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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 11, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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penney's store at the woodmore town center in glenarden. audrey barnes has the story. >> this is surveillance tape of the women at work filling their purses with designer perfumes and cosmetics at the j.c. penney's store in glenarden. >> they normally work in groups. they go inside a store with very large bags and take the items from display, put them in the bag and walk out. >> loss prevention officers at j.c. penneys recognize czar keisha wilkinson and latasha mungo and called police. they had $7,000 of stolen merchandise on them when they were arrested from just one hit at the store. >> they normally hit the store three or four times a day and so far we have $20,000 worth of stolen perfumes and product. >> reporter: shoppers at woodmore dawn center are worried about the theft's impact. >> i think -- town center are worried about the theft's impact. >> i think it's horrible. we finally got some good stores
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in pg county and i don't have to drive all the way to virginia. >> reporter: police say the thieves also pulled off similar robberies at springfield mall and fair oaks. the women would sell the stolen goods to beauty salons in district or out of the trunk of their car. >> i like to make sure my stuff is legit and real and prefer to be able to have a professional tell me what to use, how to use it. so no, not even for a discount would i buy it out of the trunk of anybody's car. >> ultimately it's the kind of crime that could hurt good paying customers. >> you wonder why you go in place and a week ago it was one place and a month later it's like what just happened here? that's what happens. the manufacturers have to increase the prices, pass it on to us. >> audrey barnes, fox 5 news. the edge on virginia tonight, fairfax county police looking for two men they say beat, robbed and sexually assaulted a 50-year-old woman just after 1 a.m. at holly brook montessori school in merrifield.
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fox 5's maureen umeh with more. >> the victim was beaten severely with brake or rock. she is still in the hospital tonight un-- a brick or rock. she is still in the hospital tonight unable to help police track down her attackers. police say the woman was hit with a blunt object and then sexually assaulted and robbed. it happened behind the holly brook montessori school in the 2400 block of gal lows road just after 1 a.m. friday morning. the school is run by the holy cross church next-door. neighbors say the church is a haven for people looking for help. it's not known why the woman was there. police want neighbors to be on guard. >> she was beaten in such a violent way that it raises our concern these two perpetrators are still out there. >> it is scary. i advise everyone just be aware. >> after the attack the woman ran out to gallows road and flagged down a passing car. she is still in the hospital tonight. fairfax county police arrested a teenager accused of vandalizing a chantilly mosque.
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18-year-old trenton carter of centreville charged with felony destruction of property. in january police discovered damage to the ahmadiyya muslim community mosque. the building was under construction. detectives found several discarded containers of alcohol. another big story, the brother-in-law in oscar winner jennifer hudson has been convicted of killing her family. after three days of deliberations a chicago jury found 31-year-old william balfour guilty of killing hudson's mother, brother and 7- year-old nephew. the ruling comes after the prosecution called over 80 witnesses to stand including hudsonful balfour faces a mandatory life sentence without -- hudson. balfour faces a mandatory life sentence without patrol. a new video targeting moms two days ahead of sunday's holiday by trayvon martin's mother. >> this will be my first mother's day without my son
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trayvon. i know it will be hard, but my faith, family and friends will pull my through. >> today trayvon's family took their call to action out of the u.s. and addressed people in london. they say it's the first step of their international campaign against racial profiling. on to the campaign trail now where mitt romney heads south visiting what may be one of the most contested states this fall, north carolina. fox's james rosen has more on the battle for tar heel country. >> i'm counting on north carolina next november to help us take the country back. >> reporter: and never has north carolina, site of this year's democratic national convention, loomed so large in presidential politic. in 2008 then senator obama carried the tar heel state and its 15 electoral votes by just .4 percent, fewer than 14,000 votes. four years later the state's populations of registered voters between the ages of 18 and 25 plunged by nearly 50,000 with more than 80% of those vanished voters registered
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democrats. while the unemployment rate stands at 8.2%, at no time in the obama presidency has north carolina's jobless rate dipped below 9.5%. for the 35 of 39 months mr. obama has been in the oval office north carolina's jobless rate has stood above 10 or even 11%. in charlotte mitt romney sought to stoke that discontent. >> this recovery has been the slowest most tepid since move. the president's policies have not encouraged the economy to grow. they scared thebacks banks and insurance companies and the -- the banks and insurance companies and companies in the manufacturing sector. >> reporter: the voters opted to declare civil unions invalid here just one day before the president announced he was in favor of same sex marriage. >> you think it's a negative for the president? >> negative. the economy will dominate
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everything else, but it will be negative. >> reporter: even some liberal analysts were inclined to agree the president's pivot on gay marriage will likely do him no favors in tar heel country. >> he's raised a lot of money off of it, but in terms of electoral math and votes i'm not convinced it really helps him. it benefits him among the base of the democratic party, but he doesn't have parity with the base. >> reporter: a group called gay marriage usa collected some 30,000 signatures for a petition demanding the democratic convention be moved out of north carolina. a senior obama biden campaign official told me that won't happen both because the campaign thinks the convention can be useful in winning north carolina and because a move isn't logistically possible at this point. james rosen, fox news. s. romney's next some on the east coast is virginia. tomorrow he'll address the nation's largest evangelical university, liberty university in lynchburg. this could be a defining moment
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for the mormon candidate. cand >> given the choice between a christian like barack obama who embraces nonbiblical positions like abortion and a nonchristian like mitt romney who embraces biblical values, i think there's a good case to be made for voting with mitt romney. >> meanwhile just after rubbing shoulders with hollywood celebrity donors president obama headed to reno, nevada and focused on the housing market and foreclosure. four years later naff has improved to the second -- nevada has improved to the second worse state in the country with foreclosures. still to come, dozens of people, hundreds of teeth getting a much needed free checkup today. >> plus paying to post, will it work? >> and check out the rundown. we're back.
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good dental care can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars meaning some families have to skip visits. today a team of dentists in frederick changed all that. they charged absolutely nothing for cleaning, exams, even extractions. as fox 5's john henrehan shows
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us, patients started to line up in the middle of the night. >> reporter: they called it dentistry from the heart, an all day clinic completely free of charge. more than 100 people showed up. >> there were people out there at 2 a.m. so already waiting. >> reporter: why did the three dentists associated with premier dental arts in frederick cancel all paid appointments and keep on their large staff for the all day volunteer effort? >> i would say dentistry has been extremely good to me over the years and i feel it's a way of giving back. >> reporter: stone mason martin bilobeau who lives in a commune in virginia got a filling. his daughter got a cavity fixed. >> we're definitely grateful for that. >> reporter: the family sometimes do pay for dental kerik but some patients here simply cannot a -- care, but some patients here cannot
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afford to pay. beverly timbo is a dialysis patient who lives on a small stipend and social security. >> by the time you pay your month i bills, you're waiting for the next -- monthly bills you're waiting for the next paycheck to run around. >> reporter: according to the flyer that promoted this event, the dentists would offer one free service, either a cleaning or one filling or one extraction, but some patients who hadn't seen a dentist in decades needed more. >> basically of tooth in his how the was kind of rotted down to the gum line -- mouth was kind of rotted down to the gum line. it was a mess. he just had pain in one side in one tooth, but he needs them all out. >> reporter: on that patient dr. kershner performed five extractions for free. in frederick, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> performed free dental care to free botox. lawmakers across the pond are looking into adding botox to britain's national health service. not for anti had been wrinkle
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treatment, but from people who suffer -- anti-wring l treatment, but for people who suffer from -- anti-rink l treatment, but for people who suffer from severe migraines. >> for those people who fail to respond to the normal preventive medicines, then botox actually does offer some hope and works extremely well, for some people quite life changingly. >> the use of botox is still being tested in clinical trials, but could be added to britain's national health service in a few months. paying to post, the fda backs a new hiv prevention drug and the yea's have it. >> up first do you want to stand out on facebook? it will cost you. no. 5, facebook is testing out a new way to increase your visibility. write a post, pay a dollar or two and facebook will place your post at the top of all your friends' fees.
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the program is in the test phase to see how many people are interested. no. 4, you can learn the history of the iphone. a brand-new exhibit at the ripley's center near the smithsonian castle on the ional patents and trademarks over the years including the first macintosh computer and the first ipod. no. 3, they say the eyes are a window to the soul. researchers say women found squinty eyed guys were less appealing for long term relationships and heavy lidded men were more appealing for flings. no. 2, soon you may be able to learn your status at home. the fda is considering approving the first over the counter hiv test. reviewers believe the quick at home test could play an important role in slowing the spread of hiv, but it only has a 93% accuracy rate. no. 1 could be a huge break-through in preventing hiv. an fda advisory committee
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endorsed the use of the drug truvada to prevent infection. a final decision is expected in june and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> let's get to this all important mother's day weekend. >> gorgeous day obviously. it looks like tomorrow not too terribly bad. i hope you were able to step out this evening because it was good. it's continued to be pretty mild here in the city. so temperatures have been slow to drop. here's the picture we were waiting for. you could see the cathedral in the background, nice temperatures in town staying in the 60s, gotten a lot cooler in the suburbs, though. we'll see the temperature continue to drop out there overnight tonight. i think it's even going to be chilly again. won't be quite as colds what it was this morning, but we'll definitely see -- colds what it was this morning, but we'll definitely see the suburbs
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dropping to the 40s. we should stay in the 50s in town. really nice again tomorrow with temperatures jumping up to the 70s. it looks like we could at least have a few and not for everybody, but we could have a few mother's day showers creeping in late in the afternoon. hopefully those hold off until the late afternoon and early evening. here's the setup for the weekend. -is building and that's going to al how the -- high pressure is building and that's going to allow the air to get warmer and the winds will come from the southwest. we were 73 for a high today at national. tomorrow we'll be warmer and look for a high temperature of about 79. it looks like on mother's day by mother's day afternoon we should be mostly cloudy. i think that will keep the temperature town a little bit, so not going officially. 80 on mother's day, but a little more sunshine and temperature could maybe get up to 80 degrees or so. there's a chance for a shower. we'll wait and see if we can keep that back west and up north so that we get most of
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the day in good shape. 64 now. we domed a little more in town. -- dropped a little more in town, gaithersburg 52, frederick 50 degrees and dulles is sitting at 59. the temperatures are all over the place. there's a little wind in places, other places the wind has fallen off. that's where the temperatures dropped out this, too. not so much fredericksburg yet. they're sitting at 56 degrees. we remain clear here. these clouds are coming in from the west mainly high thin cirrus clouds, but they are making a run for us. i suspect we'll see some of these tomorrow, but the bulk of the cloudiness really will come in sunday. here's showers back out to the west. this is proving to be a fairly significant storm coming out of texas and it will be show, but bringing chances for rain on mother's day and then beyond, too. looks like we have a chance for some more rain monday into the beginning to middle part of next week. overnight tonight chilly dropping out in the suburbs. these are all doable i think,
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temperatures in the 40s out west and northwest, temperature in town only down to around 50 degrees or so. clear, cool tonight, just showed you the 40s in the suburbs, winds coming westward at 5 miles per hour, pretty nice and sunny tomorrow, the high thin clouds coming in late in the day, high temperature right up to around 79 degrees or so and not nearly as breezy as where we were today. temperatures tomorrow, though, all around the region in the upper 70s, fredericksburg 79, culpeper 76, martinsburg 77 and here in town again we'll go for a high temperature of about 79 degrees or so. nice and warm tomorrow, again the late showers possible mother's day, does not look like everybody gets wet and they will hold off till the hate afternoon into the evening hours. don't expect -- late afternoon into the evening hours. don't expect a lot of sunshine, though. stormy monday, 76, more showers and storms potentially tuesday and into wednesday. at least the first part of next week does indeed look a little
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unsettled. so enjoy this mother's day weekend. i hope the weather cooperates and doesn't rain to be honest on mother's day. time for sports now. dave feldman is in this evening for lindsay murphy. >> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with dave feldman. >> tomorrow at this time we will know if the caps season is over or continuing or maybe in an overtime scenario we won't. threw six games the seventh seeded caps and -- through six games the seventh seeded caps and second seeded rangers have been tied. here's lindsay murphy. >> reporter: greetings from new york city, the capitals 2 -0 facing elimination this postseason, but the rangers have never lost a game 7 on home ice. the caps had practice this morning at kettler iceplex and had this to say about game 7. >> it's a fun time to play. i think they enjoy the competition and the pressure to play, but you got to have fun with it, too and i think
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they're having fun with it enjoying on the ice and practice and in the dressing room, too. >> it's comforting going into game 7 you know how your team's going to play. there's no what if's and maybe and hopefully keep your fingers crossed. just go out and play the way we have been. >> reporter: the caps will hold one final practice tomorrow morning 11:30 a.m. at madison square garden and then it all goes down game 7 tomorrow night, 7:30. lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. >> thanks. rookie goalie braden holtby has made the most of his opportunity in the pose season. tomorrow marks his 14th consecutive -- postseason. tomorrow marks his 14th consecutive start. yesterday the 22-year-old became a father of a baby boy, benjamin hunter holtby and today the proud papa was asked if fatherhood will be a distraction in any way? >> circumstances are different, but it's still the same game, still hockey. the main thing you learn when you turn professional is to
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separate personal life from hockey and that's what we're going to do here. >> i think right now he's probably the happiest guy in the world and what happened in his personal life is great and we're going to help him out and support him. >> ovie putting it in perspective. don't go anywhere. when we return, the nationals find their offense in the queen city.
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the nationals are in first place in the nl east mainly because of their pitching which has allowed only 93 runs heading into tonight's series with cincinnati. top of the 3rd nats up 4-0. danny espinosa breaks out of a slump. a two-run home run to right, his second of season and the nats are cruising 6-0. gio gonzalez got to start, 5th inning strikes out jay bruce. gonzalez struck out nine with a season high 115 pitches in five innings. then they shut him down. bryce harper had a frustrating night, 0-5, three strikeouts, took his anger out on his bat and then his eye. his bat ricocheted off the wall, hit him in the eye. he'll snead stitches. bottom of the 8th -- need stitches. bottom of the 8th ryan zimmerman knocks it down. nats defeat the reds 7-3 and
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improve to 20-12. orioles hosting the rays bottom of the 7th, former nat nick johnson entering the name batting just .143 with a runner on and drives a towering shot to deep right. it did just enough to clear the wall, game winning two-run home run, johnson's first in two years. orioles edged the rays 4-3. johnson earns a little shaving cream pie in the face. we're golfing at the players championship at saw grass and with 11 holes left in this round tiger woods was two shots above the cut line and in jeopardy of missing back to back cuts for the first time in his career, but he birdies four straight holes and shoots 68. easily make the cut, four off the pace of the leaders where there's a three-way tie. zach johnson and this guy matt kuchar with a long birdie putt and 68 and the trio at 8-under. i'm dave feldman.
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that's sports. brian is back with more of the edge after this. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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