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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 3, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the wall and as a parent, i might be -- . >> it irks me a bit. >> yeah. >> and that is unsettling, right? >> a little disturbing. >> and we were talking about the elephant? >> uh-huh. >> and terp mom fan writing into us said shanty at the elephant at the national zoo plays farinata notes on the harmonica. >> thank you for letting us been that. >> and not just the one note from yesterday. thanks so much for joining us at 5. >> the news edge at 6 starts now. a care mastermind in his own words. we get a look at the final words of osama bin laden coming on the heels of his death. classified and seized from his passion hideout. tom fitzgerald is going over them now. who released those? >> reporter: the documents were released this morning by the
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combating terrorism center that is at the u.s. military academy in west point and we're given a rare glance into this, into bin laden's worries that al qaeda is -- the standing in the muslim world and his reasons for wanting to assassinate president obama and not vice president joe biden. on a surprise visit to afghanistan, president obama said that the timing of his trip was no accident. >> and one year ago from a base here in afghanistan, the troops launched an operation that killed osama bin laden. >> reporter: for the first time now, new details of bin laden's last days are being made public and in newly declassified letters found in his compound. in a report released thursday at west point, bin laden appears concerned that al qaeda attacks had killed too many muslims and damaged his
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support. >> and in 2010, bin laden wrote i plan to release a statement that we're starting a new phase to correct the mistakes we made n. doing so, we shall reclaim, god willing, the lost trust of those who lost their trust in the jihaddists. the experts say a letter shows a frustrated bin laden who, rather than pulling al qaeda's strings, was sitting on the sidelines in hiding. >> he spent most of his time hovering somewhere trying not to be killed and that is the reality of it and therefore, he did not have much operational control over his organization. >> reporter: he wanted to shoot down any aircraft carrying david petraeus or president obama and not vice president biden's plane not be targeted. if president obama was killed, quote, biden is totally unprepared for that post, said bin laden, which will lead the u.s. into a crisis. in all, the 175 documents
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released represent a tiny fraction of the 6,000 found inside his compound. the final letter dated april 26th, 2011, five days before laden was killed by the u.s. military. >> and in addition to be a terrorist, the group showed them to be a bunch of media critics as l. one letter floated the idea of offering an interview of laden to one of the major networks and reportedly said that fox news would not be included in that proposal, because, brian, that would anger the network to be left out of a bin laden interview. >> and. a juror wants out of the trial of one of the victims of the mass shootings. she's feeling intense pressure to change her mind. the judge denied a mistrial in the case. paul wagner is live with more
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now. this happened late this afternoon when we heard a juror knocked on the door of the courtroom and asked to speak with the judge. the clerk told the juror, juror number 16, a woman, she needed to put her concerns in a note. what we know is that juror 16, quote, said she was feeling intense pressure to change her mind, and i don't want other people's emotions and feelings to affect my decision. the jury has not sent any notes, saying they're deadlocked and there is some evidence, brian, they have reached decisions on some counts against the five men. the judge denied a request for returning their partial verdicts. the jury went hope -- home at 4:00 after telling the judge they were feeling frustrated. the judge also said as far as the request from the juror to be dismissed, she said, quote, we don't excuse people because
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there is disagreement. and this jury has been at it since last inside thursday and there is still trouble going on. perhaps we'll hear something more tomorrow. brian. council member harry thomas sentenced to 38 months for stealing district meant for d.c.'s youth. as he goes to yale, the federal investigators continue to conduct other investigations into several leaders: gray, kwame brown. matt ackland spoke to the u.s. attorney about the probes. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney wanted harry thomas jr. to be sentenced to 46 months in prison. the judge got close and meachum said this should send a message to others who want to defraud the government. >> did he say anything at all? >> reporter: harry thomas jr. had nothing to say to reporters. earlier, he told the judge he humiliated his family and
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community and said what i did was wrong, your honor, and i broke the law. >> and the citizens deserve leaders who are ethical. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney whose office prosecuted the case, spoke to us not long after thomas was sentenced. >> and i think justice was served. if you engage in public corruption, there will be consequences and you will forfit your ill-gotten gapes but your freedom as l. >> reporter: when asked about other investigations underway and to the mayor vincent gray and council chairman brown, meachum was limited in what he could say. >> and we kate talk about that and understand there is a sense of urgency and we have to do a thorough and comprehensive inquiry. that takes time. >> do you have to be careful when it involves the mayor? >> we're careful each and every day. you have to be careful when you talk about somebody like the mayor or the chief of the
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council. >> reporter: back to harry thomas. the attorneys asked to send him to prison in florida or alabama. the like, excuse me, as well as a date for thomas to report to jail and that will be decided in the future. and rob garig iaola issued a reprimand and that stems from a complaint raised during his senate primary campaign. he failed to disclose income he received from a d.c. lobbying firm. a college park bouncer free on $50,000 bond tonight. marcus plumber charged with first- and second-degree assault and wreckless endangerment related to an incident from saturday night. plummer punched, choked, and threw to the ground the disorderly customer. the victim was in the air force and critically hurt. be careful what you like. coming up, a look at the top three mistakes on facebook to make you an easy target for hackers. and some of you could look
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for a bus stop. sue. and hey, brian. it's warming up in a lot of places. the temperature in the district is 81 degrees and once again today, that is one of the days where there is a huge contrast in temperatures across the region. it's almost time for the weekend forecast. we'll have it for you when we return. brian. if you have a story idea, call the fox 5 tipline or send a tip to g.c
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page about health conditions, insurance companies can use that against you. if your birthday is on your profile, that can help identify thieves. and most users don't know that facebook gets a report every time you visit a site with a facebook like button. and finally, an antisugar ad going viral in new york is about to go nationwide. it shows a man showing sugary items is bad for your health. and long, long night for the caps fans. ended in disappointment. metro stayed open late when the game went into overtime. what that cost them. and a possible change to bus service next. first, the biggest full moon of the year will rise this weekend. nasa calls it a supermon. about 49% bigger and 30% brighter than it usually does and keep time to moon walk on saturday night at 11:35 eastern. a meteor shower with a fly by at the same time.
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. we're monitoring two big stories for metro. the caps overtime loss cost the transit agency mean. more on that in a minute. first, riders may have to find a new bus stop. metro's planning to consolidate bus service. john henrehan has more. >> reporter: hope you're hearing me, brian. this is the deal. i'm on georgia avenue, which is probably -- it is, in fact, the single busiest corridor in all of metro washington. there is a problem, buses sometimes bunk up and get out
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of schedule. the proposed solution, eliminate some of the stops on the busy roadway. even though metro runs many hours, sometimes because of traffic, the buses bunk up rather than arrive at their regularly scheduled intervals. >> and have almost 15 people at the bus stop. >> then what happened? >> two 70 ascamecome at one time, one late, one on time. >> reporter: metro's proposed solution? identify the lesser-used bus stops and eliminate some of them. and managers believe with fewer stops, drivers will have an easier time keeping the buses spaced a part. therefore, on-time performance will improve. >> and the calmest patient. >> reporter: metro believes
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fewer stops will mean more efficient fowl and maintenance costs. the passengers we spoke with did not appear to be favorably disposed to the idea of reducing the number of bus stops. >> and you would have to walk another block or two. >> and that is good, though. i think it's good how it is. walking more and you have the older people. going to make it bad for them. >> i think that is not a good idea. basically, people will have to walk a long distance and that is not a good thing at all. >> reporter: and before metro makes a move, they have scheduled a series of meetings. two scold for next week, one on tuesday in southeast washington, one on thursday in northwest washington. a third meeting on bus stop consolidation is scheduled for thursday, may 17th and that is also in d.c. because the first routes that metro is considering for bus stop
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removals are the georgia avenue corridor here and the crosstown bus routes on u street in d.c. if you have an opinion on this, metro wants to hear from you and we'll post those meeting times and locations on our website, back to you, brian. >> and that cost the agency, $30,000 to stay open one extra hour late and metro rail stayed open. once the game ended, the fans paid $17,000 in fares to get home. the capitals will running back metro for the remaining 12,$171. can you help monitor metro from the phone, snap pictures if you see something causing trouble, send it to fox 5 a plan today. >> pretty spectacular. you know what? not bad heading into the weekend, too and in particular, sunday is looking nice and to
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the west, the thunderstorms have fulled -- fizzled and we were not expecting a lot of activity and calling for spotty storms in the forecast and that is what interview had. unless something pops up, we're not going to have to worry too much longer, especially as the sun goes down and light start with the weather maps and we want to talk about the temperatures and that satellite and radar. hopefully we can pull that here and we will show you a couple of showers and tomorrows here in the higher ridgetops. the storms are not holding together as they continue moving east and some more activity through pennsylvania. can you watch, i will put it in motion the last three hours. some beginning to development develop and where we had stormsiest produce -- yesterday producing hail. stronger storms around augusta county and with some reports of one-inch hail. they west and not holding together as they struggle toward the east. high temperature today was at
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6:00 and with that 81 degrees. going up at 7. once again, that is one of the days where temperatures are all over the place and dulles up to 84 degrees, annapolis is hard- pressed to get to 70 degrees and they have that southeast wind picking up on the bay water, 68 degrees in annapolis and close by d.c., 81; baltimore's considerably warmer. 86 in frederick, 86 fored from wrecksburg and summer-like in early june for much of the area and there is some notable exceptions. new york city, 58 degrees and that boundary is off to the west, boston, 49 degrees and looking at the temperatures and saying what about us? we're not tapping into the warmth because of the wind direction going on and that is warmer in hing hampton and in pittsburgh, 85 than it is for new york city, and boston. for tonight, we'll see a slight chance of an evening storm and
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that is mostly a dry evening, mild and the temperature about 66 degrees. friday, we're going to call for a temperature of 85 degrees and that is looking like a better chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon and some showers and storms and that might load us up on some humidity. we'll start out mild at 8 in the morning with that temperature about 70. by noon, 79 degrees and on friday with scattered showers and storms in the afternoon. and more than we're seeing this afternoon and some coke severe with hail stones and gusty winds. 85 for d.c.; 87, quantico and in frederick. cooler to the north and mid- and upper 80s a good bet and with that possibility of a couple of storms, they could produce hail and some gusty
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wins. the storm production center outlooked our area for a possibility tomorrow of showers and storms that could produce the hail and to that five-day forecast into the weekend. not bad. there is a front crossing the area on saturday. saturday's temperature, 82 and that can produce spotty storms, not a lot and leads us into a perfect sunday and monday and that is that repeat of that. the next chance of storms is on tuesday. >> thank you, sue. and take the weather any time and download the fox 5 weather app. that is at the app store, search the d.c. weather and on the website. and the nats 19-year-old phenom plays a role in stopping a losing streak. first, mr. met is america's most popular mascot. the magazine released the list of fan favorites and beat the philly fanatic who takes the number two spot and tied with rocky with the denver nuggets. it's the higher state, let
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teddy win once in a while. in
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. >> good evening, if you said -- stayed up and watched the caps game last night, you're tired and probably exhausted. if you went to the game, you're getting home and regardless of how you watched it, that outcome was not favorable to the home post. the caps down 1-0. the defenseman john carlton in the ranger zone and maintains control. and beats him. the game goes into overtime, tied 1-1. five minutes left in the first ot. ovechkin, the steal and this is the game winner. off of the post! oh, man, the great eight close to ending it right there. but he didn't. second overtime. rangers pass in front to mike, his close shot is stopped and not by the caps, braden holt.
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another look shows the stop by teammate brian boyle. the third overtime and go behind the net to richards and too togabrick. and does what no one wanted him to do and fallling to the rangers, 2-1 in overtime and have played 10 post season games. >> i think we're comfortable with it and so, moving forward here, i'm assuming that most of the games are tight, very defensive and when we get an opportunity, hopefully we capitalize them. >> we're positive, which is a goodning. we were not, you know -- good thing. we were not yelling and screaming at each other but making plays we should not be making and there is a lot of good things to take from this game. obviously, you remember the feeling at the end of the game.
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>> you say crappy. game 4, at verizon center. and last night, the nationals snapped out of a five- game funk and coincided with a monster performance from bryce harper. off of the bottom of the 9th. the nats trailing 4-3 and driving the inside pitch to deep right fold and that is miss being a home run, the third hit and in fourth bat. ian desmond, two outs and with that lumber on that and clears the wall for a 2-run walkoff home run and that is his third of the year and nats rally snapping a five-game losing streak. >> and the circumstance of being as they are, you know, the five-game losing streak. we're down and everyone ising can the questions and he played a heck of a ball game. i would hate for that to go
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unnoticed and that is not unnoticed but played a great game and i am glad he got the win, too, you know. last night in anaheim, the angels pitcher, one out away from a no-hitter and the batters, the twin alexie casilla and drives it to deep right fold and there is some room. the 10th no-hitter in franchise history. the angels shut out the twins 9- 0. and the ravens linebacker suggs tore his achilles tendon and could miss the entire season. you have the news edge. the news is always on back here at news edge at 11.
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