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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 10, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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man abducted at gun point. he managed to get away but so did his kidnappers. the very latest on the investigation and who police are on the lookout for. plus ... >> roller coaster ride to the stanley cup continues. capitals are once again headed to game 7 this time in the big apple. a recap of last night's win straight ahead as fox 5 morning news continues right now. there you go. it just seems brighter this morning, with the caps having won last night. yeah, and actually it is brighter too. that is good. there is a live shot. washington national cathedral, thursday may 10th, 2012 i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. in case you missed it. >> right back across and he
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scores. bea, 2-0. washington capitals still standing in the playoffs. they beat the new york rangers 2-1 to set up a decisive game 7 in new york, on saturday night. and what a game that is going to be. here we go again, another game seven. congratulations to the caps. >> very exciting time in dc. tucker barnes what is going on in the world of weather. very exciting, we have sunshine back in the forecast and a nice looking day today and nice looking start to the weekend as well. as high pressure will build in. get ready to enjoy a couple fine days. satellite radar, shower activity out of here picking up close to a half inch regan national in the past 24 hours. we are done with it. clearing out as well. lots of sunshine expected, high
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pressure out to the west, will build on in and deliver a couple beautiful days. nice warm afternoons and cool nights as we get into the weekend. currently nice and cool, 56 regan national, humidity on the way down, 72%, winds on the way up out of the north and west at 9 but gusting to 20. a breezy day otherwise, just about perfect out there, highs in the upper 60s to about 70 and a nice warm up as we get into the weekend. details on that in just a couple minutes. let's do traffic. lauren demarco has the latest on the area roadways. >> well, before we get to the roadways, we had a track issue at silver springs, red time single tracking between tacoma and silver spring. that should wrap up delays if both directions on the red line should ease out. also want to mention foggy bottom, entrance esculators out of service today. on to the roads sky fox flying over the belt way in montgomery county, things are
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heavy and slow. typical volume delay from 95 college park around toward georgia avenue. no accidents or incidents reported at this time. lanes are open but you can see very heavy. inner loop moving fine all the way into prince georges county. let's head on to traffic land. travelling 270 delays out of frederick, 80, arvana and rockville a little bit of volume other than that, you should be in good shape. 66, flows from manassas and centerville. for 123, things are easing up, beginning towards the belt way, 395, from the belt way, headed toward seminary road. once you get past that, nice trip across the 14th street bridge. approaching the 11th street bridge. that is your fox 5 on time traffic. our big story, ground breaking admission by president obama that he personally supports same-sex
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marriage. >> it is a big shift in the president's opinion on the issue. it is the first time a sitting president has stated his support. doug. >> reporter: good morning guys. just about everyone expected the president would eventually change his mind on gay marriage but timing was unexpected even for the white house. >> i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> reporter: with that perhaps the worst kept secret in washington was out. in a history organized interview with good morning america's robin roberts, president obama tried to get out in front of an issue that exploded after joe biden went off script over the weekend. >> men marrying men, women marrying women and heterosexual men and women -- are entitled to the same exact rights. >> reporter: that blew up the
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president's high wire issue. he backed civil unions while he was officially against gay marriage it was a nuanced approach. here he was in 2010. >> i struggle with this. >> reporter: that evolution was a struggle that seemed to offer an implicit promise. if he won a second term he would change his mind. white house officials acknowledged the biden gap changed their time table. there is risk. most states including many swing states effectively banned gay marriage putting the president at odds with social conservatives including many african americans but it will also draw a stark contrast between the president and his likely republican challengers mitt romney who reaffirmed opposition to gay marriage. >> but the president didn't go as far as some of his supporters would have liked he said this should remain an issue for the states to decide not the federal government. tony and allison. all right doug thank you
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very much. the country's major gay rights advocacy group is awe plaiding the -- applauding the president's remarks he says he offers open ho a generation of gay, bisexual, trans gendered americans. without a doubt it will inspire thousands more conversations around kitchen tables and in church pews. from some church communities the president's support is drawing the most criticism. fox 5 spoke with the bishop, harry jackson of prince georges county who has led a group of local congregations against gay marriage in maryland. >> there is a shifting setting in the family environment now, i don't think it is healthy. we are playing experiments, that is going to be ramifications 10, 20, 30 years from now. that is why i am so
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impassioned. >> meantime the archdiocese of washington released a statement that said in part the word marriage describes the exclusive and life long union of one man and one woman open to generating and nurturing children. other unions exist but they are not marriage. our other top stories. the man convicted of killing an off duty maryland state trooper is due in court for sentencing. cornelius faces life in prison. he was convicted of first degree murder in february. in 2010 he shot and killed trooper brown working security at an apple bee's restaurant in forestville. fairfax county police on the hunt for three suspects accused of abducting a man at gun point. karen grey houston is live at the victim's apartment complex in springfield with the details. karen good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison and tony. police do not know if this victim was targeted, but he
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went through a terrible or deal. it all started 1:30 a.m. yesterday morning. the 22-year-old victim was leafing his apartment complex here in the 6100 block cumberland avenue when he was accosted by the three men. two were wearing masks one had a covering of cloth over his face. police say they forced him into his own car, a red honda civic and took him on a wild trip first to two of his banks to with draw cash then an unknown location made him get into the trunk of his car. he was driven a short distance what happened next may have been intended to give the victim a message. one of the suspects opened the trunk produced a knife and cut the victim on the arm. now just a short time ago, we spoke to a woman who lives the victim's apartment complex. >> i am so scared. i only come out to go to the
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buy some and come back to my house but i don't feel good because i do know there is something that could happen to some body. >> now when the victim finally got out of the trunk of the car, he was in the area of piedmont place near braddock road. police say the three suspects were all black males, between the ages of 18 and 25, they were all wearing hooded jackets. anyone who may have seen anything suspicious involving a red honda civic is asked to call crime solvers. sending it back to you tony. >> thank you very much. virginia state police do not suspect foul play in the death of a man whose body was found at a rest stop off i-66 manassas. officers made the discovery inside a parked car yesterday afternoon. still no word on that person's identity. the body is now at the medical examiners office to determine the cause of death. maryland church worker shot
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to death last week will be laid to rest today. doctor mary cohen and church secretary were killed last thursday in st. peters episcopal church. they are offering to perform a funeral for the shooter, douglas jones they also offered forgiveness. jones family has not decided whether to accept the offer of the funeral. we are following a developing story this morning. the federal government opened an investigation into the source of leaks related to the foiled underwear bomb plot of a u.s. bound plane by al qaeda in yemen. u.s. officials say the leak to the media did not allow the cia operation to go to its fullest conclusion and could have put people involved in the operation and families in harms way. today the house of representatives, is expected to vote on a budget bill expected to prevent the cuts from
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hitting the pentagon. instead the gop measure would take funding away from president obama's health care law. food stamps and services like meals on wheels. if congress does not act $55 billion will be cut from the pentagon's budget, starting in january. it is 11 minutes after 7:00 a.m. a desperate plea from the parents of a u.s. soldier captured by the taliban, three years ago. just ahead. >> good news for thousands of post offices on the chopping block. they will not close after all. next what the cash strapped postal service plans to do instead. it was a thriller at the verizon center, it was another close game but this time, the capitals with the victory, and momentum heading into a deciding game 7. dave ross is back to break it all down pgh >> as we head to the break a live lookout side.
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we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and lauren. next
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>> chef >> making headlines -- making headlines parents of a u.s. soldier taken prisoner three years ago in afghanistan want the u.s. to do more to secure his relief. his parents are so frustrated they have gone public with previously secret u.s. attempts to trade their son for taliban prisoners in u.s. hands. the proposed deal has been in limbo for months and faces serious opposition if it ever gets off the ground. wreckage of a russian made passenger plane has been spotted on a volcano in indonesia. it was on a test flight when it
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drop toughed radar 20 minutes after take off. no sign of survivors. today's rescue is starting to find bodies near the crash site now. 3700 post offices once recommended to be closed in order to save the nearly bankrupt postal service will stay open. postal officials backed off a plan to close the rural branches and instead will keep them open with shorter hours. service cut backs 2 to 6 hours a day once a review of each post office is completed. doing what they can. >> you guys look good in red. >> thank you. >> here is the thing, i dare not come in without rocking the red. i am breaking my whole thing but i did it for the caps. >> that's right you are. >> i am normally in purple today look at tucker. >> trying to match you. >> yeah. >> nice executive heads up. >> last week you were like can't you just one day wear the red. any way. i will wear it tomorrow i
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promise. >> look at your forecast, not only capitals looking up but weather too. sunshine back in the forecast. low humidity, a bit of a breeze but really nice looking day 56 washington, gaithersburg 52, southern maryland, 54. let's get across the bay, cambridge 55. cool temperatures north and west, 40s. into may now looking at low 40s. tomorrow morning i think much of the area, we will wake up with temperatures low to mid- 40s. in for a cool one tomorrow morning that is after a nice afternoon, for your thursday. there is your sentinel radar, showers out of here needed rain, a quarter inch of rain and half inch across the region. you can see still raining, new york, boston, for us clear skies lookout to the west, omaha, you have clear skies looking for a fine forecast. your 5 day. sunshine 80 by saturday and sunday. a few late day showers mothers day most of the day will be dry. >> thank you so much.
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now what is happening on the area roadways, lauren demarco is in for julie wright. >> metro again real quickly. we just got an update about the red line. tacoma and silver spring. will continue to be in place for now. it turned out to be a power problem with the track near silver spring. if you travelling through fog by the bottom, reports two -- foggy bottom, reports two entrance esculators were not working they are now working. 395 heavy from the belt way all the way up towards seminary road. travelling the belt way itself, leaving the mixing bowl in springfield we have some delays, on the outer loop, to the right there. top of the screen. as you head towards van dooren and then things open up as you head across the wilson bridge. montgomery county, heavy and slow on the outer loop, 95,
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college park into silver spring and bethesda. seeing volume, inbound new york avenue. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all right lauren thank you very much. caps are still alive. they beat rangers at the verizon center. dave ross is here >> i didn't wear a red tie. i feel so out of place right now. >> we are rocking it hard for you. >> you have to be objective. >> go caps. >> yeah,. >> sports is the one place you don't need to be objective. >> that's true. >> bad news right out of the way, rangers are 7 and 0, lifetime, in game 7s at madison square gardens but you got to lose for the first time some time. >> beauty of sports. >> i was picking up what she was putting down. last night the great 8 did not
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wait long. 88 seconds in, 1-0 on a power play and he almost got a second goal. watch individual effort from ovechkin. on his face and almost gets that in the goal. just off the top of the cross bar didn't go. later on they call him chimmer. johnny on the spot. to make it 2-0 capitals. at this point i am breathing easy we are not going to have to bite our nails. hold on. marion right there, he scores 2- 1. under a minute to play. they pulled lundqvist to get that extra attacker on there. another great night in the net. caps go to the one, game 7, saturday night. >> blocked 30 shots. >> his mom was in attendance. she was like oh, she couldn't even watch you know she is just -- but that is what moms do. >> so exciting. >> i do want to hear from the
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caps. jason and the boys are very excited about game 7. take a listen. >> i mean everyone is always -- just the way we are. we are a cool team we don't really crack and it is people said we are done after triple overtime. it was a lucky goal that tied up, in madison square garden. we came out hard. >> everyone counted since beginning to have playoffs. for the guys in the locker room we got a good group. a lot of good characters guys. unbelievable. so with ourselves we were very confident in ourselves and our annals we are just excited to get playing games. >> love the nicknames kind of cool. game 7, saturday night, 7:30 p.m., new york. they went up to boston and got this thing done when no body thought they could get it done. why not get it done. boxing here. guys a touchy subject we talked about it yesterday e. monday we were out there . monday we were
7:22 am
out there with lamont peterson and company getting ready for the may 19th fight. it is not going to happen. it is off. emir khan basically said on twitterer fight is off. sorry you have no body to blame but lamont peterson. they are taking a hard line tactic if you will at the peterson camp. i thought it was important for lamont and barry hunter his trainer to come in and explain their side of it. they will come in 9:30 a.m. today. there is a lot more to the story than i think what meets the eye. easy to say yes, he tested positif for testosterone and everybody says it is his fault the fight is off. it is not that simple. there is another side to this story. >> in the world of boxing it is always more complicated than you think. >> there is always money that dictates things you are hearing from the other camp >> appreciate it. see you later. in just a little bit, we will go here to find it, we've got details about a special
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tribute to chuck brown, that you are encouraged to take part in later today. long time red skin talking football at the white house today. but it is not what you may think. next how london fletcher is helping students and adults tackle financial future. >> dubbed the most interactive circus in the world. >> what is that? >> one of the world class acts from universoul circus performs live. okay. >> okay. >> okay. 
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>> okay.  the middle class is shrinking. in this day and age you can only accomplish so much without a degree, and traditional institutions are simply not set up to accommodate people who have jobs and families. university of phoenix works for those people who have real lives and real demands. the degrees that we offer are things where people can fulfill their goals with even brighter hopes for the future. my name is katy white, i'm committed to making a difference in people's lives and i am a phoenix.
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>> unmistakable who that is. the steevie wonder. steevie wonder was among the big names to perform at the white house last night. president obama awarded
7:27 am
legendary song writers with the annual gershwin prize. his wife accepted on his behalf the president praised the men for their more than five decades of writing and recording. all right, that is a great honor for them. from music to money the white house shifts its focus to financial management, and they are getting help from a washington red skin. >> london fletcher taking part in a summit on financial capable. he will be show casing an nhl themed, money management game, used in high schools across the nation. interesting >> >> never heard of that. >> 7:27 a.m. on thursday morning. the list of the nations top high schools is out, many in our area, made that list what is making them stand out and why have some fallen down on the list. we will take a closer look next. >> we've had a lot of fun here on fox 5 morning news
7:28 am
yesterday. man, coming up some highlight offs bat man's visit to our studios. and robin. >> can't forget robin. >> as we head to break, a live lookout side, the latest weather and traffic from tucker and lauren coming up next 7:28 a.m.  maybe you can be there;
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look at this. >> how much fun. >> wasn't it great? >> it was great. >> yesterday, bat man and robin came by the stud owes. lenny b -- studios, lenny been robinson is his name. this is the guy you saw on the side of the road several weeks ago when the police were helping him out when he had a flat tire. there he is doing the weather with you tucker he did pretty good. >> fantastic. >> that was great. >> that perhaps was the low light. >> here is what is great, we have a lot of people on this show. bat man comes and the response was amazing. >> because he went outside and folks were running across, grown people running across the street >> we didn't announce in advance they just happened to
7:32 am
be coming down the street or saw it on tv and ran out of their homes. >> he was taking pictures with babies. >> you could see what was great, bat man, lenny's face lit up he is just so into that. really great >> how wonderful to do exactly what you want to do your passion. >> yeah. >> regardless. he is helping kids. >> that is wonderful. >> thanks for coming by bat man. >> he wasn't bad at the weather either. >> just a good sport. >> very good to play along. >> we have just a beautiful day setting up. lots of sunshine, nice breeze out of the north and west and just temperatures about perfect. 70 later this afternoon. cooler air working in overnight in the wake of the rain showers, 56 downtown washington, 52 gaithersburg. quantico, 50 degrees off to the north and west. awfully close to the 40s
7:33 am
overnight. hagerstown 51. winds out of the north, and west, gusting to about, 20 and 30 miles per hour this afternoon. again, we will work that cooler and dryer air in on these winds and picking up currently winds gusting to 17 in washington, 22 dulles, and 18 here in gaithersburg. but the winds will pick up, throughout the morning. be ready for somewhat blustery, breezy day, with winds here, out of the north and the west. great looking forecast, look at that, the last of the showers and cloud cover, early this morning and we are looking at bright sunshine today. a few fair weather cumulis clouds working through from time to time. not a perfectly sunny day. generally sunny. out to the west, cleveland and chicago, clear skies and high pressure that will build through the region and deliver a couple really nice days. nice warm up beginning of the weekend. 70s today, mostly sunny skies, breezy at times, north and west, gusting to 25 miles per hour. tonight we are clear and chilly for this time of year. 48 in the city, low 40s waking
7:34 am
up tomorrow morning north and west of the city, cool one tomorrow morning. kids will need a jacket for the bus stop. winds north and west, lighten up out of the north and west a to 10. your 5 day forecast, warmer tomorrow, 73. saturday looks great, upper 70s to near 80. low humidity bright sunshine most of your mothers day should be fine. clouds later today, a few late day showers. most of the day high, enjoy the next couple days. it will be perfect. that is a look at the weather forecast. lauren. thank you tucker. not a bad looking 5 day. as you travel the belt way in virginia we want to take a live look from sky fox. travelling over the inner loop annona dale, area, headed past gallows road. report of delays watch out for that. 66 making the trip inbound. you will find things slow, leaving fair oaks, towards 123, but then leaving nutly towards the belt way, should be up to speed. traffic land right of your
7:35 am
screen outer loop leaving the mixing bowl in towards van dooren. eisenhower avenue and things are smoother approaching the wilson bridge, prince georges county. all that just volume, in accidents reported. northbound, 95, up to the springfield interchange and 395, here past edsil road past seminary. falls road off on the right shoulder, a wreck, near 370. thank you very much. u.s. news and world report just released ranks for the best high schools. how did your child's school fair? high schools in our area were named among the best in the nation with a few surprises and new findings. joining us now with more information is brian kelly, the editor, at u.s. newworld reports thanks for coming in. good to see you. thanks tony. >> this is a list people wait for every year and want to see where their schools rank. some schools traditionally are on the list.
7:36 am
before we get to specifics, any big headlines to come out of the study this year? >> well, the big news in terms of the horse race is thomas jefferson high school, the great school in fairfax county here, had been number one for three years running. they slipped to number two. >> when i saw that i thought okay they are still number two. that is great. >> yeah. >> but that is big news. >> well, depends. it is a hair's breath difference between a school in dallas that is number one, a school called talented and gifted. these are not your average high school. these are magnet schools, kids apply to get in. they have rigorous curriculums that you are a little bit behind or a little bit ahead, you are right these are great schools by any standard. people pay attention. they are competitive. we will see where this goes. >> give us a sense what the criteria are that you use when evaluating schools. >> it is a little complicated. what we are trying to do is be
7:37 am
as fair as we can. measure apples to apples across the whole nation. it is a graded system, almost a bit like the playoff games for hockey, where you got to get through the first round and then the second round. so the first round looks at basic, average test scores in the state. so if you are just as wealthy a school with a lot of smart kids coming in and graduating a lot of smart kids you are not necessarily going to do well. you are not adding value to education. so we are trying to look at that criteria. but the top level once you pass all those marks, the high scores come from advanced placement tests, the really rigorous tests the college board administers, calculus, physics, history, math all those various subjects we have and then also the international back laureate program. a lot of schools use that program. so we are really scoring people on how well you are doing on those tests how many kids are taking them how many are passing, so it is a pretty good measure of what really comes
7:38 am
out at the end in terms of quality. >> we want to show a graphic or two that spotlights local schools in our area. generally speaking we do fairly well on the list. a lot of schools in virginia, maryland. none from the district in the top 100. but you have thomas jefferson at number two, george mason high school, falls church, george c marshall. one of the things that strikes me about the list, is some of these schools, yeah, great programs but the facilities are not modern, state of the art. thomas jefferson, langley is an older building. facility itself doesn't matter that much? >> probably not. we are certainly not grading on facilities. that is the great thing about this data. everybody wants to understand education data. it is so important we don't do this just for fun. we think this is an important public policy issue. people are trying to look at how is the school performing. your point is right, it is not necessarily about the money or
7:39 am
facility, something is going on in those schools different than schools farther down the list. we know it turns out to be the teachers, principal, something is trans acting between the brains to have teachers and students. >> and probably parent involvement. >> one of the -- now you say thomas jefferson drops from number one to number two, that is a headline. langley dropping from 47 to 98 now still in the top 100 that is a big drop. what was going on there. >> well, what happened is there is a number of -- when you look on a nationwide basis, there are more specialized schools coming in. the charter schools, that are being created in districts around the country. more of them coming in at that top 20 level, top 30 level. so langley which is an open enrolment school as is whitman, watten all of those, they are in a class all by themselves. most open enrolment schools
7:40 am
slipped back a little higher. they are not necessarily doing worse, it is the other specialized schools coming in and doing better. >> you are seeing some of these newer schools are different, these schools that function differently now,. >> right. so for instance in tucson arizona, not the place you would expect, there are three schools in the top 100. specialized charter schools. and that is not a hot bed of higher ed you would think but turns out one of the key drivers there is the intel corporation has facilities there. chairman of intel lives in tucson. great advocate for higher education. he put his time, energy, specialization into those schools. suddenly they pop up as you know, competing better than the great suburban high schools. >> well, the list is out there now. pikispick it up. stay with us we will be right back i'm gonna make you breakfast. what?
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yes, i want to see it again! [ female announcer ] hallmark blooming expressions delivers your love again and again. >> 7:43 a.m., as the man hunt for adam mays continue it is fbi added him to the 10 most wanted list. he is charged with kidnapping a
7:44 am
tennessee mother and her three daughters last month. bodies of joe ann and her older daughter were found over the weekend near mays home. he is believed to be on the run with the other girls aged 12 and 8. mays mother-in-law told authorities that mays thought he might be the father of those two girls. washington region is being asked to come together to pray for chuck brown. the god father of go go remains in hospital, battling pneumonia. he has been ill for weeks. community leaders and several radio stations are asking folks to stop what they are doing at noon today to offer prayers for the legendary performer. we wish him well. we really do. >> 7:44 a.m. saying good morning to tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> sounded like burns but it was barnes. >> got it. >> a beautiful day looks like a great day. gorgeous, cloudy since sunday. we have had several days of clouds and you know, starting to feel like seattle. we are ready for breaks.
7:45 am
we got it. sunshine beautiful day, low humidity. my idea of a perfect spring day in washington. temperatures near 70. 56 washington, much cooler air moving in overnight and exit stage right, or to the north and east, shower activity from last night.he rain. should be in for a bright beautiful day. service map together that front is north and east of us, left over showers southern new england high pressure out west building in. great looking day. it will be cool tonight overnight lows, 40s. probably low 40s. maybe even a couple 30s. but by tomorrow afternoon nice and mild highs mid-70s that warming trend will continue into the weekend highs saturday and sunday, close to 80 degrees. next several days should be perfect. your 5 day forecast. mothers day, right now, most of the day looks dry. late in the day, a few showers around. outdoor plans on mothers day, go for it.
7:46 am
>> a lot of people go to mothers day brunches. >> yep. >> thank you. let's find out what is happening on the area roadways. julie is out but lauren is here with the latest. >> you look good. heavy volume in places around the belt way. traffic land as you head to the outer loop, 95 college park through silver spring into bethesda. heavy and slow. typical volume delay no accidents or incidents reported at this time. lanes are open just sluggish and under speed. same story on the inner loop, near gallows road and outer loop, leaving the mixing bowl in springfield, heading towards eisenhower avenue. 270, seeing delays towards falls road. reports of a wreck on the right shoulder. moving a little better as you head down from shady grove road. 66 remains heavy, stretches between manassas and centerville. all of that just volumes, same story leaving route 50. fair oaks.
7:47 am
it does seem to ease out. 95 running without much of an incident. 395 jammed from the belt way towards king street. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. back to you. thank you lauren. two math majors at a virginia college are days away from getting their diplomas. >> they have more than a love for numbersers 49-year-old joe diship and 26-year-old devon ship are mother and son. part of the class of -- 29-year- old devon ship are mother and son. part of the class of 2012. it took long for the professors to make the family connection in class. >> i think we were getting back our first test she was going through alphabetically reading out the names and said ship. jodie, and then ship devon. is this your sister? and like no, it is actually my mother. she literally had the most confused look on her face she has ever had she just sat and
7:48 am
stared at us like and you are taking a class with her? and sitting in the front row together? i couldn't get my kids to do that if i paid them a million dollars. >> that is cute. >> it is. >> mom is graduate being the higher -- graduating with the higher grade point average. irresistible fun for the entire family. >> holly has more detailsant a show that is sure to have you laughing and dancing in the aisle. >> you are exactly right. you will laugh, dance interactive entertainment the one and only universoul circus. we are live at capital plaza where they are back in town. this is the entertainment part not the interactive part. we will tell you why you don't want to miss this year's show and how to come out and be a part of it all, all live next fox 5 morning news. stay with us 
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7:51 am
7:52 am
universoul circus is in town now through may 20th. you got to do the you know -- >> do you? >> universoul. >> holly morris is there to check out this year's show. i am trying to school him but it is hard. >> do they require that? >> reporter: required upon entry. let's hear it tony. >> universoul circus. >> they are letting you in. i know people in high places at the universoul circus. people like onion head good to see you. >> good to see you but who you talking to i don't see anyone. >> i will explain it to you later. listen when i saw onion head this morning he said why are you still doing this? shouldn't you retire now. i say the sam thing to you why are you still doing this? >> you make me feel so unnecessary. >> it wouldn't be the universoul circus without you >> i like that. >> seriously how long have you been a part of the circus.
7:53 am
>> 15. >> it as only been around 19. so basically you and it are one in the same. let's talk about this year's show called us. >> yes, it is all about us. >> meaning? >> you, me, people that did not come see this show and are crying now. people that have been here, people going to come here. all of us that is what soul circus is about. >> all about the acts that you can find around the world that make up this amazing show they have 14 international acts. >> the strongest acts that you will ever find under any big top circus. >> you mean acts like bone breakers. >> they are from guinea. >> how do you find the acts? >> we two all over the world looking for raw -- we go all over the world looking for raw talent. entertainment talent like these
7:54 am
guys from guinea west africa. >> is that how you warm up for your act? >> yes, my wife teach me to do stuff like that. >> you know what, it is amazing though, you made the reference you know of all the circuses we have the best actses. it is highly competitive in the world of circus these days. what does universoul offer you will not get in other circuses. >> different, strong and to be different you must have acts that bring the audience into participation. that is what we do. we have the audience, we make them feel -- >> okay i don't ever want to participate in think thing like that by the way. sorry i interrupted you. >> so audience participation how does the audience get involved. >> we take these acts and mold them and shape them and fashion them so the audience reacts to all of the motions and action
7:55 am
in the ring. let's say when i say big top you say circus, big top circus that is one of the the things then we have our traditional soul train line that we bring people in. >> we are well versed in the soul train line here at fox 5 morning news. >> okay let's just marvel at this act for a second. let's watch. ♪ [ music ]
7:56 am
>> it is not often i am speechless but i am not sure i could find the words to describe this act. that is unlike anything i have ever seen. if you want to see this and a whole lot more you need to come out to the universoul circus going on in capital plaza through may 20th, our website. we have a link to theirs so you can find out exactly which show you want to go to, what time what the ticket prices are. in our next hour, onion head is not going any where he will be with us all morning long. we have another act, some warriors from china going to come out and show their stuff but until then, i am not -- they are not the bone breakers because i am absolutely convinced you have no bones. amazing. amazing. back to you all in studio. >> wow. tony can't watch. >> that was freaking me out. >> wow. >> that was freaking me out.
7:57 am
>> they are super talented. >> how do you do that? >> i don't know. >> don't try anything. you will be out for weeks. >> coming up next hour we are going to the smart phone zone. have you ever found yourself wondering whether those left overs on your counter are still okay to eat? depends how long they have been sitting on the counter. we will tell you about an ap that will clear up confusion. >> jeff gordon will join us live. the fourth time, cup series champion is on a mission to raise awareness about hunger against americans  we love gardening...
7:58 am
7:59 am
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do you read in bed? do you read out loud or in your head? do you need a lamp to see? and does it leave your bedmate be? don't you wish there was a light that wouldn't keep them up all night? if so, you'll be happy to know, our newest nook now comes with glow. introducing nook simple touch with glowlight, the only e-reader made for bedtime reading. find your nook at your neighborhood barnes & noble. there is a new turn on the road to the white house this november for the first time president obama is making his stance on gay marriage clear. we've got reaction from both sides to have debate including gop front runner mitt romney. let's go caps. >> and a great morning for caps fans, still celebrating last night's crucial win against the
8:01 am
rangers. >> also ahead plenty of people talking about it but should you buy it. what the experts are saying about facebook's upcoming ipo. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. the caps are still alive. they beat the rangers 2-1 last night at verizon center, alex ovechkin got the first goal less than 2 minutes in after some beautiful passing. jason would add another goal second period deciding game 7 will be at madison square gardens new york on saturday. the puck drops 7:30 p.m. >> all eyes on the big apple. >> yesterday i am running home to try to catch the beginning of the game and it just started. there is this roar coming out of every bar across the city when ovechkin scored. it was so loud. >> it was a great feeling. >> go caps. all right weather, exciting
8:02 am
too. in fact next couple days, perfect. sunshine, low humidity look at that live shot. >> that is the most beautiful picture we have seen this week. >> since last saturday. we haven't seen a lot of sunshine. lots of sunshine in the forecast. comfortable humidity highs 70. get ready to enjoy a nice stretch of weather. satellite radar, showers out of here picking up any where between a quarter inch and a halfism of needed rain, during the late -- half inch of needed rain during the late afternoon. taking with it the cloud cover. a few clouds not perfectly sunny but generally sunny dry for the remander of your thursday. 56 degrees, humidity headed down, 72%, winds on the way up out of the north and west, 13. a breezew day winds gusting to 20, to 25 here during the afternoon. lots of sunshine, comfortable temperatures highs near 70 degrees. >> going to be great. >> yes, have it in a few minutes. >> thank you. >> lauren demarco, find out what is happening on the area
8:03 am
roadways. >> hey lauren. we are dealing with significant delays on the rails, want to talk about that first metro's red line trains continue to single track between tacoma and silver spring due to a track power problem. we have delays in both directions, ongoing for some time so give yourself plenty of extra time to head out the door. heading to foggy bottom station. one entrance esculator out there is one that is still working. a live look at traffic land. northbound 95, delays across the occoquan. heavy route here, things open up and a better trip towards the mixing bowl and springfield. heavy and slow northbound, 95 through wood bring. bridge. 395, off and on. heading into the district. leaving the mixing bowl, outer loop, delays approaching eisenhower avenue. inner loop things look good. reports of slow downs near
8:04 am
gallows road, reports of potholes. sky fox reported seeing that. belt way montgomery county outer loop jammed 95 college park, past new hampshire avenue, to connecticut that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. new this morning, two massive explosions ripped through parts of syria's capital city with deadly results. 50 people killed, 170 wounded when the blast targeting a military compound went off. there has been no immediate claim of responsibility but an al qaeda inspired group has taken claim for several other explosions which does raise fears that extremist groups are getting into the ongoing battle between syria's government and the rebels. an air strike killed at least five al qaeda members in yemen. it is unclear whether the u.s.
8:05 am
was behind the air strike. other big story we are following, president obama is going fundraising today, a day after announcing his support for same-sex marriage. >> the trip will be capped by a hollywood dinner at the home of george clooney that raised nearly $15 million. the president's change of heart on same-sex marriage was influenced in large part by members of his administration who are in committed same-sex marriage and his daughters played a role as well. >> malia and sasha it wouldn't dawn on them some how their friend's parents would be treated differently. it doesn't make sense to them and frankly, that is the kind of thing that prompts a change of perspective. >> a new gallup poll released this week shows 50% of americans believe same-sex marriage should be legal. 48% do not think gay couples should be able to marry. approval numbers are down from
8:06 am
2011 last year, the first time a mar joy of the of americans supported same-sex marriage. presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney did not directly criticize president obama for his support of same-sex marriage but did reiterate he still opposes it >> my view is that marriage itself is a relationship between a man and a woman and that is my own preference. i know other people have different views this is very tender and sensitive topic as are many social issues, but i have the same view i have had since running for office. though he does not support same-sex marriage romney says he believes it should be left up to state government to decide whether or not to grant legal rights to same sex couples similar to what married couples are given. some of our other top stories, the search is on for three men accused of abducting a springfield man, at gun point. >> police say suspects left the
8:07 am
victim in the trunk of his car after taking him for a ride he will likely never forget. karen grey houston is live at the victim's apartment complex where this all started. this is horrifying. >> reporter: it was allison. police want to hear from anyone who might have seen anything suspicious involving a 1998 red honda civic. that is the victim's car, police say that the three suspects approached that victim as he was leaving his apartment building here in the 6100 block of cumberland avenue, around 1:30 a.m. yesterday morning. they forced the 22-year-old victim into his car and drove him to two banks where he withdrew some cash. police say they then drove him to an unknown location where they forced him into the trunk of his car. and then, drove a short distance. >> one of the three suspects opened the trunk produced a knife and cut the victim's arm.
8:08 am
nonlife threatening injury, very super official and then he was instructed to stay in the trunk while the suspects made their escape. >> police say two of the suspects were wearing masks one of them had his face covered with some sort of cloth. all three were black males, they have a very vague description, black males, 18 to 25 years old, and all wearing hooded jackets. live in springfield, karen grey houston, back in to you guys. >> thank you very much. bizarre incident at a high end virginia hotel gave some employees a scare. arlington county police say a centerville man reportedly upset about room rates pulled two guns on the security gard at the ritz carleton in pentagon city. he was arrested on firearms charges along with being drunk in public. police say that he walked into the ritz early yesterday morning with two guns showing on his waist. when he didn't like what the
8:09 am
front desk had to say he walked outside and a guard came up to him and that is when police say he waved the guns at that guard. >> coming up 9 minutes after 8:00 a.m., still ahead a civil rights icon about to be immortalized inside a dc landmark. >> worlds largest social network about to go public on the stock market. after the break a financial expert weighs pros and cons for us. we will be right back. 9 minutes after the hour [ snsneezes ]
8:10 am
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i love those. we've added more to every box. really? wow! honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. 8:12 a.m. on thursday morning. let's look at stories making headlines now. dc police chief finds a new contract, hours afterthe officers union filed -- hours after the officers union filed a suit. the deal is for 5 years, $253,000 a year, it does not include annual raises or bonuses. the police union lawsuit claims the chief is obstructing efforts to win raises and she should be removed from the
8:13 am
process. >> maryland legislators are being called back for a special session of the general assembly. lawmakers are expected the vote on a proposed $38 million budget. governor o'malley's plan to boost the gas tax to raise revenue is off the table. legislators will focus on income tax increases for wealthy residents and teachers pensions. the special session will begin monday. stone carving of rosa parks has been added to the national cathedrals human rights porch. it will be dedicated this owning. this area of the cathedral celebrates the struggles of those who fought for equality and social justice. other carving former first lady eleanor roosevelt and former cathedral dean, john t walker. 13 minutes after 8:00 a.m. tucker barnes standing by with a look at the weather and more. hey, tucker. >> good morning tony. let's get down the business.
8:14 am
time for my first 5 photo of the day. >> hello. >> cute as can be. this is grace and the reason she is making that face, she is just sneaking into our my first 5 photo of the day because she re¢ly turned 6. >> okay -- recently turned 6. >> okay. >> this is on one of the last days of her 5-year-old. >> she was 5 when it was taken. >> no need to sneak grace. you are so lovely it wouldn't matter. >> what a great pose. >> great. one of her last days of being 5. her parents say she loves to dance and sing and she -- i didn't know we had one of these, she is on worship team at church. >> all right. >> we don't know what church it is. >> okay. >> to send us your child's picture, go to click on mornings tab. thanks grace.
8:15 am
great smile. >> beautiful girl. >> nice and comfortable with the short sleeves today. >> that's right. she can wear that outfit. >> sunshine temperatures 70 later. cool now, light jacket, 57 regan national. 54 gaithersburg. a couple 60s on the map. 61 quantico. check out the cool temperatures north and west, detroit, 45 degrees, 48 columbus, tomorrow morning, we are going to wake up with cool temperatures across the area, parts of the area low to mid-40s. we are in for a relatively cool stretch for the next 24 hours, a lot of sunshine expected should be a beautiful thursday for you, nice stretch of weather as we get into the weekend. cloud cover off to the north and east. just a few fair weather cumulis clouds. no more rain expected for your thursday. 5 day forecast, a little breezy at times, 70 degrees your daytime high, tomorrow gorgeous, 73, saturday fantastic, 77, most of your mothers day should be dry. we will see a few late day
8:16 am
showers by late sunday afternoon. sunday evening a few showers around. most of the weekened looks ideal. more details on that forecast in a couple minutes. lauren has your latest. >> well, tuck i do want to talk about metro just one more time. we are still dealing with significant delays on the red line. you are single tracking in both directions between tacoma and silver spring. again because of the pack problem, it is a power problem near the silver spring stations. let's take a live look at our traffic cameras. as you travel the belt way, outer loop remains heavy and slow, 95 college park around towards georgia avenue. new hampshire you can key bumper to bumper, folks drifting through. delays on the inner loop, route 1, college park because of a disabled vehicle. inner loop, route pennsylvania -- route 4, pennsylvania avenue. you should be at speed. heavy and slow from the belt way toward the 14th street
8:17 am
bridge. 95 slow, northbound across the occoquan river bridge. and travelling 270, here we are at 370, delays off and on past falls road. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. allison over to you. facebook is white hot right now. it might make sense the try to get onboard its first public stock offering, right? the average facebooker won't be able to buy stock when the initial offering is made this month but many will want to own a piece of the social media giant. joining us this morning, gerry the associate professor of finance, university of maryland, robert h smith school of business welcome to the show. >> thank you >> why? it is like all these people get onboard with facebook, but the average facebooker as we said might not be able to get in right away. >> what we have is a situation where mark zuckerburg is looking ahead and sees that retail investors, people like you and i, made his company what it is.
8:18 am
so he actually made a very good managerial decision to open the ipo to the general public, online brokerages, e trade, td ameri trade will get some allocations but really, retail investors like you and i may not see any shares at all. so many people are going to want what will amount to so few shares. >> the very wealthy will be able to get in on this? who will be able to take advantage. >> yes, the institutional investors, mutual funds will get lots of shares. but when it comes to retail investors, really the people who will get the shares are the ones who are very good customers at the online brokerages, or who are just customers of goldman sachs the problem is really for a small investor who trades infrequently to brokerages who likely will not give them any shares. there is not enough to go around.
8:19 am
>> do we have details about how much this will be to get in and all that. do we have to wait until the end of the month when it is made public. >> yes. so at this point we have an indication that evaluation of face back, at the ipo price will be about 77 to $96 billion. but quite frankly we have to wait until may 18th to see it through. >> okay. and when the rest of us can sort of you know, sort of dribble in and pick up a piece of facebook here and there, should we even do that? should we buy this? >> that is really the $96 million question. what i see here is a very risky investment. there is a lot of enthusiasm. people love this company. we use it every day. it is about investing and investing is really about the numbers. when you look at facebook's numbers they give you serious doubts, because a company that makes $1 billion in profits, is hard to explain why it is worth
8:20 am
$85 million. >> because it is virtual and out there. not really like i don't know michelin tires, not something we can put our hands on, is that why? >> yes, the real reason, if you want to buy facebook what you have to believe, the facebook that will be here five years from now. not the facebook we see today, will have profits about 5 times what we see right now. you really are buying the feature and have to believe the future will be better in time if you want to buy this on the after market. >> social media -- facebook is so hot right now. twitter is so great right now but you are right in this ever changing social media landscape, will it be the same, five years from now. that is precisely it. other ipos groupon recently, pandora, they didn't do so well for their bottom line. >> that's correct. there is a lot of risk in this offering. it is very possible facebook
8:21 am
could be worth half its valuation, how? competition. we have other companies that are very interested in this business, if that materializes facebook will not be worth so much five years from now. however facebook managers are creative people. it may be they ten times the profit over five years then we will like this investment. >> right. very interesting. wow. okay. associate professor of finance at university of maryland. we will wait for that announcement to come out may 18th. >> may 18th, stay tuned it will be exciting. >> thank you so much. tony over to you. >> allison i am taking your suggestion i am going to invest that even come es. from? >> i don't know. 8:21 a.m. a plan to remember the deadly metro train crash in 2009 is caught up in a dispute where it should go. holly is clowning around at the circus this morning.
8:22 am
a little later we will take a look at this year's featured acts from all around the world. stay with us. we will be right back ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices.
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8:24 am
fox 5 is monitoring metro,
8:25 am
the latest vital sign score board will be presented to the metro board of director, customer service and operations committee today. among the highlights in the report, steady or improved on time performance, drop in crime in metro parking lots and more esculator availability. plans for a permanent memorial honouring victims killed in the 2009 met recrash have some local residents con -- metro crash have some local residents concerned. victims families want it placed in a park near the crash site northeast dc but member offs south manor, park association say it could increase their existing crime issues. >> we have a problem with teenagers having sex in the park specifically and alley behind the park as well as prostitution. >> city administrator says dc is still reviewing other possible memorial locations. still ahead, dave ross breaks down the caps impressive
8:26 am
win and looks ahead to game 7. >> one of nascar's most recognizable stars, and when he is not on the race track he is out promoting a cause that effects nearly 9 million americans. we are talking to jeff gordon live after the break. right now it is 8:26 a.m. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions.
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8:29 a.m., looking at stories making headlines, president obama made history announcing he now support it is right for same sex couples to get married. he is the first sitting president to say that. not long afterwards, mitt romney affirmed he believes marriage is between a man and a woman. former head of the federal aviation administration is due in court.
8:30 am
he was arrested last year. he resigned as head of the faa shortly after his trunk driving arrest went public. >> washington region is being asked to come together to pray for chuck brown. he is in the hospital battling pneumonia. he has been sick for weeks. a unity prayer is being held for brown. organizers are asking fans to stop what they are doing and offer prayers for the legendary performer at noon. we certainly wish him the best. 8:30 a.m., nice looking day out there, so far. >> gorgeous. we just saw a live shot. lots of sunshine across the area. going to be not only a nice thursday but friday most of the weekend perfect. >> very nice. >> and that is after needed rain yesterday. >> looking forward to this weekend. >> mothers day looks okay. >> we will talk about it coming up. generally fine. late day showers. generally evening showers. >> okay. >> it won't dampen the spirit on the day. >> no.
8:31 am
not for mom. >> not for mom. >> 57 washington. cool, yeah, we cooled off overnight rain showers out of here winds picked up out of the north and west. but we are also 57 regan national, 51 quantico, 55 winning number hagerstown. 57 stevesville and 57 in cambridge. all right. comfortable, upper 60s. humidity on the decrease while the winds will pick up out of the north and west. we will be a bit of a breezy afternoon, winds expected to gust 25, maybe at times to 30 miles per hour. currently, winds gusting 20 here in washington. 18 manassas, 22 dulles. winds picked up in the wake of our cold front which moved on. satellite radar showers, clouds out of here high pressure building in. won't be a perfectly sunny day but generally sunny and high pressure building to the west.
8:32 am
lots of sunshine, warming trend as you get into the weekend. 70 today, cool tonight, 48 your overnight low. there you go friday 73, saturday and sunday near 80, we talk a little bit about mothers day most of the day dry, maybe a few showers late. hopefully they will hold off until owning. all right that is a look at your -- owning. all right. that is a look at your weather forecast. back to tony and allison. all right tucker thank you. the caps are still alive, yes. >> won't go away >> they beat the rainmenters at the very rye -- rangers at the verizon center. >> a look ahead in this mornings sports breakfast. >> what are you doing saturday night 7:30 p.m. >> i am going to watch the caps. >> where? >> we should have a big viewing party >> i might be working here at the station but i will welcome you all. >> you get to watch it >> i am watching regardless i
8:33 am
know the whole city will be watching. now appointment tv where are you going to be 7:30 p.m. saturday night. this is game 7. there might not be a more exciting venue in all of sports than game 7, national hockey league. you are sitting on the edge of your seat. probably a one goal game and will probably go to overtime. they have played 13 games y'all and 12 have been decided by one goal. incredible. never seen anything like it. what happened last night verizon center in that must win. it took only 88 seconds to get that first goal from the great 8, from his knees, beating henrik lundqvist. 1-0 capitals just like that and ovechkin was just like the old alex basically from his knees off the top of the cross bar almost got a second goal there. but then later on in the second period, doing some dirty work, chimerra. backstrom redirects, there he is to pump it up 2-0 caps.
8:34 am
we all thought a nice easy win right? wrong. here come the rangers final minutes, they pull the goal tender, they get this one, 2-1. that was it. no more drama. never got a really good shot on goal last 50 seconds. braden hopi slamming the door getting the job done. caps win, as exciting as it gets now we go back up to new york city. madison square garden. mocha of sports in the garden saturday night can't ask for a better scenario. let's hope the caps can keep this great run going. i don't know we saw this coming this team almost didn't make the playoffs. and go from there and we said then, if they get in, they could be a dangerous out. at boston at new york. they are a dangerous out >> i have said this before, i like how this team is being now. >> you have been good on your predictions saying they will rebound they have rebounded from triple overtime losses, rebounded from just heart
8:35 am
breaking 6 seconds to go game 5. the team has shown resill yenisei you have to credit dale hunter. >> -- resill yen see. you have to credit dale hunter. >> we have a good shot of getting this done in the garden. next hour we will have lamont peterson and barry hunter. they will be in studio. this is very good for them to do. >> it is a big story. i am very sorry, the fight is not going to happen. >> with amir kahne, may 19th. here is the deal he had a private medical condition that they did not want to be disclosed it is now out there. because of that, the fight has been cancelled because his testosterone, he admitted to taking testosterone supplement. we will talk with lamont and barry hunter about this next hour stay tuned for that. we are beginning to switch topics real quick. it is not every day you get a
8:36 am
four time, nascar cup series champion joining us. jeff gordon, he is the face of nascar bringing awareness to hunger among older americans. jeff gordon from charlotte, how you doing out there. >> hey, i am doing great thank you how you guys. >> doing great. >> we want to know why is this important for you to be involved to try to cure hunger. >> well, you know, i have gotten behind a lot of great causes over the years, but you know this is one that i think is going unnoticed in america. i don't think many people realize there are more than 9 million americans, 50 and over, dealing with hunger issue in this country. it has been something i have become aware of. now trying to get that word out to others. it is an exciting time for us, to actually have an aarp visa credit card, by chase, that --
8:37 am
with every purchase with this card, chase is going to make a donation up to $2 million to the aarp foundation. that will equal 750,000 meals served. so you know, this is an important cause to get behind. >> jeff we just saw the statistic that says 75%, it will increase by 75% by the years 2025. this is what people can do with chase that is why you have teamed up to go out and hopefully curtail those numbers is that right? >> we have every intention of bringing those numbers to an end. you know that is why this program is so large. why you know you are seeing it on our race car, just about every week in nascar race. commercials that are behind it because the numbers are staggering, but it is going to take a lot of effort, a lot of volunteering, and you know already this program raised $60 million. >> wow. >> you know, and about 30% of
8:38 am
that has come from the fans you know, either at track or online. so, you know, we are already seeing tremendous support and continue through chases program, and we want to bring an end to hunger. >> sounds great. >> real quick you have won 85 times in your career, what keeps you motivated now to keep racing at the highest level. >> well, it is always about trying to win. and it gets harder and harder each and every season. competition gets greater as well as you know, as i am getting older, it is making it tougher to win. that motivates me. we have a race team that is great even at darlington we have great tracks coming up we can win. when you are not winning but know what it is like to win it makes you drive harder. >> jeff gordon, good luck at darlington, talk to you soon.
8:39 am
>> my pleasure. thank you >> not every day you get jeff gordon. a very good cause always fun to watch him on the track. >> thanks. >> see you later. >> time now 8:38 a.m., ever grab something out of the fridge and thought to yourself maybe i shouldn't eat this? it doesn't smell quite right? have you thought that? >> yeah, well, we have something you will want to see to help you out with that. >> are you flying this summer? if so there is a good chance the seat next to you will be occupied. the latest travel forecast. we are going places. coming up next next
8:40 am
never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles in 3 days is-- is huge. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. you just put one foot in front of the other, and you know that you're walking for such a great cause that you just keep going. (man) that you have all these people coming together for one common goal. (woman) the goal is to bring an end to breast cancer. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving. complete strangers wanting to help. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. (woman) i'll never stop walking, not till we find a cure. (woman) and it has to end, but it starts with us.
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>> today's job of the day is with richmond american homes. they are looking for a land development manager to join their team in columbia maryland. for more on this and see the rest of our listings we ask you to head to look for the job shop. allison, if you are planning a summer vacation, the flight you take may be more crowded than usual. airlines for america just released its summer travel forecast. the group is expecting fuller flights due in part by a record number of international travelers. the president and chief economist of the industry group says he believes 206 million passengers will travel globally
8:43 am
on u.s. airlines. fewer empty economy seats means it may be harder for you to rebook flights if your travel plans get disrupted. up next before you bite into that burger gone bad or ask yourself if it is okay to have that cold pizza for breakfast, catch this mornings smart phone zone >> it is all about food safety. >> one in six americans will get sick this year and we are trying to bring that number down. >> find out how a new ap is making it easier than ever to make the right food choices, for you and your family. plus, the circus is in town everybody holly is taking us behind the scenes next. 8:43 a.m. .
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8:46 am
from ordering food online to food safety in the kitchen. >> lauren demarco is covering it all today from the smart phone zone. good morning lauren. >> good morning. i want to talk about grub hub it is a website ap that has become one of the nations top
8:47 am
online food ordering services if you want pizza or spring rolls, fire it up and check out a list of restaurants near you who deliver. grub hub has unvailed some new technology called the order hub. that is a tablet ap for restaurants to use your request goes straight through to them. someone on staff can confirm in a matter of seconds. until now restaurants have been using, faxes, and phone service to take the order. my gosh. how five years ago. the reason this is all making news is because grub hub has 1300 participating restaurants in 300 cityallison you just talked about this, news about the company going public in the next year or so. grub hub is free for consumers available for iphone and android phones. now, something else to talk about this morning is food safety. 1 in 6 americans will get sick from food bourn illness and the usda is trying to lower that number as much as possible.
8:48 am
they have. >> announcer: droid ap and bookmark -- android ap. >> she has the answers. >> reporter: katherine and her colleagues from the usda canvassing whole foods in logan circle, spreading the word about asking karen. the mobile site and ap have been around for one year which means it is karen's birthday. >> we have seen a lot more people using it. >> reporter: karen is an avatar behind her are a team of specialists who answer your questions about meat, poultry and other foods. get a response in seconds through a live chat between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., or, search through a list of the most commonly asked questions and answers. >> we have over 1300 questions in our data base. if you are buying chicken you can search through all the questions on chicken or search
8:49 am
by freezing refrigeration, cooking. >> reporter: it is immediately updated with information of any outbreaks of illness and highly recommended when cooking for the elderly or young children. >> chicken, whatever you happen to be cooking, having an outdoor cook out with your kids. >> reporter: some of the most common questions have to do with grilling. >> one of your buddies might think he will eat that burger pink. >> reporter: and left overs. >> people you know they go out for dinner and they get a doggy bag to take home and next morning at lunch they realize it is in the backseat the entire time. can they eat that. no. refrench rate cooked food within two hours. keep food -- refrigerate cooked food within two hours. >> the only question i have left. >> why karen. >> i don't know the answer to that. >> karen he's is a little bit of a mystery but not a bad idea to have her on your phone ready for when you have a question. the reason it is so important to access karen on the go is the grocery store is the best place to use it. so you want to have dinner on
8:50 am
the table by 7:00 p.m. you are running late find out how long it is going to take to properly cook the meal you are planning on and then switch it up if you need to. the usda works with poultry and meat but will do their best to answer questions about all food types if they don't have the answer they will direct you to someone who does. >> that is great. >> we will post a link on happy grilling. >> thank you very much. sounds good. maybe this weekend. all right universoul circus is an unforgettable global experience. >> holly morris is under the big top to learn more about their newest show. amazing so far. >> it is pretty amazing. for some reason i just feel like someone keeps looking over my shoulder. it is onion head. my boyfriend of the morning. it is good to see you. >> another clown in your life? >> not as far as you know. >> okay. >> you are the only clown for
8:51 am
me and the only clown you need to see here at universoul here running through may 20th. let's talk about the history of this circus. it is an maizing story. >> yes, it is. it all began in 1994, atlanta georgia, excitement, motivation, persistence and universoul. >> because what is so amazing it wasn't an instant success. >> no, like all great things, it struggled in the beginning. >> it took time but the people believed and preserverred here we are. 19 years later with a show bigger and better than ever. >> yes, we found our market. a new market in our community and made it spring to life. now here we are. >> now here we are. in fact, they are going to go to some 27 different major markets i think, do 500 shows that has to be tiring.
8:52 am
>> yes, we do 487 shows this year. >> wow. that is crazy. you know what else is crazy? crazy good t shao lin warriors all the way from china. let's get them started as they take to the stage let's talk about how these different acts from all these different countries, how do they all work together when you guys are travelling from city to city. >> we have one big great united family we learn to get along with each other. we learn to perform with each other. so this is one of the great things. >> do you learn from each other? >> oh, yes. >> i would love to hear what you were saying. >> these guys are from china. i learned the word china from them >> you learned china from them. did you learn how to express your anger and get all your emotions out? they seem to be good at that.
8:53 am
>> this art really is looking like a fighting art but is a peaceful art. >> really? >> yes. not to fight but to bring peace. calmness. >> that is bringing calmness? [ laughter ] >> i can see what you mean. it takes great discipline to do something like this. >> yes. someone forcing these guys to fight, they are disciplined enough not to fight. >> when we talk about all these different actskills, what is the best age to start bringing someone to a show like this? >> 6 months. >> 6 months? that is pretty young. you think -- so really no matter the age you will enjoy. >> yes babies love color and we are very colorful show.
8:54 am
>> wow. let's just watch for a second ♪ [ music ] i love talking to you but i get so distracted by the amazingness of the acts. one is better than the next
8:55 am
they have 14 international acts part of this year's universoul circus, until may 20th, our website we have a link to theirs to get your tickets now. coming up next hour, we will have yet another act, i think it is a horse act, we will see what they have to offer. back to you. >> wow. >> i agree holly it is hard to realize they are people but going to take your word for it. >> all right thank you. 8:55 a.m. on thursday morning. coming up next talking more about how president obama's decision to come out in support of gay marriage could impact the november election. >> you will want to stick around for this, dc boxing champ lamont peterson will join us live in studio. he was talking with dave ross about the controversy, surrounding the cancellation of his upcoming title rematch. stay with us, 8:55 a.m. on thursday morning the e more products we touch around the sink,
8:56 am
the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design.
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>> back now this thursday morning with a jam packed 9:00 a.m. hour. i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. >> i have been going through an evolution on this issue. president barack obama making a historic announcement on gay marriage, a stance his republican rival does not agree with. controversy surrounding the debate and how it may effect candidates on the campaign trail. called off. lamont peterson no longer heading to las vegas for a rematch with emir kahne after failing a drug test. the light welterweight champ is in our studio. he will sit down with dave ross to give his side of the story. >> a head turning night on american


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