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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 9, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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confirm they think same-sex couples should be able to get married. >> his personal feeling about same-sex marriage that, again, has evolved over the years in terms of policy, the president said he believes it's up to each individual state to decide whether to legalize marriages between gay and lesbian couples. and within the hour, his presumptive republican challenger this fall spoke out on the matter. here's former massachusetts governor, mitt romney. >> states are able to make decisions with regard domestic partnership benefits, such as hospital visitation rights, benefits and so forth of various kinds can be determined state-by-state. my view that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and woman and that is my own preference. i know other people have different views. this is a very tender and sensitive topic. >> reporter: mitt romney in oklahoma a short time ago. the announced change of heart on the president's part comes
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days after his vice president joe biden told a national tv audience he supports same-sex partners. gay marriage is still powerful, a powerful issue. last night in north carolina, 61% approved the state's constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman. north carolina bans gay marriage and this goes beyond state law by taking legal status away from domestic unions between men and women. >> like the amendment, mayor o'malley is confident that voters in maryland will allow gay marriage. he signed a bill in march allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed. opponents are collecting signatures to try to get the issue on the november ballot. the governor said in the past, maryland voterrers usually have chosen to expand rights rather than limit them. developing tonight, the head of the house homeland security is developing an investigation into how the cia's operation to stop a
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airline bombing come out. it's on the heels of the fbi director that the u.s. is gaining valuable information from the bomb it intercepted. fox 5s tom fitzgerald is following this new. tom? >> reporter: by some accounts, news of the operation began to leak out last week. congress said it wants to know how such a critical operation could have a potentially devastating leak. stopping al qaeda from bombing a u.s. airliner was a big win for u.s. intelligence. it's also raised big questions about airport security. twice in 24 hours, a flight in california and another in arizona were searched following bomb threats. both flights were cleared but federal officials are asking if airport security needs to be increased. >> we in the bureau are currently exploiting an ied, improvised explosive device
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seized overseas. >> reporter: on capitol hill, the fbi director robert mueller asks congress to renew wide- ranging surveillance authority. >> terrorism should be and continues to be our number one priority and the priority of a number of our intelligence agencies. >> reporter: congress is demanding to know how the cia mission leaked out to the news media. the head of the house intelligence committee said that leak short circuited the cia's work. >> and there were other opportunities, i believe, were lost by the fact that it was leaked on monday, and now what you see new is simply not helpful. >> reporter: the capture devise is being analyzed at the fbi bomb laboratory in virginia. it's thought to be the work of ibrahim al-assari, al qaeda's chief bomb maker in yemen. >> he's a key individual, which the u.s. needs to get a hold of. >> dr. ben sheepshead a terrorism expert at the potomac
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institute and said deconstructing the bomb will help u.s. officials build up airport security. >> the fact that they have this in tact means they can do's lot and improve the security of the aviation system. >> reporter: while intercepting the latest bomb was a victor, a challenge for security officials, though, that they intercept the next one as well. the latest version of the bomb is said to have been constructed without any parts. it might be obsolete if al qaeda is able to complete it and perfect it. they trying to perfect a surgical procedure to put a bomb in the body that won't be detectable. new tonight, a suspected. >> i joy phone thief met his match inside a metro station today. the own e a woman out running errands on the day off and chased the woman on the grass. fox 5s paul wagner is live from
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metro headquarters. this sounds like an amazing story, paul. >> reporter: you have to see it and believe it, shawn. you will see jennifer chasing the man through the gallery place metro station. it happened after 10:00 this morning. she was standing there looking at her iphone when this young man came up and snatched it out of her hand and this is her story in her own words. >> i was looking at the phone and the young kids and came and grabbed the phone from me and i started running behind him to get my phone. i was screaming at him and while he was running around and behind him at the metro employee run out of nowhere and i know where he came from and i
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grabbed him. he gave him my phone back and i started talking to the young kid. he must have been around 15 years or so. i was in panic and shock, still,. >> you took your phone and left. >> pretty much. i couldn't believe that happened. you take the phone unless i hope the employee that helped me -- and thank you very much. >> yeah. >> he gave me a phone and thank you. i thought metro was coming and i left. >> you jumped on the train? >> yes. >> oh, my gosh. >> i jumped on the train -- . >> that is probably the -- probably the biggest return in the history of the crime. >> i mean he was, you know, he got the phone from a person and gave it to me and thank you. now i learned my lesson and while i'm waiting for the metro. my phone in my purse. >> reporter: this is the twist,
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shawn. this good samaritan doesn't for metro. it may have been a contractor inside the station who took the phone, handed it back to jennifer, counseled him and let him go. there is no police report, there is no arrest. >> but we do have the video to prove that and thank goodness she's okay. >> she is okay. she said it was instinct. she ran after the young man and he ran into the arms of somebody else. so. >> it all worked out. >> an incredible story. >> yes, it s. paul wagner, thank you. a new contract for d.c. police chief kathy lanor. hours after the officer's union filed a suit over raises. lanier signed a new five-year, $253,000 contract tuesday that keeps her salary at the same rate and doesn't include annual raises or bonuses. also, the police union filed a lawsuit claims lanier is interfering to reach a new contract for officers.
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they want to remove from the process the rank and file officers. the union agrees she should have been out of the negotiations because her contract expired last month. a spokesman for the mayor's office said that the contract had another year to g. lanier said she's not directly involved in the negotiations. quote, people are tired of the huge fees. that is the word from the head of the d.c. council today during the budget cuts. chairman brown said it's time to take a serious look at all of the tickets and fees getting handed out by the government and there could be a new deal when it comes to extending bar hours in d.c. matt ackland is live now. >> reporter: let's talk about those bar hours in just a second. and some strong words from chairman brown. when it comes speed cameras, red light cameras and other fees. if you don't want a ticket, don't break the law. the chairman said that the amount of the tickets is too much and he's considering calling a special hearing to look at all fee structures. >> and at some point, we have
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to stop this. we might get the ticket out of the door. >> reporter: chairman brown hears complaints often from speed cameras, and higher rates to park on the street. >> and they getting ticketed and feed for everything that is moving and we should take a look at. this. >> reporter: like it or not, that money is used to prop up the budget. >> everyone said we didn't raise taxes but doubled and tripled at all of the fees. people are tired of the fuge he -- of the huge fees and time to reduce them. we didn't do it for this. we did it to raise mean. >> reporter: in another way, mayor gray proposed extending bar hours one hour later year round and that measure didn't get much support. instead, a compromise was proposed to extend bar hours on federal and district holidays, as well as four major holiday
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weekends. >> this is certainly far preferrable to the 3:00 a.m. closing during the week and the 4:00 a.m. closing every weekend. there is no question about it. i think this is something that we'll have the opportunity is to get public reaction to and i think, i thank you very much for coming up with this. >> reporter: you will remember it was council member graham who opposed extending bar hours the entire year and he would take the new proposal to residents to hear what they had to say. it appeared he liked the idea much more than the ot the mayor's office is reviewing the new proposal and hopes to work with graham and the chair in. a juror is dismissed for sleeping and showing up late. the juror said during jury slick, we would rather be sleeping than be in court and a
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former teammate said that he may have misburp stood. >> a former campaign spokeswoman said that john edrd -- edwards' wife confronted conors about his mistress. jennifer p almieri said elizabeth edwards knew what was going on and ripped into her husband in the room saying continued contact with real hunter would make the campaign look more get. edwards consistently said he had no idea the money was being used to fund a coverup. coming up, the tea party helps to oust a long-serving republican who is willing to reach across the political aisle. and a man serving time gives president obama a run for his money on election night in one state. and in the '80s, she wanted to have fun. these days, cindy lawner is being honored for her work with teens in the lesbian, gay, transgender community. and we see some shower activity out there and some
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thunderstorms possible this evening. we'll show you where it's beginning to brow and a look at the forecast through the weekend. the details are coming up. stay with us. fox 5 news at 5 will continue.  
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. voters in indiana ousted the longest-serving gop senator, raising questions about the future of the republican party in the senate. after 36 years in congress, senator richard, mr. uger lost
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his seat. >> serving the people of indiana. and in the united states senate has been the greatest honor of my public life. >> reporter: republican primary voters in indiana have decided they don't want senator luger to serve a seventh term. they ousted him in favor of the tea party person. >> the democrats coming to the republicans point of view. >> reporter: democrats show their appreciation of luger. the president wrote, quote, while dick and i didn't agree on everything, i found in my time in the senate, he was often willing to reach across the aisle and get things done. luger's loss has men wondering what this means for the makeup of the senate. the dnc chair said that murdoch's win proves the tea party and gop are now one in the same. others argue democrats should be concerned about holding on to their slim senate lead.
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>> and this is a big win. can murdoch hold the seat in november, and i think he's likely to. >> reporter: in wisconsin, democratic primary voters decided a gubernatorial recall election next month will be a rematch of the 2010 race. while in north carolina, voters passed a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage n. washington, jennifer davis, fox news. an unexpected runner-up in west virginia's democratic primary. president obama finished first and number two with 41% of the vote and a texas federal inmate. keith judd is accused of making threats at the university of until in 1999. he paid the fee. president obama is unpopular in -- unpopular in west virginia because of the energy policies and the president's handling of mining perms. virginia, calling for an armed revolution if the president is re-elected. the editor of the green
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republic committee writes that, quote, we should not have any course but armed revolution should we fail with the power of the vote. he calls the president an eide log unlike anything world history witnessed. the fugitive suspected of killing a teenage woman and one of her daughters is on the fbi's most wanted list. murder charges were filed against adam maez. his wife theresa was charged of. she told authority she was there when the husband killed the two in the home. the motive was to kidnap the two younger daughters, ages 12 and 8. closing arguments are underway in the murder trial of the man accused of killing jennifer hudson's family. william bal four is accused of killing -- killing her mother, brother, and nephew. they showed the photos of the bodies with before pointing at bail four claiming he committed the murders. the defense attorney said that prosecutors failed to prove the
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case. the rain is held off and felt like it was dumping all day long. >> yeah. >> and what can we expect? >> the skies are threatening now and to the west of the city, getting good rain falling. there is limited sunshine and little bit of sunshine is destablizing things. let's go to radar and show you where we're looking at this. it was earlier and maybe 15, 20 minutes ago. this did not look that impressive. just some light shower activity coming across the mountains and that is picking up a bit, across parts of louden county and northern sections of montgomery county, between clarksburg and leesburg and that is looking like it will continue to the east. the returns are getting impressive and it would not surprise me to see some lightning, maybe you see thunder out there and switch
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over to sentinel radar and the bigger picture here. there is more rain to the west of us and again, we're dealing with this area of stronger shower activity. again, montgomery county, louden county and over the dulles airport and this is that path it's taken the last hour or so and we'll continue to watch that and that is probably going move on through the metro area the next hour or so and at 7:00, 73 and calling for some showers. maybe a thunderstorm and some showers at 9 as l the temperature at 68 and there is another cold front to the west. until that is through, there is some showers possible out there and it looks like we'll dry out, though, overnight tonight. the cooler weather, drier weather, sunnier weather. we'll talk about that and mother's day forecast. all of that coming up in the full forecast, brian. >> live doppler radar, the video updates and more with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad and find it on
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coming up, a celebrity hairstyle known for the products baring his name passes away. and a former miss usa learns she's going to jail after being busted for dui.
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. no jail time for a former miss us accused of drunk driving. rema fakei was sentenced to six months probation and 20 hours of community service, avoiding the possibility of 93 days in jail. she plead no contest to driving while visibly impaired and show will have to attend an alcohol safety class and pay $600 in fines. vidual sasoon, the man who developed a popular line of shampoos and styling products died of natural causes. he was found dead at his home this morning. the london-born hairstylist was known for the slogan if you don't look good, we don't look good. he was 84. coming up tonight, a special session. maryland lawmakers agree to return to the capitol to get the budget deal finished. find out who could see their
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taxes rise under the latest proposal. and one county could lose a lot of money if the silver line project sinks. the expert who authorized it joins us live at the bottom of the hour. and a woman who took honda to court because she was unsatis fewed with her hybrid may not get any of the money awarded to her. we'll explain. next. ♪
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[ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. . it's official, maryland lecturors are being -- legislator are being called back to annapolis to vote on a proposed $38 billion budget. the session will begin on monday. john henrehan is in the newsroom to talk about who wins and loses on the proposed budget deal, john. >> reporter: this is the headline. maryland's budget grows by 2.6%. under the proposed state budget, gasoline taxes will not rise but if you were over $100,000 a year, your income
5:28 pm
taxes are going up slightly. >> progress is a choice. >> reporter: earlier in the year, governor o'malley told legislators that maryland and most states have seriously underfunded transportation for decades. o'malley's solution? effectively raise the gasoline tax over a period of years. motorists, including a cab driver were appalled because they're already spending so much on gas. >> and some time, you know, 55 a day, 65, something like, that you know. >> 55, 60 a day? >> seventy a day. >> even though gas prices have come down, they're high compared with previous years that the governor gave up the idea of boosting the gas tax. under a new budget deal, however, affluent taxpayers in maryland will pay slightly higher income taxes. >> we will be moving forward with a revenue package that
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will call upon 16% of white house are in the -- 16% of us who are in the top bracket to pay more and that is the primary revenue measure that will be adopted here. >> reporter: higher income taxes in maryland will kick in for individuals making more than $100,000 a year and for families whose household income exceed $150,000 a year. for an individual filer making over 100k, the state income tax at that bracket will climb from 4 or 3/4% to 5%. for an individual making between a quarter million and a half million a year, the state income tax will climb from 5% to 5 and 3/4%. another part of the budget deal involves some teacher pengs. presently, it pays 100%. in the future, the counties and baltimore city will pay half of the costs of teacher pengs. and the other big issue, casino
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expansion. governor o'malley promised to call a sec special session to consider gaining, including the possibility of expands flats into -- slots into prince georges county. a pitch to virginia and the loudoun county lawmakers on the benefits of the dulles rail project. at a meeting, they extended research and how extending the metro rail could bring new jobs. the county supervisors want more time to consider the $200 million contribution to building the siller vine -- silver line of the airport. and dr. fuller, thank you for joining us. >> it's good to be with you. >> we know it's expensive and this is years in the making. do the benefits outweigh the risk? >> by far. they're enormous and extend beyond the horizon. we're talking about 2040, 2050. and building the metro as it has in washington, this is
5:31 pm
something that was started 50 years ago now and that planning for the benefits accruing year after year for as long as it continues and the cost is up front. what we found is the kinds of jobs extended to metro county if extended that far, they worth so much more to the economy than the kind of jobs that would be supported by more housing. >> and we heard about the positive there and that does not get finished. >> and that is what our study looked at and with and without. it adds -- starts up small and adds up to be $270 billion of lost economic activity and the county will grow and grow lore
5:32 pm
with that different mix of jobs and residents will have to commute to those. >> years ago when area roads and highways, even metro was built, no one expected the urban sprawl we have in our region. what recommendation or advice did you give to the county leaders who are on the fence with this one? >> i think it's smart growth. it concentrates these jobs in two station areas where people can live and, if they like, walk to work and take metro to some other location and i'll have easy access to the airport and there will be workers who lyin fairfax to reverse the commute and this makes more than continuing to allow the housing spreading across all of the eastern portion, which is, it will fill up eventually. this is a better use of land and to the transportation system. >> if that was your $200 million, you would? >> oh, this is -- and this is a no brainerd.
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>> okay. >> could be with you. and it's click it or ticket. they will be on the entire force to the d.c. and to the frederick county line. also issuing tickets for child seat violations. >> and the car safety seat violations are $60. and safety seats are also a part of the click it and ticket campaign and that is critically important that all children under eight years old be under the safety seats at all times in the operation. >> click it or ticket month runs from now to june 3rd. a victory in court for honda and a lawsuit over the hybrid civic. the judge overturned a nearly $10,000 claim and small claims judgement against a honda owner. the owner sued claiming the auto maker misrepresented the gas mileage before agreeing her car. the owner opted out of a class- action settlement that gave owners as much as $200 each. two members of president obama's cabinet are teaming up
5:34 pm
and academic achievement. experts agree that poor health, chronic medical conditions and pore strength all compromise the ability to learn. molly hennenberg has the latest. >> reporter: appearing before union leaders representing teachers across the nation, health and human services secretary cathleen sebelius receiving a new set of recommendations to help schools address a critical ling between students' health and academic performance. >> the more health risk a child faces, the less likely he or she is to succeed in school or out of school. >> reporter: called help in -- health in mind, it focuses on new ways to incorporate health and wellness into schools, close the achievement gap. among them, reducing barrier school base when seeking reimbursement for health services and preparing teachers and principals to promote student health. the education secretary arne duncan joining the effort.
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>> it's not able to see the blackboards w whether it's having cavities that go unchecked and leads to huge issues and makes it difficult to concentrate when you're in pain and we have to think about all of those things. >> reporter: government figures so health-related factors like hunger and physical and emotional abuse all can lead to poor school performance. more than 70 organizations signing on to the health and mind vision statement, calls on the obama administration to make health in school a top priority. >> we can't use tough economic times as an excuse. our children have one chance to get a good education and with that creativity, we're thinking differently how we deliver content and resources. i think we can fundamental breakthrough. >> reporter: the secretary sebelius said the obama administration is not only taking the recommendation seriously but is looking into ways to implement them n. washington, mole hennyberg, fox news. coming up, learning more about the suspect in a deadly
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road rage case in virginia. wait until you hear who else was in her car when the alleged incident went down. a show of compassion for a homeless man who killed two workers at a church in maryland. details are next. 
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[ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ . a show of compassion for a homeless man who killed a priest and a secretary in the maryland church and took his own life. the episcopal diocese in maryland is offering the forgiveness for jones. the doctor and church member were shot last thursday in saint peter's episcopal church and turns out the family hasn't decided to accept the offer of a burial service. fairfax police say a woman charged in a deadly road rage case didn't intensionally hit the victim. gloria mcmillan was charged with felony hit and run and is being held without bond. she and the victim had a dispute while driving.
5:40 pm
both women stopped. arrington got out of the car and mcmillan drove away, hitting arrington. investigators don't believe that it was intentional saying she had a child and adult passenger in her suv when the incident happened. coming up tonight, john travolta said he has proof the sexual battery lawsuit against him is bogus. we'll talk about that and more in today's hot topics. feldy. we're live at verizon center. if the caps lose, their season is over and they don't plan on losing and history would say after an overtime loss, they do pretty, pretty good. a live report is coming up next. we'll hear from troy brewer, one of the star -- troyboro error errorrer. and the forecast does is coming up. 
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. tonight, the caps face a must-win situation as the
5:44 pm
eastern conference semi finals series shifts to d.c. for game 6 against the rangers. dave feldman is live at the verizon center now. >> reporter: you're not overhyping it. it's must win. if you lose, you're down and in that first round, they were in the game seven with boston and prevailed there. y that at home, the good news and coming off of an overtime loss, a good news, too and they do well with that after that troy, how do you forget game five and being six seconds away from winning and being up 3-2? and you have to look forward. is that a tougher one to get over because of the way it ended? >> yeah, and how it finished. it's tough to swallow. at the same time, we go did a lot of good things and put yourselves -- ourselves in a great position and that is on up a goal, going up 3-2 and you have to take the good things out of it like a power play score and to that goal. it was until that last penalty
5:45 pm
and we're going to have a good start. >> and you're 2-4 overtime. that is not good. of the three losses, you have come back and won the last game and that is a resilient team. >> it's a must-win game. if we lose, we're out and that is going to put more tenacity and energy on the guy's legs and that is going to be fun tonight. >> you won a stanley cup at the blacko makes -- blackhawks. where where is it like, a, is this a championship game and what is it like on the brink of elimination? tonight. you lose, the season's over and. >> i think we have the ability to have it over. we can't be ahead. at the same time, we have a lot of the key components, the goal tending is well and the pen kill is good and that is what you need to be successful in the play-offs and they great so far. and tonight's game, and that is
5:46 pm
going to be fun. being in an elimination game and won that the last series and have some experience. the guys in situations like this before, and to be able to play this game at home means a lot more to play in front of the fans as well. and game time game six, the rangers and capitals, 7:30 tonight here and, brian, troy told me he lives near his hometown of vancouver, canada. they go fishing and boating, he loves it and that it's peaceful. >> we want him, too, as well. see you tonight. >> and that is why we're walking the red today. >> a couple of us are. >> and -- >> brian bolton does not have -- . >> and i know one thing, he doesn't have on the red socks.
5:47 pm
>> back in the day. >> how were the rain showers going to fair tonight for folks going to the game? >> reporter: think some of this will hold together and come across. those on metro and mostly underground, you need to come with the verizon there and that is how to go and if you're going there and you don'tee see it there and that is going to the live doppler radar. we looked at these earlier in the newscast. susan is going so tozoom in for me and clarksburg, this came through and reston is getting rain now as well. the heaviest of the stuff is pulling out of loudoun county and into fairfax county. and this is approaching the beltway. that is the western section and video 18 and to centreville. this is not as impressive as what it was and there might be
5:48 pm
thunder and lightning and have yet to see lightning or yet to detect lightning and that does not mean there hasn't been any out there and you might have heard thunder. and we're kind of unstable and not really. any thunderstorm activity here and this is that rain going to 81. some light rain for winchester, too, and you can't see it. there is more, more back out to the west here and just the limits of the radar and some heavier activity to the south and to the southeast, too, and what we're thinking here, if there is going to be thunderstorms, widespread thunderstorms tone, it would be south-southeast and -- tonight, it would be south-southeast and can you see the good shower there, the reds and oranges between saint mary's and salisbury there as we jumped the bay to the south-southeast and we're watching this and this is to be said, the
5:49 pm
potential of showers and maybe a thunderstorm, too and in the city, 73 degrees and warmer to the south and to the west. the rain cooled for dulles, 61 degrees and win chester is 59. there is a couple of fronts here, one moving through and another on tonight and that will take the humidity away, bring us cooler temperatures and bring us the rain. the showers and 7:00, an isolated thunderstorm and some at 9:00, 68. lingering shower at 11:00 and once we get the fronts through here, and then we will take the chances for rain away and this is the rain the last few hours and this is the secondary front here and kind of laid them on for you. one is moving through and this is another one and that is the game changer for us. the evening showers, we're going to dry out overnight and low temperature in up to to about 57. looks good for sunshine tomorrow morning and we'll be
5:50 pm
breezy, temperatures tomorrow for most everybody topping out in the mid-on to upper 60s and that is cooler. the humidity will drop and that is looking like it's real, real nice. beautiful on friday, loads of sunshine, sunny on saturday and some high temperatures to 78 degrees. not bad for mama's day, and some late showers in there and that is good and can hope it stays the same. >> that song makes me want to dance. her hit song put her on the map in the 80s. today, cyndi lauper is in up to being honored and honoring young people who overcame trauma and people of hope. she and her foundation true colors will be honored for their work with the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
5:51 pm
teen community tonight. congratulations to her. and meantime, here we are talking about the hot topics. john travolta proves it's not him and do you need a social madia will? >> oh, boy. >> and light start with john vatravolta. >> and -- john travolta. >> a source has come forward and have an attorney and this is the big story, though, with this, their attorney is saying there is more to come. there is a lot more, alleging these allegations of essentially sexual assault. >> uh-huh. >> and today, marty singer, john travolta's attorney, released these pictures and claim this timeline will show that he was in new york at the time. but, okay, we were doing the math downstairs. i don't know if it works. they time stamps, 11:30 p.m. at night and you still have
5:52 pm
time to be in l.a. that morning. and they're claiming the alleged attack happened in the morning. >> right. >> around 10:00 a.m. >> and you do the map. >> the pictures are odd. they look weird. you know. >> and -- . >> igra with you and this is unbelievable and each wants $2 million -- . >> there are many rumor. >> i know. >> we'll have a meeting -- they're having the meeting with the attorneys this week. >> yeah. >> and a a video of secretary of state hillary clinton came out showing her giving a speech in another country with what appears to be no make jump. >> huh. >> don't you love it, though? and she goes it's fine. i work all of the time, guys, i don't care and -- report you happy about that? i was thrilled she said that and got a lot of heat from looking fired and old.
5:53 pm
what is happening. i am trying to help. >> it's frustrating, leave her alone. she's doing her job. >> she's not phased about it and hoff that picture. >> you heard of having a will? now the government wants us to have social media wills? what is this? >> okay, shawn, how many password douse have? >> a lot. >> and you think facebook? >> twitter. >> insta gram, right? social cam. >> the federal government is actually saying now as part of your will, it should be who is going to be responsible for do you want your facebook to be a memorial to you after you pass away? do you not? >> uh-huh. >> do you want it shut down? >> they're encouraging people to put a clause in the will who is going to control it and the passwords. my problem is i can't remember them. >> and what am i going to do? >> and make them the same. >> i know. what is coming up on the news edge six? >> a new report on late metro
5:54 pm
trains. which line has the most delays and which has the smoothest records. three years after the deadly metro crash, family members are hoping for a permanent memorial and there is an argument over where that should be. and ipads are not for humans anymore. how apes are using them to communicate. new at 6. new at 6.  ñ we love gardening... yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me, you'll get cookies for free.
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. so many people, for them, needles are the worst part of going to the doctor. new technology is taking the pain out of the injects. dr. alvarez shows us the ouchless needle. >> reporter: for most people dealing with needles is never easy. especially when it comes to facial injections. dr. john tark, a facial plastic surgeon in new york city, said for the patients, the answer is a new technology called the ouchless needle. >> this is an instant type of anesthetic allowing you to have
5:58 pm
no preparation time for the patient and yet still get rid of the discomfort associateed with the needle itself. >> reporter: the device attaches on to a syringe and numbs the skin long enough to eliminate the discomfort from that initial prediction. >> to be able to kind of dull that sensation of the needle going in and have the patient not worry so much about that pain, that is actually reducing the anxiety level a bit by the patients. >> reporter: in the past, the only way to help the needle pain was with topical creams. >> cream would have to be put on 30 to 40 minutes before patients would often forget to put it on and that was not a practical way of numbing the face. >> reporter: the ouchless needle is most often used with facial fillers like botox and you of. >> y derm and is affected for -- and juvi deck, rm. it helps with the retinas and browse immediately. in the days following the procedure, his patients definitely notice the difference. >> this is much easier and more
5:59 pm
comfortable. and you don't feel the prediction of the needle as -- the prick of the needle as much. >> painful to me. thank you very much for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. for the first time in american history, a sitting president has decleared support for same-sex marriage rights. and in the past week, the president and vice president gave their support for gay marriage. north carolina yesterday made it illegal. the president said it was time to make his position clear. and bob barnard has more. >> reporter: president obama says had had said his opinion was evolving until now. after the vice president sunday said on national tv he supports same-sex marriage, the president was in a sense, forced to come out more forcefully on the issue one way


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