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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 7, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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right now. the edge begins in virginia right now. after an investigation by the u.s. justice department in virginia, abbott laboratories pleaded guilty and will pay $1.5 billion after admitting to push the antiseizure drug deprocote for uses not approved by the fda. tom fitzgerald is back from the justice department and who are they marketing this too to? >> reporter: according to the charges, abbott laboratories pleaded guilty that their drug was touted as a treatment for dementia in senior citizens. the company not only made the claims without the proof to back it up, it continued to dough doso after being aware that it can cause serious side effects in people it was not intended for. at the justice department, officials say it's the second largest criminal penalty ever
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paid by a u.s. corporation. >> $1.5 billion. with a b. >> reporter: it comes as part of a guilty plea from abbott laboratories, the maker of the drug. the fda approved depacote for treating bipolar disorders and epilepsy seizures but the company was pushing it for something ole. in 19 inspect, they were forced to stop the trials on the dementia patient when is some started having side effects like sleep disorders, dehydration and anorexia. officials say from no one 98- 2000, abbott executives used rebates and payoffs to pharmacies and nursing homes to prescribe depracote to patients with dementia, even though it was not approved for that use. >> abbott encouraged the use of an ineffective medication to control the symptoms of dementia knowing that the use of the medication caused severe
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and dangerous side effect. >> reporter: the virginia attorney general helped lead the investigation in virginia and the company preyed on vulnerable families. >> some of the folks you might look to first to trust as you decide how to make decisions for your elderly parents and so forth were in on this and that is very disturbing feature in the case. >> reporter: a statement on the abbott website said, quote, we're pleased to resolve this manner and are confident we have the programs in place to satisfy the requirements of this settlement. the $1.5 million settlement includes the company forfeiting $700,000,000.800 in civilel isments with the federal government in 45 state -- settlements with the federal government. any patients will probably not share in this penalty. the guilty plea could open up the company to civil suits and investigators are looking into the pharmacist and nursing
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homes, brian, who took payments from abbott to illegally prescribe depracoty, and could face criminal charges as well. and breaking news from earlier. the cia stopped another al qaeda underwear bomb blot. "the associated press" reporting and the affiliate plans to head to the u.s. according to the ap, the plot was to coincide with the one- year anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. the would-be sued bomber was told to buy a tick oat the airline of his choice and decide the timing of the attack himself. the ticket was not purchased with the cia foiled the plot. not clear what happened to the would be bomber. news of the plot comes less than 24 hours after al qaeda released a new video of a american hostage pleads for his life. and that's rockville maryland man who was held hostage the past 9 months. >> my life is in your hands, mr. president, and if you accept the demands, i live.
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if you don't accept the demands, i do. -- i die. >> the video shows winestein reaching out to president obama. they will release them if they give up all of the drones and air strikes against fighters and the release of al al qaeda and taliban prisoners. the obama administration said it won't negotiate with al qaeda. >> we don't make concessions to terrorists. we remain very, very concerned about the safety and well-being of mr. winestein and we want to call where we have called and continue to call for his immediate release. >> and we continue to cooperate closely with pakistani authorities. >> he was abducted in august of last year. this is the second time al qaeda claims to have had him detained. the edge on d.c., a jury returned guilty verdicts against five men charged in one of the bloodiest attacks in the history of the district. and that string of violent began about with a stolen bracelet. >> reporter: this jury began the work in february and took
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several months to listen to more than 100 witnesses, including one of the shooters who cooperated with the government. late this afternoon, d.c. police chief kathy lanier came down here with the police and prosecutors to secure the convicts and to off smear words of comfort and thank the jury. >> to the family members of the victims, there is nothing more i can say. i know the hearbreak is tremendous -- heartbreak is tremendous. to the jurors, thank you for doing what i know has been difficult to sit through this trial and come to conclusions and do what you had to do. thank you for doing that and for the people in the city. >> and the system worked for us today. they didn't fail us. i didn't see a smile on their face at all and they were smirking and throwing kisses. not today. >> i always said it was in god's hands, and i preyed -- prayed he would give rochelle and all of the children, those who died and those wounded,
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those who witnessed the maihem to give them justice. this is a step in the right direction for us. >> reporter: on the night of the attack on south capital street, march 30th, 2010, prosecutors say orlando carter, best, boast and sims got into this van and went looking for revenge. sims, who cooperated with the government, was armed with the ak-47 and admits to pointing it out of the window and pulling the trigger. mowing down a group of young people mourning the death of jordan howe. the first victim in a series of shootings that began over a stolen bracelet. best, boast, and carter are facing life in prison without a possibility of parole and carter and williams are facing life. and this afternoon, a team of prosecutors and police came together outside of the courthouse where they stopped
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to thank the jury. the men will be sentenced on september 11th. back to you. and on to the john edwards' trial where a witness testified the money at the center of the trial was not a campaign contribution. jonathan sery is in greensboro, north carolina w details. >> reporter: the lawyer of the key donor to john edwards takes the stand and says the wealthy heiress gave money as a gift, not a campaign contribution and alex forger said the money was for a personal need of edwards and that she didn't want to know what that was. some of melon's money was used to hide edwards' pregnant mistress. gorger -- forger testifying that the former senator said he did not know about the money, which was deposited into an account of his aid, andrew young and these testimonies support what the defense lawyers insist. >> if they going to say, look, this is a personal matter, my wife was dieing of cancer and i didn't want her to know this is out ofd withlock.
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when you think about it, i may have been a dirtball husband but not a dirtball politician. >> reporter: prosecutors claim edwards masterminded the scheme to cover up his affair using $1 million as he sought the white house, which they say is a violation of federal finance campaign laws. >> if money is given at the request of the campaign or for expenses that otherwise would not have been incurred but for his candidacy and the fact that -- and the government's theory is you were trying to hide from the public this out-of-wed lock child because you wrapped yourself up as a family man. because of that, that is what the expenses were incurred for. >> reporter: another witness, the personal librarian testified that edwards approached the heiress for an additional $3 million, weeks before he was indicted on corruption charges last year n. greensboro, north carolina, jonathan sery, fox news. just ahead on the news edge, trouble for oprah's o.w.n.
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network and the dreamliner airplane lands in d.c. promises to change air travel. sue. and we have been stuck in the gray zone and it looks like we might be stuck there longer. i'll let you know what our chances are for showers and storms coming out of the gray zone as well. feldy, so much is going in sports. where do you start? >> you start with the caps in new york and with a huge game. back with a serious tie. they have to win one on the road tonight. plus, a bad break for the nationals who were playing so well jason werth lands wrong. we'll update the wrist scenario. 
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. more options at a pizza chain favorite. big losses for the big o and a final farewell to a famous feline. >> reporter: we're going to start off with dominoes revamping the menu and now adding a gluten-free option. the pizza chain will be the
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first to offer a glute gluten- free option for people safe -- suffering from wheat allergies. the crust will be available own in the small 10-inch size pizza. the most successful failure in television. a new report for o.w.n., the oprah winfrey network. industry insiders are predictings the network might be a ticking timebomb if it doesn't find a new hit show soon. if not, it may not survive another year. and a sad day for animal lovers. meow, the 39-pound cat died. he received national attention last month appearing on network shows for his king size and at first it was a joke and he started highlighting a growing problem of pet obesity. despite a transcript diet and treatments, meow died this weekend and he was just two years old. the nicest ride in the skies and it's in d.c. just ahead, we have a tour of boeing's dreamliner. puts the standard first class to shame. we'll be right back. ♪
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. the biggest change to commercial airplanes in 50 years. a new jet named the dreamliner promises a better ride for passengers with the changes you will see and feel. today, we got a look inside beth parker. >> reporter: what you're looking at is the future. >> today, we're looking at an airplane that i think will be the airplane that people measure. other airplanes against for decades to come. >> reporter: the boeing 787 dreamliner got hollywood treatment at reagan national airport. randy neville is the chief test pilot. >> i love trying the -- flying the airplane. >> reporter: the crew has sleeping space, the cockpit better visibility and the plane is made of carbon fiber.
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it's lighter and 20% more fuel efficient. >> we took the airplane to places like iceland and high crosslands and we have gone up close to mountains to find icing conditions and to bolivia to find high-altitude runways. awful of the different places but the airplane handles it the same. >> reporter: there is a lot for passengers to like, too. for example, room for four large suitcases in one overhead bin. >> and what you will notice is electronically-giving windows and can you see the difference between this one and the one behind me and that is coming with a push of a button. and no more pulling down the shade. boeing said you might feel less jet lagged. they pressurized the cabin to 6,000 feed instead of 8,000 that means more oxygen and watch this, they can control the color and intensity of light in the cabin. >> when it's time for passengers to be restful, if you simulate a sunset, the body naturally can't help but to calm down and you begin to get sleepy.
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>> reporter: the 787 is manufactured in washington state and there are 850 planes on order. >> the 787 is proof america still has the knowledge and the skill that put the first plane in the sky, kittyhawk and planted the stars and stripes on the moon. >> reporter: the plane is in service in japan and coming soon to an airport near you. beth parker, fox 5 news. see if we can get out of the soup here. >> and we need to and i don't think that we're going to see a lot of sun tomorrow and not on wednesday and there is that front through the area and might have a better chance of a shower or storm tomorrow and looking live outside and that is gray. my s.a.d. is kicking in again. look at that camera shaking,
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too and that is a breeze. it's shaking higherin and the winds are stronger. temperaturewise, i bet you didn't realize we got up to 73 degrees and without the sun, just doesn't feel the same, does it and dulles, 70; average, 73 for this time of the year and we're trending average in the temperature department. imagine what it would have been like if we had sunshine. here and there, a couple of breaks for sure and there was some more sun to the south and we had the persistent clouds hanging around. fredericksburg, 74 and annapolis, 66 degrees at this hour and that is warm to the south and to our west where you have had the full sunshine and pittsburgh, 82; raleigh, 72 and looks like the clouds are going to hang tough the next few
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hours and to our west, we have had showers and storms and they don't appear to be moving quickly. we're not expecting that to get into d.c. and there is some more beyond that. this silent frontal boundary, the cool front and we have a better chance of showers and storms tomorrow and there is not a lot of sunshine. the storms are not expected to be severe and that air won't get that much more unstable. the temperature by 77 degrees. wednesday, 76 degrees and could still be a shower around as well and to wednesday. thursday, looks like we'll break for sunshine by the afternoon and with that temperature of 73 degrees. meanwhile for tomorrow, this is what is going be setting up again. a good chance of showers and storms, especially later in the day as the front, the cool front is going to cross the region. that is a slow mover and could be some showers around on wednesday as well and for overnight hours, cloudy skies
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and temperatures into the mid- 50s and suburbs, 59 degrees in the city and, again, a little gusty in the evening hours. tomorrow, also a little on the breezy side and out of the south, though, the warm direction at 10 to 20. more clouds and sun, some showers and storms in the afternoon and our temperature about 77 degrees. it looks like the best chance for showers and storms this week. most likely tomorrow. at 8 in the morning, 63 under cloudy skies. still fairly cloudy at noon at 73 and we'll keep an eye on radar and closely and the fox 5 weather app. at 5:00, there is some scattered showers and storms and the temperature of 75 degrees. >> looks like it's tripping warmer for tomorrow. eighty, quantico, fredericksburg, 82. , culpeper at 80 and that afternoon thunder again, with not full sunshine and hopefully we won't get the severity of the storms and there is some around. our temperature, about about 77 degrees for tomorrow and looking through the next few
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days, looks like tomorrow and saturday are the warm east this five-day forecast and the weekend right now, we begin a trend that is fantastic and that is oned from, 74 and 77 and would be nice to break into a sweet weekend pattern. >> yeah. >> and thank you, sue. >> sure. did not take the rookie quarterback long to move up. next. [ female announcer ] with xfinity, you can always expect more. like more on demand shows and movies than ever. and more ways to discover them too. plus more speed from america's fastest internet provider. so you can run more devices at the same time. ♪ feel a firework [ female announcer ] and best of all, it keeps getting better. no wonder more people choose xfinity over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪
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♪ love can be so mystical you know what's exciting? graduation.
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when i look up into my students faces, i see pride. you know, i have done something worthwhile. when i earned my doctorate, that pride, that was on my face. i am jocelyn taylor. i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives, and i am a phoenix. visit to find our 5 locations in your area. . good evening, the nats jason wirth had successful surgery to repair a broken left wrist and is expected to be out for 12 weeks. bryce harper on the first pitch. drilled by hamill. control hamills gets him in the back and admitted he did it on purpose. today was suspended five games. later in the inning, hamill close to first and harper's off to home. the third from home.
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the first to do it since may 5th, 1964 and harper with two hits. not only did the nats lose the game, by the way, they lost jason wirth. tries to make a diving catch and with the left wrist on the play. rehab will begin immediately and, once again, wirth expected to miss 12 weeks. the caps-rangers series shifts to ple for the pivotal game five of the eastern conference semi finals. we should expect another close game. the series with the rangers is similar to the first years with the browns. one goal game. the caps lost to new york on april 28th, the only time in 11 play-off games that the outcome was decided by more than a goal. and this was instituted when dale hunter took over for bruce bud row as head coach. it might be nerve racking for fans but the team is embracing it so far. >> and talking to friends and family, they sitting at home and biting their nails out.
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i keep telling them those days are gone a bit. i think they're going to be tight the rest of the week and we feel comfortable in the games and. robert griffin thee is the redskins starting quarterback and will be on the field the first team offense when 90 players report to redskins park for the start of otas on may 21st and took five practices over three days of rookie camp. for the head coach to name robert griffin 3 as starting qb and looking impressive in the first redskins practices. shanahan said the prized qb proved it was worth moving up to get him in the draft. the head coach won't throw the entire playbook at griffin and will utilize the strengths instead. >> and we're going to adjust our system to what he feels comfortable, watch him grow and what he feels he can do and does the best. >> you go from being top dog at
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your college to, you know, the bottom of the barrel in the pros and even if you're the starting quarterback. you're the bottom of the barrel and tro have to prove yourself. i don't plan to come in policeman buoyantly, you still have to go earn it. and golfing at national for the brian a ran ho lou keepia -- leukemia golf classic. yours truly he a chance to chat with mike han shanna -- mike shanahan. anthony armstrong with a good swing and looks good, too. and said dressing well was worth five strokes. the host is mr. arapahoe. he's new to the game of golf. if you're watching, brian, i would not have shown this, but my producer insisted on it and can you reach him at his home. 417-running -- 417 running scared road in gaithersburg, virginia. or maryland, wherever you want to find him, go get him. that was not my idea and that is sports. back to you. brian, i don't want trouble
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with him. >> don't blame you. we'll be watching him. >> that's right. >> before we leave you, there is a little royaltiy in the district today. britain's prince harry is in town. the shot of harry arriving at the ritz-carlton in d.c. and set to receive the atlantic council award for distinguished humanitarian leadership. more coming up later on the news at 10. ws at 10. . sue, one last look at the forecast. >> you sure you don't want to look at prince harry more? i don't mind. >> the temperature tomorrow, about 77 degrees and looks like we're going have a couple of thunderstorms around in the afternoon, brian, and not a lot of sunshine either. we brighten things up by the end of the week. >> and you have the news edge. back here at 10. the news edge. as always.
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