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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 11, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. this virginia school and church the scene of a terrifying crime, a woman attacked, sexually assaulted and robbed by two men. >> plus a verdict in the trial of the man accused of murdering jennifer hudson's relatives, both sides reacting to the
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dramatic day in court. >> we're in new york talking to fans as the caps prepare for game 7, a showdown with the rangers. we'll begin with the brutal attack outside of fairfax county school and church. good evening. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm shawn yancy. two men beat, robbed and sexually assaulted a 50-year- old woman at a school on gallows road next to a church in merrifield. fox 5's maureen umeh is here now with the details. >> the holly brook montessori school is run by the church next-door. the two suspects viciously attacked the woman behind the school hitting her with a brick or rock. tonight police are warning neighbors to be on alert. fingerprint dust on the doors of the holly brook montessori school, fairfax county police combing the scene for clues that could lead to two attackers who viciously assaulted a 50-year-old woman just after 1 a.m. friday morning beating her, sexually assaulting her, then robbing her. >> she had to go to the hospital because of these
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injuries. she's still at the hospital now and it's been difficult to get information from her because of these injuries. >> police say it happened behind the school run by the church right next-door. neighbors say the church is a haven for people looking for help. it is not known what the victim was doing there. >> we are trying to ascertain why she was there, what she was doing. we don't think she was walking. we don't think she was coming from the metro. >> neighbors are shock something so violent could happen in the quiet community. >> i'm so shocked from the whole thing because you don't see that here, you know. it's three churches, quiet and peaceful. people pass by. they're friendly and say hi, but not something like this. >> so donna says she's even more unnerved knowing it happened along busy gallows road. police say the men fled on foot but they are concerned they could return and warn neighbors to be on guard. >> the victim was beaten in such a violent way that it
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raises our concern that these two perpetrators are still out there. >> it is scary. i mean i advise everyone just be aware. >> the victim ran out to gallows road and so far there is no suspect description. the victim is expected to recover from her physical injuries. another big story tonight, a verdict in the case against a man charged with killing jennifer hudson's relatives. after three days of deliberations a chicago jury convicted hudson's former brother-in-law william balfour of murdering her mother, brother and 7-year-old nephew. fox 5's wisdom martin has the story. >> jennifer hudson took the witness stand and endured weeks of excruciating testimony about the killings and today was overcome with emotion as the verdict was read. jurors deliberated three days before reaching their verdict against william balfour, the estranged husband of hudson's sister julia. balfour now faces a mandatory
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life prison sentence. is that this was a vicious cold blooded inhumane execution of three people including a 7-year- old child, a child who just happened to be home from school that day. >> with no surviving witnesses or fingerprints in the murder, prosecutors built a circumstantial case against balfour by calling 83 witnesses over 11 days of testimony. >> it has always been our position and it still is that william balfour is innocent of these murders and we're hoping that the appellate court will look at this case with a very critical eye. >> the prosecution says the killings happened october 24th, 2008, the morning after julia hudson's birthday. they say balfour became enraged when he stopped by the home and saw a gift of balloons in the house from her new boyfriend. >> this crime was not done for financial reasons. this was personal. >> after his estranged wife left for a job as a bus driver, prosecutors said balfour went
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back in the home with a .45 caliber handgun and shot hudson's mother, then shot jason hudson twice in the head. prosecutors said balfour then drove off in jason hudson's suv with julia's son and shot the boy several times in the head. three days later his body was found in an abandoned vehicle several miles away. >> pictures, it was very, very hard because they were very graphic. we knew we had to stay focused. >> jennifer hudson who was in florida at the time of the killings taneyed every day of the two weeks of testimony. -- attended every day of the two weeks of testimony. hudson did not speak after the verdict, but cook county state's attorney anita alvarez had spoke with hudson and her sister julia moments after it came down. >> they are relieved and we hope this verdict gives them some sense of justice. >> the defense says june 8 they will file a motion for new trial. balfour's attorneys say someone else in the neighborhood targeted the family because of the alleged drug dealing by
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hudson's brother jason, but they didn't have any evidence to support that theory. >> wisdom martin, thank you. a guilty verdict against a maryland campaign consultant accused of trying to keep black voters from the polls. julius hensen worked for former governor robert ehrlich's 2010 campaign convicted for conspiracy for issuing robocalls that went out to primarily black neighborhoods in baltimore. those calls told voters not to worry about voting because martin o'malley had already won. hedge son was aequated on three other -- henson wasn't quitted on three other charges. housing and the economy are taking over the presidential campaign. yesterday the president supporting gay marriage took on every the headlines. today mitt romney trying to draw attention back to his campaign. fox 5's tom fitzgerald is following both kahns. >> fresh off raking in if i -- campaigns. >> fresh off raking in $15 million at a fundraiser at george clooney's home, president obama turned his attention to other homes
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friday, specifically the ones whose owners can't pay their mortgages. >> you're not looking for a handout. >> speaking in reno, nevada, the president attacked congress for not passing his plan to provide more assistance for people upside down on their mortgages at a time when the economy is not right side up. >> they could make of homeowner in america who is under water now eligible to be able to refinance their homes if they're making their payments and responsible and doing the right things. >> for his part republican presidential candidate mitt romney appeared in north carolina just three days after voters banned same sex unions. romney instead focused his remarks blasting labor unions. >> the president doesn't want to play fair in that basis. he wants to do the bidding of these old union ceo bosses. >> romney says as president he would knock down obama administration rules requiring federal projects to be constructed by union labor. >> we believe in freedom and letting people choose whether or not to be part of unions and
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if i'm president, i'm going to return that freedom. >> but analysts say romney has spent the entire week in catch- up mode. >> he wants to concentrate on the uncertainty, the economic uncertainty. >> fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin says with news that the cia foiled a terrorist bomb plot and the president supporting same sex marriage, the romney campaign has been struggling to keep up. >> any time the sung matter goes anywhere else -- subject matter goes anywhere else it doesn't help mitt romney. he hasn't reached that crucial point where people are vote ago firm tim for romney. >> but with -- voting affirmatively for romney. >> but with early visits to nevada it appears both campaigns are trying to plant seeds to harvest next november. the nevada and north carolina visits are deemed important because both states are viewed by many analysts to be in play november. governor romney will be in
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virginia saturday speaking to christian conservatives in lynchburg at liberty university. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. fox first lady michelle obama spoke at virginia tech spring commencement today. she addressed more than 5,000 graduates and their relatives. the white house says she chose virginia tech because of the university's resilience in the face of several incidents of campus violence. >> there will always be folks who make assumptions about you based on superficial things like where you're come or what you're wearing or how you look. there will always be folks who judge you based on just one thing that you say or do, folks who define you on one isolated incident and here at virginia tech i know you all know a thing or two about what that's like, but you also know that in the end people can only define you if you let them. >> april 16th marked the five- year anniversary of the virginia tech shooting massacre
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that left 33 dead. >> we are wrapping up the workweek with pretty nice weather. let's take live look outside. the question is will it stick around the rest of the weekend? it is mother's day this weekend. gary mcgrady is in the weather center with some news on the forecast. >> it's going to be nice tomorrow, not as nice for mother's day, but we'll work extra hard the next 24 to 36 hours and see if we can't do better, but right now looks like there's some clouds, maybe even a few showers on mother's day. nothing has changed there. let me show you numbers. this evening you know just how nice it is if you were out. we're only down to 66 degrees now in the city. look around in the suburbs, manassas 54 and culpeper , frederick and gaithersburg both 55 degrees and annapolis along the water, gorge evening there to be sure with -- gorgeous evening there to be sure with a temperature of 62. this is not the right forecast.
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this is not the right graphic. let me skip that and show you basically -- you can come back to me if you want. i want to talk about the fact the jet stream will be lifting north this weekend keeping us a bit on the warm side. we'll be approaching 80 degrees tomorrow. we'll have your complete forecast coming up. a garbage truck caught fire on 370 the worst possible time for commuters. the fire shut down the ramp on 370 just before 270 at the start of the evening rush. sky fox shows the long traffic backup waiting to get through at 5:00 tonight. no one was hurt. a near crash on a metrobus sent 11 people to the hospital. a car cut off the bus and turned down the alley near eastern market. a passenger says the driver hit the brakes hard throwing passengers everywhere. luckily there were only minor injuries. no word whether the driver of the car was ticketed. redskins legend art monk is now taking the nfl to court, new details about the concussion lawsuit and what it means for the game's future.
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>> also we're in the big apple for the caps big game with the rangers. fox 5's lindsay murphy has some fun with the fans next. >> later in the edge a string of beauty heists across d.c., maryland and virginia caught on tape.  [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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i feel like we should have more dramatic music. >> that's right. >> this time tomorrow feldy, we could know the fate of the caps. >> we absolutely could bar nothing overtime. at this time tomorrow we will know whether the caps season is continuing or whether their season is over. keep this in mind, shawn. they've played 13 postseason games. six have gone to overtime. so the waiting is the hardest part. we couldn't wait anymore, so we sent lindsay murphy to new york. she's already there on the eve of the biggest game of the caps season and taking the pulse of new york city. >> reporter: when in new york there's no better place to be than midtown at the nhl powered
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by reebok store. i take it you're a rangers fan. >> i am. actually my son is. we're from fort laird dale, florida. -- fort lauderdale, florida, and he is a huge rangers fan. >> reporter: can i interest you in this one? >> heck no. >> reporter: why not? i think red and capitals would be a perfect color for you. >> where are you from, washington? >> reporter: if you had to pick between the rangers and capitals who would be it? >> caps. >> reporter: it was that easy? >> reporter: rangers, rangers, rangers, too much rangers stuff. caps, caps, caps, oh, i have no idea if this is a sign or an omen, but lord stanley hanging with the caps jerseys today. how do you feel about tomorrow's deciding game 7, lose or go home? >> the caps are going home and the rangers are going the next step. >> reporter: you willing to put money on that? >> oh, yes. for my rangers, yeah.
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>> reporter: we're obviously in new york so rangers stuff is flying off the shelves. let's see if we can help caps get their sales up. cap, cap, cap. oh, rangers. ♪[ music ] >> go caps. >> reporter: alex ovechkin with the intimidating staredown, a face he will need tomorrow night against the rangers, game 7 right here at madison square garden. from new york city lindsay murphy, fox 5 sport. >> i like that she got the philly fans to help her put the cap stuff over the rangers stuff. >> that was pretty cool. according to the philly fans, it's the caps hands down. do you think we have a good chance tomorrow? >> i think we do. the caps beat the bruins in the
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first round the no. 2 seed. they're trying to take care of the no. 1 seed, the rangers, although the rangers have never lost a game 7 at home. i still like the caps chances. if they win, they'd take on the new jersey devils, a sixth seed versus the seventh seed. the seeds really don't matter and most of these games are one- goal games. they have as good of chance as any. i'll tell you who i like and it doesn't mean it will work, but i like who scores first. so i hope that's the caps tomorrow night. >> i'll be thinking about that watching the game. thanks, feldy. one of the great redskins of all time is suing the national football league for its handing of player concussions. art monk retired as the nfl's all time receptions leader but now says he suffers from mental impairments due to numerous head injuries from his playing days. fox 5's bob barnard has more. >> during art monk's 14 year hall of fame career in washington the redskins won three super bowls, no.
10:19 pm
81 suffering his fair share of concussions along the way now joining a class action lawsuit against the nfl and helmetmaker ridell. morning is not talking today, but his l.a. lawyer is. >> we represent about 320 nfl football players all of whom have this concussion syndrome. some it's drastic. some people are unable to work. some people cannot remember the middle names of their children. >> tom girardi won't go into detail about art monk's ll, i think he's doing okay. i think that would be, you know, the way to describe it. >> back inside, steps up, fires it down the far side. he's got to complete to monk. >> art needs to do what he believes and peoples is right for him. >> joe thiesmann spoke to us by telephone from boston today. >> i'm a firm believer. i haven't had tests done yet, but i believe i have post
10:20 pm
concussion syndrome. i mean i have even more so in the last couple of years i've noticed memory issues, a little bit of balance issues. >> thiesmann says he hasn't decided whether to join one of the class action lawsuits. >> i am going to join the suit because i'm in that class. >> former redskins team captain and head hog george stark has a new son and a history of concussions from his playing days. >> the only question is and i think that's what art's suit is addressing, as are other class action suits, is did the nfl know that there would be long term effects from repeated can only cushions and, if so, do they bear any responsibility? their position is they didn't know and i think that's just unbelievable. >> i know the national football league and players association in conjunction have worked very, very hard on the safety of the players that play our game. >> but thiesmann says he's concerned about the future of
10:21 pm
the game. >> if you legislate hitting out of hockey, you wind up with the icecapades. >> in a statement to fox 5 news the nfl says it has long made player safety a priority and continues to do so and the league says any allegation the nfl intentionally ought to mislead players has no merit. we've reached out to the lawsuit's co-defendant, the helmetmaker, but have not heard back from them. i'm bob barnard, fox 5 news. a staggering misfire by a wall street giant. jpmorgan just posted a $2 billion trading loss. how does that happen? that's what the feds want to know, details on the other side of the break. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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  . >> closed captioning on the fox 5 news edge at 6:00 brought to you by the maryland hospital center, southern maryland's healthcare leader since 1977. 
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wall street giant jpmorgan chase admitted to an enormous $2 billion trading loss. wall street didn't see this one coming. the dow ended down 34 point today and now the securities and exchange commission wants
10:25 pm
to know what went down. fox business network's peter barnes has the story. >> reporter: a $2 billion trading loss at jpmorgan chase, the nation's largest bank, rocked wall street and washington, but so far it does not appear to be threatening the broader economy or banking system. >> think of how much better shape the banks are in today in 2012 than they were in '07. it's worlds of difference. they're sitting on more than a trillion dollars in cash. >> reporter: jpmorgan stock fell 9% friday dragging other banging stocks down with it. a source close to the matter said the sec launched a preliminary investigation. the losses involved risky bets with hybrid securities, the kind that helped trigger the financial crisis in 2008. >> i think it's safe to say all the regulators are very focused on this, but i really can't comment. >> reporter: jpmorgan is considered one of the financially strongest banks in the world and until now one of the best managed. even with the losses the bank
10:26 pm
said it could report a $4 billion profit this quarter. ceo jamie diamond said the losses were a sloppy self- inflicted embarrassing mistake resulting from bad judgment. no one is suggesting yet that the bank broke any rules or laws, but administration officials and consumer advocates say the debacle shows that recent financial reforms that some republicans want to repeal need to stay in place. >> the smartest wisest bank is flummoxed over these transactions calling them too complicated. what else lies out there? these are landmines across the financial battlefield. >> reporter: late friday the debt ratings company fitch down graded jpmorgan and as with all banks and their customers, the deposits of jpmorgan's more than 30 million customers are insured by the federal got up to $250,000 per account. peter barnes, fox business. a federal judge in north
10:27 pm
carolina refused to throw out the federal corruption charges against john edwards. lawyers for the former senator and presidential candidate asked the judge to dismiss the case claiming the prosecution failed to improve edwards intentionally violated the law. the judge ruled there is enough evidence. let the jurors decide. facebook co-founder eduardo savern renounced his u.s. citizenship. his stake in the company is about 2%. even if facebook shares priced towards the low end, savern stands to make several billion dollars. renouncing his citizenship could lower his tax bill on that fortune after shares of facebook go public. he's reportedly taking up residency in singapore. tonight we're learning more about the intense manhunt that ended with the rescue of two kidnapped sisters. new details about how the drama played out and the fugitive killer behind it all. >> if you see a story we should look into, there's the number and the e-mail address. we're back.
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a teenager accused in a series of vicious hammer attacks in petworth left 1 man dead has been ruled temporarily incompetent by a d.c. superior court judge. a clinical psychologist says michael davis has been treated in the past for skit friend ya and is -- schizophrenia and is unable to understand the depth of his legal troubles. fox 5's paul wagner has the story. >> according to this five-page report prepared by a psychologist from st. elizabeth's hospital michael davis often stared off into space while being evaluated over a two-day period this week telling the doctor he was doing good at the youth and transition school in baltimore. the report says when he was hospitalized last year, his teacher and parent both said they are afraid of him. it was noted he has a history of psychotic issues and hospitalizations. in addition, the report says davis reported that he attends the green door and was unsure
10:32 pm
of his current psychotropic medications. the green door is a community program that prepares people with severe and persistent mental illness to work and live independently. outside the courthouse the grandmother of one of the victims says she's unconvinced davis is incompetent. >> if he can go out and hurt people, he can stand trial. >> barbara miles says davis' actions after the attack on her granddaughter lead her to believe he is sane. >> well, because he ran and he was hiding and he was throwing away clothes, evidence, whatever. so he's able to stand trial. i really believe he could stand trial on what he did to people. >> davis was charged this week with killing gary dedriches, a tourist from colorado. as he walked back to the place he was staying in the neighborhood. police believe the teen who is the brother of nfl players vernon and vontae davis, also attacked four other people over a three-day period. so far he has only been charged in the murder in two of the four nonfatal attacks. investigators say they have yet
10:33 pm
to discover a motive. nothing was taken during the assaults, nothing was said and the victims were apparently picked at random. davis' family has not hired an attorney instead relying on the public defender service. barbara miles says her granddaughter is still traumatized by the attack but is out of the hospital recovering. in the fox 5 newsroom i'm paul wagner. two new charges for the man accused of trying to assassinate president obama. firearms and injury to a dwelling have been added totalis of 17 charges that oscar ramirez ortega-hernandez -- total list of 17 charges that oscar ramirez ortega- hernandez was already facing. he was accused of shooting an assault rifle at the white house last november. two missing tennessee girls are home safe after a terrifying ordeal. adam mayes kidnapped the girls after killing their mother and older sister. fox's casey steigel with the latest from alpine, mississippi. >> reporter: after mary two weeks of intense search two kidnap -- nearly two weeks of
10:34 pm
intense search two kidnapped tennessee girls home safely. the 12-year-old and 8-year-old reportedly were abducted by 35- year-old adam mayes. police found the three thursday evening in a wooded area in alpine, mississippi. >> officers immediately issued commands to adam mayes to show his hands. mayes pulled a semiautomatic pistol from his waistband and shot himself in the head and was later pronounced dead at a local hospital. >> reporter: the fbi believes mayes killed the girls' 14-year- old sister yawn and their mother jo ann bain. -- sister and their mother jo ann bain. mayes wife was also charged in the deaths. the bodies were discovered buried outside the mayes' home in mississippi. >> i think we may be able to ascertain what his motive might have been, but now we just
10:35 pm
can't say because we've not interviewed everybody that we intend to interview. >> reporter: back in 2010 mayes was investigated on allegations of child abuse and possession of child pornography. he denied those allegations and was never charged. the girls were whisked out of this location by ambulance and transported to a hospital some 90 miles north of here in memphis, tennessee, where they were treated for dehydration and are now home safe and sound. in alpine, mississippi, casey steigel, fox news. two groundbreaking develops in the fight against hiv and aids, the pill and take-home test that could prevent new cases. >> plus a viral video of a marine's homecoming with a twist. but first here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> america's biggest bank coming clean about a really big loss, jpmorgan chase taking a big hit after making essentially a bad bet on europe, but the ceo jamie diamond saying the bank is strong and no customers
10:36 pm
suffered. stock, however, another story down 9% friday and the dow down a second week in a row investors selling off before heading hop for the weekend. meantime -- home for the weekend. meantime drivers are looking at cheaper gas prices, gas pumps reading an average of $3.73 a gallon down 17 cents since mid- april. those falling gas prices may be why more americans are feeling better about the economy and themselves. consumer confidence now at its highest level since january, 2008. this mothers weekend we are getting a first look at how much your mom is worth, 152 bucks. does that sound right? that's how much on average americans are planning to spend on mom this weekend, cards and flowers, two of the most popular presents this year, not a word about mothers-in-law. that's business. i'm neil cavuto. 
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 >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪
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a precarious place to lose your balance on a tightrope 100 feet over the inner harbor. nicholas wallenda said his heart was in his throat when it happened wednesday. he regained his pal and finished the 3 -- balance and finished the 300-foot walk. look at this. this 3-year-old girl in china is okay, but surveillance cameras caught her falling out of a car into the intersection and barely missed getting hit by the back tires. her dad jumped out to grab her. his abandoned car swerved into a tree. the girl reportedly only has a few bruises. a marine got the gift of a lifetime when he came home from afghanistan. his 6-year-old son who has cerebral palsy surprised him by
10:41 pm
walking to him for the first time. staff sergeant jeremy kuhny believed his son's cerebral palsy would keep him from being able to move without assistance for his entire life, but he learned to walk while his dad was deployed. coming up on the news edge at 11:00, helping to put a smile on patients one free cleaning at a time. >> plus would you pay to post? facebook's latest idea to put you front and center, the news edge at 11:00. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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two new medical advances could be a huge step forward in preventing hiv. the fda is considering approval of the first over the counter hiv test. it would allow consumers to test themselves at home for the virus that causes aids. fda reviewers believe the in- home test could show the spread of hiv. a few have a concern about the 93% accuracy rate. the other huge development, an fda advisory committee endorsed the use of the drug truvada to
10:45 pm
prevent hiv infection. it's recommended for healthy people including gay and bisexual couples where one partner has hiv. a report was released suggesting scientists is safe and effective but the feds are expected to make its final decision in june. >> this is really exciting. so this is a really different change in hiv prevention. it's an active prevention that doctors can help patients with rather than a passive expecting them to use behavior change for prevention. >> justin walker, director of medical adherence at the whitman walker cling says the drug is extremely expensive -- clinic says the drug is extremely expensive, but medicare is looking at covering the drug if it's approved by the fda. respect and understanding are bringing hope to children with cancer. this help is coming from a source you might not expect as fox 5's beth parker shows us.
10:46 pm
>> reporter: 9-year-old alesia has cancer and will tell you right now she feels -- >> good. >> reporter: alesia is getting chemotherapy at medstar georgetown university hospital and is doing something called medical play. >> right across. >> reporter: jeff abrams is a child life specialist. here she and alesia are using a doll, changing a bandage. >> i've seen my own eyes preparation and education and doing things like medical play really benefit kids and they will go into a procedure with much more understanding. they're not as scared. >> reporter: alesia has been in the u.s. just one month. she likes acting silly in pictures. >> oh, you sticking your tongue out? let's see. >> reporter: and she'll sing if you make a request. ♪ oh >> alesia not only likes jess a lot, she also trusts jess and when you have a child in the
10:47 pm
hospital in a new country, strange language being able to have a trust relationship is really important to her well being. >> reporter: larry allen and his wife were in the process of adopting alesia and her brother from russia when they learned her daughter to be had cancer. >> it felt like somebody had turned other lives upside down and shook the barrel it was. in. >> reporter: the browns know that feeling. their son mattie battled bone cancer. when you ask them how long mattie has been gone they answer not in years, but in days, 976. >> having lived through that experience we want to try to give back and we want to try to help other children and families '. >> reporter: they also want to keep mattie's memory alive and organized the mattie miracle cancer walk. the money raised sunday, may 20th, will help pay jess' salary at georgetown. the walk began in 2009 when mattie was still alive. >> i see lots of children at the event with their familiars and i'm happy they're having a
10:48 pm
great -- families and i'm happy they're having a great time and i guess a part of me wishes somewhere along the line mattie will pop up and see us at the walk, but i know he's there with us in spirit. >> reporter: mattie and a lease, why never alone. >> love you. >> reporter: in washington, beth parker, fox 5 news. and alesia, never alone. >> love you. >> reporter: in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> you can register online or in person on the day of the walk. for more information visit our website >> spectacular day today for sure. i don't know if we can make it any better. >> it will be a little warmer tomorrow, kind of take your pick. >> good. those honey do lists. >> you got your ready, right? >> you got that right. >> two pages front and back? >> don't want to put the pressure on him. >> i may have a honey do list somewhere tomorrow. it man so good out there this evening, the wind really calming down.
10:49 pm
it was a little breezy today with gusts up over 20 miles per hour and loads of sunshine today. high temperatures are a little slow to cool at least in the city tonight. we managed up into the lower 70s all three airports today, reagan national 73, dulles 72, the same for bwi marshall. again. s tonight while it is getting chilly -- temperatures tonight while it is getting chilly in the suburbs it's 66 degrees still in town. the win has dropped and the skies will be -- the wind has dropped and the skies will be clear and i don't see why eventually the temperature in town won't fall to the lower 50s, manassas 54, frederick now down to 50, culpeper 52. so again outside of town we're talking 40s easily overnight tonight. here in town probably looking like lower 50s or so. this is the weekend, 79 tomorrow, so it will be warmer than today. we will have some high clouds coming across, but it's going to be dry.
10:50 pm
tricky day is mother's day. we'll stay in the upper 70s to right around 80. we are going to have some clouds. it looks like by sunday afternoon we'll be mostly cloudy and this is still a chance that we could have an evening shower, but i haven't changed anything. i don't see the chance is any better or less. so it looks like most of mother's day will stay dry. i think for some of us mother's day will be completely dry. we'll show you where we think it will rain in a second on futurecast. here we are tone, clear skies, notice back out -- tonight, clear skies. notice back out west we have some clouds coming in, very high thin clouds. as they come closer to us, they will dissipate. we're having high pressure build in. that will tend to suppress the cloudiness at least until tomorrow afternoon, but look at all the cloud cover coming out into the tennessee valley up into the ohio river valley. so it looks indeed like no matter what we're going to end up with a little cloudiness tomorrow. that high thin cloudiness and that storm system lifting out
10:51 pm
of texas is eventually what could bring us a few showers around here on mother's day late in the afternoon and into the evening. tonight clear and cold, 40s in the suburb, right around 50 in town, maybe a little warmer. winds become west at 5 miles per hour. so a cool start tomorrow morning. we have plenty of sunshine at noon, 73. nice and warm in the afternoon, temperature about 79 for a high. that means i think some of you will probably be up around 80. this is tomorrow morning, completely clear on futurecast. notice some clouds by late afternoon. as we take you into mother's day, nothing again has changed. notice a few showers west and north, perhaps maybe a couple down south, but this is late in the day, okay? let's get most of mother's day dry. i think that will be the case or that's the way it continues to look now. temperatures in the upper 70s this weekend, middle 70s on monday, tuesday, wednesday chances for showers and even some thunderstorms.
10:52 pm
have great weekend. happy mother's day. >> thanks, gary. we are learning new details about the underwear bomb plot and the investigation into how the cia's operation to stop the plane bombing was leaked. fox's shannon bream is sitting in for chris wallace. i talked to her about the operation earlier today. >> it's fascinating the more we learn about what was happening and how this came about, we'll talk about the details as we know them and the fact that a lot of details out there, some in the intelligence community aren't too happy about that. we'll have senator dianne feinstein with us, the chair of the senate select intelligence committee. we'll talk to her about when she knew, what she knew, whether there was still work to be done in the operation that might have been compromised because the investigation got out. >> of course, president obama's endorsement of same sex marriage made news this week. it was the new cycle for the week and you'll be talking about that on your sunday panel. >> we will. in addition to the panel who i am quite sure will have a
10:53 pm
spirited debate, we will touch on that with senator feinstein because she offered up a measure that repeal this and there are suggestions it could get to the senate floor. we'll also talk about that with senator john spoon who is considered to be on the short list for the veep list. a lot of people think as a conservative evangelical christians he would bring something to the tickets who are a little half hearted about romney. >> fox news sunday airs right here at 9 a.m. sunday morning on fox 5. we'll look for you then. coming up on fox 5 a video game company is suing beyonce. find out why it's taking the singer to court next.
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a video game developer is suing beyonce for backing out of a deal. the videomaker gate 5 filed the $20 million lawsuit claiming the grammy award winner backed out of a deal for the production of a game called star power. beyonce's lawyers contend she was within her legal rights to cancel the deal because gate 5 did not have its financing in place. hollie cavanagh sang her last song as an american idol contestant. she said she had a but feeling she might be voted off, so she's handling -- a gut feeling she might be voted off, so she's handling it in stride. >> reporter: it's hometown heros week for american idol top three as the contestants have become instant superstars with parades, concerts and other festivities. for judge randy jackson it reminds him of the first time he realized he was famous. >> i was on stage with journey. it was the first show. there were maybe 100,000 people. i think van halen or somebody
10:58 pm
had just finished. we went on and it's the first time in my life they sang of word to every song, 30 songs in the show. i was like wow. this happens to this guy every night. >> reporter: for hollie cavanagh who made it to the final four being prepared for her early exit helped. >> i was opening with three of the amazing contestants and i guess i had a gut feeling you could say. i guess when you just kind of always know, but i wasn't staying negative the whole day. >> reporter: jennifer lopez held nothing back while performing her single dance again, currently no. 1 on the dance charts. >> makes me feel good. i love that song and it means a lot to me. so it's good that people are connecting with it and they're liking it and dancing to it.
10:59 pm
>> reporter: unlike carrie underwood who gets nervous before performing on the idol stage, former idol champ david cook was excited about his return. >> i really like coming back here. it feels like hop. i get to see all -- home. i get to see all these people behind the scenes i never get to see. >> reporter: just in aerosmith will join rihanna for the big idol finale. the band is getting ready for its multi-city summer tour. >> this kind of whips me into shape. i'm up at 6 in the clock. >> reporter: in hollywood adam housley, fox news. >> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. brian bolter is up now with the news edge at 11:00. the ledge begins with several perfume ands on -- the edge begins with several perfume and cosmetic heists. tonight two women are off the street caught with more


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