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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 10, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. these souvenirs look innocent, but the feds say they were the tools of an international drug trafficking group operating right here in our area. >> plus the man who killed a maryland state trooper at a local restaurant learns his fate, the dramatic day in court and the new details released in
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the case. >> and have you seen this? time magazine tackles the controversial parenting method while raising eyebrows with this shocking cover. we begin tonight with breaking news, one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives dead and the children he's accused of kidnapping are safe. police in nye albany mississippi -- in new albany, mississippi say adam mayes killed himself as the s.w.a.t. team moved in. mayes is accused of kidnapping a woman and her three girls. mayes was recently haitianed on the fbi's most wanted fugitive -- listed on the fbi's most wanted fugitive list. people accused of smuggling cocaine and then dealing it up and down the east coast. >> the fbi first got wind of this alleged criminal network of central machinery drug traffickers after a neighbor of
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one of the -- american drug traffickers after a neighbor of one of the suspects went to fairfax county police last year to complain about drugs being sold on his street. it turns out the honduran traffickers had been using dulles airport as a gateway to travel cocaine into the u.s. for the past seven years. the cocaine was hidden inside small wooden picture frames and shoes according to the fbi smuggled in the luggage of couriers then sold to a criminal network of honduran immigrants, 28 of them both men and women arrested today. >> honduras isn't a source country for cocaine. it's a through-point. of course, part of our investigation is to try to figure out what are the ends of this distribution network, where was it produced, who was really profiting from it, where did the proceed goes? >> as for the cocaine -- proceeds go? >> as for the cocaine, it was being sold in virginia, north carolina and massachusetts according to fbi special agent
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ron hoscoe. >> we have people who have little means and are addicted to cocaine and need to get resupplied and we have people of great means in our territory. they're of significant wealth who this is a recreational drug and they have the funds to go acquire it. >> according to the fbi, one of the men arrested in the conspiracy was selling cocaine at a jiffy lube in fairfax county. court documents say another was arrested after collecting boots filled with cocaine at a vietnamese restaurant at the eden center in falls church. >> we shouldn't look at any of this as an indictment of a particular business. more often than not we're going to see this is a wayward employee engaged in a scheme that touches on their work, that happens to be where they work, but their involvement is separate. >> two weeks ago we told you about a honduran woman caught smuggling cocaine inside chocolate bars and drink boxes. >> tomorrow it will be something else. >> that's right. you've seen and i'm sure reported on cases of where we
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have swallowers come in. >> caught with cocaine and heroin hidden inside their bellies. >> we have the challenge of identifying a different modality of the smuggling and we will. >> the fbi agent says his investigators built their case in part by listening in on phone calls, some of the 28 arrested today facing various gun and money laundering as well as drug trafficking charges. ges. >> bob barnard, thank you. you. another big story tonight, the man who shot and killed a maryland state trooper will spend the rest of his life in prison. the victim, trooper wesley brown, was just 24 years old when he was shot to death at an applebee's restaurant in forestville. he was working security when he ordered cyril williams to leave for being drunk and disorderly. williams left but came back and gunned down trooper brown. fox 5's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: in the early morning hours of june 11th, 2010, the applebee's restaurant in forestville, maryland, was
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crowded. two off-duty lawmen were working security when managers complained that this man cyril williams urinated while standing at the bar. this security video shows the two lawmen conducting williams outside the restaurant. cyril william drove away, then came back. when 24-year-old state trooper wesley brown stepped outside the restaurant door to take a phone call, he was cut down by gunfire. >> to have someone, anyone to die around you but have a partner of yours who you cared for that cared for everyone else take his last breath from your arms is something you can't comment about how you feel about that, something you carry with you all the time. >> reporter: inside the courtroom officer carl peoples told the judge ironically he wanted to arrest cyril williams, but it was trooper brown who pursuaded him let the man go. the late trooper's sister told the judge the revenge killing was foolishness. deputy state's attorney
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harrison in asking for the maximum penalty referred to the defendant as evil, said he had threatened witnesses and pointed out he has not expressed remorse. cyril williams declined to speak at the sentencing. his attorney noted the young man is maintaining innocence and intends to appeal the verdict. circuit judge shawn wallace said a quarter century ago the maryland legislature created the harsh sentence of life without parole for people who would kill again. judge wallace called cyril williams a threat, imposed that sentence, then added 25 consecutive years for weapons violations. a family member said trooper wesley brown was working that security job to earn extra money to pay for a feel trip for at risk youth who live in prince george's county, again his killer got life without parole. john henrehan, fox 5 news. news he is officially charged with murdering a d.c. tourist. investigators say michael davis
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attacked gary dedriches who was visiting from denver. this incident happened on emerson street northwest last month. davis is already in jail accused in two other assault cases. he's the younger brother of former redskin vernon davis who now plays for san francisco and miami dolphin cornerback vontae davis. former faa chief randy babbitt is off the hook, drunk driving charges tossed off filed against him. the allegations toss babbitt his job. the judge determined babbitt did make a correct left hand turn into a parking lot when he was stopped last december. babbitt said he does not regret resigning his job and is glad to have this behind him. a month after the embarrassing scandal hit the secret service government investigators interviewed the prostitute at the center of the affair. dania suarez voluntarily met with them at the u.s. embassy in spain. she claims the drunken secret service agent refused to pay her after a night together, so she went to police. prostitution is legal in colombia.
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eight secret service employees have lost their jobs in the scandal. tonight the ripple effects from president obama's support of same sex marriage even on the president's -- even though the president's opinion has evolved, some states aren't ready to change. fox 5's tom fitzgerald has the story. >> historically the president's comments are a milestone. >> i think same sex couples should be able to get married. >> but that long road to marriage equality for same sex couples is not over. currently 30 states including virginia have laws banning same sex unions while maryland is one of 18 states allowing civil unions or same sex marriage. >> we're going to unfortunately live with a patchwork of state laws for the time being. >> michael cole schwartz of the human rights campaign says while groups like his applaud president obama's position, he alone cannot change state laws. >> marriage is determined by the states. you don't get a marriage license from the federal government. so this will continue to be something that is hashed out at the state level.
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>> nationally opinions appear to be changing on same sex marriage. in 1996 a gal up poll found only 27% -- gallup poll found 27% supported gay marriage and 68% opposed. this week 50% asked supported gay marriage while the number opposing fell to 48%. >> i believe marriage is a relationship between a man and woman. >> for mitt romney who has had to apologize after a washington post story said he had bullied a gay high school classmate, the debate is now an unexpected campaign issue. >> i think this presents an opportunity for mitt romney. >> peter sprague of the family research council says opposing gay marriage strongly would be a way for romney to win over skeptical conservatives. >> unify the party around a defense of marriage as a union of one man and one woman. i think there's a clear contrast now to be drawn between president obama's position and governor romney's position. >> but that long road over gay
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marriage could wind back to washington eventually. the supreme court decides to weigh in on the issue itself. currently there are several cases that could make their way to the u.s. supreme court, all of them involving the defense of marriage act that was signed into law by president clinton in 1996 and define marriage as being between a man and a woman. right now those cases involve the obama administration's recent decision to no longer defend the defensive marriage act in court and all of those federal cases could wind up before the u.s. supreme court here in washington. in the newsroom tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. president obama is attending a big hollywood fundraiser tonight. it's held at the l.a. home of actor george clooney. 150 guests is held out $40,000 each to attend. some of the names on the guest list include robert downey jr., barbra streisand and toby
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mcguire. prosecutors rested their case in the john edwards trial. many of his closest friends and advisors were called to the stand during the 14 days of dramatic testimony. edwards is accused of masterminding a campaign fund to hide his mistress from his presidential bid. prosecutors did not call hunter on the stand but she a potential defense witness. testimony in the perjury trial of baseball great roger clemens continue. the jury heard about brian mcnamee, the strength coach. the general manager testified mcnamee asked specifically to be hired to train him. clemens is accused of lying to congress in '08 when he said never used performance enhancing drugs. we now know why some metrobuses are catching fire and what's being done to keep passengers safe. >> also time magazine's cover controversy with some eyebrow
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raising parenting methods. >> it's getting kind of chilly. the skies have cleared and the winds have settled down and we are headed for the 40s overnight. part of our west has some frost advisories posted, but we're talking about the weekend coming up in a bit at fox 5 news at 10:00. >> after 14 seasons with the redskins art monk has some nasty things to say about the nfl, details on his new lawsuit tonight a the news edge at 11:00. ♪
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we have breaking news now from greenbelt, maryland. hazardous materials teams are investigating a potential hazmat situation at goddard spaceflight center. happened a short time ago. we'll continue to monitor the story. any new details, we'll pass along in the next hour or so. monitoring metro, the transit action taking action tonight because some of its buses were in danger of catching fire. the agency first pulled the orion vi buses from service last month after two caught fire. now the rest of that model are being pulle following that. >> metro says the fire in the hydraulic system was caused by two different hoses not
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properly installed, so the cause was the way the buses are designed. they say it's just too dangerous to put them back on the road. last month two buses caught fire within days of each other, one of them caught fire on route 50. the good news is no one was hurt. after the second fire metro took all 95 of the orion vi buses from service. also you may recall back in 2010 the same model bus caught fire due to a different issue. those buses have been recalled three times by federal regulators because of safety concerns. the estimated cost to make these safety upgrades to these buss is over $4 million. -- buses is over $4 million. since the buses are 20 years old it makes more sense to replace them than fix them. >> we did not want to put them back on the road because we didn't want to take the risk. if we'd made all the modifications, then it would probably have been okay, but this is a faster thing, will give us safer buses and more efficient buses, too.
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>> replacing the buses won't cost additional money. they were already due to be replaced in a few years. meantime metro is using its fleet of reserve buses until the replacements arrive in september. ber. metro has fired an employee over a train derail. on the blue line. last month a train left the tracks just after rush hour near the rosslyn station. the transit's a track is one of was not aligned. because of that the -- track switch was not aligned. because of that the employee who failed to close it properly was fired. it's standard procedure to close it when checking service. have you seen it? the time magazine cover that has people talking tonight shows a mother breastfeeding her 3 1/2-year-old son, but the question is does it go too far? maureen, you covered this story tonight. what's the reaction? >> it depends who you ask. we showed this picture to several people. turns out more women had a problem with the picture than men. so the bottom line is everyone
10:18 pm
has an opinion on this one. it's the time magazine cover making headlines and generating strong reaction. >> that just looks ridiculous. >> what about it? it's a woman breastfeeding her child. >> i'm personally okay with it. >> yeah. it's creepy. >> but alexandria mom nicky killing said what may be getting lost in the controversy is the article the picture illustrates. it asks are you mom enough? the article is about attachment parenting, a trend pioneered almost 20 years ago by dr. william sears that advocates parents devote themselves 24/7 to their children for several years wearing them in slings, breastfeeding on demand and co- sleeping. killing is a supporter. >> the more that you are there for your child you build a confidence in them so that they can be independent in a is healthy way and in the back of their mind they'll always know that mom and dad are there for them and help them to express themselves in more independent ways than you can imagine. >> reporter: she and her
10:19 pm
husband say attachment parenting is helping them raise 3-year-old auria and 1 1/2-year- old honor into well adjusted kids and one day adults. >> my children are very independent and happy to explore the world on their own because they have the sense of comfort and security in home and that we're always there for them. >> killing says the time magazine picture may be controversial, but at least it's getting people talking, getting them to consider the benefit of attachment parenting even if it's in an eye popping way. >> i think that the magazine did its job in terms of catching people's attention. the negative will be if we stop there and don't have the discussion. >> in term of having a discussion, shawn and i just in the course of this story were talking about the picture. you said you're a little concerned about it. >> it looks -- maybe it's the way it's staged. personally for me it's not my choice or what i would, do but it's the fact that the little boy is actually looking at the camera and he's standing on a chair to be able to reach and it's just kind of -- >> if is indeed provocative.
10:20 pm
th it, but i guess the bottom line is they want people talking. the discussion continues tomorrow morning on fox 5 morning news. we've got a pediatrician coming in who will talk about some of the dangers actually associated with some aspects of attachment parenting. you can head to our fox 5 facebook page to weigh in and tell us what you think. >> people are definitely sounding off about this one. >> i'll say. d.c. still rocking the red after the caps' dramatic win over the rangers. next the players weigh in on their thrilling playoff run and look ahead to the deciding game 7.  [ male announcer ] are you paying more and morore for cae
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even the die hards didn't seem to have that high of hopes for the capitals this season, but they upset the second seeded bruins and now are a game away from going to the eastern conference finals.
10:24 pm
>> the caps have played well under pressure this season, especially the postseason. they're now 2-0 and facing elimination. this team has said all along they're not ready to go home and last night they proved it once again. lindsay murphy now with more on the resilient washington capitals. capi >> reporter: the rangers did the unthinkable in game 5 monday night scoring the game time goal with 6.6 seconds to go in regulation and then this, just a minute and 35 seconds into overtime. >> scores! >> causing some to think the capitals would never be able to recover and win game 6. >> everyone didn't count us out. that's the way we are. we're a cool team. we don't really crack and i think people said we're done after triple overtime. people said it was a lucky goal that tied up and ended at madison square garden. >> i think everyone counted us out since the beginning of the playoffs. i think for the guys in this
10:25 pm
locker room we got a good group, a lot of good character guys and holt has been playing unbelievable. we were confident in ourselves and our abilities. >> reporter: it didn't take long for the caps to show they would bounce back. in fact, it took less than a minute and a half. >> and he scores! >> reporter: alex ovechkin's 30th career postseason goal gave the caps a 1-0 lead and tied him with peter bondra for the franchise record. jason chimera added his fourth playoff goal in the 2nd period and gave the caps a two-goal lead. >> we got up two goals for once and it happened to help tonight. it's something that we wanted to do. we wanted to create a little separation, create a good atmosphere in the building and we did. the fans helped us win this one. >> reporter: the caps held on for the 2-1 victory to even the best of seven series at three games apiece, but saturday's game will be the biggest yet. right, dale hunter? >> it's a one-game thing now. both teams are going to be pumped and to may game 7,
10:26 pm
winner takes all. -- play game 7, winner takes all it. comes down to 1 game. you play these long series, but it comes down to one game now. >> one piece of bad news, the caps are going against history. the rangers are 7-0 all time in game 70s at home, although i don't think -- in game 7's at home, although i don't think the caps are worried about that stat at all. tonight neighbors wage war against a local carryout joint, what police say is happening inside and how the owner is defending himself. >> plus two rare and horrifying cases of flesh eating bacteria, one of them in maryland, the other involves a zip lining accident. those stories are coming up next. 
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. hundreds of d.c. residents want city officials to revoke the liquor license of a columbia heights carryout. the reason? the owner was indicted on felony drug charges and police
10:30 pm
say he was helping facilitate the sale of drugs. paul wagner has the story you saw first on fox 5. >> reporter: as fall turned to winter last year, d.c. police had a close eye on the d.c. fish carryout where they were told drug dealers were selling crack with the help of the owner, suk hyun, a man everyone knows as bruce. >> really the only thing i can say about the case is that it was the result of several months of investigation that culminated in the indictment and all of the abc and licensing issues rest with other agencies. our job is strictly on the criminal element. >> reporter: the chief did, however, confirm drugs and drug paraphernalia were seized in february when a search warrant was executed at the store. two other men, craig mckoy and timothy hill, were indicted with hyun. mckoy is in jail without bond. hill is on the run. >> i'm happy enough people care to make a stand in this matter. >> reporter: cecilia jones is
10:31 pm
setting up a petition on after hearing details of the case. >> since saturday over 300 people have signed it and many have written heartfelt comments about taking back their neighborhood and protecting their children and families. >> reporter: in response to why they are signing the petition, one person wrote, "i live around the corner from this establishment. the owner and his co-defendants are contributing to the poisonous drug filled environment here and corrupting our youth." another said, "places like this are destroying neighborhoods and creating a dangerous atmosphere for everyone." bruce hyun was in his shop earlier today. he declined to speak on camera but told fox 5 the drugs were hidden inside his door unbeknownst to him and certainly doesn't condone any kind of illegal activity. hyun said he was selling drug paraphernalia but was under the impression it was legal. >> that was paul wagner reporting. bruce hyun says he's been in
10:32 pm
the business 23 years and works alone and couldn't keep an eye on everything going on. he -- wear of the petition but has not yet given the abc board his side of the story. a police pursuit and deadly accident, the sole survivor of a horrific crash at chevy chase circle in march now suing the montgomery county police department for $10 million. rico richardson's lawyers wants the county to stop all police pursuits saying there's evidence to show pursuits often injure innocent bystanders. >> 75% of the people who are killed or maimed in police pursuits have nothing to do with the pursuits. they're not the officers. they're not the people in the cars. they're innocent citizens. >> police say they tried to stop the toyota echo because it had been reported stolen two weeks earlier, but the driver sped away. the driver and two other teens were killed in the accident. police say there's no evidence any of their cars came in contact with the echo. we are still learning about another disturbing incident on an airplane. a man is under arrest after trying to enter the cockpit of
10:33 pm
a commuter plane. the u.s. irways express jet was flying from maine to -- airways express jet was flying from maine to philadelphia but was forced to land early. passengers helped subdue him. dozens of people forced out of their apartments when a navy jet hit their complex in virginia beach will be heading home soon. the navy says it's finished repairing the mayfair mews. the april accident destroyed 27 units and damaged several others. the navy is still investigating the cause of that crash. it happens very rarely, but tonight we're hearing about two cases of flesh eating bacteria, one in georgia and one in maryland. the family of an 11-year-old girl in baltimore is mourning her death. a week ago she bumped her leg and the pain suddenly became unbearable. doctors say the rare bacteria attacked the site of the wound and spread quickly through the girl's body.
10:34 pm
her grandmother is still in disbelief. >> if your child says something hurts them, pay attention. did i, but it was still too late. >> flesh eating bacteria can kill a child in 72 hours and is often hard to diagnose. a georgia woman is fighting for her life. she contracted the flesh eating bacteria after getting hurt in a zip line accident. >> reporter: a university of west georgia graduate student fighting off a deadly infection. it all started after a zip lining accident. amy copeland fell and cut her leg. she got 22 stitches and the flesh eating bacteria. the symptoms started right away. >> extreme pain, change in coloration around where the injury was turns black or you notice it becomes oozing or pussy go to your doctor immediately. >> it's believed the bacteria got under her skin and traveled through the bloodstream. once it's in the blood the infection can spread easily to other parts of the body. doctors already amputated amy's leg at hip. they could take more drastic
10:35 pm
steps. >> her arms, for instance, might be a problem. >> in some cases a hyperbaric chamber can prevent the infection from spreading, but amy's condition is very serious. she even went into cardiac arrest after her amputation. amy's dad set up a facebook page to keep everyone updated on her progress. >> 3,000 people die from this particular problem every year. if you are exposed or you have a gash or cut, it's important to keep it very clean. put an antibiotic solution on it. >> reporter: amy's digestive system is showing signs of progress. her family is appealing to the public for help with blood donations. in atlanta john roberts, fox news. coming up the mom accused of letting her 5-year-old into a tanning booth is black listed. we'll explain next. >> later fans, legendary players and cheerleaders helped open the newest addition to redskins park. but first here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> a new record low for
10:36 pm
mortgage rates, a 30 year fixed rate falling to 3.83%. it has never been in that territory ever. the 15 year rate mortgage is also dropping to its lowest level ever and gas prices are continuing their drive down, the national average for regular unleaded sliding in 23 of the past 24 days, but mitt romney, the likely republican nominee for president telling me the president's energy plan is not doing anything to help lower those prices. maybe that drop is helping push more drivers to buy cars. a new report is saying auto sales are on pace for their best year since 2007. a lot of pent up demand meanwhile from consumers helping move more cars off lots. to wall street stocks finally ending in the green and breaking what had been a six session losing streak and celebrating mom with a cruise, princess cruises kicking off a special mother's day sale and knocking off up to 700 bucks on certain trips. the deals run through monday. that's business.
10:37 pm
i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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day two of jury deliberations in the murder trial of william balfour accused of killing jennifer hudson's family. the judge told jurors they would be sequestered staying in a nearby hotel. if convicted on all counts balfour faces a mandatory life in prison. the investigation into an infamous art heist at a boston museum over 20 years ago led to a connecticut yard. authorities are digging up the property of robert gentile. it's believed this 75-year-old reputed mobster was involved in the heist of over $75,000 worth
10:41 pm
of artwork stolen back in 1990. the case has remained unsolved. several new jersey salons are banning the mom accused of putting her 6-year-old daughter in a tanning booth. patricia krentcil is charged with child endangerment but claims she never let her daughter do any artificial tanning and said the little girl got burnt while playing outside. several local salons say she's not welcome and some even posted her picture to make sure employees know who to look out for. >> it wasn't natural. it was so fake and it just gives us a bad name and there's so many good salons out there that don't give tans like that. >> krentcil said her lawyers are looking into reports that a company is now marketing a tan doll based on her image. [ laughter ] >> are you kidding? she's about as tan as they come. we're just going to ignore that, just moving on. hundreds of pounds of pot found in a local home, the suspect is someone who knows a lot about lab work. we'll talk to neighbors coming
10:42 pm
up on the news edge at 11:00. >> and new details on the hazing death of a florida band student, a staffing change that no one saw coming. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options.
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with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering.
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the countdown is on to the summer olympic games in london. earlier today the olympic torch was lit in greece done the old- fashioned way with sunlight magnified by a mirror. next week the torch relay from athens to london will get underway. 490 torch bearers will carry the torch across 1,800 miles of greece. >> this special flame will carry with it a message of peace and friendship and also the respect and goodwill of the people of the united kingdom. >> the name will arrive in london may 18th. the summer games kick off july 27th and run through august 12th. the redskins are celebrating a special anniversary. today they brought back some summer greats for a kickoff party -- some greats for a
10:46 pm
kickoff of the new edition to redskins park. >> the team was founded back in 1932 as the boston braves and a year later they changed their name to the boston redskins and in 1937 they relocated to washington d.c. today the team celebrated their 80th anniversary and opened their brand-new indoor training facility. it was a much needed addition to the park so they can practice when there's bad weather and it was a good party with redskins cheerleaders and, of course, the famous hogs. a number of redskin greats were part of the festivities and i asked some of them their thoughts on the skins' new bubble. >> this is awesome. i could have had another five years to my life. >> reporter: you wouldn't have had to play in the rain and snow. >> i wouldn't have had to be in that cold and rain and geez and falling in the ditches. >> most places don't have these types of situations with what they need to get done as far
10:47 pm
making time count when you're on the field. we can't call it practice because we got a thunderstorm. you can come in here now. >> quite a piece of work, isn't it? >> you want to race? bobby mitchell. >> we couldn't make 10 yards. >> i challenge bobby. i can beat him today. i got canes and everything. >> patrick was always a hoot. >> an nation there. >> he thinks he can still play. i don't think he can. >> don't tell him that. >> dan snyder says they were jokingly going to call it the joe gibbs bubble. it's a joke because joe gibbs always said don't want a bubble because he always liked the outdoors and dexter manly, you heard him joke about the sissy thing, but it actually is much needed because it makes them a much more efficient team especially when sue is calling for some of the white stuff or some of the wet stuff and then they had to get to another facility in a bus. now they just go here.
10:48 pm
>> are they going to invite us down, do you know? >> would you like one the next time i'm invited? >> it's big. you can fit all your friends and sue palka's money in that. it's huge. >> we might need a bigger one. >> the fox 5 bubble. >> thank you, feldy. >> speaking of weather, hopefully you are not calling for snow or rain. >> i am calling for a gorgeous friday and followed by a possibly more supreme saturday. we're still on track for that. notice i left sunday out. sunday looks good. i think it will be a little cloudy part of the day and we may, in fact, have a couple showers late sunday, but we are in really good shape as we head into the weekend. i will say this. tonight will get a little chilly. don't be surprised tomorrow morning you step outside and you're like wait a minute. what happened to may? let's look at the weather headlines. headed for the 40s under clear skies and the winds that have gotten lighter tonight and wouldn't be surprised if
10:49 pm
there's some low 40s at that well out to the west in the mountains some frost advisories, so sensitive plants could be actually damaged in the mountain areas, garrett county and down through tucker and preston. nice and sunny the next few days and the temperatures will start a bit of an uptick. we'll be pushing 80 by the end of the weekend. there could be a couple showers late mother's day, not anything to worry about, but the clouds will probably be a bit more obvious by the noon hour on sunday. meanwhile today really nice to see the sun, almost desperate to see the sun, very energizing. 70 degrees at reagan national, all below normal, dulles 66 degrees. we had a very gusty wind most of the day. the wind settled down tonight. it will be a little breezy top but not as gusty as today. -- tomorrow but not as gusty as today. gaithersburg 46 degrees, d.c. still 60. most places with the very dry air and clear skies and lighter winds are headed for the 40s.
10:50 pm
we could see manassas was already down there. manassas may be headed down to 42 degrees tonight. frederick could get to 40. we definitely call that chilly in the middle of may, 49 degrees d.c., quantico 51 and annapolis coming in at 48 degrees. as we look at satellite and radar, we mostly had clear skies, but we have a little patch of clouds traveling down through central virginia. there have been a couple sprinkles with that. that is moving away and we don't expect any additional. there's still a couple clouds and showers through pennsylvania, but this pattern is getting ready to depart. i'm showing you this wide view because this clear expanse is tomorrow's weather and saturday's weather. they're getting a nice drought busting rain across texas, this storm not slated to come our direction, but there is a frontal system up across the northern plains that will eventually travel in this direction on sunday. for tomorrow it's high pressure that is going to still be building in somewhat, still a little to our west, which is why we'll have a bit of a breeze tomorrow. we will eventually get mild,
10:51 pm
about 73 degrees tomorrow, and we'll have a lot of sunshine. that high gets right on top of us for saturday and saturday weather is looking spectacular as well. overnight fair skies, 49 in the city, low to mid-40s in the suburbs, so definitely a chilly start for your friday, but a sunny warmer day, temperature climbing to 73, still a noticeable breeze from the northwest 10 to 20, but maybe we can ditch those gusts to 30 during the day tomorrow. expect upper 40s and low 50s at 8 a.m. by noon we're up to 68 degrees and by 5:00 lots of sunshine and temperature of 72. rolling into the weekend we think we have a little warming trend to plan for, temperature saturday about 78 degrees, comfortable humidity, mostly sunny skies, sunday, though, clouds increasing in the afternoon. there could be a couple evening showers. i think after 7:00 or 8:00 the way things look now, so nothing to spoil mother's day. quick look at futurecast, clear skies tomorrow. we roll this into saturday, still looking good through the
10:52 pm
afternoon, possible that we get high clouds very late on saturday and on into sunday, but i wanted you to see any showers we do get mostly west and trying their best to hole off until later in the day. so -- hold off until later in the day, so looks like we're in good shape for this weekend. temperatures climbing into the mid-eventually upper 70s. next week, the front coming sunday that will get in here for sunday night will likely stall across our area. that mines monday, tuesday and maybe wednesday next week possibly a little -- means monday, tuesday and maybe wednesday next week possibly a little unsettled with showers. 73 is a bit below average. 75 is average now. we're getting closer to average. >> 2 degrees make a big difference for you there? >> no. it's good. >> she's just checking. did you see that face he gave me? >> just trying to figure out. >> thank you, sue. >> remember to download the fox 5 weather app. go to apple's app store, the android market, search for d.c. weather. it's also on our website.
10:53 pm
the person who takes the last spot in the top three and heads home for a hero's welcome is phillip phillips. >> the votes are in. hollie cavanagh is out. the 18-year-old made the miley cyrus hit the climb her final song in the competition. phillip with joshua ledet and jessica sanchez move on and get to make a special return to their hometowns for next week's show. on our my fox d.c. facebook page viewers seem to support the votes. mary responded they picked the right person to leave and faith has her own prediction writing thought it was right and wouldn't be surprised if phillip wins. >> reporter: do you like your pizza hot and cheesy? here they also like them fast. i'm beth parker with the story of two d.c. guys competing for
10:54 pm
the title of world's fastest pizzamaker. >> in minutes on the news edge a teacher in trouble accused of using a punishment normally reserved for dogs on her students. we'll explain. >> if you see a story we should look into, send your tips to fox5tips at or call us at 202-895-3000. 
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10:57 pm
the competition is really heating up, two area pizzamakers who work for domino's qualified for a competition in las vegas. they hope to be crowned the world's fastest pizzamaker. >> reporter: concentrating like an olympic runner ready to pounce out of the gate. >> i've got a million things going on in my head and i'm trying to quiet them. >> reporter: his name is
10:58 pm
domino joe. his sport is pizza. joe burke and jesse danner are domino's pizza employees, both qualified to head to las vegas next week to compete for the title of world's fastest pizmaker. >> being rail fast at make -- pizzamaker. >> being really fast at making pizzas is like being an athlete. i do push-ups, sit-ups. i'm going to win. he'll get second. >> every day i text him with my times and he never responds. >> reporter: we asked them to prove it, one cheese, one pepperoni and one mushroom. joe finishes in 41.1 seconds. then jesse takes a turn. >> get set, begin! time! >> reporter: 46.4 seconds. >> i'm sweating a bit. >> reporter: joe's time is shy of the all time record, 39. sick seconds. domino -- 39.6 seconds. domino joe can also throw. >> yikes. that's not right. you can't catch it like a
10:59 pm
football. you want to catch it like this. you need to make a wall of hands. ready for it? >> reporter: yup. i'm ready. >> there you go, perfect. >> it's tremendous fun. i couldn't imagine sitting behind a desk. >> reporter: they each have their own style. >> i have a very wide swing and an extremely slow sauce. i slow my sauce down to a crawl and then i explode out of my sauce. >> reporter: joe shaves three seconds off his time by exhaling whenever the dough hits the pan. >> if i'm exhaling when i do that, it falls perfectly for me every time. >> reporter: they'll tell you perfect pepperoni is the trickiest part. jesse is joe's boss. >> if he beats me, that's fine as long as he brings the title back to washington d.c. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> they've got it down to a science. we certainly wish them well. you can go to our website to see video of getting a full lesson how to make the perfect pizza fast.


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