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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 6, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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an argument takes a deadly turn in montgomery county after a father shootkills his son. voters in trance take austerity -- in france take austerity to the polls. new details in the death of an army nurse in afghanistan who died during a skype chat with his wife. we begin in montgomery county where a 55-year-old man shot and killed his adult son last night. the father is now charged with first degree murder.
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john has been working the story he has the latest. >> neighbors say the father worked as a security guard and had a temper occasionally he displayed, last night during an argument he shot his 23-year- old son in the chest and the son as it turns out was a registered sex offender. >> the park lane apartment complex east of gaithersburg now days is a pretty quiet place. >> years ago, it was really bad, a lot of drugthis and that, major turn around, and the community, everyone gets along. i am pretty shocked about this. >> reporter: this is the shooting incident that happened saturday night 8:45 p.m., a domestic dispute broke out between a father and his adult son. >> could you hear what they were arguing about? >> no, but you could hear it was heated. it was heated it husband loud. >> reporter: montgomery county
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-- it was loud. >> reporter: montgomery county police say at some point wayne m price shot his 23-year-old son in the chest the son, who police say was wearing only a towel during the altercation, made his way down the stairs, and collapsed outside. >> he was you know, laying there and they were giving him cpr they really tried to you know resuscitate like they worked on him for awhile. >> reporter: police identified the son as mathew eugene price he was delaired dead at the -- declared dead at the scene. he admitted to the shooting, one neighbor told us the father some times displayed a short temper with residents who spoke in the hallways on mobile phones. >> what did the father tell you? >> get out of here. >> get out of here? >> mm-hmm. >> why? >> i don't know he say, every day, no happy i don't know i think, he have a problem for family or job i don't know. >> reporter: huh no times did
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he tell you -- how many times did he tell you to get out of here. >> three times. >> reporter: the son listed as a registered sex offender convicted age 19 in new jersey of forcible sexual contact with a victim at the time of the attack was 14 or 15 years old registry says the attacker and his victim did not know each other. >> police have recovered a handgun, they believe was used in the fatal shooting, 55-year- old wayne price has been charged with first degree murder, commissioner ordered him held over the weekend the father, who is accused of killing his son will have a bond review hearing, before a judge in montgomery county, that will likely happen monday afternoon. maureen. >> jonathaning you. prince georges county police, are investigating a fatal hit and run in lieu was dale. it happened 9:00 p.m. last night, university road the victim is 28-year-old samuel die as of hyattsville, police are looking for a silver suv
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with damage to the front of the vehicle anyone with information is asked to call police. >> second victim died after thursday's shooting at st. peters episcopal church, reverend mary margaret comb was pronounced dead last night a homeless man shot her and the church secretary after he was turned away from the churches food bank funeral services for reverend cohen will be held 2:00 p.m., thursday. services for brenda are scheduled thursday, st. john's episcopal church. virginia man charged with threatening to kill president barack obama, court documents show christopher hecker of waynesboro made death threats against the president and threatened to bomb several buildings including the white house and former world trade centre he was found making the threats from a public library computer report documents show he asked to be sentenced immediately and seeking the
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death penalty for himself he has been ordered to under go apsychological evaluation. >> looks like a grey sunday, to round off the weekend, gwen has a preview of what we can expect nor the workweek. >> -- for the workweek. >> you are right, we had more clouds than sun today. patchy drizzle and fog as well that seems to be our pattern next 24 hours satellite radar composites showing you the clouds are definitely in motion across the entire area, getting a few breaks, here and there but really not a whole lot to speak about, areas far west, could even see a light shower into the course of tonight. today's high, well, we hit 83 degrees, regan national airport, 08 dulles s 80 bwi. 71 degrees national, 70 dulles and 68 degrees at baltimore airport. tonight talking cloudy skies patchy drizzle overnight, 54 your overnight low, light southeasterly wind flow and the
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forecast has quite a few changes, through the end of next week we will have details for you and get you ready for your workweek and what to expect back to you. another big story we are following tonight, new details in the death of an army soldier in afghanistan during a video chat online with his wife. captain bruce clark's family said he didn't show any signs of discomfort before he suddenly collapsed during a skype video collapse on april 30th but his wife says she saw a bullet hole in the closet behind him. skype's link stayed open for tw and family in the states and afghanistan tried to get help finally two military personnel came in but did not speak to his wife the pentagon is investigating clark's body was returned to dover airforce base. >> police investigating a death at church hill downs the body was discovered in a barn at the famed race track this morning the barn is not near the area open to the public during yesterday's kentucky derby,
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authorities are talking to workers at the track they say the victim's injuries show there was an altercation, an autopsy is scheduled tomorrow. >> grim discovery in the search for a missing tennessee family a mother and three daughters disappeared more than a week ago authorities believe they may have found some victims. david lee miller has the latest. >> reporter: authorities are searching for a missing tennessee mother and three daughters made a gruesome discovery in nearby gun town mississippi they discovered two bodys in the home linked to the alleged kidnapper adam mays authorities have not disclosed age or identities of the victims mays is still on the run, and believed to have attarred appearance of -- altered appearance of himself and captives the missing woman, joe anabaena and her daughtersle-year-old kaleah, 12- year-old alexandria and 18-year-
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old. the fbi issued this warning. >> warrant for especially aggravated kidnapping has been issued he is wanted, armed and dangerous, believed to be armed and dangerous, and we do not know exactly where he has gone to. >> reporter: mississippi and tennessee issued amber alerts, authorities believe mays could be making his way to the carolinas arizona or florida, they also believe he could still be in mississippi. folks who live in the area are shaken by what has happened. >> it is on our nerve as community like this, in account this is a quiet community nothing serious ever happened around here. so, it is pretty rough situation. >> reporter: the fbi and u.s. marshall service are offering a reward up to $50,000, for the location of the victims and may's arrest. in new york, david lee miller fox news. just ahead on the news at 6, votes are in, sarkozy is out, plus israel's prime minister getting a lot of flak for pushing up elections why some believe it is a ploy to
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[ male announcer ] and we think that's the best prize of all. ♪ >> france will soon have a new president, social list candidate defeated the
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conservative incouple want, nicklas sarkozy in today's run off election. voter anger fueled the upset, he declared in his victory speech, austerity can no longer be inevitable he campaigned on more government stimulus and spending france's economy is a driver in europe but struggling under deep debt. benjamin netanyahu is pushing up elections in four months some sceptics believe he sped up the elections to attack iran. >> reporter: israel wasn't supposed to hold elections until 2013 but their popular prime minister, just said, they are going to be in four months and in a speech today he said his government is unstable to regain stability he wants quick elections but many speculate this mover is to give him flexibility -- move is to give him flexibility to attack iran because a strike in september or october could be met from president obama who may fear, alien ating jewish voters.
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>> he may conclude if president obama is re-elected he would rather have israeli political issues resolved before that. if it is governor romney, he doesn't have to wait another year. >> reporter: one of netanyahu's main rivals said yesterday it is a most serious mistake to turn the issue of defense against iran into israel's biggest problem but senator mccain said the calculation may be driven by how we've treated them. >> the president under cut their position and weakened it dramatically focussing on trying to convince israelis not to attack iran rather than focussing efforts on trying to dissuade iran from continuing development of their nuclear weapons. >> reporter: iran's president must step down next year his popularity is declining supporters in the legislature
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they are flexing at the national race for hope today but now it is called backing named for the young man in the yellow shirt right there he is a brain cancer survivor his name is zachary letterer he made the gesture after surgery he is a maryland university team member. today zach was honored with the lab lie joseph weinberg triumph of the spirit award >> it mean it is world to me, but, you know i have to give credit to the people who are an inspiration to me and that is the kids in the hospital younger than me fighting the same disease but they are 4 years old i am 19, fighting this disease, i have 19 years of life. >> what a remarkable young man zachary calls his two time battle with brain cancer the opportunity of a lifetime he says treatment is going great and he feels blessed hope he
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continues to do well too. >> men and women in missouri put quite a heavy twist on the traditional 5 k. instead of running in a t-shirt and light shorts, how about a suit. a bomb suit that is. foxes photo journalist, pat holloway shows us. >> i get my suit ... >> an umbrella, to our certified bomb technicians will run in a bomb suit. i will wear a bomb suit it weighs about 80 pounds. >> 15, 20 pounds. >> 70 to 85 pounds depending on the size of the suit you are wearing jacket is most of the weight, between 40 and 60 pounds. >> why did i sign up for this? >> my goal today is survive running a 5 k in a bomb suit that is my goal. >> it is great to see a lot of people out here, supporting this cause. >> i think we had 10 people running to day in bomb suits i didn't count them because some of the guys ran a relay and
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traded out but there was a good good showing of the bomb community around kansas community. >> where is the first mile at? [ applause ] >> can you talk about what you were thinking about with each step? >> afghanistan i recently have come back and there is a lot of iuds out there, and you know, it is hot and running in this suit just i don't know i feel like it is preparing me for the next time i deploy >> thought about the guys overseas, and what they are going through some of them can't walk today, because they don't have legs and i had two legfinished it up but when i really got miserable i thought of those guywhat they are doing and it is, what i did today is nothing compared to that. [ applause ]
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>> you okay? >> kansas city missouri bomb tech who came in first ran the 5 k in 55 minutes 4 seconds all the money goes to wounded warrior projectbomb tech memorial fund. >> definitely a great cause. >> let's talk about weather here, it was a grey day i kept looking up thinking shower, never happen and you said it wouldn't, so i couldn't have been so surprised. >> we had a bit of drizzle that was it. those clouds just hung around there were a few breaks here and there. not a lot of sunshine, but we can't have it every day. a live look right now, clouds across our area, no surprise there, they are sticking around, and you know, it was still a little sticky today, humidity still kind of kicking in a little bit not quite as bad as it was yesterday
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however, so that was at least a little bit of a break. we have changes coming up in the 5 day forecast. as we move through overnight hours tonight, once gain chance of patchy drizzle sticking around and in the 5 day forecast, unsettled days to talk about, seasonal temperatures kicking in however and also, late week looking really pleasant, once we get into it. so, as we take a look where we hit today, earlier i showed you the highs they were actually yesterday's highs the computer hasn't updated yet and left me wondering what was going on. here is actual highs, 72 degrees officially regan national airport, 71 dulles, and 72 bwi marshall, and that is exactly where we should be, temperature wise with a degree or two off the mark. seasonal, 71 dc. 71 fredericksburg, culpepper 72, 55 hagerstown, 75 at cumberland and a little cooler at winchester, 68 degrees and we've got 68 at baltimore, and 70 at dulles this hour.
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the clouds not going any where, as i always say, like an unwanted house guest they are sticking around and fairly thick as well we will continue to see clouds lingering through overnight, as well as into tomorrow be prepared for that not much change happening there. we are actually dealing with a ridge of high pressure, sits to the south of new england this is going to slide its way out, as we head into the monday period, and as it does, kind of opening the door for this system to the west here, to push its way through ohio valley and head closer towards us we could see a short wave kicking in on monday, there is a slight chance we see a passing shower, primarily north and west of us but other than that we are talking once again, a day tomorrow where we see drizzle in the morning, and then mostly cloudy skies by the time the afternoon hours roll around here is a look at future cast, when we talk about precipitation to the west, expect to see monday and to the north a little bit of a chance of a shower could see a little of that reaching down to the dc metro area, 20% chance of
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seeing this happening but can't rule it out all together as we move there into tuesday, that is when we start to see the frontal system get closer to us and that is where we are really going to see a wet day chance of thunderstorms tuesday, same story as we roll through into wednesday be prepared for wet weather keep the umbrella handy. for tonight mostly cloudy skies, drizzle overnight hours lingering through, early morning 54 overnight low and tomorrow, 70 degrees, mostly cloudy, once again, can't rule out the chance of that passing shower, especially, into areas of the north and west here is a look at your day planner by midday, 62 degrees. so, here is a look at the 5 day forecast for you, chance of thunderstorms in our forecast, for tuesday, and for wednesday, we heat audio tape little bill -- heat up a little bit tuesday because we get a southerly flow opening up as a ridge of high pressure opens up allowing air flow to come back in. back to seasonal conditions by the time we hit the end of the week back to dryer conditions just in time for the weekend thursday and friday, mostly
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sunny skies and temperatures get just a little cooler but we need the rain we have been asking for it : we could do without the storms. keep our fingers crossed. >> thanks gwen. >> red skins rookie camp is in the books we will hear from the other red skins rookie quarterback and the red skins draft pick makes an immediate impression on the head coach. dave feldman is up next with sports
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good evening, this weekend 62 players showed up at reds skins park -- red skins park but all eyes were on robert griffin the third. it did not take long for rg 3 to be named starting quarterback today marked the fifth and final practice. robert griffin the third proved he was worth the price of moving up in the draft he impressed the coaching staff with athleticism, footwork, arm strength and accuracy, ability to learn verbiage and execute the playbook, drew complements from the head coach. robert is going to start out with the first team, we didn't move four pickgive up two number onea number two, to have him as not the guy. if yothat much you know you see something, a guy that is very special, very unique doesn't come around very often. >> it has been awhile since we have been able to do football
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things, combines beauty pageants on pro days, so, you know, it is time to get to football, it felt good to get out of here and really get a chance to do the things, you study on page, on the paper, and is go out on the field and perform it, so it was a lot of fun. >> today's practice was the other drafted quarterback, curt cousins michigan state who is selected in fourth round also praised by mike shanahan his ability to quickly learn the play back, shanahan also said cousins was too good to pass up. can cousins and rg 3 peacefully coexist. >> i can see our relationship has gotten off to a great start we are rooming together in the hotel, i would thing we may be rooming together all summer and i mean robert is a likable guy there is not a whole lot to not like you guys know that i think we will have a great relationship for as long as we are teammates i think beyond that, when -- if or when some day we are not. >> there is no issues there we are both out here trying to get
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better, so, we are cool we ate a burrito together, not the same burrito, [ laughter ] >> just to clear that up. >> all right, i am glad it wasn't the same burrito hygienically that would not be sound. gross right? so far caps fortunes in this year's post season have been largely determined by full players yesterday team stars accounted for all the scoring, caps even the series with the rangers yesterday's game 4, caps never trailed, ovechkin, backstrom and green found the back of the net. 3-2 victory marked the first time since october 30th, 2010 since they all scored in the same game it could not have come at a better time caps coming off a heart breaking triple overtime loss in game three. game 5 tomorrow night at madson square garden. >> go in there, with some momentum here s just play simple you got to play, --
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here, just play simple you got to play, play ugly, keep the momentum on your side, by doing that and set ourselves up for a good opportunity, and all you do is give yourselves a chance. >> having gone through the first series, we had gone into boston, played a good game on game 5 we will try to do the same thing. >> tonight nationals host the phillys, jordan zimmerman facing hamill as nats, make a 3 game sweep. orioles sought to do the same against the red sox. on two jay jay harder home runs, robert with two outs, 3 run home run to the seats above the green monster, orioles in front 5-0. bottom of the 5th, 5- 1, bases loaded no outs, first pitch swinging first career home run grand slam now in the 13th inning royals and red
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socks tied 6-6 later on tonight, on sports extra more from robert griffin the third >> i got to tell you every time he talks i just really like this kid he is so engaging just more players like him please. >> there is nothing not to like so far. >> he hasn't even played. >> i know. >> imagine. >> that does it for us see you later tonight at 10, for the news edge at 11 hope you are back we are always on -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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