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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 14, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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a big honor for a life lost in the line of duty generations ago. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts now. well, there is a rather gloomy look to the day to your start of the day. rain showers out there, plenty of clouds as well. monday, may 14th, 2012. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. it sure does look like a monday. >> yes, it does. >> but a great weekend. we cannot complain. tucker barnes is looking at do we need the umbrella all day. >> yeah, good morning we can use the umbrella all day today and tomorrow. at last the timing is right for monday. we have showers here for your morning commute. a live look at hd radar. shower and sun, widespread, up into montgomery county, columbia and baltimore, most areas should see showers shortly they should be with us
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on and off throughout the day. let's push on to our next radar. eastern sea board you can see we've got lots and lots of rain. we have some thunderstorm activity down in western north carolina at the moment. and all of that will mover through later today -- move through later today with a frontal system and area of low pressure moving through, chances of rain showers and thunderstorms will linger tonight, early tomorrow, even tomorrow afternoon we will have showers around and quiet things down as we get into the day wednesday. current temperature not terribly cold, 64 degrees, humidity up, lots of clouds showers on and off throughout the day highs 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, 72 here in washington. more details in the forecast take a look at the 5 day in a couple minutes. let's see some traffic. good morning julie >> chef definitely not a good mix on the roads. if you are travelling on the west side of town, you will find not only pockets of
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congestion, leaving braddock road, to 66 but west of the belt way, along braddock to fort royal. i have problems with the signal lights, police are there to help direct you around. crash, eastbound 34, follow police direction. 66 pockets of congestion, manassas, centerville. at the belt way, travelling westbound on 50. lanes are open, leaving 410, traffic flows as you travel in from 202, leaving 27 miles an hour towards new york avenue. kennel worth is below speed. southbound 270, lanes are open out of german town. you will find delays as you work your way out of german town. falls road headed out towards the lane divide. eastbound 66 well below speed coming in from manassas. leaving 7100 to 93. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic.
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turning to the campaign trail voters in two states hit the polls tomorrow presidential primaries in nebraska and oregon. >> president obama's personal feelings on gay marriage were the hot topic on the sunday talk shows more from kelly on how it could play outcome november with the voters. good morning. allison, tony, good morning to you as well. president obama is scheduled to give a commencement speech later today and headline a speech with rick can i martin. the president revealing from a personal point of view he supports gay marriage. >> reporter: the president has been getting a lot of attention for his support of same-sex marriage including in week's cover of news week magazine which dubs him the first gay president. he is getting lots of support from fellow democrats. >> i don't think it is a flip
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flop. there is no political calculus in this because it is not smart you know if he is going to do it from a political point of view it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: over the weekend at liberation versety governor romney -- university, governor romney spoke to his largest evangelical audience yet, discussing common values. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. [ cheering from crowd ] >> reporter: the issue of gay marriage continues to be debated and some believe president obama gave governor romney a possible advantage in the general election. >> what i have heard since the president's announcement wednesday are from pastors across the nation, african american pastors white pastors sitting on the sidelines because they weren't sure about mitt romney. i think that barack obama has helped fit that missing piece of intensity mitt romney will
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need. >> reporter: over the weekend the president reached out to african american pastors and expressed his point of view on gay marriage. his reception was not received well. here locally pastor jenkins, one of the largest churches in dc, first baptist of glen arden said he is deeply troubled by it all. >> thank you kelly. >> new campaign ad for president obama takes aim at mitt romney's business credentials. also, a new republican super pack is tapping into the economic frustrations of voters under 30 years old. it is launching an ad campaign today highlights dim job possibilities, crippling student loans and prospect of moving back home with mom and dad. maryland lawmaker back in annapolis for a special session. they will try to take a vote on a budget deal. melanie alnwick is live at the state house with details.
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good morning. >> reporter: good morning tony. governor o'malley this morning will introduce a new budget for 2013 which increases spending. democrats say it will still require tax increases to pay for it. the tax increases would begin for individuals earning more than $100,000. couples earning more than $150,000 personal exceptions for those high earners will be phased out as well. the governor says revenue is needed to avoid cuts to education and other services in addition teacher pension costs will be shifted to the counties over a 4 year period if the proposal goes through. during regular session, which ended at midnight april 9th. lawmaker could not agree on how to pay for the budget. the law requires the budget to be balanced lawmakers will have to live with a series of spending cuts or find a way to increase revenue. it was the first time in
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decades maryland lawmaker ran out of time in regular session. there were hard feelings. $500 million short fall, they have to have a balanced budget in maryland. this is to tidy everytke martin who would like to be president, four years from now, say look, i got the legislature together. but he took a bruising on this. not being an effective leader. >> now the special session will not include those controversial gambling proposals as we know prince georges county would is very much like -- would very much like to open up a casino in national harbour. the new pack race will be retroactive to january 1st. there are a lot of opponents as well. they say when you take the new tax breaks, combine them with new rates, that would put maryland's tax rate in the top 10 of the nation and one of the republican leaders here says he does plan to introduce a competing bill that would keep spending levels at the 2012 levels they are now. keep them flat and make sure
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teacher pension costs do not get shifted to the county, because they are the republicans the minority here. there is not much chance of that going through. back to you. >> thank you very much. meanwhile also news involving virginia's legislature today. the general assembly has its last day of assembly in richmond. one amendment put forth by bob mcdonald. deals with money ear marked for the dulles rail project. he is talking about some bold action he may take next year. considering trying to lower the state sales tax. the other top stories, a car dealership in prince georges county remains closed after a fire over the weekend. it broke out in the repair shop at the pontiac dealer in off way, marlo heights late sunday
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morning. it forced firefighters out in case the roof fell in. no one was hurt. >> dcs guardians angels will patrol a northwest neighbourhood after crime capture in this surveillance video. a man was assaulted in an alley last thursday behind a condo. the man was badly beeten and still in the hospital. national police week today the atf will hold a lost life in the line of duty generations ago. they will honor that life. william henderson will be added to the atf memorial mall. he was killed in mississippi 1883 and is the first african american federal law enforcement official killed in the line of duty in post reconstruction era. he was lynched after intervening to save another man from being lynched days earlier. now we are talking more about today's ceremony with the acting director of the atf in
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our 9:00 a.m. hour. the candlelight service was held for police officers, corrections officers and military police killed in the line of duty, 362 law enforcement officers were formally dedicated on the walls of the national law enforcement officers memorial. eric holder delivered the key note. >> these men and women place safety and security of others, above their own. when facing uncertain dangers and confronting unpredictable threats they consistently respond with courage, selflessness and strength. >> today's other events include an honor guard competition and conference for surviving children of fallen officers. >> time now 7:10 a.m., monday morning. still ahead a decades old kidnapping caseic solving the vatican and mobster back -- case involving the vatican and
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mobster back in the spotlight. days after an announcement that sent shock waves through the financial industry, jp morgan ceo, acknowledges failure. place book's biggest week ever in the social media network founder is kicking things off today. more details next next pgh >> as we head to break, a live lookout side. this is a big tree if you can see it on the right side of your screen, big tree down on connecticut avenue at bradly boulevard, southbound lanes are closed at bradly. we will get the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie in a couple moments, 7:11 a.m. ♪
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♪ she was in paris, but i still got to see her. we talked for hours. ♪ everyone else buzzed about the band. music, stories, adventures, memories. ♪ ...all at my fingertips. ♪ there's a wireless mind inside all of us. ♪ so, where to next? ♪ talks in greece topping headlines. this is the third time parties in greece are trying to form a
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government following last week's election but it does not look good as the extreme left party is refusing to go along with the harsh budget cuts required for another bailout installment if all sides can't come together to form an agreement, if no sides can do that, new elections loom last month. president obama hosting leaders of the world's most powerful economys in maryland end of the week. russia's president pouten will not be there. he just -- pouten will not be there. he just retook office and declining the invitation. frances new president will be in the spotlight at camp david. he became the first social list since 1995 when he defeeted nicklas sarkozy. today in italy, police officers and tv cameras descended on a church in rome in hopes of solving a mystery, what happened to a teen girl who disappeared 30 years ago. a reputed mobster is buried in the church his one time
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girlfriend said he kidnapped the girl, the daughter of a vatican employee, an anonymous caller to a tv show once claimed the answer to the teen's disappearence, lay in the mobster's tomb. the location of the tomb is somewhat strange too, as the mobster lies alongside remains of catholic cardinals. quite the mystery. >> very odd. >> yeah. >> sounds like a dan brown novel. >> yes, it does. forgive me i have a cold >> i know tony i feel for you. >> thanks. >> hello. >> hey, good morning. >> how are you. >> fine thank you. nice weekend. >> great mothers day. >> yep. >> notice i am trying to put a good spin on the forecast because today not so favourable. i will do this line we need the rain it is a good thing we will get some. >> you had that one before some how. >> i keep saying that as long as i can sell it because a lot of clouds out there. here comes the showers moving through. generally, you can see well, we
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are spreading east. prince georges county, light rain showers out towards annapolis, montgomery county. widespread rain showers on and off throughout the day. not going to rain every minutebut we have a lot of moisture to work through next 24, to 36 hours. look at that moisture off to the south and west, this is a pattern we have not seen a lot of the last several months. we are tapping into gulf moisture w. winds out of the south and frontal system laying across the area, cold front taking its time we will have rain showerclouds in the forecast next couple days. possibility of a thunderstorm as well. if you hear a rumble of thunder later today don't be surprised. quick look at your forecast and talk more end of the week coming up. 72 today, showers and storms back in the forecast. tomorrow they stick around. when all is said and done, maybe 1 to 3 inches of rain and
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then quiet things down for the end of the week. lots of sunshine by thursday and friday. >> back end looks good. >> it will hang in there a couple days. >> to jew leaf julie wright and find out about the problems. travelling southbound, connecticut avenue, out towards 410, and chevy chase circle, tree down, blocking lanes of 185, connecticut avenue, no one is able to get by. the easiest work around would be bailout 410, east west highway, you can pick up and go towards 355 depending where you need to travel to or back towards silver spring by way of georgia avenue, coalsville road. 410 will be your saviour to avoid this closure point. connecticut avenue closed south of 410 before chevy chase circle. we need to update you on a couple problems we have. v dot looking inbound and out bound, 11 street bridge, for
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accident activity. suit land parkway to the inbound 11th street bridge. southbound 270, below speed, route 80, down to 30 miles an hour and a 30 minute commute, leaving father hurly boulevard that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. more fall out from jp morgan's bad investment that cost the bank $2 billion. the company's ceo is speaking out. and a renewed debate on tighter regulations at the bank. >> good morning. tucker tried to put a positive spin on the weather, i cannot do the same. not even close. we are learning jp morgan is expected to accept resignation of a high ranking executive and two others being held accountable. one bank ceo says he is in full support of tighter regulations. >> the nations largest bank
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suffered a multibillion dollar loss that number could rise. >> we took a $2 billion loss. could be volatile by a billion dollars. >> it stems from trades largely made in london in credit default. those are used to buy and sell insurance against defaults and declines in market value of bonds. jp morgan's ceo jamie diamond admits his company made a major error. >> yes know we were sloppy and stupid there was bad judgment. >> the mishap fuels the debate whether tougher regulations are needed. >> we do it in a way that doesn't impair or limit their ability to mitigate risk and protect themselves, and their balance sheets as well. >> diamond says no bank is too big to fail, and supports giving the government the authority to dismantle a failing big bank. >> we want the government to take down a big bank like jp
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morgan. when it happens i believe compensation be clawed back, board fired equity wiped out and the bannening dismantled and name -- bank dismantled and name buried in disgrace. >> jp morgan's ceo maintains the multibillion i don't know dollar loss won't threaten the future -- million dollar loss won't threaten the future of the bank. the banks chief investment officer who makes $15 million a year is stepping down. wall street journal is reporting another executive expected to leave is in charge of the london desk that made the trade. executives are saying these risky investments are an indication the banks haven't learned a darn thing. >> very frustrating. >> will. >> thank you much. a shake up for yahoo! after just five months on the job ceo scott thompson left. amid-controversy other a
7:22 am
computer -- over a computer science degree listed on his resume, that he never received. big week on tap for facebook, today, founder mark zuckerburg celebrates his 28th birthday. >> what? >> he is 28. on friday the company is expected to start selling stock to the public for the first time and begin trade orange the nasdaq stock market, -- on the nasdaq stock market. the ipo could value facebook at $100 million making it worth more than disney, ford and kraft foods. zuckerburg at 28 is half the age of the average s&p 500 ceo. >> once again he is 28. >> man that is something. >> i was making $13,000 when i was 28. >> yeah, i think $16,500. >> we are neck and neck though. 7:22 a.m. on monday morning.
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we although parking is a royal pain in the dc area. did you also know the problem led to a hot ticket item on the black market. plus an alarming new study, finds major set backs among young adults with autism. a closer look at results after the break >> hitting the gym just in time for summer, members are pushed to the limit having fun at the same time. 7:23 a.m.
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a troubling new study, show as rocky road to adulthood for most with autism. one third have no paid job experience, college or technical schooling 7 years after high school graduation. that is a poorer showing than for adults with other disabilities including mentally disabled. we researchers say this -- researchers say this needs to
7:27 am
be addressed in the next decade as half a million autistic children reach adulthood. dcs shortage of parking, is leading to a growing problem. there is a black market for handicapped permits in maryland and the district. the paper sites a recent spree where burglars smashed car windows for their handicapped tags instead of other valuables and electronics. 7:27 a.m., on this monday morning. the nats return home after a weekend series in cincinnati and caps clean out their lockers today. sports is next. maryland lawmakers will get another chance to pass a budget. what is on the chopping block this time and how likely is a compromise. an in depth look at the legislative stand off after the break. >> as we head to break another look at connecticut avenue, at bradly boulevard, the southbound lanes are closed, there is a big tree down in the road they are trying to clean up as we speak.
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we will bring you the latest on weather and traffic in a couple moments, 7:27 a.m. 
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in sports, a last inning rally, lifts the reds past the nats heading bottom of the
7:31 am
9th. nats up by 1 run. bases loaded 2 outs, rodriguez, deep right center field for a walk-off grand slam. nationals defeated by the reds, 9-6, washington returns home today, to face the padres. caps, cleaning out their lockers. talked to the media one last time. they are going to do that too. their season came to an end in new york saturday. they lost 2-1 to the rangers deciding game 7 of their second round series. we also home to learn more about the future of the team from the gm and head coach. they had a great run >> they did. >> they really did. >> remember right before the end of the season we weren't sure they would make the playoffs. they won two series. >> 7 games, two series, you can build on that. >> that's right. >> future is bright for the caps. >> all right. we've all decided that. >> dispointing >> it hurt a little bit.
7:32 am
i was with ranger fans saturday night. >> oh. >> they are not good sports about that kind of thing. >> not like us. >> remind me of yankee fans. let's get to it, -- >> just saying. >> probably. >> they take pleasure. lots of pleasure watching other people lose. >> radar, going around and around shower activity, continues across the district and points south and west, now working up into montgomery county, louden county getting rain and you know this will be spreading throughout the area. southern maryland, off to the east, it will be moving through shortly and will be with us here throughout the day. lots of clouds as well. that low overcast great sky expected for your monday, and really for your tuesday as well. let me show you why we have a big fetch of moisture to our south. my word of the day. fetch. you can see it, a lot of shower
7:33 am
and thunderstorm activity now down into southwest virginia. it is possible we could have a few storms later today along with relatively cool temperatures, yesterday 80, today low 70s. north of atlanta, a slow mover we will keep tap into this gulf moisture, -- tapping into this gulf moisture, over the next few days, possibility of rain showers, thunderstorms around here, today, tonight into daytime hours tomorrow. temperatures, we are comfortable but on the cool side. 63 washington, 68 hot spot quantico and 50s now off to the north and west. hagerstown and winchester, 59 degrees. your forecast, lots of clouds around showers and storms not going to rain all day but periods of rain showers around for most of the day, 72 your daytime high. winds out of the south, 5 to 10. showers tonight, heavy at times, 62, overnight low, rain continues into your daytime hours tomorrow and then things quiet down and a lot of sunshine temperatures back into
7:34 am
the 70s around here by thursday and friday. a lot of sunshine. that is weather let's do traffic and things gotten interesting julie wright has your monday morning commute. absolutely interesting, southbound connecticut avenue where i have that big tree down across the highway, occurred south of 410, before chevy chase circle at bradly lane. traffic is being diverted off to 410. keep that in mind. police are at the accident scene directing everyone off 410. you can continue off to 355 or make your way over towards the arteries travelling through silver spring towards georgia avenue, colesville road and as far west as river dale. 410 will be your work around and it is already experiencing heavy volume there. on the other side of town you are going to see the accident activity, inbound, along 295, 11th street bridge, two right lanes are blocked. well below speed, malcolm x
7:35 am
avenue. southbound 270, approaching and passing 109. delays, route 80, down to 25 miles an hour. german town to montrose, a 40 minute commute heading south. thank you julie. maryland lawmakers meet in special session in annapolis the goal to pass a budget something lawmakers failed to do during the regular session. joining us now ben jails, staff writer with the washington examiner, following the maryland budget stand off. good to see you. >> thanks tony. >> we knew special session was coming. they have three days now. what is different now from where things stood a couple months ago when they couldn't get it done during regular session. >> the budget deal they have in place. they say they have a deal in place isn't much different than what they agreed to in the 11th hour of regular session a month ago. now as we have a special session where they can focus solely on that. no other bills, no debate or any haggling with other bills,
7:36 am
that could potentially tie the budget down and prevent it from being passed. they have three days. >> lawmakers says the. the leaders at house and senate say they have enough votes, this budget they have agreed to. it is a matter of going through procedures and getting it from committee to the floor. >> what are somethings that we could possibly see. higher incomes, higher wage earners could be taxed more. >> single filers will pay more if you earn $100,000 a year. joint houses will pay more if you earn $150,000 a year and higher earners will see exemptions decrease or disappear. >> what about the the impact on different programs, education, we understand, we could see some losses there, some other programs as well as cut backs. >> governor o'malley said the
7:37 am
reason lawmakers are coming back to annapolis is avoid those education cut backs that would have happened had this doomsday budget everyone is so afraid of actually gone into effect. that is the budget, contingency plan, that occurs when they fail to pass the budget last month. >> is there a lot for them to debate. we had a live look this hour. there is still a bunch of issues on the table. one legislator is possibly bringing up some other options they could talk about. >> is there a lot still at play. >> doesn't seem so. if leaders of the speaker and house are right in saying they have the votes they have the votes and that was something the governor stressed when he said i am not going to call lawmakers back to annapolis to waste time and spend several days perhaps weeks trying to hash out abudget deal unless there is something in place when we get here. there has to be some sort of
7:38 am
debate about this, if everything goes according to plan the budget that has been presented last week will be the one that passes wednesday. >> according to the governor there may be another special session, having to deal with gambling in maryland. is that a possibility. >> possibly july or august thegovernor announced he is forming an 11 man commission, to see if allowing table games at all the five current casino sites in the state and allowing a sixth site in prince georges county is good for the state. >> there are revenue generators, in six months, is that not enough time to get all these issues done. >> this year the gambling issue and budget bogged down debate, and they only have so many hours in the day on the last day of session. the clock strikes midnight they have to stop. >> we will see how it goes during the next few days, ben giles thanks for coming in.
7:39 am
>> thanks tony. 7:38 a.m., still ahead the john edwards criminal trial enters a crucial day. and senior prom is a night many girls dream of, starting out when they are just little girls but for one young woman in ohio it is a night she will likely never forget. coming up, how she scored a date with an nfl player. we will be right back what about over here? sure. no problem. ♪
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making headlines a u.s. cruise line being sued by a man, stranded at sea for nearly 30 days. the 18-year-old fisherman from panama and two others who died were fishing in february when the boats motor broke down. the men drifted for 16 days before being seen by the cruise ship they say they signaled for help but the ship did not stop. princess cruises says passengers never told the ship's captain they saw a boat. the lawsuit alleges negligence by the cruise line. allison, defense in the john edwards corruption trial is set to present its case today. it is not clear who will be called to testify but edwards is not expected to take the
7:43 am
stand. last week the judge presiding over the trial turned down a request to dismiss the charges, edwards faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted on all counts. arizona now, one of several wild fires prompted a call for mandatory evacuations in the historic mining community of crown king. the gladiator fire damaged two buildings, and burning on about 300-acres in the brad shaw mountains. smoke can be seen as far away as phoenix. all right. tucker barnes joining us now with an update on all things weather related. not just for today but tomorrow as w. showers in the forecast of course we have our special weather day,. >> i am hoping that can be pushed a little. that sounds miserable. i know you guys are wonderful. allison is trying to put a wonderful spin on this forecast. it is not ideal the weather goods frowned upon us again.
7:44 am
>> we will see maybe we can do something about that. >> we will talk. >> the forecast or the game. >> the event. >> okay. >> there is your special reminder about weather day tomorrow, our weather forecast will be before the game, our presentation will begin at 9:30 a.m., and 9:45 a.m., we will have all kinds of great guests there, and we are hoping that things will go as planned. >> should be fun. >> it will be incredibly fun, if weather co-operates. >> mm-hmm. >> here is the deal i think if it is just wet and rainy they should just let us all out on to the field and slide around, and all that stuff. like a free for all. >> like a slip and slide. >> yeah. >> because i could see you doing that. >> if they let us i would do it. >> schemes like fun. >> let me do weather or did i use all my time. moving through the area,
7:45 am
showers and rain showers on and off throughout the day. not going to rain every minute but rain for much of the day. we are expecting between now and tomorrow evening, between 1 and 3 inches of rain we are expecting as we have moisture working from the south. future cast and put it in motion and see what we can find together. 7:00 a.m. showers, as i just showed you on radar. 5:00 p.m. tonight, evening rush potentially thunderstorm too. be ready for the rumble of thunder. brief heavy downpour and overnight tonight, showers will let up but reorganize themselves and be back tomorrow, there we are at 11:00 a.m., more showers in the forecast. things are not ideal over the next few days weather wise although by wednesday, thursday and friday things will turn sunny, bright and beautiful, and this needed rain will be a long forgotten memory. this 5 day. by the end of the week, sunshine, low humidity. >> thanks tucker.
7:46 am
hey julie. >> all right allison you do realize tony and tucker go mud sliding out at nats park you andly take them into the parking lot and hosing them down like we do the dogs. >> that's right. >> okay i am ready. >> i mean if you show up and see tony and tucker assuming [ laughter ] >> you know what happened. all right. well, on the roads right now, dealing this morning with a very large tree down across the highway, blocking southbound connecticut avenue, south of 410, chevy chase circle, there is our friendly police officer directing all the traffic over to 355 or work your way in towards the interchanges silver springs. southbound connecticut avenue remains closed south of the belt way at bradly. slow leaving 95 around georgia avenue. southbound 95 on the brakes 198 and laurel. bw parkway, checking for a crash closer to the belt way. problems to re% headed into the
7:47 am
district, northbound 295, 11th street bridge accident tieing up two right lanes. average speed, heading north, crawling at 24 miles an hour. well, it was a dream come true an ohio teen who had an nfl star take her to seen your prom. join asked cleveland browns player, joel hayden on twitter if he waldoes sort her to the dance, -- if he would escort her to the dance after her original date backed out. hayden responded and said yes. he didn't just showed up he showed up in style. >> we met him like a couple times, like i just thought why not and ask him. >> everybody does the limo why not bring the lamborghini. no one ever seen that the at high school prom before. >> kind of exciting because this was hayden's first senior prom he missed his own because
7:48 am
he graduated early. maybe he is getting in on that too. >> working out and loving results, holly is live from champion boxing fitness this morning good morning. >> good morning allison. we are indeed putting our gloves and hopping in the ring at one of the newest gyms in our area. we are live at champion boxing fitness in rockville, this is where people from the actual boxing world are coming together, to help me and you, people in the real world, get fit. we will show you how. you can see it is for all ages too. stay with us ith us time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day mikey turner she is celebrating her daughter's sweet 16 today. now we are assuming that is nakira in her profile picture. she said they have been watching since she was just 5 years old. she would run out of her bedroom in the morning yelling news mommy. happy birthday to you and thanks for watching, both of you. for a chance to be tomorrow's
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fan of the day, post a comment under mikey's photo of her daughter. we will be right back  this is an rc robotic claw. my high school science teacher made me what i am today. our science teacher helped us build it. ♪ now i'm a geologist at chevron, and i get to help science teachers. it has four servo motors and a wireless microcontroller. over the last three years we've put nearly 100 million dollars into american education. that's thousands of kids learning to love science. ♪ isn't that cool? and that's pretty cool. ♪
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>> holly is getting a great work out in today. >> she is at champion boxing fitness in rockville maryland learning a variety of ways to get in shape for summer. good morning. >> good morning. if you want to get in swim suit shape this is a way to do it. they have only been open 6 months they already have 600 members and i think part of the reason is, because of this guy. right here. this is david the owner. but more importantly let me brag. this is a world class strength and conditioning coach. five time world champion boxer former san francisco 49er nfl
7:53 am
player,. >> yeah, worked with them all. all different models and makes and however you want to say it but what is the best is the kids i love working with the kids i love to see their faces when they come in. for them to just do what they do here, it is amazing. it is amazing. >> well, what is the bc and what is a-- best and what is amazing you went out and were a personal trainer for the best of the best worked for don king for years and now you have come home. why this why now. >> well t reason why is because i saw there was a need, in the health club area, to take care of the members. give them something they are looking for. that is results. you will get results, 1200 calories you burn here at champion boxing fitness you do it all within an hour. almost unheard of to get that many calories in an hour. >> it is not just another like okay it is a boxing crass or it is a kick box -- class or it is a kick boxing class that starts
7:54 am
the tip of the iceberg you are talking about real training, the same that actual kick boxers and fighters do. >> because it is done through real professional athletes, real professional boxers and kick boxers among the most conditioned athletes in the world. they are teaching this to my members which is absolutely incredible, you are getting that real professionalism. >> you are. what is it about these work outs that makes it, you get results. intensity and aerobic and anaerobic mixed together. when you are getting the -- hitting the bag you are contracting your core, now you are getting a 6 pack without sit ups. >> that should be your tag line right there. how to get a 6 pack without sit ups. what is a good age to start the kids on and how does it all begin. >> 5 years old is where we look at, we look at 5 to 12, is our youth program, and we work with
7:55 am
them on technique in beginning they learn abcs of boxing it is great for their self-confidence and self-defense. >> yep. >> and the people that are working with the kids now >> chef coach rickey and coach rickey has over 100 amateur fights he was a kid himself when he was fighting and he loves it, loves teaching them, and we have coach byron over here he does the kick boxing part. >> we have to get her. >> she is 4 years old matter of fact she is my younger. she is my youngest. >> coach byron is a two time, 2nd degree black belt. >> yes. >> and summer. >> this is summer. >> hey, summer. come over here. hi. hello. how are you? >> good. >> what do you like about this? >> um, it's because we get to exercise.
7:56 am
>> you get to exercise. is it fun? is it hard? with a is your favorite thing to do? >> my favorite thing to do is kicking. >> is to what? >> kick. >> can you show me how high you kick? i will stand back. there you go. oh, nice. i think you hurt his hand. way to go. here i will do this with your glove. way to go girl. >> we were kidding someone comes up and tries to take her girl scout cookies next thing you know they are taken down. >> unbelievable. >> we have only just begun here this morning but if you want to find out more, about champion boxing fitness go to our website and we have a link to theirs and you can find out about the classes they offer and more about their staff. we will do an adult boxing class in our next hour with william joppi three time world champion. we will check in with him. she is beyond adorable that
7:57 am
was great holly thank you. >> coming up next hour more ways to slim down this summer. dr. oz joins us live he is revealing all the secrets to look better, and finally feel good about yourself in a swim suit. >> are we calling us fat? >> no. >> we are not calling us fat. >> we could all shape up a little bit. >> the top five credit killers financial expert will talk about how just a couple bad habits can sink your credit rating that and more coming up at 8. stay with us [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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8:00 am
>> an attention grabbing cover photo from news week days after president obama gives his support for same-sex marriage. how will it play out for voters. maryland lawmakers meeting this morning, to try to reach a deal to avoid a so called doomsday budget. it could translate into tax hikes for some residents. coming up in a live report. >> just a few slim ups you could shave hundreds of points off your credit score. that could make it tougher to
8:01 am
get a loan or morn gang. we will talk about the top five -- mortgage. we will talk about the top five credit killers. we will tell you how to avoid them. >> i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. another big story weather. tucker barnes it is raining all day. >> something not easily avoided. >> rain. >> great weekend. >> we had a great weekend. >> gorgeous. lots of sunshine. late they are week back into the bright sunshine. >> okay. we can look forward to that. >> meanwhile it will rain, be heavy at times later today. >> here is your radar showers moving through the area, grey skies feels like rain out there, humidity way up. rain with us later on today, tonight, into your daytime hours, tomorrow evening we have the risk of a few around, belie rain we have been looking for, for the past couple months has
8:02 am
finally arrived. good soaking rain across the region. all right temperature, right now, regan national, 63 degrees, humidity 87%, winds out of the south, 8 miles per hour. nice and humid, pressure falling later this afternoon. rain showers possibility of a thunderstorm in the forecast, all day today, high temperatures 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 72, for your daytime high. it is not going to rain all day but much of your day will be dealing with showers. >> all right >> the old saying is into each life some rain must fall. >> and when it rains it pours. >> and other things too. >> julie,. >> they also say rainy days and mondays always get me down. >> you are the winner. >> yep. >> all right well, wake me when it is sunny out. on the roads major tie ups to report because we have problems 295 in towards the 11th street bridge.
8:03 am
accident activity sits in the left lane. down to 29 miles an hour, headed in bound towards southeast, inbound, route 50, out of buoy, to the belt way, 23 minute commute, accident activity on the way finally cleared, southbound 270, below speed, down to 27 miles per hour. now a 50 minute commute from father hurly boulevard, headed out to montrose road. 18 miles, crawling at 47 minutes as you work your way southbound. problems to report, travelling southbound connecticut avenue. it remains closed off. from the belt way, 410. the problem is a large tree across the highway. southbound, connecticut avenue, forced to turn on to 410. northbound lanes remain open. belt way, crawling, college park to georgia avenue. 95 and bw parkway, grid locked out of laurel. this morning lawmakers are
8:04 am
back in annapolis for a 3 day special session. >> they are trying to approve a budget deal hashed out by governor o'malley and leaders in the house and senate. melanie alnwick is live at the state house with more. good morning melanie. >> good morning tony. yeah, this special session to either oppose or support the planned income tax increases, some suggested they didn't need a special session maryland ought to learn to live with a series of budget cuts for just one year. governor o'malley warned that could put the state's progress at risk. let's look at who will be hit with higher taxes. the tax increases would be begin with singles her honouring more than $100,000 -- earning more than $100,000 couples more than $150,000. exemption, for high inners those will be -- earners those will be phased out beginning with individuals earning $125,000 a year.
8:05 am
higher taxes will effect 16% of maryland wage earns. during the regular session, lawmakers couldn't agree. the law requires a balanced budget they were looking at theories of spending cuts or finding a way to increase revenue. governor o'malley said he wants to maintain progress in education safety is giant and believes the burden should fall on wealthier tax payers. the revenue package will call on 16% of us, in the top earning brackets of our state to pay more. that is the primary revenue measure adopted here. >> reporter: one other thing they will be doing to help balance the budget, there is a plan to include that proposal to shift the teacher pension cost to counties that would phase in over a 4 year period, beginning a 50/50 split in 2013. gambling is off the table for
8:06 am
the session. it is hoped it will come back up in july as the governor promised. additional revenue will bring in $247 million. that doesn't cut it all the way, from what we hear, they are going to have to talk about tax increases and other revenue measures when they come back to regular session in january. that is the latest from annapolis. back to you. thank you. vir jane where state law -- virginia, where state lawmakers will vote on amendments that they passed, last month. governor mcdonald put in 88 amendments to the two year budget that begins in july. mcdonald said he may push for sweeping tax reforms in his final year in office which will be next year. they may include lowering the overall state sales tax but expanding taxes on hair cuts and even surgery. two states hold primary elections tomorrow. voters in nebraska and oregon will cast ballots. meanwhile president has been
8:07 am
getting a lot of attention for his support for same-sex marriage including in week's cover of news week magazine, dubbing him the first gay president. mitt romney only mentioned gay marriage once in a speech over the weekened but got cheers for it. president obama seems to be getting support from fellow democrats. >> i don't think it is a flip flop. there is no political calculus in this, because it is not smart if he is going to do it from a political point of view it doesn't make sense. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman [ cheering ] >> president obama got an immediate boost in his fundraising activities but some believe the president has given romney a possible advantage in the general election as independents in swing states are expected to oppose him on the gay marriage issue. new gop super pack urging young voters to vote republican called cross roads generation
8:08 am
and launching an ad campaign today, that taps into economic frustrations to voters under 30. later today president obama is giving the graduation speech at bar in regard college in new york. >> security is ramping up ahead of the g 8 summit at camp david. president barack obama hosting world leaders at his frederick county retreat friday and saturday. local police agencies may-foot the bill for increased staffing and equipment. so far the event has not been designated as special national security event, which would have triggered federal funding for the extra cost. nuclear talks between un and iran just resumed this morning but inspectors with the international atomic energy agency think a military facility was recently used to test nuclear explosions. one iaea expert helped create a computer image of an explosive chamber but inspectors can
8:09 am
still not get access to the military site in iran. allison, topping national headlines, heads roll, stocks fall at the world's largest bank. jp morgan chase is expected to accept the resignation of its chief financial officer. two other executives are likely to leave the company. on friday stock price fell 10%. big resume embellishment leads to a big shake up at yahoo!. the ceo scott thompson is stepping down. he has only been on the the job 5 months. his resume showed he had a computer science degree and accounting degree, truth is he only had the accounting degree. the discretion also cost a top
8:10 am
recruiter her job. looking to get a loan or mortgage in the near future. a financial expert joins us to break down the top credit killers. later this hour one of the perks of being mayor is getting free tickets to events in dc but who is the mayor expected to give them to. >> why some people are questioning his decisions this morning. we will be right back [ female announcer ] safeway presents
8:11 am
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>> 8:13 a.m., this is national police week a time to remember offsers killed in the line of duty. william henderson foot's name will be added to the atf memorial wall today. he was killed in mississippi in 1883, the first african american federal law enforce. official killed in the line of duty in the post reconstruction era. we will talk more about today's ceremony with the acting director of the atf during our 9:00 a.m. hour. all right, i think the headline in the weather
8:14 am
department is rain rain rain all day today but tucker says it will not be a complete wash out. >> he has something to cheer you up. tucker. let's get to it. time for my first five photo of the day. double trouble today. >> oh. >> mm-hmm. you may notice they look a little bit alike. >> boy, do they >> they are cute. >> yep this is -- let's get the music going, 2.5-year-old twins austin and saya. >> look how happy they are. >> i can see a family resemblance. >> absolutely. >> my goodness yes. >> they are so happy i love that picture. >> as you can tell they are kicking back enjoying the spring weather. >> not a care in the world. 2.5 years old. >> you do have issues at that age tony. >> yeah. >> you do have issues at that age >> you don't want to go down
8:15 am
for your nap you want to do what you want to do. >> all right. >> life is pretty good. >> let's go to click on mornings thank you so much. you will need a rain jacket as you head out the door, rain showers are moving in. not sure there is too much opportunity to play outdoors today. i zoomed in a little bit you can see as tony mentioned the entire area not getting rain showers. they will be moving in and out, we have rain showers, the possibility of rain showers and thunderstorm in the forecast, right through your afternoon. let's push off and show you what is going on. big southerly plume of moisture, working up the eastern sea board. we are tapping into the gulf of mexico. we opened the gates for rain. when things wrap up tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow evening we are looking at the potential for 1 to 3 inches of rain. we need the rain, of course, we don't want two days of it but
8:16 am
we are looking at the possibility of pretty good rains, sunshine will break out and we will look at a great end to your workweek. just hang in there, wednesday, thursday and friday, seasonal temperatures next couple days, cool, plenty of rain monday and tuesday, could be a thunderstorm as well. let's do traffic and julie wright has your latest. i am sure the rain is not helping matters. >> not at all. rain and the morning commute not a good mix. problems on the roads, at this time. southbound connecticut avenue, still blocked off here as you work your way past bradly, because of the large tree down in the roadway looks like we have some traffic able to get by on the southbound stretch of the highway. again heads up travelling south of the belt way. they are checking for a crash on the inner loop of the belt way, near connecticut avenue. outer loop remains slow, 95 to georgia, baltimore washington parkway slowing out of laurel, westbound 50 where we will find
8:17 am
slow traffic. west of buoy. accident cleared, southeast, 11th street bridge, average pete headed north, improving, -- pete headed north improving. buoy to the belt way, headed in with an earlier crash cleared. thank you. you may forget to pay bill from time to time or send payments late when money is tight may seem harmless but those actions could shave hundreds of points off your credit scores and make it tougher for you to get a loan or mortgage, things like that. joining us this morning with the credit killers and how to avoid them financial analyst, and author jennifer streaks. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> you are talking about little things that add up. tony said it earlier you can avoid these things but some times life just gets in the way. >> life does get in the way but you know with mortgage rates being super low you have a lot of potential buyers trying to buy homes but they are being shut out because of credit
8:18 am
things that last a long time over the years on credit. for instance my first one is making late payments. making consistent late payments on your bills just shows that you cannot handle your bills. and that you are not financially responsibility. >> how can a potential creditor extend you credit if you are already showing you can't handle the bills you already have. >> right. what is the answer? a lot of these companies do automatic withdrawals. >> maybe. if you find yourself getting in trouble you need to talk with your creditor set up a more affordable payment plan, because they send out an automatic notice now in your bill stating this is the minimum amount you need to pay. instead of just missing it all together set up something more affordable. as long as you are paying something and working with your creditor it is better than nothing at all. >> carrying too much debt. >> to much debt. >> how do you evaluate, what is too much. >> if you are at the top end in all your credit card limits.
8:19 am
if everything is behind. if you look at your credit report every card is at the limit or has a balance, it looks like you are living on credit and that automatically is a red flag. >> also just saying i can't pay, defaulting on a creditor. >> can i not pay. >> that is the worst thing you can do. if a creditor has to write off the balance, if they just have to say you know what we are not going to get any money out of this debtor that is the worst thing you can do and that sends a red flag. you will not get any other credit extended to you. >> is there a way, can i pay this $2,500 balance can i pay $700 can you try to work with them. >> you can try to work a settlement especially if this has been going on a very long time. it is better to work something out than leave it on the books as unpaid. >> this is harder tax liens or judgments. >> this happens when you default with a creditor or irs. the tax lien comes up not
8:20 am
paying your taxes that is really bad and stays on your credit for 10 all right. >> judgments it is bad because basically you are showing people have to take you to court, to get money that is owed to them. there is no way, it will be very difficult for you to get credit after that. >> some people say bankruptcy is a way out to rebuild. you list it as a credit kill hear is the real story. >> -- killer, what is the real story. >> some people see it as a refresh button. especially if you have not had a job for a long time, going through divorce. be cautious it is not a fix all, not a cure all it is a blemish it stays on your record for 10 years it shows you walked away from a large amount of debt. you have several creditors unpaid. you are going to have to rebuild that trust. it will take 3 to 5 years for creditors to start looking into
8:21 am
potentially again. >> know the real deal. >> exactly. >> financial analyst and author and friend of the show thanks for the great advice. tony over to you. >> good stuff thank you much. 8:21 a.m., straight ahead on fox 5 another disturbing act of violence in mexico, but is it having any impact on tourism. mystery at the vatican, officials are looking for new clues in a decades old case. later this hour, holly is throwing jabs and upper cuts learning all about how you can box your way, to fitness. fox 5 morning news will be right back ( telephone rings )
8:22 am
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back now with an update on a disturbing story and some very disturbing pictures. a gruesome discovery in mexico, 49 bodies dumped on a highway, some of the bodies were decapitated and severely mutilated, police are having a hard time identifying victims. the highway leads from monterey to the u.s. border. this is another sign of mexico's violent drug war a banner left near the scene shows a message from the zayda's drug cartel. despite travel warnings from the u.s. mexico's tourism
8:25 am
department saw a 7.2% increase if spring break vacations this year compared to last year. bad publicity did not stop the parties. mexico is by far the biggest tourism destination for americans with 20 million visitors a year. cancun is the number one spot for spring break. coroner's and medical technician tons scene at a basilica in rome to exile the body of a mobster. he may have had something to do with the disappearence of a 15- year-old girl in 1983. she was the daughter of a vatican employee the mobster was killed in 1990. his one time girlfriend said he kidnapped the girl. an anonymous caller told a tv show the answer to the girl's disappearence lay in the mobster's tomb. two major trials here in the u.s., lawyers for john edwards will begin presenting his defense today in his campaign finance trial. it is not clear who will be called to testify, but edwards
8:26 am
is not expected to take the stand. last week the judge presiding over the trial turned down a request, to dismiss the charges. edwards faces up to 30 years in prison if convicted on all counts. roger clemens purgery retrial resumes in the district this morning. brian mcnamee is expected to testify he is his former strength coach. he has previously said he injected clemens with steroidhuman growth hormone. clemens is accused of lying to congress about using performance enhancing drugs during a hering in 2008. 8:26 a.m., monday morning. major grey, taking some heat over the allocation of free tickets to events in the district. details coming up next on fox 5. >> tucker has an updated forecast and july is checking out the roads -- julie is checking out the roads on this
8:27 am
monday morning.
8:28 am
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topping sports news today, caps will clean out their lockertalk to media one last time. their season came to an end in new york on saturday. they lost to the rangers 2-1 in deciding game 7 of their second round series. we can learn more about the team from gm george mcfee and head coach dale hunter today. i doubt we are going to learn -- they are not going to make decisions already. >> think we will hear there them? >> we may hear from them. >> great season. hats off to them. >> hases off. looks like things are getting better on connecticut avenue, chevy chase a tree came down blocking all lanes southbound connecticut near bradly boulevard that was just around 7:00 a.m. this morning. as of now, crews have been
8:31 am
able to move most of the branches off the road. at least one lane of the southbound lanes of connecticut avenue is getting by now. you can see we have rain showers. >> yes. also slowing things down. >> rain with us today, this afternoon, for the evening rush hour. later tonight, tomorrow morning, tomorrow afternoon. >> rain. >> rain a couple days here and then we should clear things out towards the middle and end of the week. just hang in there, sunshine back in the forecast. nice weekend too. >> i would rather it that way than the other way. >> yeah. >> of course we need the rain. we have been mentioning all morning. >> that is our spin. >> right that is our spin. >> trying to make us feel better. >> showers, all right. so you can see most of the region or much of the region in your rain showers at the moment starting to work back inside the belt way as this all lifts off to the north and east, reston manassas, you have been getting rain during the
8:32 am
overnight hours, dale city down 95, pretty good showers moving into southern maryland and points east. earlier, prince georges county annapolis we haven't seen much all this lifting north and east. if you haven't seen rain yet, laurel and columbia, you will shortly. not a lot of yellows and reds, moderate and heavy showers not with this initial band. let me show you what is going on. we have tapped into the gulf. you can see we have a lot of moisture off to our south and west. see all the rain down into north carolina, southwest virginia. that will move into our region later today. on again off again showers as i mentioned, later this afternoon, tonight, daytime hours before we can finally wind this system down. as we get into tomorrow morning. future cast, 6:00 p.m. tonight, widespread rain showers, we mentioned potential for a couple thunderstorms later today. overnight tonight, a bit of a break late tonight but look
8:33 am
what happens tomorrow during morning hours. yep, rain moves back in again, during the rain tomorrow. cold front approaches, showers with us on gain off again tomorrow until early wednesday when we finally call it quits on ours system, highs -- on our system highs 72 degrees. wind it up by wednesday, thursday and friday highs close to 80, nice end of the week. allison and tony back to you. >> thank you very much. one of the perks of being mayor is getting free tickets to suites at both verizon center and nationals park. it appears mayor grey's adult children have been given thousands of dollars worth of tickets to sold out concerts and events at verizon center. mayor grey is pointing out they act as ambassadors for the city without compensation. joining us for more. tim craig thanks for coming in. >> good morning. >> we have heard about this story. you have written about the
8:34 am
tickets given to kwame brown. and how they are distributed every spring we get these stories. how big of a deal are either of these stories. >> to the average person they just sort of wonder why do they get these in the first place. every year, last several years, squabbling on dc council who gets what tickets to what sports events. city has suites to both verizon center and nationals park, they got them as part of the deal to finance the funding of the stadium, and you know, just every year, it become as problem or a question about why do you get tickets, why do you get to go to these games for free. now it is migrated into concerts. one thing a lot of people think okay you can go to a nationals game or wizards but now it is reported they get to see these concerts that often these tickets are hundreds of dollars, they have a suite of 0 or so, -- of 20 or so seats and
8:35 am
now it is reported last week, that the mayors are giving some of these tickets, the best tickets to concerts to his son and daughter. >> his argument is well, my -- his daughter is technically the first lady of the district because mayor grey's wife is deceased, so his argument is well, they are ambassadors to the city. is that a fair argument. >> it is a fair argument they do serve that role. i think the question becomes, are these tickets, when they get them are they using them to sort of take others to see the games, as a role in an official capacity or being used for personal, you know, privilege, to watch the games and that becomes a perk. why should they have these tickets when the average person doesn't have access >> as you pointed out it is part of the deal, for both verizon center and nationals park that they get the tickets. you know, is it -- it is a perk, but some jobs do come with perks. >> some jobs do come with perks. and a lot of council members
8:36 am
will says the not a perk they get the tickets and then they give it to you foe boy scout troops or girl scouts, needy children and a lot do use the tickets for that purpose. a lot of ethics people, or ethical people who were worried about ethics would question whether it is a perk council reserves especially when they are under scrutiny how they are using other parts of the government. >> is the other issue, with the tickets, kwame brown -- council have a bunch of seats they have a suite and individual seats or pairs of seats around the stadium. kwame brown decides who gets what for any given game and that type of thing. are the questions about how he is distributing them whether he is doing that fairly. >> yes, second year in a row some questions have been raised among members, privately, no one wants to go on the record, attacking kwame brown because he is chairman but there are questions whether he is fairly dividing up the tickets is he
8:37 am
playing favorites. there was a question about members who were they rewarded for voting a certain way getting certain tickets. he strongly denies that and says he is trying to be as fair as possible there is just not enough seats, inside the box some have to sit on the field. just the fact they are fighting about this, it raises it to members of the public seems childish. you get the tickets for free why do you have to raise questions how they are distributed. >> your story about the tickets with council, phil mendhelson was quoted saying i have other things to worry about. kwame brown does say he hands them out, you know, retates around and all that -- rotates around and all that stuff. mayor grey, points out that a number of their tickets do go to constituents and other groups you talk about and he says, companies they want to do business with the district and all of that. that is a fair use of tickets. >> that is fair use of tickets but gets back to the question
8:38 am
of, is it worth the hassle that is created in the image of these tickets every year, now for the last three and a half years, four years in a row there has been controversy. the and question becomes, do they really want to move beyond that, to keep them or keep this going on ar. last year, there was an effort to sell the boxes raise money for the city. get rid of the image problem, but they quickly concluded they could not sell something they don't own because they are a gift from the washington nationals they cannot sell and make a profit off something they were given for free. >> we will continue to hear more about it. tim craig, dc politics reporter with washington post thanks for coming in. we will be back with more in a moment i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
8:39 am
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to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. what are you prepared to do? avengers dominated the weekened box office once again. it took in over $103 million, domesticically, the first film to make more than $100 million in second weekend in theatre. rounding out the top five, dark shadows, thing like a man, hunger games and the lucky one. american university
8:42 am
graduate gets a surprise of a lifetime >> it happened as she walked across the stage to accept her diploma this weekend. [ cheering ] >> that is recent graduate sam miller he dropped to one knee and proposed to sarah cooper in front of family and classmates the public affairs student said yes, much to approval of the excited crowd. >> so cute. >> that's great. >> it is -- >> i would give it a year or two. >> for the marriage. >> engagement. live a little you just graduated from college. 8:42 a.m., bathing suit season is just around the corner. >> if that has you panicky you will want to stay tuned to dr. oz. the theme of the show ultimate swim suit slim down. he is going to join us to talk about it live on the other side
8:43 am
of break. i have the ultimate swim suit slim down. we are indeed getting exercise inspiration, as we are live at champion boxing fitness, only open for six months in the rockville area, and coming up, if you want to be inspired meet juliette she can't even put her own gloves on but you should see what she can do once she puts them on. it is all about finding that inner champion. we will talk about it live next fox 5 morning news stay with us ♪
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from looking slim in a swim suit, plus your body's bizarre behaviour. and strangest health questions ever. dr. oz's topics on his shows, he joins us with a preview. we are afraid of most of these aging, getting a swim suit on all of these things good morning. >> good morning. today's show strikes terror in the hearts of many women. i have an audience full of women wearing bathing suits i know that is a nightmare
8:47 am
thought for a lot of folks. they shared the stain because they know they have to face the fear of bush -- stage because they know they have to face the fear of a bathing suit and tips how to buy a bathing suit that fits. >> i have a bathing suit dress, no joke it is like a whole dress i wear i am looking forward to that today >> i learned this on the show, i didn't realize it but now they have retractable skirts for bathing suits a woman can buy a one piece and then, when she is walking around allow this skirt element to come down, but the real point of today's show is focus on things you can do to lose the weight. one little tip, a study came out showing vitamin c drinks help burn off fat when you are exercising, if you can combine that with something like apple cedar vinegar, it turns on genes that allow you to burn off fat. if you put grapefruit juice
8:48 am
with two table spoon fulls of apple sider vinegar, you will be able to lose weight you want to get rid of. >> we look forward to that. tomorrow too, defying your age. you will have people on you look and you are like they could not possibly be that age or that age you will talk about ways to stay looking young >> i have three experts each who look probably 20 years younger than their real age. we identified you can do simple things. coconut water with wheat grass ice cubes, make it ahead of time. easy to do doesn't take a lot of time. these are tips these women have used one is a dermatologist one a plastic surgeon, they have real expertise and their tips were earth shattering. >> love it. wednesday you are looking and feeling good, thursday, solving your strangest body and health questions friday something near and dear the our hearts here in dc will you tell us >> i went to surprise a family
8:49 am
in dc. mike who runs a great group of restaurants in the dc area joins me for this. and i surprise an italian family loving their i tool january food but these are -- italian food but these are tennis ball sized meat balls, i travel the country with these chefs. shrimp scampi subtle tips to nudge your diet in the right direction. >> i am looking at your list you tackle barbecue, can that be possible? and delicious chicken parm but it is so bad if you go to a restaurant and eat it as is. >> exactly right. we have tips to get past that. one highlight from my week i came back to dc constitution hall and taped an episode of jeopardy which folks might -- i go against chris wallace, it is
8:50 am
for charity. >> how did you do? >> i can't tell you. you have to watch wednesday. >> we will watch every day. thank you so much. >> take care. you can catch new episodes of dr. oz at 4:00 p.m. on week deans here on fox 5. -- week days here on fox 5. >> holly morris is at champion boxing fitness in rockville maryland today. >> where you can take boxing classes with a former world champion. good morning. >> well, our world champion is not here yet but tony, we called him and i told him if he didn't show up he has to answer to you. >> all right. there you go. >> yeah. hey, listen right now, we are taking on the battle of the bulge. this is a good place to do it and they kate tore all abilities. i mean that when i say it because right now get ready to be inspired by, miss juliette, and her trainer, tim they are already going at it good morning. >> good morning. >> don't let me get in the way.
8:51 am
juliette i want you to tell me what condition you were in when you came here. >> you can't just sit to be fit i had about 7 to 10 more pounds on me, and absolutely no cardio going on whatsoever. >> now this is -- did you ever thing you would be boxing. >> absolutely not. once i was limited in terms of what i could do and doctors said nothing weight baring no swimming because of the level of infections, that was possible, i couldn't figure out what to do. i came over here. >> what results have you seen and how long have you been here. >> since november. i have lost weight, when i first came here in november i was lifting 15 pounds. i am currently lifting 60- pounds. >> wow. >> i am able to maintain a little bit more independence, i am using a lot less care because i have a lot more strength to get up and do the things i need to do even in my wheelchair. >> tim i know you will lift juliette and put her on the mat. give me your background.
8:52 am
>> graduated, university maryland, kinesiology, been a trainer for 12 years now. ready? for you to be able to make a difference in someone's life like this what does it mean? >> i do the job for the differences, the fact that she can come in here she inspires me. so, ready to go down. >> juliette you were telling me you had trouble, finding a gym, that would take you on as a client. >> i did. i think it is a lot more about you know, physical activity and physical accessibility, i think it is more about attitude and when i came to this gym i was looking for an option and they put a pink glove on my hand and the rest is history >> i think your smile says it all. i would high five you but i think you would hurt my hands. i will leave you guys to your work out. >> there is an adult class going on over here, boot camp class how we feeling? looking good. looking good. they are like we can't talk to
8:53 am
you holly because richard is putting us through the paces. all right richard how is it going. >> good. we going to do sit ups you go over there. >> all right. >> right there put your feet underneath. >> okay. >> back about 30 degrees stay there put your hands on your abs hold them there. how you feeling so far? good. already we will start with 25 sit ups, touch the bag all the way up from that point. go up. 25. >> richard what is your background. >> trainer, doing it played nfl for awhile then came into personal training. we been good friends since we were kids i trained, to work with body builders worked with mass body builders, worked with one of the fittest men alive joe decker. >> i know joe decker very well. >> we did that the at gordon health. i was his trainer. i am doing working with shawn roaden who did mr. olympian,.
8:54 am
>> tell me about this, why is this work out going to make a difference? why am i going to look good in a swim suit richard? >> you going to burn the calories burn that fat off put you till you burn to where your limit is. everybody moves on time no body moves on whatever he does or she does all on your own on a 30 second clock or 45 seconds >> i thick we have been doing sit ups -- i think we have been doing sit ups for at least two minutes. >> get up, stand up, start running we going to run in place. run in place for 45 seconds. pick up pick up how you feels? good. >> here we go our website. we have a link to champion boxing fitness, you want to find out more, hopefully our former world champ will show up next hour and we will hop in the ring with him. >> back to you. >> go go go. >> he is all business. >> wow. okay.
8:55 am
>> we were disappointed to hear last week former red skins great, art monk was suffering from effects of concussions from his playing days. >> monks friend and fellow red skin, ken harvey joins us to talk about the issue. dc remains top of the nation when it comes to hiv infection rates but there is hope with an fda panel, approving a drug to hopefully prevent the virus. time now 8:55 a.m. we will be right back  great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store.
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good morning i am allison seymour. i am tony perkins. straight ahead, back to work. the clock is ticking for the maryland general assembly. special session kicks off today, can lawmakers hammer out a deal in time. melanie alnwick is live with a look at what is topping the agenda. an amazing honor, a century
8:59 am
after an african american federal agent was killed his name is being placed on a memorial wall. sarah similar monos is live with the legacy of william henderson foot. >> kef ken harvey in studio to talk about the recent lawsuit against the nfl and helmet makers after one player, art monk said concussions left permanent damage. lateran your beloved family dog -- later, even your beloved family dog can cause harm to children. dog bites are on the rise. annie yu sits down with a trainer for tips at 9:45 a.m. first a live lookout side on this dreary monday morning plenty of rain out there, we could see much more of it, as we go to tucker barnes now in the weather center with a check of the forecast. >> want to bring along an umbrella as rain showers are with us through your monday. you wake up tmo


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