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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 8, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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same motive, same mo, new technology. >> america's aviation system targeted once again. the alleged weapon of choice, another underwear bomb. this time, the alleged plotters played off the lessons learned from the last attempted attack. >> an arrest in the death of a fairfax county woman. details on why police believe road rage may have played a
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factor. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. a live look outside right now courtesy of our tore cam or is that sky fox, one or the oo. giving us a nice bird's eye view. sun trying to peek out, i think. -- a live look outside right now courtesy of our tower cam or is that sky fox, one are on the other. >> gamely the clouds will stick around and we have the possibility of a scattered shower or thunderstorm in the forecast. >> we are all saying thumbs up to that. wash that pollen away. >> we need the rain because we have a big deficit here. i think much of your day will be dry and just kind of cloudy. by this afternoon, we have scattered showers and storms in the forecast. >> kind of like it's been.
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scattered showers here and there. >> let's do temperatures. 62 now at reagan national. humidity, 72%. your winds have shifted. member the last couple of days, they were out of the east. that gave us the cool flow off the ocean. warmer temperatures expected and a little more humidity as well in the air this afternoon. let's take a look at the radar. off to the west and to the north, if you are as close as about hagerstown up into washington county, you are likely seeing some light showers. that is about as close as the shower activity is at this hour. i know the front looks close. you see the rain up into pep pep. i think it will be mid- to late affect before we have any chance of any real significant showers and/or thunderstorms around here. they will be kind of scattered later today as the dynamics here in the atmosphere just aren't terribly cooperative to a lot of daytime rain. cloudy and warm. temperature warmer than yesterday. mid- to upper 70s and again, we'll see a little sunshine from time to time as well. >> all right. we'll check in with you for the
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weekend forecast. >> we'll do that in a minute. >> thank you. let's get a check of your on- time traffic. julie wright, kind of in mourning today over the caps loss but i know it will be a big turnaround, right? >> wednesday night, it is on. i am keeping the faith for this game on wednesday night. >> a and all of us. >> on the roads right now, the crew in sky fox has joined us once again. the accident activity that has blocked most the roadway on 50, has now been cleared to the shoulder. liz, do we have the camera shot from them? there it is. we do have the delay that is starting to stack up out of riverdale at this point headed inbound on 50 so at least five cars involved in this. we've got a lot of activity pulled to the median. if you are traveling inbound on route 50, you will hit the backup leaving riverdale headed out towards 202 in cheverly. better bet would be to bail out early, pick up the baltimore- washington parkway. let me take you back inside. other accident activity working
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right now at belmont ridge road here in loudoun county. eastbound 66 starting to see your delay forming in manassas headed eastbound towards centreville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. this morning's big story, an al-qaeda plot to bring down a u.s.-bound plane foiled by the cia. >> the bomb is now in the hands ever the f.b.i. the would-be suicide bomber based in yemen hadn't yet picked a target or bought a plane ticket when the cia seized the bomb. the plot involved an upgrade of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate over detroit. you will remember this christmas day 2009. how scary was that. it did not contain metal which means it may have been able to go up detected by airport security. it is not clear for new body scanners would have detected it. the device is now being analyzes by u.s. explosives experts. >> they stepped up their technological findings to actually beat the system, beat our radar detectors systems at airports. that is a real worry because they are always going to be one
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step ahead. i suspect that we'll be changing the nature of some of the detection systems and the technology at airports around the world. >> the white house says president obama was told about the plot in april and was assured the device posed no threat to the public. a plea from the man being held by al-qaeda will not be sweared in the way al-qaeda hoped. the obama administration says it will not make a deal with the terrorist group to secure warren weinstein's freedom. jay carney says president obama is aware of the video released over the weekend. carney says obama is greatly concerned over weinstein's safety but it is not u.s. policy to negotiate with terrorists. >> our hearts go out to him and his tamly. we condemn his kidnapping in the strongest terms and call for his immediate release. the u.s. government will continue making every effort to see mr. weinstein release safely to his family but we
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cannot and will not negotiate with al-qaeda. >> the 70-year-old was kidnapped nine months ago in pakistan. al-qaeda says he will be freed for the u.s. stops its attacks in pakistan, afghanistan, yemen and somalia and if it also releases all al-qaeda and taliban prisoners around the world. the late now from the campaign trail. primaries are being held in west virginia, north carolina and indiana today and presumptive gop nominee mitt romney has picked up another endorsement. it is from former rival rick santorum. an e-mail sent to supports late last night, santorum wrote that president obama, quote, must be defeated adding it will require all hands on deck if our nome knee is to be victorious. governor romney will be that nominee and he has my endorsement and support. in the e-mail, santorum calls the upcoming presidential election the most critical of our lifetime. president obama will be campaigning in albany, new york today. he will talk about a to do list he is giving to congress.
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in it, he will ask lawmakers to take another look at job creation and other economic proposals he is pushing for. a look at the morning's other top stories now. an alexandria woman is facing felony hit and run charges. police arrested gloria mcmillan yesterday in connection with a deadly case of suspected road rage. authorities say she hit and killed shalinda arrington friday in fairfax county. witnesses say harrington stopped and got out of the car and got into an altercation with another driver and that is when she was hit. investigators don't know what caused that disagreement. five men have been found guilty for their roles in a series of shootings that left five young people dead and several others wounded. the 2010 spree started because of a stolen bracelet. it includes this mass shooting scene on south capital street. three of the men are facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. the other two men could get
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life. sentencing is scheduled for september 11th. a teacher and another school employee in montgomery county are behind bars charged with sex abuse offenses involving minors. police say 50-year-old kyler cornell had inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old and he met the girl some she was in his classroom two years ago. cornell is a seventh grade teacher in germantown. a bond hearing review is scheduled today for 39-year-old aaron lemire. he is accused of having child pornography on his laptop compute are and having inappropriate contact with three students. still ahead on fox 5 morning, parking in d.c. is already a pip in the neck. there is a new plan in the work that could make it cost even more. >> and making headlines, new developments in the john edwards trial including testimony his attorneys say supports their argument that he was not misusing campaign
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donations to hide his pregnant mistress. time is 6:08. 
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making headlines in syria. the government is claiming that more than 89% of people came out to vote for a new constitution yesterday. activists say the vote was a sham and say the high turnout is not believable. it is more than the percentage of americans who actually voted in the 2008 presidential election and it also ignores the fact that syrian voters were getting taxed by rockets and mortars on election day. secretary of state hillary clinton is in india pushing for a ban on oil imports from iran. >> saudi arabia, iraq and other suppliers are putting more oil into the markets so there is oil available for india and others. we do not believe that iran will peacefully resolve this unless the pressure continues. >> that was some mood lighting behind her.
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did you notice that? one of the goals of the trip is to tighten economic sanctions on iran. on iran. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> you might say the voice drives the energy of d.c. we haven't heard much from him lately. we have an update on how chuck brown is doing. >> first, we'll check in with tucker for your full forecast. rain could be headed our way. we're back in just a moment. 
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it may soon be more expensive for park on the streets of d.c. a new proposed parking plan would charge people more money to park in high demand areas and less
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money when the demand is low. they will also allow d-d.o.t. to raise and lower meter rates depending on the demand. officials hope this will free up short-term parking spaces businesses like. it is projected to raise about $3 million. >> so are we paying a dollar an hour now? >> it would change. >> i put a handful of quarters in and i get 20 minutes. >> now, the credit cards, you stick them in and you don't have to worry about change. >> that is for fancy people. >> some of them, you have to do it on your phone. i tried for figure that out. it was to no avail. >> you got a ticket while you were figuring it out. >> let's talk weather. >> we have mild temperatures to start your day, 61 degrees. a mix of clouds and sun and eventually a chance for some showers and storms developing. most of that action won't get in here until later today. the kids headed to the bus stop for that kind of thing this
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morning. you should be fine and dry. 61, here we go in washington. 57 in gaithersburg. lets asee quantico, you are nice and mild, 65 degrees. -- let's see, quantico, you are nice and mild, 65 degrees. we're pumping in the warmer air and slightly more humid air as well up ahead of the fronteddal system. there is a front north and west and a few showers seeping into hagerstown. notice the motion is more northerly and northeasterly than it is working east. so it will be a slow mover. when it gets in here later this afternoon, we'll have a lot of clouds and eventually some scattered showers and storms. as this front kind of moves new later tonight, it will move so slowly, it just won't be in a hurry to get out of here. when you wake up tomorrow, we'll still have the front in the neighborhood and see if an area of low pressure develops along it and enhances our chances for showers around here during the day tomorrow. late today with some showers and thunderstorms. tonight, some showers and into
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the daytime hours tomorrow, some linking showers before the front kind. fades off to the east. future forecast, mostly cloudy, scattered afternoon shower or storm back in the forecast. warmer than wave been. 76 your daytime high. -- warmer than we've been. cloudy skies, showers and storms likely tonight. and your five-day forecast, tomorrow doesn't look fantastic although we always need the rain. thursday, friday and saturday do look fantastic. check it out. high in the 70s. thursday, friday, near 80 with bright sunshine to start your weekend on saturday. that is good news. that is a look at your weather. let's do some traffic and what's going on. things still low on 50? >> yeah, we do have some problems to report out there, tucker. if you are traveling inbound, the accident activity here at 202 off the road to the shoulder and into the median so a number of vehicles still left out here to see as you travel inbound this morning. expect to find the delay leaving the beltway headed
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inbound on route 50 leaving riverdale and cheverly into northeast. we do have reports of an incident on the end of the ramp from 7100 to go northbound along i-95. sky fox en route to this accident here. belmont rim road remains closed between hay road and route 7. that is the harry bird highway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >> thank you. we have appear update on chuck brown's health. according to the "washington post," his daughter says her father is recovering from pneumonia. she says he has been in the months for two months. the godfather of go-go was admitted after complaining of arthritis. doctors then discovered a blood clot which was removed. he contracted pneumonia while recovering from the operation. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york. you can get just about anything on amazon and soon. that will include your high fashion fix. >> we'll explain as we continue. time now 6:20. as a fashion blogger,
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welcome back. saving up for that high-end outfit, man a pair of shoes, designer belt, a popular web site is now making it all for all of us very easy to find them. this this morning's business beat, we'll start off with how your stocks are trading. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york. happy tuesday. >> happy tuesday. we survived the european elections. we were looking at steep declines at this point yesterday after france has a new president and the greece election is wreaking havoc. you know, we finished up for the nasdaq and for the s&p 500, believe it or not, and the dow fell a modest 29 points yesterday as you can see but holding above 13,000. apts different picture this morning. we have red across the screen and in europe too. >> any big earnings reports today that could help influence
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the markets. >> we'll hear from walt disney, a dow component as well as the fast food giant wendy's. some fed officials speak but no economic data. amazon is taking on the high-end loathing market. i guess brands like michael kors. a lot of these brands have stayed away from amazon. what is the deal? >> right, because many of the contemporary and high end brands feel like if they sell on amazon, they will be too commoditized. not anymore. they've huge clothing store and they are doing a marketing cam pawn for it. they are expecting to launch in and dominate your closet and the clothing market. i don't know. i could see myself shopping for clothes i guess on never would have thought it but i guess that is what amazon is trying to change. >> i guess the business model
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has changed. i me-end companies know they have to be accessible to the masses. thank you as always. we'll see you tomorrow. >> all right. back to this morning's big story actually toror plot -- top story, a terror plot stopped in its tracks. >> police in fairfax county make an arrest in a case they believe may be tied to road rage. fox 5 morning news back in just a moment. ♪
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the kentucky derby winner is in our area. i'll have another arrived at the pimlico racetrack. the horse got first class treatment flying. he got a police escort to the track. that is vip treatment. i'll have another will spend
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the next two weeks preparing to run in the preakness. >> the best name for a horse. >> especially around here. >> the losing horse just has to ride from here to kentucky. old-fashioned style. we are starting off with some clouds with a mix of clouds and some sunshine. getting going early this morning. but you can see out to the west, we've got? rain showers and thunderstorms into eastern ohio and portions of west virginia. that frontal system will make it into our area very slowly today so we'll gradually see an increase in the cloud cover and eventually some rain showers move back in. i think it will be mid- to late afternoon before we have he a got any real chance for rain around here. then the rain chances will linger into the nighttime hours tonight and during the morning hours tomorrow. so once it kind of gets in here, we'll have a pretty good chance of rain. it is not quite here yet even though it is just off to the west. we are nice and mild. 61 in washington at reagan national.
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58 at dulles. your forecast for today, warmer temperatures, a little more humidity today and bring along an umbrella here just in case particularly if you will be out late. the showers and storms will eventually arrive but i think mid- to late afternoon. >> we'll enjoy the warm weather though. >> had -- had you had be nice. >> a little busy out there this this morning. -- should be nice. >> the accident activity is off to the shoulder and the median. they've blocked off the left lane once again inbound on 50 at 202 because of this ongoing clean-up. you have at least two or three cars down here in this median area that they have to pull up and get out of the roadway. coming inbound, already traffic is stacked up on 50 leaving 410 out of riverdale headed in towards cheverly. meanwhile, if you are traveling southbound on 270, lanes are open, no problems to report here making your way out of hyattstown. no problems to report out ofself andtown headed for the
6:32 am
split. northbound i-59 in good shape headed out of newington. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. -- no robs to report out of germantown headed for the split. the latest now from the campaign trail. primary are being held in west virginia, north carolina and indiana today. >> and presumptive republican nominee mitt romney has picked up another endorsement. it is from former rival rick santorum. in an e-mail sent to supports late last night, santorum wrote that president obama, quote, must be defeated adding, quote, it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney will be that nominee and he has my endorsement and support. now, in the e-mail, santorum calls the upcoming presidential he other length the most critical of our lifetime. >> president obama will be campaigning in albany, new york today. he will talk more bay to-do list he is giving congress. in it he will ask congress to
6:33 am
take loot look at job creation and other economic proposals he is pushing for. the president heads west later this week where stops include a high-dollar fund raiser the home of actor george clooney. another big story we are following this morning. the foiled bomb plot on a u.s.- bound plane involving an upgraded device that may have been able to get right past airport security. >> it is now being examined by the experts at the fbi's explosives lab in virginia. fox 5's melanie alnwick is in the newsroom with the latest on this. >> reporter: good morning. explosive experts are take ago part the device and analyzing it. the bomb was intercepted by the cia in yemen. it has been described as a refinement of the underwear bomb that failed to detonate aboard a jetliner on christmas day twoip. this device did not contain metal which means it could have
6:34 am
slipped past airport metal detectors. it is believed to be the work of a master bomb maker, the same man would created the first underwear bomb in 2009 and two printer cartridge bombs in 2010. officials would not discuss the details of plot except to say the suspect had not chosen a target yet. a leading authority on terrorism told fox 5 a few more details. >> the government is keeping a close hold on this because the investigation is still going on. what i can tell you is that the suspect is in u.s. hands and that he is an american passport holder. and that the detonation device wasn't the problem. the problem was -- or the ingenious nature of what the terrorists were trying to do was to device a new explosive material that was undetectable by regular scanning devices. >> reporter: the cia has been tracking the plot in yemen for about a month and the white house was aware even as officials publicly stated there were no credible threats against the united states. it is not clear in this bomb
6:35 am
would have been decked by the full body scanners that we've become familiar with at so many airports. there are also reports that al- qaeda has experimentedded with explosive devices that are surgically in the bodies of suicide bombers. thank you. the obama administration will not make a deal with al- qaeda to secure the freedom of a rockville man. jay carney says president obama is aware of the video released over weekend that shows warren weinstein begging for his life. carney says the president is greatly concerned about wine steep's safety but it is not u.s. policy to negotiate with terrorists. the 70-year-old was kidnapped nine months ago in pakistan. al-qaeda says they will free weinstein only if obama meets all their demands. demands. a look at this morning's other top stories. an alexandria woman is facing felony hit and run charges. police arrested gloria mcmillan yesterday in connection with the deadly case of suspected
6:36 am
road rage. authorities say mcmillan hit and killed shalinda arrington on friday. witnesses say she got out of the car and got into an alter indication with another driver and that when is she was hit. investigators don't know what caused the disagreement. five men have been found guilty for their roles in a series of shootings that left five young people dead and several others wounded. the 2010 spree started because of a stolen bracelet. they included this mass shooting scene on south capital street. three of the men are facing life in prison without the possibility of parole. the other two men could get life. sentencing is scheduled for slept. police say brendon coly. flower and samantha kelly died when he lost control of his vehicle, went off the road and
6:37 am
slammed into a tree. this happened near downsville pike in williamsport on wednesday night. a new report shows violent crimes are declining in the commonwealth. homicides and other violent crimes fell down about 6% in twifn. burglaries and car thefts fell more than 2%. the report shows drug offenses were up 7%. virginia state police complied, compiled the statistics from cities and towns across the state. coming up next, tames are driving with their friends can leave to trouble. a major drug company forced to pay out more than a billion dollars after it admits to illegally pushing a pill. ♪
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new numbers back up the risks of tamers driving with other tamers. aaa's foundation for traffic safety looked at data on teen involved crashes between 2007 and 2010. they found a tamper's risk of dying in an accident jumps 44% when there is another teenager in the car. it actually quadruples when there are three or more other teens in the car. the same study by the way found the risk of death significantly decreases for teen drivers when there is an adult in the car. it is one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the nation and it has been hit now with a $1.5 billion penalty. gentleman abbott laboratories admits it under approximated its antisee sure drug depakote for use not approved by the fda and it comes after an investigation led in part by virginia's attorney general. tom fitzgerald has more this morning. >> reporter: at the justice
6:42 am
department, officials say it is the second largest criminal penalty ever paid by a u.s. corporation. >> $1.5 billion with a b. >> reporter: the blockbuster penalty comes as part of a guilty plea from abbott laboratories, maker of the drug depakote. the fda approved depakote for treating epilepsy and bipolar disorders. >> some test subjects began experiencing side effects. officials say from 1992082000 be abbott executives used rebates and payoffs to pharmacies and nursing home to tribe depakote to patients with dementia even though it was never approved for that use. >> abbott encouraged the use of an ineffective medication to
6:43 am
control the symptoms of demen that knowing that the use of that medication in the elderly caused severe and dangerous side effects. >> reporter: virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli helped lead the investigation in virginia. he says the company preyed on dementia patients in vulnerable families. >> some of the folk you might look to first to druft as you decide how to make decisions for your elderlily parents and so forth were in on this. that is a very disturbing feature of the case. >> i astatement on the abbott web site said, quote, we are pleased to resolve this matter and are confident we have the programs in place to satisfy the requirements of this settlement. the $1.5 billion settlement includes the company forfeiting $700 million plus $800 million in civil settlements with the federal government and 45 states. at the justice department, tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. fox 5 n tons out there could be more to come in this case.
6:44 am
pharmacists appears nursing homes who took payments from abbott to illegally prescribe depakote could face criminal charges. >> let's check in with tucker for the we are. >> we'll start with the pollen count. >> everybody in here is suffering today. >> me not so much but earlier in the season, i had some issues. trees have gone moderate. grasses have gone high. so if you are suffering today, it is because of the grasses which are expected to be high and then very high towards the end of the week. you can notice here in you are suffering or if you will be suffering over the next couple of days, the grasses that are causing issues. no problems with weeds and/or mold spores at this moment. they are still on the low side. they are exaipped the later this own when the humidity gets going and after we get some pretty good rains. let's do some temperatures. at reagan national, what are you laughing over there for.
6:45 am
61 in washington. 57 in gaithersburg. 59 at leonard up two. we are comfortable. 6 approximate in annapolis. should be a warmer day us for. our winds have shifted out of the south. a little more humidity as well as this cold front is just off to the north and our west. there you go. you can see our morning cloud cover fairly thick here. i think we'll see a little sunshine from time to time today. as this front gets closer, we have a better and better chance of some scattered showers and storms. if you want to try to time it out, i think the first half of the day will be fine. as we get into mid- to late afternoon, we'll see some of the showers and perhaps a thunderstorm move in. then, once the front kind of of gets here, it will be very slow to move on out. we'll have some showers overnight tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow and then things should brighten up towards the end of the week. i've got the five-day forecast right here. plenty of clouds around, showers and storms back in the forecast late. showers linger tomorrow morning. maybe a little late day sunshine wednesday. thursday, friday and saturday look beautiful.
6:46 am
by saturday, highs near 80 with sunshine and low humidity here at the end of the week. it will be a very nice end of the week. >> it is looking like it is shaping up to be a good weekend. >> great day right now because we have tony perkins. >> happy to be here. good morning. if i'm here, you no what that means. it is time for ask the weather guys! guys! yes, indeed. can i see the teleprompter please. this is the segment where tucker barnes and i put our big heads together to answer your most pressing questions, weather-related or otherwise. but i must stop. >> what, a change? >> we'll have today's question in just a second. but first, a very special weather guys shout out. we usually do a feature about #:15 called my first five where we showed a photo of a young child that has been sent in. we want to share today's with you a little bit early. take a look at this cutie.
6:47 am
her name is lily. she is adorable. >> we call this our aah segment. or mom rote in and told us they love watching the weather guys for their daily playtime forecast and besides her daddy, tuck, the only other man in lily's life. >> she loves you, talker. >> thank you for sending that in. >> does her shirt say geek. >> i think it is greek maybe. >> i thought maybe it was a message for tucker. >> oh, peek-a-boo. >> i thought maybe it was a message for tucker. for tucker. patty writes:
6:48 am
good question, patty. complicated answer. >> i'll kick it off. you're right. we are run a deficit. our normal rainfall for the year should be close to 13 inches now and we're at just about 7- inches. we need the rain. you can see when you are 5 inches down, it will take several good soaking rains to make up for that. en with that, the way we measure rainfall in the water teenages is the united states geological survey measures it with stream flow, ground water and they also measure your water quality. they've got gauges that are set up in area wells and in along the rivers and creek that flow through the washington area. you can get all this information online. but just to let you know, i'll let you talk a little bit about what they've found so far. >> it is interesting because you've heard us making that
6:49 am
we're below where we should be. >> we talk about it almost every time we are talking about rain lately. >> enough at a number of locations we are actually about normal, in some lakes above norm am but in other locations we are bow low normal. when you average it out, we are below normal for the year. having said that, we are actually okay relatively speaking right now but the folk at the usgs are concerned about the summertime months because of this deficit because of the lack of snow this year. we don't have a lot of snowpack or anything like that that is going to help us during the drier months. so we are concerned about what we are going to see during the summer. >> they also mentioned that our spring growing season got going about two to four weeks ahead of schedule this year because it is so warm in march. there has been greeter water demand placed upon our resources with the plants and that kind of thing springing early. -- there has been greater water demand placed upon our
6:50 am
resources with the plants and that kind of thing springing early. >> firefighters worried about the overgrown brush. >> when it comes to stream flow and grout water, there are requirements much like what we talk about for both stream flow and groundwater. they have to have access to the location and have expect to have access over a long period of time. it can't be some place where it will get build up or moved or something like that. ten years, they go by ten years of records, steady consistent records to get their averages and the like. if they're use a well, it can't be really attached to a stream or pipes or anything like that because it has to be a regular flow not influenced by other things. >> stream flow most recently in
6:51 am
march 2012 was normal at 25 of 33 sites. it is a bunch of numbers. we need more rain. >> complicated but you guys knocked this one out. >> thank you. we knew lily was watching. >> peek-a-boo! >> if you have a question that you want answered, go to myfon the weather tab. can you also upload your video question. we may play it on air. a quick reminder about our very special fox 5 weather day presentation with the washington nationals coming up next tuesday, a week from today, tony. >> get ready. myself, tony, sue and other special guests will be at the ballpark that morning. we'll give a presentation at about 9:30, 9:45. so it will be part of our live show. you can come down, we'lly to to get you on. the kids will get a personal weather presentation, get to meet us and stay for the
6:52 am
baseball game. if you want more information, go to and click on the morning tab. they will have a link to the nationals. >> it kind of sounds like circus music. >> it may be a circus. >> that is the morning show. >> hopefully you'll have good weather. i don't we are crossing our fingers. >> put in a call. >> we'll try. >> let's say hello to julie wright. what is the latest on traffic in. >> i thought that was appropriate, the circus and you got the two clowns on either end. >> oh! >> i wasn't going to say it but you did. >> you are not invited to weather day, julie. >> i get a pass. i'm grumpy because the caps lost yesterday. sarah said that earlier. >> tomorrow is the turnaround. >> on the roads, you will find it has been very busy out here. we've had dents to report inbound 50 still cleaning up that at 202 with the big backup. metrorail having a hard time as well.
6:53 am
expect tea lays out towards shady grove. -- expect delays out towards shady grove. northbound 210, accident activity report in the center of the highway. eastbound 50 at the loudoun county parkway, accident activity reported involving an overturned vehicle. the crash has cleared. this is the trip inbound on route 50 as you work your way past 202. it looks hick state highway is finally pulling away from the scene. we still have activity here on the shoulder. expect delays as you work your way past the scene. north slow traffic as you continue inbound on -- more slow traffic as you continue inbound on 50. better shape out of newington. 66 is on the brakes and manassas leaving 50 to 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. so maybe you are stuck in a rut at work. you are thinking about starting your own business or becoming a millionaire. it can happen but have you to have a plan in place. ahead on fox 5 morning news, we are bringing in the experts from kiplinger's personal finance. their june issue is on news
6:54 am
stands today and it is all about simple ways to build your wealth and achieve other goals like owning a vacation home. think it will be a good seller. that is coming up in our 8:00 hour. also ahead, her cat fights on dynasty were the stuff of legends. legends. i loved that. linda evans is joining us in studio this morning. she and linda gray will be in town today. they are putting the spotlight on i aserious issue though. the two are teaming up with meals on wheels to help highlight senior hunger. they will take part in an event on capitol hill signing mother's day cards that will then be delivered along with much-needed meals. linda evans will join us live to talk more about the cause coming up in our 9:00 hour. spent many time watching dynasty. >> fights like that in the newsroom all the time. if you haven't done it already, you've got less than a
6:55 am
week to find the perfect mother's day gift. >> never fear. holly morris has some fun, do it yourself ideas that will impress the lady in your life. be right back.
6:56 am
agents, be on the lookout for r aliens. [ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum.
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woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'.
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good morning i am holly morris. what is this most important day of the year? mothers day. i am not saying that just because i happen to be a new mommy with a little boy that you -- you probably want to see a picture oh, i happen to have one. all new moms travel with pictures i hope hayden's daddy is watching. we are live at ac moore where robert bean has once gain flown in from new jersey she will give us lots of wonderful ideas of gifts you can do yourself. those are the gifts mom really cherishes for a lifetime. we will talk about easy things
6:59 am
you don't have to be super crafty to be able to do these things but they will impress your mom and they are wonderful for all ages to do sarah and will. super cute picture of hayden too. >> very cute. >> thanks holly. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day adrian huff was diagnosed with lupus in 2008 and wants to remind all of us may is lupus awareness month and also happens to be her birthday. happy birthday thanks for watching. for a chance to be to morowe's fan of the -- tomorrow's fan of the day, search fox 5 morning news. post a comment under adrian's gorgeous picture. >> that does it for the 6:00 a.m. hour. >> tony and allison. >> good morning thank you so much. >> coming up fox 5 morning news, two montgomery county school employees ar


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