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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 10, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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>> and scores! carlson there through. scores! it's chimera! >> the washington cans still standing in the stanley cup playoffs. they beat the new york rangers last night 2-1 to set up a game seven in new york on saturday night. good morning. a sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll get to the caps and all of or top stories in just a minute. first, let's get can i quick
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look at weather. >> good morning -- let's get a quick look at the weather. >> good morning. there are your showers east of the city. ocean city might be getting a leftover sprinkle. sunshine, low humidity and very comfortable temperatures setting up later this afternoon. there you go. you can see on our larger radar picture all the rain pushing off to the north and east taking with it the frontal system from yesterday. winds will pick up behind the front a little bit today. we'll have winds gusting to about 30 miles per hour. otherwise, good looking day with temperatures about 70 degrees later this afternoon. more details on the forecast in just a minute. back to you at the desk. >> thank you. president obama making history by announcing he now supports the right for same-sex couples to get married.
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he is the first sitting president to publicly embrace gay marriage rights. mitt romney reaffirmed he still believes marriage is between a man and a woman. the search is on for three suspects accused of abducting a man at gunpoint. it happened early yesterday morning at an apartment complex in springfield. police say he drove the victim to two different banks and forced him to withdraw money. the suspects left him in the trunk of a car. >> reporter: here is her story in her own words. >> i was just looking at my phone and all of a sudden, this young kid just came and grabbed the phone from me and i just
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started running behind him to get my phone. i was screaming at him while i was trying to get my phone. he was running around the escalators. while i was running behind him, one of the metro employees ran out of nowhere and grab him. and he gave me my phone back and started talking to the young kid. he was around 15 years or so. i was in panic. i was in shock still. so when the metro came, i just left. >> reporter: you just took your phone and left? >> pretty much. i couldn't believe that just happened. i just took the phone and left. i hope the metro police sees this and thank you very much. he gave me the phone and i saw the train was coming and i left. >> you jumped on the train? that is probably the quickest theft and return in the history
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of crime. >> i mean he got the phone from the person and gave it to me and just thank you and okay, i'm gone. now, i learned my lesson. while i'm waiting for the metro, my phone in my purse. >> reporter: the good samaritan was apparently a contractor working in the station who got the phone. gave it to her, couped the young man. >> can't believe he didn't turn the guy in and let him go. >> it sends a message, beware because people went lotto you get away with it. fox 5 morning news starts right now. right now.
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do or die for the caps last night against the rangers. d.c. wasted little time getting on the scoreboard first. alex ovechkin put it home after some nice passing. jason chimera would put it in. pumped-up fans rocking some red, confident the guys can win it on the road. >> i think we got him. i think it's over. i think we can close them out. bring on jersey, baby. let's do it. >> it will be 4-0 caps. another shutout, game seven. it will be awesome. game seven in new york. we will close it out because we're the better team.
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i think we've proven that today. >> caps, number one, baby! cabs, number one. >> yes, we've -- >> got a little carried away. >> that little girl was horrified in the crowd there. >> good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. caps staying in it. nice way to start off thursday. >> those people were very enthusiastic. >> they got me going. >> i thought it was this, honey, right here. >> we got four more of those. >> let me do the weather forecast real quick. lots of sunshine today, low humidity. and temperatures just a little on the cool side. upper 60s to about 70. i'm not sure you will need a jacket but you might want to bring a light jacket as the wind will pick up and just a little cool. current temperature at reagan national, 58 degrees. you can see we've got a leftover shower there east of
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ocean city. not expecting any additional rain today and the next several days are going to feature great may weather. you can see the rain getting out of here. off to the north and west, we've got clearing skies and should be in for a nice sunrise here at about 6:00 a.m. things should be improving and a good-looking thursday. >> perfect. let's say good morning to lauren demarco. >> we had a little bit of rain overnight so no overnight construction. let's take a live look out there as you travel 270 heading out of frederick. no real problems to report. i see the trip past father hurley in through rockville towards the split in bethesda
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and running incident-free. beltway looks good in montgomery county. also in virginia, 66, nice trip through manassas. no problems heading in towards the beltway. 95, 395 running well. 278 near -- pardon me, 28 near prescott, we did have a wreck so be careful there. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> president obama is the first sitting president to come out in support of same-sex marriage rights. the announcement is sparking a national debate. ainsley earhart has reaction from across the country. >> reporter: president obama has come out in support of gay marriage, a stance never before taken by a sitting president. mr.obama explained what led to his decision. >> maleand sasha, it wouldn't dawn on him that somehow their friends' parents would be treated differently.
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frankly, that is the kind of thing that prompts a change in perspective. >> he sent a message that my family is equal. >> i think it raises the level of the conversation we are having about gay and lesbian families. it accepts people accept who we are. >> reporter: some religious conservatives say the implications of president obama taking a side could be disastrous. >> there is a shifting sand kind of setting in the family environment now that i don't think is healthy. >> obama is already at war can catholics over the hhs mandate. now you throw the gay marriage into it, there are all kinds of religious liberty questions. >> i think it's great. >> i'm really disappointed about it. i'm he not surprised at all but i am very disappointed.
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>> reporter: some say the president should be commended for taking such a bold step. >> i applaud the president's courage. i believe it will be respected by the people of this country. >> reporter: in a national survey released earlier this month, goal will you please has reported 50% of those polled said gay marriage should be legal. 48% were opposed. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. mitt romney has reaffirmed his position on this saying his view that is marriage itself is between a man and a woman. the archdiocese of washington release a statement after the president's announcement t says in part the word marriage describes the exclusive and life long union of one man and one woman open to generating and nurturing children. other unions exist but they are not marriage. the archdiocese of washington will continue to strongly advocate the federal government's existing definition of american as the union of -- of marriage as the
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union of one man and one woman. fairfax county police or the hunt for flee suspects accused of abducting a man at gunpoint. karen gray houston is live at the victim's apartment complex with the details. >> reporter: good morning. the victim in this case, a 22- year-old man who was leaving his apartment in the 6100 block of cumberland avenue when he was approached by those three men. one of them had a gun. it was about 1:30 yesterday morning. police say they abducted him in his own car, a 1998 red honda civic. the men then drove him to two banks and forced him to withdraw an undisclosed amount of cash. then they drove the victim to another up known location and forced him into the trunk of his car. one. of the suspects then opened the drunk, he brandished a knife and he cut the victim. the victim -- it was a minor
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cut but he was then told to remain in the trunk of the car while the suspects got away. when the man finally got out of this car, he was in the area of piedmont place near braddock road. the people would live near where he was dropped off and the people would live in his own apartment complex just can't believe this all happened. >> i was worried about it. you never know what can happen t could have happened here. >> after i heard the story, that is really scary now. >> reporter: police say two of those suspects wore masks. one of of them covered his face with a cloth. all three of them were black males. they were between the ages of 18 and 25 and they were all wearing hooded jackets. crimesolvers is offering a reward for information leading to an arrest. back to you. back to you.
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virginia state police are versioning a discovery yesterday afternoon of a man's body at the interstate 66 welcome center in manassas. no word on how the man died. the remains are now at the state medical examiner's office. a call to prayer today for d.c.'s godfather of go-go. more on the community-wide effort for chuck brown. that is coming your way next. the nation applauded the work of the cia to foil the latest underwear bomb plot but should we even know all the details that we do know. coming up being getting to the antibiotic time big leak. 
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-- getting to the bottom of a big leak.
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making headlines this morning, the head of the house intelligence committee wants an investigation into how the cia's operation to stop the plane bombing was leaked. the associated press was the
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first to report on the bomb plot. republican representative mike rogers says the leaks kept the operation from getting to its full conclusion and may jeopardize lives. but fbi director robert mueller told congress that the u.s. is learning valuable information from the bomb that might prevent future attacks. a civil rights champion who worked for two house administrations has died. nicholas katzenbach died at his home yesterday. he may be best known no incident grating the university of alabama in 1963. he read president kennedy taps statement demanding that two black students be allowed to enter the university and escorted them inside the building. the washington region is being asked to come together to pray for chuck brown.
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the godfather of go-go remains in the hospital battling pneumonia. wpgc is organizing a unit prayer for brown. they are asking folks to stop what they're doing at noon today to offer prayers for the legendary performer. >> prayers are going out to him. are too many tickets being handed out in the district. we'll tell you which city leader says enough is enough. >> i know a lot of people watching this right now are saying enough is enough. a new plan to deal with the budget crunch in maryland. could you be asked to fork over a bit more. find out as we continue. >> we've got clearing skies and much improved conditions for your thursday. lots of sunshine in your forecast. i will have all the details on that and lauren demarco is in. she has a look at your on-time traffic. we'll do it after the break. 
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a live look outside over the beautiful skies of washington. i think i see the washington monument there. lights are glistening. cool and kind of wet morning. we'll check in with tucker in just a moment. first, a reminder about our special fox 5 weather day with the washington nats. it is coming up may 15th. tucker, tony, sue pal canada, the other special guests will be at the ballpark that morning
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with thousands of school kids across the region -- sue palka. >> it is not too late for your school to take part. to learn more about contacting the nationals for weather day, go to and click on the morning tab. a little boss getting us going this morning. >> a little glory days. not sure what you're about. >> if you just want to bring your child, your daughter or son, you're welcome to do that too. >> sounds like it will be fun. the mascots will be out there, the presidents. >> yes. >> special guests you are not going told us about. >> wesh guests. we get to use the big screen. >> -- special guests. >> rumor has it that one of us will be able to throw out the first pitch of the game. >> are you guys arm wrestling
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over who does that. >> we're doing that to see who has to. >> you don't want to make a fool of yourself. >> you can see that the beam is not picking up much action here in washington. we're generally done with the rain showers for your day today. so good news. lots of sunshine expected. there will be a few clouds from time to time particularly if you are east of the city here early this morning as we are still getting rid of the rain showers. still some leftover showers east of rehoboth. temperatures, upper 60s to about 07. currently, 58 degrees at reagan national. let's go onto our next radar. yeah, we're doing all radar. you see the showers moving through. it is out of here. out to the west out into west virginia around ohio, look at that. we are nice and quiet. for a change, we're going to have sunshine not only today but your friday, saturday and
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now i think most of your mother's day should be just fine. we will be partly sunny for your mother's day with temperatures in the mid-70s. could be a few showers at night. i think most of mother's day on sunday should be nice. we have a good looking weekend ahead as well. coming up at some point today, i'll have other weather maps to show you. until then, we'll just stick with this and about 70 today with some sunshine. let's do some traffic. lauren demarco is in this morning. julie wright, capitals, celebration. julie is not here. >> i know that if your happens aren't working, don't worry about it. the caps are in a good mood no matter what happens today. there was no overnight construction so things are pretty clear for you right now. there was a wreck 28 near suddenly road near propose cot avenue. that has cleared. you travel 66, no real volume to deal with yet heading through manassas. route other fair oaks in towards the beltway, everybody
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is running at speed there as well. beltway looks good in virginia, 95. nice easy trip out of dumfries. everything is running well up towards springfield. 395 also incident and accident- free. no issues to report in maryland. nice trip around the beltway. 95, 395 -- or 95bw parkway running well between beltways. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. over to you. >> thank you. in you find yourself complaining about speed camera tickets, red light camera tickets, those parking fees, good news here. someone may actually be listening. d.c. council chairman kwame brown says he is considering a special hearing to look at the fees and ticket costs being enforced by the city government. brown told a council budget session wednesday, quote, at some point, we have to stop ticketing our residents for everything. maryland legislators are being called back for a special session of the general assembly to vote on a proposed $38 billion budget. the three-day session will
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begin on monday. john henrehan has more on who wins and who loses under this proposal. >> progress is a choice. >> earlier in the year, governor martin o'malley told legislators that maryland and most states have seriously underfunded transportation infrastructure for decades. o'malley's solution effectively raised the gasoline tax over a period of years. motorists including an annapolis cab driver were appalled because they are already spending so much on gas. >> some days, $55, $60. >> a day (. >> sometimes $70 a day. >> reporter: even though gas prices have come down in recent days, they are still see high compared with previous years that governor o'malley has given up the idea of boosting the gas tax. under a new budget deal, however, affluent tax payers in maryland will pay slightly
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higher income tax. >> we will be moving forward with a revenue package that will call upon about 16% of us who are in the top earning brackets of our state to pay a little more and that is the primary revenue measure that will be adopted here. >> reporter: higher income taxes in maryland will kick in for individuals making more than $100,000 a year and for families whose household incomes exceed $150,000 a year. here is what some of the new rates look like. for an individual filer making university over 100k, the state income tax at that bracket will climb from 4 3/4% to 5%. for an individual making between a quarter million dollars and a half million dollars a year, the state income tax will climb from 5% to 5 3/4%. another part of the budget deal involves teacher pensions. presently, the state pays 100% for teacher pensions. in the fought thank you, the counties and baltimore city will pay half the cost of teacher pensions. the other big issue that
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may have held up an earlier budget deal, casino expansion. governor o'malley has promised to call a second special session of the state legislature sometime this summer to take up gaming including the possibility of expanding slots into prince george's county. john henrehan, fox 5 news. a trip to the doctor can sometimes end up getting a knee he hadle. the thought makes some people just cringe. >> how about the ouchless needle? we'll show you next in our health alert. und the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design.
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are kids exposed to too much radiation when they get and x-ray? the food and drug administration wants the makers of ct scan machines to be able to prove their equipment is safe for children.
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if they can't, the fda wants manufacturers to put labels on their machines. high doses of radiation may be problematic for children. new technology is taking the pain out of injections. >> dr. manny alvarez shows us the ouchless needle. >> reporter: for most people, dealing with needles is never easy especially when it comes to facial injections. a facial plastic surgeon in new york city says, for his patients, the answer is a new technology called the ouchless needle. >> this is an instant type of anesthetic that allows you to have no appropriation time for the patient and still get rid of the discomfort socialed with the need it wouldself. >> reporter: the device attaches to the skin and numbs it long enough. >> to be able to dull the sensation of the needle going in, it has reduced the anxiety
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level quite a bit by the patients. >> reporter: in the past, the only way to help with needle pain was with topical cream. >> the cream would have to be put on about 30 to 40 minutes before. i the patients would forget to put it on. >> reporter: the ampless needle is most often filled with facial fillers like bow doux but is also effective for mole removal and children's shots. it helps reduce redness. >> this was definitely much easier. it was more comfortable. you don't feel the prick as much of the needle when it goes into your face. >> reporter: for more information, visit ouchless >> a lot of folks watching this very happy to see this is coming to the market. >> although, just watching this, i was -- >> i know. we're all turning away. a popular member ever the washington redskins is headed
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to the white house today to help showcase an interesting new computer game. plus, bryce harper and the washington nats going all out in pittsburgh. it wasn't enough to beat the pirates. >> bryce harper is getting there. he makes the running catch.
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the nats and the pirates, bottom of the first, bryce harper shows off his defensive skills way nice running catch. in the third inning, pittsburgh took a three-run lead on a road to home. the teams wrap up the series tonight. the match between la montreal peterson and emirkahn was canceled. peterson was turned down


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