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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 4, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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week, and they'll be there along with other acts and they're here this morning to show us their performance. and we're going to tell you about other acts you can catch around town. they're called mutts gone nuts. that's the group. let's go to tucker barnes now, he's downstairs in the weather center, keeping his eye on rain showers and maybe thunderstorm activity to our west. >> you got it. west virginia looking at rain showers and thunderstorms that continue. other parts of the area dealing with fog and mist this morning. we have it all. eventually a warm and humid day with temperatures in the 80s. then again this afternoon we have to look out for more scattered showers and thunderstorms. could be on the strong si thund to our west. again, you're focusing here into eastern west virginia. they've had a tendency to fall apart a little bit. we'll see if they make it into
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the d.c. metro area. off to the north and west a cold front. towards detroit and chicago you see the light rain showers. that will start to sag into the region later today. much of your day will be partly sunny, warm and humid, with highs in the 80s. near 90 near central virginia. tonight as the front moves in, we'll deal with the potential for another round of scattered showers and thunderstorms and again, some could be strong. temperatures are warm. 67 now in washington. 16bwi marshall -- 61 at bwi marshall. 88in fredericksburg. turn up the heat. more details on the weekend in a minute, allison, and tony, back to you at the desk. tucker, thank you. six months now until election day and the campaign will kick off officially tomorrow for president obama. even though the candidates have been campaigning for months. >> virginia is looking more and
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more like a key battleground contest. president obama and visiting the commonwealth today. yesterday romney got the endorsement of congresswoman michele bachmann while in virginia. we get more from fox 5's sherri ly in arlington where the president will be. >> reporter: good morning. president barack obama will be speaking to students at washington lee high school later this morning. although this isn't an official campaign stop, it is clearly a strategic decision for him to be speaking here in arlington. first of all, some of these seniors are possible votes for him in november. secondly, virginia as a swing state will play a key role in the election. right now polls show president obama has the lead in virginia over mitt romney. a poll shows obama has a lead of 51 to 44 percent. it's still a long way to november. the president is hoping to take
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virginia again after winning in 2008. he'll be speaking to students in arlington talking about the need for affordable college education and keeping student loan interest rates down. the commonwealth is a state romney knows is important, too. yesterday the former massachusetts governor met with virginia governor bob mcdonald to talk about energy and the economy, while also picking up the endorsement of michele bachmann. mcdonald has been mentioned as a possible running mate. >> there's no question about energy having gotten more expensive under this president, and part of that is because of his policies. >> he will make clear, continually, that it is his strong conviction that it is absolutely the wrong thing to do for our economy to adopt the very policies that got us into this mess. >> reporter: today's event at the high school is closed to the public. the president will hold a round table with the secretary of education first with a group of juniors and seniors and their parents.
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then he'll address the entire junior and senior class here. of course, the big day as far as the campaign is concerned is the launch of president obama's re-election bid and to show how important virginia is, that's going to take place in richmond. that's the latest in arlington, back to you. >> thank you very much. meantime, developing news from overseas today, secretary of state hillary clinton says she is encouraged by china's statement that it will allow a blind chinese activist to apply to study abroad. this move is seen as the most positive response so far from the chinese government since chen guangcheng escaped house arrest last week. chen remains at a beijing hospital two days after leaving the protection of the u.s. embassy to be reunited with his family. secretary clinton says chen spoke with top u.s. officials today about his desire to leave china. his is not the only case the u.s. is concerned about. >> not just about well known
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activists, it's about the human rights and aspirations of more than a billion people here in china, and billions more around the world. >> despite the conversations, mrs. clinton says chen had with the united states ambassadors and others today, chen said his situation is still very dangerous. the master mind of 9/11 goes before a judge tomorrow more than a decade after the attacks. khalid shaikh mohammed and four others are getting arraigned at the u.s. guantanamo bay naval base in cuba. they'll hear their formal charges and find out when the trial will begin. the five face counts of conspiracy, terrorism, and nearly 3,000 charges of murder. one for each person killed on september 11, 2001. some of our other top stories this morning, tragedy strikes inside a church in howard county. police say they found two women shot yesterday evening at the
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st. paul's episcopal church in ellicott city. one of the victims died from her wounds. the other remains in critical condition. officers believe the suspected gunman later shot and killed himself. they are still trying to figure out the relationship between the three people involved. a virginia newborn is in the hospital after he was attacked by the family dog. culpepper county sheriff's officials say the family's jack russell terrier bit the baby more than 30 times tuesday night. a family member found the dog attacking the infant in his bassinet and called an ambulance. before police arrived, the baby's father put down the dog. at last word, the baby was in stable condition. terrible story there. former d.c. council member harry thomas junior is going prison for more than three years. he was sentenced in federal court yesterday for embezzling more than $350,000 in city funds. prosecutors actually wanted almost four years, but his lawyers asked the judge to only giver him 18 months, so the
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compromise was 38 months. meantime, federal investigators are continuing to look into other investigations of several d.c. leaders, including mayor gray and council chairman kwame brown. an elementary school principal in virginia is accused of em beveling more than $8,000. officials say jenny enriquez-de bermant used her school issued credit card to buy personal items. she has been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation. tony? the mother of yeardley love killed by a member of the men's lacrosse team has filed a wrongful death team against the team's coaches and state. this lawsuit comes a week after sharon love filed a $30 million lawsuit against her daughter's convicted killer, george huguely. he was convicted of second degree murder in february. sentencing is scheduled for august 30th. a vicious attack in a fast
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food restaurant in d.c. all over an accidental chair burching. a woman allegedly beat another woman in the head with a car security club. maureen umeh spoke exclusively with the victim. >> reporter: seven stitches to the back of the head, and a bruised shoulder. ashley moyer can't believe she was attacked inside in mcdonald's on i street in d.c. tuesday. she says it was by this woman, barbara roberson, all of it starting when she sat down to eat her sandwich. >> the chair shifted, so the lady started freaking out, cussing me out, saying i hit her child. i did say words to her, and i was like, this is ridiculous. >> reporter: she says roberson left with her kids. police say roberson put the kids in her car and returned with the club and attacked her. >> i had my back to them. i'm going out the side door. i feel this pain shoot through
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my head and i see blood, and i'm like, she hit me with something hard. >> reporter: she says the pain was intense. >> from a zero to 10, easily a 9 and a half. >> reporter: she says several customers called police. they responded and arrests roberson. she was taken to the hospital and treated and released. she still can't understand. >> i think she has anger management issues for sure. i'm hoping she can get help for whatever her issues are. i don't think i was that big of an issue. >> reporter: she says she knows things could have been worse. she's grateful her injuries weren't more severe and grateful she wasn't killed. >> i never would have expected this to happen. i hope it never happens again. >> that was maureen umeh reporting. police say surveillance cameras inside the restaurant captured the attack. roberson has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. she is currently out on bond.
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9:09 now. straight ahead, appears the person behind nato's latest video didn't check their facts. their blunders next. plus, award winning actress jane seymour, there she is. she's in studio this morning. happy to see her again. she's in town for an art exhibit with her son. she's stopped by to show us some of her work. the time now, 9:10. we'll be right back.  
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droid does.
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do you know where president obama grew up? how about the capital of illinois? if you don't, you are not alone. whomever created nato's latest video for its up coming summit doesn't know either. nato posted the video yesterday, but soon heard complaints that a, chicago is not the capital of illinois. it's springfield. it's also not where the president grew up. he of course spent his childhood in hawaii and
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indonesia. nato edited the video later to correct these pretty big mistakes. a 13-year-old boy in new york was quick to point out a mistake at the met. this is a picture of an exhibition by the byzantine gallery. he noticed the map was missing sections for spain and africa. he notified the museum. he later got a call to meet the curator who said he was right and the exhibit would be updated. tony, over to you. very good. multiaward winning actress jane seymour and her son have partnered to create an exhibition of art and photography. this morning jane joins us to talk about the exhibit and tell us where she'll be making appearances this friday and saturday right here in our area. here she is once again, jane seymour. you are a friend to the broadcast now. we thank you for coming back. >> thank you. >> always happy to have you here. >> thank you. >> before we talk about the
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specific pieces and exhibits you have this weekend, i love the fact that you have -- you know, we all know you for your acting work, and now you've carved out this great life for yourself as an artist and a jewelry designer and all of that. that must be very rewarding to you. >> it is. everything came from the arts, so i design also furniture and of course the jewelry, the open heart is really based on the philosophy i live by, which is when life is tough, our instinct is to close off and not let anyone know. if you can open up, accept what it is and reach out to help someone else, it gives you purpose. it also helps you. that's what the open heart is all about. and about 20 years ago i went through a terrible divorce. i lost everything financially and emotionally and art was healing for me. art is very much who i am. it's exciting to meet people who come to shows, because there are stories behind every piece. it's what i do for me. it's as close as you can get to
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who i am. the characters i play are great. i love acting. but i have played wayout characters. >> and they are characters. this is you. >> this is me. >> i want to talk about some of the pieces. i want to start with the woman in the red dress. >> that's me. >> that's you? >> i also use myself as a model, because i can't figure out how to tell someone to act the way i would want it to be. that's me walking through what i perceive as something beautiful. the strength of her back, and the red dress. it's the path through life, kind of the symbolism in it. i do a lot of single flowers. i find a lot of character in just the face of a flower. >> petals, yeah. >> a lot of character. i particularly love those colors. back there, that's my homage to monet. if you hang them up separate from each other, it feels like
9:17 am
you're looking through a window at monet's water lilies. >> tell me about your son, shawn flynn, 26 years old. first time you've done exhibitions with his work included? >> first time in washington, d.c. but he showed art in miami at red dot, which is probably the most important showing for contemporary art. he was selected as being one of the upcoming emerging artists. >> his work is photography? >> it is, but it's not plain photography. he takes several images at the same time and merges it within the camera. it's not photo shopped. >> interesting. >> what is interesting about it is everything in the distances is shot, and the foreground, so it's a surreal feeling to it. the images he does are amazing. people love them. there are a number of pieces from england from our home in england, over a thousand years old. there's one called the red
9:18 am
tree, i think has already sold. there's a bunch of pieces he took when i was making my movie "lake effect." >> shot parts of it in virginia. >> the whole thing in virginia. >> wonderful. >> i talk with a virginia accent. and that's coming out on hallmark sunday. you'll recognize a lot of his pictures from there, and some of them from philadelphia and a lot in virginia. he fell in love with virginia. >> let's tell people where they can see you tonight and tomorrow and see your artwork and from your son as well. went worth gallery in montgomery county. west field montgomery shopping area. that tonight and tomorrow afternoon. then you'll be at tyson's galleria in mcclain tomorrow evening, saturday, from 6:00 until 9:00, also at the wentworth gallery. we have to go. is this the original? >> the originalheart was actually a water color painting in red paint.
9:19 am
this i'm really excited and proud of. we have sculptures, we have one, i think it's about 8-foot tall. >> wow! >> in bronze. i'm hoping to see this in public places. because what this represents is very exciting. we now have a foundation honoring people, including of course glen campbell, a face for alzheimer's. people who have taken adversity and turned it into an opportunity to help people, that's the mission and what this represents. if your heart is open, love will always find its way in. >> great philosophy. get out and meet jane seymour this evening or tomorrow. wonderful event. thanks for coming back to the show again. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> allison, back to you. >> her artwork is beautiful, and it's fine art. coming up, a look at one man's artwork that has his neighbors turning heads. and a look at preparations for the kentucky derby. let's check back in with holly.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's art to the perfect pour when it comes to beer, which you can learn this weekend. the food and wine festival is going on this weekend, where we are live. coming up live later, why you need to get your tickets ahead of time before you come down. i'll take that, don't pour that out, no, no, no.  when a carpet is clean and fresh,
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i was up at 6:00 this morning, with all the horses and got in late last night. you don't sleep here when you're at the derby. excited to be here. it's a lovely event. >> real housewives star vickie gunvalson1 of the many gearing up at churchill downs. 21horses entered for the race. as usual, it's the hats that are getting a lot of attention. especially the horses wearing hats. there were lots of lavish hats on display during a celebrity
9:24 am
lunch yesterday. >> oh, tony. >> yes. she is one of the most famous steeple chasers on the planet. take a look. this is katie andrews. oh, boy! she tripped when her cleat got caught on something. she hit her head and thigh, but laughed it off and kept going. katie said she was seeing stars afterwards, but thought her fall was funny enough to post to youtube. she posted it herself. she is a student at brigham young. >> she smiles there. but for a second there, not funny. >> oh! she got up and laughed it up. what else can you do? >> i don't know. i would say i would lay on the ground and pretend i was hurt. the people who wanted to laugh, now they feel bad. >> good. i'll remember that. yesterday we told you about a tiny house that was turning
9:25 am
heads. remember that? >> i do. very tiny. but it's not the size of another home in north dakota that has some folks upset. look at this polkadot house. everybody has to be dinner. the owner is converting it into apartments and says no one can miss it. >> true. >> neighbors are furious. he checked with city planners and he isn't breaking any laws. he hopes the dots will brighten up the neighborhood and property value. that's your house next door, what do you think about it, tony? >> you know what -- >> tony, that's the house next to you. what do you say? >> i think i'm okay. i'm sure you don't believe me. >> i don't believe you at all. >> kind of cute. >> it's the house next door to you. say it's the house next door to you. >> i'm okay. >> i don't believe. where is tucker when i need him? coming up, inspiring man who keeps on learning. you don't want to miss his story. >> in today's ask allison, how
9:26 am
a family should handle infidelity. a big one. >> a big one. severe weather could pass through the area today. tucker will tell us how it will affect the weekend, coming up next. time now, 9:25. ♪     q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross.
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back with an inspirational story. this proves you're never too old to live out your dreams. this is alan stewart. at 9 7 years old, he became the year's oldest graduate for the second time. congratulations for him receiving his masters in clinical science. this is his fourth degree. he broke the same record in 2006 when he received a law degree. stewart says people always ask him how to live a healthy, long life, and he feels he can now give them credible advice. >> surely that is a picture from 20 years ago.
9:30 am
right? >> he looks great. >> he looks fantastic. >> look how straight he's standing. my goodness. >> that's great. his fourth degree. >> he just wants to learn. >> keep learning. >> is that the key? >> it might be part of it. keep your mind sharp. >> he's tackling big things, though. >> good for him. truly inspirational. >> yes. you have my vote, most inspirational. >> two thumbs up. >> what have we done? what have i done lately? >> you have a little time to catch up. >> you're right. >> you have to turn it on after 80. >> i have a couple more advanced degrees. >> no pressure. you have to get to four. let's do a live shot. look what a nice beautiful tranquil start. >> gorgeous. simply gorgeous. >> it is humid outside and feels summery. reagan national up to 70 now. warming up quickly. i don't think it will take much
9:31 am
to get to 80 and probably the mid-80s by mid- to late afternoon. in for a warm one today. >> we're ready for it. >> storms continuing to push east. they've been weakening in the last 45 minutes or so. but they're getting close. here we are in washington, and to the west, front royal, winchester, there's 81. storms pressing east. will be a race to see if they weaken before they get to the d.c. metro area. could get into our western viewing area and the cloud cover will likely impact us. then if you're watching to the west, you're dealing with thunder and lightning at the moment. all this will be pushing into the east as this is falling apart. here's what we're most concerned with, the cold front to the north and west. doesn't look impressive now. as it pushes into that warm and humid air mass we'll have this afternoon across the mid- atlantic, it could kick off pretty food thunderstorms around here -- good
9:32 am
thunderstorms around here. mid- to late afternoon, evening hours, look to the sky and be ready for the possibility of severe weather. in fact, the storm prediction center in oklahoma has already issued a severe risk for us. slight risk officially for severe weather. big concern here is gusty winds and potential for hail later today. just be ready for it. when that front gets south and east of us, as we get into the overnight hours, i think it will be much improvement for the weekend. after a warm and humid day today, we're going to be a little cooler and drier as we get into our saturday and sunday. 70 now. definitely on the warm side. our forecast high, about 84 degrees in washington. close to 90 off to the south and west of the city. partly sunny skies. scattered showers. warm and humid out there. see if the showers and storms linger into the evening hours. going to the nationals game, potential for early showers. mild overnight.
9:33 am
66 the overnight low. tomorrow, isolated shower or storm. 82. less humidity tomorrow. sunday looks fantastic, as does monday. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s. lots of sunshine, low humidity. maybe a storm tuesday. that's your weather. tony, allison, back to you guys at the desk. ♪ tell me something good ♪ you know what time it is be tucker. time for another ask allison. today's question is about infidelity. a viewer writes --
9:34 am
>> dear viewer, thank you so much for writing in with this emotional and highly sensitive question. truly, understand i appreciate you trusting me with this, especially since you might not like what i'm going to say. i know you are hurt. i know you're confused, you feel betrayed by your dad, and i know you don't like seeing your step mom hurt, especially after 17 years of marriage. perhaps adding insult to injury is the fact, as you mentioned, your dad's girlfriend is your age, 36 years old, i believe. this is all stuff that would rip up a family, make any adult child take sides and i don't think anyone would argue with me when i say your father is engaging in selfish behavior right now. now here comes the big but, viewer. at the end of the day, the decision to have your dad move out of the home he shares with your mother is the decision only of your parents, not yours, not your siblings, no matter how close to this situation you are.
9:35 am
you have every right to tell your father how you feel, that you feel his behavior is unacceptable and he has changed and you have every right to console your step mom. let her cry on your shoulder. but it is their personal business to deal with. the fallout from your dad's actions. is your mother going to seek a divorce? have you put her emotions in -- have you taken them into consideration, put your own emotions in order long enough to ask her is that what she wants to do? is she planning on forgiving him or asking him to move out? this is her life. she is an adult, too. what's troubling about your e- mail is that line, we want him to leave. this is not for you to decide. i'm sorry. i know that's how you feel. there are only two people involved in that decision, your mom and your dad, point blank, period. about your dad, you described him as a loving, caring,
9:36 am
considerate provider. he did his job in raising his six children. that was his obligation to you. he did that. whatever he's going through now is his burden to bear. i would caution you not to shut him out of your life completely. none of us is perfect, and he is still your father, so i would urge you to yes, let him know how you feel, don't let questions remain about that, but also understand he is an important person in your life and the lives of his 14 grandchildren who he deserves your compassion and love. good luck. i hope you still watch the show after that. >> you do not shy away from the heavy topics. >> you know she's in pain and her siblings are in pain, too. but you make that decision, and your step mom is alone and missing your father. who knows, she might forgive him, or she might kick him out. it's her decision. >> i agree with you. i don't know if it matters to
9:37 am
you or them. i agree 100%. >> you do? >> this happens all the time. t somebody, and shutting them out. that's a dangerous road to go down. i don't think you want to go down that road. >> none of us is perfect. do you have a question you'd like answered? send it to me. >> i have a question, but i'm not going to send it in. my toaster doesn't work. >> no, no, please do. that seems easier. you're going to find a link to ask allison under the morning tab of >> thank you, allison. >> i love you, viewer. coming up, a somewhat surprising elimination on "american idol." find out who america sent home. >> i'd say so. michael jackson soon popping up in a store near you. one company's new campaign strategy, next in the buzz bin. what would you call an ordinary breakfast pastry
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the person who goes home tonight is skylar laine. holly, you are safe. >> what? >> someone's got to go. >> yeah, but not skylar. >> we're at the point now where it's always going to be surprising. >> before hollie? >> that is a little surprising. >> i got him everybody. surprising sendoff on "american idol." skylar laine packing up her bags and heading home. she was in the bottom two with hollie. only four remain now. last night's show featured performances from coldplay and former idol winner carrie underwood. she is a big friend of the show. >> yes, she is. >> you see her come back a lot. >> having the performances, it's not like this was the finale show. that's big, carrie underwood and coldplay. >> big time. and skylar will be on tour.
9:42 am
and the king of pop is coming back. >> kind of. remember these commercials from back in the day? the company says it's struck a deal with michael jackson's estate to bring them back. it's all part of its new global ad campaign which will include special edition cans with jackson's picture. >> go, michael. >> it will launch in the u.s. in just a couple of weeks. >> wasn't anything bad like michael jackson. >> i know. these were a big deal when they were out. seven months after her split from ashton, demi moore makes it official she is no longer mrs. kutcher. she has changed her twitter handle from@mrs. kutcher to@just demi. she posted, so hard finding a name that was fun, playful and available. so for now it will be@just demi. she received flak last year for keeping the name, but said
9:43 am
changing it wasn't a top priority. >> who cares? >> stay out of her business. last month she asked fans to help per pick a new one. >> not your name anymore, change it! it could still be your name. >> she did it when she was ready, and she did. coming up -- >> we're outraged. >> look -- >> this is going to be fun. >> mutts gone nuts. it's part of an act you can catch next week. details on the festival and a look at that mutt who has gone nuts when we come back. >> if you still don't have plans for this weekend, how about the national harbor wine and food festival. holly is taking us there after the break. we'll be back with more in just a moment. ♪ makes me forget ♪ does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does.
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the kennedy center's look both ways street art across america festival will be may 6 through may 12th. the vice president of community engagement garth ross joins us to talk more about the festival along with one of the featured acts, who we'll say good morning also to. scott is with mutts gone nuts. we'll see what your beautiful puppy, i won't call him mutt, we'll see him in a second. welcome to the show. tell us about this free event. >> entirely free, and the kennedy center for the first time is taking artists outside the stages of the center, outside the walls of the kennedy center into locations across the city of washington. these are artists, that's where they work. they work in unconventional spaces, public spaces. we'll have dancers on the sides of buildings. we'll have canines in the park.
9:48 am
we'll have all sorts of performers. >> where are locations? >> this sunday by the ballpark at eastern market. and throughout the week lunchtime invasions at woodrow wilson plaza. it's going to be extraordinary. they'll be dancing on the side of the old post office pavilion tower. >> fantastic! >> street artists in the street, pennsylvania avenue will be closed down and people can take in something they would never be able to see. >> literally taking it to the streets. >> we are. >> how much fun. we're going to -- i'll ask you, garth, to move on this side so i can talk for a second to scott. welcome to the show. >> thanks. >> tell us about mutts gone nuts and the origin of it. >> we have seven dogs, all rescue dogs and we like to put out the message that plenty of dogs, good dogs in the shelter.
9:49 am
if you're looking for a family pet, we encourage you to go to the shelters. >> that's right. >> we do circus style act and frisbee stuff. i brought my frisbee dog today, rusty. >> you're one half of the team. >> my wife is home packing for a trip to north carolina. >> fantastic. tell me how much space do you need. >> mostly on this carpet. rusty is -- border collies are working dogs and they like to horde sheep, but we don't have any sheep, so i like to keep him busy with a frisbee. >> there we go. whoop, whoop, good boy! try it again. >> wow! >> one more.
9:50 am
up! nice job. >> you are so great! he's watching you. scott, can i say good boy to him? >> yes. >> what a good boy! how long does it take for you to work with these wonderful animals? >> depends on the dogs. border collies tend to learn quick. they have a good work ethic and drive. >> i don't want to leave you out. this is fantastic. this is what you'll see when you come out to one of these events. >> yes. it's saturday, may 12th at yards park, which is a great new d.c. park between 3rd and 4th street on water street by the ballpark also. all day from noon to 6:00 p.m. we'll have an incredible lineup of street artists, the classic street theater company, puppet theater from vermont, midnight circus from chicago, mutts gone nuts of course. incredible array of performers, and free dance classes,
9:51 am
workshops. bring the family, come down. >> fantastic. more information on the web site i trust? >> we have volunteers that help us put on events like this. >> i'm excited. go to our web site for all the information. scott and the star of the show, rusty, everybody. get a good dog like this out of your shelter. and it would help if you had a master trainer. thanks for joining us and i'm going to send it back over to tony in studio a. that is great. what a wonderful event. love the whole thing. allison, thank you very much. thank you, rusty. fox5's holly morris is at the national harbor today with another great event. this is where the fifth annual wine and food festival is going on this weekend. man, it has been beautiful all morning long, holly. >> reporter: it absolutely has, tony. i know there are a lot of
9:52 am
things going on. here, this festival really a three for. it's cinco de mayo saturday. and they have a special pavilion where you can have all kinds of tequila and stuff like that. then the derby is this weekend. they have a bourbon and whisky tasting area with hand rolled cigars. and the food and wine festival in and of itself. this is the best value in town when you think about it. >> great value in town. can't beat it. >> reporter: this really centers around the wine. that's the big thing, i know. i wanted to talk about the wine industry in terms of where it's going and how it's here locally. >> locally you have virginia, the virginia winery is right across that bridge over there. they're one of the best in the country. all the states have kind of grown up and have a lot of different wine culture that's growing. maryland started out 10 years ago when we started doing wine festivals with eight wineries and we now have probably 40 or
9:53 am
so in maryland. they're really catching up with the history and the culture of the virginia wineries. then of course overall the whole wine industry from international, the best part is with the recession, you have too many people making wine and then you have all this wine out there. you have a glut of wine in the world, so prices all come down. >> reporter: this is where you learn supply and demand? >> absolutely. >> reporter: there's a lot of supply -- >> and you can buy here as well. >> reporter: you can buy here. >> oh, yeah. we have it by the case, the bottle. you can take it home. all the prices are very cheap. >> reporter: very good. >> that's the beauty of the industry now, all wine is really cheap and you can get great deals. >> reporter: good value. let's go back to the fun. which takes us over to jeff. you are going to be out here teaching the art of the perfect pour. >> yes, ma'am.
9:54 am
>> reporter: how do we do that? >> it's over 600 years old. >> reporter: it should work. >> nine steps in the process. this is called the purification. >> reporter: the rinsing. >> the rinsing. this is called the sacrifice to insure we have fresh beer. >> reporter: do i need this set up in my house to do the perfect pour? >> sure. >> reporter: you make it overflow like that? >> yes, you do. >> reporter: look at that. what makes it so perfect? >> the way i poured it. >> reporter: the fact he's doing it, that's what makes it so perfect, right? there you go. why do you like to be part of festivals like this? >> we get to have customers enjoy the beer and we pair food with beer and it tastes very well. >> reporter: i have another guest here. thank you, jeff. chef aaron from the old hickory restaurant at the gaylord.
9:55 am
you're going to talk about a special dinner saturday night, and tastings. >> we'll be here saturday and sunday and saturday night we're doing a wine dinner. tickets available if anyone is interested. let me talk about the gazpacho. >> reporter: ands summertime here. >> the key is starting off with good tomatoes. salt it and let it sit out at room temperature which gets the juices out, which is key. >> reporter: i love good gazpacho. >> put it into a blender. take a nice olive oil. >> reporter: as he continues to work on that, special thanks to rich who has been playing here with us all morning long on the beautiful classic guitar. he also will be out here this weekend, along with three live music stages.
9:56 am
here's the key thing you need to know. is our web site. we have a link to the fifth annual food and wine festival web site here. saturday and sunday, noon until 6:00. get your tickets online in advance. thirty-seven dollars, they are going fast. and they can sell out. forty-five dollars if you get them here at the door. i've got a fresh bowl of gazpacho, i have the perfectly poured beer, good friends, good music. no way i'm coming back to the station. have a good weekend. back to you. 
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
quick look at your five-day forecast. scattered storms this afternoon. some could be strong. 84 and cooler weekend. particularly by sunday. sunshine, low to mid-70s. >> big thanks to the kennedy center and garth ross for coming out talking about this great arts festival. street festival. you


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