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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. a maryland man held hostage appearing in a video released by al-qaeda. here his message to president obama. >> and a woman found dead on a fairfax county road. this morning, police are trying to determine if road rage is to blame for this. fox 5 morning news continues
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right now. right now. . straight up 6:00 on this monday, may 7, 2012. taking a live look outside right now. a little bit of cloud cover there in the sky but the light is trying to peek through there. we'll see how the day shapes up. good morning, everyone. imanticipate sarah simmons i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. did you agree with me, that cloud coverage looking a bit ominous this morning. >> a little bit. >> it looks a lot tougher than it actually is. not going to drop much in the way of rain. maybe a few droplets of drizzle. that is about it. >> those temperatures a little cool out there. >> temperatures a little cool. we've got temperatures in the 50s. our highs late arer today will only be about 70 or so. we've been enjoying temperatures well above normal. earlier in the weekend, we were in the 80s. just a little cooler. temperatures about 70 or so. >> it will feel like a decent afternoon way alittle bit of sunshine later today. let's get started with a look at our current conditions. you will see the cloud cover hanging tough across the
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region. yep, particularly across the mid-atlantic as you get down into south central virginia. i think there will be more breaks than yesterday but it will take good part of the day so we'll start generally cloudy and then kind of partly sunny by this afternoon. should be dry today other than a few droplets of drizzle as mentioned as not much in the way of rain showers expected until tomorrow with a cold front. all right. temperature right now at reagan national, the temperature is 57 degrees. that is a little cool. dulles, 58. bwi marshall, 54. lots of clouds around. by this afternoon, some sunshine. highs about 70 or so. 74 in fredericksburg and 60s north and east, annapolis, 69. >> thank you, tucker. no one loves sunshine more than our julie wright who is keeping an eye on your traffic this morning. >> good morning, will. you are absolutely right. the clouds, man, i feel like i'm living in seattle. it is nice to see the sunshine once in a while. eastbound along 66, the crash here at 29 centerville, already
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pulled off the roadway to the shoulder so our lanes are open as you guys work your way eastbound along 66. that is v-d.o.t. moving the camera there. expect to find delays building out of manassas and fair oaks to 123. southbound 207 well below speed as you work wror way out -- work your way out towards the truck scales. >> that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. new this morning, a 10-year- old girl is in the hospital after being shot in the middle of the night. the girl was hit in the back side while sitting in a truck. police say someone fired into that truck as it sat at new york avenue and fenwick street northeast around 3:45 this morning. a family member then drove that truck and the girl to the sixth district police station at 42nd and benning northeast. the girl is expected to be okay. >> good to hear that. we have break news now on a
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maryland man held hostage by al- qaeda. he says he will be killed if president obama doesn't help them. >> warren weinstein made the statement in a video just released from the terror network. fox 5's melanie alnwick is following the latest live in the newsroom for us. >> >> reporter: the nearly three- minute video was posted on jihaddist forums late sunday night by al-qaeda's media arm. in it, weinstein pleads with president obama father to father to save his life. >> it is important that you accept the demands and act quickly and don't delay. there will be no benefit in delay t will just make things more difficult for me. i know that you have two daughters that you enjoy. you are with them. you spend time with them. but i get the feeling that you are not paying any attention or care about my problem or my needs and you are not paying attention and you don't give much importance to my situation. >> reporter: weinstein also has
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two daughters. he was kidnapped from his residence in pakistan in august of 2011. he had been working there for several years. he tells his wife he has been well taken care of. he was supposed to return home, finish up his fewer of duty there and return home just the day after he was indicated napped and he had told friends that he was loorchging forward to being home for good and getting to spend some time with his wife, his daughters and his new grandchild. >> imagine it is very hard for them to see this video. >> thank you. staying on the topic of al- qaeda now, the u.s. has taken out one of its top leaders killing him sunday in an air strike in yemen. he was on wanted list in connection with the bombing of a u.s.s. cole warship in 2000. the drone that killed him was authorized by the cia and authorize bid government yemen.
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the five men on trial for the 9-11 attacks refuse to allow the legitimacy of the military commission at guantanamo bay. one of their lawyers admit the suspected terrorists are puttingen a peaceful protest by refusing to answer the judge's question and by periodically praying during the 10-hour hearing on saturday. most legal experts believe it could be a decade before the trial and all the appeals are exhausted. some other top stories now. fairfax county police are stepping up their efforts to track down a deadly hit and run driver. >> they are hoping electronic message signs on roads will help lead to an arrest. 21-year-old shalinda arrington was found dead on harrison street in mount vernon late friday morning. it is believe she got out of her car during some sort of altercation. police are look fig black chevrolet suv with temporary tags. prince george's county police are also on the hunt a hit and run driver. this happened saturday night on the 2400 block of university boulevard in lewisdale.
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2-year-old samuel diaz of hyattsville died from his injuries. police are looking for a silver suv with damage to the front of the vehicle. anyone with information is asked to call police. president obama officially kicked off his re-election campaign with stops in ohio and richmond on saturday. this comes ahead of tomorrow's presidential primaries in west virginia, north carolina and indiana. the latest real clear politics average of polls shows obama leading romney 46-44%. but this morning, a new poll shows mr. romney way one-point lead over president obama. the split cogeorge washington university battleground poll gives romney the lead 48-47%. the outcome of elections in indiana tomorrow are especially important. democrats and rums are keeping a close eye on the re-election hopes of senator dick luther. the # 0-year-old is running for a seventh term facing a challenger who has been pegged as more conservative. the chances of luther not winning the primary and opening
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the door to a lesser known gop candidate is giving senate democrats the hope of a win in the state come november upping their chances of maintaining control of the senate. we'll see how that turns out. mitt romney is the presumptive gop presidential nominee. ron paul is still in the race and this weekend, he racked up a win. also making headlines, voters in france are making history. a new president is elected and it could have an impact on the markets here at home. fox 5 morning news will be back in a moment.  we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me, you'll get cookies for free. nothing worked. ♪ but we started using miracle-gro garden soil. you just mix it with your backyard soil... and it feeds your plants for up to 3 months. my plants grew bigger... more beautiful... with more flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. everything changed with miracle-gro.
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. he is vowing to stay in the race for the republican presidential nomination all the way to the convention this august. and this weekend, rome ron paul racked up a win in maine grabbing 21 of 24 delegates. mitt romney's camp is being
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cautious. there is heavy security for today's parliamentary elections. it is first multiparty election in five decades. but activists say today's vote is an insult to the democratic process and more fighting broke out this morning between rebels in the syrian army despite a cease-fire that was supposed to start a month ago. meanwhile, french voters elect a new leader making nicholas sarkozy the first one- term president since 19816789 the conservative incumbent lost in yesterday's run-off election to socialist candidate francois hollande. the results may signal changes in how europe handles its debt crisis. does this mean we're not going to be able to say sarkozy anymore on the air? that was so fun. >> the reddings still rocking. the caps even the series in this weekend's game at the
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verizon center. now, it is on to tonight's showdown. showers and storms are back in the forecast. we'll check in with tucker when fox 5 morning news continues. stay with us. [ husband ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does. good morning, chickens! [ jim ] you know, that's our business.
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here is your chance to meet tony and tucker and put your weather knowledge to the test. tuesday, may 15th is weather day with the washington nationals. tony, tucker, sue palka and more special guests will be at nationals park along with school kids from across our area. also not too late for your school to be a part of the fun as well. to find out more about weather day with the nats, head to and click on the mornings tab. can you head on out and seat guys even if you are not with a school group. things kind of got nasty between the nats and phillies this weekend. cole hamill admitted he purposefully drilled bryce harper with a pitch in the
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first inning. harper would get revenge by stealing home and jordan zimmerman hit hamill in the left leg with a pitch. now, we're getting nasty. jayson werth is out indefinitely after breaking his wrist trying to make a catch. to hockey, the caps are back in new york tonight for game five of their second round playoff series against the rangers. the caps won 3-2 on saturday to even the series at two games apiece. a power play goal with just under six minutes to play. look at the energy in there. the puck drops tonight at 7:30. tune in tomorrow to see which of the staff of fox 5 morning news stays up to watch the game. your eyes may be as swollen as mine due to allergies. >> who will have the reddest eyes. >> julie is a guarantee and i'll do the best i can to stay up. i can't do triple overtime.
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>> that is when you tell the director to back the cameras off of me. >> i do that every day anyway. >> probably a good idea for all of us. >> kind of cool out there. some cloud cover to start your morning. we'll see a little sunshine to start the afternoon. a cloudy day for us. kind of like yesterday. things never really got sunny during the course of the day. plenty of clouds today as mentioned. showers, storms, back in the forecast tomorrow. we need the rain. maybe a little drizzle today. most of the day should be dry for you. seasonal temperatures. our average daytime high is in the 70s. we'll be in and around the low 70s all week and lots of sunshine by the end of the week. we'll bounce around a little bit here early. i think by shurs and friday, we should be enjoying movely sunny skies with temperatures about 70. currently, we're cool. 57 in washington. 55 this morning in gaithersburg. 52 in leonardtown. let's see. annapolis is 59 degrees. 54 in baltimore. so cool temperatures to start your day. got that cloud cover.
6:19 am
got the breezes out of the east during the day yesterday and still holding that ocean flow here, that onshore flow and keeping the low clouds infact for at least the morning hours. i think we'll see a little more sunshine as the front out to the west approaches. there is the sat-rad. you can see the gray. that is your cloud cover to start the day. out to the north and west, a warm front and a cold front. this is what is going to get in here later tonight and during the day tomorrow. as this front approaches later this affect, the actual tendency will to be mix up the atmosphere a little bit and give us a little afternoon sunshine. later tonight, we'll cloud up again and during the day tomorrow, we've got scattered showers and some thunderstorms back in the forecast. so i don't think you need an umbrella today but as you get into tomorrow, rain will be back in the forecast. needed rain. early fog and drizzle. plenty of clouds this afternoon. but a little sunshine as. we i think more sunshine than yesterday. if we get more sunshine, we'll probably be 72 for a daytime high. cool overnight, 5 #. but with winds out of the south
6:20 am
tomorrow, we'll be on the warm side up near 80. i think upper 70s, 77 for a daytime high tomorrow. scattered storms during the afternoon. showers will continue into your day on wednesday and then as mentioned we'll clear it out by the end of the week. highs near 70 thursday and friday. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic and someone who is often red-eyed, julie wright. >> and the caps only play how many months out of the year. >> not an excuse for you every night. >> all right. on the roads, another caps fan, our very own chopper brad up in sky fox taking a peek at what is happening along eastbound 66. seeing a lot of red but it is due to brake lights. 29-centerville. that is what is tying up the two right lanes. coming eastbound along 66, big tie-ups right now out of manassas for you guys traveling inbound towards centreville. once you get past the accident scene, trrveg will slow again leaving eastbound. wall-to-wall traffic from at least business 234 to the accident scene tying up the two
6:21 am
right lanes. taking it back inside, southbound 270 on the brakes leaving hyattstown leaded out towards the scales. no problems to report. lanes are open out to the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. . prince harry is going to be in d.c. today. he and prince will item are being honored for their humanitarian work focusing on wounded vet ransz. prince harry will receive the atlantic council award for distinguished humanitarian leadership at a ceremony in northwest tonight. ahead this morning, we are talking with the president and ceo of the atlantic council for more on that special honor. that is coming up at 9:00. >> prince harry if you are watching our your people, come bit studio. fox 5 morning news. >> a great place to be. we'll go live to fox business network in new york. facebook hits the road this week taking up its upcoming ipo. >> as we go to break, we got the shuttle just a few weeks
6:22 am
ago. now, another cool sighting, boeing's dreamliner. it will arrive at reagan national airport this morning. this is actually video from boeing and among the dreamliners features, improved fuel efficiency, bigger windows and more overhead compartment space. >> did you hear apparently they've done something with the filtering system will cut down on jet lag. >> anything they could do will be good. check it out. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet
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can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. . facebook is on the road this week and the markets took quite a tumble last week. we'd love to forget that. lauren simonetti is here with more. we didn't end on a good note last week.
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how are the markets looking today? >> pretty bad. the london market is closed today for a bank holiday. perhaps that is a good thing. here in the u.s., the dow is set to open lower by about 70 points. many people will tell you many of the declines are already priced into the market. we've had this european situation although it is worsening. it has been going on for a while. we had a huge sell offlast week. how low can we go is a good question. europe is rattling us and we are set to open lower by about 70 points on the dow. >> let's talk a little bit about facebook. that is some positive news perhaps. facebook hitting the road peddling its ipo. what are they expected to do? >> this is the start of the road show. it begins today in new york. hon of thely, most of the money is there for facebook. the big question is whether the ceo will show up. mark zuckerberg is expected to show autopsy at some of the ipo meetings. they will go across the u.s. ending in menlo park, california in a couple of days
6:27 am
from now. everybody wants to know if he will show up in new york today because if he doesn't, that kind of says something about the company. we'll have to see but everybody is outside the sheraton hotel where the road show begins today for look for zuck. >> i wonder if he will be wearing a suit. i always see him in like a blood shirt and sandals. >> sneaker rnlings jeendz and a t-shirt. we'll see if he will appeal to big wall street guys. >> thank you so much. gorse -- >> sneakers, jeans and a t- shirt. we'll see if he will appeal to big wall street guys. >> thank you so much. police investigating what may be a deadly case of road rage. fox 5 morning news is back in just a moment. we set our goals higher than anyone.
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that i put on my children's plate. that's why we use all-white meat, breading that is whole grain with omega-3 and no preservatives. it is my goal to make the highest quality, best-tasting nugget on the market. i want consumers to go, "dang, that's a good nugget." welcome back. it is 6:30. a live look outside for your
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monday morning. some ominous clouds. let's get a check of weather and find out what is coming your way. >> what are those clouds? >> i don't have time to explain those. >> this is not ask the weather guys. >> when the clouds start to lose shape, they are often called stratus clouds. they're kind of gray, overcast. a little drizzle. and that will be the theme around here. at least the first half of the day. we'll have lots of clouds in forecast. as we get into the afternoon hours, a little more sunshine. >> not much rain in them there clouds. i don't not much rain in the clouds today. maybe a little early drizzle. let's do it. let's kick it offer with a look at your hd radar. we've got the clouds across the area. we've got a couple of fronts out to the west. forecast will get a lot more interesting tomorrow certainly by tomorrow afternoon as we'll have the combination of aual front and cold front come in. notice the flashing out there.
6:32 am
a lot of lightning. -- the combination of a warm front and cold front come in. the area of high pressure is off to the north and east. the winds are what we call offshore winds. with the winds coming in off the ocean, that is giving us the cool feel to the air and giving us the gray to start your morning. temperatures, wear cool. 57 at reagan national. 54 in baltimore. 47 in dover so it is really cool to the east. 49 in ocean city. here is your forecast for the day. lots of clouds around. i think there will be peeks of sunshine today. should be generally dry this afternoon and feel a little warmer than yesterday. our high temperature will be about 70 degrees. >> normally, we say head to the beach to warm up. but clearly not. >> coming up in a couple of minutes, great ask the weather guy question from a very inquisitive 6-year-old. >> video? >> not a video. just a question. >> checking traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. on the roads right now, we are
6:33 am
keeping a close eye on the accident activity eastbound along 66 as you approach 29 at centreville. it is the right side of the roadway blocked off. we have live pictures from sky fox as you continue to work your way eastbound along 66. you will find the right lane is still blocked here. big tie-ups reported out of manassass you travel eastbound along 66. we'll take it inside and show you just how slow it is rolling as you make your way up toward the scene. heavy slow and steady leaving business 234 headed in towards centreville. you will find delays on the inner loop now at 236. southbound 270 gridlocked with delays out of wn headed out towards clarksburg. breaking news on a rockville man kidnapped overseas. he was abducted in pack tan last year. warren weinstein says his life is in the hands of president obama. >> melanie alnwick is working this one live in the newsroom. >> good morning. this is the first time that anyone has seen warren weinstein since he was abducted
6:34 am
in pakistan last august. it is proof that he is alive but he says that he will be killed by al-qaeda if their demands aren't met. >> my name is warren weinstein. my wife is elaine and i'd like her to know that i'm fine, i'm well. imgetting all my medications and being taken care of. and then i would like to talk to president obama and ask and beg him that he please accept and respond to the demands. my life is in your hands, mr. president inform you accept the demands, i live. if you don't accept the demands, then i die. it is important -- >> now, weinstein was kid naptd from his residence in lahore, pakistan. last december, al-qaeda leaders did i d. say they had custody of him and they would release him after u.s. air strikes in the region stopped. now, they are asking for several terror suspects in custody in the united states be
6:35 am
released as well. weinstein was working in pakistan on economic development and poverty reduction. wipe steen was abducted just a day of before he was scheduled to come home to rockville, maryland. he said he was look forward to spending time with his wife, daughters and new grandchildren. no statements yet on the video from the u.s. state department but we do expect we would hear something later today in their daily press briefings if not earlier. staying on the topic of al- qaeda now, just demanding a stop to air strikes. a u.s. drone killed a top terror leader. he was wanted for his role in the bombing of the u.s.s. cole that killed 17 american sailors. he rose to become the lead are of al-qaeda in yemen. he had a $5 million reward highways head. a look at this morning's other top stories. a 10-year-old girl is in the hospital after she was shot in the middle of the night. the girl was hit in the back
6:36 am
side while sitting in a truck. police say someone fired into that truck at new york avenue and fenwick street northeast about 3:45 this morning. a family member then drove that truck with the little girl to the police station at 42nd and beeping. the girl is expected to be okay. the hunt for a hit and run driver. >> police really trying to generate some tips here. fairfax county police have put up electric i go message designs in a mount vernon neighborhood. shalinda arrington was found dead on harrison street on friday. officers believe she got out of her car during an alter indication. prince george's county police are investigating a deadly hit and run in lewisdale. 2-year-old samuel diaz was hit around #:00 saturday night on the 2400 block of university boulevard. police are looking for a silver suv with damage to the front of the vehicle. anyone with information is
6:37 am
asked to call police. the congregation at st. peter's episcopal church in ellicott city, maryland is mourning the death of reverend and church secretary. a homeless man shot the two vic stims last week after he was allegedly turned away from the church's food bank. the reverend died from her gunshot wounds over the weekend. church secretary died immediately after the shooting. police say the homeless man also killed himself. virginia governor bob mcdonnell's poll numbers are heading south. a new poll by the "washington post" shows mcdonnell's approval rating dropped six points from 62 to 56% over the past year. 35% disapprove of the job he is doing. 44% of virginiaians think the commonwealth is moving in the wrong direction, up five points from last year. it is believed mcdonnell's numbers significant hi dropped with independents and urban women. -- significantly dropped with independents and urban women. you've got the caps, the nats and another weekend for rg
6:38 am
iii. >> happy days are here again. not just because dave ross is on hand for sports. >> i like that. thank you. >> this is looking good for the redskins. >> it is a breath of fresh air. you remember when you made that first impression, the job interview, first day on the job. you wanted to do well. i think robert griffin did well. it was day one for the whole weekend for robert griffin iii. they september the media out until sunday. we'll take a look at him right now he looks good in the burgundy and gold. >> dancing with the stars. >> the yellow shirt on which means don't touch me. you can't hurt the quarterback. there he is, number 10. he has his number. the big news to come out yesterday was the fact that mike shanahan said this is our guy. don't believe me, take a listen to the coach. >> robert is going to start out with the first team. we didn't move four picks and give up two number ones and a
6:39 am
number two to have him as not the guy. if you give up that much, you see something in a guy that is very special, very unique. doesn't come around very often. >> it has been a while since we've been able to do football things. we've been doing combines and beauty pageants on pro days so it is time to get to football so it felt good to get out here, really get a chance to do the things that you study on the paper and go out on the field and perform it. so it was a lot of fun. >> you also saw this guy kurt cuss ons. it was his debut over the weekend for rookie camp. he looked good too. mike shanahan sang his praises and said another smart guy from michigan state. he was in the fourth round. it was a price move by many. they didn't seat redskins grafting another quarterback that high. he is a little bit bigger. he has that physical feel to him a little bit more. again, all signs so far so good
6:40 am
for both quarterbacks. it is always nice to have two but we all necessity that rg iii is the one. >> a lot of things i don't know but knowing now that the yellow shirt means hands offer. >> yield is what it means. >> if they're wearing white, you can hit him. wearing yellow, hands off. >> thank you, dave. coming up next, a new poll giving mitt romney the edge over president obama. >> also ahead is a contentious campaign issue and now vice president joe biden is weighing in on the same-sex marriage debate. fox 5 morning news continues right after. this
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agents, be on the lookout for aliens. [ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ]
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uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'. latest real clear politics average of polls shows mr. obama leading mr. romney 46 to 44%.
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this morning a new poll shows romney way one-point lead over obama. the george washington university battleground poll riffs romney the lead 48 to 47%. >> vice president joe bideen has come out in support of gay marriage. >> he is the highest ranking fill to do so so far. fox's david lee hitter has more this morning. >> who do you love? who do you love and will you be loyal to the person you love. i am absolutely comfortable with the fact that men marry men, women marry women and men and women marrying etch other are entight to the same rights and civil liberties. >> reporter: biden saying president obama sets the the administration's policies on that matter. more than a year ago, the president said his position is
6:45 am
still unfolding. >> my feelings about this are constantly evolving. i have friends. i have people who work for me who are in powerful, strong, long-lasting gay or lesbian unions. >> reporter: white house advisors note the administration has already made historic progress by allowing gays and lesbians to serve openly in the my tri. when asked in obama would support same-sex marriage in a second term? >> i can't speak to that. i don't know the answer to that. rotor white house immediately suggested that mr. bide and's remarks had articulated no change in the administration's official position on same-sex marriage. presumptive gop nominee mitt romney clarified his stance disiewrg a january debate. >> from the very beginning in 1994, said to the gay community, i do not favor same- sex marriage. i oppose same-sex marriage and that has been my view. >> reporter: several democrats are pushing the president to include support for gay marriage in the party's platform which will be decided
6:46 am
upon this summer at the democratic convention. david lee miller, fox news. >> all right. lats get a look at the weather and check in with tucker barnes now. it is a little chilly out there just to start the day. >> a little cool. we have temperatures in the 50s. we've got some cloud cover across the area in one or two spots. that will be the theme around here for a monday. not going to be a beautiful day but it should be a dry day. >> a lot of us hoping for some wet weather for wash away the pollen. that is making us miserable. >> i think that arrives tomorrow. >> counting the time. >> will, of a been you ever suffering for weeks. >> i feel like i have dumbbells on high eyes right now. >> i was just saying that to sarah. just kidding you, will. >> 57 right now in washington. i'm scared to go back to the desk. 50 in leonardtown. these temperatures are definitely cool. 59 in fredericksburg. let's see. off to the north and west, 59 in hagerstown. our winds have been out of the
6:47 am
east for the past 24 hours and we have avenue had what we call an onshore flow. with the wind off the ocean, we've had that cool, low level maritime layer. that will stay intact for the first part of the day. i think during the afternoon hours are we'll see some breaks and probably partly sunny skies later today. we are not getting much rain in the forecast today. the rain is off for the north and west and very heavy rain at the moment out towards chicago, cleveland, detroit. if you are traveling to the north and west, you will likely encounter some travel delays as they have pretty good thunderstorms north and west of the city. this is a cold front and a warm front ahead of it that will get in here later tonight. as this front starts to track east later today, i think it will mix up the atmosphere. rain and perhaps some thunderstorms back in the forecast by tomorrow afternoon. today, early fog and drizzle, then plenty of afternoon clouds. a few peeks of sunshine as well with the high temperature about 70 degrees. win will be out of the east
6:48 am
here at five. they will be shifting out of south here tonight. kind of cool overnight. 5 #. we'll be nice and warm tomorrow ahead of that cold front with highs in the upper 70s with some scattered showers and storms arriving by afternoon. it looks like the showers stick around early wednesday. high temperatures in the mid- 70s. thursday and friday look great. sunshine, high temperature about 70. the trend temperature-wise this week is a little bit cooler than last week. should be a nice end to the week. >> thank you. say good morning now to tony perkins. >> you know whats time for. >> i do. -- you know what it is time for. >> i do. >> yes, indeed, ask weather guys, the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question -- get this question. it comes from a six-year-old. her name is ella wheeler in
6:49 am
bowie. she writes, are there more stars than people? boy, that is a profound question. >> it sounds like something a 6- year-old my might say a but what appear interesting thing. >> a six-year-old may stump you. >> she is actually referring to stars in hollywood than just normal people. >> well, you know what, it is about even i think at this point with reality tv. >> right. >> how many housewives does it take to fill up the sky. >> was this an easy one. >> in a way, it is. >> it is a very deep question. >> is what the simple answer? >> the number of people on planet earth at last estimate is $7.1 billion. that is a lot of people. -- at last estimate is 7.1 billion. that is a lot of people. >> that is like beltway traffic. the number of stars in the
6:50 am
universe recently was estimated to be about 100septillion. that is the number of stars in the universe. as recently as last summer a yale astronomer doing a lot of research in hawaii tripled this number so you put a three from front of that. 300 sextillion. that is a lot of stars. that is 26 zeros after the number. we have a lot of different solar systems, galaxies. >> keeping nasa in business. >> and to be sure, most of those stars are not -- the vast majority are not visible to the naked eye. but when you use telescopes, the hubble telescope and all that kind of stuff, that is a really good picture there of a lot of stars. >> wow! it looks like a flock of seagulls. >> yeah. in this recent yale study, he
6:51 am
focused on red dwarfs which are a class of cool stars thnd anterior a -- a class of cool stars. >> in term of putting this into perspective, this is from a fascinating article by neil degrassi tyson. he points this out. there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on any beach. there are more stars than seconds have passed since earth formed. and there are more stars than words and sounds ever uttered by all the humans who ever lived.>> that is making my head >> very deep for a machine morning. >> also, one thing to remember about stars is, because of the
6:52 am
light that we're seeing traveling at the speed of light, really, what we are seeing, when you look at i astar, you are kind of seeing the past. because it takes -- for the period of time that it takes that light to reach us from whatever galaxy that star is in. >> it takes hundreds, thousands of year years. >> when we see the shooting star, that happened a long time ago. >> no, that is a different animal. >> okay. sorry to throw that out. >> when you see a shooting star, it is happening. >> when you go out in the country -- >> that is really something. if you get to get away from the city and lay out in the grass and look up, you see -- i was in hawaii once and it was amazing how many more stars i saw. >> the >> there you go, ella. >> if you have a question you want answered, go to and click on the weather tab. aso upload your video question.
6:53 am
we love those. and a very quick reminder about our special fox 5 weather day with the nationals coming up a week from tomorrow. our presentation is at about 9:45 in the morning so you got to get there a little early. after our presentation, you can watch the nationals beat up on the padres. we are looking forward to getting thousands of people out there to say hi to us. >> should be a lot of fun. >> yep. not too late for your school to take part. if you want to learn more about contacting the nationals for weather day, go to and click on the morning tab. weather day is a week from tomorrow. >> it will be fun. >> people of all ages. >> families with the kids. >> yes, absolutely. mostly children but they have to come with some grown-ups. >> let's get with julie wright and get the least traffic. >> quick question related to stars. tony perkins, do you remember simply red's version of that song. >> yes, i do. >> that was a nice song. i'm surprised you remember that. >> i do remember that.
6:54 am
don't be surprised. i remember a lot of music. >> trivia for tony. from his radio days. >> the crew in sky fox have been checking out the ride on 66. big delays though out of the manassas. what we are looking at now, this is 234 south approaching 66. to the left of your screen, those are the folks headed northbound on 234 south trying to merge onto 66 east. they had a little fender bender there. that has been moved over to the shoulder so our lanes are open. we do have and splans that has been pulled over to the median and that is what is also contributing to the delay. -- we do have an ambulance that has been pulled over to the median. >> that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the american dream comes in many different sizes. >> from little tiny bungalows to megamansions. no matter what it looks like, there is one common thread.
6:55 am
holly is live necessity national building museum with more on a new exhibit that looks at the history of what really make a house a home. 
6:56 am
6:57 am
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. good morning i am holly morris on this monday. we are talking about something that means something to everybody. where do you live? where do you call home. home means different things to different people. we are live at the national home museum, -- at the national museum, at an exhibit called house is home. the curator will talk about what they decided to put in here, some 200 objects covering 100 years of the history of architecture, with a makes a house a home. come out and see the exhibit
6:59 am
yourself. perhaps dorothy said it best will and sarah, there is no place like home. i feel like i should click my heels three times. >> absolutely thanks holly. >> time to say good morning to everyone, at any time day care in winchester virginia, they are our facebook fans of the day today they say they watch fox 5 every morning and the news is better than sponge bob you know we are doing something right. >> you got that right. >> thanks for watching guys. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook and post under the photo of any time day care. >> to tony and allison good morning. >> good morning. coming up fox 5 morning news, breaking news overnight a little girl is shot in the district. we have the very latest. also this morning a desperate plea for help. >> my life is


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