after being called up on friday. saturday, was his first game he went 1 for 4 in that first game, this is all while playing
8:32 am
in left field this guy is naturally a catcher he has been a catcher his entire career, sunday he went 1 for 3 in his second game now he has the arm skills and has all the other skills he has a lot of swagger about him, that makes him an even bigger deal, and that brings on all the hype associated with some body with this kind of swagger and "it" quality about him. makes people want to come and see him this is a big deal, bryce harper is making his debut at home against arizona, first big game for bryce harper here at home for all the nats fans at night. this is not the same as steven strausberg making his debut as far as ticket sales are concerned. bryce harper will play every day as long as he is in the major leagues it is not like seeing him once every five games or so. tonight, 7:05 p.m., bryce harper against arizona, hopefully we can keep this great dc sports karma going because goodness we need it.
8:33 am
we need it we have been suffering for a long time we need all this good stuff going on back to you >> you got that right, 100% right. >> thanks. >> you know who else is making his debut this season at nats park tonight, tucker barnes your first game of season. >> yeah. >> very cool. >> great timing. >> a lot of fun. >> sure is the best. >> only 19 years old he has like a 20 year career in front of him. >> good for him. hopefully it will all be in washington and all good. >> yes, absolutely. >> what have you got for us. >> i have a very bad joke. >> don't do it. >> let's do it rain showers, thunderstorms are out of here outsouth and east gradually clearing skies, people going to the game tonight should be just fine for you as we will be looking at partial sunshine later today and warm, 80s later today left over rain shower still a few thunderstorms pushing off the coast, bethany beach getting in on the thunderstorm activity ocean
8:34 am
city too. you can see we are off to the north and west, clearing out morning clouds and i think we will be partly sunny this afternoon and as mentioned on the warm side. currently mild, 63 now washington, 61 gaithersburg plenty of humidity with the rain that moved in overnight, 67 at the moment in quantico, and 54 lea in regard town. temperatures -- leonard town, temperatures on the mild side look how quiet it gets, we clear out and with a frontal system move through the atmosphere will get a chance to dry out winds out of the west, 5:00 p.m. tonight, looking much quieter with clear skies later in the afternoon cloud up tonight, at least the possibility of scattered showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast for your wednesday we also have warm temperatures next several day, 81 today, we are done with shower and thunderstorm activities, they return tomorrow thursday 78, check out your daytime high friday, 88 degrees, it will feel like july and cooler for the weekend that is your
8:35 am
weather forecast, allison, and tony back to you. thank you so much tucker. a new study uncovers the mystery behind what causes that awful brain freeze turns out, it isn't just a matter of will power but brain wiring. dr. mike joining us live from philadelphia, good morning. >> hello allison how are you. >> doing well but that is because i don't have a delicious icy treat in front of me this is a real thing. >> oh, no question. and everyone alive has probably experienced this at one time or another. so i brought some models with me, basically, what happens is, you ingest something very cold, like ice cream, and what happens is, it goes up to the pallet, and makes the temperature go down. well, that is okay, but the brain is awfully close to this and what happens is, the brain temperature goes down, and the
8:36 am
brain is very very important to the body, and what happens is blood flow increases, into the anterior cerebral artery and that can lead to that horrible pain and headache it is a matter of flood flow and dilation of the vessels that is -- blood flow and dilation of the vessels that is what is going on. >> you knew there had to be a reason because it feels so real this is what most of us do, ahh and it is over but what should we do to relieve the pain. >> that is what most of us do. >> well, what you should do, is put your tongue up against the pallet because the tongue is warm, you want to warm up that top part of the pallet there, because that will then tell the brain, that the temperature is coming back up, and it can stop sending blood flow, increased blood flow into the brain that is the easiest thing the other thing would be just not bring in any more cold ice cream into your mouth.
8:37 am
take a break like you said but one trick is to put your tongue up to the pallet, and warm up that pallet. >> got you, okay let's talk about how, when you see a piece of cake and just can't resist it, might be because you are wired to not resist it. >> yeah, this is a great study they took, freshman women in college, about 58 of them and what they did was they showed them pictures of cakes and cookies and all kinds of things, and then, while they were watching the pictures they took an mri did a functional mri of the brain and they found that the part of the brain called nuclcleus incumbent lit up the pleasure desire part of the brain when those women who had this area lighting up ended up gaining weight in the next 6
8:38 am
months as opposed to those women who did not have that part of the brain light up on the mri they were at much higher risk of developing obesity. >> that is how we can predict this behaviour? is there a test for this? what would you suggest? if you don't want those extra pounds or cravings. >> will power. >> oh. >> if you see the cake even though your brain is saying eat it, you need to say, no. now, the other part of that study, the same thing, they showed erotic pictures to women and that part of the brain also lit up, in those women who tended to have sexual activity in the next 6 months as opposed to those whose brains didn't light up, again, it is one of those things where, will power comes in but it is your brain bio chemistry your brain at work and that is with a is causing these behaviours. >> my nuclear incumbent they get me every time.
8:39 am
>> well, i have been married 8 years and i think mine kind of shriveled up and died about 6 years ago. >> well, always a pleasure, i hope you get that back or not. all right dr. mike thank you very much have a good day. >> he is always great to talk to. makes it real simple. >> six months is a long amount of time. >> yes, it is. >> okay. despite a slow economic recovery, let me just back out of that there is a positive trend when it comes to saving for our golden years, more on that next. >> plus he forever changed the tech world of course, with one invention after another, now a new exhibit is show casing steve jobs patents right here in dc. it is now 8:39 a.m. back in just a bit [ male announcer ] does your cable company keep charging you more...
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8:43 am
investments the average balance at the end of march was over $74,000 up from 69,000 at the end of last year. apple cofounder steve jobs technology patents are coming to dc. the smithsonian along with the u.s. patent and trait mark office is preparing the new exhibit which opens may 11th some items they are displaying include an apple mcintosh computer, mouse and key board and apple ipod you can check this out through july 13th. 8:43 a.m. on tuesday morning the power of social media. coming up next special delivery four decades in the making, made in part thanks to >> this month you can get a taste of international culture, without ever leaving the district. holly good morning. >> we have something special as well. your exactly right it is not every morning the ambassador from st. kits and nevis and amoeba's car of australia come
8:44 am
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fox 5s holly morris is travelling around the world she is at the embassy of australia, featuring participants of this year's passport dc event good morning. >> good morning to you. to give you an idea how big of an event passport dc is, we do three segments in a morning five days a week if we featured all participants it would take us almost five weeks to feature all of the embassies taking part in the wonderful celebration that right there is a testament to the treasure trove of international culture that is correct the district of columbia really is our host this morning is the beam is he of australia, like you said and the honourable ken peacely joins me. >> we are privileged, we are so
8:48 am
high up your list that we are not at the end of the five weeks we are at the beginning. >> you are at the top of my list i started my day with a vege mite sandwich did you start your day. >> no, i didn't but 07% of -- 70% of australians probably did. >> was i supposed to like it? >> you are excused if you weren't at the age of 2 intremendous deuced to it by your mother. >> -- introduced to it by your mother. >> it is an acquired taste. >> that's right. >> what do you want people to get out of visiting your embassy what do you want them to know about. we want it understood by the processes that we are going through and all the other embassies this is a great town people here are terrific people, they are wonderful hosts for us, you know, for all the year. and you need to give something back giving something from your culture i guess is what the
8:49 am
objective is here we will have indigenous australian culture represented, and we will present australian foods and wines, the foods will include the acquired taste as you seem to have acquired and that sort of more normal cheeses and things like that. >> here is my question have you been to st. kits and thesis >> i have just seen -- and thesis. >> i have just seen the display it has to be next on my list. >> the wonderful thing about passport dc we can go there now simply by walking across the room and over here i have the honourable menry martin the am bar -- henry martin the ambassador from st. kitts and nevis. i need to be on that beach >> you need to be any way you say it come to st. kitts and nevis.
8:50 am
>> what will you offer. >> a taste of the national dish samples of salt fish with coconut dumplings and sweet potato, and gold rum one of the highlights, makes you feel the spirit immediately and on display the battic here including the outfit i am wearing done by the ladies. >> we are almost out of time earlier in my packet it said you were going the rap i think that was the wrong word i think you have some spoken word you are going to share. >> i will. >> without further adoe i will hand it over to her. >> welcome to st. kitts and nevis down by the bay on the big black rock, watching them dance the bugaloo put calm on my nerves i wish you could feel it too, breezes blow, whispers low across the idle bay and the waves lap a lull la buy and
8:51 am
just between you and your serene your heart full until you want to cry. >> come experience all of the different cultures starting this week, the around the world tour saturday may 5th, in the beginning, passport dc is a month long celebration there is lots of different events for you and your family to come out and enjoy we will continue to enjoy in our next hour we will see what culture we can immerse ourselves in. >> wonderful thank you so much. >> i have always said nevis it is nevis >> i will further explore when i visit there for a week. >> orlando florida is a top travel destination for people from the dc region one popular stop is sea world >> they just opened up a new turtle attraction there and i recently spoke with world renowned animal expert jack hanna all about it. >> jack hanna it is great to see you again my friend we are happy to have you on the show, this new exhibit turtle trek
8:52 am
sounds extraordinary good morning can you tell us about it. >> well, it is something else i have been involved with sea world since the first day they opened in 1973, orlando what they have done this time i have never seen anything like it from the stand point you walk by the manatee, one of the most engagerred animals in the world, i can't describe a manatee like a hippo with no legs, they are very endangered you bypass them under water and then come in the turtle sanctuary here, under water as well some turtles almost as big as a volkswagen they are huge animals but also one of the most endangered in the entire world. then you go into a 3d theater you become a baby sea turtle, total dome and for 6 minutes you are a sea turtle go from a hatcheling down on the beach and by the way maybe 100 might hatch less than 10% will make it to the ocean and once they get to the ocean they have all
8:53 am
sorts of things to contend with, predators, garbage, plastic bags, matter of fact, sea world this one tomorrow, is no longer having plastic bags here only paper and by the years end all the sea world busch gardens parks will have no plastic can you imagine the effect because tony, the sea turtle in the wild, eats jelly fish when i go film in the wild you would not believe what i have had to film with people who try to rescue turtles you open them up, if they didn't make it, there is plastic bags, fishing hooks that is what you learn here i guarantee you won't ever see anything like it >> the thing that is special about this i know you have a sea turtle with you the cool thing about becoming a sea turtle and experiences this trek is the trek the voyage that they make, is extraordinary, can you tell us about that. >> right. you are right. people if they know a little bit know they go back to where they were hatched i film all over the world, sea turtles all over the world, i was in
8:54 am
malaysia somewhere they say the sea turtles travel almost 3,000 miles, and then it goes back to where it was hatched, years later to lay their eggs how does an animal do that i don't know during our lifetime every sea turtle is endangered. this animal can stay up to 5 hours under water which i knew it was several but not 5 hours, they are used by meat, poached throughout the world their shells are used for jewellery like head bands and all sorts of things. >> do we have any sense, how many sea turtles there are left in the wild? >> that would be difficult we can take a census to a lot of animals like gorillas i have place in a wanda, to find out sea turtles, i have been on the beaches, they all hatch, i have
8:55 am
seen thousands hatch at one time and i have also seen black birds by the hundreds, crows and animals and come down and snatch these things up by the hundreds these birds do. so you know, to tell you how many sea turtles are left i don't know some of these species are on the verge of extinction i know that. >> when does this new exhibit open to the public >> i think the 27th of april, when it opens. >> all right jack hanna always great to have you on the show, nice to talk to you again it has been a long time and we will send folks down there because it looks like an extraordinary exhibit see you again some time soon. >> thanks tony. look forward to seeing you down you won't believe it >> absolutely. >> good to see jack. >> miss america is in town receiving a special honor, first she is stopping by the fox 5 studio that is is coming up 9:15 a.m. >> also in our next hour we share the soulful sounds of kobe williams she called dc home for years you can see her
8:56 am
often on u street this morning she is singing in studio. stay with us it is 8:55 a.m. i can't stand these spots.
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two deadly overnight stabbings, melanie alnwick is live with a search for suspects. >> our military uses them soon there could be drones over the belt way. >> plus the power of a dream, a gala to raise money to help children of incarcerated parents. support them so they don't go down the wrong path. miss america 2012 will be here with us. first she is here in our studios to tell us about this event and how she can relate to those children. later, dc singer kole williams is here you may have seen her


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