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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 9, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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>> ryan: your top four, america! the lines will be open for at least two hours.
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if you have never cast a vote on this show before, now is the perfect time to start. tomorrow night, david cook and jennifer lopez on the stage. who is going to be in the final three? don't miss it. 8/7 central. your local news is next. thanks for watching. good night, america.
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this is fox 5 news. he is no longer on the fence. president obama declares his support for gay marriage, reaction ric announcement and the effect it will have on the campaign trail. >> kidnapped at gunpoint and taken on a terrifying ride, the robbery that ended with a virginia man escaping from the trunk of his car. >> steady rainfall throughout the evening. so when will the d.c. area finally get a break? we begin with the first sitting u.s. president to declare his support for same sex marriage rights. ing thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. >> increase thetics within his own party wondered -- critics within his own party wondered if president obama would wait till after the election to make a stand on gay marriage, but after vice president biden said on sunday he supported same sex
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marriage president mounted on the president to clarify his position. the president made history clarifying his position on gay marriage during an afternoon interview with abc news at the white house. >> at a certain point i just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> not long after the president's announcement republican presidential hopeful mitt romney was asked about gay marriage during a campaign stop in oklahoma. >> i have the same view on marriage that i had when i was governor and i've expressed many times. i believe marriage is a relationship between a man and a woman. >> on the soggy streets of washington we found the president getting high marks for his new stand. >> this is america, freedom of choice. >> i think it's great. i think if you're in a relationship, you want to get married, that's what you should be able to do. >> i it hits about time. >> there are probably going to
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be some support -- i think it's about time. >> there are probably going to be some supporters he may lose, but i think the vast majority are going to vote for him anyway. >> this is certainly a historic day, the fur time that a sitting president embraced full -- first time that a sitting president embraced full relationships and the lives of lbgt americans. we have a lot of work left to do. >> combating opposition from some church leaders just one of the challenges. >> there's a shifting sand kind of setting in the family environment now that i don't think is healthy and we're playing experiments with stuff that is going to have ramifications 10, 20, 30 years from now and that's why i'm so impassioned to say whoa, hold on. >> the archdiocese of washington released the following statement, the word marriage describes the exclusive lifelong marriage of one man and one children.
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other unions exist, but they are not marriage. now president obama says his personal feelings about gay marriage had been evolving over the years influenced in large part by members of his administration who are in committed same sex marriages and raising children, but in terms of policy president obama says he believes it's up to each individual state to decide whether to legalize marriages between gay and lesbian couples. >> let's look at the numbers. a new gallup poll this week shows 50% of americans believe same sex marriage should be legal. 48% do not think gay couples should be allowed to marry. approval numbers are slightly down from 2011 which is the first time a majority of americans supported same sex marriage. let's bring in fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin to talk more about this. for such a historic announcement it feels like it's almost met with a yawn and tepid response from people that feel like it's been so choreographs like over the top the fact that obama finally
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came out after joe biden went on the talk shows. it just feels like a bungled message here. >> i think more than anything, biden's remarks, whether they were calculated or he was just being biden forced the for the have to say something. >> don't you feel like they sent him out to do that? it didn't seem like he was just joe biden putting his foot in his mouth it. seems calculated. >> i'm torn, brian. sometimes it seems like the vice president doesn't do anything that the president doesn't want him to, do but joe biden has not ruled out for running for president himself for a third time. he's 69 years old. he's been in the senate since he was 29 years old when he got elected and he considers himself as -- i really think it was biden being bind and then obama had to act and in terms of his own evolution, he decided look, those people who are against in any way gay marriage or same sex marriage i've lost them anyway. i might as well go and do the
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whole thing. >> then so joe biden maybe gets a pass. president obama doesn't and his wording today seemed so vague. it's like i guess i'm just go ahead and say i agree with gay marriage. >> he was trying to distinguish himself as this is a personal statement and he's not for the federal government. mitt romney actually is in fave of a constitutional amendment which would -- favor of a constitutional amendment which would require 2/3 of the houses and 3/4 of the state legislatures and actually to be in the u.s. constitution. so there's a real divide. i think what i discussed last time with you is that many people are not going to be in the democratic party are pleased that he came out with this, but they won't be satisfied with just his statement, which i think you're going at, and they'll would the it in the party platform and somebody like bob kerrey running for the senate in nebraska trying to come back has said the democratic party has to be very careful about this, although there are 22 democratic senators who are for
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same sex marriage. so the issue -- the president thinks he's put it to rest. he hasn't. i think there will be people who even want more in his own party. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin, thanks for coming in tonight. a gay rights group is putting pressure on the democratic party to move their convention out of charlotte. yesterday north carolina voters overwhelmly approved the constitutional amendment defining marriage as a union only between a man and a woman. the petition has nearly 25,000 signatures. only a couple hundred miles north separate north carolina and maryland and governor martin o'malley says he's confident voters here will support gay marriage. martin o'malley signed the bill in march allowing gay and lesbian couples to wed. opponents are collecting signatures to get the issue on the november ballot. in the past maryland voters have usually chosen to expand right rather than limit them. developing tonight fairfax county police are looking for three men who kidnapped a springfield man and took him on a ride he'll never forget.
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he managed to escape from the trunk of his own car. fox 5's audrey barnes has the story. >> the 22-year-old man was leaving his apartment at 1:30 this morning when he was abducted at gunpoint. he was forced to withdraw money at two different banks before he was finally freed. police say the man was walking out of this apartment in the 6100 block of cumberland avenue when he was approached by three men, one of them with a gun. >> they took him to his own car, a 1998 red honda civic, and they put him in the car. all three of them got in and drove to two separate banks and forced him to withdraw an undisclosed amount of cash. >> reporter: myra guvera lives right next-door to the victim. >> i was worried about it because you never know what can happen to you like it could have happened here. >> reporter: after withdrawing the cash the victim was put in the trunk of his own car and driven to the area of piedmont place and braddock road. police say what one of the men
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did next was probably meant to send the victim a message. >> one of the three suspects opened the trunk, produced a knife and cut the victim's arm, a nonlife threatening injury, very superfootball and he was in -- superficial and then he was instructed to stay in the trunk. >> reporter: the victim got out of his trunk, drove to a nearby convenience store and called police. doug lee lives a few yards from where the victim was dropped off. in a neighborhood with seven homes, everyone is living here with everyone else. >> after i heard the story really shocked and scary now. >> reporter: you going to keep your eyes open? >> absolutely. >> all three were black males between 18 and 25. two had masks covering their face. a third had some sort of cloth around his face. they were all wearing hooded jackets. >> police say they do not know if that victim was targeted. that's part of the investigation. if you saw some suspicious activity involving a red in the
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98 four-door honda early this morning, investigators want to hear from you. crime solvers is offering a reward for information that helps them catch the three suspects. virginia state police investigating a body found at a rest area in manassas. officers made the discovery this afternoon around 2:00 at the rest area welcome center on i-66 at mile marker 48. police closed the rest area to investigate. no word on the person's age or gender nor the cause of death. >> our fox 5 weather team spent the night tracking a lot of rain through the d.c. area. still coming down in some neighborhoods. are we going to finally get all this out of here? sue palka has the details in the weather center. >> we are seeing it start to taper down now from west to east, but quite a significant soaking we've had through these evening hours. we did not have thunderstorms. when it did rain, we saw a big 10-degree temperature drop. so it feels chilly tonight. here's a live look at radar.
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it's scanning round, still plenty of showers east of d.c. we've had one frontal boundary swing through to our east. there's one more to come and a little shower activity with that one, so maybe a one last batch overnight for areas west of d.c., but by and large, i think we've had most of what we're going to get. in the suburbs where you still see showers it's going to be gradually ending very shortly. give you a satellite and radar bigger picture. there's an awful lot of rain just south and also east of d.c., but locally it's been beneficial. we have had anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2-inch of rain and we need this. i know you're sick of hearing me say it especially because we haven't seen the sun in so many days, but we are still running about a 5-inch deficit since january 1st. more down to our south and east and perhaps a couple showers lingering toward the west. temperatures are chilly. it's in the 50s. i think we'll stay there overnight, could be a patch of
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fog later. the pattern changes tomorrow, but we'll have a lot of cool air aloft. we're looking at the weekend when i join you upstairs. >> thank you. we're following breaking news from the verizon center. the caps had to win or go home tonight. we'll tell you about the drama on the ice coming up next. >> also ahead all too often we hear about smartphones stolen on metro. many times the victims never see their phones again, but that's not what happened today. up next a woman tells us how she got her iphone back thanks to a good samaritan. >> ahead on the news edge, more than $100 million in tsa screening equipment not at work in airports sitting in warehouses instead. what's going on. we get the answer at 11:00. 
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breaking news from the verizon center. the caps had their backs against the wall tonight, win game 6 against the rangers or the season is over. the game wrapped up. dave feldman now with all the action. >> caps have not lost two straight games in the playoffs so far and even though they had
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six overtime games and lost four they had won every time after the overtime loss. tonight they'd have to do it again if they didn't want to get ready for golf season. jeff halpern in the lineup for the first time in this series. early 1st period jason chimera on a run taken down. so the caps get an early power play. 18 seconds into that power play mike green to nick backstrom who sets up alex ovechkin and look out. he beats henrik lundqvist 88 seconds into the game, ovie's 30th career play offgoal, 1-0 cap. later in the 1st period ovie in the rangers zone falling down hits the crossbar, oh, so close. 2nd period still 1-0. the puck comes to john carlson and his shot slacks past off the skate of nick backstrom and jason chimera takes advantage. his fourth goal of the playoffs. the caps would surrender a goal in the final minute and make everyone nervous, but they hold on to edge the rangers 2-1.
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the series is now tied at 3-3. where have we seen this before? there will be a game 7 at 7:30 p.m. saturday at madison square garden, the fourth straight time the caps have followed up an overtime loss with a win and the 2nd straight series they've gone to a seventh game. any caps fan, if you check their nails, there's no nails left. >> a lot more gray hair, too. a thief grabbed an iphone out of the hands of a woman waiting for a metro train today. look at the surveillance video. she chased the guy into a good samaritan who grabbed the phone and gave it back to her. fox 5's paul wagner has more of this story. >> reporter: jennifer laughner said she was waiting for a train at gallery place station after 10 a.m. this morning. she was looking at her iphone when suddenly a thief came up and snatched it right out of her hands. you'll actually see jennifer running after the thief. here's her story in her own words.
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>> i was just looking at my phone and all of a sudden a young kid just came and grabbed the phone from me and so i just started running behind him to get my phone and started screaming at him while i was, you know, trying to get my phone. and while we were -- he was running around the escalators and while i was running behind him one of the metro employees ran out of nowhere, don't know where he came froms a grabbed him and he gave me my -- from as i grabbed him and he gave me my phone back and started talking to the young kid. he must have been around 15 years or so. i was in panic. i was in shock still, so when the metro came and just left. >> reporter: you just took your phone and left? >> pretty much. i couldn't believe that that just happened. i just took the phone and left. i hope the metro employee that helped me sees this and thank you very much. he gave me the phone and i'm thank you and i saw that metro
10:20 pm
was coming and left. >> reporter: you jumped on the train. >> yes. i jumped on the train. >> reporter: that's probably the quickest theft and return in the history of crime. >> yes. i mean he got the phone from the person and gave it to me and thank you and then i'm gone. i learned my lesson. while i'm waiting for the one i >> reporter: jennifer just assumed it was the metro station manager who came to her aid, but the good samaritan apparently was a contractor working inside the station who took the phone, gave it back to jennifer, counseled the young man and then let him go. there was no police report and there was no arrest. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. from speed cameras to high parking rates d.c. leaders say there is a growing sense of frustration over all the fees and fines, but is there any relief in sight? >> also ahead the demand for answers after sensitive information is leaked with the
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underwear bomb plot. >> if you see a story we should look into, there's the e-mail address and number. we're back. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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people are tired of these huge fees. those strong words today from the head of the d.c. council during budget talks. chairman kwame brown says he's considering a special hearing to take a serious look at all the tickets and other fees handed out by the government. fox 5's matt ackland has the story. >> at some point we just have to stop this ticketing our residents for everything. we might get a ticket if we walk out the door right now. >> reporter: chairman brown says he hears complaints often about speed cameras, red light cameras and higher rates to park on the streets. >> when you talk to residents on the street, they're just getting ticketed and feed for everything moving and we should take a real serious look at this. >> reporter: all those fines add up to hundreds of millions of dollars. like it or not, that money is
10:25 pm
used to prop up the budget. >> everyone said we didn't raise any taxes, but we doubled and tripled all the fees and people are just tired of these huge fees and it's time to reduce it. we didn't do it to stop all this -- some of this stuff. we did it to raise money. >> reporter: in another way to raise money mayor gray proposed extending bar hours one hour later year-round, but that measure didn't get much support. instead a compromise was proposed today to extend bar hours on federal and district holidays as well as four major holiday weekends. >> this is certainly far preferable to the 3 a.m. closing during the week and the 4 a.m. closing every weekend. d. there's no question about it. i think this is something that we'll have the opportunity to get public reaction to and i thank you very much for coming up with this. >> that was matt ackland reporting. the mayor office is reviewing the new profile and hopes to
10:26 pm
work with the chairman. tonight the public knows a lot about the plot to take down a jetliner with an underwear bomb. how did some of that sensitive information leak and did it damage the cia's information? the call for answers next.  so, ah, your seat good?
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got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad.
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call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪ this is fox 5 news at 10:00. the head of the house of the homeland security committee is demanding investigation on how information regarding an underwear bombing leaked out. the u.s. is getting valuable information on the bomb it intercepted that could pay off in future terrorist attacks. >> stopping al-qaeda from bombing a u.s. airliner was a big win for u.s. intelligence, but it's also raised big questions about airport security. twice in 24 hours a flight in california and another in arizona were searched following bomb threats. both flights were cleared, but
10:30 pm
federal officials are now asking if airport security needs to be increased. >> we in the bureau are currently exploiting an ied, improvised explosive device, seized overseas. >> reporter: on capitol hill fbi director robert moeller asked for wide ranging authority. >> terrorism is and should be continues to be our no. 1 priority and also of a number of our agencies. >> reporter: but congress is demanding to know how the cia mission leaked out to the news media. the head of the house intelligence committee says that leak short circuited the cia's work. >> there were other opportunities i believe were lost by the fact it was leaked on monday and now what you see simply isn't helpful. >> reporter: the captured device is being analyzed at the fbi bomb laboratory in virginia thought to be the work of
10:31 pm
ibrahim hassan al sassri. an expert says deconstructing the bomb will help u.s. officials build up airport security. >> the fact they've got this pretty much intact means they can do a lot of tests and also improve the security of the aviation system. >> reporter: but while intercepting this latest bomb was a victory, the challenge for security officials is that they intercept the next one as well. the latest version of this bomb is said to have been constructed without any metal parts, but it may already be rendered obsolete if al-qaeda is able to perfect something that has been rumored it's working on, the surgical implantation of bomb parts inside the body which would render them unable to be picked up on x-ray. a jury in the roger clemens
10:32 pm
perjury trial has been dismissed for sheeping are and showing up late. the -- sleeping and showing up late. the juror who was in his 20s said he'd rather be sleeping than in court. clemens attorneys are trying to strike former testimony of teammate andy pettitte who said clemens told him he tried human growth hormone but may have misunderstood. prosecutors say they'll wrap up john edwards case tomorrow without calling rielle hunter to the stand. edwards lawyers could call her to the stand after the prosecution is finished presenting its case. the former north carolina senator is accused of using campaign contributions to cover up his affair with his mistress. maryland legislators called back to annapolis for a special session of the general assembly to vote on a proposed budget. the three-day session guns monday. fox 5's john henrehan has more on who wins and loses under the proposal.
10:33 pm
>> progress is a choice. >> reporter: earlier in the year governor martin o'malley told legislators that maryland and most states have seriously underfunded transportation infrastructure for decades. o'malley's solution effectively raise the gasoline tax over a period of years. motorists including annapolis cab driver mustak chadri were appalled because they already spend so much on gas. >> sometimes $50 a day, some 60, some days 55, something like that. >> reporter: 55, $60 a day? >> sometimes $70 a day. >> reporter: even though gas prices have come down in recent days, they're still so high compared with previous years that governor' governor o' malley has given up the idea of boosting gas tax. >> we will be moving forward with a revenue package that will call upon about 16% of to
10:34 pm
us are in the top earning brackets of our state to pay a little more and that's the primary revenue measure that will be adopted here. >> reporter: higher income taxes in maryland will kick in for individuals making more than $100,000 a year and for families whose household incomes exceed $150,000 a year. here's what some of the new rates look like. for an individual filer making just over 100k the state income tax at that bracket will climb from 4.75% to 5%. for pan individual making between 1/-- an individual making between quarter -- presently the budget pays for 100% of teacher pensions. in the future the counties and baltimore city will pay half the cost of teacher pensions. the other big issue that may have held up an earlier budget deem, casino expansion.
10:35 pm
-- deal, casino expansion. the governor promised to call a special session summer this summer to take up gaming including the possibility of expanding slots into prince george's county. john henrehan, fox 5 news. up next for a beauty queen accused of drunk driving she speaks out about her sentence. >> and you don't hear about this every day, a mother and son about to graduate college at the same time. who has the higher gpa? that story is coming up. but first here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> home prices finally rising. half the cities in the united states seeing home prices climbing the first three months of the year. cape coral florida had the biggest gains, prices up 28%. meanwhile toyota is in the fast lane, the japanese automaker coming back from last year's crippling tsunami, the company reporting more than a 400% gain in quarterly profits, toyota now pulling to make more money than general motors this year. ford is recalling a few more vehicles, the company calling back 27,000 of its wind star
10:36 pm
minivans sold in virginia on top of the 600,000 vehicles in the original recall, other problems with rear axles. ladies, you've got a new man. hollywood superstar brad pitt will be the next face for chanel no. 5 perfume. it's the first time the legendary fragrance for women will be pitched by a man. i declined the offer. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪
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hairstyling giant vidal sassoon has died of natural causes. he was found dead at his home early this morning.
10:40 pm
the london born hairstylist pioneered wash and wear cuts. vidal sassoon was 84. jury deliberations underway in the man accused of murdering jennifer hudson's mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. during closing arguments balfour's defense attorneys said the prosecutors failed to prove their case. if convicted on all counts, balfour faces a mandatory life prison term. there will nobody jail time for a former miss usa accused of drunk driving. she was sentenced to six months probation and 20 hours of community service. she pled no contest to driving while visibly impaired. she initially said she wasn't drinking that night, but her blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit. >> have to make sure that anything i do i'm, you know, taking extra precaution ahead of time even though my intentions weren't to drive drunk. i did put myself and a lot of
10:41 pm
people in danger. >> she will have to attend an alcohol safety class and pay $600 in fines. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, do you have a will? what about one for your online passwords? we'll explain why the feds want to figure out who is in charge of your online life when you die. >> plus what happens when you have an emergency but can't talk. how you might be able to call for help without saying a word on the edge.
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georgetown university's landmark clock tower swouns again keeping time. workers replaced -- is once again keeping time. workers replaced the stolen hands and posted a note on the college website. investigators suspect it was just a prank. the university had to replace those hands and repair about $9,000 in damage. it's crunch time for college students nearing the semester end. two math majors at a virginia college are cramming for exams and looking ahead to graduation.
10:45 pm
when they get their diplomas next week, these students will be accomplishing something none of the other graduates will. fox 5's beth parker has their story. >> minus the j of the x minus x2. >> reporter: just a couple math geeks on a college campus, nothing new, right? hold onto your calculus book. these two have the same major, the same last name and they're about to graduate together. >> what? that's your son. i'm going yeah, my son. he sits right next to me. >> reporter: 49-year-old jody shipp and 29-year-old devin shipp are mother and son at mason university. >> before i got to the first class she teched me like 30 minutes before the class and said are -- texted me like 30 minutes before the class and said are you going to sit next to me and i said yes, why not. >> reporter: even so it took a while for the professors to figure it out. >> she said is this your sister and we're like no. it's actually my mother and she literally had the most confuses look on her face she'd ever had. she just sat there and stared
10:46 pm
at us like and you're taking a class with her and sitting in the front row together? ? i couldn't get my kids to do that if i paid them a million dollars. >> reporter: even when devin was young, jody loved math and wanted her kids to love it, too. >> i asked did you bring an extra work sheet so i can do one, too? >> reporter: now jody has done a lot of growing in the 20 years from when she started college up until now when she's actually getting her degree. she has crunched the numbers and says it's never too late to go back to school. >> a second time you have a whole different look on it and a different wisdom. >> reporter: devin says he's stopped competing with his mom. >> every test she gets back she'll be like oh, got 107. i'm like there wasn't even extra credit on that test. how did you get 107? >> reporter: she has the higher gpa but says she's learned a few things from him. >> you can do anything if you set your mind to it. as a small boy, he always
10:47 pm
wanted to be a pilot. >> reporter: later this month he'll be commissioned as a second lieutenant in the air force. >> i love my mom and she's wonderful. i'd turn to her for any problem, math or not. so -- >> i love you, too thanks. >> reporter: at george mason university, beth parker, fox 5 news. news. >> congratulations to both of them. >> get this rain out of here. it seems like it's within a week. it rained over the weekend. >> i'll say it for all of us. uncle. we're ready for some sun and we'll get sun tomorrow. the rain is tapering off tonight. it is still raining from d.c. on east. it's light stuff, maybe get a few more 1/100's and also maybe a little fog later depending what the wind does. if the wind get lighter, we might have a touch of fog for thursday morning, but it is almost thursday and the measurable rain is shutting off across the region. first stop radar tonight, to
10:48 pm
our west, not a lot left. d.c. to the eastern shore, it is still raining. here's the first of two frontal boundaries that started to push east. we have one more to come a bit later tonight. i'll show you that one on radar, too. we are drying out, beneficial soaking tonight and a lot of places picking up 1/4 to 1/2- inch of rain. some of those downpours are pretty moderate that we had earlier. let's go over to sentinel radar. here's the 2nd front and it does have a couple showers. so just maybe we get an isolated shower. i think mostly that would be west. also wanted to show you through ohio we see sort of a scattering of showers. i'm pointing that out because that's associated with colder air aloft. that will rotate over our area tomorrow afternoon. it's possible in the afternoon we build up a little cloud cover and have a spotty shower north of d.c. i wanted you to see there was a tremendous amount of rain to our south, a lot of thunderstorms, some tornado warnings across the carolinas. that has pulled out. this is moving away with an
10:49 pm
area of low pressure. so the soaking was really heavy south and east of d.c. we got a good amount of rain but nothing like what they got down through tidewater and eastern north carolina. 59 degrees, though, definitely dropped our temperature. we were in the mid-70s earlier today. we dropped 10 degrees between 6:00 and 7:00 as we got a pretty heavy shower over the region. overnight i think it's 50s for us, probably 55 degrees. that's kind of a cool start in the morning. it is a changing weather pattern. yes, we'll have some sunshine back, but the jet stream is taking a little dip over the area the next couple days. we'll have colder air aloft and a lot of times when you have real hot may sun it can cook up a little cloud cover when that colder air is aloft and maybe you get a spotty shower tomorrow afternoon i think mainly across maryland. it looks as we head into the weekend, the warmth builds as a ridge in the jet stream
10:50 pm
develops and temperatures on saturday warm up appreciably to about 77 degrees and we're pushing 80, not quite to 80 sunday, but we'll be real close. overnight 55 degrees at the shower's end. we dry out overnight, could be a little fog here and there depending how much the wind kicks up. it will be breezy tomorrow, not only will it be a little cooler at 70, but some of you across maryland might only be in the 60s, definitely less humid. the breezes from the northwest at 10 to 20, real noticeable, could gust occasionally to 25 or 30 and don't be shocked if we have a spotty shower here and there in the afternoon, especially north across the northern counties in maryland. 59 at 8 a.m., by noon noticing that breeze at 67 and by 5:00 still breezy but dry with a temperature of 68 degrees and maybe a pop-up shower here and there. as you can see through the next three days, friday about 73 degrees and saturday 77. so we're definitely going to be warming up as we get into the weekend. the weekend looks pretty good.
10:51 pm
i mentioned this yesterday. there could be a couple showers around on mother's day, but it's looking like that would be very late in the day like after 6:00 or 7:00 and maybe later than that. a good amount of sunshine through the morning and filtered sun in the afternoon accident looks like those showers will roll in for monday, our next chance of more widespread rain. so a nice weekend to dry out. we have need it. >> finally break the pattern. it is official. britney spears will be a judge on the x-factor. the pop star reportedly signed a deal that will pay her $15 million for one year. she'll join factor boss simon cowell and music executive l.a. reid. no word on who the fourth judge might be. some of the names floated? miley cyrus, janet jackson. sinner rihanna back in l. -- singer rihanna back in l.a. after a night in the hospital. a report she was treated for exhaustion and dehide racing. rihanna attended the met guy --
10:52 pm
dehydration. rihanna attended the met gala monday and then posted a twitter picture with an iv in her arm. her hit song girls just wanna have fun put her on the map. tonight cyndi lauper is at a fundraiser for young girls who have overtime trauma. she and her foundation true colors were honored for their work with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens about. that she gave us her reaction to president -- teens. before that she gave us her reaction to president obama's stance on gay marriage. >> i started crying. everybody started crying, but i'm very proud of him as my president. i admire and respect him. i think he's very brave and he's -- i don't know, just excellent. i'm speechless. i think he's fabulous. >> tomorrow she's meet with lawmakers on capitol hill to push for funding to help homeless youth. we're down in the web center.
10:53 pm
sarah fraser is all fired up after watching the top four perform tonight on american idol. it was a good night for pay lot of them. >> i'm so -- a lot of them. >> i'm so confused. who's going to win this, shawn? tonight was amazing down to the top four, two weeks left till the big american idol finale. each week, you know what's crazy about this is each week someone sort of changes it up, right? last week everyone goes okay, hollie cavanagh is going to win it all for american idol, but tonight it was all about the guys. i really wouldn't be surprised if it's philip and it comes down to josh. what joshua absolutely brought it tonight. it was amazing. >> i could see people on twitter and facebook talking about his performance tonight. >> his performances were unbelievable especially at the end man's world they loved, standing ovation, but phillip phillips because tonight's theme was california dreaming and songs that i wish that i wrote and phillip phillips
10:54 pm
brought it with volcano and it was just -- he just surprises you because last week i was like he's checked out. >> all the judges seemed to really like that performance. >> they loved it. i think it was some sad news for hollie tonight because she just sort of missed the mark. she did a bonnie raitt song and that's pretty tough. >> they said from the emotion or something that maybe she wasn't old enough to feel what the song was all about. >> how insulting. they basically were like look, you just don't have the emotion to sing the song and jessica sanchez did sort of the opposite. she did a dream girl song. i'm not going to one that jennifer hudson made so popular in the movie and she was amazing. >> she did. what's your prediction? >> i'm wrong every week. so i'm going to go with hollie and now as our troop gets smaller, hopefully one of these weeks will be correct is that
10:55 pm
i'm sorry someone has to go, but hopefully you'll be right. >> we also have to say the finale is in two weeks and we're hoping rihanna's health holds up. she'll be there performing. that was the big announcement. >> thanks. coming up humans aren't the only ones who want the latest technology. we'll introduce you to the apes who are using ipads to communicate. >> in minutes on the news edge at 11:00 find out where there's an argument over a permanent memorial for metro's deadliest crash.  what's the best
10:56 pm
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10:58 pm
ipads are not just for humans anymore. orangutans in miami are using them to communicate and just like humans, the young ones big it up right away. fox 5's allison seymour shows us how. >> reporter: orangutans are great communicators whether it's through sign language,
10:59 pm
gestures or sound. >> let me see your ear. turn, turn. let me see your ear. oh, that's a good ear. thank you. >> reporter: they also have great memories. so trainer linda jacobs from miami's jungle island is using ipads to get the apes talking. >> they have the intelligence they need to communicate, but they don't have the right equipment because they don't have voice boxes or vocal chords. so this gives them a way of letting us know, you know, what they know, what they're capable of, what that's like to have. >> reporter: technology isn't for every ape here. >> very nice. >> reporter: the young ones pick up on it quickly, but the older ones aren't interested. in the future jacobs hopes visitors can interact with the apes using a similar software. >> they're very, very intelligent animals. they're very, very smart. so i'm not surprised. i think it's great to see them interact like that. >> if i gave them an ipad, i could basically hand them 600- dollar say


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