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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 8, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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wgbh [ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we are on top of several big stories tonight. infull traiting al-qaeda. new details are surfacing about the cia informant that exposed the latest underwear bomb plot. : metro riders taking a stand and tackling a accused thief. we'll show you how this one
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played out. >> it was a rainy, dreary day. will it be the same tomorrow? sue is tracking the wet weather. we're going to begin with dramatic developments in the terror plot. good everyoning, i'm brian bolter. >> and i'm shawn yancy. the man that al-qaeda was counting on was working for the cia. bob. >> fox news and the los angeles times are reporting that according to u.s. and yemen.officials, he was able to infiltrate -- the latest plan to attack the u.s. what the news of the past couple of days vividly reminds us is that commercial aviation in this country is still a prime target of the terrorists who wish to do us harm. >> al-qaeda is always out there to attack us.
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>> maryland congressman is a member of the house intelligence committee. he won't confirm what administration officials are telling them about the foiled bomb plot. >> bottom line is this was a success and until the success between different countries that were working together to stop people from killing americans and our other allies. >> u.s. and yemen officials say the would be bomber was actually a double agent working for the cia. >> the good news is we got possession of the bomb so we can analyze it and protect ourselves ttacks. >> reporter: it was indeed a bomb sewn into a pair of underwear with a kind of explosive that contains no metallic elements. made by the same terrorist who intended to blow up a commercial flight over detroit on christmas day in 2009. >> our team has to get it right every time the bad guys have to get it right only one time. this time our guys got it right again. >> reporter: airport security
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experts applaud the intelligence gathering in this case. warning the latest body scanning technology might not have found the kind of explosive al-qaeda was planning to use. >> technology can be effective to a lot of extent, not 100%, but to a reasonable level. most airports -- >> sources say the cia informant not only hand delivered the underwear bomb itself, but information that led to the sunday air strike in yemen that killed a senior al- qaeda leader. on the fbi's most wanted list, for his role in the deadly attack on the navy destroyer, uss cole in yemen in 2,000. u.s. officials are telling fox news this is an on going intelligence operation and that there's reason to believe more bombs may be out there. meantime, congressman and others on the intelligence
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committees are furious about the leaks in this case and calling for investigations. shawn. >> thank you. we are following a news alert out of north carolina. voters there approved a constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union only between a man and woman. that makes north carolina the 30th state to adopt such a ban. with about 35% of precincts now reporting, unofficial returns show the amendment passing with about 58% of the vote supporting the measure and about 42% against it. the amendment also eliminates other domestic unions from carrying legal status. new tonight, a composite sketch of a man believed to be impersonating a police officer. the man was wearing a black baseball hat. a black vest with a silver badge, and black boots. the victim called these real montgomery county police officers for help after the experience. tonight on the news edge at 11:00, you'll hear her story. the atf offering up to $5,000 for information
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following fire that injured seven prince georges county firefighters. ruled arson. of the seven firefighters injured, two separate critical life changing injuries. atf says they'll give the reward if the information leads to an arrest. funeral services today for an ellicott city priest killed inside her church. dr. mary marg retearite-kohn. douglas jones killed them and took his own life. he had been banned from the food bank because of aggressive behavior. funeral services for brewington are scheduled for thursday. another big story tonight, metro riders jumped into action when they spotted a man grab another passenger's iphone. the riders cornering the suspected thief. fox 5's sherry lee has the story. >> it's a typical night on metro as a crowd of passengers unloads from a red line train at the van s station, notice a
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man running from the far end of the platform near the escalator after snatching an iphone. metro surveillance cameras captured it all last month. another camera shows how fellow passengers react, chasing the suspect paces the machines as the thief makes a run for it. >> reporter: the suspect was almost out of the station, but the riders about ten people or so, surround the suspect. he tries to make a break for it, but they tackle the suspect to the ground. it's not what police recommend, but the passengers vigilance paid off. >> in this case, the citizens were responsive to what they saw, but there is risk to trying to apprehend a suspect. >> these kind of snatchings led to a spike in crime during the first few months and late last year, transit police launched a sting with decoy officers carrying fake
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electronic devices. metro had 326 reports of electronic devices snatched. 44 of those cases were under cover officers in which suspects were arrested. just like this guy, caught by metro riders. this suspected thief didn't get the iphone, but a trip to the slammer with d.c. police. metro says people need to use caution. don't use your iphone or tablet right next to the train doors because it's too easy for someone to grab it, run out the doors and leave you trapped on the train. in this case, that's what happened except the victim was able to chase the suspect and never lose sight of him. now, that suspect has been charged with robbery. in the web center, sherry lee, fox 5 news. if you see something you want us to report while you are riding metro, we want to hear about it. send your story ideas to us. taking a live look outside right now. wrapping up a rainy afternoon in the region.
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looks like more rain on the way. sue has what you need to know in the weather center. >> what you need to know right now is there's quite a bit of shower activity around the region. we'll start you out with a look at our live radar. pockets of rain. nothing terribly heavy and not getting any thunderstorm activity at this hour. but it's still very mild out there and these showers, which are generally moving due east rather slowly are going to drop another tenth to two tenths of rain. they begin to go toward the east. let's get a bigger view as we switch over to our radar and give you the wider view as we still have a few more showers out to our west. those are also going to be pushing to overnight. we still have to wait for a cool front and that is still back over western pennsylvania and eastern ohio and that means while we are waiting for that to come through during the day tomorrow, we have more showers and rumbles of thunder to get through. this has been a beneficial
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rain. i have to say, we have not seen much of the sun and maybe you are missing that, but we had a quarter to half inch of rain around the region and out to our west, it's been closer to an inch of rain and all of this is great. it also is helping to put a dent in the deficit we've been running, which is 4 inches. so really mild. temperature is 70 degrees and down toward quantico, 76 degrees. very mild with those showers overnight and i think our temperature will only stay around 65 degrees. so we're keeping it mild and we have to keep that chance for showers and a few more thunderstorms in the process. we'll talk about the five-day later, brian. d.c. looking for ways to boost the city's budget. the mayor and council members propose keeping bars open later and allowing liquor stores to open on sunday. 6 cents per drink on alcohol. matt acklin has details. >> reporter: shaking things up
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again when it comes to beer, wine, and cocktails sold and served in the district. some in the alcohol business worry a new tax could drive customers away. >> remember, d.c. is a destination area, we want to keep it that way. everything is very price sensitive in the area. >> jim gram says it's time leaders look at generating revenue for the district by raising the price for those who drink. >> our alcohol excise tax at the present time is below one- half of jurisdictions in the united states. the tax in the district is not been increased since 1990. >> estimates on how much this proposed tax will cost vendors varies depending on who you ask. the distilled spirits council of the united states predicted an increase of 12.5% on spirits, 9.7% on wine, and 8.5% on beer. >> from national brewers,
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local brewers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, all facets of the industry. and they are all very much concerned about the excise tax. >> the mayor said last week his plan to raise revenue by allowing bars to stay open later remains the best plan. instead of creating a new tax on drinks. >> i stay with where i was. i say no new taxes and i don't want to move to introducing a new tax when i said i wouldn't do that. >> council member graham believes the $20 million that could be generated through this excise tax could be used to help fund some social services that are facing budget cuts. meanwhile, these extended bar hours basically failed in graham's committee and today he made it clear that's a no go. fox 5 news. >> cell phones are not the only dangerous distraction behind the wheel.
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coming up next, how dangerous something else can be. plus the movement on capitol hill to keep teenagers safe this summer. >> and ahead at 11:00, how to get better customer service. what about tweeting about it? how social media is making some businesses listen on the edge.   are you still sleeping? just wanted to check and make sure that we were on schedule.
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and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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cell phones not the only distraction for teenagers behind the wheel. a new study shows teenager's risk of death increases when carrying other young people. the risk drops when carrying older passengers. fox 5's wisdom martin with more on the life saving effort. >> effort. >> motivated a group of young people to push for change on capitol hill. >> reporter: for the past two days, teens have been walking the halls of our elected leaders. their mission is to discuss laws involving teen distracted
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drivers. >> the fact it can happen to anybody, that distractions are cell phones, it's changing the music, it's talking to all the passengers in the vehicle behind you. >> reporter: the two are part of the national organizations for youth safety, or noise. larson almost lost a friend to a distracted driver. >> it was a mom and son at the stop sign. the mom was on her cell phone. she proceeded to go through the intersection. the daughter and the driver panicked, over corrected. the car rolled multiple times. >> reporter: 17-year-old elliot johnson is from south dakota, where the legal driving age is 14. >> they think they can multitask. it's funny, coming from south dakota, some people read chapter books. >> reporter: according to the national highway safety administration, the summer driving season is the most dangerous time for teens. >> in 2010, we lost 45 teens every weekend on our nation's
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highways. >> reporter: in addition to meeting with legislators as part of the distracted drivers campaign, the group put together this 30 second psa about distracted driving. >> they aren't learning how to drive and starting to use the phone. they are coming in with the phone in their hand. getting them to unplug when they get behind the wheel is a huge effort. >> since they say distracted driving is 100% preventable, their goal is to convince young drivers to focus behind the wheel. >> it's a great idea to get youth, to let us know that we need to make a difference. >> all right, it doesn't stop there. they are asking their parents to put down their phones while driving. so what's next? the group is already planning for next year's trip to washington, d.c. to push this even further. brian. wisdom, tsa screeners claim they stopped a passenger from getting a gun on a flight. police say the passenger, 60- year-old michael smith forgot the gun was in his bag. officers report he had a loaded
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9 mm. additional magazines full of ammunition in his carry on luggage. smith was arrested before he was able to board the plane. the d.c. police union is suing the city. it claims the chief is ab instructing efforts to win raises for the rank in file who haven't had a raise in five years. paul wagner explains why the union doesn't think the chief should be involved in this process. >> the union representing d.c.'s rank in file says in this lawsuit that it is highly unusual for a department head to be directly involved in negotiations over compensation. but chief lanier, the union says, had that authority since she signed her first contract five years ago and has been nothing more than an obstructionist ever since. >> listen, it's been five years, no raises. lanier increased her compensation by 35% to over $250,000 a year. we need her out of this process. the contract is expired, so her exception from being removed from that law is over now and she needs to move out of the
10:19 pm
process so we have a chance at actually getting compensation for police officers. >> reporter: what chris is referring to is a law passed by tony williams which allows the chief of police to leave the races to the office of labor relations and collective bargaining. but chief lanier told us in an e-mail, i do not participate in the negotiations directly anyway. and there has been no discussion around compensation yet. and that will be handled by olrcb, or the office of labor relations and collective bargaining. the chairman, meaning bowman knows this as he does participate. after looking at the lawsuit and the law from 2005, city council member says she understands the union's frustration. >> not to get a raise for five years is significant. i would say the economic circumstances are such that you know, maybe that's not that unusual. but in terms of filing a lawsuit, a will the of times when folks are unhappy with how things are going, they try to
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enlist courts and use lawsuits as a way to make things go forward. so i'm not surprised by the action. i don't know whether it has any merit, but i understand that they are trying to move the ball. >> chairman of the city council's committee had a similar take. >> there's a whole progress set forward for how public can bargain and i just see this as part of the negotiating tactics to stir the pot by going to court. >> chris says the city is playing with fire by not agreeing to a new deal. the attrition rate is soaring and recruit classes are getting more and more difficult to fill. although the union believes the chief's contract expired last month, a spokesman says it actually still has one year to go. that's because the city council e deal until a year after it was signed. one of the note, wilson building sources tell fox 5 tonight that the chief and the mayor have agreed on a new five- year contract and the only
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thing it lacks are signatures from both sides. in the fox 5 newsroom, i'm paul wagner. d. c.'s chuck brown, known as the god father of go go is in the hospital with pneumonia. his daughter saying he is recovering. doctors removed the blood clot and brown developed pneumonia. the 75-year-old performer canceled all of his may gigs. the national cathedral will dedicate a statue to rosa parks. the statue will be installed thursday. the figure will stand near a statue of former first lady, eleanor roosevelt. parks passed away seven years ago. the do or die drama tomorrow night. also ahead. >> chaos in the kitchen. these teen chefs are learning to cook.
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they are learning a whole lot more than that. i'm beth parker, that story coming up. 
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welcome back, everyone. as you know, it is do or die time for the washington capitals. oh my gosh, this next game is an important one. >> it is because if they lose it, their season is over. and the last game, they had it won. we all thought, hold on for six seconds and they are going to win. now the whole series is going a different direction. they could do it again. woulda, shoulda, coulda. caps on a power play, dennis wideman shot is stopped, gets it back, deflects off hendrik lundquist and finds the back of the net. final seconds in regulation. joe ward gets called for a high
10:26 pm
sticking penalty. with 21.3 seconds to go. rangers with a power play. their goal is pulled. so dale hunter's group is pulled and they are the 4. the frantic final seconds. on the doorstep. brad richards is there to beat him. ties the game at 2-2. in ot, the rangers still on a power play, john mitchell wins the faceoff to mark staal who winds up and blasts the game winner. deflected off brooks and matt hendricks. 1:35 into the ot. the caps fall to the rangers. they trail the best of seven series 3-2. >> obviously not how we won in the game yesterday, but it is what it is and that's playoff hockey. that's hockey period. i mean, this kind of stuff happens and the agencies feel the same and focus is the same and we play hard tomorrow.
10:27 pm
>> we keep moving forward. we would have liked to have the game, but i think we played a good game and we were six seconds away from winning. we did some video today and we'll rebound and play a good game tomorrow. >> they won in seven games in round one. they will play at the verison center. if they win, then they would play saturday, a game seven in new york. >> good reason to rock the red tomorrow. >> oh yeah. it will be very loud tomorrow at verison and they could do it, but it's too bad how it turned out the other night. >> fingers crossed. much better friday. thanks, brian. up next, the u.s. senator is out after decades in office. plus, the presidential candidates get very different takes on what's wrong with the economy. and later, john travolta now facing serious accusations from not one, but two massage therapists. a little bird tole about a band...
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. after 36 years in congress, indiana senator lost his seat tonight. republicans state treasurer defeated luger in today's primary. murdoch is backed by the tea party. luger never faced a primary challenge. unhappy with his voting record. murdoch will face joe donnelly in november. president obama and his likely gop challenger pitching their plans for getting more americans to vote and the voters are getting different views on what is wrong with the economy. voters head to the polls in three more gop primaries. jennifer davis has the story. >> reporter: president obama tours a technology center in albany, new york, which pairs students with high-tech companies and high-tech jobs. he issued lawmakers a to do list that they say they should all be able to agree on. >> there are some additional
10:32 pm
ideas that could help people get to work right now and they haven't said no to yet. i'm hoping they say yet. >> some of the president's proposals include eliminating tax breaks and helping homeowners refinance mortgages with lower rates. the president says he doesn't want politics to stand in the way of a stronger economic recovery. >> i know this is an election year. but it's not an excuse for inaction. >> in michigan, mitt romney accused the president of taking the economy in a wrong direction with his failed liberal policies. >> president obama chose to use policies. they haven't worked during this last four years. enter speaking at a community college, mr. obama's views are out of line with the policies of a previous democratic president. >> president clinton, remember he said the era of big government was over. president obama brought it back. >> in washington, jennifer
10:33 pm
davis, fox news. what impact will this have on the romney campaign? let's bring in mark now for a little more perspective. let's talk about the polls right now. you are showing romney and obama in terms of themes right now, the economy is the over arching issue. >> it sure is, brian, the polls are tightening. one national poll showed obama, the president up by 2 points and another showed him up by 6 points. the real election is going to be determined in these nine battleground states and the president campaign announced they will spend $25 million just this month and virginia is one of those nine states and what the president is going to stress, he inherited a mess and look, he's made progress. the republicans don't have a plan. the republicans are going to say he hasn't done what he's promised. he promised change and there hasn't been change and your life hasn't improved in terms
10:34 pm
of your economic sense of security. >> and to north carolina now, the votes, the same sex marriage, puts a bright light on the obama administration. >> they are all over the place. the president said i'm not going to make any news on this issue, expecting don't expect anymore from him. his opinion about same sex marriage is evolving while the vice president is comfortable with it and two cabinet members, arnie duncan, said that they are for it. caroline kennedy, the daughter of the late revered president kennedy is the cochair of the obama campaign, she wants it in the democratic party platform. so maybe you guys should send somebody to charlotte because there might be a platform fight over this issue. >> of all places, the dnc in charlotte after this issue. why is president obama so obsessed with north carolina? >> that's a good question. he won by 14,000 votes.
10:35 pm
it was somewhere he wasn't supposed to win. he directed, it's the least unionized state in the country and labor unions are upset with him. he thinks he can win there. the greatest amount of african american turnout in that state. some people say it's a poor choice and won't help the president there. >> real quickly, ten seconds here. i know you have fond memories. >> i do, i have to say. richard who lost was the only republican left. there were 12, brian, this a ancient history, who voted for the d.c. voting rights amendment to give full representation in the house and senate. so d.c. lost a friend today. >> fox 5 political analyst, thanks for coming in. a former speech writer says john edwards knew campaign cash was being used. his chief finance chairman had been using campaign cash to support his mistress and love child. a former financial adviser testified the campaign chastised button for offering
10:36 pm
her services to barack obama's campaign. edwards has consistently said he had no idea the money was being used to fund a coverup. well, stop boring the jury. that's the instruction from the judge in roger clemens perjury trial. the judge said they were wasting time with unnecessary questions and slowing the pace of the trial. the judge ruled against using his baseball contract saying he was motivated by money to extend his career. lying under oath about using performance enhancing drugs. and a crime caught on web cam. what a teenager witnessed and later, local students are learning more about cooking, their story coming up. here is fox business network's neil. >> stocks rocked and clawing back, the market shaking off new worries about europe's on going crisis. the dow falling below 13,000. meanwhile, job openings in the united states are rising. the number of help wanted ads
10:37 pm
heading near a four-year high. for each job available, still about 3 1/2 unemployed americans competing for it. and mcdonald's getting less love. sales rising lez than expected last month and it is not because americans weren't lunching away. weakness in its japanese business slowing things down. if you love girl scout cookies, get ready for girl scout candy. nest lee will be setting limited edition girl scout candy bars between june and september. you'll have three choices based on the cookie classics. thin mints, caramel coconut, and peanut butter cream. don't wait for the doorbell to ring. you can only buy them in retail stores. that's business. 
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a teenager's ipad video chap captured her mother's murder. christopher is charged with killing his long time girlfriend, kristen at their home in massachusetts. police say he chased her into the daughter's room and stabbed her repeatedly with a meat cleaver. the girl was talking on a video chat. she managed to escape, but the friend could see and hear the attack. >> he could hear the victim saying please, please, and she could -- he could hear the daughter yelling no, no. he then heard the defendant say, you've got to die, you've got to die. >> the boston globe reports that the suspect pleaded guilty to stealing a woman's wallet and gps device. he later returned the items with a letter of apology. indiana parents are in serious trouble for strapping their four kids to the hood of a car.
10:42 pm
witnesses reported seeing the couple tie their kids to the top of the car. the father then reportedly drove his kids and mother three blocks to the store. the children were not hurt, but police reported the incident to the department of child services. the father is now facing several charges, including drunk driving. a second male massage therapist joined a federal lawsuit accusing john travolta of sexual battery. both men say travolta touched them inappropriately during private massages in hotel rooms back in january. both men are listed as john doe's in the $2 million lawsuit. travolta denies all their claims. travolta wasn't even in california on the date in question and promises to file a countersuit. new information on the death of popular painter, thomas kincaid. find out how the medical examiner says he died. plus, good news about gas. why your wallet may not be hit quite as hard as you thought this summer, at 11:00.
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a major effort to fight obesity. kids from d.c., maryland, and virginia have been learning not just how to eat healthy, but how to cook healthy. they were eating up a chance to compete against one another. >> one hour and the cilantro is flying, the onions chopped. >> it's crazy chaotic. each team -- wanted to see each other, to get a sense of, i see my competitor and they are working and raise the stakes in that way. >> these high school students are fighting it out in a baltimore kitchen. it's the teen battle chef showdown sponsored by health corps. day nay dana smith is a student. >> i'm used to the pressure. >> when she comes in there and is like, ten minutes left. >> my mom does the same thing.
10:47 pm
>> the chef studies each table. >> this is great. this is our future. these are the kids that will be working for me. >> he doesn't always love what he sees. >> knife skills, that gentleman is about to cut his hand. >> the kids learned how different foods impact your body. >> healthy eating all the way. there's no frying in that room. with ten minutes left, the pressure is on. not sure what these kids can deliver in the kitchen, but this is when they really show their stuff. >> down the hall, some decorate, back in the kitchen other's plates. >> three, two, one. the battle is over. everything down. >> ready to see what the judges are going to like about our dishes. >> the judges get a taste everything from sushi to tostados. >> in second place is washington mathematics science and technology. >> second place for their
10:48 pm
stuffed peppers. >> we got second. so i'm proud. >> teamwork and organization is key. >> you going to be cooking dinner tonight? >> i don't know about that, but maybe. >> maybe some takeout? >> yeah. >> fox 5 news. >> pretty impressive. i am hungry again. >> me too. >> that looked really good. they mentioned sushi, that sounds good. >> i wish we could get it out sooner. it would take another day. we have more showers tonight and probably have more tomorrow. and not a whole lot of sun. shocker. right? even chewly, we're going to get the sun back here. still looking good for thursday. here's the problem, we have a bogged down weather pattern and the frontal system will clear us out is just about out of gas. so it's going to take it sweet time trying to cross the region. we'll start with radar tonight because we do have a number of scattered showers about. nothing very heavy, no lightning, no thunderstorms associated with this.
10:49 pm
a soft rain is how i would describe it and have to continue to say, a beneficial rain. this is adding to what we had earlier today, which ended up a tenth and a quarter inch. so these will probably hang around throughout the night. for the more thanking rush hour, most will be across the bay. so head's up for you over there. sometimes that road spray slows you down. we'll have a brief break and more rain. we'll give you the wider view. this is going back six hours and you can see how we developed a few new showers as we have been going through the evening and a bit more to come as we look out to our west. that also will be traveling through in the overnight hours. a little bit of a back edge here. this is a disturbance ahead of the cold front. that will swing on through and for the morning commute, damp, cloudy, but the showers probably on the other side of the bay will get a break and another round in the afternoon. so we also think it's possible
10:50 pm
there could be a thunderstorm tomorrow. we're going to go for 75 degrees. storms would be south or east of d.c. we should brighten things up considerably for thursday, could be a very early morning shower if things get bogged down. i think most of the day should be a lot dryer and we should have quite a number of sunny breaks, although cooler at 70 degrees for thursday. friday about 73 and still on track right now for things to look good for the first part of the weekend. we'll continue to watch that because some of the models are starting to disagree on what might be happening toward the end of the week. i know you don't want to hear that. 75 degrees is our high temperature today. we are still at 70. dulles also getting up to 70 degrees and very mild all across the region. dulles virtually has not dropped their temperatures for hours. and 70 is very mild for this time of year. 76 degrees for quantico. so, it's a south wind that we have tonight that is continuing to keep the moisture and the heat relatively speaking over
10:51 pm
our area. so probably not much colder than it was, 65 degrees, very mild in the overnight hours with showers moving on through and the humidity. 58 for quantico for your overnight low. way out toward cumberland to find temperatures tonight that will drop into the 50s. so we keep the showers in the forecast overnight, scattered, and a temperature of 65. get up to 77 degrees tomorrow. could be a break or two of sunshine around. but probably be heavier on the cloudy side. with those showers redeveloping tomorrow afternoon and what's left in the morning probably east of d.c. could be a thunderstorm as well, but winds start coming in out of the west, northwest. 68 in the morning. showers mainly east of d.c. only spotty showers at noon. a brightening of the sky and at ac, more showers and storms possible and as the front swings on through, we begin the drying process that gets in here on thursday and it will be on the breezy side thursday as well. we brighten up friday and saturday with that sunshine in
10:52 pm
the forecast. mother's day is sunday and looks like there could be a couple light showers around, just a few, with a temperature of 74 degrees. we'll see what we can do about kicking those showers on mother's day. i have a vested interest in that. >> you can check the weather any time. go to apple's app store and search for d.c. weather. tell us on our website. we're down in the web center with sarah fraisher talking about tonight's glee episode. what was everybody talking about? >> we're getting down to the wire. we only have two episodes left. it was prom night on glee. so fitting, of course, we're talking about prom music. tonight's drew a big crowd because they covered big direction. everybody is obsessed with one direction. as you can imagine, people are dying to see that song. they did it nicely and covered some fergie, big girls don't cry. itunes released their graduation album, which must
10:53 pm
anticipated. they will also have another one out in a couple weeks, end of may, because they aren't going on tour. sot albums are getting your fix. you can down load the itunes graduation one today. that came out. >> what other big news? we hear there are gong to be special guests in next week's show. >> she just filmed her little cameo. we are thinking she'll be on in two weeks for the finale. next week the show heads to nationals. so we will see perez hull hilton, the famous blogger. he is coming, lindsay lohan will be there. much anticipated. i'm sure she will be great. she's playing herself. a will the of people saying, is she going to sing? there might be other big surprises. >> interesting. >> ask tons of spoilers. you know we have to figure out, are the seniors really leaving or will they really graduate, but we are hearing decisions
10:54 pm
won't be made until this summer and i have big spoilers coming up. stick around. >> sworn to secrecy. thank you, sarah, for all the scoop. brian, back to you. a pop superstar set to perform on the american idol phi until lee. plus the final four contestants tell us what songs they would sing if they had chair choice. and want to get a company to listen to your complaint? maybe social media. how you can use twitter and facebook to improve customer service on the news edge. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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over any other provider. ♪ love can be so mystical ♪ american idol pulling out all the stops for the big finale later this month. pop superstar, rihanna will perform. by the way, there are three performances, three shows, we should sarks left say, until the next american idol is
10:58 pm
crowned. a california dreamen themed show. you can see it all, plus the grand finale here on fox 5 may 23. those final contestants know any mistake could send one of them home. tonight we asked the top four if they could sing anything, what song they would choose. adam housely tells us. >> with four idol finalists remaining to compete for the season 11 title, the contestants know a single mistake could end their time on the show. after weeks of advice from mentors and judges, we asked the contestants who wheels the most influence? >> it depends on who gives me criticism. if randy gives me criticism, then i'll work on that, but in the last week, you move more, so i went crazy. >> they are all supportive and give great advice. i learn and take everything
10:59 pm
they say. >> more drawn to jennifer because she is a powerful woman in the music industry. when she gets on stage, she dominates it. >> always i take what they have and try to do my homework on it. >> while each week has a theme, if they could sing any song they wanted, what would it be? >> i will always love you. i was so excited when they said we were doing whitney houston. they brave it gave it to the girls. >> if they make it to the finals, who would it be? >> i would love to do a duet with mariah carey. her voice is god given. >> probably johnny lang or something, probably that guy. his vocals, if he walked out on stage, i would stop singing. >>


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