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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 7, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> got a lot of cloud cover, grey skies and we don't have to wait a little sunshine this afternoon. dry day, looks ominous nothing more than cloud cover and a little drizzle in a few spots. satellite picture, cloud cover, which continues across the region, and you can see there, that hanging tough here across the mid-atlantic as winds shifted out of the south and west, we will be in for another cool one as that flow temporarily seems to be off the ocean. north and west, darker blue, thunderstorm activity and that will be in our forecast tomorrow rain showers possibility of thunderstorms back here tomorrow temperature relatively cool, 59 at regan national, 59 degrees, humidity 83%, winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour and pressure, still high, fall a little later today, as that cold front approaches from the west. lots of clouds to start your
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day partial sunshine this afternoon high temperatures, relatively cool not uncomfortable, 70 washington, 74 that will be a hot spot fredericksburg, more details on that weather forecast, back to you guys upstairs. thanks tucker we have news just in regarding an accident that involves a prince georges county school bus the bus, crashed with a van and a truck, this has happened in the 8400 block indian head highway, palmer road. we are told the most serious injury, is to the driver of the van. now we do know that three students on the bus, and the bus driver are going to the hospital with minor injuries, the bus was on its way to oxen hill middle school if we get more information on this of course we will pass them on to you. new this morning a 10-year- old girl is in the hospital after being shot. police say the girl was in a pick up truck that someone
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fired at, as it sat at new york avenue, and fenwick street, 3:45 a.m. family member then drove that truck and the girl to the 6th district police station before the girl went to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. maryland man held hostage in pakistan he lived in rockville and was kidnapped last year. >> this morning we are hearing from warren winestein in a video from al qaeda. melanie is following this live in studio good morning mel. >> good morning certainly unexpected development this video would surface. he hasn't been seen since he was abducted from pakistan last august near hi 3 minute video surfaced late sunday night on jihaddist forums in the video he appears thin but comfortable wearing traditional pakistan tunic and takes a few bites of bread as he speaks he was
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kidnapped by gun point in pakistan 9 months ago he was working as a on the tractor on projects that would reduce poverty now he is being used as a pawn for al qaeda, pleading with president obama to accept their demands. >> my name is warren winestein, my wife is elaine, and i would like her to know that i am fine i am well, i am getting all my medications being taken care of. and that i would like to talk to president obama, and ask him, beg him that he please accept and respond to demands. my life is in your hands mr. president, if you accept the demands, i live, if you don't accept the demands then i die. >> al qaeda is asking for u.s. air strikes in the region to cease and release of terror suspects in u.s. custody he was kidnapped one day before he was due to return home for good to
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rockville. friends said at the time he was looking forward to spending time with his wife, daughters and new grandchild. u.s. air strike took out a top al qaeda leader in the meantime on the fbis most wanted list. he was killed by a drone strike in yemen yesterday. he was wanted for his role in the bombing of the uss cole in yemen in 2000. 17 american sailors were killed in that attack a second al qaeda operative was killed in the u.s. air strike. french voters elect a new leader making nicklas sarkozy the first one term president since 1981. the conservative incumbent lost in yesterday's run off election, to socialist candidate the results of this election may signal change in how europe handles its debt crisis which in term could effect the stock market. the president elect promised to focus on economic growth instead of austerity as a way
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to reduce public debt. on the campaign trail here at home, primaries take place in west virginia, north carolina, indiana tomorrow just a few days after president obama officially kicked off his re-election campaign on saturday. the latest real clear politics average of polls shows obama leading romney, mitt romney 46- 44%. but this morning a new poll shows romney with a 1 point lead over the president. the politico george washington university battleground poll gives romney, 48-47% well within the margin of error the race at this point is a dead heat however the poll does show romney picking up support from independent voters he has a 10 point lead over the president among that group. virginia governor mcdonald's poll numbers slipping a new poll shows that his approval rating dropped 6 points, from 62 to 56% during
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the last year. 35% disproved of the job he is doing 44% virginians think the common wealth is moving in the wrong direction and that is up 5 points from last year. it is believed mcdonald's numbers significantly dropped with independent and urban women. other top stories, fairfax county police stepping up their effort to track down a deadly hit and run driver. >> they hope electronic message signs on roads will lead to an arrest 21-year-old shalindaering on the was found dead late friday morning has believed she got out of her car during some sort of altercation police are looking for a black chevrolet suv with temporary tags. sad update to the elicott city church shooting, the second victim, reverend cohen died from her wounds over the weekend. a homeless man shot the reverend and church secretary
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inside the building last thursday after he was allegedly turned away from 2 churches -- from the churches food bank the secretary died immediately and the homeless man killed himself. there will be royalty in the district today, as prince harry plans to visit wounded veterans and attend an awards dinner where he will be honored by the atlantic council for his charitable work supporting service men and women. joining me to explain more about the award, fred kemp the president and ceo of the atlantic council good morning to you thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> so first of alltel us what the atlantic council is i did not know until recently what it was. >> it is our 50th anniversary we have been around a half century for all of that time we have looked after the trans atlantic relationships biggest economic community in the world and now focussing on the global call will benings -- challenges we have to tackle together whether it is afghanistan,
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global instability that is what we do >> you support and encourage ongoing dialogue between the u.s. and europe and other nations. >> we convene, advocate, write we are a think tank and do convene the real whose who tonight's dinner we are honouring harry we will have henry kissingger and colin powell and the whose who of the establishment and 50 ambassadors. >> tell us why prince harry is receiving this award? we have kind of said in one line but a lot of folks don't know about the work he does. >> prince harry impresses us for two reasons first of all, in our country, it is not every person of privilege who goes to war. here is a person of privilege going to the afghan front lines he is an apache helicopter
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pilot he serves. that is a good sign for kids, he is 27 years old. he has seen his comrades fallen, psychologically scarred he and his brother, started the prince william and harry foundation which looks after the rewhat hillation and reintegration of veterans back into society. >> and that foundation, has done, quite a bit of work over a period of time now, harry is accepting this award on his own behalf or him and his brother >> on behalf of him and his brother and the foundation it is also a fitting award because we are honouring the men and women, enlested men and women of the u.s. military tonight as well, 1.5 million of them, for their uninterrupted 11 years of combat, that in american history we have never had that long a combat and our chairman, a two time purple heart himself, will be presenting that award. general powell will be
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presenting the award to prince harry that should be a moving moment. >> is the prince in town now? >> he is in town and he will also be greeting wounded warriors at the embassy as well. >> all right so tell me, a couple little things obviously when you meet royalty, there is some kind of protocol, and way to shake hands and address them you learned all that. >> well, it is a mixture when you talk to the embassy and people, there is protocol but then there is prince harry he is a little bit more down the earth the protocol as i understand it is not bowing but you do wait for the prince to extend his hand before you shake it. little things like that, and on a bbc radio program i was asked whether i was a little concerned having heard about rumors of prince harry's lavishness the fact he likes to have a good time and i told the bbc program our awards dinner could use a little bit more lavishness. if people want to get a
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glimpse of him where might they be able to do that. >> the dinner is at the ritz carleton hotel but i can as sure you there will be enough security glimpses won't be too terribly close. >> all right then he leaves afterwards. >> then he is leaving soon afterwards come in particularly for this award and i think the reason he has taken it there is a lot of tabloid attention to prince harry but this is serious united nations secretary general, moon will get an award presented by henry kissinger. and is great violinist, and then, the ceo of unilever paul pole man this is a great crowd, and i think prince harry looked at this and said this is serious, this is where i would really like to have my foundation recognized. have fun tonight. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for coming in. allison.
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>> thanks tony. coming up meet a young woman who is embarking on a journey of a lifetime she was recently crowned miss dc and about to compete for title of miss usa she is in studio this morning up next how you can help heroine we will be right back, after the break time now, 9:11 a.m. 
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welcome back, the district of columbia, 2012 gearing up for the big miss usa competition. fans will be able to vote to get their favorite contestant into the semi finals www.miss usa joining us with more details, miss dc herself, monique tom kins welcome to the show. >> thank you for having me. >> you know we are all rooting for you. >> okay. >> just so you know that can you vote multiple times.
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>> 10 times per e-mail per day my grandmother who has three e- mail accounts voted 30 times a day. >> okay, so we will do that and it is open now let me ask you this first how has your time been as miss dc. >> i want to say the first month was an adjustment however i am having a ball, time of my life and i feel like i don't want the give it up. >> right but of course you will have to do that when you win miss usa. >> correct if i win miss usa or when, i will have to give my duties to my first runner up. you went to duke ellington focused in dance. >> yes. >> then went on to pursue that at a collegiate level. >> university of arts philadelphia bachelor of fine arts in dance. >> red skin cheerleader. >> yes, third year with the washington red skins. >> you are very busy. >> pretty much. >> you are very busy. >> so you head out to las
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vegas, may 16th. >> may 18th. >> and then what do you do for that whole time? >> well, it is live production so we have to rehearse, a lot of rehearsing and then while there you are being judged they take their top 15 when you see it june 3rd, top 15 and then fans pick the 16th person. >> so you hit the ground running. >> right away. >> and then of course, the live show is coming up, it is on june 2nd or june 3rd. >> 3rd. >> from fantastic planet hollywood resort and casino. >> yes. >> everybody watches and on miss dc you hosted this event at turkey thicket rec center saturday. it had to do with kids. >> my father worked at dc recks and sports -- recks and parks when i was a child so when i got back to dc from college you know i was like i want to have
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an event for the kid, and the first thing i thought about was kick ball i used to play growing up. they were thrilled -- it was one of my spur of the moment ideas let's go play kick ball. >> you brought friends from the squad along there, and there they are. >> you know what, that is fun too normally when we thing about fundraisers no offence to those who plan but you are sitting in a room and it is all sort of a little stuffy you took it outside and be active. >> right this was just something for the kids in ward 5 where i live now, ward 5. it starts here and then i will move forward. so it was great they had a ball. >> have you focused -- i know there has to be a platform and things that you sort of support, is your main thrust the kids. >> well, you don't have to have a platform however growing up and in college i used to mentor big brothers big sisters iamb
9:19 am
all about mentoring and -- i am all about mentoring and being about the kids. >> all right well, back to that competition again, 61st annual miss us arc competition, where does the time go it will air june 3rd there you are, tell us about this picture. >> oh, gorbachev >> that is the moment. >> -- oh, gosh,. >> you can never be prepared for it they say oh, don't do this, don't do that, that moment you hear you have won all that goes out the window. >> competition is fierce no joke. >> no joke. you have the women bringing their a game best foot forward it is definitely fierce competition the girls are lovely. that was my favorite part meeting the girls. >> because we imagine it being
9:20 am
a little you know, sabotage, menful of putting something in your make up or hiding your brushes but it is all about good competition. >> yeah, about good competition you know, building friendships that can last forever when you are there they are the only people who can relate to you at that time that moment, and you are with them 14 plus days. >> we wish you the best of luck to vote, and you can do so until june 2nd, that where i got the wrong date, june 2nd, started may 1st, go to wit miss usa -- www.miss >> tony over to you she is so lovely >> absolutely is good luck to you. >> thank you. coming up, it was a big weekend for two of the three american hikers jailed in iran. we will tell you what happened. first, holly is showing us some of america's homes hey, holly. >> in fact tony i think you will recognize some of these
9:21 am
items what are the items that make your house a home, you can find out what it has been over the years in a whole new exhibit called house and home, national building museum where we are live it includes wonderful models iconic homes like monticello, how to come out and see this exhibit, we will talk live later [ man ] did we getet anything good?
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>> five men on trial for the 9/11 attacks are trying to delay the court proceedings at guantanamo bay. one of their lawyers they are putting up a peaceful protest, they believe it could be a decade before the trial and all the appeals are exhausted. to syria, heavy security for particle meantry elections today they are boycotting with
9:25 am
a general strike, protestors says the just a sham and more fighting broke out this morning between rebelthe syrian army despite a cease fire that was supposed to start a month ago. >> two americans held in iran for spying got married over the weekend. they were arrested in iran in 2009 along with josh shoard left on bail, the other two were convicted but released last september they were married in northern california saturday, with 200 people in attendance including josh. their lawyer is not saying where they are honeymooning. yeah. >> tucker is laughing on the side it is distracting. >> tucker. >> coming up traditional black and white oreos get a new taste why snack food makers are changing up their recipes. >> dave ross is hanging out
9:26 am
with lamont peterson this morning hey dave. >> yeah, this is exciting we are here at head bangers gym in southeast catching up with this manx lamont peterson, 140 -- with this man, lamont peterson, 140-pound king pin. stick around. fox morning news continues with the champ 3q at lysol, we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen,
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and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health.
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>> if you are headed other seas any time soon don't expect to -- overseas any time son don't expect to find your favorite snack. here in the united states the snack food market is flat plus we like our food like we like it don't want any other stuff some products new ones include oreo stuffed with mango and orange and green tea flavour for summer time. or cereal served in hot coffee instead of cold milk while we
9:30 am
are familiar with crab flavouring on the east coast, russians prefer their potato chips dusted in caviar. i wouldn't mind that because of my fancy pallet. >> i have seen here, in america, in an effort to grow the brands like oreos, they are like nine different kinds now. >> yeah. >> inside out >> i do like the golden ones. >> yeah. >> what is an inside out. >> filling on the outside. >> no, what is it tony. >> i think it is the golden cookie, with chocolate icing on the inside. >> no, it is not tony. >> that is not an inside out. >> that might fly in your home you tell con norsomething. >> but they have all different kinds. >> they do. >> who can forget double stuff. >> the best. >> all right this you go. but when you travel overseas maybe you can get mango oreos. >> i think that sundays great.
9:31 am
>> right. >> all right. >> we can try it,. >> we are adventurous. >> every halloween i have an orange one. >> and mint ones. >> yes. >> going on too long. >> back to our live shot. >> long morning. there you go, clouds grey skies continue across the area, looks like london. >> it does. >> little bit of drizzle in spots, this is what we have been dealing with really sing early yesterday morning as we have been dealing with the wind coming off the ocean here, locking in the cool. off to a cool start 59 washington, leonard town, 61, 61 annapolis not a terribly warm day trend should be warmer thinking highs upper 60s to 70. and we are hoping we will be able to mix up the atmosphere just a little bit, and work a little sunshine in your afternoon forecast otherwise not really a rainy day just a grey overcast kind of gloomy
9:32 am
day out there, as we continue to deal with that on shore flow. high pressure off to our north and east not responsible for easterly winds out to the west, pretty good thunderstorms roaring all morning pressing in towards cleveland and detroit, this cold front this is a warm front then a cold front will bring us a chance of rain showers and perhaps thunderstorms tomorrow. tomorrow, looks like rain showers and thunderer storms back in the forecast. as this front gets closer later this afternoon we thing it will mix up the atmosphere enough, push the air around, scatter out the cloud cover we are looking at first half of the day future cast, few sprinkles, early today, mix of clouds later today generally dry don't need an umbrella, overcast tonight showers maybe thunderstorms back in the forecast tomorrow afternoon, with our next cold front that is our next best chance for rain hope we get a bit tomorrow afternoon early fog and drizzle plenty of clouds around, sunshine as well 70 your daytime high temperatures
9:33 am
cooler than average, 58 your overnight low, and 5 day forecast warm up ahead of that front tomorrow upper 70s daytime highs 77 and few showers in the forecast linger into wednesday, in fact the first half of the day might be rainy, showery, thursday and friday back into the sunshine seasonable temperatures upper 60s to 70. best weather of the week towards the end, thursday and friday that is a look at your weather forecast. back to you. >> thank you. almost rematch time for the champ lamont peterson. >> he pulled off an upset against emir khan in december but they will meet in las vegas, may 19th on common ground. dave ross is at head banger gym. >> hey, dave he is training hard for that rematch may 19th, in las vegas he is the champ he is lamont peterson and you are
9:34 am
gracious to take the time to join us i know you are right in the middle of training how is everything going. >> great >> what do you weigh now. >> 149 pounds. >> you got to get down to 140. >> yeah, but every work out i lose at least 4, 5 pounds i am only two work outs away from my weight >> as you get closer to may 19th how do you keep the heart rate low and everything calm. >> knowing i been here before just another day at the gym, another day of boxing i have been doing it 18 years this is no problem at all. >> the man who runs head bangers gym, trainer extraordinary, barry hunter, good to see you. lamont is ready i know you are ready i want to talk for people who might not know about the fighting style of lamont peterson it is crowding he crowded emir khan in that first fight and made him uncomfortable. >> yeah, we had to win that fight with four different plans if he do this, we do that and vice versa once we got close to
9:35 am
him we saw he is fidgety on the inside he can't fight on the inside you do whatever you need to do. >> show me what you mean if i am emir and i am british and here comes lamont at me and you want him on the inside what will he do. >> on average if you look even from amateurs you look at the average fighter from the uk or some of these other places, they have a problem with inside fighting. >> okay so i want to stay on the outside if i am emir >> using your jab use your jab use your jab. >> using that jab >> i am pushing it down and moving forward. >> push my jab down. >> because you going to have to lean forward if i put your down. >> you are crowding myspace here when you get to the inside that is when do your body work. >> if he try to step this way i meet him over here if he go that way i take a step no matter where he is going there. >> you are constantly cutting off the ring.
9:36 am
is there anything different i'd like him to do in this -- you would like him to do in this fight. >> we need more jabs. a jab will allow you to get to your opponent much easier not only that, time disruptor, so say if you want to throw combination, or want to throw punches back, at your opponent, if he is jabbing constantly, that is like ground fighting. >> so lamont. >> instead of me catching your jab, what barry want me to do more, push him back with my jab now you on defense and i am able to hold you there now you have no more -- >> you keep me there with your jab and stepping forward. >> right. >> uh you see what you did. he jab you fall back. >> you all on defense. >> and that is the plan. >> all right so you going to keep me at bay with the jab. so how -- what can he do to counter act that? what do you think he can do,
9:37 am
you got to be one step ahead. >> we don't want to give no secret. >> i will tell you what will happen, if he can fight with me, out fighting that is good for him but i doubt he can out fight me >> give me a demonstration with the pad work over here some of that, is fighting and show the people the skill barry. >> he got in there with his brother-in-law, we call them bad by thes and you know, bag boogie is one of the best pad man. >> this is coming up may 19th emir khan i saw emir today tweeted because he is big on twitter, there is nothing lamont can do to stop me may 19th he has been talking a whole lot since the first fight do you look at that as just
9:38 am
whispers in the wind >> it is hard to talk yourself hot that is what i think because way i figure if you good at what you do you don't need to talk everybody else talk for you only thing that matter in this game that we do, end of your wrist. so you know come may 19th we going to have to fight. >> may 19th boys leave for las vegas, next week champ, appreciate it, i will give you a pound there. barry hunter thank you they are going out to vegas going out there with them we want dc to represent lamont peterson has been doing it well. >> go nats go caps. >> rg 3. >> back to studio. >> like that. like that. >> all right very good. thanks dave. >> coming up record setting box office debut and latest star to announce a run for x factor judge. >> former basketball star hitting the books his plans for the future next in buzz bin wait until you hear about this ♪
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maybe we will call it the ageneral injuries. we all saw this -- avengers. we all saw this coming. it brought in more than $200 million the biggest domestic hoping in history rounding out the top five, think like a man, hunger games, the lucky one and pirates band of misfits. good movie too. so is pirates band of misfits. >> you saw that one. >> yes >> fans of the andy griffith show are remembering lyndsey. >> he played goober pile it was a role he later reprised for money than 20 years on heehaw
9:43 am
he died in nashville after a brief illness he was 83 years old. shaq has proved you are never too old to reach your goals. >> rereceiveed his -- he received his doctoral in education from barry university there he is. shaq says he put in 4.5 years staying up late to study and write papers he was one of 1100 students honored, shaq says he is considering going to law school next. good for him. >> awesome. >> that is great >> i bet he was the tallest graduate. >> at shakakhan to growing list of celebs who want to be judges on the x factor. there are two judge seats available but brittany spears has been in talks with the show and rumour has it miley cyrus and demi lovatto also hope to
9:44 am
snag a spot. she says her 40 plus years in the business make her a perfect fit. >> i think she would be great. >> she is a power house. >> there is no place like home a look at the american home throughout the years how it is changing and the communities we live in. holly is taking us to the house and home exhibit up next. >> ahead their personalities may be great but black dogs and cats often don't get adopted as well as other animals we are talking about it again to get these cats and dogs good homes, more about this syndrome on the other side of the break. 9:44 a.m. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ?
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droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does. the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design.
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did you know black cats and dogs are most often overlooked because of their dark color? it is called black dog and cat syndrome.
9:48 am
>> these pets suffer from stigma because many people associate them as being bad luck. fox 5s. annie yu joins us in studio with a local shelter and has more information about this. >> hey, tony and allison this is checkers and he is really a true black cat he is just purring away as we sit here. that's right. shelters nationwide, report that they have difficulty finding black dogs and cats homes we will find out more from our friend carrie who is the communications i guess volunteer at friends of homeless animals in virginia, good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk -- tell us more about the black cat and dog syndrome why are you having so much trouble? >> it is a little known fact among rescues and shelters, that these animals, black in particular are overlooked by potential adopters mainly because of myths or superstitions surrounding them
9:49 am
even just simple reasons because they are not as people believe they are not as photo generallic. >> that is ridiculous. >> these are great animals checkers here is just enjoying the belly rub tell us about checkers. >> he is a domestic short hair he was abandoned, on someone's property his endeering quality is he loves his belly rubbed. >> he has not moved. >> he will sit there as long as you let him, lap cat loves his belly rubbed he will follow you around like a dog he has neat characteristics. >> he is purring i have never had a cut purr. >> he is a purring machine. >> very sweet who do you have. >> skip. he was actually surrendered to prince william county pound, his family had him for a few years had children decided they could no longer care for him, and took him to the pound and we rescued him we have had him
9:50 am
since march he is definitely a little snuggle buddy, loves sitting in the lap his most endeering quality is he will do anything for a piece of cheese loves cheese just so mild mannered many people confuse him with a miniature pincher but he is a toy english terrier, good disposition, i haven't heard him bark once great in the car. >> what kind of home are you hoping for skip. >> well, any home that has time to invest in him he is very easy going, as you can see he just loves to sit and snuggle and he is a -- he would be great in a professional couples home yeah, just anyone with time. >> we have an opportunity to check out checkers and skip at an adoption event next saturday. >> yep we have an event at our upscale thrift store called the treasure hound we have a big adoption with cats and dogs 11-
9:51 am
3 next sad. >> that information -- saturday. >> that information will be posted on your website and linked to ours back to you. >> they are among the most mild mannered animals we have ever had. >> they are wonderful. >> very sweet. >> i thought that was a min pin myself got a little education today thanks annie. holly morris at the national building museum in northwest dc today. >> she is checking out a recently opened exhibit, called house and home good morning. >> good morning we all live somewhere, right we all consider home something different and we all make our houses into homes in different ways and you can come here to this exhibit and explore how people have done that over the years and talk about it, and that would bring great joy to sarah, she is the curator she worked hard on this exhibit putting just the right things into it and i think this is kind of the fun part of the exhibit, all wonderful but, these are the objects that really for whatever reason people thought they needed to have in their homes through the
9:52 am
years how did you go about deciding. >> we have 200 objects here from all different eras and regions we made lists went to historical societies, did a lot of shopping on ebay and at antique stores and people's attics and basements. >> so i think it is funny when you go and take a look and say okay now they had to put that in there. like the farah fawcett poster >> absolutely. >> clearly that was in a lot of homes. >> yes. >> one thing we are trying to do everyone is telling a story about certain place in the home so, of course tara we have from maybe a -- farah fawcett we have from a teenage boys room, talking about teenage years and how we are separating that in the is the 70s. >> you said one of the things people wanted to talk about was priorities. >> absolutely just from the things we are looking at here that on the floor is a home exercise machine, it is an early one and that is showing,
9:53 am
the focus on health and exercise and that you can do that right in your own home of course it is like a rowing machine we tried to use it when we first picked it up at antique store. >> then you were injured and you were like no. >> exactly. >> we look at the different objects and see people's priorities it is a statement on them. but then you said you also thought these objects spoke to the possibilities. >> well, sure. i mean there is a lot of aspirational things here that maybe not everybody has. we do have in this gallery, kind of arranged by room, the room in the house, and then in this gallery we have a tiffany lamp, from the new york historical society the real deal. we have all different kinds of things a radio speaks what you would do in the home and where you would be while having that type of entertainment. >> what do you think people would be surprised to see somethings they would be
9:54 am
surprised. >> they might not know what somethings are from the yarn swift here, used towind skeins of yarn and the joy stick right there, on the atari. >> i love it. unfortunately i do know what it is. that speaks to my age. what do you talk about in terms of where the home goes from here. >> in future? >> mm-hmm. >> that is a good question. i think we are going to be seeing a lot of things that are not necessarily connected to a certain room, when we were putting these together we had an idea which room you would use that in and now people are using their homes in different ways like the wireless technology that can be any where and do different things. the other thing i think would have been hard for you all in terms of getting everything in, is that what is home or what is normal, is different depending on where you live. >> absolutely. and that is something you know,
9:55 am
certainly isn't comprehensive, not everything you ever might have had in your home but we want to give people a starting off point to have a conversation. somethings people might not be familiar with if you don't have a front porch or backyard or parlour you might not have some of these things. >> in addition i just want to make sure we got in, you have 14 wonderful models of iconic homes. >> yes absolutely everything from mount vernon right here, all the way to the gary house and they are all scale models based on the hancock tower, in chicago, an apartment building and multiuse building but you can see how tall it is there, at the end of the gallery. >> very cool. >> thank you so much for letting us get an early look at this our website we have a link to the national building museum this exhibit is on for five years you have time but take some time when you come to see the house and home exhibit i think you will enjoy it more fox 5 morning news when we come back stay with us [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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another good morning to everyone at the any time day care in winchester virginia, good morning everybody they are our facebook fans to have day they watch fox 5 every morning and say the news is better than sponge bob square pants so there thanks for watching. for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook post a comment under the photo of any time day care. >> what have you got >> clouds across the area, lookout the window plenty of clouds, northwest washington, i am cautiously optimistic we will get a little sunshine this afternoon. >> don't tease me tucker. >> i am doing the best i can with what i got. >> he is right. >> a little


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