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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 7, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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[ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'. this is fox 5 news at 7:00. fox 5 is following two developing stories tonight. al-qaeda release nude video of a kidnapped maryland man -- released new video of a kidnapped maryland man in pakistan, but we begin with another foiled terror plot. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancey.
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the cia stop an attempt to blow up a u.s. airliner with a confiscated designed underwear bomb. >> the foiled plan was set to mark the anniversary of the killing of osama bin laden. >> this was a very ambitious plan by al-qaeda's affiliate in yemen. the operation to stop it is a victory for u.s. intelligence but is also a grim reminder of al-qaeda's ambitions. the cia thwarted the plan which involved an upgrade of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate aboard a jetliner over detroit on christmas, 2009. very little is being released because this is an ongoing operation. the fbi did issue this statement about the explosive. initial exploitation indicates that the device is very similar to ieds that have been used previously by al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula in attempted terrorist attacks including against aircraft and for targeted assassinations. what has u.s. intelligence
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officials concerned is how terrorists are stepping up the sophistication of their explosives. this device did not contain metal which means it may have been able to pass through an airport metal detector. this one was also to be used in a passenger's underwear, but this time with a refined detonation system. officials say this would be suicide bomber based in yemen had not yet picked a target or bought a plane ticket which the cia seized the bomb. defense secretary and former cia chief leon panetta warns the potential threats by al- qaeda and other terrorist groups. >> what this incident makes clear is that this country has to continue to remain vigilant against those that would seek to attack this country and we will do everything necessary to keep america safe. >> reporter: the white house says president obama was told about the plot in april and was assured the device posed no threat to the public. c chairman of the house homeland
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security committee, says experts are now analyzing and testing the bomb. >> you see exactly what it consists of, what the danger is from it and what threat it would pose, can be it detected, how is it similar to, how does it vary from previous devices. so this is definitely significant. it's serious but americans were never at risk. >> joining us now with a little more perspective is steven emerson, the executive director of the investigative project on terrorism. thanks for being with us tonight. what more do you know about this incident? >> as your reporter noted, the government is keeping a close hold on this because the investigation is still going on. i can tell you one that, suspect is in u.s. hands, two, he is an american passport holder and three, that the detonation device wasn't the problem. the problem was or the ingenious nature of what the terrorists were trying to do was to devise a new explosive
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material that was undetectable by regular scanning devices. right now when you go through an airport scanning device, it will pick up plastic or syntex. this type of new molecular type of variation of petn, very, very explosive plastic explosive material was devised apparently by people in the arabian peninsula belonging to al-qaeda or perhaps other scientists, but whatever the case is they stepped up their technological findings to actually beat the system, beat our radar detector systems at airports. that's a real worry because they're always going to be one step ahead. i suspect we're going to be changing the nature of some of the detection systems and the technology at airports around the world. >> but at this point there are no immediate plans according to u.s. officials to change security at our airports.
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how soon do you think that could change? >> first of all, i don't think they'll announce changes immediately. they're going to be tight lipped about what they do because they're not going to want to in form terrorists 'no. 2, they're still testing the actual compound, about the i'm holding here a copy of inspire magazine. it's in black and white. it's an english language magazine put out by al-qaeda and at rainian peninsula formerly by the late -- the arabian peninsula formerly by the late anwar al-awlaki and it talks about how to penetrate and beat the system of using different variations and molecular compounds of petn so that it doesn't get detected as it almost was detected in the famous underwear plot in 2009. so they're actually -- they're three years ahead of us in discussing ways of increasing their technology to avoid detection and they're doing this all the time. look, the whole system for them is how to beat us at the first level, okay? we're always fighting the last
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war. at this point our intelligence was great. it came from a variety of sources. the person who is in now u.s. custody may have been a mule. he had an american passport. the report was he was going to buy his ticket in cash at a counter. that's a red flag for anybody who buys a ticket. so thank god the u.s. picked it up ahead of time and they are definitely testing the compound to see whether a new system of let's say detection systems are needed around the world. >> certainly it's our job to stay one step ahead of the terrorists, too. we'll be learning more about in in the coming days, thanks for -- about this in the coming days. thanks for being with us tonight. now another developing story, word from the white house the obama administration will not negotiate with al- qaeda to secure the freedom of a rockville man. a video released this weekend shows 70-year-old warren weinstein pleading with the president to save his life. weinstein was kidnapped nine months ago in pakistan. fox 5's karen gray houston has the latest now.
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>> it is u.s. policy not to negotiate with terrorists. white house spokesman say the president is aware -- the video is entitled a messenger from the prisoner to his president and in it warren weinstein makes a desperate emotional plea. >> my life is in your hands, mr. president. you accept the demands, live. if you don't accept the demands, then i dive. >> reporter: weinstein says he worked for the uid and the peace corps working as a development contractor for an arlington-based company when he was kidnapped in august. nine months later he is seen via video appealing to president obama for compassion. >> i've done a lot of service for my country and i would hope that my country will now look after me. >> reporter: al-qaeda says weinstein will be freed if the u.s. stops its attacks in pakistan, afghanistan, yemen and somalia and releases all al- qaeda and taliban prisoners around the world. we stopped by bean stein's home
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in rockville. a -- weinstein's home in the rockville. a man who spoke to us through the door said they had no comment, but next-door a neighbor who watched the video did. >> i think it was taken a long time ago. it was wasn't because he look toad good. they want to get -- it wasn't recent because he looked too good. they want to get somebody back for him, but that's not going to happen but the government is not going to do that because the american government don't deal with terrorists. >> reporter: a terrorist analyst said there are real problems with the video. >> the demands being made are just so large that they can't possibly be expected to be met. sha. >> reporter: and there is the possibility -- met. >> reporter: and there is the possibility that weinstein had been tortured. >> these are people in the past that used physical coercion on their captives. >> still at the rockville residence a yellow ribbon tied around a tree in the front yard shows the family has not given up hope for weinstein's release. weinstein also appealed to mr.
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obama as a father for his release and said it's important that the president act quickly. then he will live and can join his family and enjoy his children just as the president enjoys his two daughters. >> the neighbor said he thought weinstein looked too good for this to be a recent video. does he have any health problems? >> he does. the company he works for ge austin associates in arlington indicated after he was kidnapped last summer he was in poor health, said he had heart problems and at the time there was a long list of medications and begged his captors to make sure that he got that medicine. we are following breaking news right now, police making an arrest in the deadly case of suspected road range. gloria mcmillan of alexandria is charged with felony hit and run. police say she hit and killed shelinda arrington friday on harrison lane in fairfax county. witnesses say arrington stopped, got out of her car and got into an altercation with another driver and that is when she was hit. investigators don't know what caused the disagreement.
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another big story tonight, jury convicted five men in connection with the south capitol street shootings, one of the most violent attacks in d.c. history. the victims were sitting outside a house after a funeral when a van pulled up and the gunman opened fire. four of the defendants were convicted of murder, a fifth convicted on lesser charges. fox 5's paul wagner has the details. >> reporter: as the jury foreman read guilty over and over and over again, sanquan carter, the first of the defendants to learn his fate, stripped off his tie and opened his collar as if to say i'm done. as the counts were read one by one, the mothers, fathers, grand mothers and other relatives of the victims began to cry, pray and hug one another. outside the courthouse there was muted joy for justice from the jury. >> the system did what they were supposed to do and did not fail us and i did not see no smile on their face at all. they were smirking and throwing kisses when the trial was going on but not today. >> we always said it was in
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god's hands and i just prayed that he would give rochelle and all the children, those that died, those who were wounded, those who witnessed the mayhem, give them justice and, you know, like this is a step in the right direction for us. >> i'm grateful justice is served, that i can put this behind me and try to live this new life of mine. i will never be the say. >> reporter: on the night of the attack on south capitol street march 30th, 2010, prosecutors say orlando carter, jeffrey best, robert bost and nathaniel sims got into this van looking for revenge. sims who cooperated with the government was armed with this ak-47 and admits pointing it out the window and pulling the trigger mowing down a group of young people mourning the death of jordan howell, the first victim. >> it was a long road.
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>> reporter: best, bosh and orlando carter face life in piz -- best, bost and orlando carter face life in prison with no possibility of parole. the other two defendants face life. late this afternoon the prosecutors and police who helped secure the conviction came together outside the courthouse where they thanked the jury. >> the night this happened i said it was one of the worst things i've seen in 22 years here in the city and hope to never have to see anything like that again. >> today's verdict will not bring back the loved ones lost, but it's our sincere hope that it provides some measure of comfort to those families as they move forward and that they know that justice was ultimately delivered in this case. >> reporter: four of the five people who lost their lives were teenagers. the youngest rochelle jones was just 16. >> that was fox 5 paul wagner reporting. the jury in this case deliberated seven days over 170 counts. the men will be sentenced in september. ber.
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the district is hosting royalty tonight. britain's prince harry is visiting our nation's capital for the first time, the heros he met today, the special honor he received and the crowd that tied to get a good look at him at least. >> so do you think it's already too expensive to park in d.c.? well, a new plan could make it more expensive in certain places and at certain times. i'm matt ackland, that story coming up.
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a big night in washington for royal watchers and also for the plight of our wounded warriors. >> prince harry is in the district being honored for what he and his brother william, do to support wounded warriors. he is a decorated military pilot and a star attraction. this was the crowd gathering outside the ritz carlton in washington, site of a black tie
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dinner honoring britain's prince harry. >> i'm going to see him in america. it's really exciting. >> reporter: they're eager to snap a picture or catch a glimpse of a real life prince. >> someone that is born into that kind of privilege is unique and i think it's a unique person that you're going to see. >> reporter: it's just after 6:00 and the prince's motorcade arrived. within seconds there he is, harry in the flesh, about to receive the atlantic council award for distinguished humanitarian leadership, but many here didn't get to see him. >> all of the crowd from over there started running this way. we were already here and saw him run in. >> reporter: what did you think? >> it was awesome. >> reporter: two hours later prince harry was being honored for the charity work he and his brother prince william have been doing helping wounded warriors. >> i would like to accept the award on behalf of my brother william, our foundation, all those on both sides of the atlantic who work so tirelessly
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to support our wounded veterans, but particularly for the guys because this is their award. >> reporter: earlier at the british embassy in washington prince harry met with members of the british and u.s. militaries wounded in war. just back from the warrior games, a competition in colorado, supported by the prince's foundation. >> the element of competition which is always brought among military personnel is phenomenal and it's really good for your recovery because everyone there is in a similar boat or at least knows what you've gone through. >> everyone of the participants in the warrior games and their families has a tremendous story of resiliency and overcoming something perhaps tragic and catastrophic and turn it into something that shows people you can overcome anything. >> last year prince harry joined four wounded british soldiers on an expedition to north pole. he didn't go the whole way. they did. he's 27 years old and clearly he and his brother take this
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seriously, the plight of helping wounded warriors transition back into civilian life. >> it was great to see him out there talking to them, the british and u.s. wounded warrior soldiers and fun for all the royal watchers. >> absolutely, about the i was with the crew that didn't get to -- but i was with the crew that didn't get to see him. he ran around the corner. virginia one of two states that could hold a key to the white house six months ahead of the general election. president and mitt romney are ramping up their campaigns and those states will get a lot of attention. fox's craig boswell has the latest. >> reporter: even though president obama has been publicly campaigning for months he officially kicked off his reelection bid with two rallies over the weekend. >> hello, virginia! hello, ohio! >> reporter: the stop in ohio and virginia marked the beginning of the campaign calling out the presumed republican nominee directly along with blasting republican economic policies. >> now after a long spirited primary republicans and
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congress have found a nominee for president who has promised to rubber stamp this agenda. >> reporter: in addition to the stops in the two states the campaign is on the air in nine key states with a new ad. >> some said our best days were behind us, but not him. >> reporter: mitt romney's also traveling in ohio today rallying supporters in the cleveland area. the campaigns are racking up the miles in the buckeye state as recent polls show a race is within two points. >> if you looked at the president's standing among some groups that were so key to him last time around like young people, he won by a 34 point margin. recent polls indicate that margin has been cut in half. >> reporter: president obama has visited ohio more than 20 times since taking office. mitt romney has campaigned there at least six times in the last 90 days. romney gets a step closer to become being the official nominee when three states hold gop primaries tomorrow. craig boswell, fox news. in his first day since winning the french president socialist francois hollande has
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a full mate on, his to do list -- plate, on his to do list an invite to the white house and a world war ii ceremony. he appeared in front of huge crowds in paris today. hollande will be sworn in officially on may 15th. it is called the plane that will change the future of air travel. today it touched down here in the d.c. area. coming up we'll take you on a tour of the dreamliner. >> if you see a story we should look into, understand is your news tips to fox5tips at or give us a call at 202-895-3000. ♪
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fiber one.
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what may be the biggest change to commercial airplanes in 50 years touched down at reagan national today. the new dreamliner jet from boeing promises a better ride for passengers. fox 5's beth parker has the
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inside look. >> reporter: what you're looking at is the future. >> today we're looking at an airplane that i think will be the airplane that people measure other airplanes against for decades to come. >> reporter: the boeing 787 dreamliner got hollywood treatment at reagan national airport today. randy neval is the chief test pilot. >> i love flying this airplane. >> reporter: the crew has sleeping space, the cockpit better visibility. the plane is made of carbon fiber, therefore it's lighter and 20% more fuel efficient. >> we took this plane to iceland in search of high cross- winds. we've gone close to mountains to find icing conditions and gone to bolivia to find high altitude runways, so all these different places, but the airplane handles it fine. >> reporter: boeing says there's a lot for passengers to like, too for example, room for four large suitcases in one overhead bin. one of the things you'll notice
10:26 pm
is electronically dimming windows. you can see the difference between this one and the one behind me with a push of a button. no more pulling down the shade. boeing says you may feel hess jetlag. they pressurized the -- less jetlag. they pressurized the cabin to 6,000 feet instead of 8,000 which means more oxygen. they can control the color and intensity of light in the cabin. >> there will be time for passengers to be restful. you simulate a sunset, your body almost can't help but to call down and begin to get sleepy. >> reporter: the 787 is manufactured in washington state. there are already 850 planes on order. >> the 787 is proof that america still has the knowledge and still has the skill that put the first plane in the sky off kitty hawk and planted the stars and triceps on the moon. >> reporter: the plane is already in -- stars and stripes
10:27 pm
on the moon. >> reporter: plane is already in service in japan and will be coming soon to an airport near you. up next a giant pharmaceutical company has to cough up more than a billion dollars in fines. why the feds say it was misleading the public about one of its products. >> later tonight beware of the quick fix. we're exposing the hidden dangers of diet and workout apps.
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we're following breaking news out of new york. the caps just wrapped up a pivotal game against the rangers. once again the game went into overtime. sport director dave feldman is here with all the action. i hope you have good news, feldy. >> you're going to be disappointed, shawn. this game of the caps to win. they had this game won with six seconds left in regulation. they were going to lead the series 3-2 and go home and try to close it out wednesday on home ice. only something happened. they reversed it.
10:31 pm
it's inverted and it's not a happy ending. here's how it went down in new york moments ago. caps seeking to win their second road game of this series, but just had 2nd period caps trailing 1-0. ovie centers in front, laich pounces on the loose puck. second in the playoffs tied at one. power play, a shooting gallery. wide man stops and to john carlson and his slapper goes off the glove of lundqvist, caps in front 2-1. final seconds now rangers with their goalie on a power play. ryan callahan is stopped in front. brad richards somehow gets it in with 6. sick seconds to go to force over-- 6.6 seconds to go to force overtime. the rangers were ton and in o.t. still on a power play. the face-off to mark stahl and
10:32 pm
his slapshot beats holtby for the game winner. the caps fall to the rangers 3- 2 in overtime and trail the series three games to two. game 6 at verizon center back on wednesday night. this was a game that the caps had won. i'm not going say this cost them the series because if you look back in the boston series, the caps had to win a game 6 at home and game 7 on the road and they did just that, but this is not a good indicator of how things will turn out because the caps, shawn, had this game won with six seconds left and they couldn't hold on. >> well, again we will be watching on wednesday. thanks, feldy. y. a blog buster penalty has been announced tonight against one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country after a u.s. investigation of the justice department in virginia the anti seizure drug had uses not approved by the fda.
10:33 pm
fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> reporter: at the justice department officials say it's the second largest criminal penalty ever paid by a u.s. corporation. >> $1.5 billion with a b. >> reporter: the blockbuster penalty comes as part of a guilty plea from babb lot laboratories -- from abbott laboratories maker of the drug depakote. the fda approved depakote for treating bipolar disorders andepilepsy, but it's said the company was pushing it as something else. back in 1999 abbott was forced to discontinue the test trials of depakote when used in dementia patients when side effects began to appear such as sleep disorder, dehydration and anorexia. officials say from 1998 to 2000 abbott executives used rebates and payoffs to pharmacies and nursing homes to prescribe depakote to patients with dementia even though it was never approved for that use. >> abbott encouraged the use of
10:34 pm
an ineffective medication to control the symptoms of dementia knowing that the use of that medication in the elderly caused severe and dangerous side effects. de eff >> reporter: virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli helped lead the investigation in virginia says the company preyed on dementia patients and vulnerable families. >> some of the folks you might look to first to trust as you decide how to make decisions for your elderly parents and so forth were in on this and that's very disturbing. >> reporter: a statement on the abbott website said, "we are pleased to resolve this matter and are confident we have the programs in place to satisfy the requirements of this settlement." the $1.5 billion settlement includes the company forfeiting $700 million, plus $800 million in civil settlements with the federal government in 45 states. at justice department, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. >> officials are still
10:35 pm
investigating pharmacists and nursing homes who took payments from abbott to illegally prescribe depakote. they, too, could face criminal charges. coming up a high school principal caught spying on her students using social media. >> and the prostitute at the center of the secret service scandal has more harsh words for the agency. but first here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> gas prices driving further south, pump prices dipping at the weekend. the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded down 16 cents in just over a month. meanwhile a bump in the road for chrysler, atmaker recalling around 119,000 of its -- the automaker recalling around 119,000 its dodge chargers, a problem with the fuse could cause problems with its anti- lock brakes. at&t is launching a new home security home that users can access from smart foam devices
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allowing people to -- phone devices allowing people to control their home thermostat. domino's will start serving pizzas with gluten free crusts, but the new dough will cost around three bucks more than regular pies. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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the colombian prostitute at the center of the secret service sex scandal is now calling the agents who put party ago head of president obama's security -- partying ahead of president obama's security stupid brutes. she said she doesn't know how the president had them in their security force. 12 agents lost their jobs
10:40 pm
following allegations they brought prostitutes to their hotel. a missouri high school principal in a controversy tonight accused of posing as a student on facebook. school officials say clayton high school principal was on facebook under a fake name trying to friend students and parents and apparently racked up several hundred friends allowing her to read their comments. she turned in her resignation this week. on mention at 11:00, we'll tell you where -- on the news edge at 11:00 we'll tell you where you'll soon be more likely to get a ticket and why. investigators spoil a plot to blow up an international flight, reaction and details on the investigation on the news edge at 11:00.
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an alarming prediction about america's obesity economic. if no action is taken to stop the epidemic, more than 40% of the u.s. population could be
10:44 pm
obese by 2030. the study by the cdc also shows the number of people who are about 100-pound overweight, those classified as severely obese, could increase to 11%. researchers say lowering obesity rate could save nearly $550 billion in medical costs over the next two decades. americans seem to have a love affair with our waistlines. of year new diets or exercises come along. today all you have to do is download an app whether you're looking for a workout or nutritional advice. as fox 5's sherri ly warns before you download exercise coug. coug-- exercise caution. >> is my core engaged? am i pushing through the heels? >> everyone wants a quick fix. >> reporter: it's never been easier to get diet and exercise advice. >> it's a tragedy that we have so many people who are overweight in our country. >> reporter: go to the app store, type in diet or exercise
10:45 pm
and swipe to see a smorgasboard of crash diets and workouts promising fabulous abs and help dropping pounds. >> people use appears for a variety of reasons, what they want to lose weight. it helps them count calories. it helps them self-monitor, that is, keep track. >> reporter: a pew internet survey found 29% of adult downloaded apps to track their health. >> all of nothing is created equal. >> reporter: fox 5 brought in the experts to see how the apps are in up. dr. katherine tallmadge a registered dietician and author of the book diet simple. >> any time promises are made you can lose a lot of weight very quickly, i would run in the other direction. >> reporter: and crunch fitness certified trainer gerald berger. >> one thing maybe an application could possibly have to help people would be beginner, intermediate and
10:46 pm
advanced labeling on their exercises. >> reporter: gave a few apps a -- i gave a few apps a try. this one is labeled advanced and it shows. if i'm looking for an exercise, this is not what i want to start with, is it? >> no. unless you already have a good strong pushup base. you're going to struggle with renegade road. >> reporter: the best apps show me exercise and talk through how to do it to avoid injury. >> you're at risk of hurting your back, neck and knees. we're not going to go here. >> reporter: this app lacked the how to instructions on the video. is that right? >> just a few minor things. >> reporter: but the expert tells me i've got it all wrong. >> that's a little too much of a squat. a lot of people would turn this into a squat. >> reporter: the app's creator directed fox 5 to an information section where the exercise instructions are written out on a different page than the video. doing an exercise right can be the difference in success and
10:47 pm
failure. >> the most critical thing would be the potential for injury. another thing they're after would be just losing interest and kind of feeling defeated. >> reporter: the wrong diet advice could be detrimental, too. >> it could make you sick. it could kill you, absolutely. there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: know the source. is it developed by a health professional like a registered dietician or a certified personal trainer? if not, calories may not be all that get burned. >> i think a good, an appropriate i.t. saying is junk in and junk out. the app is as good as the information in it. so an app for rafadh diet is going to give you more information on that fad diet. >> reporter: some apps are better. some are worse. but with millions of dieters trying to lose weight on their own, there's an appetite for apps. sherri ly, fox 5 news. >> the usda is all getting in on the apps market.
10:48 pm
the government agency create an online food and exercise tracker called super tracker. it has a database of more than 8,000 foods. the agency is working now on a mobile app as well. >> boy, has it cooled off. it wasn't hot today exactly. >> and we have an app for that, too. there's this east component to the wind that loads us up on moisture and it makes it feel colder than it actually is. you're noticing the dampness in the air. boy, did you notice those clouds hanging tough today? prince harry must think he's in london. we're having haired time breaking out of that. it's cloudy tonight as well but dry for the time being. that may change tomorrow afternoon as we have a very slow moving front crawling in this direction and it may produce a few showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder tomorrow afternoon and into the maybe even this time frame tomorrow night. starting you out tonight with a look at temperatures. even though we did not have much sunshine today, a few sunny breaks, the wind also had
10:49 pm
a southerly component. we got up to 73 degrees and that is actually average for this time of year. i think we'll be warmer than that tomorrow. here's a look at the next three days. we'll have 77 degrees tomorrow, but chance for showers or storms tomorrow afternoon. it will take a while to get here. it will be one of those days where it looks like it wants to rain but it doesn't for a while, might get in here after 3:00. wednesday showers could linger because this front is so slow that's coming it's going to take two days to clear out, but it will clear out and beginning thursday the skies really brighten up. temperatures are comfortable and we may be able to keep high pressure in place right through the weekend which means the end of this week could be spectacular. meanwhile 64 degrees now, so not cold. the clouds are keeping us socked in, but again that southeast wind, you definitely feel that moisture on your body. 69 degrees at quantico, annapolis coming in at 65 degrees. as we look at satellite and radar, yes, there have been a lot of clouds but not much
10:50 pm
moisture, perhaps a sprinkle here and there. we did have more activity out to our west, but that has not been moving this direction. it's actually kind of parallel to the frontal system which you can really see here and we have had a line of showers and storms from western pennsylvania down through ohio all the way into cincinnati, but these are moving very slowly. this is what we expect to try to get in here tomorrow, but it's going take quite a while. typically when we see activity as close as western pennsylvania, it's just a matter of hours before it gets to d.c., but this is going to take a little bit longer. that's because this front which is pretty much in this position now is taking a while to move. there is a lot of wind parallel to it. so what we get is a slow moving front that should squeeze out some showers ands to remember tone afternoon, but it also kind of -- showers and storms tomorrow afternoon, but it also kind of keeps us socked in from the sunshine. i don't think we're talking about thunderstorms wednesday, but showers will probably linger a part of the day.
10:51 pm
get used to more shades of gray. look at the futurecast. you can see where the clouds are tonight. tomorrow morning maybe we have some bright spots, but by afternoon those clouds roll back in again and by 5:00 here for the rush hour perhaps the beltway is not getting wet. perhaps 95 is not, but we will see activity to our north and west, so hagerstown and down along interstate 81. some of those linger and get in here later in the evening, 10:00, 11:00, and by wednesday morning we may push that first moisture aside and have one more batch that tries to come through later in the day. we may pick up 1/4 to 1/2-inch of rain between tomorrow afternoon and wednesday. tonight cloudy, 59 degrees. tomorrow 77 degrees, a warm day, but the clouds hang tough and a couple showers and storms around. note the wind out of the south at 10 to 20, a little breezy as well tomorrow. here's your five-day forecast. wednesday 76, again kind of socked in with the clouds and a
10:52 pm
few showers, not a terribly wet day but noticeable. fasten your seatbelts for thursday, friday and saturday looking absolutely glorious. i could not be happier to see that as my daughter is going to be graduating outside on saturday. >> congratulations. >> i appear to be on cloud 9. >> that's an early mother's day gift. >> that's a two for one special is what we call that. >> there you go, good weather for that. >> most definitely. with just four voices left on machinery idol it seems as though it's anyone -- american idol it seems as though it's anyone's race to win and it's music mentor jimmy iovine who is leading the way. fox's adam housley has the story. >> reporter: whether he's riding solo or co-mentoring with a big name star american idol's jimmy iovine has been a guiding force the past two seasons concentrating on song choice, structure and controlling nerves when the
10:53 pm
idols hit the stage. >> when you go from the rehearsal where they're more relaxed to the stage, these are young kids that are really amateurs, you know, what they're doing right now and they get nervous. you hit the stage, you get nervous and sometimes it takes the feel out of the song. >> reporter: with four very distinct voices left to compete for the season 11 crown, jimmy says they all have a shot. >> joshua is really coming on strong and doing great job. he did with that song with love somebody is very hard to do. you only see bits in the backstage and the show. what he did was impossible. he went there, never heard the song before, learned it, reinterpreted it. it was like he wrote it. he actually rewrote part of it. it was brilliant. >> you got two of your best voices over there with joshua and jessica and you got your most different one with phillip and now you got hollie cavanagh
10:54 pm
doing her thing. it's anybody's race to win, man. >> phillip needs a push, not a push, but double down because some of the stuff he's doing is starting to sound the same. jessica and joshua are dangerous. they're a problem. >> reporter: and steven adds winning it all is simple. >> the ones that unfold are the ones that were late for the american public with a good song and nail it. it's a really simple premise. find the right song that fit your voice and nail it and you'll win the hearts one. >> reporter: in hollywood -- hearts of everyone. >> reporter: in hollywood adam housley. coming up the movie set now helping soldiers prepare for war next. ♪
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a hearing today for the men accused of plotting the september 11th attacks. it lasted for hours and getting
10:58 pm
to the actual trial could still take years. a military court in guantanamo bay arraigned khalid sheikh mohammed, the self-confessed mastermind behind the september 11th attacks with four accused conspirators. the tentative trial date is set for may next year. saturday's arraignment lasted 13 hours as the accused appeared to try and stall the hearing. a movie studio in san diego is transforming from a place that housed popular shows like silk stockings into a military training ground where soldiers train before heading overseas. here's fox's adam housley. >> reporter: a seemingly peaceful village sits quiet as the call to prayer echos through the alleyways. within moments everything changes. doormen and marines have to react as a firefight erupts. while this looks like iraq or afghanistan it's actually taking place thousands of miles
10:59 pm
away on a san diego soundstage. >> we throw a lot at them at once and the most important part is for them to be able to filter out all the distractions and everything like that, the call to prayer, the gunshots, explosions, instructor who is yelling at them and everything. >> explosives! >> reporter: roughly 100,000 military members have trained here so far. some have already served tours of duty overseas. >> fortunately for my personal experience i didn't have to experience anything like that when i was over there myself, but having gone through it now i feel more prepared for the area i'm going to in a few months. >> reporter: the whole idea is a systematic approach to training with multiple battlefield scenarios playing out all at the same time. >> they're learning here versus down range which is the whole point behind it. >> it's as important as any training could be because it's about as realistic as you could possibly get other than being in real combat. >> reporter: the realistic training is the last stop for many military members be


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