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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 9, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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be. >> reporter: really? it's easy because it's fun. >> i think that it has to feel right, hopefully with the right person, at least something that feels right for me. >> let's see the ring finger. >> yeah, it's empty. >> reporter: a real-life wife of a trophy winning player. >> did you bring the prosthetic hump just to see this is what image going to look like. >> do you view pregnant women beautiful? >> absolutely. i'm not going to go looking for a pregnant woman but yes. good morning. it is straight up 5:00 on this wednesday. we are taking a look at the u.s. capitol dome this morning. in it seems a little thick out
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there, probably because we had some rain overnight. we'll check in with tucker in just a minute. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. we should say welcome to the rain. we need it. >> we need the rain and we got just a little bit yesterday and we got a little more overnight. we got a little more this afternoon. a couple of rounds of it. then we'll be looking at sunshine for the rest of the week. we'll take it when we can get it. >> sounds good. >> we'll take another look at the radar. we have this cold front marching toward the area for the past day or so. it is getting awfully close. it is starting to move through the area. you can see it there. west of washington. you see up ahead of it, some showers been moving through in the last couple of hours. we have had some rain here even in washington in the past two or three hours. you can see it is now east of the city and generally south and east of the city down into southern maryland pushing
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across the bay. this continues to push off to the east and to the north. temperatures are very mild. we have lots of humidity to start your day. 67degrees in washington. 70 out at patuxent naval air station. we'll be warm and cloudy and dealing with another period of rain which i think will get in here early to mid afternoon and be with us for the evening commute. be ready for another round of rain showers and then sunshine will return tomorrow. i'll have more details on that. high temperatures, mid-70s with some more showers in the forecast. >> i know we needed the rain but i'll be glad to see the one when it does come out. >> me too. let's get a check with julie wright. she has your on-time traffic. >> i'll be glad to seat sun. feeling a little seattle now. i've had enough of this. i'm ready to move on. warm temperatures and sunshine. on the roads right now, it is road spray kicking up in your face. a little extra time out there on the highway. if you are traveling inbound on 66, no problems to report
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leaving fair oaks headed eastbound towards vienna. light traffic volume there. your lanes are open southbound out of 270 coming in towards the truck scale south the 109. accident activity that we mapped out for you last time around southbound along i-97 south of 32 has cleared. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. in this morning's big story, new details on the underwear bomb plot. the undercover operation is what led to the demise of the underwear bomb plot. a study of the device shows it contains the same chemical used by the underwear bomber and also back in 2010 in the fail ad tempt to take down u.s.- bound cargo planes with printedder bombs. ments design wade liquid and a powder so it gets past airport security but one former tsa administrator claims it would have been spotted. juror the officer in the booth sees thousands and thousands of normal people every day and if you are wearing an underwear
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bomb, that is going to stand out. so i suspect or i feel very strongly they would be very able to identify that and then they could identify eeghtd we are a patdown or trace detection. >> reporter: the informant was working for the cia and saudi arabian intelligence when he was given the bomb. he then turn the device over to authorities. he is now safely out of yemen. no big surprise approximate last night's primaries. republican presidential candidate mitt romney swept all three states. he picked up about 100 delegates from votes in north carolina, indiana and west virginia and still needs another 250 to clinch the nomination. north carolina is now the 30th state to approve a constitutional amendment detining marriage as the union between a man and a woman. unofficial returns show the amendment passed with about 61% of the vote to 39% against. north carolina law already bans gay marriage. the amendment effectively
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closes the door on same-sex marriages in that state and also eliminates other domestic unions from carrying legal status there. and the biggest surprise actually from last night was long-time senator dick luther. he lost in indiana's primary. he was beaten by tea party favorite richard murdoch. senator luther has been a fix tour in the senate for almost four decades but was target as too moderate for the conservative state. fairfax county police now say the driver charged in a woman's death did not intend to run the victim over. investigators believe this woman, gloria mcmillan and shalinda arrington exchanged words. they say arrington got out of her car here and approached mcmillan's suv. mcmillan according to police drove off and ran arrington over accidentally. a fox 5 follow-up to a story we first reported last
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week involving a man pretending to be a cop. police are now asking to your help to track down the suspect. melanie alnwick is live in morning at montgomery county police headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. goo >> she has admitted she sought professional help to get over her fear. she decided to speak to the media through a translator because she is concerned that the suspect is still out there and my strike again. here is a good look at the description she was able to give police. he is a plaque male, 26 or 27 years old, 1 the 0 pounds with short, curly hair and tattoos on both arms. it was last thursday when the woman says she was driving on avenel road in silver spring on her way to church. it was 11:45 in the morning. she noticed a car following herrick a small black bomb contact car with blue maryland
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tags t could have been the chesapeake bay tags. the suspect convinced her she should pull over. >> reporter: a black man was blowing a horn. he yelled at knee that he was a police officer and i had to stop. he opened the door and he grabbed the purse and the cell phone. >> reporter: the woman says, without her purse and cell phone, she had no way to call 911 but she still had her car keys. she got in the car and admits she tried for follow the suspect and lost him. she was able to flag down a mail carrier and the mail carrier called 911 for her. anyone who recognizes the suspect or perhaps some strange police clothing around that doesn't seem to fit, please call montgomery county police. back to you. >> thank you. hopefully that sketch will trigger some new information. coming up, stuffed animals are soft and cuddly but not when they are packed with deadly weapons. >> certainly not. up next a security breach at an
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airport certainly no child's play. we are checking more headlines as we continue. 
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protesters are taking to
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the streets to rally against bank of america. dozens ever protests are scheduled today to coinside with the bank's annual shareholders meeting in charlotte. many of those who gathered in new york yesterday are folks with homes in the process of foreclosure. demonstrators are pretty angry over the bank's foreclosure practices and its ininvestment in coal mining. new this morning, a rematch of the 2010 governor's race in wisconsin is set. milwaukee mayor tom barrett won the democratic primary and governor scott walker easily defeated his republican opposition. democrats gathered enough signature to put walker back on the ballot after he backed a move to strip most state workers of their collective bargaining rights. the recall election is set for june 5th. police sorted an airport security breach from an unsuspected place. officers say gun parts were
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found in a 4-year-old boy's carry-on bag during routine x- ray screening in roiled. beaut and his father were not arrested. investigators believe the incident is a result of a domestic dispute. closing arguments are set to begin today in the murder trial of jennifer hudson's family members. william balfour, man accused of killing the star's mother, brother and nephew decided not to testify in his own defense. the defense rested its case yesterday after calling just two witnesses to the stand. prosecutors wrapped up earlier in the day. they expect to spend two week laying out a largely circumstantial case. how long is your commute to work? if it is too long, it could be very bad for your health actually. >> up next, details of what doctors are saying about long daily commutes. good morning, today in new york. >> good morning. how about waking up at 3:00 in the morning to go to work. i wonder if that is good for you. rain showers in the forecast this morning. they will continue on and off throughout the day. i'll have all the details on the weather and julie wright
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5:15 right now on this wednesday. we are taking alike outside at wisconsin avenue down there. you can see a little bit of moisture on the roadways. just a reflection ever the rain we've had from overnight. we'll check in with tucker to
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see if the rain will stick around. pepco says its reliability has really improved. they say the tree trimming and line replacement efforts are paying off. >> we'll learn more from the pepco president thomas graham joins us live in the 8:00 hour. we would like to hear from you how pepco is doing. sound off on our facebook fan page. >> we haven't been tested too much in the power department. >> we didn't have a lot of winter weather or ice storms. >> which brings down the tree branches and the lines and the home owners say why didn't you cut the branches. >> i don't think we'll have any problems with downed power lines today. we have a chaps for i athunderstorm or two. but generally, just kind of a cloudy day with rain showers expected to return by afternoon. temperature right now, we're mild. 62347 washington. you will notice the humidity when you step out this morning
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and the warm temperatures. 71 in quantico. let's see. no 50s on the map this morning. 64 for you in leonardtown. culpeper, good morning, you are 66 degrees and off to the north and west, a little bit cooler here, 63 in hagerstown and martinsburg. looking at our radar, we had some showers move through in the past lawyer or two. this radar is a little aggressive in showing you how much rainfall. i don't think all of this is touching the ground. you get the idea that our rain shield is sort of east now of 95 pushing out towards annapolis. southern maryland getting light rain showers and across the bay. lower eastern shore, compo expect more showers early in the morning here. we'll get a bit of a break as we await the arrival of our next sort of band of rain which is out to the west -- you can expect more showers early in the morning here. the cold front will screech for i ahalt here for the day and all this moisture is going to get a chance to ride along that. we have agot rain back in the forecast this afternoon after a
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bit of a break. you see a little sunshine early this morning. don't expect it to be a bright, sunny day. the showers will return a little later today. let me do the futurecast for you and put it in motion. at 5:00 a.m., just a few showers here. we get a bit of a break. there we are at noon, mostly cloudy skies with just a sprinkle or two. the rain run by 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. we'll clear out the rain tonight and set us up for a great-looking thursday. tomorrow, lots of sunshine, low humidity and we're going to be in for a nice stretch of weather as we get into the weekend. 77 today. we will be on the mild side. mostly cloudy, scattered showers. could be a thunderstorm. most of us will just get shower activity. later tonight, early showers, mostly cloudy overnight. 5 # your overnight low. winds out of the north at five to 10. -- 58 your overnight low. friday looks fantastic. lots of sunshine, 72. saturday, near 8 on. a few clouds sunday, could be a
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few afternoon showers for our mother's day. not going tobacco washout. we might be able to keep the showers away for our sunday afternoon. we'll kind of fine tune that forecast. 74. let's do traffic. julie wright has your latest. how are the wet roadways impacting the morning commute? >> we do have problems to report, tucker, if you are traveling around town. let me start off first by talking about metro's blue line due to a track problem outside of the franconia station. the blue line is now single tracking now. on the roads, you will find 66 westbound not too bad right now leaving fair oaks headed for the beltway. allow a little extra time out there on the highway. you will find on the beltway outer loop no problems to report headed over towards 270. inner loop of the beltway, we had accident activity involving a car that spun out, hit the jersey wall. all of that activity now confined to the shoulder. that' on-time traffic. >> thank you. no one around the d.c. area
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needs to be told the commute is bad. but the drive to work can really be bad for your health. >> a new study shows that people who travel more than 16 miles each way to work weigh more and have higher blood pressure. fox's maury glover takes a look at this. >> i hate it. >> reporter: when it comes to getting to and from work every day. >> how about a half hour and 35 minutes. >> probably about 20, 25 minutes. >> the daily commute can feel more like a prison sentence. >> it takes forever and it wastes so much time in your day. >> reporter: but sitting in traffic can do more than just get on your nerves when you are running late and try on get through traffic and there is no way to get around it. >> it can also get under your skin in more ways than one. >> it all depends on other people too and the weather and construction. so yeah, i hate it. >> a new study in the journal of preventive medicine found that people with longer
5:21 am
commutes are more likely to be overweight and have high blood pressure. experts believe spend more time in cars gives people less time to work out. or they could be burning fewer calories because they are sitting longer. >> people are overly stressed. they don't have enough time and they aren't active enough. >> reporter: cliff edburg with lifetime fitness says it is no surprise that heavy traffic can cause stress and it can prompt your body to store fat in their bellies. >> it is estimated we are under more stress than our grandparents. >> i would eat to help pass the time or keep you awake. >> reporter: bilbo man says commuting up to 45 minutes each day makes it difficult to get to the gym. >> you didn't want to get in the car again to head over to lifetime. >> reporter: finding with as to
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exercise during the day like walking during lunch or bringing healthy snacks in the car. >> we all know that working out is good but the more it becomes part of the public discourse, more helpful it is. you feel like if everybody else starts trimming up, you you don't want to be left behind. >> all right. you may want to slow down when you eat. a small study found that eating too fast may raise your diabetes risk. researchers compared patients with type 2 diabetes and people who ate quickly were two and a half times more likely to have diabetes than those who ate at a more leisurely pace. >> i always heard that. if you take your time, you'll get full sooner. >> it is that rush. we are all in that return just like in the commute. in your commute, you are eating, eating quickly. it all happens together. coming up, another proposed tax for the district. up next, and excise tax on alcohol. what about allowing liquor stores to open on sunday. that is coming up next. stay with us. ith us. 3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your
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notice a difference? it feels a bit tight. [ female announcer ] soap leaves behind soap residue that can cause a tight draggy feeling. with 1/4 moisturizing cream, dove cleansers rinse cleaner than soap. my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. d.c. is looking for ways to boost the city's budget. mayor and some council members propose keeping bars open later and allowing liquor stores to open on sunday. >> both ideas are in trouble. another idea being discussed is an excise tax on alcohol. fox 5's matt ackland explains. >> reporter: shaking things up again when it comes to beer,
5:26 am
wine and cocktails sold and served in the district. some in the alcohol business worry. councilmember jim graham says it is time leads are looking at generating revenue for the district by raising the price for those who drink. >> our alcohol excise tax at the present time is below one- half of jurisdictions in the united states. the excise tax in the district has not been increased since 1990. >> estimates on how much this proposed tax will cost vendors varies depending on who you ask. the distilled spirits council of the united states predicted an increase of 12.5% on spirits, 9.7% on wine and 8.5% on beer. >> from national brewers, national distillers, local brewers, wholesalers, restaurants, hotels, grocery
5:27 am
stores, all facets of the industry are here. and they all are very much concerned about the excise tax. >> reporter: mayor convincent grate said last week his plan to raise revenue by allowing bars to stay open later remains the best plan. instead of creating a new tax on drinks. >> i stay with where i was in the first place. i said no new taxes also and i don't want to move to introducing a new tax when i said i wouldn't do that. >> reporter: matt ackland, fox 5 news. >> councilman graham believed the $20 million raised could help social service facing budget cuts right now. >> graham and his committee voted down the longer bar hours and graham made it clear that it is still a no-go for him. a security incident at a local airport involving a loaded gun. but was it all just a big mistake? that is ahead in about 13 minutes. a fox 5 follow-up involving
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♪ my arms... ♪ when i want you... ♪ ...and all your charms... ♪ whenever i want you, all i have to do is... ♪ [ female announcer ] introducing xfinity streampix. stream your favorite movies and full seasons of shows instantly on any screen. find out more online. welcome back. it is 5:30 on this wednesday morning. a live look right now at the u.s. capitol dome. kind of comfortable outside after rain. it all kind of feels fresh and
5:31 am
nice and ready to get the day going. >> some clean air. >> or warm and sticky depending on your perspective. >> later in the day, right? >> it is definitely -- yes, it's rained. atmosphere is a the bit cleaned out. i was going to say the allergens are down a little bit this morning. we've got more rain showers in the forecast. the clouds will linger around today. not much sunshine expected until tomorrow. >> you said humidity on the way too. >> lots of humidity. we're still dealing with the frontal system trying to get through. i think it will be later tonight before we can call it quits on this early summer humidity. there is your radar. you skeet shower activity that has moved through overnight. it is east of the bay. generally east of the bay. still got a few leftover showers on the western shore. you can see out towards easton and st. michael's getting some shower activity at the moment. all of this pushing offer to the east and to the north. out to the west, the blue line you see, that is the actual cold front. it will be a very slow mover
5:32 am
today so we'll get another chance to see some showers blossom along it later this afternoon. cloud cover for your morning hours and the rain showers will kind of reorganize themselves later this afternoon so be ready for another round of rain around here during your day. 62347 washington. 63 in winchester. patuxent naval air station, almost 70 degrees, 69 this morning. warm, humid, 77 degrees. scattered showers, esperanza a thunderstorm will return this afternoon. >> 77, that does sound sticky with the humidity. >> just a little bit. >> i kind of agree with julie wright. it is a little bit seattle- like. i'm ready for some sun. >> are we in agreement? >> we are, can you believe it? >> that means it will snow eight feet now. >> just turn on the sun lamb op your deck. you'll be fine. >> exactly. on the roads, we're dealing with wet pavement. we are tolding with road spray kicking up in your face. i haven't forgotten about you folks on metrorail.
5:33 am
the blue line is single tracking between van dorn and franconia. we are hearing that at the foggy bottom station, the entrance escalators are out of service. there is bus service available for you. foggy bottom, the entrance escalators not in service this morning. other side of town, we've had two separate accidents pop up for us. one on the outer loop, the second on the inner loop. happy to say both have already been cleaned up and moved over to the shoulder. southbound baltimore-washington parkway, stalled car at 197 on the shoulder. coming inbound along 66, no problems to report leaving manassas, fair oaks and vienna to the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. we notice you're rocking the red too. two major headlines out of of yesterday's primaries. neither has anything to do with the republican nomination for president. >> first, north carolina, where voter overwhelmingly approved an amendment defining marriage as a union between a man and
5:34 am
woman. unofficial returns show the amendment passed with about 61% of the vote supporting the measure. 39% against it. the amendment also eliminates other domestic unions from carrying legal status. a tea party-backed candidate upset six-term republican senator dick luger. he has been an institution on capitol hill first elected back in 1976. there were no prices in the presidential primaries. mitt romney swept the republican contest in indiana, north carolina and west virginia. romney now has 919 delegates after last night. as he gets closer to the 1134
5:35 am
needed to clinch the nomination. in our other big story, the bomber turns out to be an agent. the bomb maker overcame technical problems that led the first underwear bomb and its detonator for fail in 2009. he is now actively training apprentices because the al- qaeda network knows he is a top target by u.s. drones. >> without going into the specifics, we have for assume with what we have seen of al- qaeda in the past that they do train others to take up where they leave off because they have seen the succession of their top leadership attacked successfully. >> reporter: the associated press actually uncovered the bomb plot last week but was asked by the government to keep it under wraps. now, some in congress want an investigation into how the bomb plot was leaked. now to a fox 5 follow-up to
5:36 am
a story we first reported last week involving a man pretending to be a police officer. a woman says the impersonator robbed her after pulling her over and now that woman is speaking out. fox 5's melanie alnwick has the latest now. >> reporter: take a good look at this suspect likeness. ' a black male, about 26 or 27 years old, 5' 10", 190-pound with short carly hair and tattoos on both arms. the victim says he got her attention last wednesday morning when she was on avenel road in silver spring on her way to st. camilla's church. >> a black man was blowing the horn ro. sure she says the man motioned out of the window and yelled at her. she says the man even shoulder hi badge and demanded her license and registration, then ordered her out of her car and told her to sit on the sidewalk, which she did. >> he opened the door and he grabbed the purse and the cell phone.
5:37 am
>> reporter: man then fled in a small black compact car with blue maryland tag that may have been bay tags. >> he got in his car and he left very fast and i tried to follow him. i was screaming and yelling and hoping that somebody will hear me to help me out. >> >> reporter: no one was around. she had no cell phone so she couldn't dial 911. she kept driving until is he saw a mail carrier who called police for her. here is the suspect again. take a good look. montgomery county police would like to hear from anyone who knows this man. >> that was melanie alnwick reporting this morning. now for a brave act all caught on camera. metro riders jumped into action after spotting a man grabbing another rider's iphone. surveillance tape captured last month shows the fellow passengers chasing the suspect past the fare machines as the suspected thief makes a run for it. riders were able to catch up and tackle the suspect to the ground. now n this situation, the
5:38 am
passengers' ridge lance paid off but police don't recommend taking this kind of action. >> this case, the citizens were responsive to saw. but there is inherent risk when trying to apprehend or detain suspects. >> when d.c. police arrived at the scene, they arrested the suspect. >> i know police saying not a good idea but a lot of us looking at that going way to go. >> children strapped to the hood of a car for a run to the liquor store. it sounds very bizarre like some weird headline. that is exactly what it is. >> let's take a check of the markets. it shows the dow closed down 76 but it was down over 200 points during trading yesterday. the nasdaq lost 11 points and japan's nikkei dropped over 130 points overnight as all asian stocks are falling amid the political chaos in greece. right now, time now is 5:38. we'll be right back. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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5:42 am
his bag. officers say he had a loaded nine millimeter and additional magazines full of ammo in these carry-on luggage sunday. he was arrested before he was able to board that plane. indiana parents are under arrest for strapping their four young kids to the hood of a car during a drunken liquor store run. witnesses saw them tying the kids to the hood the father they be reportedly drove his kids and their mother three blocks to the store. he says he thought they would think it was fun. the children, ages four to seven we were not hurt but police reported the incident to the department of child services. now to some local trouble for actor john travolta. a second male massage therapist has joined a federal lawsuit accusing travolta of sexual batty. both men say the actor inappropriately touched them during two private massages in atlanta and a california hotel room in january. the $2 million lawsuit lists the men as john does. travolta denies the claims
5:43 am
though. his lawyers promise for file a countersuit. but still, a lot of rumors swirling around him right now over this. >> yes, but he has hired that megalawyer, marty singer in los angeles. so we know he has good counsel. coming up, the cost of a college education may be about to soar even more. up next, will student loan interest rates double this summer. we'll get the latest from capitol hill. plus, we're checking your morning commute and weather. stay with us. time now is 5:43. is 5:43. 
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taking a look at the woodrow wilson bridge. we'll check in with julie wright to get a check of your commute coming up a little bit later on. good news here. we've got a big event coming up. take me out to the ball game. that is what thousands of local school kids will be singing next week. they are taking part in the second annual fox 5 weather day at nationals park. >> tucker, tony, sue palka and other special guests will be at the ballpark next tuesday morning may 15th. the kids will see a special weather presentation beginning at 9:45. they will get to meet the fox 5 team. >> stay for the game if you want. it is not too late for your child's school to take part either. to learn more about contacting
5:47 am
the nats for weather day, go to our web site,, and click on the morning tab. >> now, for the hard core baseball fans out there, calvin our producer tells us that is music from the end of this week in baseball that you hear at the end. do you remember that show? >> way back in the day. >> i don't remember that. you said you remember because your brothers would watch it. >> yeah, because that was lou you got this week in baseball. >> that is how you got your baseball information. really different. >> we are you can tag about special guests out there. any hints. >> yes, a furry eagle. that would be screech. and the presidents will be there. i don't want to give it all away. >> that is more of a reason to come on out. >> oh like he is not enough. >> we're giving with a prizes. we ask questions and if the kids get it right -- >> sue is giving out $20 bills right. >> we'll talk to her about that when they wakes up.
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we've got some hours moving through overnight. right now, we are getting a break. i think enough to wet the roadways. you can see generally bay and points east still dealing with a little shower activity although we have a sprinkle or two down 95 as you get down towards fredericksburg. and then our main batch of rain here associated with the cold front. it is just off to the west. here is the deal. it will be a very slow mover today. our clouds will stick around. i think it will be a mostly cloudy day. with that front in the neighborhood, we'll see another area of moisture ride up and along it later today. you can seat moisture on the satellite-radar here just down to the south. look down to kentucky and tennessee. you see the rain showers there. that will ride up and along the front today. we've got rain that should be back i think by early afternoon. a little rain this morning. get a bit of a break and then we'll see some more rain showers, perhaps a thunderstorm this afternoon as that moisture moves in from the south and
5:49 am
west. all right, let's talk -- yes, let's talk maps. i wasn't sure what was coming next. rain showers back in the forecast today. things will get better as we get into the day on thursday. we'll be breezy around here but a lot of sunshine with lower humidity returning for your day tomorrow. so just hang in there. one more day of the clouds and rain showers and then a lot of sunshine to end the week. here are your temperatures. we are nice and mild. 66 in washington. 71 in quantico. 67 in fredericksburg and 64 in leonardtown. forecast for today, lots of clouds around. scattered showers and storms return particularly this afternoon. but warm. 77degrees. winds out of the west at five to 10 miles per hour. and then the showers linger into your evening hours, mostly cloudy overnight. 58 your overnight low. winds out of north at about five to 10 miles per hour. here is your five-day forecast. tomorrow, breezy conditions. sunshine, should be a beautiful afternoon with low humidity. friday and saturday look good too. highs by saturday near 80. by sunday, university a few
5:50 am
showers around. temperatures in the mid-70s on mother's day. speaking of, let's talk to julie wright and get the latest on traffic and find out what she is doing for her mother on mother's day. >> for one thing, i'm not calling her mother. we call her mama where i come from. >> are you going do some cooking for mama? >> no, i want her to live a long and prosperous life. on the roads, delays are starting to form on the beltway outer loop as you work your way around from colesville road headed in towards silver spring. accident activity on the outer and inlieberman between 355 and connecticut avenue. two separate incidents there both cleared over to the shoulder so our lanes are open. southbound baltimore-washington parkway, i had the stalled car at 197. this is northbound i-95 at the prince william parkway in virginia. slow-going traffic as you work your way northbound from dumb tariq aziz continuing up towards the woodbridge area. no problems reported. the lanes are open but as tucker just mentioned, the storms moving through the area
5:51 am
of fredericksburg so allow a little extra time out there on the roads. already seeing volume increasing along route 3. -- slow-going traffic as you work your way northbound from dumfries continuing up to the woodbridge area. foggy bottom, the end rains escalators are out of service. bus service has been made available for you. -- the entrance escalators are out of service. the interest rate for new subsidized stafford loans is currently at 3.4%. it is set to double in july. senate republicans say they favor keeping the loan rate low but they don't agree with democrats on how to pay for the $6 billion needed. diamonds, they are a girl's best friend especially there one. take a look at a rare pink diamond that is being auctioned off by christie's auction house
5:52 am
in hong kong. it is weighing in at over 12carats. the pink sparkler is expected to sell for anywhere between $8 and $12 million. it is the first time the diamond has been sold at auction. the auction has been scheduled for may 29th. >> when something is that big, doesn't it seem like it is fake? coming up, a rare fight on the baseball diamond. it all came down to one final swing of the bat for the washington highlights. >> nice transition there, baseball diamond. a huge fight for d.c. boxing champ lamont peterson. next week might be in jeopardy.  [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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the nats and pirates in pittsburgh. adam laroche with a two-run homer to take a one-run lead in the ninth. rodriguez couldn't close the deal. a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth. the nats lose a heartbreaker 5- 4. josh hamilton made history in baltimore last night e hit a two-run homer to texas to give texas the lead. he added three more home runs on the night to power the rangers to a 10-3 win. hamilton by the way is the 16th major leaguer in history to
5:56 am
record four homers in just one game. you know tayse must-win for the caps tonight. they are going to face the rangers in game six now of the second round play offseries at verizon center. the capitals win and they accepted it to a deciding game seven. the loss and they are done for the season. the puck drops at 7:30 tonight. nevada boxing officials wilikely decide today or tomorrow whether to go ahead with the major rematch between lamont peterson and amir kahn. peterson admitted he tested positive which says came from a one-time use to low testosterone levels. time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. it is janet cobb this morning.
5:57 am
look at that fun picture. she writes being the facebook fan of the day would be like winning the megamillions. she says if she is picked, georgetown cupcakes will be delivered to fox 5. you know the way to our hearts. >> you do know the way to our hearts but it is simply not necessary. having you as our fap of the day is sweet enough for all of us, right? >> although we are all here at wisconsin street in northwest. >> cross street is harrison. >> stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes
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