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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 1, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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captioning sponsored by 20th century fox television and toyota. you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ this is fox 5 news at 10:00. today a signed a historic agreement between the united states and -- today i signed a historic agreement between the united states and afghanistan that defines a new kind of relationship between our countries.
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>> the president greeting troops and making a major milestone in the war one year after the raid that killed osama bin laden. >> plus the feds stop a homegrown terror plot, the target a bridge over a major national plot, more on the suspected bombers and how they were stopped. >> the heat is on. we're starting the month of may with summer-like weather including some storms headed our way. we begin with the president's surprise visit to afghanistan. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. the president addressed the nation tonight laying out an exit strategy to the war. >> all of this on the first anniversary of the raid that killed osama bin laden. fox 5's will thomas has more in today's surprise visit. >> as you know, the surprise had everything to do with keeping the president safe, but the timing is certainly no coincidence. politics aside for now the president's mission on this trip? sign an agreement aimed at spenting a long term u.s. commitment to -- beginning a long term u.s. commitment to
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afghanistan. >> one year ago from based here in afghanistan our troops launched the operation that killed osama bin laden. >> one year to the day navy seals killed bin laden president obama traveled to the war zone in afghanistan to lay out an exit strategy. air force one landed tuesday night at bag ram airfield just outside the african capital, a surprise trip in the cover of darkness to keep the president safe. by chopper he traveled 40 minutes to kabul, the afghan presidential palace, to sign an agreement with afghan president hamid karzai. it sets conditions for a u.s. presence there after a 2014 deadline for the withdrawal of most combat forces. >> already nearly half of the afghan people live in places where afghan security forces are moving into the lead. >> some 90,000 u.s. troops remain while the reduction has already begun. some wonder why we just don't leave now. >> we must give afghanistan the opportunity to stablize.
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otherwise our gains could be lost and al-qaeda could establish itself once more. >> our commander in chief. >> president obama also spoke with some of the troops gathered at the airfield in his effort to get reelected wanting voters to see his foreign policy record as successful. getting bin laden is part of the president's perceived success. >> but slowly and systematically we have been able to decimate the ranks of al-qaeda. and a year ago we were able to finally bring osama bin laden to justice. >> a couple questions now, as the u.s. continues to reduce forces, will afghan forces be able to step up to the plate and take over there? we tapped an international security expert to tackle that question first tonight. then he answers what would be our role of remaining forces. take a look. >> it's a risky proposition. the history of afghanistan as
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it manages to survive, but it's always going to be a little threat there. so i think the question is can we manage that threat? there's nothing in this agreement that says we can't. it will probably be two main roles, one training and making sure the afghans stay trained and well equipped and the other is assisting them in certain missions and functions along the way. >> the president's agreement sets the stage for discussions with international leaders meeting in chicago later this month for the nato summit. the u.s. can say to other leaders we signed an agreement. we're ready to pony up resources and commitment to help afghanistan long term. now you should, too. the president, by the way, is on his way home. our coverage of this story is far from over tonight. how much does the role of politics play in the president's surprise visit? our analysts break it down tonight at 10:30. another big story tonight, a homegrown terror plot foiled by the feds, five men under arrest accused of trying to blow up a bridge near
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cleveland, ohio. fox 5's tom fitzgerald with the story. >> the fbi says this was the target, route 82 bridge over the cuyahoga valley national park in brecksville, ohio, 15 miles south of cleveland. >> at no time in the investigation was the public ever in danger. >> five men alleged to be self- described anarchists under arrest. vided them in october with what they thought were c-4 explosives, but, in fact, were duds. >> last night the coconspirators placed the two bombs at the bases of concrete support pillars for this high level bridge and attempted to remotely detonate the devices from a location that they deemed safe. >> the undercover investigation resembles others that exposed terror plots in the d.c. area. in february a man was charged
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with trying to blow up the u.s. capitol after undercover agents gave him a nonworking bomb. in october, 2010 a virginia man was arrested for plotting to bomb a metro train, but in those cases islamic extremism was the accused motive. this time home grown rant arckist terrorism is being alleged -- anarchist terrorism is being alleged. >> there's always going to be whackos out there. >> reporter: this expert at the heritage foundation says the arrests are testaments to law enforcement's ability to disrupt terror plots before they mature. >> you build a big counterterrorism system and it's going to catch all the bad stuff because you're out there looking for bad people. >> three of the men arrested are already charged with conspiracy to use explosives affecting interstate commerce. charges are pending now against the remaining two suspects. >> tom fitzgerald reporting. federal authors say the
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anarchist groups had considered other targets including the headquarters of the neonazi or ku klux klan group, the g-8 summit that was to be held in chicago or this summer's republican national convention in tampa, florida. new details on a murder in northwest d.c., one of three killings in the last 20 hours in the district. police identified the victim as dwayne brisbon found stabbed to death in his car around 2 a.m. on florida avenue. the car crashed into the shaw tavern. tonight police are asking anyone who mate have information to call them. -- who might have information to call them. police found another stack victim at the intersection of kenilworth avenue and quarles street northeast. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction. d.c. police also released the name of a man shot yesterday in southeast. sandy green ii was gunned down in the 2700 -- greenly i was gunned down in the 2700 block
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of savannah street. there is a reward if you lead police to the gunman. montgomery firefighter treated for serious injuries tonight after this fire in chevy chase. flames burned through the roof of the garden style complex on terrace drive. the firefighter is expected to recover, another firefighter with minor injuries. earlier today we spoke with assistant fire chief scott graham live from the scene. >> our fire investigators are currently trying to determine the origin and cause of the fire. red cross is on the scene with us along with our office of homeland security and emergency management working on a plan to shelter those that are displaced from this fire. >> officials say as many as 100 people may be out of their homes because of the fire. >> the fox 5 weather team is tracking the heat tonight. here's a live look outside right now. can you believe we got up into the 80s today? the taste of summer does not end there. a few storms could also be heading our way. sue palka is outside in northwest tonight with more on this great weather.
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>> it is a beautiful night out here and we're still 74 degrees at 10:00. that is more than our average high for the day should be. we got up to 84 degrees on the 1st day of may. so march was warm, april a little cooler than average and now we're back on at least for this first week what appears to be a warm track. check out the highs today, 84 degrees at reagan and dulles also hit that, bwi marshall 83. these are not records or anything, but check out the current temperatures, still real mild, although notice d.c. at 74 but frederick is 61. there is a front up there and it's moving through with slightly cooler air, slightly drier air. it will be a fairly comfortable night, but we also might have a few showers in the overnight hours and into the first part of the morning which we'll touch on in a moment. why so warm? the jet stream is taking a big ridge over the east coast and it's going to remain in place much of the week. that means temperatures will be much high are than average. in fact, we'll describe it as
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more junelike than maylike. so prepare for that, but that does come with a chance of thunderstorms. i'm going to show you a radar picture here that shows a cluster of storms in ohio that is moving this direction. if that were to hold up, we could see showers around here in the predawn hours, isolated rumble of thunder mainly to our west i think. we had one little cell that passed through southern st. mary's county tonight, but a few more around tomorrow with this kind of heat and a couple fronts that are around here and there. we could have to introduce a couple thunderstorms through the forecast tomorrow afternoon as well as these overnight and maybe predawn showers for some areas. so we'll have much more to talk about with this weather pattern and we'll also show you the futurecast so you can time out those chances for showers and thunderstorms, but all of a sudden it's summer here on the 1st of may. >> and we're loving it. thank you, sue. new tonight no arrests at today's occupy mayday rally in the district. this is one of hundreds of rallies held nationwide.
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there remember arrests in other cities. the protest, though, did not have a common theme. often mayday protests focuses on immigrants rights. in new york letters containing white powder showed up at several banks and at fox news corp. secret service agents heading to the classroom in the wake of the prostitution scandal. we're hearing from a professor that's lecturing them. also ahead. >> reporter: bryce harper is making his nats park big league debut tonight, but it's andre hawthorne night here at the stadium. what's that all about? i'm bob barnard. we'll have his story. >> and a little later on the news edge at 11:00 every day someone ties waiting for an organ transplant -- dies waiting for an organ transplant, but facebook is hoping to change that. find out how.
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you may remember this vicious dog attack caught on camera in northwest d.c. a man put himself between the kids and the dogs to protect the children while those dog went
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after the man seriously injuring him. tonight he was honored by d.c. mayor vincent gray and the washington nationals. fox 5's bob barnard was there. >> hotdogs, water, peanuts! >> peanuts, hotdogs! >> welcome to nat park. >> reporter: there was not just any tuesday night at the ballpark, no, welcome to andre hawthorne night. >> it's a great day. i feel good. >> reporter: yup, that's andre still nursing serious wounds on his left arm. >> i'm just glad that i got there. >> reporter: just 11 days ago mr. hawthorne was mauled by two dogs outside his home on queen street northeast. that's him getting attacked there, the frightening moments videotaped by a neighbor's security camera. andre stepped in to distract the dogs from neighborhood children who were literally running for their lives after jumping onto car rooftops. >> i don't look at myself being a hero. i'm just a person who did what
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he should have done to save the children. >> without hesitation for concern for his own safety. >> i told him i think it's the bravest thing i've ever heard anyone do and he basically says somebody had to help those kids. >> he saved the lives of the children. >> reporter: being honored this night by the washington nationals, his boss katherine silver. >> he's been with us since the first day at the ballpark. he was one of our original ushers. you don't take a job like this for the money. you do it because you care about people and that's the ultimate example obviously is somebody who took care of those children. >> reporter: d.c. mayor vincent gray honoring hawthorne with the proclamation. >> well, i think it was just an incredibly courageous act that literally saved lives and we owe him a deep debt of gratitude. >> reporter: the nats presented andre with a team jersey signed by all the players. >> he's no. 1 in our hearts, right? >> reporter: of course, what most nats fans will long remember about this night is the big league nats park debut offed had sensation bryce
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harper. this may -- debut of left hand sensation bryce harper. this may be the debut, but the season this night was all about andre hawthorne who told us what he'd do with the keys to the city. >> i'd see that all d.c. employees get a day off. >> reporter: how about it, mr. mayor? >> if he was the mayor, he might realize how difficult that would be. >> reporter: but this, this is pretty sweet. in southeast bob barnard, fox 5 news. >> and by the way, we will have much more on bryce harper's big home debut later in this show. the baseball star we called roger clemens' mentor testified against him in federal court. andy pettitte told the court he remembers clemens telling him that he had used human growth hormonal. clemens has previously said let its misremembers -- said pettitte misremembers the conversation. pettitte said the statement was made in passing in what he calls an intense workout. clemens is on trial for lying to congress about ever using
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performance enhancing drugs. cheri young today on the stand rejected defense questions that she had any reasons to lie to hurt the former presidential candidate john edwards. young's husband first claimed paternity of the child with edwards' mistress. young acknowledged they did make money on the scandal, including about $1 million from donors to hide edwards' mistress from his wife. the attorney general wants to strike down part of a state law for allowing police to collect dna for people charged with violent crimes. doug gansler joins us now to figure this out. we know you filed a suit today. explain why you oppose this appeals court ruling. >> the court came up with a different ruling than any federal court in the united states and every other state in the united states other than minnesota. we feel there is no invasion of privacy when a defendant is arrested with probable cause
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for a dangerous felony and they put a q-tip swab in their mouth and take a dna sample. it is no different than, for example, taking fingerprints and much less intrusive than strip searches and blood tests which the supreme court allows. >> how do you respond to the critics who say it is a violation of their rights? how can you cast a wide net out there and hope to catch one fish? >> it's not a violation of the rights. in this case violation of the rights was against a 53-year- old woman raped at gunpoint by this defendant years ago and luckily there was a sample taken of dna, a known sample. that was put in the computer with many, many other samples and a random test is done matching this dna with all the dna samples in the computer and there was a hit in this case and this man was convicted. just like what we do with fingerprints, it's no different whatsoever. there's no invasion of privacy. it's less than one 2nd. in fact, a defendant could be given a diet coke, put it down on the table. the police could take that for
10:20 pm
a dna sample. it doesn't seem to be any invasion of price of at all in this case. >> we know governor martin o'malley pushed for the law in 2008 saying it helps protect residents and solve crimes. what sort of impact will this have on maryland law enforcement to do their jobs? >> this is a very important tool in the arsenal of law enforcement to be able to solve these cold cases either when someone leaves a fingerprint or a dna fingerprint. so it's absolutely essential to have this. we live in the 21st century. we have dna. we ought to be able to use it. so it's really important. we think the supreme court, there's a good chance they'll take the case and if they, do there's an extraordinary i had good case against that they'll overthrow the -- an extraordinarily good case against that they'll overthrow the supreme court's decision. a major change in the works for the d.c. council following an embezzlement scandal only now it's all on hold. we'll explain why. >> plus the secret service
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dealing with their own scandal fallout. we'll hear from a professor who will be lecturing agents next. ♪
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no deal for d.c. city employees to get their paychecks for four mandatory furlough days last year. the city council couldn't come to an agreement and the measure failed. reimbursing the employees would have cost the city $22 million. a compromise offered to pay back two days now and two more in june when the city would have a better look at its financial status failed. city council members said the money is needed in other places. a d.c. councilwoman is backing off demands that the mayor submit a list of nominees for the ethics board. the need came up after former council member harry thomas was ousted from the council. council member muriel bowser says it's taking the mayor too long but today she announced she's giving him more time to submit his resignations. >> i'd give him another 30 days
10:25 pm
if you're frustrated with the time frame here. >> i thought it was the sense of the counts that they wanted 30 more -- counsel that they wanted 30 more days. i'll work with my colleagues. >> bowser said she didn't have enough votes to demand the push. the mayor's office says a list of nominees is coming. there is a new code of conduct for secret service agents serving on mission abroad. the change follows the recent prostitution scandal in colombia. 100 agents will now undergo ethics training this week at johns hopkins university. earlier today i spoke with a professor that will teach those agents about the topic they'll cover. >> what we'll do is have a conversation about the strengths of the secret service and how to leverage those strengths toward developing a strategic plan for ethics so that these sorts of things might not happen. >> the secret service announce nude rules for its agents including prohibiting them from excessive drinking or bringing foreigners to their hotel rooms. a new police chief is in charge temporarily in sanford,
10:26 pm
florida. the department is still dealing with tensions after the shooting death of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. george zimmerman claimed he shot martin in self-defense and wasn't arrested for nearly a month. richard meyers is the interim chief, bill lee on paid heave, temporarily stepped down from his post in -- leave, temporarily stepped down from his post in march. s there a media campaign set up on zimmerman's -- there's a media campaign set up on zimmerman's behalf but his lawyers shut it down saying it's not in his best interest to speak publicly about the case. president obama's surprise visit to afghanistan, critics accuse the administration of politicizing the anniversary of bin laden's death. up next our analysts predict how this will play out in the upcoming election. >> if you see a story we should look into, send your news tips to fox5tips at or 202- 895-3000.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. back to our top story, president obama marking the anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden with a surprise trip to afghanistan. the president met with u.s. troops, addressed the nation from the air base outside kabul. his primetime speech came hours after signing a strategic participateship agreement with afghan president hamid karzai prompting american aid for 10 years after the withdrawal of american soldiers. how will all this play in the upcoming presidential election? joining me now our political strategists. that's the politically correct way to frame obama's appearance. more accurate i had, why is he -- accurately, why is he making a campaign speech from afghanistan? >> he was saying we need to wind down the war in afghanistan and i think the american public agrees. from all political parties people are tired of it and we need to move on and i think he
10:31 pm
was saying to the afghans, yes, we will support our troops and will try to support your as you build up yours. >> look, he's making a big mistake tonight. what they're doing is they want to kick off the general election by running on foreign policy. john kerry did it. others have done it. it never works for democrats because you want to fight republicans in their own ballpark. it's stupid. they need to run on democratic issues. foreign policy is not one of them. just because he happened to kill osama, that doesn't mean he's a foreign policy president. this isn't bush 41. i think he's walking into it and making a horrible mistake. obama if he were smart would stay focused on domestic issues. he's not doing that. >> of course, he is. that's ridiculous to say. he's got to talk about the war and the fact he's kept his promises. he ended the war in iraq. he's trying to wind down the war in afghanistan, but his focus is the economy.
10:32 pm
the obama people know that. it's may. we're months from election. >> brendan knows the problem. everybody knows the problem. it's just nobody want to talk about it. obama doesn't have anything to run on because what's the argument for the economy? well, it could have been worse if we didn't do the stimulus. if we didn't do these things unemployment wouldn't be 8.5. it would be 13.5. that's not really a message. even if you believed that and they do, that's not a message for the american people. you can't run for president on that. so they're kind of groping around looking for things to run on. they can't run on energy because of solyndra and they say what do we run on? maybe we should think about the killing of osama, the war in afghanistan. let's think about that. that's why he's over there. >> he wants to talk about his record on the economy as well. you mentioned the stimulus. i bailed out the auto industry. look at the jobs created there and the economy is getting better. mitt romney doesn't want to talk about the economy because it's getting better and it
10:33 pm
undercuts his whole reason for running. >> how can president obama criticize hillary clinton during his last primary for invoking the terrorism to score political points with that infamous 3 a.m. ad and he flies to afghanistan to talk. >> i think he was talking to the public about why we need to end this war and basically the mission accomplished in the sense of you got osama bin laden. we really diminished al-qaeda's capability and now it's time for the troops to come home. frankly, i think he should have more troops come home. >> jack, was this his mission accomplished speech here? >> look, brendan and i might agree on this. i don't support the war in afghanistan. i think george bush had the best policy. obama should never have broadened the war. bush and cheney had a small force there. it should have stayed small. there's no possibility of victory. it's an exercise in silliness
10:34 pm
and everybody knows that. politically brendan knows this. he's doing this, this is a play to the base because the base hates obama. he's got all kinds of problems. >> they do not hate obama. oh, my god, that's ridiculous. >> the base is very angry. you know this. the democratic base is very angry. >> 78% support for the president. that's absurd. >> he needs to show them he is winding down the u.s. presence in ago. the base is mad at him for all kind of reasons, for healthcare, gay issues, the mideast. he needs base support for the general election. >> and then they're unhappy on some of those things, but they're not going to go to mitt romney. look at the small donors who gave to him and every poll you talk about, 80% of democrats support the president. that's an absurd statement. >> jack, you say the president doesn't have anything to run on, but unemployment is down. the economy is starting to look up and it does take time to change around the dire straits we were in. >> well, that's true and i
10:35 pm
frankly wouldn't pin the blame -- i don't pin the blame for the economic straits on the president. recessions happen. they're natural, but the problem is if you look at his '08 campaign, this guy pledged to do a lot of things that never happened and the reality is, brian, if unemployment is still 8.5%. so when you're talking to the average voter, how do you say well, i'm running on the economy when unemployment's 8.5%? once again the only argument becomes well, it could be much worse. it could be 13%. that it is a hard argument when you want to run for president. >> basically the economy has fallen off a cliff and we were almost in a depression and now we're climbing our way back out. it's taking longer than anybody wanted, but we are getting better and there's no question. it's slow. we'd like it to go faster, but it is getting better. >> brendan daley, jack burkeman, pleasure as always. coming up the state of virginia slaps white house party crasher tareq salahi with
10:36 pm
a lawsuit today. >> and later have you heard of the word bethesdafication? why one local neighborhood uses the term to describe a new problem. but first hires fox business network's neil cavuto. -- here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> chrysler auto sales jumping 20% in april with more drivers buying bigger pickup trucks and jeeps but general motors and forward seeing sales drop last month, a slowdown -- and ford seeing sales drop last month. meanwhile america's manufacturing sector growing in april by the fastest pace in nearly a year, factories planning on increasing production and hiring more workers, that news sending stocks to their highest level in more than four years. more pink slips over at bank of america. reports out say it plans to cut 2,000 more jobs from its elite investment banking unit, the latest round coming on top of the 30,000 layoffs already announced last year.
10:37 pm
a las vegas legend getting a facelift, the owners of the sahara hotel and casino snagging $3.5 million in funding to redesign the iconic resort. the sahara closed down last year. the owners betting on a big return when it reopens in two years. good luck. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. 
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a powerful group of british lawmakers today called news corps chairman and ceo rupert murdoch unfit to run his global media empire. lawmakers claim parliament was misled about the scale of the phone hacking scandal at the news of the world tabloid.
10:41 pm
the committee is reportedly divided over the harsh criticism of murdoch who is not accused of misleading par. him. however, the committee said he -- parliament himself. however, the come tie said he should be able to take -- the committee said he should be able to take responsibility. >> the majority of the committee feels rube either murdoch is not fit to run -- rupert murdoch is not fit to run the company. >> news corps is the parent company of fox 5. former white house party crasher and winery owner tareq salahi has a few big things going on, being sued by virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli and is running against him for governor. salahi says he's pro business and wants less government involvement in people's lives. he says he's been involved in politics before on both sides of the aisle. >> no. that was one part of my life, the hollywood tv side of it. you know, obviously people are going to know that st betts, but really prior to that
10:42 pm
-- the best, but really prior to that, prior to my marriage was always what i loved in virginia. i'm just going back to my old roots of virginia agriculture, virginia politics and these are things that i've been very passionate about my whole life. >> salahi is in the process of divorcing his wife michaele and wishes her the best. that current lawsuit is whether he defrauded winery visitors for tours they did not receive. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, a murder mystery in d.c., a well respected hospital worker found stabbed after crashing his car early this morning. tonight you'll hear from his mother. >> and a young man testifying in front of iowa lawmakers defending his same sex parents. the video went viral last year. now he's taking his message to the next level. we have details.
10:43 pm
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
a popular neighborhood in d.c. bracing for some extra parking trouble. for the next two years there will be a major construction project along wisconsin avenue. the project is in cleveland park not at all close to bethesda, but as fox 5 beth
10:46 pm
parker shows us, the neighbors to the north are getting drawn in. >> reporter: bethesdafication. what's the word that catches your eye? >> bethesdafication. >> a place where people come to spend money. >> bethesdafication, kind of a made up word. >> yes, it is. >> reporter: in a quick google search the word seems to have first popped up when downtown silver spring was revitalized. some residents say they didn't want to be bethesdafied but -- >> i think it's a very positive term. for the state of maryland and montgomery county bethesda is an economic engine. >> reporter: now that term bethesdafication is being tossed around in d.c. the popular pizza spot off wisconsin avenue. >> they have great wine there. >> reporter: is handing out menus and flyers getting customers ready for this cathedral commons, a major development that will bring a new giant's store, retail and
10:47 pm
residential avenue to the commons park. >> i'm assuming they're talking about the parking issues down here. >> reporter: so parking and some of the other issues they have here ins about dar some of the same problems they're deal -- here in bethesda are some of the same problems they're dealing with in d.c. elizabeth is concerned a lot of traffic from cathedral commons will rumble right down 38th street where she lives. >> this is a small residential street where we have neighborhood parties, block parties and we're really saddened that some decisions are being made downtown that would take this away from us. >> reporter: at cactus cantina restaurant they've posted signs encouraging customers to park by the nearby cathedral. now that the giant parking lot has been locked down for construction, manager thinks it will be good in the end. >> i think it's better that this area be steen than be with two store as they've been closed for many, many years.
10:48 pm
>> reporter: for now they ask you order up a little parking patience with your clips and salsa. salsa-- chips and salsa. beth parker, fox 5 news. >> absolutely beautiful day. what is this, may 1st? >> it is may 1st and chips and salsa is making me hungry. it's perfect weather for dining outside. i think it's going to be another warm one tomorrow, upper 70s, low 80s for some and maybe a couple thunderstorms around and there could be some even before dawn for some of you and maybe even a rumble of thunder. we're keeping an eye on a complex moving this direction. it should be out of here before rush hour. meanwhile it's a spectacular evening. it was a little on the humid side and hot getting up to 84 degrees, but it's much more comfortable tonight. i wanted to show you what temperatures look like the next four days. our average is 71 degrees, well
10:49 pm
above it tomorrow, probably 79 degrees. temperatures could be kind of all over the place because there's going to be a front nearby, a warm front. it's going to move north overnight. you know how that can tend to create a 10-degree disparity in temperatures for some areas. we may be looking at one of those days tomorrow, thursday 83 degrees, friday possibly up to 86 degrees and saturday 85, so a warm start to may, no doubt about it after today's high of 84. we're 74 degrees. we have a boundary to our north. that's why you see frederick is significantly cooler at 59 degrees and hagerstown also at 69, but temperatures are going to continue to drop a little bit but still stay pretty mild tonight, mostly in the 60s with the exception of frederick that the point. you can see the temperature here, new york city 61 degrees, boston a little cooler at 45, raleigh 78. watching temperatures in ohio as well as a big round of showers and thunderstorms that may be moving in our direction. i'll show you that radar
10:50 pm
picture, but we describe tonight in the overnight hours mild. with temperatures still on the mild side there might just be enough going on later tonight we could see a few more showers and storms. we had one that is actually still in the mouth of the bay coming across the potomac into the bay. this did cross through southern st. mary's county a bit ago. that's stopping some heavy rain, might have had a tiny bit of hail. this is the next cluster we're watching, a long lived cluster of thunderstorms. this had the effect of producing a lot of wind, some damaging wind gusts and 11 reports of tornadoes in illinois and indiana and a few in minnesota. this has been rather a damaging cluster. it is in the process of weakening, but on this path we might see a little of that passing just south of d.c. and maybe a couple showers for the rest of us. so this complex is around 1:00 and there could be another one tomorrow afternoon where we're seeing some showers and storms. at the surface overnight this warm frontrunners, so you know
10:51 pm
it's been cooler to our -- front front returns, so you know it's been cooler to our north. it's even possible a couple showers or storms could be severe. spotty storm possible thursday and the reason is this doesn't get too far, kind of stalls out just to north and east of d.c. a couple chances for storms, first one is overnight. let me show you the futurecast. i pause this at 5:00 in the morning and we may hear once again the rumble of thunder south of d.c. in the predawn hours. look like it's gone for the morning rush hour, could be a little more tomorrow afternoon, nothing terribly widespread, perhaps another impulse tomorrow evening. you kind of get the idea we'll be dodging a few of these over the next couple days, could be another chance for showers and maybe some thunderstorms thursday as well. can't even totally eliminate them from friday. i don't think any of these days look like a washout. keep that in mind. meanwhile as we check our
10:52 pm
friday afternoon, perhaps one or two more in that time period. so on the five-day forecast we're talking about warm temperatures and we're talking about some chances for showers and thunderstorms and again the first one may be before the sun comes up from d.c. on south. i think it will be out of here by rush hour. a few more tomorrow afternoon and maybe then again thursday. so temperatures definitely warmer than average for may. hope you like it like that. >> oh, yeah. >> sounds good. >> maybe not as humid as today. >> it was a little humid. thank you. the d.c. fans got their first chance to see 19-year-old phenom bryce harper up close and personal for the first time this evening at nats park. fox 5 sport director dave feldman was there. what was the atmosphere like? >> it was great. it was electric and hot and humid as sue said, but the game wasn't great. nats ran into a red hot pitcher, d-backs trevor cahill and the home team couldn't get anything going, although seeing bryce harper in person was a kick.
10:53 pm
>> the left fielder, no. 34, bryce harper! [ cheering and applause ] >> standing o from the home crowd. like all the nats hitters he struggled striking out in his first at bat, went 0-3, two ground outs. trevor cahill took a four-hit shutout in the 8th. we have come to enjoy defense. basings loaded in the 7th, deep fly ball off the bat of us where tin upton. this is a gun. shaun mcdonald, called him safe from third, but he might have been out. either way it was a cannon of a sharp by harper. arizona wins 5-1. how about that play at the mate with harper? >> it look -- plate with harper? >> it looked awful close. he might have had his foot on when he tagged him. i don't have instant replay, but looked like he was, you know, i don't know, what was he
10:54 pm
out? >> i think it was fantastic. he's got a cannon. >> same two teams do it again tomorrow. so bryce's cannon will get more action and coming up at 11:00 caps prepare for game 3 with the rangers. >> feldy, thank you very much. a bizarre baseball video has gone viral tonight when the pitcher hurls the ball expecting it to be fair or foul. you don't expect this. >> oh, hit a bird. >> and it didn't kill it. >> no. >> he hit a bird with his fastball. feathers flew, but the bird did, too survived and flew away. the pitcher is a sophomore at a high school in illinois. fox 5's dave ross tells us the pitch didn't count. coming up next american idol right down to the wire now and that leaves no room for the finalists to make any errors. they talk about the building pressure. >> facebook is known for status
10:55 pm
updates, pictures and games, how it will now give people a chance to save lives next at 11:00.
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10:58 pm
american idol is getting down to the wire and the top five contestants cannot afford to make any mistakes. william lajeunesse went behind the scenes with some of the finalists. >> reporter: with only five idol finalists remaining criticism from the judges has been scarce while standing ovations suddenly seem to be the norm. in case you weren't counting, joshua ledet is leading the pack with a dozen. >> it's like 12. we've all counted. it's 12. >> when he sang jaw of hearts until now 12.
10:59 pm
>> reporter: while the applause is great josh is looking for a slightly bigger commitment. >> is it bad for me to say the joshua part of 9 show is my favorite part -- of the show is my favorite part? >> when j-lo stands up i blush a lot and get all excited on the inside. i just want to marry her. >> i don't even know what to say anymore to you. >> marry me, please. >> she liked sighed and blushed. >> reporter: we also discovered there was more going on behind the scenes between ryan's girl friend julie ann huff and brian phillips. >> she just hugged me like 40 minutes. >> reporter: as last week's show revealed some ugly truths about each contestant there seems to be two very different stories about who was the messiest roommate. >> let's be honest. that wasn't my room, okay? they took the pictures from somebody else of my actual room and put it on somebody else's room. >> to clarify the room where the bathroo


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