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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 13, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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featured $5 footlong™ of may! melty cheese, kickin' pepperoni and our signature marinara sauce on freshly baked bread. this may only, it joins our many $5 footlongs™! subway. eat fresh. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. lots of mother's day love on the internet, how this mom turned to an inspiration for others. good evening and happy mother's day. i'm maureen umeh. that story in a few minutes, but first there's a thing in the police force, there's no such thing as a -- a saying in
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the police force there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. tonight two of the nation's law enforcement leaders held a tribute for fallen officers. karen gray houston is live in downtown d.c. with the details. >> reporter: well, the formal part of the program is over, a large part of this crowd starting to disperse, but the reading of the names is still going on. it started 45 minutes ago. they're going alphabetically. they are on now to the federal law enforcement agencies where officers were killed in the line of duty. this is the spillover crowd of officers lining e street as the 362 new names were added to the memorial wall formally dedicated tonight. that includes 1 sick 3 officers who died last year -- 163 officers who died last year and 199 who had died previously and never been recognized until now. 1912, that is a long time ago.
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those are some of the officers who previously had not had their names etched into the wall. the u.s. attorney general, eric holder, was here to not and participated in this service as did the homeland security secretary janet napolitano. they talked about the contributions made by these officers who were self unless their devotion to the job, who did their duty and the motto, as you know, of these officers is to protect and to serve. we spoke to some family members of people who had lost members of the military, police and law enforcement officers. they came. they left momentos and drew pictures. it's a ceremony replete with pomp and circumstance, a candlelight service to remember the police officers, corrections officers and military police who have made
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the supreme sacrifice while on the job. thousands of surviving family members traveled here from all over the country, as far away as california and the u.s. territories to pay tribute as well as fellow law enforcement officers. they found the names of their loved ones along the memorial wall. they left poignant momentos. in 2011 there was an alarming jump in law enforcement fatalities for the second year in a row. 2012 has seen a reversal of the trend. >> these men and women placed the safety and security of others above their own when facing uncertain dangers and confronting unpredictable threats. they consistently respond with courage, with selflessness and with strength. ength. >> i lost my best friend, andrew thomas wall. he was a tennessee state trooper, died in a motorcycle accident. he was a motorcycle officer. >> reporter: the national memorial wall contains the
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names of 19,660 officers who have died in the line of duty and that number dates back to the first known law enforcement officer death in 1791. back to you. >> karen gray houston, thank you for that. prince george's county police are investigating a fatal crash involving a motorcycle and tractor trailer. it happened last night in the 8900 block of woodyard road in clinton, maryland. the driver of the motorcycle henry farks jr. was pronounced dead at the scene no, word on what led to the crash. d.c.'s guardian angels are patrolling a northwest neighborhood after a man was assaulted 30 every thursday. we brought you this story yesterday. this is surveillance video of the attack on the man it. happened in an alley behind a condo at 14th and w. the man was badly beaten and is still in the hospital. the guardian angels patrolled this morning and will be back in the area including the alley at noon tomorrow. a fire at a car dealership's repair shop required extra firefighters
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today. the fire broke off at the pontiac dealer in auth way in marleau height late this morning. it burned into the roof forcing firefighters out in case the roof cave in. luckily no one was hurt. a gorgeous day for everyone celebrating mother's day. happy mother's day to you, by the way, but it looks like rain is heading our way overnight. let's get the latest with gwen tolbart in the weather center. >> mother nature knew exactly what she was doing, holing that rain off for the day. happy mother's day to all our mothers out there. we've got the clouds that are rolling in, though. let's look at our maps and show you what's happening. you can see all the wet weather well to the west and south of us. it will gradually make its way towards us. currently we have some of it pushing its way across the potomac highlands and we will eventually see that rain become widespread. very warm today, comfortable, 80 degrees at reagan national,
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81 dulles, 82 degrees at bwi their -- thurgood marshall and 70 degrees at dulles. tonight clouds continue to increase, overcast skies and you won't be able to see the stars much at all. the showers will eventually move their way across in the overnight hours it. will stay mild. your overnight low about 63 degrees and some big changes coming up in the five-day forecast, as always, those details a little later. oh, my god. >> happy mother's day. >> i almost jumped the gun on this one, wouldn't want to miss that greeting there, a nice way to make mom's day at work a little brighter. stephanie buffett's kids decided to surprise her at the fire station 844 while she was working this mother's day. she is a firefighter and paramedic and had to work a 24- hour shift. >> of course, i'd rather be home, who wouldn't? but they understand. they know that mom has to work.
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i love my job and signed up for the job before i had children. >> initially it was aiden's idea to go ahead and surprise mom at work. so we just kind of rolled with it. >> stephanie's husband is a firefighter, too. so he understands her schedule. for a mother of three in ashburn mother's day is not about gifts for her. instead this mother is giving other special moms the very thing they need most, but it's her own long journey that may impress you the most. fox 5's audrey barnes has her inspiring story. >> reporter: a little mother's day play time at the melton house in ashburn, but wasn't all fun and games today. earlier glennon and her husband craig took the kids to the cemetery so she could share her life's mission with the grandmother who inspired it all. >> she died of cancer when my dad was 14 and so i just went there with my little family to just tell her about what we're doing for moms now who have cancer. >> reporter: what she's doing is starting a helping healing
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revolution through her blog called mama stery. monks was too serious of mascot for her followers, so they become monkeys. >> we built this community of people who were telling the truth and working hard to understand each other, people who were very different but who had the common goal of loving each other better and understanding each other better. >> reporter: one way they do it is through what melton calls love flash mobs online. >> i post it in on the blog and we call that the start of the flag mob and then people everywhere just all over the world start dancing. >> reporter: actually they start donating, $25 max. the goal for this mother's day love flash mob was a fully equipped handicapped accessible van for a woman with lou gehrig's disease and another for a woman with stage 4 lung, bone and liver cancer.
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>> we raised $73,000 in 50 hours and so yes, the donations were coming in six a minute. >> reporter: both ladies will be getting their van soon, but melton says it's the people around the world who donated who are getting the real gift this mother's day. >> it's we adopt mother teresa's saying which is we can do no great things, but we can do small things with great love and that's what we prove during these love flash mobs. everybody has something to give and that when we all add our little offerings together that they can make big miracles. >> and glennon melton maybe the biggest miracle of all when she walked away from life of bulimia and alcoholism cold turkey and turned to a life of family and service to others. she also writes for the huffington post and is now working on a book and if i have to work on a mother's day to spend a moment with you and
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glennon, it was amazing. >> i'm blown away by how one person -- you hear about how one person can make a difference. look what this woman has done. >> she's sent kids home to africa who wanted to find her birth families and has done things for people with all kinds of diseases and recently for a family who never had resources, sent them to captiva and they got to stick their toes in the sand for the first time. >> got bless her and i hope she keeps up the great work. >> audrey, thank you for the story and happy mother's day. your first one? >> if is. >> thank you, great job. so how does a company returning now to serious news here, how does a company lose $2 billion in a short time? that's what the ceo of jpmorgan is trying to explain as bank makes a major shakeup. >> a big week at the maryland statehouse, lawmakers trying to clean up a political mess. stay with us. we're back right after this. 
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the nation largest bank is shaking things up after losing $2 billion in a bad investment. three jpmorgan executives tied to the loss are compacted to resign this week. the bank's ceo headed to meet the press this morning to answer some tough questions. fox's peter doocy has more. >> reporter: the ceo of jpmorgan said today that their $2 billion bet gone bad will absolutely give financial regulators more ammunition to clamp down on banks, but jamie diamond also said that everyone in business makes mistakes and just because theirs was sloppy and stupid doesn't mean they're toast. >> this is not a risk which is life threatening to jpmorgan. this is a stupid thing that we should never have done, but we're still going to earn a lot of money this quarter. >> reporter: diamond said he
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supports about 70% of dodd frank, the regulations put in place after the financial crisis but that this huge loss would not have been stopped by the rule that is being finalized and will in theory stop banks from making money for making bets for their own profit but he said this bet was a hedge against potential loss, but senator carl levin said he's going to close the loophole which let this happen. >> the law as written will prevent us from bailing out banks again and we have to make sure they don't take the kind of risks that we're tape. >> reporter: but republican senator john cornyn thinks jpmorgan just proved that dodd frank is a dud. >> i think there needs to be oversight investigation to find out what exactly happened and why the president's signature of the financial services reform bill didn't do anything to stop it. >> reporter: the chairman of the rnc made his position clear saying he thinks there should just be less regulation. in washington peter doocy, fox
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news. yahoo's ceo scott thompson is stepping down after less than five months on the job. s had resignation comes -- his resignation comes amid controversy over a computer science degree that he has never received. yahoo oates global media head ross levinson will serve as the interim ceo. the focus of the presidential election shifted last week from the economy to same sex marriage. now americans are wondering if this should be an issue on which they choose a president. fox' steve centanni has more. >> reporter: with the president's announce. he now supports same sex marriage the issue is suddenly a hot political topic. one key democrat says she went through parennal transformation like president obama did. >> you get to -- a personal transformation like president obama did. >> you get to know more and
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more gay couples and see the happiness and you see the economic security that marriage brings and even more fundamentally, you see children who otherwise would not have an adopted home being able to have that home and so same sex couples raise children. they do a fine job. >> reporter: the president may have energized his political base with the announcement especially since one in six of his key fundraisers is gay, but democrats and republicans alike predict the issue will have little impact on election day in november. meantime the issue has also energized evangelical christians, the presumed gop phenomenon any mitt romney appeared at liberty university, a strong hold of conservative -- nominee mitt romney appeared at liberty university, a stronghold of conservative politics. republicans say that president obama is trying to change the subject. >> how do we get the economy growing and get people back to work? to me that's the issue on the minds of most americans.
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>> reporter: neither president obama nor mitt romney had any campaign events today. steve centanni, fox news. >> mitt romney made headlines in virginia this weekend and possible tax hikes are on the table in maryland this week. help being us break it down is fox 5 political analyst mark plotkin. let's start with mitt romney at liberty university, lynchburg, virginia yesterday. he drew a big response with his comments on gay marriage. let's listen to that first. >> what you believe, what you value, how you live matters. now as fundamental as these principles are, they may become topics of democratic debate from time to time, so it is today with the enduring institution of marriage, marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [ cheering and applause ] >> we heard from the political experts there in steve centanni's package. do you think gay marriage will be a deciding factor come
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november? >> i think it will be a much more important factor than what your reporter said. you go back to 2004, if i can, maureen, engage in police cal esoterics. >> go -- political esoterics. >> go right ahead. >> john kerry lost the state of ohio and the reason many people felt was because there was a constitutional or ballot issue about same sex marriage on the ballot and that energized the base and kerry lost. i think they took a gamble, president obama, and numerically it probably even though the country is evenly divided, you now have a base in terms of evangelicals and that's why romney was at liberty. it was the largest crowd he's ever addressed during the campaign. you saw him with jerry fallwell jr. there. >> i want to thing this up. he didn't discuss his mormon faith at all. did he miss an opportunity to
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talk about it, perhaps help put this controversy to rest right now right here? >> no. i think that was deliberate not to talk about it. remember, he made a speech in 2007 which tried to explain it. it really didn't go over well. many christians don't think mormonism is a part of christianity and is even a cult. i think they have made a calculated decision that it's no good to bring more attention to it and instead he stressed the judeo christian tradition and it was very important that he go and be seen in that venue and appeal to those people and because those people are the base of the republican party and they need to be excited and enthused because they surely weren't during the primaries. >> let's move to maryland where the governor has called lawmakers back into session to make changes to the budget plan. he wants to raise taxes and fees. in a nutshell explain what's going on and how this could affect the governor's -- >> well, there's $500 million
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shortfall. they have to have bailed budget in maryland. the president of the state senate mike miller and the house speaker mike bush are not the president of each other's fan club because even though they're democrats and the governor was criticized roundly for not intervening personally and getting into this fix. now they're supposedly all love and kisses and harmonious and they're going to raise personal income tax, state personal income tax, for single people who make over 100,000 couples that make over 150,000. what is not going to be discussed is -- and also they're going to try to help the counties in terms of -- or really not help the counties -- hurt the counties by sending state revenue there, but what they're not going to decide is gambling. there very well might be a second special session and rushern baker in prince george's county are not going to be pleased about this, but
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this is to tidy everything up and also make martin o'malley who would like to be president four years from now say look, i got the legislature together, but he took a bruising on this as not being an effective leader. >> we have to leave it at that. i know you'll be at that session tomorrow and we look forward to talking to you perhaps this week. a little boy takes his first steps at 6 years old and the story gets even better, how mom managed to surprise dad coming up next.  [ female annououncer ] safeway presents
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turning tragedy into action, the mother of a fallen soldier from kentucky helps mobilize a community to help other soldiers. fox's kristen kennedy has the story. >> some sanitizer hand wipes, some little medicated ointment. >> reporter: all these items are being carefully packed into boxes, the boxes meticulously stacked and soon the whole pile will be sent to troops overseas. >> we are so proud of this community that everybody has come together and done this.
10:26 pm
we couldn't ask for a better turnout for this. we're so proud to know that everybody loved him so much. >> reporter: angie brown is talking about her son, 19-year- old dustin gross, the private first class died earlier this week while fighting in afghanistan. >> there's no doubt in my mind that he would be so appreciative of everyone and he would be overwhelmed. he wouldn't believe it. >> reporter: gross' aunt jill tipton helped organize saturday's donation drive. >> there's a whole other world over there and we need to do what we can to suspect those guys. >> reporter: right now it seems the community is supporting gross' family. >> we can't express the love we feel, the gratitude. it's just very overwhelming. we thank each and everyone. >> reporter: in all they packed 350 boxes to send to 350 soldiers. >> very few know that they'll receive them. >> reporter: that's allowing brown to turn her heartache
10:27 pm
into help. a military homecoming with a twist, this time the marine being surprised. sergeant jeremy cooney returned home from iraq to see his 6- year-old son michael walking for the first time. michael suffers from cerebral palsy and doctors said he'd never be able to walk on his own, but after five months of work michael walked across a gym nasal into his father's arms. -- gymnasium into his father's arms. planning the surprise wasn't easy. >> it was hard. i had to make sure i didn't post video of him on facebook walking or status updates and i had to tell family they couldn't post it either. >> the last thing i expected was to see him come around that screen and just walking on his own. at that moment i -- you can't describe it. >> i know you can't describe it. that is just so beautiful. the video you might imagine went viral after cooney's wife posted it on a popular blog for surprise military homecomings. i a nationwide call for change tonight, airline
10:28 pm
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. airline passengers are calling for a change after some extreme incidents in airport security lines. this week an 18-month-old girl was barred from a florida to new york flight because her name was on the terrorism no fly list for the government. the toddler is of middle eastern descent. jetblue said it was a computer error but her family said they never got an apology. fox's dan springer has more on the public outcry. blic outcry. >> reporter: as part of the effort to prevent another 9/11 style terrorist attack america's now fly list has grown to 20,000 names. the fbi which maintains the list says it has already saved lives, but the american civil liberties union which is
10:32 pm
representing 16 muslims barred from flying is trying to get the list ruled unconstitutional and is back in court this week arguing its case. >> in the modern day air travel is absolutely fundamentally important to how we travel on a daily basis and that right to travel is protected by the constitution's promise of due process. >> reporter: around 500 u.s. citizens are on the no fly list including jamaal tarhuni, a portland businessman who was prevented from boarding a flight home from tunisia following a trip to his native libya with the christian group medical teams international. he was stuck there an extra month, interviewed by federal agents for hours and finally allowed to fly home, but he's still on the list and says he's never been told why. >> they can ask anything they want, but what i know and i'll be more than happy to answer because i have really nothing to hide about what i have done in libya or how live my life in the united states. >> reporter: tarhuni worships at the islamic center of
10:33 pm
portland, a focus of several terror investigations. its imam is also on the no fly list, once accused of funding the so-called portland six, a group from the mosque convicted of conspiracy to levy war against the u.s. more recently mohamed mohamud was charged with trying to detonate a fake car bomb at a portland christmas tree lighting ceremony. he, too attended the mosque. larry chandler is a member of the joint terrorism task force. >> i don't think the mosque itself is any threat at all. it's the activities of the people who attend that location. >> reporter: an fbi official says to get on the no fly list someone must be considered a threat to an aircraft or the passengers. to give them an explanation he adds would jeopardize security. at issue for the courts is do people have a right to fly and does the government have a right to keep them from flying without telling them why? in seattle dan springer, fox news. the fbi is searching for one of their own special
10:34 pm
agents. steven ivans of southern california has been missing since thursday. more than 150 agents and other officers have been searching for ivans over the weekend. they're worried the 35-year-old may be suicidal. ivans has worked with the fbi for three years in the national security division. president obama's promise to bring high speed rail to the u.s. is running into a few detours including one from a proposed plan to link california to las vegas. >> reporter: desert express wants to be the first to bring high speed rail to the u.s., but the 150 mile-per-hour train will cost the taxpayer $5 billion to build. some say it is the fail rail, the train to nowhere. i went to california to investigate. >> our goal toss give 80% of americans access to -- goal is to give 80% americans access to high speed rail. >> reporter: bringing high speed rail to the united states has long been a priority of the obama administration, but there's one probable. the closer you get to southern
10:35 pm
cal -- problem. the closer you get to southern california's major transportation centers, the harder it is to build a train. >> to get the right-of-way they need to cut through so many cities it would be too difficult. >> reporter: instead the train will start outside victorville, california, a desert city of about 120,000 people more than 90 miles from the hoped for starting point of los angeles or anaheim. this is literally the end of the road. we're off the 15 in the middle of the mojave desert for the proposed site for this train. you go 90 miles that way and hit l.a., 188 miles that way and you hit las vegas. the question is would you drive from l.a., park your car here, hop on the train to get there? >> i don't think the people of los angeles, which is where we'll be drawing most of the riders, are going to buy driving a train halfway to vegas.
10:36 pm
>> reporter: what's standing in the way of turning this desert pit stop into an oasis? the ants is simple. it's money. with private funds -- answer is simple. it's money. with private funds drying up they're asking you to chip. in they need at least $5 billion in taxpayer money in the form of a loan. >> solyndra was supposed to be paid back, also, and we know how sha worked out. i just don't buy -- that worked out. i just don't buy it. >> reporter: the loan will come from the federal railway administration, but concerns still linger at this point. will the company desert express make enough money from this project to pay back the billions of dollars borrowed from the federal government? the caps tried to rock the red in the big apple but came home disappointed. we'll hear from the captain next. >> and the nats seek a three- game sweep of the reds in cincinnati. dave feldman is on deck in sports. for our mother's day which is good
10:37 pm
news, but take a look. it's definitely to the south and west and starting to move its way towards us. parts of west virginia and potomac highlands are now seeing some of that. how long will it take before we need to keep the umbrellas out for quite a while? that's coming up after the break. 
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hope for team who were on a roll. >> they were looking for their first three game sweep, but they had a lot of good things going and have not done it yet. nats and reds were delayed almost four hours today because of heavy rain in cincinnati. when the game finally did wind up not that many fans were in attendance for the dramatic ending and it wasn't a good one for nats fans. top of the 8th nats lead 5-3, adam laroche with a base hit to right field. it's 6-3 nats after roger bernadina trots home from
10:41 pm
third, but bottom of 9th, bases loaded and two outs, there's henry rodriguez, oh, henry goes to deep right. a walkoff grand slam. cincy's first grand slam ending since adam dunn connected in 2006. three-run home run. the nats are defeated 9-6. washington returns home tomorrow to begin a homestand against the padres. orioles hosting the raise, the ballpark a perfect place to spend the afternoon with mom on mother's day. that's sweet, isn't it? happy mother's day. bottom of the 9th, orioles trailing 9-7, adam jones two on, two out, high chop to the left side, sean rodriguez, an acrobatic throw to first, j.j. hardy scores. deficit 9-8. next batter matt wieters grounding to the left side again to rodriguez, a one hop throw to pena at first. orioles fall to the rays 9-8.
10:42 pm
last night the caps season ended in new york. there would be no trip to the eastern conference finals, something they've only done twice in franchise history, another one-goal loss, the six time in season losses this post season coming at the cruelest time, a seventh and deciding game. afterwards the captain summed up the frustration and support of his team. >> it's a terrible feeling right now, but all i can say, we do our best and it's probably the best team i played and group of guys and atmosphere and everybody was -- it's unbelievable to play. i hope everybody is going to stay here till next year and it's hard. >> hope ovie is right because the team is built for success. we'll take a break. when we come back, maureen is back with more of the news. stay with us. 4@
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in northern mexico dozens of bodies dumped along the highway leading into the united states. investigators believe the killings are the work of drug cartels. >> reporter: an anonymous tip leading mexican authorities to at least 49 mutilated bodies dumped on the side of a highway, that highway between monterrey, mexico and the u.s. border. the victims' make torsos were stuffed into garbage bags, their heads and hands removed. >> the bodies show signs they were transported. >> reporter: a note left at the scene giving credit to the zetas, the letter z scrawled on an arch nearby. >> this action aims to grab people's attention, but most of all the attention from rival gangs '. >> reporter: the killings in the northeastern state are the worst since 52 people died in an arson attack on a casino last august. that attack also blamed on the
10:47 pm
zetas. mexican authorities pinning these violent attacks on rival drug trafficking gangs battling for control of the lucrative northeastern corridor of mexico. on capitol hill last week the fbi director asked about his agency's battle against drug trafficking. >> first of all, public corruption. secondly, we have task forces addressing kidnappings across the border and lastly and the most important part of it is the accumulation of intelligence that can help our partners south of the border. >> reporter: while the death told climbs each week it's estimated more than 50,000 people have been killed since december, 2006, when mexico's president launched a military led assault on the country's powerful drug cartels. despite travel warnings from the u.s. mexico's tourism department saw a 7.2% increase in spring break vacations this year compared to last year. bad publicity due to drug wars did not stop the parties. mexico is by far the big s tourism destination for
10:48 pm
americans with about 20 million visitors a year. cancun is the no. 1 spot for spring break. >> you don't need cancun. stay here. >> it's been really nice lately. >> it's been warm and we've had a lot of sun today and look at saturday. >> that's what i said, stay here, forget mexico. you got d.c. >> that's right. hang out with us. >> and our red. >> we're rocking the red. nationals coming up, right. >> you know what, clouds are rolling in tonight. so if you are wearing red, you'll absolutely be able to be seen. there's cloudy skies dominating, nice shot there of our national cathedral, love that wonderful piece of architecture, beautiful building. we have tonight seeing the clouds continuing to fill the skies as they did earlier this afternoon and they aren't going anywhere. as we start the week, things get a little unsettled, so some changing conditions. unsettled into the early part of the week.
10:49 pm
be prepared. we could see showers as well as a chance of some thunderstorms, mild to warm takes continue as well and we're going to have to keep our eyes to the skies, but the sunshine is forecast to return late week. so we'll see that as well. highs today, talk about cancun, it was warm here, look at this, 80 degrees reagan national airport, 81 dulles and 82 degrees at baltimore their good marshall airport. it's still mild outside -- thurgood marshall airport. it's still mild outside. 73 degrees gaithersburg, 72 d.c., 75 quantico, 66 culpeper and to the west martinsburg 66, 68 frederick, 70 dulles. take a trip up the mid- atlantic, cooler for boston 67 degrees, 72 new york and to the south we're into the 60s for raleigh 65 degrees. overall not bad, but it was mild. ridge of high pressure pushed its way off the coast. we've got an approaching system headed this way. we also have some wet weather in the forecast. expect it to reach us as we move through overnight and linger through the next 24 to
10:50 pm
48 hours. you see plenty to the south and west of us. so we're being set up as this continues to push its way across our area and we end up definitely needing to keep those umbrellas handy. it will continue to be warm and mild into the course of week, but we're dealing with once again the approach of a frontal system and associated low pressure system, a bit of a trough, a whole combination of things. as this ridge of high pressure moves out, it will open the door for this to settle in. we are talking some days that will be pretty much a washout pulling into the forecast period and also setting us up our chance of a thunderstorm or two. so as we take a look at futurecast, let's give you some time lines. here we are this evening. some of this wet weather has already hit the potomac highlands and areas of the shenandoah valley. it's starting to move its way through. look at monday. 5 a.m. getting socked here. we head into your morning commute, same story. in the afternoon hours we're still not out of the clear.
10:51 pm
tuesday we're looking at heavier rainfall with the chance of storms. that will stick around through until evening hours. wednesday we're back to sunshine and it get better the end of the week. tonight wrapping it up, overcast skies, showers moving in. tomorrow we'll have a mild 72 with showers and chance of a thunderstorm. by midday around 69 degrees, rain heavier moving into the evening hours tomorrow and tuesday is a major rain day, 74 degrees. things start to warm up on wednesday as we get back to sunshine and a bit of a few clouds hanging around wednesday and thursday, but they clear out nicely in time for friday as we hit 77 moving into the beginning of the weekend. >> thank you. these folks spent part of their day pedaling through the district as part of a bike d.c. event. the full ride was 24 miles long, but there was a shorter one 11 miles. the whole thing started at third and madison and ended at walt whitman park.
10:52 pm
a big accomplishment for two pizmakers from the district. a pair of domino's employees have qualified for a competition in las vegas. they're hoping to be crowned the world's fastest pizzamaker. fox 5's beth parker says see for yourself. >> reporter: concentrating like an olympic runner ready to pounce out of the gate. >> i've got a million things going on in my head and i'm trying to quiet them. >> reporter: his name is domino joe. his sport is pizza. joe burke and jesse danner, domino's pizza employees both qualified to head to las vegas to compete for the title of world's fastest pizmaker. >> for being really fast at making pizza is is like being an athletes. >> reporter: they're competitive. >> i'm going to win. >> we'll see about that. every day i text him with my times and he in every responds. >> begin. >> reporter: we asked them to prove it. one cheese, one mushroom, one
10:53 pm
pepperoni. they're fast. joe finishes in 4.41 seconds. then joe takes a turn. >> time! >> all right joe's time is shy of the all time record 39. sick seconds. 39 -- 39.6 seconds. what did you do wrong there? >> that's not right. you can't quoth it like a football. you want to a -- catch it like a football. you want to do like this and make a wall of hands. >> nice! >> perfect. >> it's tremendous fun. i couldn't imagine sitting behind a desk. >> reporter: they each have their own style. >> i have a very wide swing and an extremely slow sauce. i slow my sauce down to a crawl and then i explode out of my success of. >> reporter: joe shaves three seconds off his time by exhaling whenever the dough hits the pan. >> if i'm exhaling, it falls
10:54 pm
perfectly for my every time. >> reporter: they'll be judged on speed and quality. they'll tell you perfect pepperoni is the tricky part. a slice of pizza pride back in d.c. in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. >> go to our website to see video of beth parker getting a full lesson how to make the perfect piz fast. an inspiring -- piz fast. an inspiring story on -- pizza fast. an inspiring story next. >> and also a smaller dog killed by a bigger dog put was it the bigger dog fatal? stay with us. -- dog's fault? stay with us. 
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10:57 pm
here's when a mom triumphed over tragedy this mother's day after being paralyzed in a car accident, she's celebrating by doing the unthinkable, water skiing.
10:58 pm
>> reporter: carrie newberry celebrating mothers weekend on the water with her 2-year-old son gus. >> this was the first time, yeah. we got some fishing done just now and caught some shish he calls them. so he had fun. >> reporter: a special moment for mom and her toddler. >> i was in a car accident and suffered a neck injury. >> reporter: she's a quadriplegic and is here to water ski. >> hey, guys, here we are at bartlett lake marina where carrie and her 2-year-old son will go on the lake together for the first time. we're docked, so we've got to get out on the lake, so let's do it. st. joseph's sponsors day on the lake, an opportunity for folks like newberry to get in the water, kayak or jetski like dan manon who is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and has taken to the water like a fish. >> this is about eliminating obstacles and empowering people. >> reporter: newberry finally gets her turn. they strap her onto a wide ski and without a hitch she's up
10:59 pm
and going, baby gus watching his mom from the boat. >> reporter: carrie, how was it? >> it was awesome. >> all right. [ applause ] [ applause ] >> drink a little lake water? >> a little through my nose. >> the news tonight is far from over. the news edge at 11:00 starts right now. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. thanks for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. police officers walk into the unknown every day and tonight's reporters made a solemn tribute to the ones who made the ultimate sacrifice. more than 360 names were added to the national law enforcement memorial in d.c. fox 5's karen gray houston there was. -- was there. >> reporter: attorney general eric holder reading the names of fallen peace officers.


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