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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 8, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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bars, both accused of sex offences against students. >> another terror plot foiled by the cia. >> intended to be on an american plane, american bound plane. >> this morning a new version of the underwear bomb is in an fbi lab in virginia. more details on this latest attempt to attack the u.s. in a live report. >> show down looms on the senate floor over interest rates on federal student loans the issue, how to pay to keep them from doubling but will either side budge. we will take a closer look. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts right now. straight up, 7:00 a.m., a live lookout side, kind of a mix of clouds, a lot of clouds, tuesday may 8th, 2012 good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. weather and traffic in just a minute in case you missed it
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a real stun inner new york last night just when it looked like the caps would take a 3-2 lead in their playoff series with the rangers new york tied it up on a power play goal with 6.6 seconds remaining less than 2 minutes into overtime rangers won it caps are now just one loss from being eliminated let's look at it on the positive side two wins from advancing the next game will be tomorrow night at verizon center. >> okay. >> that is a tough way to lose. >> it is but we are still in it. >> absolutely right. >> okay tucker barnes joining us he is always in, has the latest on the weather. >> good morning everybody. cloud cover to start your day we will have mild temperatures this afternoon increasing chance for a scattered shower or thunder storm most of your day dry and cloudy. lets get going see the showers thunderstorms overnight off to our west out into portions of ohio, west virginia, and all of
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that is very very slowly tracking to the east, moving slowly tracking north as well. i think we will see gradually, cloudy skies here becoming more cloudy and then eventually shower activity moving in by mid-to late afternoon that will be the timing on it along with mild temperatures winds out of the south, pushed up temperatures overnight, nice and mild to start your morning, 61 regan national, 60 that is the winning number in fredericksburg and baltimore, highs later today back into the 70s probably 76 here later this afternoon with scattered shower thunderstorm by 4:00 p.m. more details on the forecast, coming up in just a couple minutes a little more run in store for wednesday, -- rain in store for wednesday. let's do traffic for julie wright who is grumpy to say the least. >> well, at least tell them why. >> caps lost. 6.6 seconds. >> crazy right? crazy. >> painful. >> heart break. on the roads right now tucker you will find we have our hands
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full a couple things working on the highway, northbound 210 at palmer, accident activity tied up the center of the road. center lane is what is closed here, northbound 210, suit land parkway inbound to 11th street bridge. accident activity, entrance to the 3rd street tunnel, accident activity blocking the far right lane keep your eyes peeled for that. inner loop of the belt way, annandale and her merry field. that is a look at your fox 5 on time traffic. all right julie thank you the big story experts at the fbis explosives lab are examining an upgraded version of the so called underwear bomb. >> cia says the device was going to be used for an attack
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on a u.s. bound plane. melanie. >> allison terrorism expert tells fox 5 the bombing suspect is an american passport holder and is in u.s. custody. the bomb designed to be undetectable by u.s. airport screeners. >> u.s. bound airliners again in the cross hairs the latest plot involves a refined version of the underwear bomb that nearly blew up a flight over detroit on christmas 2009 cia intercepted it in yemen before the would be bomber even purchased a ticket. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton reacted overnight during a visit to india. the plot itself indicates terrorists keep trying they keep trying to devise more and more perverse and terrible ways to kill innocent people. >> the white house had to acknowledge the president learned about the plot last month at the same time administration was trying to reas sure the public.
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>> at this time we have no credible information, terrorist organizations are plotting attacks in the u.s. department of homeland security the fear is bombs like this that do not contain metal parts are getting tougher to detect and al qaeda still has the capacity to innovate. >> it is worrisome al qaeda and arabian peninsula are still able to build these bombs after a year or more of increasing drone strikes. >> counter terrorism officials say because of the instability in yemen's government al qaeda is able to gain strength and operate in recent weeks the u.s. has ramped up drone strikes in yemen. allison. >> melanie, thank you. meantime a plea from the rockville man being held captive by al qaeda will go unanswered obama administration will not make a deal, with the terror group to secure warren winestein's freedom. president obama is aware of the
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video that was released over the weekend that shows winestein begging for his life. mr. obama is greatly concerned about his safety but it is u.s. policy not to negotiate with terrorists. now for a check of this mornings other top stories a teach inner montgomery county is behind bars charged with sex abuse offences involving a minor. 50-year-old cornell had inappropriate contact with a 14- year-old he met the girl when she was in one of his classes two years ago he is a 7th grade teacher in german town. bond hearing review scheduled for 39-year-old aaron la mere accused of having child pornography of his laptop computer and inappropriate contact with three students he was a media services technician at north wood high school in silver spring he resigned in march while under investigation. police made an arrest in a
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deadly case of suspected road rage. gloria mcmillen of alexandria is charged with felon hit and run she hit and killed shalinda on herring on the lane in fairfax county she stopped and got out of her door and got into a -- car and got into a fight with another driver. that is when she was hit. >> five men found gill phi for their rolls in a series of shootings that left five young people dead and several others injured the 2010 shooting spree started because of a stolen base let. the victims families expressed gratitude saying justice was served. >> they did not fail us, and i don't see no smile on their face at all, they were smirking and throwing kisses when the trial was going on, not today. >> three of the men are facing life in prison without the possibility of parole the other
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two men could get life. sentencing is scheduled september 11th. another primary day today, voters are hitting the polls in north carolina, indiana, and west virginia, mitt romney has a big lead in the delegate count and could reach the 1144 by the end of the month. rick santorum is endorsing his one time bitter rival releasing a late night e-mail saying in part quote it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney will be our nominee he has my endorsement and support. during a campaign stop in ohio romney said yesterday he deserves a lot of credit for resurgence of the u.s. auto industry he told a cleveland television station president barack obama followed his lead when he ushered auto companies
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through a bankruptcy. >> spending about a trillion dollars more per year than we take in in my view that is not just bad economics it is immormall for us to pass those obligations on to the next generation i will get our budget balanced. >> romney will campaign in michigan his first return appearance to the state since winning the primary in february. meantime president obama will lay out an election year to do list for congress he wants lawmakers to take another look at his proposal to create jobs and assistance for homeowners to refinance mortgages he will detail the list in a speech later today at the state of york, state university of new york, in albany. it is 7:09 a.m., on tuesday morning, still ahead national cathedral, honouring a sift rights pioneer with a permanent tribute. metro is looking to combine bus stops, first the transit agency wants to hear from you.
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>> plus parking in the district is about to become, even more of a challenge, a pain really details about a new plan that could make it more expensive. in certain places and at certain times. pgh >> as we head to break here is a live lookout side, a lot of clouds out there, traffic as well tucker has the forecast julie has the traffic in just a couple moments stay with us, fox 5 morning news will be back 7:10 a.m.
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dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. there are no early elections in israel, making headlines this morning in a surprise deal, netanyahu cancelled snap elections after reaching a deal with the leading opposition party last night the prime minister got support from the biggest opposition party to form a coalition government but the agreement includes a serious push for peace with
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palestinians. this morning china is saying it will investigate any abuse of the blind activist who was at the center of a diplomatic tussle between the u.s. and china. he says the authorities quietly punished him when he claimed they beat his family. it shows chen succeeded getting officials to aggress his concerns. >> closer to home special honor for civil rights pioneer, rosa parks. washington national cathedral will donate a new sculpture of parks. it will be installed thursday a ceremony later that night parks refusele to give up her bus seat to a white passenger in 1955 is often cited as the start of the movement against segregation. we will try to get a picture to show you with that story. >> that was probably the real spark people had been really
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fighting for a long time before that, but that might have been the game changer. >> right. >> tucker barnes is with us, with more on today's forecast. >> rocking the red a little bit not fully. >> well, i realized, these are kind of rangers colors. >> oh,. >> it is an accident. >> looks like i am rocking the red today. >> won't happen again >> rocking the red but a little blue because of the outcome. >> or just rangers colors. >> no, not just rangers colors. it was an accident. that is painful. the game was painful. >> the tie is not. >> thank you. let's talk weather, 62 washington nice mild start to your day warmer day than the last few days well into the 70s and possibility of a scattered shower or thunderstorm this afternoon here is a big look cold air rocky mountains out to the west, kasper wyoming, 28 degrees, yeah, 28 in may >> don't like it.
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>> makes allison turn english. 74 new orleans, 71 in tampa. the warmer air off to the south and west will get in here for the afternoon today. up ahead of our frontal system there is our front you can see the rain showers heaviest rain off to the north and west, off in northern new england this is a slow mover much of your day will feature cloud cover with a few peeks or periods of sunshine. as we get into the afternoon hours, a better chance of scattered showers and maybe a thunderstorm. front will be a slow mover it will hang up across the area and give us a chance of showers overnight into the first part of wednesday. we talked in ask the weather guy we are running a deficit of 5 inches of rain. fingers crossed because end of the week, featuring bright sunshine low humidity temperatures 70s to near 80 by saturday hang in there, sunshine will be back before the end of the week.
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>> mothers day coming up too. >> looks great. >> thank you. to julie wright now find out what is happening on the area roadways. a busy day for our friends in sky fox may made the trip out to louden county they came up with the crash involving the over turned vehicle, eastbound 50th, one over turned right behind that tree on the side off the road in the woods. police are directing you single file to the right. chopper brad tells me a mile slow traffic headed up to this scene grid lock, eastbound 50 for a mile headed up to the louden county parkway. continue eastbound. westbound all lanes are open. thanks guys coming back inside, travelling across the american legion bridge, montgomery county and fairfax, southbound 23rd, constitution avenue, you come southbound to make that right turn, accident activity two cars involved plus this bus, police are on the scene, not much delay as you travel
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out bound, crossing over the potomac that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. melt row thinking about -- metro thinking about getting rid of bus stops first they want to hear what you thing about it they are holding the first of three public meetings to discuss consolidation plans the hope is to come up with solutions to improve bus efficiency and on time performances tonight's meeting will take place at mathews memorial church in southeast dc. starts 7:00 p.m., anyone who has tried -- anyone who has tried it, knows parking in the district is a hassle, we are okay. first challenge finding a spot that is legal, second challenge, paying for it. >> now a new plan to charge even more in certain areas, at certain times foxes matt explains the supply and demand. >> performance based parking
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policy, is already in place near nationals park. during a ball game it will cost you $8 for the second and third hours you park on the street. by charging the higher amount for long term parking officials believe it encourages people to park in nearby lots or ride public transit. freeing up more spaces for short term parking. that is why some want this same policy used in other areas of the district. >> when you are around a business like a dry cleaners you want that parking to turn over every 15, 20, 30 minutes you use pricing to do that. >> reporter: the new policy will also allow d dot to raise and lower meter rates, depending on demand. >> you are not going to change the rates every day or hour you will like at them maybe quarterly, a few times a year. >> reporter: along 8th street northeast is a perfect place for this plan to be put to use
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for example, during the day when people need to frequent these shops and restaurants price will be lower but then at night when parking is really in demand, the price will rise, and hopefully, reduce that demand. some are worried making parking more expensive at any time could keep customers away. at the big board on 8th street, business is getting better by the month. but customer max is worried the district might be just looking for another way to make money. >> economics for the city makes sense. i mean they write parking violations more than any other city in the country it is absurd to try to just up the ante. >> reporter: councilmember wells says this is not about the $3 million the proposed parking program is projected to raise. it is about charging what that spot is worth. >> we can't manufacture more street side parking but we can make it perform in a way that
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works for the customer works for the business if it is too cheap then why wouldn't anybody just leave their car there, for the whole night. >> reporter: in the district, matt ac land, fox 5 news. couple tickets from 7:21 a.m. on tuesday morning coming up alarming new study about teenage drivers and passengers. >> battle against obesity just about everything is on the table next what health experts hope to accomplish today in washington. >> and hey, are you still looking for that perfect mothers day gift. holly morris has some great do it yourself mothers day gifts to make mama smile. we will check back with her later 
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settlements have been reached in the lawsuits over the dc breathalyzer, the it is trick agreed to pay 20 -- district agreed to pay $20,000 to four people who challenged drunk driving convictions all
7:25 am
four claim the department failed to properly calibrate the breathalyzers and they continued to rely on the scores even after knowing the machines were flawed. new numbers, highlight it is risk of teens driving with other teens. triple-a looked at teen involved crashes between 2007 and 2010 they found teens risk of dying in an accident jumped 44% when there is another teen in the car. it quadruples when there are three or more other teens in the car the same study found the risk of death significantly decreases for teen drivers when there is an adult in the car. new report on obesity shows a grim outlook if americans don't start exercising and eating right today specialists will meet in washington to draw up a blueprint how to reduce america's weight problem as they debate what strategies should be priority. more than 44% of the u.s.
7:26 am
population could be obese by 2030. just over a third of adults are obese. >> are you addicted to social media, researchers from norway studied more than 400 students and came up with 6 warning signs, it is called the burgen facebook addiction scale do you use facebook to forget about personal problems from very rarely to very often. results show women are more at risk of developing facebook addiction and it occurs more regular rarely among younger than older users. 7:26 a.m. on tuesday morning still ahead a special honor for prince harry, in the district. >> plus move that would help ease the burden for millions paying back student loans. divided congress takes up the issue of whether to keep interest rates from doubling. so, just how likely is a compromise here we will take a closer look at the debate coming up next pgh >> as we head to break another live lookout side, we will get the latest on our weather and
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on traffic from tucker barnes, and julie wright coming up in just a couple moments. 7:27 a.m. 
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britain's prince harry honored for charity work he and
7:30 am
his brother have been doing helping wounded warriors he got the atlantic council award for leadership at a ceremony at the ritz carleton. >> i would like to accept the reward on behalf of my brother william our foundation, all those on both sides of the atlantic who work so tirelessly to support our wounded veterans, but particularly for the guys because this is their award. >> we've watched him grow up he is a man >> i know. >> at the british embassy he met with members of the british and u.s. militaries wounded. >> that is amazing. >> by all accounts, it was a great ceremony great opportunity for everyone to meet the prince very nice. >> he is tall. >> he is tall. >> yeah. >> were you one of the throngs of people waiting outside to meet him? >> no, but i could have been. >> yeah. >> i could have been. >> i was amazed. >> it is special. >> he is not here every day. >> no, we have seen him grow up i don't know, if there were
7:31 am
young girls out there because he is a cutie pie but we've seen him grow up and he is royalty. i just wish that prince would have to wear a little tiny crown or something that would be cool. >> not so sure he would be so into that. he has a head of hair. >> he has a nice head of red hair. >> clouds out there, this morning. >> we do. know what else we have a problem with earlier today anchors were suffering with pollen i did the pollen count >> i don't know what this is i apologize i know i am not 100% but it is something i didn't think i had allergies >> i think you have a cold. >> okay >> i take it back. >> for everybody else, pollen count today, trees back in the moderate range, trees starting to see that decline earlier in the spring they were through the roof. there it is looking for the right expression now it is grass and the count here was grass, mold spores not yet but
7:32 am
the grass pollen count is expected to be very high here for the next several days, if you are suffering it is likely because of the grasses here as we get into the rest of the week. get a little rain later this afternoon maybe that will knock it out, as that might hell ap little bit 62 washington, -- help a little bit, 62 washington. 50s off to the north and west, manassas, dulles, gaithersburg, 59 degrees should be a warmer day than yesterday, high temperatures mid-to upper 70s. and a little more humidity as well winds have shifted now, and they are out of the south. there is a morning look at your satellite radar, and you can see generally we are dry, with a mix of a little sunshine and clouds across the area and of course our frontal system is just out west but i want you to know the motion, generally to the north, and very slowly tracking to the east. i think it will take the better part of the day before that rain shower activity starts to move in here. when it does so, mid-to late
7:33 am
afternoon possibility of scattered showers and perhaps a few thunderstorms and later tonight, the front because it is moving so slowly it will hang up across the area that will give us an enhanced chance of showers overnight tonight, into the first part of tomorrow. we need the rain showers, keep our fingers crossed. we get some in the next few hours. warmer than yesterday. 76, winds out of the south, 10 to 15 miles per hour. clouds tonight showers and storms likely, 62, not going to rain every minute but periods of showers, winds out of the south and west, 10 to 15 wake up tomorrow showers around. by tomorrow afternoon, generally just be cloudy maybe a little late day sun tomorrow and thursday, friday and saturday, absolutely perfect, sunshine low humidity, high temperatures approaching 80. if you are curious about mothers day looks sunny upper 70s. that is a look at your weather let's do traffic and julie. all right tucker on the roads if you are travelling the
7:34 am
connecticut avenue corridor, beach drive, you will find lanes are open slow going as you work your way southbound, capital belt way no incidents to report southbound 395, coming again southbound, this is the ramp from shillington, accident with v bott on the scene. northbound -- v dot on the scene. northbound, outer loop of the belt way, slower 95 college park headed around to georgia avenue. problems to report for you guys coming inbound out of buoy accident activity tieing up the far right lane. julie thank you so much. today senate continues to battle over plans to keep student loan interest rates from doubling come july the sticking point how to pay for the move democrats want to eliminate a tax break for some corporations republicans back a plan to pull funds from a preventative health care fund. joining us this morning, editor
7:35 am
of cq senate watch. good to see you. you know it just seems a lot of people, will be in dire states come summer time if something isn't done. how big of a problem is this neil? >> well, these are subsidized student loans. they effect about 7 million borrowers, perhaps, and for those borrowers, federal student loans they are talking about having interest rates double from 3.4 to 6 .8% and it is a problem that i think both sides plan to find a way out of democrats and republicans, but in the meantime it looks like we will have another show down on our hands. >> you do think a compromise will be reached for the good of the people who will be effected by this. >> it is an election year and i would not want to be the politician who is the one, who is targeted with being responsible for raising the interest rates which effectively raises the cost of
7:36 am
college for these students by i heard an average of $1,000 a year >> my goodness. okay. we have been -- you used the term somehow down. we have been -- show down. we have been saying that. is that a fair assessment? >> it looks like that is the way it is headed. just yesterday we learned senate republicans plan to block the bill from going forward, coming up with a procedural vote, today and then back to the drawing board, if the leaders of both partys to go into the back room and negotiate a solution. >> is it possible a simple bill could be passed? it seems a lot of riders are attached to it, which lead to this debate or the fact that it is not just passing sit possible just to say okay just strip it down and pass this thing and help folks effected? how likely is that? >> that is not very likely, to
7:37 am
be perfectly honst, because -- honest, because it costs about $6 billion. one year of extending lower interest rates is going to be scored as costing the federal government, $6 billion or so, which is you know, in this sort of era we are in, we are talking about reducing the federal deficit you can't do without finding savings some place else. >> you spoke to this a little bit, is it worse because it is an election year? are people trying to say we are not going to pass this without attaching this? is it more political. >> certainly it looks that way. president obama and the cabinet, and vice president biden have been going around the country holding events on this subject, and you can tell that is related to the election year, same thing on the republican side, governor romney has already said that he supports making sure the interest rates don't go up but i am not quite sure this would be quite the priority it has
7:38 am
been if it weren't approaching a presidential election. >> what financial offsets are needed to sort of basically allow the freeze, where it is now, 3.4%. >> both of the offsets that have been proposed so far, one of which would -- as you mentioned earlier, reduce funding for a preventative health service fund from a couple years ago and the other one that would essentially eliminate a tax preference for certain companies organized certain ways, beneather one of those look -- neither one of those looks like it is going any where. that is why we will probably see leaders, speaker boehner, majority leader reid from the senate go and try to work out something that will be amenable to both sides. >> primary race is contest today, richard lugger how big in trouble is he this time around? >> looks like he is going to lose his republican primary. i would say if you had to guess
7:39 am
right now with the polls in indiana opening soon, that only tomorrow, we would find out, that richard murdoch will be the republican nominee, for that senate seat and lugger has been in senate for decaderepresented the people of indiana for a very long time but looks like his campaign just ran into a wave that it is not going to be able to overcome. >> editor with cq senate watch appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. 7:39 a.m., a new twist in the penn state sex abuse scandal. coming up why two administrators say charges against them should be dropped. he has been in the hospital for weeks now, but for what? an update on the god father of go go, chuck brown after the break. >> also ahead, cat fights on dynasty were the stuff of
7:40 am
legends. ♪ [ music ] >> actress linda evans is joining us in studio she and actress, linda grey of dallas fame will be in town the day, they are putting the spotlight on a serious issue they are teaming up with meals on wheels to highlight senior hunger they will sign mothers day cards. linda evans will join us live to talk about it coming up in our 9:00 a.m. hour so, ah, your seat good?
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making headlines an update on that missing tennessee mother and her three daughters the fbi says two bodies have been found behind their alleged kidnappers home in north mississippi and they are that of joe ann bane and her older daughter they believe the two other daughters are with adam mays he is accused of abducting them from the family's home last month. they changed the date of a key allegation. former assistant football coach
7:44 am
jerry sandusky assaulted a boy february 9th, 2001 in a locker room a grand jury report originally had it dated march 1st, 2002. two university administrators are accused of lying to a grand jury and failing to properly report suspected child abuse their lawyers say the date change means the statute of limitations has expired, and the charges should be dismissed. update now, on the god father of go go chuck brown on his health according to the washington post his daughter, kay kay says her father is recovering from pneumonia. he has been in hospital for two months and was admitted after complaining of arthritis, doctors discovered a blood clot which was removed he contracted pneumonia recovering from the operation. >> i know the family is still asking for everyone's prayers we do wish him a full recovery and hope he is out soon that is a long time to be in the hospital. >> yes, it is.
7:45 am
switching gears now to tucker barnes here with the latest, good morning. >> cloudy out there, scattered showers and storms back in the forecast, but, right now we are fine. dry for your morning and if you want dry weather get out and about earlier today i think by this afternoon we will get scattered showers and possibility of a few thunder storms in the forecast. >> there you go. >> things running smoothly. 62 washington nice mild start to your day and generally we are in the upper 50s and low 60s. washington area, boston 50, in new york 56 degrees and 60s to our south, and to our east, cape hatteras, 69 degrees, all right future cast together. we have a cold front off to the north and west, that will first initially bring us more in the way of cloudiness after a little sunshine mostly cloudy by late morning early afternoon eventually here come the rain
7:46 am
showers 1:00 p.m., you can see there is some rain just off to our north and west, parts of the area geshowers that moves through in a scattered nature, between 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m. tonight. not going to rain all afternoon but probably enough to wet the ground and cause some slick spots on the roadways and then later tonight, we will see things quiet down before the rain returns tomorrow. that frontal system coming through will be such a slow mover we will get another chance for showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. here is your 5 day forecast gain we will be warmer today, 76 plenty of hue mdty up ahead of our -- humidity up ahead of our front. thursday, friday, saturday, bright abundant sunshine, low humidity highs approaching 80 by saturday. mothers day looks good too. >> excellent. >> before we move on i want to mention one week from today tony, yes, one week from this moment. >> i love this music. >> weather day starts and tony
7:47 am
and i will be joining thousands of area school kids, along with sue and other guests, for our special presentation, it starts 9:30 a.m., so the actual game starts at 1:00 p.m. if you join us early we will give you a nice presentation. >> no, our presentation is not 3.5 hours. >> no, about an hour and tony will shake the hands of each and every -- >> don't say that, that is not funny now they will expect that i can't do that. >> well, i intend to do that >> i have been out with tucker, he is serious about shaking everybody's hand. >> tucker is running for president. i will work the crowd. >> very very endeering. >> shake hands kiss moms crazy. >> all right. >> this did go in a weird direction. it will be a great event >> it will be fantastic. if you want more information go to click on the mornings tab, and we will look forward to seeing you next week. we will have a lot of fun. >> schools can get involved it
7:48 am
is not too late. >> area roadways here is julie wright. >> so you can picture it tony is there in the heisman stance and tucker is licking everybody's face. >> fun more everybody. >> all right on the roads, outer loop of the belt way, below speed, headed 95, georgia avenue, lanes are open, delay on 395, belt way to king street, southbound, 395, remains of accident activity keep your eyes peeled for that westbound 50, out of buoy accident activity after 301 tieing up the right side of the highway slowing down your roll as you slow at 301. creative and personal way to show mom just how much you love her. >> holly is standing by, with some really unique gift ideas. hey, guys, there are 83 million moms in the country
7:49 am
let's face it the country wouldn't run without those moms that is why owe need to do something -- why you need to do something special for them. we are live this morning in rockville, our resident crafty wizard is once again joining us to give us great ideas that you can do it yourself. mom is going to love it all live next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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holly morris will be celebrating her first mothers day as a mommy this sunday. >> congratulations holly. this morning she is at ac moore in rockville maryland, i believe the brand new store there, to get ideas, great ideas for do it yourself gifts for the holiday. good morning happy first mommies day. >> thank you okay i will show you a picture quit asking. [ laughter ] >> aww. >> you know what, i am showing
7:53 am
you this picture because we have the best viewers in the whole world on any given day someone comes up to me and asks about hayden asks about the baby and always want to see a picture for those of you i haven't run into yet this is what he looks like now he just celebrated his 5 month birthday and more than that, he is sleeping through the night. >> yay. >> happy mothers day [ applause ] >> yeah, that is the best mothers day gift of all but when it comes to acknowledging your moms you know what moms like they love the things that you do yourself that is why we are here at ac moore and called in robin, once again to come down from new jersey she always has the best ideas. >> happy mothers day. >> last time i saw you was halloween i was about ready to pop now all is good. >> yes and even better come sunday if you do something like this. >> definitely. >> for mothers day, it is great to give something special even if it is a photo or something you have made yourself that can be done inexpensively simply and what is great about it,
7:54 am
you've made it. that is what makes it a great thing. >> now days, they have such easy things that look so high level. >> exactly. these frames, $1. >> $1. >> painted, and then we have these stickers called confections, and you just paint and peel them on >> look at that >> look how nice >> looks like icing that is fun too the painting is simple that is something a kid could do >> exactly. >> or adult could do and make it any color it is really and you can -- >> one of a kind. >> so many different things and you can make it look like a cake see how the icing is and again, they are inexpensive. another great thing is mod podge this is another great frame pick out what you want and what it is, decoupage is like a glue, add on the die cuts and cover it over and seals it what is great about these die cuts look, they are
7:55 am
two ways so you have choices. >> literally make it. >> you can make it work and see what you do you fold it and everything and the mod podge makes it stay. >> what i love about giving a picture a now days kids have cameras so young they have made them so great or take pictures with their phone and then this can kind of time stamp a memory. >> special to the kid. >> exactly. >> we call these memory sticks we have all different versions of girls boys grand kids, great, parents, that are now grandparents in your family how wonderful they are. >> these are $10. >> very inexpensive and treasured family moments you can stamp, you can do different things and then we have these other frames that are great now, one of the things i want to talk about is a shadow box what is great about that, you can make things very special. >> oh,. >> look at that. >> what we have here. >> some body was a little sneaky and sent some pictures
7:56 am
what you can do with a shadow box is take a photo and take some scrapbook paper and see we did the pennants and we have pictures of people you may know >> i am going to cry i love that see i can wrap that up and give it to thomas and act like he gave it to me. >> he called you. >> no, you were helping him out. >> that is so wonderful. >> great idea. >> best idea for this segment but here is the deal, she has more ideas more segments, our website we have a link to ac moore come check out this beautiful new store here in rockville next hour, i have son-in-law little worker bees, we will have some good ideas your kids can make to make sure you recognize mom come sunday. remember i have a question for you, you guys getting your answers ready? good they are working on it. >> holly if i were given that, that would be the best gift ever >> i know i just may not even set it down.
7:57 am
this might be in my hands the rest of the morning. >> i love that. >> yep. >> holly thanks see you next hour. >> coming up in the 8:00 a.m. hour a new way to treat high blood pressure. fox medical team has details about a procedure tested here in the united states. >> something we could all use, a million dollars. next hour the editor of kiplingers, personal finance what you can do now to start saving to be a millionaire. that and more coming up at 8:00 a.m. stay with us  [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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8:00 am
new plot to blow up a u.s. bound plane and it involved an upgraded version of the so called underwear bomb. how the cia was able to stop the attack before it happened whichever. >> this is one of two montgomery county school employees in police custody this morning both accused of sex offences involving students a live report coming up. then later this hour, called the silent killer high blood pressure can lead to major health problems but there is something new that might help. an expert from the fox medical
8:01 am
team is on the story and will join us live. i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour happy tuesday morning we say good morning to tucker barnes he has the latest on this weather not looking too bad out there so far. >> a little sunshine to start your day. later this afternoon, early afternoon clouds will roll in and then scattered showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. >> okay. >> we need the rain. >> yes, we do. >> and pollen suffers will like a little rain as well. >> 62 regan national, humidity on the increase, during the course of day. sentinel radar, west of hagerstown. they are generally tracking east, northeast, and we will looking at a possibility of scattered showers maybe a thunderstorm if we can get enough heat in here before they arrive later this afternoon. you can see that frontal system once the front gets in here it
8:02 am
will hang up across the area, probably into first part of tomorrow as well. here is your day planner high temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s warmer than yesterday, scattered showers and storms by 4:00 p.m. >> all right. >> okay. >> let's find out what is happening on the area roadways here is julie wright with that. >> all right you guys, if you are travelling in virginia, we had accident activity at the end of shirlington accident activity moved on to the shoulder. lanes are open. northbound traffic flows on the belt way, here is the deal southbound 270, trying to get past on to the belt way here, georgetown road what i know about the belt way, slow going off the inner loop all the way around toward connecticut avenue and 355 coming off of southbound 270, problem is, not really a problem it should help in future there is a new entrance over to navy medic at greer road, off jones bridge we have all this traffic coming around the belt way, old
8:03 am
georgetown road, all this traffic headed into bethesda to make that left turn on the jones bridge over to greer road and new entrance. police are there it is causing a distraction but that is complicating the commute headed over to navy med. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> our top story cia takes down a plot by an al qaeda affiliate to blow up a united states bound plane. >> this may have been able to get past metal detectors at airports it is now being examined at an fbi lab in virginia. melanie is down in the newsroom with the latest melanie. >> tony sources described the unexploded bomb as an intelligence prize explosive experts can pick apart at the same times the a reminder, al qaeda especially in yemen is actively trying to bomb a u.s. airliner. they say this device was designed to be undetectable it didn't contain metal it could have slipped past airport security it is not clear if new
8:04 am
body scanners would have detected it. the bomb was designed to be used in a passengers underwear exploded by what is said to be a refined detonation system it is believed the bomb was developed by the same bomb make whore did the first underwear bomb in 2009 and two others, built into printer cartridges in 2010. we have learnedthe would be bomber. >> the whole system to them is how to beat us at the first level okay. and we are always fighting the last war. at this point our intelligence is great it came from a variety of sources the person is now in u.s. custody he may have been a mule had american passport, the report was he was going the buy his ticket in cash at a counter that is a red flag for anybody. >> cia was tracking the plot in yemen, for a month and the white house was aware. u.s. officials would not say where and when the cia intercepted the bomb but said the suicide bomber had not yet
8:05 am
picked a target and there are no immediate plans to change security procedures at u.s. airports. >> thank you very much. meanwhile, plea from the rockville man being held captive by al qaeda will not be answered in the way his captors hoped the obama administration will not make a deal with ther rest group to secure warren winestein's freedom. president obama is aware of the video released over the weekend that shows winestein begging for his lifement carney says obama is greatly concerned about winestein's safety but it is u.s. policy not to negotiate with terrorists. >> our hearts go out to him and his family we condemn his kidnapping in the strongest terms and call for his immediate release the u.s. government will continue making every effort so see him released safely to his family but cannot and will not negotiate with al qaeda. the 70-year-old was kidnapped 9 months ago in pakistan al qaeda says he will
8:06 am
be freed if the u.s. stops attacks in pakistan, afghanistan, yemen and somalia and releases all al qaeda and taliban prisoners around the world. joining us now to talk more about that case and about the foiled underwear bomb plot is michael green burger founder and director of the center for health and homeland security university of maryland also a professor at university school of law thanks for coming in. there is a lot to talk about. the terrorists know that it isst policy not to negotiate with terrorists, the indication is we are not going to and not going the give into demands what happens now, is there any middle ground that could be reached? >> well, i am not so sure, the terrorist fully understood what he was asking for would not be received by the united states. i think this is an act of desperation from al qaeda, directly to the drone attacks, and i think it is an act of
8:07 am
desperation to try to convince the administration to stop the drone attacks, releasing terrorists in custody is absub. i think this is an indication -- absurd, i think this is an indication of the success the administration has had fighting al qaeda. winestein in doing this, he is a professional it was clear the way he acted the cool and calm way he acted, the picking at things he ate and some use of his words were a signal he knew this was asking for more than could be delivered. >> so, that is an interesting suggestion, so, let's talk about mr. winestein and his predicament, the fact that he probably understands this is too much that his captors are asking for, what do you make of what his appearance in the video, his measured tones is he under duress? >> i think he is somewhat under duress i think he signals that,
8:08 am
in his baring. on the other hand the administration is not going to give up on him. this is the first true sign he is okay. he was kidnapped in august, unheard from, now we see he is in good health, it is a sign to his family he is okay and it is a sign to the administration he is there because they are not going to give in to the terrorist threat does not mean they will not work very hard to get his release. there will be diplomatic avenues gone through. if administration thinks it can't they will try to militarily extract him. >> we know what al qaeda's objectives are, a december traiting a key da is not argute -- a desperate al qaeda is not a good one to deal with. >> his life is in danger, there have in fact in the past few weeks been other diplomats and aids found put in harms way. this is the last gasp by al
8:09 am
qaeda. the closer they get to being defeated, the more desperate they will be the obama administration has done a terrific job on this. as you had in an earlier newscast, finding this underwear bomb before it goes used. >> again we keep seeing these plots foiled how they are being foiled i do not know it is not for us to know but let's talk about that. we have the device and fbi is examining it. how close were we to possibly having a real problem. >> this is a remarkable discovery clearly an international effort i am sure there were many intelligence agencies at work at this, the president thanked the international intelligence community it is another sign we are on top of these kind of threats to the united states it only takes one threat to really cause havoc. >> is this an indication, that
8:10 am
gain, what we are at most risk of is a lone wolf situation if you blow up a plane that is devastating but one individual, suicide attack situation. >> a lone wolf truly acts completely on their own. this person, was given technical expertise, probably by al qaeda on the arabian peninsula. it does demonstrate we absolutely must keep our guard up i think administration has been very good at that. but you know, one small mistake, one thing we don't discover, havoc can be released. we can never sit back, this is truly a great discovery to head off something like this. it may have slipped through airport security they have the device reengineer it and it is necessary, bring up defenses around the airports. >> michael green burger with university of maryland thanks
8:11 am
for coming in. allison. two montgomery county schools on damage control after a middle school teacher and high school employee were arrested and charged with sexual offences. will good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison. certainly disturbing news for parents students faculty and staff for that matter here at north wood high school where we are and over in german town at neilsville middle school. let's begin here in silver spring, outside of north wood high school. montgomery county police say a former media services technician identified as aaron lemear had inappropriate contact with students he is accused of having child porn on his computer. principal henry johnson says in part early march, a parent contacted montgomery child
8:12 am
protective services and alleged inarrow pray crate behaviour by him with her child. north wood administration was contacted he was put on administrative leave he resigned shortly there after that is the case here at north wood high school. now german town, montgomery county police say 7th grade teacher cornell is accused of having inappropriate contact with a 14-year-old female student they go on to say the 50-year-old befriended the student, met her off campus. the principal there at neilsville also released a statement we have a partial statement, in late february, the the administration was informed of possible inappropriate behaviour. we contacted child protective services and placed mr. cornell on administrative leave where he remains at this time. both montgomery county workers face serious sex abuse charges it appears both schools took
8:13 am
immediate action. back to you. >> good news will thank you so much. time now 8:12 a.m., a tuesday morning and royal visit to dc. we will take a look at the events prince harry attended. >> game 5 for the caps heads into overtime a recap. man it was tough when fox 5 morning news continues, it is 8:13 a.m. ♪
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my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. >> game 5 between the caps and rangers, capitals scored a goal to take a lead then with 6 seconds left in the game rangers scored on the power play to force overtime, new york was still on the power play in overtime they won a big face off and mark staal slapped ohm the game winner caps -- home a game winner caps face elimination at verizon center, tomorrow night. >> i don't like the way we keep writing that. >> let's do it glass half full. >> caps lost last night, it
8:17 am
will take two games to win, the first victory will come tomorrow night at the verizon center. >> let's get her done. >> i like that. >> speaking of getting her done tucker barnes with a look at weather and more. >> my first 5 photo of the day. this is lilly. >> we saw lilly earlier this morning. >> hello beautiful. >> lilly likes to do things everybody likes to do like garden and play outside. >> lilly's mom says she loves watching the weather guys for their daily play time forecast. and besides her own daddy tucker barnes is the only other man in her life. >> that is sweet. >> i am blushing. >> you are so lucky >> i feel very lucky. >> she is so cute. >> thanks for the nice note from your mom to send your child's picture go to click on mornings. we will give you your play forecast right now i think you should get out and play with your mom and dad rain on the way, a little later this
8:18 am
afternoon. you can see our live radar shower activity moving from the west rain good, out west virginia, eastern ohio and that is working. it will take a few more hours to get here a little more morning sunshine gradually getting cloudy and by mid-to late afternoon, we will see scattered showers and perhaps a thunderstorm move in, and showers will linger into your night time hours. good news milder temperatures 62 in washington, 59 dulles, 59 baltimore highs later today back into the 70s well into the 70s last couple days low 70s today, mid-to upper 70s for afternoon highs. showers by late afternoon. your 5 day mostly cloudy showers late. 76 tomorrow start the day with showers and maybe a little late day sun and then thursday, friday, saturday, gets better and better high temperatures well into the 70s near 80 by saturday, lots of sunshine low humidity to end the week. nice looking 5 day forecast.
8:19 am
that is the weather forecast let's do traffic and see if the other woman in my life, julie wright has good news. >> now you are going to get people talking. >> well, not like that like my partner my work partner. >> you know what, [ laughter ] >> okay. >> all right tucker on the roads this morning, what we have found there is a new entrance at navy med, off jones bridge a lot of heavy volume, as you work your way 355. jones bridge over towards that entrance there. if you are travelling connecticut, not so bad north of the belt way but really gets grid locked, south of the belt way headed out towards jones bridge. security checks are in effect. all of this traffic headed south bethesda and navy med. on the other side of town canal road, typical slow downs headed in towards northwest that is a check of your fox 5 on time
8:20 am
traffic. thank you julie. the latest now from the campaign trail. primaries held in west virginia, north carolina and indiana today. the presumptive republican nominee, mitt romney picked up another endorsement, it is from former rival, rick santorum in an e-mail sent to supporters late last night he wrote president obama quote must be defeated, adding quote it will require all hands on deck if our nominee is to be victorious. governor romney will be that nominee he has my endorsement and support. in the e-mail he calls it the most cell call presidential election of our time. >> president obama will campaign in albany new york. he will talk more about a to do list he is giving to congress in it he will ask lawmakers to take another look at job creation and other economic proposals he is pushing. >> prince harry in the district presented with an award from atlantic council for his charity work and wounded
8:21 am
soldiers during a black tie event at the ritz carleton. >> it is with great humility that i accept this award. generally, i obviously don't feel i have done nearly enough to deserve it but am i menacely grateful -- immensely grateful, for according me this great honor. >> the prince served in the prettyish military along with his brother prince william set up a charity to help wounded soldiers after seeing their buddies get injured in war. this was his first visit, to the district. it is 21 minutes after 8:00 a.m. now. the latest on the john edwards trial up next on fox 5 morning news. >> later this hour holly is looking ahead to mothers day you have less than a week now, to find the perfect gift for mom. fox 5 morning news will be bac 8:21 a.m.
8:22 am

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(man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. making headlines, a boost for defense in the john edwards trial. lawyer for heiress rachel bunny melon said she gave edwards
8:25 am
$175,000 as a personal gift not a campaign contributions charges against edwards are for using campaign money to pay off his mistress. prosecutors have to prove he knew campaign funds were funneled to that woman. update now on the health of chuck brown according to the washington post, his daughter kay kay brown says her father is recovering from pneumonia he has been in hospital for two months now, the god father of go go was admitted after complaining of arthritis doctors discovered a blood clot which was removed he contracted pneumonia, recovering from that operation he recently cleared his may concert calendar, canceling all scheduled performances we wish him the best. >> mark zucker burg arriving in new york city to prepare for the initial public offering. he is drumming up support for facebook stock is that necessary? >> no. >> okay. >> the price right now ranges
8:26 am
from $28 to $35 per share but that could change if there is strong demand ahead of the stock going public next week. i will bet he love it is fact he doesn't have to wear a suit. >> i am mark zucker burg. 8:26 a.m. tuesday morning. used in many popular dishes can curry be used to fight cancer. details up next on fox 5. >> new developments in treatment for high blood pressure patients we will check with the fox medical team on the other side of the break. 8:26 a.m. today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities.
8:27 am
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only at safeway. ingredients for life. here is a live look at the world war ii memorial on the national mall. a ceremony commemorating the 67th anniversary of the victory in europe will be held in a half hour. this is the day alleyed forces accepted nazi germany's unconditional surrender in
8:30 am
1945. there will be a wreath laying and musical tribute, world war ii veteransome holocaust survivors will be on hand for that event. hmm. >> 67 years. >> unbelievable. >> it is a couple tickets from 8:30 a.m., we say good morning to tucker. >> good morning. live shot, cloud cover across the area, low and thick here, but i think they will hold off until the early afternoon. hopefully we will get the ceremony in without a problem. for runs dog walks you are fine for the next couple hours but rain showers will move in, with a cold front as we get to late afternoon showers will linger into the night time hours. there is a live look at your radar, mix of clouds and sun here in the immediate washington area. to start your morning but just off to the west, western maryland now, and parts of west virginia, watching out west, we have light rain showers starting to break out these are tracking east. they are making slow progress i think it will be a few more hours before we are dealing
8:31 am
with rain. front royal and lees burg and manassas. let's show you the bigger picture, you will see rain showers on the move notice, the movement here generally from south to north it is tracking east but much of the rain is off to the north and west, area of low pressure there, across knot earn new england -- northern new england, after a little sunshine to start your day clouds will increase in that rain shower activity and possibility of an embedded thunderstorm will move in, during the course of your afternoon. this will be a slow moving front our rain chances are going to stick around for your night time hours into your daytime tomorrow. there is your future cast i will put it in motion watch the clouds increase, rain showers move in, 2:00 p.m., rain showers generally washington, north and west, even the possibility of a thunderstorm and then as you get into the evening rush hour, rain showers become a little more scattered in nature enough to wet the roadway, slow the commute a little bit late they are afternoon showers continue into the night time hours early tomorrow here we are at
8:32 am
midnight. next 24 hours rain showers in the forecast then a much improved forecast as we get into the middle and end of the week there you go warmer today as well, 76, mostly cloudy, afternoon showers, gradual improvement, thursday, friday, saturday, weekend plans saturday starting off upper 70s mothers day looks good too. temperatures 80, 3 day on sunday. allison tony back to you at the desk. tucker thank you. an alarming prediction about america's obesity epidemic a new cdc forecast, shows more than 40% of the united states population, could be obese by 2030. the number of people about 100 pounds over weight, classify as severely obese, could increase to 11%, researchers say lowering obesity rates could
8:33 am
save nearly $550 billion in medical costs, over the next two decades. chemical in curry could help cure cancer. studies already show a chemical found in curry, can kill cancer cells grown in laboratories now according to the bbc, hospitals in the uk are conducting a clinical trial to see what happens when it is given to patients along with chemo therapy. 40 patients will be given a pill 7 days before starting chemo to study the effect it has on the cancer cells. it is called a silent killer high blood pressure a major problem n the united states and major health problem. diet exercise and medicine help most patients control it. others are not so lucky readings keep going up. >> for hard to treat patients there is something new that might help. dr. joe is live in tampa to
8:34 am
explain what it is. good morning dr. joe. >> reporter: good morning the woman you are about to meet has been struggling with blood pressures in ranges of 200 plus and in addition to medication, the cardiologists are now trying something new and they are targeting her arteries in a place you might not expect. she arrives early at tampa general hospital for a procedure she hopes will improve her health. >> i struggled with it for over 20 years. four medications -- five medications a day twice a day. >> reporter: for almost a decade she worked at the cape supporting space shuttle missions now she is taking on new science to reign in her skyrocketing pressure. >> i can feel it as a pressure i feel the pressure up in my head but it is not pain just fullness. >> reporter: she is the first in florida to under go a procedure, which deadens nerves in the artery of the kidneys the company animation shows how it is done. >> we can tackle the body's
8:35 am
control system, by using devices and some other types of treatments so this is really cutting edge. >> reporter: all part of a clinical trial so it is not yet fda approved in the u.s. as she is wheeled into the cath lab she doesn't know if she will get the true procedure or a mock version. >> my hope for her is come off medication or minimize number of pills she is on. >> reporter: on the table doctors take pictures of her arteries and kidneytry to set the catheter they discover a problem she needs a stent one of the arteries is blocked. >> kind of like you know if you are warming up for a basketball game and you are stretching and pull a hamstring during warm ups. >> reporter: with it fixed she needs to wait for the fda to approve the procedure before trying again a dispointment for her and her family and doctors. >> unfortunate for her and us this is a routine thing for us,
8:36 am
and a relatively routine complication but none the less eliminates her for consideration from the study. >> reporter: now, we are hearing she is back home doing well she will have to closely work with doctors to control that blood pressure the old fashioned way tony allison. >> dr. joe could you explain the connection between arterykidney and blood pressure? >> people don't realize how important kidneys are in regulating blood pressure this particular experimental procedure goes for the nerves, sympathetic nerves within the artery leading to the kidneys that fight or flight response that will raise your blood pressure, raise your heart rate so they believe by cutting those back, they decrease your blood pressure in fact, studies in europe they found it deviced it 32 points on that top number. >> that is a big number. all right dr. joe thank you very much. we will continue to watch developments in that story.
8:37 am
8:36 a.m., alarming news about teenagers behind the wheel. results of a new study from triple-a straight ahead after the break. this is one that every parent needs to hear. >> yes, then the so called tanning mom, makes headlines once again. how one company is trying to cash in on her 15 minutes of fame. fox 5 morning news will be right back 
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
making headlines, settlements in dcs breathalyzer scandal. the district will pay $20,000 to four people who challenged their drunk driving convictions all four claim the police department failed to properly calibrate breathalyzers and prosecutors continued to use results from the machines knowing they were flawed. the settlements were outlined in court documents released yesterday. allison, new numbers out about the risks of teens driving with other teens. triple-as foundation for public involved crashes from 2007 to 2010 and found a teens risk of dying in an accident jumps 44% when there is another teen in the car. it quadruples when there are three or more teens in the car. same study found the risk of
8:41 am
death significantly decreases for teenage drivers when there is an adult in the car. she tanned her way into pop culture last week. >> the so called tanoexic mom has been immortalized as an action figure it goes for $30 on hero >> lord. >> the real mother from new jersey is patricia, she is charged with child endangerment and police say she took her 5- year-old daughter into a tanning booth, she pleaded not guilty last week. they found out of course when the child went to school with a little sun burn and she was -- she thought it was cool she was bragging about it but then -- >> the mother took her into a tanning booth the mother said she got it playing outside. >> all right. >> okay. 8:41 a.m. now, ever dream of becoming a millionaire. yes. you don't need a lottery ticket. in fact that is not likely to
8:42 am
happen for you. >> up next fox 5 morning news, we have an expert from kiplingers personal finance who says you can make it happen on your own. oh, mommy morris. >> hello. you know, we are at ac moore we are getting wonderful ideas for you to give to your mom who is the greatest person in the world? >> mom. >> who takes good care of us. >> mom. >> who do we have to give something super special to on sunday? >> mommy. >> stay with us.  we love gardening...
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my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix. you are right. janet just said you cannot keep a good idea down. it is safe to say we all dream about becoming millionaires, successful business people the road to making a million may seem impossible to do but with smart planning and discipline it is within reach. joining us with more insight our friend janet editor of kiplingers, personal finance it is not just about saving to be
8:46 am
a millionaire, coming out with great ideas to start a business, take a break from work good morning thanks for coming in. very excited in the editorial meeting yesterday i said i want to talk to janet. this is a great great issue of kiplingers on the news stands june edition. how to make a million dollars and make other dreams come true tell us about it. >> i think people -- when i was writing my column for this magazine everybody was standing in line for the mega millions jackpot and of course chances of winning that were minuscule. >> yes. >> but chances of making a million bucks really are much greater. i looked up statistics, there were as of last year, 8.6 million, millionaire households in the country and most of them were in fact the people next door. people who were millionaires were asked to classify themselves according to what their job was. the most -- highest figure, were managers, quote unquote managers, second highst,
8:47 am
educators and this would include not just teachers but scientists, heads of deans of schools and think one in the education -- and anyone in the education field. down farther you had corporate executives, and you had business people right neck and neck with each other, business people entrepreneurs and doctors, lawyers, accountants and sales people these are folks, not a lot of rock stars not a lot of super basketball stars or anything like that, just folks you would know who worked hard and or have a good idea. >> it seems to me, some times when you are driving past these beautiful neighbourhoods i think what do these people do for a living you are not talking about those folks you are talking about your neighbors who socked away their money and smart about it. >> yep two ways, first of all, there is the socking it away whenever we do, when we do stories like this people say what if i don't have a bright idea or talent. just plain old saving your
8:48 am
money we have school statistics what it takes to make a million bucks if you start at age of 22 like say first job start saving $200 a month, okay, and you earn 8% a year, which is doable in the market overtime, you will have over $1 million by the time you are ready to retire you don't have to come up with the whole $200 by the time you put it in a 401 k plan, that decreases how much you have to come up with if your employer matches it you can bring it down to 100 bucks a month most people can probably afford that. >> most people can do that. >> in the article you talk about starting a business a lot of people are interested in that. you break it down and talk about what you need to know before starting the business as far as your business plan and the real nuts and bolts of it talk about that. >> one of the biggest mistakes people make is they have a bright idea but don't know what to do with it. they don't know what their market is. is there a market what is the
8:49 am
competition. you have to research, you have to put it on paper come up with a business plan and that would include again who your competition might be how you expect to get funding just an executive similarry of what you want to do -- sumly of what you want to do -- summary of what you want to do. if you have to go out and get money from a bank or other stores, you have something to show. >> you talk about how you get financing for the business. part of the american dream is that vacation home you go into how to get that vacation home. >> exactly this is a good time because the market is down as we all know, it is a good time perhaps to look into buying a vacation home we did a great profile in our june issue, on news stands and who literally bought a one room schoolhouse spent $6,000 on it in the 90s. that was near the farm where she drew up in up state new york -- grew up in up state new york her dream was to turn it
8:50 am
into a small weekend retreat cha is what she is doing -- retreat. that is what she is doing now. she got her finances together. you don't have to be that creative one thing you need to know when buying a vacation home, getting financing for it will be a little tougher than for a regular home. probably have to come up with a higher down payment, 20% in fact interesting statistic, half the people who buy second homes or vacation homes pay cash for them this is really a dream they have had and they have socked the money away and are using it when they want to buy a home. >> pick up the june issue kiplingers personal finance, take a sabbatical from work can you do that and get paid. go to the issue there it is. with that beautiful woman on the cover there. >> who is a business person she made a multimillion dollar business, she and her husband they make accessories for ipads,. >> perfect. >> and other apple products and that is what they do.
8:51 am
>> all right. pick it up for all details, janet, editor of kiplingers, personal finance. mother days of course is this sunday fox 5s holly morris is at ac moore in rockville maryland today to get fun, do it yourself gift ideas for mommies for the holiday. hey, holly. >> tony you are not going to believe this when i tell you on average this year people will spend $15 billion celebrating mothers day. so here is our idea, look like you are spending a lot but really, not spend a lot do it on a budget and be creative in the process that brings us to ac moore and brings robin down from new jersey. this is amazing this summer they have some 220 projects here at ac moore that cost $1. $1. so rainy day, camps, schools, there is a lot of things you can do inexpensively. the thing i love about it dad. >> dad. >> encouraging kids to do these
8:52 am
for mom. >> this time together is priceless. >> exactly and you can all do it for matching and do things together that is what it is all about. >> let's give them ideas. >> whoopie pies are a great thing we have a neat book on this and from wilton there is a whoopie pie pan. >> you were just at a shower. >> a first communion and they had them. >> it is a cake with awesome filling we will check that out later something different kids can handle. actually, my coworker jackie her daughter grace did with fondant all of these herself. >> love it. >> kids can make something like this for their moms and then the candy she did the candy and look the flowers, mothers day may >> i love the stepping stones. >> they are so classic and this
8:53 am
is less than $10, and it comes with the pan, the clement, decorations and -- cement, decorations you mix it put it in the pan they can use stamps pen to make the design. >> that is a keepsake forever. >> exactly. >> tell me about the cups. >> i love this in particular >> i don't know why. >> these come with markers in them they are under $2 what you do, is they say you take tissue paper rub it gives it surface then these are the markers you use i did an i heart mom but then used sharpie we have bright paint pens see what i did i personalized i don't know do you know anyone named hayden. >> does this one hold coffee well? >> it does >> that is what i need to know >> we are going the show these other projects,. >> come over to my worker bees this is one of our $1 projects. >> this is a $1 project.
8:54 am
yes. and what it is, it comes with this clear outer pot and inner and then see, show what you did. >> you pick whatever theme you want color it in, now another thing that you can do smile. there you go. what you can also do is you can make a template, and then what you can do. >> oh, my gosh another -- you guys are too much look at that. >> and you can make a collage. >> aw. >> and love blooms. >> before i go i am almost out of time i want you to tell me what you love most about your mom. >> well, that she helps me with my problems and always supports my decisions. >> good mom. >> why do you love your mom? >> because she lets me come. >> come be on tv. >> why do you love your mom? >> my mom is the most helpful she helps me.
8:55 am
>> helps you with everything. >> and she is always with me. >> always with you. that's right because moms are always with you no matter where they are right here in our hearts our website we have a link to ac moore they have lots of fun things for you to do next hour we will talk about some more high end projects if you want to spend more on mom we have those ideas too. back to you in studio. >> i love the surprises this morning holly thank you. it is 8:55 a.m., now, straight ahead at 9:00 a.m., wildly popular, erotic romance novel, 50 shades of grey. where it has been banned. >> actress linda evans is in town for a good cause. she will join us live here in studio. fox 5 morning news will be right back t back you know what, this looks just like the tree house i built with my dad. (girl) really?
8:56 am
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welcome back. fox 5 morning news, just about 9:00 a.m. on tuesday morning. may 8th, 2012 good morning i am allison seymour. >> i am tony perkins. this hour troubling sex abuse allegations against two employees at a local school system one is a teacher. the cases involve child porn and sexual contact we will have a live report. big in the news another foiled terror plot how the cia stopped a plan involving an improved underwear bomb. >> plus a much brighter story involving travel but we are not talking about lavish vacations by any means a local man shares his journeys around the world, and what inspired him to become what is called a vol untourist. also this hour, of course you remember her for these nasty cat figh


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