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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 2, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. it is tuesday, may 2nd, 2012. we are taking a live look over washington, d.c. right now. it feels a little sticky, a little humid. just a little bit in the area. you are not imagining things. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's get things started by talking to tucker about our
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weather situation this morning. >> good morning. we are off to a cloudy start, a rather humid start. maybe a little rain for our morning commute as well. there is your hd radar. cull -- culpeper getting a thunderstorm. so scattered showers and thunderstorms in the forecast not only this morning but later this afternoon as well. and a lot of clouds. but a rather summery air mass. the temperatures expected to be in the 1r0 later today. currently, 65 in washington. humidity, 87%. -- the temperatures expected to be in the 80s later today. lots of warm temperatures today along with some thunderstorms from time to time. high temperatures back into the low to mid-80s this afternoon. more details on the forecast in just a minute. back to you guys.
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>> thank you. topping our stories this morning, a surprise visit by president obama to afghanistan. the president addressed the american people last night promising to end the war in afghanistan. he signed a long-term agreement with president hamid karzai spelling out the withdrawal of u.s. troops in 2014. a couple of hours after he left, a bombing in kabul killed seven people. five men are behind bars accused of plotting to blow up a bridge near cleveland, ohio. they planted explosive devices that were inoperable and control bid an undercover fbi agent before the arrest. authorities say the suspects are part of a self-described anarchist group with no ties to international terrorism. occupy protesters in several cities across the u.s. joined worldwide may day protests yesterday. at least four were arrested in california after clashes with the police. >> they fired tear gas as the protesters in oakland tried to
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shut down businesses there. hundreds rallied in dozens of other cities as well. we have a report. >> reporter: flash grenieri wades, gas and drum beats marking may day in oak lands, california. some protesters arrested and draged across the pavement. others chanting we are not afraid. >> we are not afraid! >> reporter: on the east coast from the air, thousands marching in new york's union square and on the ground. >> new york is the people's town! >> reporter: more than 30 put in cuffs in the big apple, many for disorderly conduct. >> the current system is unsustainable. it should be fixed. people deserve social justice. >> reporter: in seattle, protesters clad in black
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blocking the flow of traffic. public school students skipping out of class in michigan spent the day rallying for immigration reform. >> we don't think about nothing but coming home and running inside the house hoping their parents are still there. it is a life we do not like. >> reporter: may day a day of protest across the country. tens of thousands demonstrating across the street with a specific cause in mind. in turkey, cries for better jobs and safe working conditions. greeks voicing opposition to that country's austerity measures. jane metzler, fox news. >> there were protests here but no arrests at the occupy may day rally. to sports now.
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bryce harper got a standing ovation in his home debut against arizona. he nearly threw out a runner and tagged out at third on a deep ply ball. the runner was out but the umpire blew the call. they have now lot of five in a row. here we go. >> let's hope not. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts now. good morning to you, may 2nd as we take a live look outside right now. you know, a little warm outside. >> a little thick. >> we'll go with thick for today. thick tuesday. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. i'm wisdom martin. welcome to fox 5 morning news and tucker barnes here now to talk about thick tuesday. >> it was thick out there. and the mosquitoes were thick. >> it was like they were waiting for me outside the
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door. they were a like hello, remember us. >> i haven't seen one yet this season. >> hopefully. >> come on by. >> yes, it is thick. it is humid. it is summery air mass in place and we've got some thunderstorms to accompany all of it. so a live look here at your radar f you look carefully, you can see some flashing on your screen. that is some thunderstorm activity breaking out. central montgomery county, laytonsville, pushing into western howard county, i think clarksville and columbia, you will probably see the thunderstorm before long. another band here opening up to the south and west now east of culpeper you can see more flashing. bottom line, we've got showers and thunderstorms around for our morning commute. it is going to be hit and miss here over the next couple of hours. that will be the theme here for the day. lots of clouds. not going to rain all day. we have a frontal system just kind of hanging up across the area. any time that happens, we've got sort of a focal point for some storms later. temperatures are to say the
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least on the mild side. 65degrees in washington. 67 in fredericksburg and 63 out at dulles. it feels more like june i think than the second day of may. here is your forecast. we are not low to mid-80s. 58 in fredericksburg. 83 in washington. >> on this wednesday, our first look at the traffic on wednesday. we go to julie wright. good morning to you. we're still stuck on yesterday. >> i was going -- i wore red. the caps are skating. i know i did this right. >> you were right. we were wrong. >> what? say that again. >> you -- >> we just got a little mixed up. >> we got it on tape. we'll just replay it. on the roads this morning, you will find raindrops affecting our camera shot. it is starting to rain. i notice on my trip in, a light
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sprinkle. by the time i reached the beltway, no precipitation at all. no problems to report on the beltway between college park and bethesda. that was the commute coming in out of germantown and gaithersburg. this is northeast washington, inbond new york avenue at bladensburg road. lanes are open. dry pavement. no problems to report headed out to the tunnel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, a bombing in afghanistan following president obama's speech. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a car bombing in the capital of afghanistan right after president barack obama left the country. the suicide attack targeting foreigners in kabul killed seven people. afghan soldiers exchanged gunfire after the bomb exploded. taliban says the attack was a response to president barack obama's surprise visit. the president had already wrapped up his surprise visit. the president gave a speech to
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the nation laying out an exit strategy for american soldiers. >> as melanie alnwick reports now, his visit came on the anniversary of the death of osama bin laden. >> one year ago from a base here in afghanistan, our troops launched operation that killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: one year to the day navy seals sailed bin laden pros bell atlantic mobile phone traveled to the war don't to lay out an exit strategy. air force one landed tuesday night at bagram air fold. it was a surprise trip in the cover of darkness to keep the president safe. by chopper, he traveled 40 minutes to kabul to the afghan presidential palace signing an agreement with afghan president hamid scar disci. it sets conditions for a u.s. presence there. -- with afghan president hamid karzai. >> already half of the afghan people live in areas where
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afghan security forces are moving into the lead. >> reporter: some wonder why we don't leave now. the president say we can't yet. >> we must give afghanistan the opportunity to stabilize. otherwise, our gains could be lost and al-qaeda could establish itself once more. >> our commander in chief. >> reporter: president obama also spoke with some of the troops gathered at bagram airfield. in his efforts to get rehad been elected, he wants voters to see his foreign policy record as successful and getting bin laden would be part of the president's perceived success. >> but slowly and systematically, we have been able to decimate the ranks of al-qaeda and a year ago, we were able to finally bring osama bin laden to justice. juror that was fox 5's melanie alnwick reporting. you will notice stepped-up security at metro stations today.
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metro says transit police, antiterrorism teams and patrol officers will continue operating on a height bed state of vigilance this week in connection with the anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. metro says there is no specific or credible threat. the fbi says it has busted autopsy i home-grown terror plot. investigators say five men tried to blow up a bridge. this was the target, a bridge over a national park in brecksville, ohio. authorities say the five suspects are the past a self- described an,ist group with no nope ties to international terrorism. undercover agents infiltrated the group last act and gave the group fake c-4 explosives. the suspects then planted those devices at the base of the bridge. >> there is always going to be wackos out there, whether they come from the left or right you build a good counterterrorism system and it will catch all the bad stuff because you are out there looking for bad
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people. >> three of the men arrested have already been charged with conspiracy to use explosives affecting interstate commerce. charges against the two remaining cusses are still pinning. new details on a murderer in northwest d.c. it is one of three killings that happened in the district within the last 24 hours. police identified the victim as duane brisbon. he was found stabbed to death in his car around 2:00 yesterday morning. he ended up crashing the car into the shaw tavern. police are asking anyone who might have information to give them a call. a montgomery county firefighter is being treated for some serious injuries after battling the this fire in chevy chase. flames burned through the roof of the garden-style complex on terrace drive yesterday afternoon. the firefighter is expected to recover. another crew member suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. as many as 100 people will have to find a new place to live. the cause of the fire is still
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under investigation. a five-year-old girl has landed her mother in trouble with the law. may day protests turn violent overnight. details of where police brought out riot gear. checking more headlines coming up next. 
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a bosnian born u.s. citizen has been found guilty for his part in a bomb plot on new york city subways. prosecutors say he had received al-qaeda training and was planning to attack just days before the eighth anniversary of september 11th. two of his coconspirators and former high school classmates pleaded guilty and testified against him. he face as a maximum sentence of life in prison complete a new jersey mom facing child endangerment charges this morning. her five-year-old daughter bragged at school that she went tanning with her mommy actually teacher overheard and called police. the 44-year-old mother claims
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her daughter stayed in the store's waiting room and was never exposed to the tanning booth uv rays. she and the girl's father maintain their daughter got a slight sunburn while playing outside. may day protests turn violent in california. police in oakland arrest at least 10 protestors last night. police asked them to leave a downtown park but protestors flew rocks at them. riot police fired tear gas and flash grenades to break up the protest. there were no peaceful protests in new york, seattle and here in the district. those occupy protests in d.c. drew dozens of people yesterday. like the protests in other cities, they did not have a common theme inform new york, letters containing white powder shows up at several banks and at the headquarters of our parents company, news corp. mitt romney visited new york to mark the one-year anniversary of the u.s. attack that killed osama bin laden. he will be campaigning in
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northern virginia today. the presumptive republican presidential nominee is holding a fundraising event in shan stilly. virginia congressman frank wolf will also be on hand. then later on tonight, romney will be joined by governor bob mcdonald for a fundraiser. should d.c. employees get paid for mandatory furloughs from last year. >> we now have an answer. that story coming up next. first, check in with tucker. >> we've got showers and thunderstorms moving back through the area. a very warm and humid day in store for the washington area. and julie is in and will report on the traffic after the break. i can't stand these spots.
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welcome back. taking a look at washington, d.c. and you can see the monuments there in the distance. temperatures not too bad. they actually feel pretty good. the problem is the humidity. if you don't like that, it will be a little high today. >> i've already realized if i move a lot, i start to sweat. i try not to move around a whole lot. it is one of those mornings. we have agot a lot of humidity outout there. you'll see what i'm saying.
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-- we've got a lot of humidity out there. you'll see what i'm saying. we have some thunderstorms around as well. you want to look out for those. they are scattered in nature. they are not all over the place but we've got a couple of pretty good ones going. we had one in montgomery county just a minute ago. they are moving so quickly, it has already dissipated. still some showers pushing into western howard county. you are probably getting a pretty good shower. this thunderstorm complex south and west city. you can see it is racing now to the east. dale city, you're next, la plata, waldorf, before long, i think you'll see some shower activity. you get the idea here. this is all pushing to the east. we've got more shower and thunderstorm activity out towards culpeper. if you look well out to the west, a few more showers developing out towards one chester and front royal. we will have some showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. not only this morning but really later this afternoon as we've got a frontal system that is just hanging up across the area. what is going to happen is the warm front is trying to pup.
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to the north and to the east. it won't have a lot of luck with high pressure off to the north. it will stick right across the area later today and give us a chance for some more showers and thunderstorms this afternoon. let's do some temperatures. reagan national, 65 degrees. we are very mild after -- dew point now in the low 60s. the up comfortable factor on the increase if you don't like humidity. 68 in quantico. 63 this morning in gaithersburg. 59, a little cooler there in frederick. forecast, lots of clouds around today. i think a little bit more in the way of cloudiness than yesterday. not going to rain all day but we will have scattered showers and thunderstorms around. not only this morning but kind of redeveloping this afternoon and warm. 83 your daytime high. lots of clouds around. could be an early shower or storm. 62 your overnight low. tomorrow, i think the lesser chance for some showers and thunderstorms but still very warm. downright hot on friday with highs in the upper 80s. saturday and sunday, we start a gradual cooldown as we'll get another cold front in. we'll be back in the 70s by
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sunday and early next week. that is a look at the weather forecast. let's do some traffic and see if julie wright is in a good mood today. >> on the roads this were nothing, dealing with the wet pavement as the you work your way inbound leaving gaithersburg head out towards the lane divide. no problems reported right now. we did have the showers move through the area that tucker was just talking about. waking up to some wet pavement here. no problems reported on the beltway between college park and bethesda. still an easy drive across the american legion bridge headed out towards tyson's. you will find the lanes are open eastbound along 66 as you work your way in from manassas headed in towards centreville and again leaving fair oaks. overnight construction between that lane and the beltway. lanes are open now on the beltway at braddock. no deal to d.c. city employees to get their paychecks for four mandatory furlough days last year. the city council couldn't come to an agreement and the measure ended up failing. reimbursing employees would cost the city $22 million. a compromise offered to pay back two days now and two more
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in youtube when the city would have a better look at its financial status. when that failed, some council members said the money is needed in other places. could a glass of red weinhold the secret to living longer. up next, we'll tell you what has researchers pretty excited now. that is one glass. >> they didn't say drink the whole bottle. >> an early start to the summer movie season. the avengers is out this weekend. a preview of what else is out this summer. well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love. a nutritious cereal that makes everybody happy? like i said, wow. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. good and gluten free.
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a consumer alert to tell you about now. facebook appears to track for its initial public offering. social networking giant is expected to hold meetings with prospective investors next week ahead of the may 1th launch date. the company could raise as much as $10 billion and value the
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site at $100 billion. the maker of blackberry unveiled a prototype smart phone complete with a new operating system. it has a touch screen, no physical keyboard. its modified touch screen keypad will also allow users to select full words with a single keystroke. no word when the blackberry 10 will launch. a health alert this morning. the national cancer institute is recommending women in their 40s with a family history of breast cancer or extremely dense breast tissue should have a mammogram every two years. the study found the benefits outweighs the risk for these women. deaths related to narcotic painkillers have quadrupled in the last 10 years and researchers are particularly concerned about pregnant women using the drugs. vicodin, oxycodone can cause something called neonatal abstinence syndrome which can
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make it harder for a baby to eat and cause them to be underweight. drinking red wine may prevent cells from aging. a compound found in red wine seems to help. now, researchers hope their findings will lead to the development of a synthetic compound that could be taken as medication. now, it was bryce harper mania at nats park last night as the rookie sensation made his home debut. >> we've heard all the talk about his bat but it is his defense that has people buzzing right now. sports is coming up next. great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store.
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bryce harper made his major league home debut with the yats. >> he got a nice reception from the fan when he got to the plate. plate.
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-- with the nats. >> number 34, bryce harper. >> nice. >> a standing ovation from the home crowd for the 19-year-old phenom but, like all of another nats hitters, bryce harper struggled striking out in his first at-bat. he went 0-3 at the plate with two ground-outs. on defense, a whole different ball game. he shipped in the outfield again making a perfect throw and nearly throwing out a runner at the plate. -- he shined in the outfield again. the umpire called him safe but the replay shows that the umpire blew the call. he was actually out. so the bad news, arizona goes on to win this one 5-1:00. the baltimore orioles did something they have not done all season, they beat the
4:57 am
yankees. >> orioles still in the mix. the washington capitals return to home ice tonight for game of three their playoff series versus the new york rangers. the series is tied at one game apiece thanks to alexander ovechkin's game winner monday. that was his third goal of the playoffs despite seeing fewer minutes. another move by the redskins. they have released receiver jabar gaffney. the team felt he was expeppeddable after signing pierre garcon and josh morgan.
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the avengers isn't the only movie guaranteed to pack the theaters in the months coming up. william la jeunesse explains. >> reporter: plr causing a global stir, the avengers made an impressive $178 million overseas. it is expected to kick off the summer movie season in a big way when it opens this weekend in the u.s. >> this is nothing we were ever trained for. >> the kickoff movie is all important. it sets the tone and the pace and to have the avengers at the beginning of the summer is the perfect scenario. >> reporter: expect a left high octane special effects driven block busters to help pack theaters throughout the summer. >> it is about 18 weeks t accounts for 40% of the total year box office. so the studios bring out their big guns at that time frame. kids are out of school. people are off work. it is just a time when people get ready to go to the movies in a big way. >> reporter: vancouver lights up way new actor playing the web slinger in the story of spider-man. christian bale returns as batman in the final installment of the dark knight rises. >> i am getting too old for this. >> reporter: will smith and to
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himy lee jones go back in time for men in black 3. and there is snow white and the huntsman. a revised version of total recall takes flight. jeremy renner takes over the bourne legacy from matt day monday and the board game battleship tries not to sink. duane johnson takes over gi joe retaliation. sly stallone returns with a vengeance. direct from the broadway stage, tom cruise rocks in rock of ages. jordan sparks and the late whitney houston star in sparkle and katie perry goes behind the scenes in her latest tour. two animated


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