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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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by the way, 9 president was greeted by the commanding general there. can you see him in the uniform and the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan. the agreement with afghanistan is intended to send a message to afghanistan that the u.s. is not abandoning the country, the president's goal is to minimize our presence and let afghanistan know it's time for them to take the lead in its own security. shawn? >> what can we expect from the president's speech at 7:30? >> the white house said it will be specifics about that agreement with afghanistan. it's officially called the u.s. afghan strategic partnership, and it sets conditions for a u.s. presence there after the 2014 deadline for the withdrawal of most combat forces. he will be speaking from bag ram airfield where air force one landed, again, a short time ago. shawn? >> will thomas, thank you. stay here with us for complete coverage of the president's speech from afghanistan. can you watch it live here on fox five tonight at 7:30. we will also stream it live on
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following more breaking news out of montgomery county right now where crews are on the scene of a large apartment fire. sky fox was flying over terrace drive and chevy chase. here are the pictures. flames broke out in this three- story apartment complex after 2:00 this morning. joining us new with more on this is the assistant fire chief scott graham. chief, are you with us? chief, can you hear us? let me give you the details i understand now. we're hearing 80 to 100 people are displaced because of the fire and, chief, can you hear me now? >> yes, ma'em. >> okay, assistant fire chief scott graham is with us. thank you for being with us. we had the technical problem there and we're hearing at least one fire fighter is injured in the fire. what do you know new? you're on the scene? >> after 2:00 this afternoon, firefighters were called to the
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2800 block of terrace drive. the units arrived on the scene. they had heavy fire showing from a top floor and garden apartment complex. it was connected by a breezeway of sorts and the fire spread into the attic, a common attic area over the top of all of these garden apartments. the initial attack was made inside the fire department. however, the fire quickly spread into the attic area and across the tops of an adjoining garden apartment. so, in total, we have had about 20 units affected by fire, water, smoke, or a combination of all of them. and the fire was rapidly advancing and is not a sprinkler building. but the volume of fire that the firefighters had when they first got here was extensive. one firefighter was treated and transported to a local trauma center with serious non-life- threatening injuries. potentially related to heat and the second firefighter we transported to a local hospital with a minor orthopedic injury.
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and in total, we have approximately 80 to 100 families we're trying to gather that information that will be displaced and there were no civilian injuries, thankfully, in this fire and our fire investigators are trying to determine the origin and cause of the fire. the red cross is on the scene with us now and with our office of homeland security and emergency management working on a plan to shelter those displaced from this fire. >> all right, and assistant chief scott graham, thanks for bringing us up to date on the situation there. very, very lucky that none of the residents were injured in the fire, a fast-moving fire there in chevy chase. thank you very much. >> thank you, laura. and d.c. police are investigating the murder of a washington hospital center employee. dwayne brisbane, a ct scan technician from the hospital was found stabbed in his car this morning on florida avenue northwest. karen gray houston has the
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latest on this. careen? >> reporter: i am told it's a sad day at washington hospital center and that no one can believe that someone as well- liked as dwayne brisbane is killed. they call him a respected technologist and a valued colleague and trusted friend. the 23-year-old from upper marlboro was promoted to a position of senior ct technologist a few weeks ago. he worked at washington hospital center for 12 years and started as a patient transport technician and he knew everybody at the hospital and they all knew him and early this morning, something went terribly wrong. police found the car after 2:00 on floridafla avenue near fifth street northwest and it had crashed into the shaw tavern. brisbane was found inside the car and he had been stabbed. police are not getting a lot of details about how that happened and they're asking for help from the public to find on the who killed him. street at some we know, is
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point and got out of the vehicle and at that point, the subject stabbed him and he got back in the vehicle and tried to drive away and that -- to to his injuries r. >> on the washington hospital center website, he wrote a personal account about being named the hospital superstar in tan and credited his older brother for encouraging him to pursue a career there and said the best thing about the job was the coworkers and people he gets to meet. shawn. >> karen, thank you. >> following a news alert now. the police found this victim at the intersection of kennelworth avenue and quart street northwest at 1:00 this morning. the victim is identified as 31- year-old lamont devoire northeast. and there is a $2,500 award leading to arrest and conviction. the police i.d.'d the man
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shot in the back and killed yesterday in southeast. the 27-year-old sandy green 3 was found in the two hundred block of savannah street. they're looking for two people involved in the shooting. if you have any information, call d.c. police. can you remain anonymous and you might get a reward. andy pettitte took the stand at rodger clemons' perjury trial. he's expected to testify that the clintons -- they told him he used human growth hormone. the former pitcher is on trial for lying to congress about using performance-enhancing drugs. the wife 6 a former aid to john edwards returned to the stand today. sherry young rejected defense questions she had any reason to lie to hurt the former presidential candidate. young's husband first claimed paternity of the child that edwards child with the mistress and young acknowledged they made money on the scandal, including $1 million from donors to hide and care for edwards' mistress real hunter. a new york judge ruled that a maid's sexual assault lawsuit against the former head of the
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imf can proceed. the maid claims that dominique strauss-kahn tried to rape her a year ago. charges were dropped last summer claiming insisties in the story. the lawyers claim he has diplomatic immunity because of his position with the international mop teary fund. the judge said the rules limit immunity to actions taken in an official capacity on the job. coming up, the repayment plan for furloughed d.c. workers falls flat. also, find out what is ng d city council so long to get an ethics board. and ethics training in the wake of the prostitution scandal. one of the professors offering his expertise. and a brand-new chief takes to helm in florida. racial tensions remain high after the shooting of trayvon martin. and a nice day today. >> how about that. the shades of summer coming back around here and some mugginess in the air. and, you know what?
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thunderstorms can't be far behind. we'll have the first look at the forecast, the pending storms if they're heading our way. stay with us. it
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. another big story we're following tonight, a home-grown terror plot busted by the fbi. five men under arrest accused of trying to blow up a bridge over a major national park near cleveland. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is following the story for us does. the fbi think this is related to the anniversary of osama bin
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laden? >> at this point, they saying no, shape. from what they detailed, they part a self-described anaist group with no known ties to internationalitism and like the plots in our area, the fbi appears to have uncovered the plan. the fbi said the target was a bridge over the cuyahoga valley national park and that is in brecksville, ohio, about 15 miles south of cleveland. authorities say the five men under arrest are self-described anarchists and, starting in october, the fbi infiltrated their group. they say the public was never in any danger when the suspect placed what they thought were c- 4 explosives at the bias of the bridge on monday. in fact, those were duds provided to the suspects by federal authorities. >> last night, the coconspirators placed the two i.d.s at the base of the concrete -- for this
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brecksville-northfield high- level bridge and attempted to remotely detonate the devices from the location that they deemed safe and one that was possibly giving them an alibi. all sides coconspirators were taken into custody last night with the fbi and after they attempted to remotely detonate the inner devices. >> we want to bring in virginia's congressman connelly. good evening congress moment. >> good evening, tom. >> congressman, how much of a problem is the home-grown terrorists opposed to the foreign threats we're familiar with? >> i don't know that they're more of a problem than they have been. it's important to put this in context. the good news, the fbi got them, they got them from the beginning and they were able to thwart what would have been a terrible terrorist incident. sadly, we have had home-grown terrorism in this country for a long time. it's sadly a long tradition.
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and so, we just need to stay vigilant and i think that is the lesson from this latest incident. >> and we don't have to look back too far in february. a man was arrested and charged with plotting to blow up the u.s. capitol. in october of 2010, another man in virginia was arrested and trying to plot against metro. before you were in congress, you were familiar with the regional efforts that go into preventing terrorism here in the national capital area. how large of an effort is this and how good has the fbi gotten in infiltrating the groups? >> i think the fbi did some really first-class professional work here. here in the nation's capitol, since the tragedy of 9/11, the cooperation in the nation and with the fbi and other adjuncts to the federal government has grown exponentially and that is a reassuring message for the citizens. again, we're going to be a
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target and can never afford to lay back and say the deal is done. >> and as we look at the anniversary new, the death of osama bin laden. are there areas the united states needs to do a better job in as far as taking the fight against terrorism both domestically and overseas that we have not moved into just yet? >> and the strength is on the technological side. what we have to always work at is that human intelligence. there is no substitute for having reliable source of information that speak the language fluently, can imbed themselves inside the groups and can give us reliable confidence. >> thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> and. it was a move they thought they had to make during tough financial times. the d.c. council voted to furlough most city workers for four days and then the mayor
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proposed the planta pa back. and matt ackland has more. >> reporter: esemployees like the idea of getting the four days of pay and that would cost the city $22 million. today, the council couldn't come to an agreement and the measure failed. a compromise is offered to -- when the city would get a clearer picture. some said no to four days now when they need the money in other places. >> and no one is suggest anyone likes the notion of furloughs. i will remind them what we didn't do this in -- in is this district and that is sack employees on a large scale. >> reporter: also, new developments having to do with the formation of the ethics board. the council member is frustrated over how long it's taking mayor gray to come up with a list of nominees for
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that and she gave in and pulled back on emergency situation to allow council to pick one of the nominees itself. >> and i would give them another 30 days if you're frustrated with the timeframe here? >> the sense of the council they wanted 30 more days and so, you know, i will work with my colleagues. >> and she said she didn't have the votes and agreed to give the neighbor another month and will bring her legislation up again. if she doesn't have a list of nominees, the mayor's office said the list is coming soon and that is just taking more time. there is a code. the change follows the recent prostitution scandal in colombia. 100 agents will undergo ethics training this week at johns hopkins university. dr. christopher draesbak is one of the professors who will be teaching the agents. i hope i said your name
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correct. >> close enough. >> originally, we know 20 agents were signed up for this course and now 100 will take part in the two-day program. what sorts of topics will you talk about? >> we'll talk about moral theory in general and how to use them as tools in moral decision making. >> and let me ask you. shouldn't some of these things be common sense? we're talking about adults, not teenagers and not college students. >> yes. they should be common sense. and the assumption in the course such as the one we will offer this week is that the participants are ethical people. the question is what is available to help us over the tough cases and how to meet the kinds of cases that have been in the news? >> let's relate this back to the most recent case, of course, the scandal with the prostitution scandal in colombia. specifically, what sort of things will you tell the secret
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service agents? what will you talk to them about? >> i don't know that i'll be telling them much at all. i'm not going in to wag my finger. we'll have a conversation of the strength of the secret service and how to leverage those strengths toward developing a strategic plan for ethics so those things may not happen in the future and people might be in a better position than today to respond to the problems should they happen. >> many professions require the employees to sign an ethics or morals clause. what about the secret service? should they have something like that in their contracts? >> well, to be honest with you, i don't know whether they do sign something specifically about that but every agency i know of takes a note that includes to maintain integrity.
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you know perhaps the mot so worthy of trust and confidence and certainly everybody i met buys into that motto, takes it seriously. >> we hope that they will take your two-day course seriously. doctor, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. and we went from february, march, june and july. >> yeah. >> and i am not complaining at all. it's too ho. we can't complain. it's nice out there. >> a little humidity and we can handle it. >> and how are we looking tonight, gary? >> pretty good and staying mild and we will continue, i would say, warm for the better part of the evening and that is until the sun sets. as you might expect, we're into the 80s and, laura, i think, was mentioning the humidity and
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that is up today. can you see hagerstown at 79 degrees. if i were showing you temperatures up into pennsylvania right now, it's 75 in pittsburgh right now and columbus, ohio, 72 and not a great difference, but at least it's drier behind that front and the dew points have come down and that is going to try to get here. i don't necessarily think it's going to make it. and temperatures will stay in the 80s again tomorrow. for just about everyone, we'll talk about that and the full forecast. still warm at 7:00, great evening out there, 77 at 9:00 and 74. a mild night out there and temperatures for some, hovering around 70 degrees, it looks like. the warmth is going to continue for us. later on tonight, i want to show you there is a complex of showers and thunderstorms, looking like it wants to come through together over the ohio valley. we'll keep an eye on that.
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it looks like, as it moves in to here late, late tonight, early tomorrow morning, most of that will fall a part. we're going to call for at least an isolateed to a spotty shower or thunderstorm late, late tonight and early, early tomorrow morning. and then we'll have a chance, again tomorrow afternoon, and we jump into this pattern of heat, humidity, and showers and thunderstorms to go with it. big heat coming later in the week. all that in the five-day forecast, laura? >> brace yourself. all right, gary. >> a little bit of everything. >> we'll talk later. thanks. more than 80,000 people new using the fox five weather app. can you believe it? download it. if you don't have it yet, you will find it on our website, and following breaking news out of afghanistan. you are looking at video into the fox 5 newsroom. president obama made a surprise trip there overnight and is speaking to troops at bag ram
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air force base and is thanking them for their service on the one-year anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. he told america the reason we're safe is because of them and he's signing an agreement with karzai, the afghan president, calling it a responsible tradition to afghans taking control of their own country and he'll be speaking live to the american people from bag ram air force base at 7:30 tonight. watch that live here on fox 5. coming up, the latest on the trayvon martin case. a new police chief takes the reins. and george zimmerman's lawyer launch an aggressive social media campaign as the client awaits trial. and if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tipline at 202-895-3000 and send us an e- mail at [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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. there is a new police chief in charge new in sanford,
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florida, as the department continues to diffuse tensions after trayvon martin's death. the former colorado springs chief richard meyers is the interim chief. the chief who was at the center of all of this when it began is no on paid leave. he temporarily stepped down from the post in march after a no confidence vote from the city commission. george zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder for shooting the unarmed teenager and claims to have acted in self-defense. zimmerman's attorney launched a social media campaign on his wehalf, including a facebook page, website, and a twitter account. zimmerman started his own fund raising page but the lawyer shut that down saying it's not in his interest to speak publicly about the case. and coming up, british lawmakers blame rupert murdoch for the news of the world phone hacking scandal. every day, someone dies waiting for an organ transplant. how facebook hopes to change that. and sad news for the parents who created a bucket list for their dieing baby
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girl. the details are next. s are nex
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. a panel of british lawmakers called news corp chairman and ceo robert murdoch unfit to run his global media epwire. it comes after -- empire. it comes after an inquiry to a phone-hack scandal. news corp, by the way, is the parent company of fox 5. david lee miller has more. >> reporter: a powerful group of british lawmakers issues a report on the phone hacking scandal. the culture, media and sports select committee said that parliament was misled about the scale of phone hacking at one of the company's tabloids, the news of the world. and news international is the british division of robert murdoch's news are the world. >> the chairman of the
5:31 pm
international misled the committee in 2009 in not telling the truth about the payment made to clive goodman and his roll in authorizing them and the payments of the legal fees. >> reporter: the committee report lid divided over the harsh criticism of murdoch, although he's not accused of misleading him, he should ultimately be prepared to take responsibility. >> in the view of the majority of committee members, rupert murdoch is not fit to run an international company. >> reporter: the committee criticizing murdoch's son james, a former news international executive chairman. it said that he could have halted phone hacking as early as 2008. and is believed to have started in 2001n. a statement, news corp said, quote, the company fully acknowledges the wrong doing and acknowledges to everyone the privacy that was invaded. it closed down last july and 25
5:32 pm
employees of news international have been arrested. in new york, david lee miller, fox news. and big develook will soon than status updates, sharing pictures and games and it's going to give people a chance to save lives and it will encourage users to display whether they're an organ donor. we're joined by john and amy, she received a transplant and can speak firsthand experience. thank you both for being with us today. >> thank you for having us. >> before we get to the nitty gritty of how this works, talk about the need, how organ donation is important. you know that firsthand and talk about the need? >> and right now, we have 114,000 individuals awaiting a life-saving transplant and they will die if they don't receive
5:33 pm
an organ in time. as a matter of fact, 18 people die every day because there are not enough organs to go around and because there are many people who require a transplant. the need is great. >> how long did you wait for a heart, amy? >> i had to wait for eight months in the hospital on an lvad and this was 14 years ago. so, i have had my heart transplant new for about 13 1/2 years and organ donations saved my life and says transplantation works. that is why i'm excited. >> when you heard about this, about facebook, kind of offering this as a way to encourage your neighbor to become an organ donor. what was your reaction, all-y? >> it was great. everyone knows facebook and this is another way to have people register to become organ donors because it's so important and life saving. >> and that puts the pressure on, too. >> you will need to make sure first and foremost your profile is migrated to the timeline, the new timeline feature and can you add a life event and
5:34 pm
this is an area where you would add an event like a wedding anniversary, for example, or add something like you quit smoking. >> uh-huh. >> and here can you add a life e haven't that you became an organ donor. when i did this this morning, i calculated how long ago i got my driver's license and put that on that their, and it was 19 none -- 1999, and put that on there. what it prompts to you do is to make sure you have done this officially by registering on your state donor registry. every state has a registry. click the button and it will take to you a page to find out how to register in your state n. d.c., it took me to >> it's not a matter of oops, i clicked the wrong button. >> absolutely not. you will go through several prompts. >> and is there a potential for a family later coming back in the case that somebody did die and maybe the -- made the family come back and say no, they didn't mean to make a donation? >> that is a good question, something we want to get out there to the public and that is
5:35 pm
important. this is is a serious decision. this is not something to take lightly. this is an end-of-life decision legally blinding and treated like an advanced directive or living will. it's not important that you register the donor, but it's important that you tell your family as well. the same thing if you were to register at the dmv. we want everyone to tell their family so in an end-of-life situation, the family is not caught off guard and shocked that you made the decision. certainly tell your family that you did it and hopefully -- . >> it takes the stigma out of it, too, and creates a communication among friends. >> exactly and creates a community of organ donors on facebook which, is great. >> wonderful. and thanks to both of you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> thank you for being with us. >> back over to you, shawn. and in tonight's health alert, the national cancer institute is recommending women in their 40s with a family history of breast cancer were extremely -- or extremely dense
5:36 pm
breast tissue should have a mammogram every two years. the study found the benefits outweigh the risks for the women. dads -- and narcotics painkillers and researchers are concerned about pregnant women using the drugs. opiates and other similar medications can cause neonatal sbscent syndrome, causing them to be born underweight, can suffer from withdrawal and not eat and stay in the hospital longer. the baby girl whose parents created a bucket list blog for her when they learned she is -- had a termal illness died. she was diagnosed on april 6th with a rare disease called spinal muscular atrophy. it can kill a baby bite time he or she is 18 months old. aer sewas five months. yesterday, one of her lungs collapsed. the father performed cpr but she died after they arrived at the hospital. coming up, eye motorcycle
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. some u.s. air force pilots want to be reassigned. the reason? the high-priced fighter jets they fly don't have enough oxygen in the cockpit. they cost $143 million each and the air force, that is 200 of them. the pilots complained about dizziness and blackout due to lack of oxygen. air force officials say they fixed the problem and the planes are safe. nasa and the navy are both investigating. the huffington post has what it calls exclusive and rare home video of the launch and explosion of the shuttle challenger. a florida resident named steve
5:41 pm
virostek took the video in no one 86. he passed away in the '90s. the video has never been released to the public before. the huffington post did ed it it down to make it more concise before posting it. and take a look at the trailer here and this has a rusted motorcycle inside. it washed up on a canadian island thousands of miles from home. the japanese tsunami washed it away more than a year ago. the motorcycle has a license plate registered to an area devastated in the tsunami. the authorities are trying to track down the owner now. more than 1 million-tons of debris floated from japan across the pacific ocean and so far, this is the largest piece that has been discovered. >> wow, amazing. >> it's fascinating to hear the stories a few weeks ago. we talked about a soccer ball and volleyball that washed up. incredible to see how this is . >> and they're able to track down some of the owners. >> yeah. and still ahead here on the news at 5, a bird comes face-to- face with a pitcher's fastball.
5:42 pm
and tests are rising and so are our chances for rain. gary's back with the forecast. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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. the district has been making front page sport side. nows with the sports teams and the redskins drafting robert griffin 3, of course, the caps trying to do the same with the rangers and the nats to the best start since arriving in d.c. and tonight, another major event at nats park. dave feldman is down there and we're going to check in with him in a bit. and over to shawn yancy. >> it's a bird. >> did you hear the play by play guy? you heard right. a bird survived. despite being dinged with a fastball in illinois, the ball smacked the bird hard enough to
5:46 pm
make the feathers fly and apparently okay, and kept on going and dave ross stills -- tells us despite all of that, the pitch didn't count. watch it again and that is hard to see the bird there. >> yeah. >> and apparently the bird kept flying. >> was the bird vaporized? [ laughter ] >> on the ground. the bird kept going. you can see the feathers flying. >> yeah. >> and dave ross said that that pitch didn't count. >> interference. >> right. >> and a do-over. >> that has to be in the book somewhere. a do-over. >> of course, it's like number two in the rules. >> yeah. >> and we'll get back to that. >> the nats take on the diamondbacks at arizona. >> okay. >> and i saw something in the lead. and that is all i know. >> thank you, gary. sounds great. >> and i just want to say because feldy thinks he can do the weather every day and said
5:47 pm
that we make it up. >> oh,. >> and -- . >> the nats are doing good. they lost four in a row and have a hard time with the backs. the -- bats. the pitching is good. the bullpen might be on the weak side and do weather. and the forecast is harder than sports and this is what is going on out. there a beautiful evening and nice at nats park and anyian or thunderstorms we may have will be late, late tonight and early tomorrow morning. 83 and holding right here in town and quantico, 85; fredericksburg, 85; farther to the north and west, hagerstown is 79 and there is that front in here, more of what we call a dew point front than anything and temperatures are cooler behind it and it's drier. as that comes through overnight
5:48 pm
and reorients itself tomorrow, it's going to be very, very important tomorrow where that is going to be and that is going to make a huge swing in temperatures and we'll talk about that in just a second. still warm at 7:00, 80 degrees. partly cloudy at 9 and 11, temperatures in the 70s. out at nats park watching the game, it should be real, real nice and we have had an increase in clouds this afternoon and that is keeping the temperatures down a bit. i think they'll be warmer if we didn't have much in the way of cloud cover and there is some sunshine poking through as well and the big thunderstorms this evening. well to the south of us and look at them line up into north carolina and that weather watch is posted here, the severe thunderstorm watch and do not need to worry about that. we'll keep an eye on what is happening to the west of us and into indiana and ohio and this is coming together as more of a complex of showers and
5:49 pm
thunderstorms, there is that chance it will move to the east- southeast. some of that can come on fop of us by early, early tomorrow morning and overnight tonight, the forecast calling for some clouds and that chance of a shower or thunderstorm and the temperature, 66 for a low and start off mild at 69 and with some warm conditions at 77 at noon and a chance of showers and some thunderstorms by tomorrow afternoon. the temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s and that is lookings like farther to the north-northeast, the temperatures in the 60s and that is a big swing of temperatures in the front and to friday, warming up to 90 degrees and there will be some 90s around. the forecast, hey, the sports cast, too, laura.
5:50 pm
and let's go to dave feldman live at redskins park. nats park. there is all sorts of stuff happening in the news. with the sports teams and feldy, what is going on there? there is some big news? >> reporter: the debut, the home debut of price harper, the 19-year-old phenom and the manager actually feels there was more pressure on bryce harper in the minor leagues because he was trying to get to the majors and now he's excelling and not as much pressure. made an impressive debut over the weekend against the dodgers. the first major league hit, a third at-bat. and a double to the base of the wall and center field. and in his first two major league games in los angeles. sunday, he made a first start. rock the dodgers while crashing into the wall and getting up and making an unbelievable throw and today, harper seemed relaxed on the field and that
5:51 pm
home fold the first time as a washington national. a short time ago, the 19-year- old made his first comments about playing on the home field. >> reporter: think this is huge and playing in front of the home fans and getting into national park, you know, i think i'm more nervous here than in l.a. and you know, hopefully i calm down and we can get going tonight. >> and he looks comfortable. not going to get cheated like, you know and had a good break- in. >> what did bryce do yesterday? he played a softball on the mall and connected with the high-pop fly to rightfield and -- right field. and killer watts team playing against the world wildlife fund, raising pandas. we asked him earlier does it
5:52 pm
hurt your game playing softball? he said no, i'm a pretty good player, too and we'll have more at 6:20. laura, back to you. >> and that is good stuff. thank you very much, feldy. and let's check in with brian for a look at what is coming up on the news edge at 6. we know there is so much going on. and what where i go -- are you going to talk about. a key witness takes the stand. and what andy pettitte said during the testimony today. and continuing to follow the home-grown terror plot in cleveland. five anarchists arrested. trying to blow up a bridge. coming up, a homeland security expert weighs in on the incident. and bethesdaification. a popular pizza spot spot is making it a household term for frustrated customers. 
5:53 pm
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[ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together. we really missed a great opportunity -- dodged a bullet there. [ banker ] so we talked to them about the wells fargo priority buyer preapproval. it lets people know that you are a serious buyer
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because you've been credit-approved. we got everything in order so that we can move on the next place we found. which was clear on the other side of town. [ male announcer ] wells fargo. with you when you're ready to move.
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. it's a girl for jessica simpson. harvey levin joins us live from l.a. we hear the baby was a big baseball. >> it's a big girl, shawn, 9 pounds, 13 ounces bone this morning. and that baby is doing fine, so is jessica. you know, and i will tell you, this is a long time in coming. everyone's making the jokes that she's 13 months pregnant. she's given birth and is in a $4,000-a-night broom. -- night room. it's a pretty room and good news for her. it overlooks jerry's deli, with delicious sandwiches in los angeles. >> and let me ask you, any word yet on a name for the new baby girl? >> there is a name. i love this name.
5:57 pm
for the girl. maxwell drew. >> i love it. >> i love that name. >> it's fabulous and different. and that is really -- they can call her max, maxi. i think it's great. a great name. >> and i do, too. i wanted to have a daughter and give her a boy name. the okay to mom flat broke, i hear show filed bankruptcy, harvey. >> filed chapter 7 bankruptcy, the most serious kind. she filed documents that we got that shows show is somewhere between a half million and a million in the hole and we look at the creditors. and i find kind of interesting, she has a lot of directv and sparkleets. we had a big debate over whether she should be using directv or buying spark lets and this is the new developments. guess where we got her an hour ago, shawn?
5:58 pm
>> where? >> at the atm. >> you have to have money. >> what are sparkleets? >> i'm sorry, it's bottled water. you have arrowhead out there? >> i don't think so. >> and don't you have the bottles that nobody can lift and put in that thing? >> yes. >> it's one of those things. >> i got it. i never heard of sparklets. we're looking forward to the show with you guys with on tmz at 6:30. an ohio boy scout official resigned in protest over the removal of a lesbian den mother because of the group's ban on gays. parents are rallying behind jennifer turrel. david sims resigned from the council's board saying he understands her removal is legal but believes it's discrimination. the scouts say it's a private organization and they have a right to exclude gays. honors for two boys who may
5:59 pm
have helped save a classmate from the school bus driver survived a heart attack. the 13-year-old, a seventh grader, steered the bus to the side of the road and the friend pitched cpr on the driver. unfortunately, the driver died in the hospital but the school district honored both boys for preventing a crash that would have put everyone on board in danger. >> and everyone thinks of me differently. you're the bus hero, i saw you on television. >> the boys hope the stories remind other kids to learn cpr and to be brave in times of tragedy. >> quick thinking. >> indeed. and thank you for joining also 5. >> and the the news edge at 6 starts now. we're going start the edge off with a major bust by the fbi. agents uncovered a home-grown tr


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