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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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last year of raping a new york city hotel maid. bob barnard has more details. >> reporter: the alleged victim in this case never filed a police report but told french investigators she was raped a year and a half ago by the then head of the international monetary fund during an orgy with other french men here in washington. this is the w hotel two blocks from the white house and where in december 2010, a belgium prostitute claims she was gang raped at a sex party hosted by the former imf chief dominique strauss-kahn. >> we knew he was a womanizer and loved women. we didn't know it was to that level. we went know that and if the allegations are true, that he was brutal, that he was coercing and using prostitutes and that, if, again, the allegations are correct, that he was, he could go as far as raping someone. >> reporter: he is a washington-
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based correspondent for tf-1, a french television network. he said straws-kahn is -- strauss kahn is currently under investigation in france where the latest allegation surfaced. >> he's under investigation for what we call aggravated pimping in an organized gang. basically prostitutes are alleging he was hurting women, friends were gathering women to satisfy his needs and that they were prostitutes. he claims he did not know that, that they were prostitutes and thought it was conceptual sex. >> reporter: the woman making the new allegation was flown to washington from europe and paid $2,500 to attend the orgy. she has not filed a complaint. this time last year, strauss cop was arrested in new york city accused of trying to rape a hotel housekeeper, charges that were later dropped. [ through translator ] >> what happened was not own an inappropriate relationship but that, a error, a failing, a failing to my wife, my children, and my friends and
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also a failing to the french people. >> reporter: france this weekend is going to elect a new president and would have been strauss-kahn had the new york city rape allegation not forced him to resign as head of the imf. >> he was a charismatic politician. >> but had the dark side. >> he had the dark side that, you know, brought him down and that is the dark side we're uncovering, way bigger and scarier than most of us thought he had. >> reporter: strauss-kahn faces up to 20 years in prison if found guilty in that french investigation. the maid in the new york city case filed a civil suit, which a judge this week refused to throw out, despite dsks claim of diplomatic immunity. and d.c. police tell us they're not investigating that alleged rape at the w hotel. not the willard, but the w hotel and that is because nobody foiled a complaint. the colombian prostitute at the center of the is essex scandal calls the agents fools.
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she spoke for the first time on a colombian radio station saying they were drinking heavily when she met them in the bar. she was clear about the money before going back to the hotel. [ speaking spanish ] [ through translator ] >> you have to give me $800. that is the gift i want and he told me ah, okay, baby. let's go. let's go to the hole hotel. >> suarez said the agent fell a soy lope error error in the hotel room leaving the files in the open and claimed he refused to pay and kicked her out. she called police and sparking a public scandal. at least eight agents were fired or resigned. following developing news from ellicott city. two women were shot at a church and one died of her injuries, the other is in critical condition and will perhaps survive, we hope. the reverend is on life-support so that her family may arrange for organ donation.
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john henrehan has more. >> reporter: congregants have been trickling in for an early evening prayer seg. they coming here to mourn the two women shot by a homeless man who lied in the woods behind the church, a man who took his own life. >> reporter: as mourners gathered in ellicott city, police continue their investigation of the thursday shootings in a church office that killed one woman and critically wounded one of the ministers here. >> the only two people who were there are not able to tell us what happened. and even our surviving victim is not able to talk to us. we don't know the details of what transspeared inside the office. >> reporter: police believe a homeless man who lived in the woods behind the church was going to -- coming to the food pantry for assistance. in recent months or weeks, however, the 56-year-old douglas franklin jones was verbally abusive to the staff and was ultimately asked to not come back. on thursday, he came back with a handgun, police say, and shot
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the minister and an administrative worker, brenda brewington, before killing himself in the nearby woods. friends and family of brenda brewington are devastated by her killing. >> what do you make of this? >> nothing is sacred. nook is -- nothing is sacred. that is -- and my heart's broke. >> again, although the minister is technically still alive and described by baltimore shock trauma in critical condition, the church released a statement in the last hour saying she's being kept alive by life- support means so that her family can make decisions and arrangements regarding the organ deaninations. congregants here are apparently coming to mourn the two who are dead and the homeless man. the d.c. crews are battling a fire in the heights this
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afternoon. at 49th and -- 14th and girard northwest caught fire before five. and one firefighter received minor injuries. and following a big story from the army, the wife of a man stationed in afghanistan said she witnessed her husband's death while they were chatting on skype. captain bruce clark from new york was killed monday. the army is not discussing the cause of his death. his body has been returned to the united states. and new details about a key donor whose money is at the center of john edwards' criminal trial. jonathan sery has the latest from north carolina. >> reporter: a witness said that one of john edwards' key deaners felt she was used by the former presidential candidate. huffman, a close friend of bunny melon, testified the wealthy heiress was deeply angered by a request to provide 40 to $50 million to a poverty foundation after edwards' presidential hope was dashed. huffman said that edwards later claimed he didn't know his aid andrew young asked for that
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much. young said the amount of edwards' idea. -- edwards' idea. huffman testified he believed young was telling the truth. melon's money is at the center of the campaign corruption trial. prosecutors alleged that edwards masterminded the scheme to use $1 million to hide the pregnant mistress as he sought the white house. many legal experts say worn 01- year-old melon is not expected to take the witt only does she of information based on what i told, she was taking steps to cover this up. quite frankly, technically, she should have been sitting next to john at the defense table. as a prosecutor, she was a big edwards supporter. >> reporter: think the issue is that bunny melon is unavailable as a witness for multiple reasons. yes, her age and also, i'm not sure she will be a compelling government witness. she absolutely drank the kool- aid, so to speak, and believed that edwards was this country's
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saviour. >> reporter: melon gave an estimated $6.4 million to organizations supportive of edwards' presidential bid. jonathan sery, fox news. last night during our 11:00 p.m. newscast and this morning, we aired a report about a beating on a mcdonald's on i street in the district. the suspect was 35-year-old barber roberson. we had a picture but the woman in the picture, this picture, was the wrong barbara roberson, who is an upstanding citizens, not the suspect. the victim in this crime wrongfully identified the picture as that of the attacker, and d.c. police confirmed that this is not the picture of the suspect. we sincerely apologized to miss roberson and her family and regret thisried and any embarrassment it caused her. we posted an apology to her on our website, up n a school day that no student would want to skip, president obama heads to
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arlington as they face graduation. and a new way to shop in georgetown and all over town. a clothing and accessory store on wheels. and i am sue palka on this friday. we're watching the radar closely and have had some isolated showers and storms. the big round this morning seemed to settle down on the atmosphere. more to dodge as we go through friday night and the weekend forecast. that is all ahead on fox 5 news at 6. come on back. 
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. there will be a special legislative session in maryland after all. governor o'malley made the announcement earlier today and said the general assembly will reconvene on may 14th. the legislator ended their 90- day session without resolving a looming budget crisis. the budget as it stands, would trigger a half billion in spending cuts. president obama travelled to arlington to promote his efforts to reduce college loan rates. the president visited washington lee high school in
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washington. his message was overshadowed by the jobless report. the unemployment -- unemployment rate fell and only 115,000 jobs were created. the president said that much more needs to be done. >> and that is the good news. there is a lot of folks out of work, which means. >> to do more. if we're going to recover all of the jobs lost during the recession, and if we're going to build a secure economy that strengthens the middle school, we're have to do more. >> first with the credit card. >> the labor department said the reason the unemployment rate fell was because more people are giving up looking for work. and mitt romney weighed in on the unemployment situation saying we're way off from where we should be. >> the reason you're seeing the unemployment rate go down is because you have more people dropping out of the workforce and that is than you have getting jobs. that is a terrible and very
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disappointing report this morning and clearly the american people are wondering why this recovery is not happening faster. >> the outlook is grim for graduates. the wall street journal reports more than half of under the age of 25 without a college degree adds up to 1.5 million people. president obama is promising to keep the interest rates on student loans at 3.4% and mitt romney supports that measure. could be a solution for people who hate buying jeans. the jean machine debuts. how it can help you find the perfect pair coming up. imagine if harry potter was based on a real boy? a yearbook photo shows three kids that look like harry, ron, and hermione. it was taken at the same time that j.k. ruling was dreaming up the boy. 
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. it's a big truck that used to deliver potato chips. a woman from new york rolled into d.c. with her boutique on wheels. fox 5s beth parker takes us along for the ride. >> i always get oh, my god, it's like a food truck. consider where is the taco and pizza? >> no tacos or pizza and there are necklaces and rings and hat. >> reporter: this is joey wolfer and her style liner, a boutique on we'll error errors. >> we have designers from all over the world from high-end to market and flea market finds to vintage finds. >> reporter: she first rolled out in new york two years ago and this is her first visit to washington. georgetown seems like an appropriate spot and they'll be popping into several other neighborhoods around the city
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over the next six weeks and they say that is the fun of all of this, being mobile. >> you get used to seeing the same things and to have something new and different. >> and. >> i wanted to see what they had. >> these are actual bags. a great work bag. >> reporter: prices range from $20 to the -- on the low end to 1800. >> my goal is to design and have more of the style liner brand. >> reporter: and for now, wolfer has a lot of roles, including driver of the big old truck. >> i can't get any speeding tickets because i can't go fast. >> and this is how you change it up a little. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> and neighbor the long- awaited answer for women who have trouble fining a perfect fit for jeans. they rolled out a machine called the meality.
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in three minutes, the machine scans your body and determines your real size. the customers say the machine works. you don't have to try anything on anymore. >> that is nice. >> next up is bathing suits. >> it's warm out there and some showers. >> and there is a few. the morning stuff that came through, put some into the atmosphere and we haven't seen much, and that is great news for the nats fans. a lot of people want to get out there and see the game. don't let your guard completely down, folks. the atmosphere still could pop some thunderstorms and i'm going to keep them in the forecast tonight, a 50/50 chance, and there is a new batch south out of pennsylvania that might pay us a visit later tonight and so far so good on this friday night. the line that we have been watching has weakened to some showers across charles county and into southern prince georges county. we're going to get in tighter, not seeing lightning with this
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and maybe a few 10th of an inch of rain from waldorf and to sunner didland and moving -- sunderland. and everyone else in the clear and we're not finding much developing and this has continued on out and perhaps can you see underneath the satellite and radar banner, there is more to the north and that is working south. we're going to have to watch this for the 10, 11:00 timeframe and earlier. a lot of this is going to sweep through maryland. and we have to watch that, too and that is a frontal system coming in our direction and the storm prediction thinks this area, if we were to get thunderstorms weeing -- cooking up, and being have hail with them and some gusty wins. we'll watch that and as mentioned earlier, the clouds capped the heating and made the air more stable am -- stable. we'll see how we trend as the evening goes on and keep you posted. 78 degrees in the district;
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annapolis, 68 and most places in the upper 70s or low 80s and that is helping to keep some instability away from the region and seeing a few scattered storms possible and 9:00, may be a better chance between 9 and 11 as we watch the line coming out of pennsylvania to see what that does and i believe the showers and storms end up later and some winds out of the northwest and taking our temperature to 82 and to 80 degrees. partly sunny and in the afternoon as well and tomorrow night, we have a supermoon. what is that? the moon closest to earth this year b15,300 miles closer and that may appear brighter to you by 14% and that is going tooing bigger and brighter. what is cool is around sunset
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at 8:00, it will appear huge as it sits in the horizon and that is an optical illusion. eighty on the weekend planner and partly sunny, a couple of showers in the afternoon and on sunday a dry day. at 8 in the morning, partly sunny and saturday, and by noon, 78 and with that temperature of 79 degrees and tomorrow should be the warmest day and sunday looks like the better day of the two weekend days, not a washout and some showers around in the afternoon and on to monday on tuesday and wednesday. and remember, if you check out the app, search d.c. weather and that is on our website. coming up, bryce harper getting loose before tonight's big series with the phillies. lindsay murphy more on the new
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. good evening, i'm lindsay murphy. if you're not at nats park tonight, i hope you plan to watch the game on tv and not only is it game one against the series, butboros harper will bat third. the nats have anticipated the patchup with the phillies since february when they launched the take-back-the-park campaign. they're sick of opponents filling up the societies and
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the campaign makes it easier for them to get tickets at home and tonight is the first big test to see if it worked. >> we have obviously made news. obviously not only with our starting rotation but the call to bryce and, obviously, we have been playing, playing good baseball, you know, and it's nice to see in washington and to be competitive. >> it's important for our fans to come out here and to give us support, you know, woplaying good baseball, and i think that they recognize that and they coming out. the redskins rookie hit the field. led by robert griffin 3. the players will wear helmets and no contact is permitted. the practice is, by the way, closed off to the media until sunday. and switching gears. one of the toughest you will see and 60 minutes, not enough time to celt the score and went into triple overtime and with
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new york on top. for the players, it was like playing two games. today, two days after, they're still feeling the effects of the big hit. >> after the game, i was pretty sore and tired, fatigue set in and that is the hardest game i played. it was intense. >> the coach spoke before the game that it was going to be a grinding game and that is probably the most grinding game i have been in. for our guys, we want to keep wearing them down. >> and everyone was banged up. in las vegas, floyd mean mayweather puts his record on the line when he takes on miguel coto. the fight everyone wants to see is mayweather against packuia. and he asked him if he had to fight him to make the legacy complete. >> and i didn't need to fight them i just noted -- needed to come to the sport of boxing and win one fight and that is all i
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needed. if that is the case. >> sure, you know that is the fight everyone wants to see happen. is this something you think will happen? >> manny has a promoter, bob aram. do you think the fight is going to happen? absolutely not. >> and nasa -- nats and phillies tonight, and tomorrow at the verizon center, a 12:30 game. and a last look at the forecast. >> how about the five-day, brian. a couple of showers around tomorrow afternoon. we're not done with them yet. i think there could be a few more later tonight. sunday looks like the drier day and the weekend is pretty descent and so is monday. and now you have the news edge. back here at 10. ♪ ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ ♪ no more, no more, no more ♪ hit the road, jack ♪ and don't you come back no more ♪ [ male announcer ] want your weeds to hit the road? hit 'em with roundup extended control. one application kills weeds
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