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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 14, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> not too shabby. your first ball had to be a strike. >> get in there. >> oh, no. oh, nice. >> the comeback. >> got 'em. >> coming for you. >> reporter: in the end, he got me, 158-116. >> that is not very good no me. >> this would not have won $50,000. let's put it that way. >> just disappointed. i think i'm a lot better than that. i'm going to cut myself from the team. >> reporter: lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. x 5 sports. . good morning. it is monday, may 14th. you may want to stay inside and do a little bowling today. there is rain you will be dealing with instead out there if you are heading to work. good morning. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. lindsay has a good arm there. >> yes, she does. quite the athlete. >> just hit the middle pin as they say. this morning, it is all about keeping an umbrella handy. >> you want to bring one along because the rain showers will
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be with us on and off today. not going to rain every minute. >> that's tomorrow, right? >> well, that is tonight and into tomorrow. the weekend was perfect. >> gorgeous. >> what a great weekend. >> it is 5:00 in the morning and you are looking at a radar filled with green. particularly out to the west now. if you are north of the city up to columbia and ellicott city, you are not seeing much in the way of shower activity yet. annapolis, not yet. but the rest of the us south and south and west down in virginia, most of you are getting some light showers. manassas, reston, leesburg, all getting light rain at the moment and pushing into southern maryland. all the showers will be moving on through during the course of the day today. we've got a lot of moisture. we've got a southerly fetch. wind are out of the south and we'll be tapping into gulf moisture here for the next 24 to 48 hours. rain showers will be with us later today, tonight and into
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the daytime hours tomorrow. temperatures, mild, 66 degrees. 63 at dulles. our highs later today will top out in the low 70s with lots of clouds around around some on again, off again showers. we'll go 72 in washington. not a terribly warm day and again, a big change from what we had around here this weekend. >> thank you, tucker. >> julie wright, let's get with julie wright. you know, you just start coming back and thinking when did i move to seat until. >> absolutely. yeah. the weekend was beautiful but all this rain and drizzle, yuck. all right. on the roads right now, you will find that we are dealing with the wet pavement. tucker was talking about it coming in from the west. you can see we do have some glare on the roads now from all of that rain. be careful as you work your way in headed in towards fair oaks and making your way in towards the capital beltway. traveling northbound along i- 95, no problems to report leaving woodbridge continuing across the occoquan.
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lanes are open across the inbound 14th street bridge. southbound 270, no incidents to report and lanes are open continuing down into rockville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you, julie. the big story this morning, maryland lawmakers back in annapolis for a special session. >> they will try to hammer out a budget deal and lawmaker failed to reach an agreement during the last session that ended on april 9th. since then, governor martin o'malley met with the senate president and house speaker to craft a tax plan and some other measures. the deal includes spending cuts and tax increases to cut $500 million off the state's deficit. one of the main sticking points is the expansion of gambling. >> they will raise personal income tax, set personal income tax for single people would make over $100,000 and couples that make over $150,000. what they're not going to decide is gambling. there very well might be a second special session and rushern baker and prince george's county are not going to be pleased about this.
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>> the special session will go for three days and begins this morning at 10:00 a.m. now to virginia where state lawmakers will spend the last day of the regular session today voting on amendments to the budge the they passed last month. the governor put in # 8 amendments. one of them addresses funding for the dulles rail project. -- the governor put in 88 amendments. also making headlines this morning, d.c.'s guardian angels will patrol a northwest neighborhood again today after this crime was captured in surveillance video. just septupletting. the guy was knocked to the ground right in the head in an alley behind a condo building at 14th and w last thursday. he was badly beaten. he is still in the hospital. the guardian angels will be back in the area including that alley at noon today. prince george's county police are investigating a fatal crash involving a motorcycle and a tractor- trailer. this one happened on woodyard road in clinton saturday night. police say the driver of the motorcycle, henry thorpes, jr.
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was pronounced dead at the scene. no word on what led to the crash. the 24th annual canned -- a 24-hour annual candlelight service honoring loment officers killed in the line of duty was held last night. u.s. attorney general eric holder delivered the keynote address. the service was part of national police week. resignations at j. p. morgan chase. three executives with j. p. morgan are stepping down following last week's revelation of a $2 billion trading loss. one of the executives is the bank's chief investment officer. the company's ceo says the loss will not threaten the future of j. p. morgan. yahoo's ceo scott thompson
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is stepping down. his resume shows he has two degrees, an accounting degree and a computer science degree. thompson really only has an accounting degree. the scandal has already cost a top recruiter her job for failing to discover the mistake. for now, yahoo's global media chief ross levinson will take over as the company's temporary ceo. ceo. . two states will hold primaries tomorrow. voters in nebraska and oregon will cast ballots in the presidential primaries. another big race to watch in nebraska is the senate seat being vacated by long-time democratic senator ben nelson. he is not running for re- election and this is giving republicans a lot of hope of picking up his seat. whoever wins the gop nomination tomorrow will face former democratic senator bob kerry. peace talks in fung dealt a veer blow. coming up next, details of an assassination. >> first lady michelle obama with some strong words of
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be a big setback to u.s. peace talks in afghanistan. top member of the afghan peace council and senator in parliament was killed yesterday. he was shot in a secure part of the capital just hours after president karzai announceed a third stage of the transition to afghan security forces. the taliban are denying responsibility but they have denied attacks before only to say they did it later. president obama is getting ready to host world leaders for the group of saturday summitt at camp david at the end of the beak. the russians president will be a no-show. vladimir putin says he can't make the summitt because he is too busy appointing a new cabinet. the other leaders of the world's biggest economies are coming to maryland on friday. president obama's counterterrorism advisor john brennan, met with yes, ma'am anti's president yesterday. the meeting comes just days after the foiled underwear bomb plot by al-qaeda. some are interpreting the visit as a sign of u.s. support for yemen. yemen's president is said to be
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a champion in the campaign against al-qaeda. the first lady, michelle obama, continues on the college commencement circuit. she addressed graduates in greensboro, north carolina on saturday. during her speech, she highlighted the school's prestigious record. >> you all have such a proud tradition here in greensboro. for years, of a produced more african-american engineers and more african-american female engineers than just about anywhere else in america. we've got a responsibility to live up to the legacy of those who came before us by doing all that we can to help those who come after us. >> and speaking of legacy, the first lady later cited the historic action four north carolina college students took to desecond-degree rate lunch
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counters as prove of what young people can do to change the world. here is a word we all like to hear, free. why some local dentists offered free dental care. >> and there was no shortage of patients here. we'll explain this one as we continue. good morning. >> good morning. we've got the rain showers move back in after a beautiful weekend. ill alet you know how long the rain will stick around. julie wright is back. she has a look at the traffic too. we'll do it right after the break. ♪
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. live look outside. you can seat capitol dome to your left. washington monument to your right. it is monday morning. get ready for eye the wet weather coming your way. first, hold on. if you are afraid of heights, you might want to close your eyes for this one. just listen. tightrope walker nick wallenda has begun practicing for his latest death-defying stunt, walking across niagara falls. a two inch cable will be pulled across the falls for the big event youtube 15th. he is practicing on a cable that has been set up at the casino on the new york state side of the falls. his crew members had to add more weight to the wire after he said it felt like it was rolling under his feet. >> that just makes me cringe. when you saw him stumble, we were all just -- >> is that the came guy that
5:16 am
was in baltimore last week. >> i think it was. >> he has been doing it for years. that is a name i kind of remember as a tightrope walker. >> i could find more favorable jobs. >> i bet he rakes it in too. >> you think so? >> you cross niagara falls and you make it $100,000. >> i'm sure he comes to birthday parties as well. let's get to the showers and they are moving on in. after a nice weekend, we are looking at a couple of days with a possibility of rain. a good chance. the chance of rain today, close to 100% so bring along an umbrella t won't rain every minute today but we will have some periods of showers moving through from time to time and the thundershowers will stick around tonight into the daytime hours tomorrow. could be a thunderstorm as well if we get any breaks at all in the clouds. showers moving in inside the beltway here. you can see not terribly heavy rain. waldorf, la plata, get something showers. out to the west, the showers steadier out towards leesburg
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and front royal. if you are north and east of the city, you are not seeing the showers yet but you will shortly here in the next hour or so. most of us should be getting qied spread showers. let's move o there we go. we have a big fetch of moisture parked down here. -- most of us should be getting widespread showers. so we'll see this moisture streaming up the eastern seaboard over the next 24 to 36 hours and eventually, a cold front will put an end to it but that will take the better part of tomorrow before that will move in. tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. we've get rain chances in the forecast for the remained are of the day today, tonight, into your daytime hours tomorrow and then things will start to wind down. temperatures back into the 70s. it wonweek. when this wraps up later today and during the daytime hours tomorrow, anywhere between about 1 and 3 inches of rain.
5:18 am
65 right now in the city. we are comfortably cool. 68 in quantico. there we are at 3:00. the shower activity kind of his hitt and miss. going to be raining all day today. the rain showers fill back in later tonight. here we are tomorrow morning at 7:00 a.m. with the possibility of a thunderstorm and some rain across the area and then it just moves back in during the afternoon. there we are at 11:00. and during the afternoon, more rain showers tuesday and we'll get it out of here tuesday night and quiet it down by early wednesday. cloudy skies, showers, storms, back in the forecast. 72 your high temperature today so much cooler than yesterday. yesterday, we were in the low 80s. winds out of the south here at about five to 10. later tonight, the rain showers stick around. overnight, low, 62 degrees. could be heaviest tonight. more showers in the forecast for your tuesday. there you go, 74 degrees and then we warm it back up with some sunshine towards the end of the week. thursday and friday look fantastic. highs in the mid- to upper 70s.
5:19 am
that is weather. let's do some traffic and julie wright has got your latest. >> on the roads, as you were talking, we do have that wet pavement coming in from the west. here we are live along eastbound 66 working your way in from manassas. no incidents to report continuing eastbound towards centreville. the lanes are open. you will find the lanes are open as you continue inbound towards the capital beltway. overnight construction on the beltway in the hot lane zone has cleared. you will find lanes are open southbound along 270 as you leave hyattstown. you will find lanes are open on the beltway traveling between college park and bethesda. no problems to report southbound 95, 295 coming in out of laurel. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. . >> thank you. good dental care can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. some families have to skip their visits. but last thursday, a team of dentists in frederick changed that.
5:20 am
>> that he charged absolutely nothing for cleaning, fillings, exams and extractions. as john henrehan shows us, patients started lining up in the middle of the night for this one. >> reporter: they called it dentistry from the heart, an all-day clinic offered to patients completely free of charge. >> there were people out there at 2:00 a.m. so already waiting. >> why did the three dentists associated with premiere dental arts in frederick cancel all paid appointments and keep on their large staff for the all- day volunteer effort. >> i would say dentistry has been extremely good to me over the years and i feel it is a way of giving back. >> reporter: stonemason martin billodouk got a filling. his 3-year-old daughter got a free cleaning and examination. >> we came as part of the community and definitely saves a lot of money. it is free. so you can't pass that so wear definitely grateful for that. >> reporter: they sometimes do
5:21 am
pay for dental care but some patients here simply cannot afford to pay. beverly is a dialysis patient who lives on a small pension and social security. >> by the time you finish paying your monthly bills, you are waiting for the next check to roll around. >> reporter: some years, says beverly, she has to choose between seeing a dentist or getting new glasses. according to the flyer which promoted this event, the dentists and hygienists here would offer one free service, either a cleaning or one filling or one extraction. but some patients who hadn't seen a dentist in decades needed more. >> basically, every tooth in his mouth was kind of rotted down to the gum line. it was a mess. i'm surprised -- he just had pain in one side and one tooth but he needs them all out. >> reporter: on that patient, the doctor performed five extractions for free. in red rick, john henrehan, fox
5:22 am
5 news. >> premier dental arts. can't give them enough plugs. that was awesome. a long perm journey for one local woman. >> as we continue, for her, mother's day wasn't about getting gifts. it was about the giving mood. we'll explain. q what's my secret for sunday lunch? my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves.
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do? >> the avengers dominated the weekend box office once again. the superhero blockbuster took in more than $103 million. that is just in the u.s. it is the first film to make more than $100 million in its second weekend in theaters. rounding out the top five, dark had owes, think like a man, the hunger games and the lucky one. >> en is talking about the avengers. mother's day is not about gifts for one mom. instead, she is giving other special moms the very thing they need the most. >> it is her own long injury that may impress you most. audrey barnes has her inspiring story. >> can i push you? >> reporter: a little mother's day playtime at the melton house in ashburn but it wasn't all fun and games today. earlier, glennonand her husband took the children to the cemetery. >> i went there with my little
5:26 am
family to tell her about what we're doing for moms now who have cancer. >> reporter: what she is doing is starting a helping, healing revolution through her blog. >> we built in community of wheel who were telling the truth and working hard to understand each other, people who were very different but who had the common goal of loving each other better and understanding each other better. >> reporter: one way they do it is through what melton calls love flash mobs online. >> i post it on the blog and we call that the start of the flash mob. and people everywhere all over the world start dancing. >> reporter: actually, they start donating $25 max. the goals with a fully equipped handicapped accessible van for a woman named claudia with lou
5:27 am
gehrig's disease and another van for mindy who has stage four, lung, bobbi and liver cancer we raised $83,000 dollars in 50 hours. the donations were coming in six a minute. >> reporter: both ladies will be getting their vans soon but melton says it is the people around the world who donated who are getting the real gift in mother's day. >> if we adopt mother teresa's saying which is we can do no great things but we can do small things with great love and that is what we proved during these love flash mobs. everybody has something to give and that, when we all add our little offerings together, that they can make a difference. >> almost like a theme this morning, moms when they put their heads to it can really get things done. >> she certainly has. besides her blog, she also writes for the huffington post and is working on a book as well. so good luke to her. >> she looks like a younger
5:28 am
adriana huffington, doesn't she? much younger. >> a little bit. a magazine featuring president obama sparking a lot of talk. >> maryland's special legislative session begins today and it will end with a certain percentage of maryland residents paying higher taxes. we'll be right back. hy cheerios are those great tasting little o's made from carefully selected oats that can help lower cholesterol. stickers? uh-uh. a superhero? ♪ kinda.
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. welcome back. taking a look right now at reagan national. if you've got a flight today, you might want to double-check being make sure you are not tea laid. not that you necessarily will be but we do some rain in the area so maybe just keep that neighborhood if you are taking a flight somewhere today. >> good -- just keep that in mind if you are taking a flight somewhere today. >> good morning, tucker. >> we'll have showers moving through this morning, later this afternoon and this evening and tomorrow morning. we need the rain. not sure -- you probably won't love the forecast the next couple of days. it will be rather wet. >> just make us appreciate the sun even more when it comes back out. >> we had a beautiful weekend. >> gorgeous. >> we'll have a beautiful end of the week. by wednesday, thursday, friday, bright sunshine back in the forecast. >> just in time for the weekend. >> we need a couple of days of rain. we'll get it. we'll get it. 56 right now in washington. humidity, 7 #%. there are your winds out of the
5:32 am
south and west at 7:00. i'll show you the landlord radar. plenty of rain out to the west, out towards winchester, martinsburg, getting some light rain showers and now breaking out to the east as well, salisbury and all of this is part of the large train of moisture that is working in from the southern states but right along the eastern seaboard. rain showers will be with us on and off through outthe day today. bring along an umbrella and be ready for a cool, cloudy day with some rain showers from time to time. a high temperature of only 72 degrees. ten degrees cooler than jed. >> relates aget a check of your on-time traffic. julie wright, welcome back, my friend. good to see you. >> thank you very much. good to be back. on the roads this morning, we are dealing way little wet pavement from what tucker was talking about out to the west. allow extra time coming in along route 66, and the dulles toll road as well. building in volume now eastbound along 66 as you work
5:33 am
your way inbound towards centerville. no problems to report approaching the capital beltway. southbound 270, lanes are open. volume increasing here as well leaving 109 headed out past the scales. northbound, they were checking for accident activity as you approach route 80 in urbana. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. . the big story this morning, lawmaker in maryland head back to the state house for a special session. >> melanie alnwick has more. >> reporter: good morning. this morning, governor o'malley will introduce a new budget for the coming year. it is only $700 million more than this year's spending levels but it is less than the $1.2 billion in increased spending that the governor asked for in january. now, during the regular session, which ended at midnight on april 9th, lawmaker could not agree on how to pay for that new budget and the law
5:34 am
does require a balanced budget. they can't borrow the money or go into deficit spending so lawmaker were either going to have to live with a series of planned spending cuts or find a way to increase revenue. governor o'malley believes the best way to do that is by increasing taxes and reducing or eliminating exceptions on only the high earners. tax increases would begin with singles earning more than $100,000 and couples earning more than $150,000. the new tax rates, those would be retroactive to january 1st. >> there is a $500 million shortfall. they have to have a balanced budget in maryland. the president of the state senate, mike miller, and the house speaker, mike bush, are not the president of each other's fan clubs buzz even though they are democrats and the governor was criticized roundly for not intervening personally and getting into this fix. now, they are supposedly all love and kisses and harmonious. >> reporter: it does seem that
5:35 am
all of the democrats here in annapolis have fallen in line. this session will not, however, include gambling. that was one of the alleged hold-up which kept the budget from passing. the governor did indicate there may be a special session this summer to deal with the issue. bridge county one of those that is hoping to open a casino at national harbor. the budget proposal on the table this morning though will include the other contentious proposal that would be transferring the costs of the teacher pensions, the public teacher pensions, to the countsies gradually over four years. that is the plan as it is. that is something that the counties say would definitely be a big financial burden on them. the other thing too that is going on here, there is a lot of republicans. they are in the minority though. they say that they would rather live with the spending cuts. they do believe that the new tax rates, when you combine them with the county tax rates as well would put maryland in among the top 10 tax rates in the country. the republican opposition leader says he plans to
5:36 am
introduce a bill here this morning that would keep spending levels flat at the 2012 levels but as democrats here are in control and they are all in line here in annapolis so it does not seem that that proposal will go through. back to you. d.c.'s guardian angels will be patrolling a northwest neighborhood again today after a crime captured in the surveillance video. it shows a man being assaulted in an alley behind a condo building at 14th and w thursday. the man was badly beaten and is still in the hospital. the guardian angels will be back in the area including the alley at newport today. the family of a missing george mason student spent part of the weekend trying to remain all of us they are still looking for her. bethany decker disappeared january 29th. she was about five months pregnant at the time and left behind a little boy. her mother tells fox 5 bethany's 23rd birthday was just yesterday. decker's husband and another man were both questioned but police say there is no sign of
5:37 am
foul play. prince george's county police are vehicling a fatal crash involving a motorcycle and tractor-trailer. this happened in the 8900 block of woodyard road in clinton, maryland saturday night. police say the driver of the motorcycle, henry thorpes, jr., was pronounced dead at the scene. so far, no word on what exactly led to the crash. a fire at a car dealership required some extra firefighters. if burned into the roof making it sag and forcing firefighters out in case the roof fell in. no one was surety. thousands of people are in the nation's capital to honor law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice. a candlelight service was held last night for police officers, corrects officers and military police killed in the line of duty. the names of 362 u.s. law enforcement officers were formally dedicated to the walls of the national law enforcement officers memorial. u.s. attorney general eric
5:38 am
holder delivered the keynote address. also new this morning, three top bankers all resigning. j.m.morgan's ceo is in damage control. jamie diamond says the $2 billion loss in sick week was in bad investments by the nation's largest bank. they will give financial regulators more am on owe to clam. down on banks. diamond also said everyone in business makes mistakes. just because theirs was sloppy and student you had doesn't mean they're toast. the head of yahoo is resigning for lying on his resume. he claimed he hay college dealing in computer science but never actually antibiotic one. yahoo is trying to convince share old hers that a turn around will continue. >> the company is now run by interim ceo ross levinson who ran yahoo's business in americas. a magazine featuring president obama sparking a whole lot of talk. >> the governor and head line
5:39 am
that has people doing a double take. we're checking more headlines on the other side. 
5:40 am
5:41 am
5:42 am
. last week, it was time magazine. this week, it is a cover on "newsweek" that is grabbing headlines. take a look at. this the headline calls president obama the first gay president and shows mr. obama with a rainbow colored halo over his head. the cover story was written by an openly gay political blogger. over to greece now, talk to form a government will continue today but there is not much hope of success. the leader of the left its party has pulled out of negotiations.
5:43 am
if a coltation government can't be formed, new elections will be called for next month. some are speculating that any government that is formed will make a move to pull out of the euro. this may be more evidence of a nuclear testing facility in iran. the chamber is consistent with the type required to conduct nuclear explosive tests. the international atomic emergency caught agency wants to get inside but iran insists this is a military site and that means. iaea cannot get in. >> what one does inside such a chamber is conduct high explosive testing. you are going to make something go boom with maybe 07 kilograms of high explosives. you need to contain the
5:44 am
explosion. >> fitzpatrick says the chamber would also contain uranium dust. he believes if iaea inspectors are allowed in, the site will be cleaned up. gas prices have some shy ago way from the big gas stations and opting for cheaper alternatives. >> is there a difference between brand name gays and discount gas. we'll find out coming up. >> plus, we checking your morning commute and weather. rain is on the way. -- is there a difference between brand name gas and discount gas? we'll find out coming up. ale a] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen is going for aluminum. cullen jones is in it for water-resistant thermoplastic.
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. welcome back. the air is a little thick out there. we've had some rain that has moved in and rain will stick around if a few days perhaps. we'll check in with with tucker in a little bit. first, let's take a look at. this a new spinning world record. 1096 people rode on stationary bikes at a gym in colombia. >> that sets the new guiness world record for the most static cycling or spinning at the same time. the previous record was set in minneapolis in 2010. >> i always wanted to do a class like that. i hear they are awesome. >> they are. they are a great workout. >> the hard part is the next
5:48 am
day, will, when you can't walk. >> or sit or is day glute workout too? >> yes, the seats are a little hard. >> getting in and out of the car, the whole thing. >> no pain, no gain as they say. i guess we have some pain minister weather department. >> we have some rain back in the forecast. we'll have a nice end of the week. we are sandwiched between nice weather with little rain in between. >> i've got a friend coming in from spain. she's like how's the weather. i said get ready for today and tomorrow. >> the next couple of days, a lot of rain but we'll get better towards the end of the week. definitely umbrella weather. i think your commute will be on the slow side as the rain showers continue to move on. particularly if you are west of the city. south and west of the city think the rain has been heaviest overnight. when we get the heavier rain, we see the yellows and reds embedded in the radar. you are not seeing that this morning. the rain generally light across the area. light to moderate. you can see most of the rain. most of the rain continues to be out to the west and south of
5:49 am
the city. 95 getting a good soaking rain now down towards dale city, out 66, out towards manassas, leesburg, reston you are getting some rain showers. starting to get to the north and west up towards frederick. it won't be long, beltsville, up towards laurel and columbia, we'll get rain showers as well. this is all pushing up to the north and to the east. let me show you the bigger picture. we have tapped into a plume of moisture from the south from the gulf of mexico. we'll be riding up along some southerly wind today. there is an area of low pressure parked north of atlanta. it will be a slow mover. that combined with a cold front which will take a good 4 hours or so to get in here. we'll squeeze out a lot of moisture across the washington area. we are looking at the potential for 1 to 3 inches of rain around here. it won't rain every minute today. but i think there will be some periods of showers today, later tonight, we could see some good rain and then during the day tomorrow. so on again, off again rain
5:50 am
showers as well before we clear things out for your day on wednesday. a couple of days of rain showers. we need the rain. we are still running some pretty good deficits around here. 65 right now in washington. expect highs of about 70 or so. 68 in quantico. 61 as you start your morning in leonardtown. cloudy skies, showers, storms back in the forecast. 27 your daytime high. that is about 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. winds out of the south at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. no flood watches but, to be honest with you, the weather service is thinking about issuing some if we get some pretty good soaking rain here later tonight. there is your forecast. let me mention the possibility of a thunderstorm as well later today and even during the day tomorrow. much, much brighter way lot of sunshine to end your week. highs in the the upper 70s. that is a look at the weather. julie wright has got your latest. >> it hurt saturday night when the caps lost. >> that was the heartbreaker.
5:51 am
it truly was. back to monday and back to work and unfortunately on wet pavement for some of you coming in from the west. expect these delays. no problems as you continue in towards fair oaks. waking up to wet pavement so allow extra time on the roads. no problems to report headed out towards the scales. they were checking for an incident northbound near route 80. whatever was there has been cleaned up and moved out of the roadway. you will find your lanes are open inbound along the suitland parkway and headed for the douglas bridge. >> thank you. high gas price have some people shying way from the brand name gas. >> is there a difference between the brand name gas and the cheaper gas? we're finding out in just a minute. 
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
. plenty of of drivers are still looking for ways to save at the pump. this next question sounds like an ask the weather guys question. here it is. does it make any difference
5:55 am
whether you buy brand name gas or discount? >> i've always wondered. we'll find out. fox's mike niebach fills us in. >> reporter: chris says he usually tanks up at the shell or chevron, not the costco. why spend 20 cents more per gallon. >> i don't know. i've tried the triple k gas and it seems to burn just as efficiently. >> reporter: joe was filling his hank at the nearby costco during his route where he hits many different stayings. >> got customers from 7-eleven to costco to conoco phillips. >> reporter: when he was finished, he motored back to the shell refinery and got more gasoline for costco. is there any difference besides 20 cents a gallon.
5:56 am
>> it is like medicine. you got your branded medicine and your generic. >> reporter: the difference is the branded cleaning adtivity each company puts in its gas to scrub fuel injector jets or on older cars carburetors. it also helps the engine's valve seats. chevron calls their additive techron. less expensive gas such as costco or circle k has the same sort of additive but it is generic. we went to the engineering department where professor robert dibble has spent a year studying motors and fuel and he also drives. >> i have a jeep cherokee from 1993. it has 270,000 miles. >> reporter: what does he do when he fills up? >> pretty much the same thing tanker driver joe says he does. >> i buy gasoline timically at a lower cost station five times and on the sixth time, i'll go to one of the name stations.
5:57 am
>> reporter: from the university laboratory to the gas pump itself, up siders agree you can easily and less expensively protect your vehicle with just some simple additive like this that you can pick up at any auto supply store. all you have to do is pour it into the gas tank while at the same time change your oil. >> all right. >> there you go. now you've got the answer. >> time now to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, mickey turner. she is celebrating her daughter's sweet 16 today. >> we are assuming that is her in the profile pic. happy birthday. we'll be right back. and down the road ♪
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