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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 10, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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failing a test. peterson could be stripped some of his titles. london fletcher will be at the white house today taking part in a summitt on financial capability. fletcher will be showing off an nfl-themed money management computer game called financial football. the game is available in high schools and 34 states and d.c. it is a good thing of him to be talking about that, financial issues and it is good for them to get that information. >> as a redskins linebacker, he has plenty of money to worry about to. plenty ahead for us. fox 5 morning news continues right now. right now. he scores! >> carlson there, threw one in front, scores! it's chimera, 2-0. >> we are excited. the washington caps still standing. they beat the new york rangers last night 2-1 to set up a
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decisive game seven in new york saturday night. >> alex ovechkin and jason chimera provide the the offense and braiden holtby made 30 saves in goal. awesome. >> you want hat head? >> no. i'll have hat head after won't i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. we'll be wearing them after the show with pride. it was such a great way to -- >> i know. >> they just want us to get our money's worth. >> did you say you were out and about and all of a sudden -- >> i was trying to get back to the house to the watch the game. you was walking through bethesda and everybody was screaming after the first goal. >> because they saw you, right? >> yeah, that happens every day, will. >> just kidding. >> everybody was pretty excited
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about the goal. >> temperatures about 07 and a nice warm-up friday, saturday. i think even most of mother's day should be fine with lots of sunshine. we are done with the rain showers. had about a quarter inch of rain last night at reagan national. now, we'll be in for a couple of dry days again with a nice, sunny trend as we get into our day today. vipir will show you the bigger picture. you can seat rain, still a cup. showers up into new york and southern new england. that is about it. around here, we should see gradually clearing skies and a lot of sunshine today. a good-looking day. >> nice. let's get a check of your traffic now. lauren demarco is in for julie wright who is out sick. good morning. >> good morning to you. we do have the nice weather on the way but we had some overnight rain for the roadways, i little bit damp. 270 southbound right near route 08 urbana, watch for accident activity there. let's take a live look from traffic land as you travel 270 here past the scene in urbana.
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things do open up. it is a nice easy trip now all the way down through germantown toward rockville and to the split in bethesda. nothing in the way there. 66, volume picking up a little bit between manassas and centreville. you are running at speed for now. no delays to report. nice trip from route 50 fair oaks past nutley street in towards the beltway. 28 looking good as is the dulles toll road. no problems on the beltway here between 66 and the mixing bowl. things look good out toward the wilson bridge. 95, 395 running incident-free, nice trip across the 14th street bridge into the district. back to you. our big story this morning, a first for a sitting president. president obama has publicly come out in support of gay marriage rights. the president has said over the years that his personal feelings about gay marriage had been evolving. his shift in support was influenced in large part by members of his administration who are in committed same-sex marriages and his daughters.
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>> malia and sasha, it wouldn't dawn on them that somehow, their friends' parents would be treated differently t doesn't make sense to them. and frankly, that is the kind of thing that prompts a change of perspective. >> the archdiocese of washington release a statement. it says, in part: in part: republican presidential hopeful mitt romney also speaking out about gay marriage. during a campaign appearance in oklahoma yesterday, romney repeated his stance on same-sex marriage making it clear he has had the same view as governor of massachusetts. here is more. >> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman and
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that is my own preference. i know other people have differing views. this is a very tender and sensitive topic as are many social issues. but i have the same view that i've had since running for office. office. also making headlines, the search is on for three men accused of abducting a springfield man at gunpoint. suspects forced the victim into his car taking him for a ride he will never forget. fox 5's karen gray houston is liver at the victim's apartment complex where this all started. >> reporter: good morning. police don't know if that victim was targeted but he did go through quite an ordeal. it all started about 1:30 yesterday morning. the 22-year-old victim was leaving his apartment here in the 6100 block of cumberland avenue when he was accosted by the three men. two of them were wearing masks. one of them had his face
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covered with a cloth. now, police say they forced him into his car, a red honda civic, took him on a wild trip first to two of his banks so he could withdraw crash. then he was driven to an unknown location. police say they forced him into the trunk of his car. he was driven a short distance and police say what happened next may have been intended to give that victim a message. >> one of the three suspects opened the trunk, produceed a knife and cut the victim's arm. it was a very superficial injury. he was instructed to stay in the trunk while the suspects made their escape. >> reporter: when the victim did get out of his trunk, he was in the location of piedmont place near broad dock road. anyone with any information on this is asked to call crimesolvers. >> thank you. a map's body discovered at a virginia highway rest stop is now at the state medical
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examiner's office. the body was found at the i-66 welcome center in manassas around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a cause of death is still being determined but here is the good news. police say they don't suspect foul play. a compassionate offer to the familiar live man who killed a maryland priest and church secretary, then took his own life. the episcopal diocese of maryland is offering to perform a funeral for douglas jones. the church also offered forgiveness. dr.mary marguerite kohn and the search secretary were shot last thursday in st. peter's episcopal church. people worried about whether their nearest post office would close have a bit of relief today. coming up, the plan that keeps them open but with a new twist. new developments in the roger clemens perjury trial. a juror picking the wrong time to get some shut-eye. stay with us. time now is 5:07. ♪
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making headlines this morning, the head of the house intelligence committee wants an investigation into how the ci. a's operation to stop a plane bombing was leaked. the associated press was first
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to report the foiled bomb plot which happened when al-qaeda taped a secret u.s. informant in yemen to carry out the underwear bomb attack. representative from the republican side mike rogers says the leaks kept the operation from getting to its full conclusion and may jeopardize lives. but fbi director robert mueller told congress yesterday the u.s. is learning valuable information from the bomb that might prevent future attacks. prosecutors say they'll wrap up their case against john edwards today without calling his mistress rielle hunter to the stand. hunter was also listed by the defense as a potential wants at the start of the trial. edwards' lawyers could call her to the stand after the prosecution is finished presenting its case. the former north carolina senator is accused of using campaign contributions to cover up his fair with his mistress. a juror in the roger clemens pretrial has been dismissed for sleeping and showing up late. the juror, an unemployed man in his 20s said during jury
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selection he would rather been sleeping in court. court. 3700 post offices once recommended to be closed in order to save the nearly bankrupt postal service will now stay open. postal officials backed off a plan to close the mostly rural branches and instead will keep them open with shorter hours. that means service cutbacks of anywhere from two to six hours a day once a review of each post office is completed. >> we'll talk more about that with lauren simonetti coming up in the 6:00 hour. coming up, a high wire stunt at one of the region's most well known tourist spots. one false move from taking a dip in baltimore's inner harbor. did he make it across. we'll show you plus we're checking weather and traffic. stay with us.
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high above baltimore's harbor, nick wallenda attempted to walk across. wire ran about 300 feet. there was one scary moment where he stumbled just before the finish but he didn't fall. it was an opening for ripley's believe it or not. >> if you are afraid of heights, this is not no you.
5:16 am
>> he got all the way to the end. he did it. pretty impressive. like a high wire act every day here on the show sort of. just sort of balancing ourselves. >> the computers. >> always something. >> issues continue. the good news, we'll see plenty of sunshine today and it will be a beautiful day for you and tomorrow will be beautiful. sounds good. >> saturday will be beautiful. time to get the car washed. >> most of the mother's day will be beautiful. should be just fine conditions here, low humidity and a nice breeze out of the north and west. >> there you go. it is better for you do it yourself. >> if youer lines and smudges. >> fork over the ten bucks. >> if you can't tell, i'm stalling because i only have about 40 seconds ever weather to show you. let's show you hd radar. we are done with the shower activity. it is out of here. the cloud cover still hanging in a few spots. we'll see that lift off too and
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we should be in for a nice sunrise in about 45 minutes. we're looking at gradually improving conditions. out to the east, row homophobiaing on the, ocean city, getting rain about an hour ago. you can see it here. just on the very edge of the screen slipping off to the north and east. let's go to our next radar and there you go. hook how quiet it's gotten. shower activity sliding up north and east of philadelphia. you can see it there into new york and pushing up into southern new england. that is the last little batch of rain associated with our frontal system now well east of us. in fact, offer the lower eastern shore and we're starting to get that push of cooler and drier air. our wind will pick up today. it will be a breezy day today. sunshine, temperatures about 70. breezes will be out of the north and west gusting to about 30 miles per hour. so a bit of a breezy day. otherwise a fantastic thursday for you. friday looks great. saturday too. right now, sundays, your mother's day, we're generally thinking partly sunny skies. could be some late showers but i'm hoping the showers hold off
5:18 am
until sunday night. that doesn't look like a major rain event for your day on sunday. let's do some traffic. lauren demarco is in this morning. >> a lot of folk will be traveling i'm sure. right now, things are looking pretty good. we do have some incidents popping up so as you travel 270 southbound, we do have a wreck there. it has been moved off to the shoulder. let's take a live look from trafficland as you travel 270 further south. things are looking good. here we are at montrose road. a nice, easy trip in towards the beltway. on the beltway itself, we do have reports of an accident on the outer loop after georgia avenue prior to connecticut so watch for that and delays building in the area. also in gaithersburg, brink road at hunt master road, police on scene air wreck. no problems here, 95 looking great as you head out of woodbridge up through springfield. no problems on 395 making the trip from the beltway up toward the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic.
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juror thank you. people are tired of these huge fees. those are were the strong words coming from the head of the d.c. council during budget talks. chairman kwame brown says he is considering a special hearing to take a serious look at all the tickets and other fees being handed out by the government. fox 5's matt ask land has more on this now. >> at some point, we just have to stop ticketing our residents for everything. we might get a ticket if we walk out the door right now. >> chairman brown says he hears peed cameras, red light cameras and higher rates to park on the street. >> when you talk to residents out on the street, they are just getting ticketed and feed for everything moving and we should take a real serious look at this. >> all of those fines add up to hundreds of millions of dollars. like are to not, that money is used to prop up the budget. >> everyone said we didn't raise any taxes but we doubled and tripled all the fees. people are just tired of the
5:20 am
huge fees. we didn't do it to stop this stuff. we did it to raise money. >> reporter: in another way to raise monday i where, mayor gray proposed extending bar hours one hour later year round. but that measure didn't get much support. instead, a compromise was proposed to extend bar hours on federal and district holidays as well as four major holiday weekends. >> this is certainly far preferable to the 3:00 a.m. closing during the week and the 4:00 a.m. closing every weekend. there is no question about it. but i think this is something that we will have the opportunity to get public reaction to and i thank you very much for coming up with this. >> matt ackland, fox 5 news. the mayor's office says it is reviewing the new proposal and hopes to work with the chairman. >> the once popular soap opera now reinvented as a movie. dark shadows opens tomorrow. up next, one of the stars,
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michele pfeiffer, sis down with kevin mccarthy. we have heard of dancing in the streets. how about dancing on the side of a building. we'll tell you what they're up to in northwest washington coming up. stay with us. ith us. 3q at lysol, we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health.
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you get relief from your worst allergy symptoms, indoors and out. right now, buy one and get one 50% off. ♪ find answers at walgreens. check this out. a little dancing for new morning on the side of a building. these folks are part of a modern dance company and they were dancing at the old post
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office pavilion on pennsylvania avenue in northwest. >> this is actually a rehearsal for a performance tomorrow. part of the kennedy center's festival this week called look both ways street art across america. that is so call. again, very scary. we've had like tightrope walkers. >> what is it with heights today. >> the soap opera, dark shadows, was must see tv for the baby boomer generation and now director tim burton is out with a new take on the saga of the dysfunctional collins family and their vampire ancestor, barnabas. >> michele pfeiffer stars in the movie opening tomorrow and she spoke with kevin mccarthy about the experience of working with burton two decades after she first be worked with him.
5:25 am
>> forgive me. my name is barnabas collins. >> children! get away from that man. >> he says his name is barnabas collins. >> that will do, carolyn. a word, please. >> looking back 20 years ago when you made batman returns and looking at that director, tim burton, what is a key difference and a key similarity you see now in 2012 working with him in dark shadows? >> it was so long ago, it is not like i have sort of crystal clear memories of it. he just seems to the same to me. he has the same joy and enthusiasm and unbelievable attention to detail. you know, that could have waned over the years, you know? but he is sort of tireless. the wheels are always turning. he is always sort of thinking. i don't think there is any down time in there for him. actually, i feel like his work is better and better over the years instead of the other way
5:26 am
which a lot of time is the case. people kind of of hit their peak and they ride the tail of that for a long time. >> reporter: as an actress when you take on a role that you are a fan of, what is the difference between taking on a role as a fan or material that you are not too familiar with? >> i think there is obviously an added excitement and an added energy and enthusiasm for things that you are really jazzed about. i think one of the -- it can be like a lot of pressure if it's material that a lot of people are already familiar with, parts people have already played. but i think because tim definitely was bringing his open vision to it and everyone expects tim to bring his own vision to it, it sort of liberated us and sort of took
5:27 am
the onus off us so people won't blame us. >> she looks great. >> i can't wait to hear what kevin has to say about it. i'm really interested in seeing this. >> he will join us tomorrow from london with his review of dark shadows. you have heard of carjackings. how about a horsejacking. details of what happened to a person riding a horse and carriage. >> all your weather, traffic and top stories, of course. 
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welcome back. the thursday, may 10th. coming up at 5:30. taking a look at the u.s. capitol dome. it should be a pretty nice day that should get you out of bed. the caps face elimination against the rangers last night. alex ovechkin put it home after nice passing. another goal in the second period. that would be enough to force a game seven in new york. fans are confident that the guys can win it on the road. take a listen. >> i think we've got them. i think it is over. bring on jersey, baby.
5:31 am
let's do it. it will be 4-0 caps. another shutout, game seven. it will be absolutely awesome. >> game seven in new york. we will close it out. we are the better team. >> this is for real caps fans. caps number one, baby. >> how do i look? >> we try to prevent hat hair. >> this is exciting. this is good. this is great. >> this is incredible. >> you can feel the electric energy in the city led yed and -- yesterday and the last couple of days. >> saturday night, 7:30. we've with a chance of actually watching it before we have to go to bed. >> weather right through the
5:32 am
weekend looks favorable. sunshine, low humidity, temperatures a little cool today about 70. >> day to play hookey. >> every day this time of year too late for that unfortunately. here are your temperatures, 57 now in washington. less humidity out there. you will notice the cooler temperatures when you head out the door. 53 out at dulles. 54 this morning in baltimore. ocean city, you had some overnight showers. look out to cleveland and cincinnati. high pressure will build in here and demeanor nate our weather for the next several days. today, tomorrow and i mentioned right through most of the weekend here, we should be looking at bright sunshine and very comfortable afternoon temperatures and low humidity. so enjoy the next couple of days because you know the summertime weather is right around the corner. >> yes, it is. it will be 100 before we know it. >> you got t a little breezy at times. winds out of the north and west at about 30. >> hopefully, it holds out for
5:33 am
mother's day. >> right now, looking a little better than yesterday. >> okay. sounds good. thank you. let's head over to lauren demarco now. >> you guys are so cute with your caps hats. i was going to rock the red but last night i didn't want to jinx anything so i didn't lay out the red. >> except we're null yellow for some reason. >> that's okay. as you travel on the beltway in montgomery county, we have a wreck reported between connecticut avenue and 355. we do have things a bit sluggish there. you want to watch for he do lays through silver spring heading into bethesda. also, 270 at urbana with the accident there on the right shoulder. we have the wreck in gaithersburg. here we are traveling across the american legion bridge. the right of the screen, outer loop into virginia, no problems for you there. beltway looks good in virginia as well. 66 starting to slow through centreville. just volume, your lanes are
5:34 am
open after route 50 fair oaks in towards the beltway. no delays to report. dulles toll road looking good here at hunter mill. 28 also incident-free. 95, 395, no issues for you. back to you. >> thank you. the big story this morning, president obama changes his stance and comes out in support of gay marriage rights. the president has said over the years his feelings about gay marriage have been evolving. that evolution apparently is now complete. his shift in support was influenced, he says, in large part by members of his administration who are in committed same-sex marriages who are raising children. the announcement is sparking another national debate. >> this is america. freedom of choice. >> i think it is great. i think if you are in a relationship, you want to get married, that is what you ought to be able to do. >> there is a shifting sand kind of setting in the family
5:35 am
environment now that i don't think is healthy and we are playing experiments with suffer that will have ramifications 10, 20, 30 years from now. >> president obama says he believes it is up to each individual state to decide whether to legalize marriages between gay couples and lesbian couples. fairfax county police or the hunt for three suspects accused of abducting a man at gunpoint. fox 5's care engray houston is live at the victim's apartment complex in springfield with the details. >> reporter: good morning. the victim is a 22-year-old man who was abducted at gunpoint. he was leaving his apartment here in the 6100 block of cumberland avenue about 1:30 yesterday morning. the two suspects were wearing masks, two ever them. police say the third one had his face covered with some short of cloth. it was a frightening ordeal for the victim. we are not sure whether he was targeted. that is part of the police
5:36 am
investigation. they do say the suspects were black males between the ages of 18 and 25, all wearing hooded jackets. >> took him to his open car, a 1998 red honda civic. they put him in the car. they drove to two separate banks and forced him to withdraw an undisclosed amount of cash. >> that victim was forced into the trunk of his car. at one point, one of the suspects brandished a knife and cut the victim on his arm. that injury was a nonlife- threatening injury. the victim was then told to stay in the trunk while the suspects made their getaway. live in springfield, care engray houston, fox 5 news. maryland legislators are being called back guy special session of the general assembly. lawmakers are expected to vote on a proposed $38 billion budget during the session. governor martin o'malley's plan to boost the gas tax to raise
5:37 am
revenue is now off the table. legislators will focus on income tax increases for wealthy residents and teachers pensions. the special session will begin on monday. coming up, civil rights icon rosa parks about to be honored in d.c. in a stone carving. coming up next, we got a glimpse of it and we'll show you. >> you've heard of carjackings but how about horsejackings. details of what happened to a person riding a horse and carriage. time now, 5:37. , 5:37.  i style everyone.
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we are following breaking news rye now from overseas. two massive explosions have ripped through parts of syria's capital city, damascus. state tv there says more than 40 people were killed and 170 wounded when the blast went off during the morning rush hour. it is unclear right now whether the bombings are directly related to the civil unrest plaguing syria for two years now. also from the middle east, we are just learning of an air strike that has raptedly killed at least five al-qaeda militants in yemen. we'll share more on both of these stories as we get it. a st. louis man is facing assault charges after beating a horse carriage driver and
5:41 am
turning on the horse. the driver and the horse were heading back to the stable after a night of work when the suspect allegedly hit the driver over the head with a metal cane. the driver was forced to jump off and the suspect took off with the carriage. there is that horsejacking we told but. the suspect started punching and kicking the horse. witnesses were able to take down the suspect until police arrived. good thing there. the horse and driver escaped with only a few minor injuries. ouch! civil rights icon rosa parks will be immortalized inside a d.c. landmark i'm stone carving of parks has been added to the national cathedral's human rights porch. it will be officially dedicated this evening. this area of the cathedral celebrates the struggle of those who have fought for equality and social justice. other carvings include former first lady eleanor roosevelt and former cathedral dean john t. walker. the case of the missing
5:42 am
clock hands at georgetown university. time is once again ticking at healey hall but are authorities any closer to finding the clock bandits. we'll get an update coming up. plus before a check of your weather and traffic. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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taking a look at the u.s. capitol dome. the sun is starting to get up and get our day started. we'll see what it has in store for us later on. check in with tucker in a second. first, before a reminder about our special fox 5 weather day with the washington nationals coming up on may 15th. tucker, tony, sue palka and some other special guests will be at the ballpark that morning with thousands of school kids from across the region. >> the kids will see a special weather presentation, get to meet the weather guys and stay for the game. it is not too late for your school to take part. you will learn more about contacting the nats for weather day, go to and click on the morning tab. a fun day. >> that is the best music ever. >> baseball bunch theme. >> baseball bunch. >> remember them? >> i don't. >> he wanten to come out.
5:46 am
>> you said everyone, not just necessarily a school. >> not necessarily classrooms. if you have a son or daughter you want to bring to the game, do so. >> is it a rumor that one of you will throw out the first pitch. >> it isn't a rumor. one of us will do it. >> i hear sue palka has a good arm. >> you could always throw it underhand. >> thank you, sarah. >> that will make me feel great. >> a little softball throw there. >> we are starting off with improving conditions. still a little bit of watter in the atmosphere as we had about a quarter of an inch of rain during the nighttime hours last night. with these cool temperatures, the winds picking up, i think we'll dry out the fire fairly -- dry out the air fairly quickly. we have cooled off overnight. 52349 quantico. 54 in leonardtown.
5:47 am
off to the north and west, flirting with the 40s. hagerstown, 51 degrees. 52 in frederick. a nice cool start to your day. here come the winds. not terribly impressive at the moment. it will be a breezy day with winds out of the north and west pushing in the cooler and drier air. currently, winds gusting to about 20 in washington. i think during the first half of the day, it will be a breezy day. shower activity out of here. notice the cloud cover getting back into that front and going with the rain showers. we'll be looking at sunshine. out to the west, very quiet weather. chicago, st. louis, cincinnati getting the bright sunshine. un not only today but really as we start our weekend, it will be fantastic around here. 07 today. mostly sunny skies. breezy at times. there are your winds gusting
5:48 am
25rbgs maybe gusting 25, 30 miles per hour. we'll probably have some low 40s off to the north and west. you might need a jacket for one more day. there is your five-day forecast. 73 tomorrow with a lot of sunshine, low humidity. 77 on saturday. right now, mother's day, sunday, generally looks fine. there will be some clouds around and there could be a few late showers. i think we'll hold them off until evening. we'll have a few mother showers around on monday. most of your monday's day should be just fine with highs near 08. let's do some traffic with lauren demarco. >> it is me. i'm here. we do have a few things popping up right now as you travel the beltway. we are dealing with the wreck on the outer loop. we could take a live look from traffic land. the good news is it has been moved off to the right shoulder. it is on the outer loop prior to 355. hopefully, that was moved off in time before things start to heat up with rush hour that we won't see any major delay. looks like things are picking
5:49 am
up from what they were just a few minutes ago. traveling 270 as you head southbound heavy and slow from the monocacy river off and on down 21. 66 seeing the volume delays here through manassas and then towards centreville. once you get to route 50 fair oaks, nice easy trip in towards the beltway at this point. 95 slowing through dumfries and aagain here. same story as you head toward the mixing bowl. no problems to report on 395. nice trip across the 14th street bridge into the district. over to you. >> thank you. georgetown university's landmark clock tower is keeping time again. workers replaced the stolen hands on the clock on healey hall. thieves stole them last week, you may remember and posted a ransom note on a college web site. investigators are looking for the thieves but suspect it was a college prank. the university says they had had to replace the hands and
5:50 am
repair about $9,000 in damage. if they find the ones who did it, they should make them pick up gar gage on -- pick up garbage on campus. >> this is a long history. >> i know. >> 7:30, saturday, location, madison square gardens. at stake, a trip to the stanley cup conference finals for your washington caps. >> up next, can they pull it off in manhattan? dave ross will join us for sports breakfast. 
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
wonder what dave ross is going to talk about today. >> nothing going on. >> maybe a little caps. another game seven, you guys. this is incredible. the last two series have been great. last night again, hopefully no the last home game of the year. we are hoping they'll go up to new york on saturday night, win game seven and come back and we'll have another series. >> and another seven games. >> play into june. keep on playing, boys. last night, again, game six, a must-win scenario at the verizon center for the washington capitals. that is exactly what they did. alex ovechkin right here. we weren't even two minutes in the game and bam, just like that, you got the feeling that like all the pressure was just alleviated once they got the first goal right there. ovechkin almost got a second one. watch this effort right here. right off the top. it didn't go in. he was skating well yesterday. he looked like one of the best
5:54 am
players in the world all of a sudden again. jason chimera does a lot of dirty work around the net. can you breathe easy. maybe we'll get a blowout. it is never that easy for the caps. they score and make it 2-1 with just under a minute to play in regulation. they had told the goalie to get the extra attacker on there. it didn't happen. braden holtby was great once again last night. game seven in new york. we all thought, when they went up to boston for game seven-up there, they're not going to win up there. tim thomas, defending stanley cup champs. we already did it once. why not be able to go up there again and get it done in new york. it would be great to see. it is prime time, saturday night, cannot wait. >> that one will be overtime. >> they played 13 games in the
5:55 am
playoffs. 12 of them have been decided by one goal. 12 out of 13. absolutely incredible. >> i read that holtby's mom was in the crowd going no! >> i couldn't watch. it is great to see everybody rallying around the team too. we need the good news in d.c. >> is it just me or is alex ovechkin not playing as much. >> they have limited the playing time. once he get a lead, ovechkin, who can be reckless at timing maybe they are a little bit concerned about him going fay gorgeous golden stead of playing more defense. it has been limited minutes. so far, so good, it is working for the great # and for the caps. >> let's talk nationals last night. second night in a row, did not put their best foot forward. bryce harper, the id still make great catches. 0-4 at the plate, did draw a
5:56 am
walk. ian desmond, this is not great defense. trying to get somebody at home. oh, no, what do i do? the high throw. everybody is safe. top of the ninth, down by two. ryan zimmerman back from the dl with two on. strike three swinging. nats lose 4-# in pittsburgh. that's all right. it is a long season. they'll be just fine. -- nats lose 4-2 in pittsburgh. the may 19th feet between lamont peterson and emir kahn is off. he had tested positive for aerotropoli and now they don't want to even try to have the fight put back. on it is off. we don't know where we go from here for d.c.'s own lamont peterson but we'll catch up with him later this morning. we are going to the smart phone zone. ever find yourself wondering whether the left overs on your
5:57 am
counter are okay to eat. >> we'll tell you about an app that will clear up the confusion. time to say good morning to the facebook fan of the day. she wrote in yesterday to say it was her 17th wedding anniversary. her husband is a soldier and unfortunately not at home right now. >> i'm sure that makes it tougher. we hope this theres you up though. congratulations to you on your 17 years together and thank you for watching. -- we hope this cheers you up though he.
5:58 am
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-- up though.


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