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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 14, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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tomorrow afternoon. a couple days of rain showers we need the rain. otherwise, going to be rather rainy for the next few days, radar showing rain showers now pushing north and east, earlier, we had a few dry spots north of the city, working up to 70, gaithersburg, laurel, columbia, in on the rain and east. annapolis, rain showers should arrive shortly. rest of us, widespread rain, not going to rain all day but periods of rain throughout your monday. let me show you the moisture, working off the eastern sea board. off to the west, yellows and reds indicating moderate if not heavy rainfall. embedded thunderstorms possible a few thunderstorms around here later today. that evening commute will be on the slow side as we expect a lot of rain around here, when all is said and done. temperatures cool, 63 degrees, highs only 70, 10 degrees cooler than yesterday, humidity, way up in the showers, winds out of the
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south, 9 miles per hour. here is your forecast, looking at high temperatures 72 degrees, with rain showers, expected to continue here through your afternoon. all right more details on the weather coming up in just a couple minutes, back to you. big story this monday morning lawmakers in maryland convene for a special session, in an effort to reach a new budget deal. >> agreement would hopefully avoid millions in cuts but likely mean changes in how much many of you pay in taxes. melanie is live in annapolis with more. first of all do we expect this to be a contentious session. >> well, we shouldn't tony. lawmakers did announce last wednesday they had an agreement not only on the budget details but also, saying they had the votes to pass it through but it is annapolis some times things don't go as smoothly as planned. the tax increases would effect
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high earners starting with singles earning more than $1,000 a year and couples earning more than $150,000 a year, they are looking at reducing, or eliminating personal exemptions and the kick in rate would also be with singles earning $100,000 a year. a lot of people say they do the numbers, it will be $254 a year for the average high earner family but tony and allison, there is really no such thing as a small tax increase when it comes to politics. >> there was some hot button issues counties were concerned with, gambling, teacher pensions, these were two big ones. any indication of what will happen here. >> we do know teacher pensions will be part of this budget package. this is something counties absolutely did not want to happen. but it is in this budget proposal it would phase in over four years, they would start to shift the cost of teacher pensions to the counties it would start next year with a
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50/50 split and tilt toward the counties with them paying 100% of the cost by 2016. gambleling will have to wait for another day. the governor did convene a study group they will look at all the year uhs, prince georges county one that -- study groups, prince georges county was one that wanted one. we have a live casino in anne arundel county that has not opened for business yet. there are concerns about competition. there could be a special session to bring up gambling in june but it is not a done deal. >> one last question. are measures they are considering going to be enough to close the state's budget gap. >> we are looking at a $500 million structural deficit, in the revenue package. it should pay for half of that. lawmakers are saying they are prepared. they will look in january at more budget cuts or more
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revenue increases. >> melanie alnwick live in annapolis. thank you. now to virginia where state lawmakers will spend the last day of regular session, voting on amendments to the budget they passed last month. governor mcdonald put in 8 amendments to the 2 year budget that begins in july. meantime he says he may push for sweeping tax reforms in his final year in office, next year. that may include lowering the overall state sales tax but expanding taxes on things like hair cuts, and surgery. a couple more primaries tomorrow, voters in nebraska and oregon will cast ballots in primaries. on the campaign trail, they are talking with college graduates, mitt romney spoke at liberty university in lynch field new jersey and president obama gives a mentionment speech at barnard. >> gay marriage debate remains
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the hottest topic on the campaign trail right now and cover of latest issue of news week. president obama is called quote the first gay president. the would's most powerful economy -- the world's most uher poll economy, meets end of the week but governor putin will be there. the two leaders will meet at the -- putin will not be there. the two leaders will meet next month. making headlines dcs guardian angels will patrol a northwest neighbourhood after a crime was captured in this surveillance video it shows a man assaulted in an alley behind a condo at 14th and w streets, on thursday. the man was badly beaten and is still in hospital. pardon me. the guardian angels will be back in area, including the
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alley at noon today. 362 u.s. law enforcement officers are being remembered for services and sacrificing their lives in the line of duty. their names were formally dedicated on the walls of the national law enforcement officers memorial. meantime an african american federal agent lost his life more than a century ago. today he will be honored for his sacrifice. >> bureau of alcohol, tobacco and enforcement will honor william henderson foot. he was the first federal law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty, at the atf memorial wall to preview this event. interesting case sarah good morning. >> reporter: it is fascinating to hear how this all came about. it was 130 years ago william henderson foot lost his life king his job for the atf and to hear how they came to discover
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the story, is interesting in and of itself that is why we will bring in the atf historian, and tell me a little bit about how you discovered this, i guess you were looking into mid-to late 1800s. 40 deputy collectors that had been killed and came across a story you never heard of. >> it was found in a newspaper article, and i read that an african american, deputy collector was killed in the line of duty. i knew we had never heard of him, he wasn't on our wall. it began a recovery process to learn the story of our fallen hero, deputy collector foot. >> reporter: tell me this was in mississippi. >> yes. >> reporter: he was down there, enforcingly core laws. >> that's correct. he was a deputy collector, a revenue enforcement officer, collecting taxes on liquor basically. >> reporter: how did he come to lose his life. there was a lot going down there during that time in the
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1800s. >> it was. >> reporter: give me a little more insight. >> it was a very tumultuous time for not only law enforcement but politically and racially in yazoo city, mississippi. he had 14 years on him as a law enforce. officer he was asked to intervene in a potential whipping of an african american in town. when he intervened, the event became a shoot out, and dooring that shoot out, three white men were killed. and -- during that shoot out, three white men were killed. 10 african americans were arrested, shortly later a mob of 200 stormed the jail and killed deputy collector foot and three other african americans. >> reporter: yes, there was no record at the time. today as we step out we will see, we are going to add the name. you will be unvailed later on today at what time.
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>> 1:30 p.m. >> reporter: you will have that ceremony give me an idea tell me about the significance of this. you see all the names on the wall they have been memorialized and talked about what is the significance of this person and how this means something different, this time around. >> actually he is a good example of a dedicated officer who gave his life, the ultimate sacrifice protecting our communities against violent came that is what atf -- crime. that is what atf agents do. day in and day out. 1883, he was already setting our traditions of protecting communities against violent crime. and what makes it unique is that he was lost but now he has been found so to speak and we are really excited as an agency to honor him, after 130 years, during police week, at a time when we are all honouring our agents our fallen heros. >> reporter: right >> it is a wonderful opportunity. >> it is interesting too. as you step back in here i want
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to tell people a little bit more. you were able to track down the family even, four generations of the foot family will be here for this today. >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: what is it look for them. >> i think they are so excited that their relative is finally being honored for all of his contributions not only to law enforcement, but to civil rights as well. and this is a great opportunity for them all to meet, and so now, they are one big happy family joining the atf family. >> reporter: barbara, thank you so much. we are glad, this peeked your interest you saw something and ran with it and now we are able to discover some body lost all these years. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: tony and allison back to you. >> remarkable story. >> thank you very much. still ahead this hour recent recommendation could be a life changing step, in the fight against hiv. >> a drug used for treatment could soon be used for prevention. coming up after the break.
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just how big of a break through is it and is it affordable. we will be right back the more products we touch around the sink,
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welcome back. we have news just in from bwi marshall airport. parts of terminals a and b evacuated because of a strange odour in terminal b. bwi marshall says there is little impact tonight operations so far gain that is -- impact to flight operations so far again that is portions of terminals a and b evaluated. advisory panel to the food and drug administration recapproval of truvan has adds an anti hiv medication it is already approved as a treatment for people who already have hiv infection. in the fda follow it is recommendation it would become the first approved medication
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to prevent uninfected people from getting hiv. with more on this is justin director of medical adherence at whitman walker health sounds like a big deal to us. is it a big break through? good morning. >> good morning thank you for having me. it is an exciting time because in 30 years of hiv prevention we have had to rely solely on behaviour change, trying to get people to change behaviours that are not easy to change. trying to get people to use condoms consistently, 100% of the time, that sort of thick. now we have something that actually can help -- thing. now we have something that can help providers doctors, engage people in care. rather than saying we hope you do this when you go home we can for the most at risk people, the people we know are continually at risk, and need something additional, we can prescribe them a drug now, that
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can have great efficacy preventing hiv >> it works medically to do that but we talked earlier, you are not saying don't take away condoms or your good sense. >> absolutely. if we worked with some body, and they've got to the point they feel like they can use condoms, use ma nothing my, use abstinence, use other tools in the tool box comfortably, 100% of the time or even most of the time, that person is doing great and not a candidate. this is for someone really struggling with trying to get out of that really high risk category and perhaps, even a woman in a power dynamic relationship where many are, where they don't have a choice they can't ask their man to use a condom because it is just not a part of their relationship
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dynamic we know women like that all over the world. can you imagine the choice this gives them finally because they can do this, without even having their partner know. >> how likely is the fda to go through the panels recommendation. >> well, i hope they do. experts did go forward and say we recommend that. usually when that happens the fda does recommend it. i have a positive outlook. >> we know medication can be expensive what are we talking here and would insurance cover it. >> so, you know if it gets approval from the fda most likely, insurance companies would cover it, medicaid already talked with the cdc about covering it they are looking positive towards covering it. it is expensive probably 800, 900, $1,000 a month is what it is currently, for the united states for globally we would look at probably a generic form that would be cheaper for
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developing countries and so on. and that seems very expensive but really again you are targeting a smaller group, 50 to 60,000 people in the u.s. every year infected with hiv that number is not going down. that number for a decade or more has remained stable. so we need to target those people. those people are tremendously at risk they are clearly not using the other tools in the tool box so this is in addition, we could help those people bring that number down in the u.s., if we did that, then you save the cost of hiv treatment over the long haul for those people. that would be a tremendous savings. there is potential for cost savings or cost neutrality. >> we will wait and look forward to see what happens with truvada thanks for coming in to talk about it. director of medical adherence at whitman walker health. thank you. coming up a big week ahead for facebook. how you can cash in. problems at jp morgan lead
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to resignation of several top executives, the latest on the company's battle. first though, let's check with holly getting quite a work out this morning. >> i am. i am learning from some of the best. right now i am watching eric, work out, he is a golden glove champion, world class amateur just turned pro and happens to be a client of champion boxing fitness where we are live this morning, and where whether you want to get in the ring or not you can train like a champion too. we will tell you how live later on fox 5 morning news stay with us. thank you. first today's trivia question, what are you afraid of if you have an i don't know how to pronounce this, pogonaphobia. the answer is coming up later. head to our facebook page. fox 5 morning news is back after the break 
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three top bankers are resigning. and the ceo of morgan chase says more could be off the job for the $2 billion trading loss friday. it came from trades largely made in london used to buy and sell insurance against wild swings in the market. ceo jamie diamond admits his company made a major error. some in congress are calling for new regulations for the banking industry because of the massive trading blunder. yahoo! ceo scott thompson stepping down as well after less than 5 months on the job. it comes amid-controversy over a computer science degree listed on his resume that he never received. a top recruiter lost her job, for failing to recognize the discrepancy. facebook ceo mark zuckerburg turns 28 today, i am getting choked up about it.
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his birthday comes a few days out from the company's much touted ipo estimated value, $100 million. he is half the age of the average s&p ceo. >> unbelievable. >> we just need a good idea. >> yes, we do. >> seems like much more than that. >> coming up, nfl star to the rescue when a high school senior's prom date backs out. don't miss this story. >> sport related concussions are hot topic as of late. art monk recently filed lawsuit, claiming conditions damaged his health. former player ken harvey is in studio and will talk about a growing problem and if there is anything that can be done about it. 9:24 a.m. 9:24 a.m. 4@
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a night to remember for
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anohio teen. she went to her senior prom with cleveland browns player, joe hayden she asked him on twitter. he is local, from fort washington maryland. let's just say he picked up his date in style. >> we met him like a couple times, so i thought why not and asked him. >> everybody does the limo why not bring a lamborghini. no body seen that pull up to high school prom before. >> this is his first senior prom he missed his own because he graduated early from friendly high school in fort washington maryland. >> that is great. >> yeah. >> a nice car to go to prom in. >> boy. >> he will be the talk of the town. >> absolutely. >> all right. >> it is raining pretty good. >> good steady rain across the region. today, later this afternoon, rush hour, tonight, overnight, might get a couple breaks late
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tonight. >> 2 or 3 in the morning. >> 2 to 8 in the morning then back tomorrow. >> all right. >> now we got a deal with it. >> yeah, we need the rain showers. good 5 to 7 inches across the region. the timing is not terrible. could be on a weekend, and weekend turned out fine showers continue, moved this 3, 4 this morning, dealing with this here. widespread not terribly heavy, light, steady, across the region. possibility of thunderstorms later this afternoon most of the area getting rain earlier today off to the north and east. laurel and columbia, showers now, breaking to the north, that is scheduled for showers. again, we are hitting in moisture from the south, off to our south and west, yelloworanges you see, moderate and heavy rainfall, that will move in later this afternoon. intensity of the rain will likely pick up, and i think that evening commute will be a wet one, locally heavy rainfall
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around here late this afternoon and during the evening. area of low pressure down in the south carolinas, slowly pushing north and riding along an old frontal boundary hanging across the area. a cold front out west, will come in later tomorrow and squeeze out what left over moisture is out there. we are in for a long period here, of at least the possibility of showers in your forecast, right through, tomorrow afternoon, i think into tomorrow evening we will have the risk of rain showers around. cool, 64 in washington, 61 right now in gaithersburg. earlier in the 50s off to the north and west, warmed up low 60s. not a terribly warm day highs low 70s maybe 70, maybe 72 for your afternoon high. a little on the cool side. future cast together. put in motion, 9:00 a.m., and future cast not doing a great job showing how much rain is out there. by 5, 6 tonight. could be a thunder storm, lookout for that possibility and then overnight tonight a
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brief break by 8 tomorrow, look what is organized more rain showers moves in during the day. 8:00 a.m. tomorrow, soaking wet, whole thing quietens down. late tuesday night, into wednesday. wednesday, thursday, friday look good. 72 today, showers likely, 1 to 3 inches of rain a possibility, good soaks rain across the region. showers and storms tonight some of that could be heavy particularly late this afternoon, 62, your overnight low and here is your 5 day. tomorrow showers stick around 74, wednesday, sunshine returns, thursday and friday looks fantastic highs mid-to upper 70s and low humidity. all right that is a look at the weather forecast, tony, i will toss it to you and one of my favorite red skins of all time >> thank you tucker. one of the red skins greatest players art monk is suing the nfl and helmet maker
9:32 am
ridell over health problems he said he is impair bid injuries he suffered door -- impaired by injuries his suffered during his football career. joining us with more insight is ken harvey, president of a consulting group. first question you and art are friends how is art? i have to say we heard the news last week we were quite taken aback. >> yeah, i saw the newscast. he is doing well. i talked to him on the phone. i think this is more like you and i we put some weight on and still look the same but when we look at ourselves we can tell the difference. i think that is probably what art has said. >> not so much something we would notice but he knows. >> i am having some memory loss. >> yeah. >> difficulty with speech. >> more and more. >> talk about that era in the nfl. art and othersthe nfl was,
9:33 am
fairly negligent about informing players what the risks were. was that obviously we know there are changes going on now. was that a time when the at constitute was just tough it out and get back -- was just tough it out and get back out there and play. >> mind you i am not an expert at this, but during that time, my time, there was a couple factors, factor being in our mind set, suck it up, get back in there. the worry of losing your job. you don't want to be perceived of being soft. lack of knowledge whether the nfl knew or didn't know that was a big factor now you are starting to see results of concussions and because of some tests we are doing you starting to find out maybe if you have a concussion how long do you sit a player out. do you sit a player out for a game, a few minutes when we did it it was like how you feeling. count how many fingers get back in the game. as a player you talked and your
9:34 am
mind just keep going >> that is an interesting thing what to me, will make these lawsuits difficult. art filed suit, many nfl players have filed suit, mark ripen is part of another group. if the mind set was amongst the players i got to get back in there, seems to me that might be hard to prove nfl is at fault. >> you don't know. you don't know if nfl had test results or doctors say that you know, concussions this is the time we recommend. there were studies done, and different things done in medical journals that said concussions, this is what you need to do. football is different. a concussion is not only football, football is labeled because you see it but women get concussions in basketball. there are a lot of con suggestions in different sport -- concussions in different sports. the more research we are having on it. how much did you know at that time. >> that is the concern.
9:35 am
if they knew and didn't give that information to players. >> right. >> do you think the nfl is doing a good job now? we hear more about it now and seems to be things they are trying to do to protect players. >> they are. change is hard. that is the big thing for me, the way i grew up, it was like you hit, you suck it up, when you see some body laying off a quarterback or flags man that is not football but the reality is now you have to make some hard changes, you know for safety later down the road, i think they are making changes they are doing some changes. it is because of these things changes are happening. >> your kids who play football, do you have concerns? >> i do. that is why i am more conflicting. this is a personal decision because you don't want to fool with the game you love and got you where you are at but i have
9:36 am
my son who plays, and i see the excitement in his face he enjoys the game. if there are injuries you just want the team and doctors to do what is best you know. like i said, if you take a day off or two weeks or three weeks let's do that. but i also know, if you don't have the right people, they can say no, get back in the game. >> we are running out of time. real quickly about your consulting group. we have you on never talked about it what is it. >> journey attitude knowledge and action we do business development marketing and transitional management and that is kind of the transitioning with athletes into you know, the other world. it transitions in life. we all go through transition and changes, so some times it is knowing your journey knowing where you came from, having the right attitude, developing knowledge, you know, there are things, to learn and apply, so
9:37 am
that is what it stands for >> jaka. very good ken always good to have you here. >> good to have you. >> good to be here. >> that could be next maybe you are transitioning into something else. >> give art monk our best. >> i will. >> see you again soon. we will be right back 
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add demi lovato to judges panel on x factor. she signed a contract for the upcoming season will be in new york today along with brittany spears to make an official announcement she is scheduled to tour this summer but said it will not interfere with the show. live shot. >> authors or rolling in for britain's newest star. the 17-year-old ashley, and her dog pudsly they won
9:41 am
britain's got talent over the weekend the title could be worth millions. offers for sponsorship and tv deals could reach well into the mile januarys on top of the $800,000 to appear from this show. >> really? a dog act? >> well, because i mean commercials look at that dog. it can do anything. >> and you know what, this is wonderful and very cute. >> aw. >> but this is the top act? >> very cute. >> that is the top act. >> very good. >> in britain. >> okay. >> coming up, some pets in need of a good home. annie will introduce us to these little cuties plus talk with a local trainer about what you can do to prevent dog bites. >> we have our own dog act over here >> playful >> this could be your ticket to stardom. still looking to lose weight this summer how about burning 1,000 calories an hour. holly is showing us this tough workout after the break. 9:41 a.m. does your phone give you all day battery life ?
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>> more than 4.7 million people in the nation are bitten by dogs. children are by far the most common victim. >> all dogs by nature have instinct that is could trigger them to bite. annoyer joins us with a personal -- annie joins us with a personal trainer. it has happened to you. >> yes, i love dogs, it has happened on this show. michelle yu joins me now. the director of behaviour and training there. good morning. >> good morning. >> thank you for bridging these cuties in -- bringing these cuties in. you have the calm one.
9:46 am
tell us about dijorno. >> we got him and his litter west virginia, and we try to help out as many local shelters as we can. they are just overwhelmed, they have too many animals. we are really fortunate to live in a city where we have a lot of wonderful people who come adopt. you know adoption is a great thing we are able to help out these shelters that otherwise wouldn't have a way to get their animals adopted. >> a lot seem to come from west virginia. >> definitely. >> this is empress. empress was found as a stray believe it or not. this cute thing she has come to us she is super smart, playful knows how to sit, a great dog that just maybe got lost or some body let her out >> empress is a german shepherd mix >> that is our best guess. >> you can see the shepherd in her. >> definitely.
9:47 am
>> now dog bite prevention week is kicking off next week. let's talk about that. it is a time where a lot of shelters raise awareness how to safely interact. we love dogs they make great pets but kids need to know how to safely approach them. >> absolutely. one of the things to know about dogs is any time you are interacting with a dog not your own you want to proceed with a little more caution. >> i think we tend to forget that. they are so cute and fluffy you go full force on them. what is a good way to approach them. >> side ways are usually best. >> side ways. >> and avoiding direct eye contact if i approach this dog i would want to approach side ways, you can kneel down if it is smaller and avoid direct eye contact or looming over. those are all things that could threaten the dog. and any time a dog feels threatened you are going to
9:48 am
increase the chances that the dog might bite. biting is a normal way that they communicate,. >> right. >> but there is a lot we can do to prevent that because obviously it is not a communication method that works well for people >> more like a gnawing at first but i learned to put your hand out here. does that work. >> absolutely extend your hand toward a dog. looking at the dog's body language can be another good indicator you want to look for a wigly loose relaxed body, any sort of stiffness or stillness should be a huge red flag to stop. and you also want to be really cautious any time you are approaching a dog you don't know. family pets are one thing. you can probably do a lot with your family pet, hug them wrestle with them all kinds of things you wouldn't do with someone else's dog but just like, we can all hug our family members and be really close and physical with them, but if i just grab some body on the street and hug them, it would
9:49 am
be a little weird for that person. >> stiff movement is a no. that is probably why my yorkie always puts his ears on full alert when i loom over him. >> this is the 7th year, where you can dress up your pets and have a good time. empress and digorno may be there. we want to mention, life for animals adopt athon, may 27th. check out this info on your website. at back to you. all right. >> playful puppies. >> good information thank you. >> boxing kick boxing and boot camps some classs you can take. boxing fitness in rockville maryland. that is where we find holly morris, getting quite the work out hey, holly. >> guess what tony, your pretty face will be preserved our three time world champ showed up. i want to show off the pink
9:50 am
groves as much as possible. because, -- groves as much as possible. because of a certain woman in your life you were able to have this dream come true >> my sister is wonderful her and her husband if it wasn't for them i wouldn't have this. this is just awesome. i thank the good lord for that. like a dream come true for me years and years i have been wanting to do my own thing i told them what could happen they are loving it as much as i am. >> they have owned it for 6 months, 600 members already. numerous people have come up and said this is so fun. that is the key to a lifetime of fitness is it not. >> any skill level can do this. we have kids all the way to 56- year-olds, -- 65-year-olds doing this and your whole family can do it together. >> and you can learn from some of the best, william, come over here. there he is. >> chef how you doing. >> nice to meet you sir.
9:51 am
>> great . now i hear you teach classes here. >> boxing classes, one hour long. great work out >> any level. >> all levels. his experienced get more attention but it is a great work out, one hour. >> one hour and then i can say, i was in the ring with william jofi. >> yes. >> and everything is negotiable they always win the negotiations by the way. >> you are going to teach me a few things. >> yeah, your boxing gloves always angled, that is your one that is your two. when i say one, two give me a combination, one, two, this you go. one, two. one one two, one one two, there you go. do it again. one, one, two. go, one, two, three, go.
9:52 am
do it again. one, two, three. your shoulder your hips and balls of your feet. turn. >> all right. >> ready. >> one, two, three. i felt that. do it again. all right gain. one, two, three, two. >> okay wait,. >> you really have to know numbers. >> yeah. >> one, two, three, two. >> one, two, three, two. >> bing bing bing one one. >> yes,. >> one one two. >> and one, one, back one. >> okay. >> one, one. >> okay right. >> there you go >> i just figured something out. my engineering degree is really helping. >> you got it. >> and then another thing, the speed back. >> before i come over here, are you going to get in the ring again. >> yeah, real soon. i want to fight my rival, that is keith homes. >> i heard this past weekened he said he accepted the
9:53 am
challenge. >> right right. he is not even on my level but the world champion. >> oh, not even on his level. >> not on my level but world champion at the same time people want to see two champions we was world champions at the same time in the same town and obviously we want to see who is the better champion. i am the better one. >> we will work something out. >> eric, now, you just did the whole amateur thing now you are professional. >> yes, ma'am. >> what is your goal >> my goal is take over the sport of boxing. >> oh, wow. i see that is quite a lofty goal. >> yes, ma'am >> now why this place to work out >> i chose this place we got the greatest trainers in maryland. greatest facility, best program, we got it. >> real quickly this is the hardest thing in boxing the
9:54 am
speed bag. >> speed bag. >> there you go. there you go. >> one, two, three, one, two, three. >> there you go. >> that is talent right there. >> okay i am stopping. >> chef okay look here is what you need to know. our website you saw eric here first. any way find out more about all the champion boxing fitness going on in rockville. all thanes is you. great -- all they need is you. >> great stuff. >> you saw it outside in rockville, but tucker has another look at the rainy five day forecast. >> the answers to today's trivia question. >> do you have a question you would like answered. we will show that picture friday, in case you haven't seen how good she looks. send me the question, head to click on the morning tab for links to ask allison. we answer questions on a variety of topics, we have a
9:55 am
surprise, hopefully the works for friday, a real viewer with a not so serious question. maybe we can work it out. stay tuned for friday [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around. safeway gives you real big club card deals each week. right now, a sweet price on honey nut cheerios, just $1.88. starbucks coffee is only $7.77. that's less than a quarter for a great cup of coffee. and fage greek yogurt is just a buck. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life.
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just waiting at every turn. verbolten -- a new multi-launch coaster coming to busch gardens. brave the black forest.
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time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. mikey turner, she is celebrating her daughter's sweet 16. we are assuming that is the birthday girl in her profile picture. mom says they have been watching since she was just 5 years old and she would run out of her bedroom in the morning yelling news mommy. that is cute. happy birthday to you nakira and thank you for watching both of you for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook and post a comment under mikey's photos. >> time for the answer to today's trivia question.
9:59 am
we asked what are you afraid of if you have pogonophobia. >> beards. >> the phobia is not limited to real beards but ones worn as costumes as well. it even includes santa's beard. >> that might be how a lot of people first find out they have that illness. >> you are right or maybe traumatized by it. >> runaway. >> after a near fall over baltimore's inner harbour last week, nick walenda moved on to his next stunt he took his first practice walk at niagara falls over the weekend. his crew members had to add more weight to the wire after he said it felt like it was rolling under his feet. he will attempt to cross the falls next month. >> good luck. >> that is a famous family isn't it? >> yes, it is. high wire


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