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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 10, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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urinated while standing at the bar. the security video shows the two law men conducting williams outside of the restaurant. he drove away and came back. when the 24-year-old straight trooper wesley brown stepped outside to take a phone call, he was cut down by gun fire. >> to have someone, anyone to die around you and have a partner of yours that you cared for that cared for everyone else, take the last breath in your arms is something you can't tell anybody how you feel about that. something you carry with you all of the time, something i carry with me every day. >> reporter: inside the courtroom, the officerel to the judge ironically he wanted to arrest williams at the applebees but it was trooper brown who persuaded him and let the man go. the late trooper's sister, faison, told the judge the revenge killing was foolishness. tara harrison, in asking for the maximum penalty, referred to the defend as evil, said he threatened witnesses and
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pointed out he has not expressed remorse. williams declined to speak at the sentenceing and his attorney noting the young man is maintaining his innocence and intends to appeal the jury's verdict. the circuit judge said a quarter century ago the maryland legislature created the harsh sentence of life without patrol for people who would kill again. the judge called serial williams a threat, imposed the sentence and added 25 consecutive years for weapons violations. the victim's family wept quietly in the courtroom during the sentenceing and one family member said he was working extra mean. that is where he grow up. again, his killer got life without the possibility of parole. >> thank you. lawyers who filed a $10 million lawsuit against montgomery county police are calling for the department to stop all pursuits.
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their client is 18-year-old richardson. the only survivor of a deadly crash. the driver and two others were killed in an accident in march. they tried to stop the toyota echo but the driver sped away. richardson is charged with theft but the lawyer said he was a passenger in the vehicle. the car hit a tree, burst into flames and killd two 16-year- olds and a 14-year-old. >> it was negligent for the montgomery county police department and the chevy chase police department to have engaged in a pursuit at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour in the 25 miles an hour zone. >> montgomery county police thursday is no evidence the cars came in contact with the toyota echo. and the younger brother of two nfl players is new charged with murder in the death of a tourist. police say 19-year-old michael davis beat gary diedricks on
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emerson street on april 24th. he was visiting from denver and davis was arrested yesterday. he was the brother of vernon davis of san francisco team. today, lanier spoke out on wtop's ask the chief and claims the police union is preventing officers from getting the raises. the union filed a lawsuit this week claiming lanier didn't have the authority to negotiate salaries because of a 2007 contract that expired. >> it looks like the union is, once again, trying to stall negotiations through litigation. just like they did in 2008. very frustrating for me. the men and women of mpd deserve a pay raise and contract. i am frustrated it continues to be stalled. >> rank and file officers have gone five years withoutcontract and cost-of-living income. she signed a new contract that
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will pay her $250,000 a year. hundreds of columbia heights residents are asking city officials to revoke the liquor license of a 14th street carryout after an owner was indicted on felony charges. they found crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia inside a store during a raid and the owner was helping to facilitate sales. fox 5s paul wagner is here with the story you will see on fox 5. paul. >> reporter: more than 330 people have so far signed an online petition asking the abc board to revoke the license of the d.c. fish carryout. a market that sells beer, wine, snacks, and lottery tickets in the heart of columbia heights. the petitioner said the owner shouldn't be allowed to sell alcoholic beverages while facing serious felony charges. as fall turned to winter last year, d.c. police had a close eye on the d.c. fish carryout where they were told that drug dealers were selling crack with the help of the owner, a man everyone knows as bruce. >> the only thing i can say is
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that it was a result of several months of investigation that culminated in the indictment and all the abc and licensing issues rests with other agencies. our job is strictly on the criminal element. >> reporter: the chief did, however, confirmed that the drugs and paraphernalia were seized in february when the police executed a search warrant at the store. two other men, craig mccoy and timothy hill, were indicted with hune. mccoy is being held without bond and hill is on the run. >> i am happy that so many people care enough about the commune tight take a stand in this matter. -- community to take a stand in this matter. >> reporter: after hearing details of the case -- . >> since saturday, over 300 people signed it and many wrote heartfelt comments about taking back their neighborhood and protecting their children and their families. >> reporter: in response to why they signing the petition, one person wrote i live around the corner from this establishment. the owner and his codefendants are contributing to the
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poisonous drug-filled environment here and corrupting our youth. another said places like this are destroying neighborhoods and creating a dangerous atmosphere for everyone. bruce yun was in the shop when we visited earlier today and declined to speak on camera and told fox 5 the drugs were hidden inside his store unbeknownst to him and doesn't condone illegal activities. he was selling drug paraphernalia but he was under the imprig it was legal. -- impression it was legal. bruce said he was in business for 23 years and works alone and can't keep an eye on everything that might have been going on inside the store. he's aware of the petition and hasn't given the abc board his side of the story, brian? >> paul wagner tonight. and take a look. this is a half million worth of marijuana plants. howard county police found it in a man's basement. the vice and narcotics division raided the home on cross timbers court in laurel. they found sophisticated
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growing equipment. uni is charged with possession and intent to distribute. he was released on $25,000 bond. a drug driving arrest cost the head of the faa his job. a virginia judge dismissed the charges against randy bab it. he resigned in december after news of his arrest was made public. well, today, a judge saw video of the left turn bab it made that caused the officer to pull him over. the judge ruled that he had no reason to stop abbott and called him a hunk. the first is registered under the legal limit. more reaction pouring in from president obama's announcement that he supports gay marriage. the president said that his views on gay marriage have been evolving for some time, and he planned to go public with the new position later this year. on capitol hill, house leaders took different views of the president's now. >> and what he did was to advance the cause of civil rights. >> the fact is that the american people are focused on the economy. >> and the president's support
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for gay marriage is expected to be embraced to when he attends a major fund raiser tonight at the hollywood home of george clooney. the event is expected to raise more than $15,000. district legalized marriage a few years ago. at that point, two d.c. members voted against it. alexander and barry. there was plenty of pressure from senior citizens and the religious community. now that president obama supports gay marriage, will others follow? matt ackland has more. >> reporter: council member alexander said it was a hard decision for her. she believes in equal rights for all, but she said there was so much pressure from the residence of ward 7, that show voted against same-sex marriage. at the time, she used the president's position as cover. so, we wanted to know how she feels now? >> ayes are 11, the nos, two. >> reporter: it was a historic vote. the nation's capitol make gay marriage legal. >> it was really, a really
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difficult decision for me. >> reporter: ward 7 council member yvette alexander said she had to vote no because many of her constituents demanded it and threatened to vote her out of office if she didn't. >> and my personal view, which i always have to keep separate from me council vote, i never had a problem with it. >> reporter: alexandander watched president obama's comments on wednesday. >> it was bold for him to do that. >> reporter: and wonders if his words will change the minds of many she represents. >> i know wholeheartedly ward 7 supports president obama. ward 7 democrats, so i would still like to see what their views are new that the president has made this bowl statement. >> reporter: we went to one church that put the pressure on alexander to vote no in 2009. >> i'm sort of like the president. i have been thinking about this for awhile. >> reporter: mildred eckels told us show understands the world is changing and supports legal protection for same-sex
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couples, but she's not at the same place as the president. >> they need the same protech as everyone else, but i still believe -- protection as everyone else, but i still believe that marriage should be betweeman and woman. >> reporter: alexander said she is sure this will be a topic at churches across the nation on sunday and that maybe this is a turning point. >> it's more like president obama gave his personal view on some. i want to still stay tuned to what he will do as far as the -- as far as the law is concerned. >> would she had voted differently had he supported gay marriage years ago? she said it depends on whether the president's support would have changed the views in her ward. and by the way, we stopped by council member marion barry's office today and to see if he changed his vow inba any way and have not heard back from his office. >> thank you, matt. >> uh. mitt romney is denying allegations that he bullied high school classmates and insists that he didn't know
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some were gay. he apologized to anyone he may have offended by what he called hijinx and pranks during high school. he made the comments on a radio interview after watching a post reporter saying he held down a classmate and cut off his beach blonde -- bleach blonde hair when they were at a prestigious boarding school in a wealthy suburb. the post suggested the classmate was bullied because he was gay. prosecutors ended their case in the john edwards' trial. many friends and advisors were called to the stand during the 14 days of dramatic testimony. edwards is accused of masterminding a plan to use campaign funds from wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress real hunter. prosecutors didn't call her to the stand but she's on the list as a potential witness for the defense. coming up, metro is taking steps to keep passengers safe after buses go up in flames. we'll have details. a zip lining accident leaves a woman with a flesh eating bacteria.
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and dr. oz challenged the nation to transform their health for a chance to a million bucks two. finalists are from here and they'll join us live to see how their lives were changeed for the better. and we had a change weather- wise, too. got colder out there and the temperatures in the lower 60s for some of us. not here in the city, though and that is a great looking shot. let me tell you, it's going to be chilly out there overnight tonight and that looks like we're gorgeous the next few days. the complete forecast coming up. stay with us.  we love gardening...
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. two fires on metro buses prompted the transit agency to yank those bus models out of service. new, metro said they're off of the road for good. sherri ly joins us with the story. >> reporter: the two fires started in the bus hydraulic system. metro said two different hoses were not properly installed causing the fires. given the systems designed, it's too dangerous to put them on the road. the two buses caught fire last month within days of each other and this is route 50. no one was hurt and metro has 95 of these orion 6 buses. they were removed from service after the second fire. the same model bus also caught fire in 2010 due to a different issue and has been recalled three times by federal regulators because of safety concerns. metro estimates it would cost $4.75 million to make the
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necessary upgrades and since the buses are 12 years old, metro said it makes more sense to replace them now instead of spending the money to fix them. >> and they did not want to go back on the road. we didn't just want to take the risk. had we made the modifications, it would have been okay. >> and replacing the buses won't cost any additional money. they were already due to be replaced in a few years as part of the six-year capital budget. and in the meantime, metro is using the fleet of reserve buses until -- fleet of reserve buses until the replacement buses can come and they'll arrive in september. shawn? >> thank you. meantime, metro is blaming human error for a train derailment last month. they left the tracks after rush hour near the roslyn station. the transit agency said the track switch was not aligned because a worker failed to clamp it properly. it's standard procedure to check a closure before resuming
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service. the worker failed to do that and has since been fired. fox 5 is always monitoring metro. if you have a story idea, send an e-mail to fox 5 a shock to boxing fans here in d.c. lamont peterson recently failed a drug test. he won a thrilling title bout over amir kahn last september. he's accused of having an elevated testosterone level. the rematch is off. he appeared to fox morning news with his trainer barry hunter and peterson said he's not a cheat. >> i'm not going to cheat for anything. >> right j. it can be something simple. that is not me, not my character. >> peterson said that doctors have been treating him for a low testosterone level and since that treatment, he's taken the drug tests. only one taken in los angeles
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turned out positive. the caps upset the second- seated bruins in the first round and have taken the top- seated rangers to the game. lindsay murphy has more now. >> reporter: the capitals played well under pressure. they 2-0 in facing elimination. the team said they're not ready to go home yet. so far, they acting like it, too. >> the rangers did the unthinkable, scoring the game- time goal with 6.6 seconds to go in regulation and this, just a minute and 35 seconds into overtime. >> and walked on now. no! >> reporter: some think that some would think the capitals wouldn't be able to recover and win game 6. >> and that is how we are. we're a cool team and don't
5:19 pm
crack and we're done with the triple overtime and that is that luckel goal. >> since the beginning of the play-offs, we're -- we have a good group and a lot of guys like character guys. with ourselves, we were confident in our abilities. >> reporter: didn't take long for the caps to show they would bounce back. in fact, it took less than a minute and a half. >> and he scores! >> reporter: ovechkin's 30th career goal gave the caps 1-0 lead and tied him with peter bondra for the record. chmura gave the caps a 2-goal lead in the sec period. >> we did something new and that happened tonight, and that is something we wanted to do to create separation and a good atmosphere in the building and we did. the fans helped us win this one. >> the caps held on for the 2-1
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victor to even the best of seven series at three games apiece and saturday a game is the biggest yet. right, dale hunter? >> that is one game thing now. what comes down to one game. you play the long series and comes down to one game, though. >> no pressure. deciding game seven in new york saturday at 730time, and the caps looking to make history. the rangers never lost a game 7 on home ice and theysen-0. brian, i'll be in new york, our live coverage begins tomorrow in at 9:00 p.m. >> we'll be watching. thanks, lindsay. uh-huh. >> and today turned out to be a great day. really nice outside. feels good, too. >> and windy. you see the camera bouncing on the chilly side, gary. i guess we're in for a pleasant surprise new that we're into the end of the week here. >> and that is going to be real, real nice and tomorrow is going to be picture perfect and
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saturday, not bad i don't have time to think about it now. we'll show you what happened. made a couple of changes here and there and doesn't look like it's going to be perfect or bad. let me show you temperatures, though, this is pretty crazy with temperatures. 69 now in here in town and south of us, we're in the lower 70'. look back north and west, though, hagerstown is struggling to get out of the 50s. frederick is 64 and gaithersburg at 63. the farther north and west you go, the cooler it is. earlier, we had some showers showing up north and west as well. the big upper level system is moving through the trough of low pressure and really what that means, we see it kind of not a lot this time of the year but occasionally, we get one that comes across, colder air aloft and start building clouds during the day and get showers, too. most of that stayed to the north and west of us, a couple of the showers. you can see coming down from the northwest have made it into
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our northwestern counties. washington county and that is where hagerstown is and frederick county and the nowhere sections of carol county. to the north of i-70. basically with the setting sun, all of that activity is decreasing. 64 and breezy at 7:00. 59 at 9:00. fair skies and cool in town at 11:55. overnight tonight and chilly. we'll have some lower 40s out there with the clear skies and the dieing winds out in the suburbs tonight. again, next couple of days, picture-perfect and we'll talk about mother's day. see what we can do about that coming up. shape? >> we'll talk to you in a few minutes. check the forecast 24/7 with the fox 5 weather app. download it on your droid, iphone or ipad is come can you find it on your website, >> a possible explanation emerges as the search continues for a man accused of abducting a woman and her four daughters. and a mother accused of take her daughter into a -- taking her daughter into a
5:23 pm
tanning booth gets the cold shoulder in her home state. and if you have a story idea, call 202-895-3,000 or to
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. day two of jury deliberations in the murder trial of the man accused of killing jennifer hudson's family. william balfour is accused of killing them. the judge in the high-profile trial told jurors they would be sequestered until they reached a verdict. if convicted on all counsels, he faces a mandatory life in prison turn. >> the mississippi man of the murder thought he might be the father of two girls. he is accused of kidnapping jo ann bain and her four daughters. mayes' mother-in-law thought the missing girls might be his daughters and caused problems in his marriage. mayes is no on the fbis 10 most wanted list.
5:27 pm
coming up, the new jersey mother who made headlines and may have a hard time finding a place to tan. we'll explain. and why the cdc said skin cancer risks among adults is on the rise. and if they're transforming their health for a chance to win $10 million from dr. oz, you have to give them credit. two local finalists join them live. next.
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. dr. oz challenged america to get healthy and join the transformation nation. more than 1 million people took the challenge, agreeing to a seven-step plan to live better, stronger, and healthier. there are 10 finalists but one can win the $1 million prize. two are here from our area and we want to welcome sheila and stephanie. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. >> we were talking in the break
5:31 pm
and, sheila, let me start with you. we have the before and after picture of you. >> it's hideous. >> you said you began your gurney in september. how much did you weigh then and how much now or how many pounds have you lost, put it that way? >> i was over 200-pound when is i started in september and i have lost 46 pounds as of today. >> wow. >> and i have gone down seven inches in my waist and it's been fantastic. >> i am curious, stephanie, let me ask you the exact same thing. how has this changeed your life? where did you start and where are you now? >> it's crazy. i also was over 200 pounds. i am today at 51 pounds. i have lost 23% of my body weight. >> wow. >> i was telling she'll a have done six inches off of each thigh and eight off of my hips and two off of my waste and my
5:32 pm
arms. >> i read your bio. you said when you were younger, you were always the skinny girl. >> very much so. >> how does life change? you have been yoyodieting? what inspired you? >> what inspired me was health. i have health risks all over my family with diabetes and hearts and cancer is in my family. i was recently diagnosed with diver tickular disease. colon cancer is in our history. >> we saw pictures of your parents. explain why this is a personal journey for you? >> dad joined it with me. being over 400 pounds and the majority of his adult life, i needed him to get healthy as well and i had him join it with me. he was doing well and got up to a 60-pound loss n. march, he got really, really sick and was hospitalized. >> you brought a special t- shirt? >> i did. >> this was made for us by
5:33 pm a local company in fredericksburg, virginia. >> hold it up. >> and this is something we established, a weekly walk. >> uh-huh. >> and to get people active in the community and to have people strive for fit witness goals. >> uh-huh. >> and what have you done to lose weight. we know you joined weight watchers. that was part of the program. >> right. >> what else did do you besides eating right in. >> i go to a meeting every week, it's like my check-in to make sure i'm staying on track. i have gotten more active. i started riding my bike every day to work. so that is 12 miles each day that i do. >> wow. >> and i'm training for a triathlon. i like the multisports aspect of that. i have gotten more physically fit and made sure that i
5:34 pm
prioritize, exercise. >> and so many of us aspire to be healthy overall. how do you get it going? many of us say i'm going to start my diet. how do you get it going every day? >> it's easy. it's more worth it to me to keep track of the progress i have done and not let myself revert back. it's hard work and more worth it for the longtime goal than the short time moment of forever on the hips, moment on the lips. >> uh. >> you keep your priorities straight. >> and i think it's about that goal. you have to have something to strife for. i will be doing a half marathon this month and we'll do a full marathon in october. those are my goals and i am chopping off bit-by-bit and that is what keeps me going. >> you're not only an inspiration to us but the entire nation because you're in the middle of this, i must tell you i voted for both of you.
5:35 pm
>> and thank you. >> hopefully one of you guys wins the half million. take each other out to dinner. >> if i showed you how great d.c. is, they chose two people from here. >> that's right. >> we have an active and healthy region. >> congratulations to you and we wish you well. >> thank you very much for joining us. a remindder, vote for who you think should win the $1 million prize through this sunday. go to to cast your votes. thank you so much. >> thank you. the centers for disease control and prevention warns the high risk of skin canner is -- cancer is common for young people. half reported at least one sunburn the past year that can increase the chances of getting skin cancer later in life. indoor tapping is common with the highest rates -- tanning is none with the highest rates along white women. a new jersey woman accused of taking her daughter into a
5:36 pm
tanning salon is banned from some salons. she claims she never let the five-year-old girl do artificial tanning. several local salong say she's not welcome and some posted her picture to make sure employees know to look out for her. >> it was not natural and so fake. gives us a bad name and so many salons don't do -- don't do tans like that. >> her lawyers are looking into reports that the company is looking to market a tanned doll based on her image. how old is too old to breast-feed. and a zip lining accident leaves a young woman with a flesh eating bacteria. back in a moment. n a moment.  [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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. if you ever have ever seen it ever before, you know zip lining is fun.
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a georgia womenwoman is fighting for her life after she was hurts in a zip lining accident. she cut her leg and went to the hospital and got stitch and he was not getting better. she developed an infection from a rare flesh eating bacteria and they had to amputate her left leg and her remaining extremities are vulnerable. the daughter shows signs of improvement and the father remains hopeful she'll pull through. "time" magazine's latest cover is grabbing a lot of attention. the cover photo shows a mother nursing her three-year-old son who is standing on the chair and reads are you mom enough? it talks about attachment parenting, a method promoted in a 1992 book by dr. bill and martha sears. do you think the cover goes too far? search for my fox d.c. >> and provehicle testify. -- provocative. people are talking about it. still ahead on the news at 5. [ singing ] what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪
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>> turning a fight into a viral video. more of this coming up. and i'm with one of the greatest redskins of all time. dexter manly and i will let him speak when we come back and talk about this behind us. s be . and some beautiful weather on the way. gary's back with the forecast.  i'm one of six children that my mother raised by herself,  and so college was a dream when i was a kid.
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. caps report the only local sports team making news. the redskins throwing a kickoff party at the new indoor training facility. feldy has more. >> reporter: thank you very much, brian. it's the 80th anniversary party for the washington redskins who were founded 80 years ago and to celebrate the unveiling of the new practice facility, the bubble. which is behind me and one of the greatest redskins of all
5:45 pm
time, mr. dexter manly. good to see you. >> good to see. >>you and was told you're like a brother. >> i'm not sure what to say to that? >> and that is -- . >> i think he's a brother. >> you're doing a good job trying to rattle me. >> and i was told, the bubble, the name of the bubble? >> the joe gibbs bubble. >> and they never would have a bubble. >> he would not want one. they're fors isies. >> and -- they for sissies. i'm not in favor of it and this is in -- since 1994, i have been 26 now stadiums and you have to go with the trend. >> and bobby mitchell said this would have prolonged his career for 10 years. >> and give me 20. >> and i think snider may have been joking. >> yeah. >> and i don't think he wanted
5:46 pm
the bubble. >> and you won two super bowls. >> yeah. >> and played in three in. >> and that famous nfc championship game. do you miss play something do you miss crushing quarterbacks? >> and i miss crushing quarterbacks. can i tell -- to roll over my grandmother than get to danny white. i saw that before. >> you knocked down a pass, too. >> and darrell grant was at the right spot at the right time and we had a great football team and a lot of guys getting together. >> and everyone's -- and that is seeing like a lot of people would die and everyone is excited about him. what is your take on it? >> i would have a great defense and have to protect him and if you get outside the tackles,
5:47 pm
you're rolling the dice. >> are you impressed with what you have seen from him so far on and off the field in. >> and have not soon much. >> okay. >> and that is mike shanahan. i was not impress said to get into that and that isative rent than college. and a great football player to me and that did not pan out. a man among boys and i think he would be great for the city of washington, d.c. and probably smarty but i have to go with him. >> don't be jealous. >> thanks. >> and he is out.
5:48 pm
>> and he's going to find another camera. >> and that is not a bad day. >> the winds from the northwest and clearing the humidity out. >> yes. >> and will we get a break from that and with some lower humidity and clear skies, the wind is calming down and the temperatures are going drop and it will be chilly by early tomorrow morning and that is a gorgeous picture. the clouds are breaking up and loads of sunshine over the city and some temperatures this afternoon have responded to the sunshine and that is still chilly north and west, though. a mostly clear night tonight. we have a few clouds out there and they'll break up and dissipate over the next few hours. we're talking lower 40s in the suburbs. that looks like upper 40s here in town. nice and sunny, and just gorgeous the next few days. hard to get better. the question is what about mother's day? there is a chance of a few showers and right now, we're going to keep them in for late
5:49 pm
sunday. probably after 6:00 at night and most of mother's day is going to be pretty good. not as good as the next couple of days. you don't have to get far to the north and west before the temperatures cool down and hagerstown, 61. martinsburg, 64; gaithersburg, 63 degrees there and more clouds to the north and west. breezy at 7:00. 64 and a fair sky is really nice later on this evening. by 11:00, we're 55 here in town, probably already lower 50s to the suburbs. here the clouds and a few showers to the north and west of us. again we have a trough of low pressure that is colder air aloft. you heat up the ground. i don't know if you noticed this morning, we week up and -- woke up and it was brilliantly sunny and clear. through the day, the clouds built up and in some places, there was some rain, too and look to the west, though and how clear it is there. cincinnati to st. louis, chicago and to omaha and there
5:50 pm
is nothing but sunshine and high pressure. and this is representative of the trough here and that is shifting to the east the next few days. then we build into this stuff for tomorrow and on to saturday. it looks like by sunday, themselves will change a bit. more specifics on that in a second. 69 in town; quantico, 74 and with the sunshine here in up to, the temperatures have warmed up. we'll so if we made it up to 70 for a high today. 59 for beckley, 61 for pittsburgh and with that 64 for columbus and detroit -- detroit. 63 and binghampton, 48 degrees and the coldest in the air and that is touching them. i wanted to show you warmer south and west and we're not talking about extreme heat but the next few days, we're going to get warmer and not any 90s. temperatures in the upper 40s in up to and lower to mid-40s in the suburbs. loads of sunshine tomorrow
5:51 pm
morning and with that 53 to start. a little cool, sunshine and 68 at noon and high temperatures tomorrow and this is on saturday. right now, staying to the west of us for most of the day on mother's day and do what we can do and with that 73 tomorrow, 78 on saturday and that is not bad, 78 on sunday mother's day and more clouds in the late showers. monday, tuesday of next week, we're into an unsettled pattern and nothing too hot there. >> sounds good. and to the talk of the town on tmz. new information in the john travolta sexual assault lawsuit. harvey ref sin live in -- harvey levine is in l.a. what is this proof that he was not in l.a. the day of the alleged assault in. >> was supposedly in beverly hills. about 10 in the morn, this is when it happened.
5:52 pm
we found out the night before we got flight records showing he left los angeles from l.a. international airport and around 8:30 at night, and flew to new york city, landd about 4 in the morning in new york city. stayed all day in new york and night. had a wardrobe fitting for his movie at a hotel in greenwich village for all afternoon and went to dinner at night. there is no way he could have been in beverly hills, and we have the flight records and have spoken with the woman who did the wardrobe fitting and took the photographs of him. it all points to the fact that he could not have been anywhere near los angeles. >> that is just one of the stories. any information about the other lawsuit, the other masseuse alleging that something happened in chicago, i believe? >> no, it was atlanta. and you're absolutely right. that -- there is a second person who is alleging a similar incident and we can not tell but that. what i can say is that travolta
5:53 pm
was in atlanta shooting the movie and we haven't been age to confirm one way or another if the dates sync on that one and that is a separate lawsuit. that person has joined this if the lawsuit as a second plaintiff. and very quickly, george clooney's home under major lockdown for this big fund raiser for the president tonight. what do you been this? >> and this is a big deal. obama could raise $15 million we're out there and they, it's crawling with security and secret service and bomb squads, and wolfgang puck with ribs and everything else and, shawn, you will be relieved to know that clooney has gotten a large stock of abama -- obama's favorite beer bud light and that is being brought inside the house now. >> we can't wit until -- wait until tomorrow. we'll so you for tmz at 6:30 on fox 5. thanks, harvey. the investigation into an
5:54 pm
infamous art heist at a boston museum more than 20 years ago led to a connecticut yard. the authorities are digging up the property of robert gentile. the prosecutors believe the five-year-old reputed mobster was involved in the hoist. more than $100,000 worth of art, including works of rembrandt and monet were stolen in no one 90. the case has -- 1990 and the case is unsolved since. the ripple effects of the president's gay marriage endorsement. why some believe the news won't lead to changes. >> and after the death of a rider, metro makes changes to better prepare for a medical emergency. you like your pizzas hot? and cheesy? here, they like them fat. i am beth parker. the story of two d.c. guys competing for the title of world's fastest pizza maker. ♪
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. that is six-year-old ethan. he happens to have autism. his rendition of his idol, billy joel's "the piano man" has everyone including joel himself talking. >> billy joel could not have been respectful and more of a gentlemen and sent us a note. your son plays better than i do, i like his introduction better. >> ethan apparents -- parents are working with the group autism speaks to raise money for awareness. [ singing ] a cancer patient's story has gone viral. chris rumble is an aspiring filmmaker and is being treated for leukemia in seal. he decided to put a music video together using kellie clarkson's song calling it stronger and hope its this will
5:59 pm
lift the spirits of other cancer patients. it's cool. thank you for joining us at 5. the news edge at 6 starts now. the president's endorsement. was historic. the battle over same-sex marriage has a long way to g. the president said his opinion evolved on the issue. some states are not ready for change. fox 5s tom fit gerald is telling this -- is following. this. >> reporter: that's right, you don't have to look. look in our area, maryland and the district of columbia have laws allowing same-sex marriage. virginia doesn't. while the president's statement of support might be welcomed by same-sex marriage supporters, they're well-aware now his words have little effect on changing the patchwork of different laws in different states. historically, the president's comments


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