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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 14, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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they get the money back from the sales tax. >> reporter: this is how protestors like tammy spend their day, trying to stop lawmakers from raising any new taxes. >> but if they do any kind of an increase it will take away all that money. >> reporter: inside the general assembly got under way. governor o'malley and democratic house and senate leaders have crafted a new budget agreement it calls for income tax increases on individuals earning over $100,000, and households over $150,000. >> we are not trying to come up with fictitious cuts or revenues, i mean, the whole idea, we are here at special session it is very serious. >> reporter: but maryland's republicans are denouncing any tax increases, house minority leader, an thoughty oh donald, tried to and failed to table the deal >> in the spirit of transparency, and good government, mr. speaker i would ask that we delay the hearings.
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>> reporter: governor o'malley and his fellow democrats say the budget deal will prevent school funding cuts, layoffs, 500 state workers and other self-tightening measures scheduled to take effect july 1st. >> we definitely need the revenue. it is more than $500 million in cuts, in critical services, education, public safety. >> reporter: but republicans say raising taxes on people who create jobs, and shifting pension cost to the counties, will slow down not speed up maryland's economic recovery >> special session is not needed. the budget as it stands now is $700 million more than last year's budget. >> reporter: while the debate wages back and forth inside the state house, tiffany says she plans to keep walking back and forth outside the front door >> whether i have confidence they will listen to me doesn't mean i will stop trying to make a difference. >> reporter: well, the political reality here though in annapolis is that while
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republicans say they are going to put up a fight, it is the democrats that control both the house and the senate here at the maryland state house. democratic leaders most likely have the votes lined up to pass through the governor's plan they will reconvene tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. d v voters will hit -- dc voters will hit the polls in ward 5, to fill harry thomas junior's vacant seat. the polls open at 7:00 a.m. time for defense to make its case in the campaign finance trial of john edwards, details from greensboro, north carolina. >> reporter: lawyers for edwards, beginning their defense, his attorney seeks to prove the nearly $1 million received from two contributors to hide his extramarital affair were not donations to edwards presidential campaign. the prosecution argues the payments were illegal donations to be used to cover up the
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affair so edwards could continue to run for the white house. a former staffer, testifying the money was not reported because the federal election commission said the payments were not campaign contributions. a decision the justice department does not agree with. now the big question is whether or not edwards will take the stand in his own defense legal analysts are divided over whether that would be a good strategy >> he is also so selfish and narcissistic, being a trial lawyer himself, he might convince himself the best thing he can do is get up there and talk to the jury and convince him of his side of the story. >> at this point he is facing an up hill battles these jurors probably don't like him. he has lost all credibility in his eyes. they have heard all these lies to cover up this affair to his family how devastated his wife was. so it puts more pressure on him to take the witness stand. >> reporter: defense also questioned pollster hick man who said he had a death bed phone call with donor fred baron who explained reasons behind funding the effort to keep rielle hunter and her baby
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in hinding. according to hickman he did it personally because these were people whose lives had been disrupted by paparazzi. in greensboro north carolina, fox news. >> which he had pleaded not guilty, he faces town 30 years in prison and 1.5 -- up to 30 years in prison and $1.5 million in fines. he took the stand and told the court he injected roger clemens with steroids, 8 to 10 times. brian mcnamee said he knew it was illegal but wanted to help. paul. >> reporter: brian, the government says it can prove roger clemens lyed to congress in 2008 when he told congress that he never used performance enhancing drugs. but today, the government played its trump card and put mcnamee on the stand who told
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the court he personally injected roger clemens with anabolic steroids when he was a strength and conditioning coach with the blue jays in 98 and roger clemens was its star pitcher. >> brian mcnamee took the stand just before noon and began telling the court about his job with the blue jays in 1998 and how closely he worked with roger clemens. in a distinctive new york accident, mcnamee who hesitated before answering some questions, told the court he and roger became close and would some times socialize together. the two lived close to each other in the same suite of rooms at the blue jay stadium sky dome hotel in toronto. as clemens looked on from the defense table, mcnamee told the court clemens came to him and asked if he could give the pitch aerobootie shot, an injection in the buttocks. he testified he went to clemens room that night and in the bathroom the pitcher had a bottle, syringe, alcohol laid
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out in the bathroom. clemens he said then pulled down his pants and mcnamee injected him. when asked by the prosecutor why he did it, he said i just wanted to helm. he wasn't good at -- help. he wasn't good at it i figured i would try to help and avoid an injury. i wanted to keep my players safe. when asked how he felt about it he said i didn't feel good about what i was doing i knew it was illegal i was young i made a mistake i wish i could take it back. he told the court he injected clemens, 8 to 10 times before the super star pitcher developed an abscess on his buttocks and asked mcnamee to get rid of the drugs. brian mcnameee is expected to back on the stand here at the federal courthouse downtown washington tomorrow where he will still under go questioning by the prosecution. the real fireworks will be when the defense begins cross- examination they believe he is nothing but a liar. back to you.
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the edge on maryland as two men armed with semi automatic handguns hit several convenience and fast food stores. the list of all the scenes they linked to over the weekend. the men pointed their guns at people inside the store and ordered them on the ground. the police believe the same men are responsible for a similar string of robberys in the district. just ahead, drones could soon survey from the skies. faa expected to make a big announcement about the unmanned aircraft. well, i hope they can handle the rain we have it in the forecast, we have had a pretty good soaking a badly needed soaking i will let you know when we will dry up in a little bit. >> you know, we saw the news coming out of the caps organization was over but surprise today >> big surprise. hunter steps down as head coach and look he had them in the playoffs. one goal hockey now he is gone. where do the caps go from here and why dale hunter says he is leaving. news edge at 6 continues
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another big story we are following faa expected to announce tonight, how they will begin licensing local law enforcement to use certain types of unmanned drones. just the possibility of using them is sparking concerns citizen privacy. foxes katherine has more. >> reporter: drones like these are known for operations in yemen, afghanistan and iraq but they are being used more and more for domestic surveillance like patrolling boarders. >> because it is going to be so easy and inexpensive to obtain overhead imagery that capability will fall into many more hands and not everyone will use that capability responsibility. >> reporter: advocates call them a force molt plyer for law enforcement. >> -- multiplier for law enforcement. >> they will have more eyes in the sky to assist when they are going to potentially volatile
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situations. >> reporter: in late april faa listed 63 domestic sites that will be able to launch drones in the nations capital. some are questions whether privacy of american citizens could be at stake in the name of public safety. joe barton along with ed marquee wrote the faa over their privacy concerns lawmakers citing worries drones will be used in conjunction with other technology amounting to a total tracking situation. congressman marquee and i are not opposed to the technology and nota posted to its legit -- not opposed to its legitimate use but what we are opposed to is footing the technology out into the marketplace, with no privacypro cools. >> reporter: the case of a -- protocols. >> reporter: the case of a north dakota man is testing the laws. after a 16 hour stand off local swat team reportedly borrowed a drone from homeland security department to make sure it was
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safe to arrest him. his lawyer reportedly claims his client was subjected to guerilla like police tactics in washington, fox news. still to come a graduation to remember at american university after a very public and romantic proposal. first, remember tupaks hologram at coachella this month, queen fans could experience a similar revival, tonight. queen has been trying to figure out a way to revive freddie mercury for the show. the production team said to be considering the technique it is a shame tupak beat them to the punch  i should be arrested fofor cris against potted plant-kind.
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>> graduation ceremonies are memorable events, for a couple local gradtheir families commencement was a bigger event than usual. beth parker shows us a graduation surprise. >> reporter: just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more tears at graduation >> i am not a big spotlight person at all. >> reporter: but sarah cooper was in the spotlight when her long time boyfriend, sam miller popped the question during graduation at american university sunday. >> my mom was crying. >> my dad was crying he is very emotional. everyone was crying. >> reporter: they met during freshman week. classes hasn't started yet when sam said something silly that didn't make her laugh >> i knew it was now or never with this girl who was pretty darn cute so i plucked a little flower and stuck it in her hair and she hung by me. >> reporter: this is the first picture of them as a cup until 2008. >> i knew i wanted to marry her 3 months in at the third month
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i looked at her and was like wow, you are it she was like you are it for me too. >> reporter: her parents were paying for college. >> they had a strict college, tattoos, piercings, engage. we love you -- engagement, we love you, but you are on your own. >> reporter: he was sweating it out for an hour and a half he is an au swimmer and had his game face on. >> when you see the video i look like i am about to kill some body that is the face that i have before i swim. >> reporter: you did say yes. >> yes, i did. i think i just shook my head. >> she was speechless. >> reporter: the wedding is a year or two away to those who say they are still too young >> my dad passed away when i was young, so i felt like my mom and his relationship was cut short. >> reporter: this is the quad at american university sam spent a lot of his time here in school communications he already score add job at a pr
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firm. sarah spent a lot of her time here in the building right back behind me she is now searching for work as a middle school social studies teacher good practice for down the road, when they start a family. at american university beth parker fox 5 news. clouds and showers all day long. >> a good soaking for many areas and other parts to region have not had as much, tom down in annapolis didn't have as much rain as the rest of us have had. but still continuing brian. live lookout side soggy many areas but you can almost see a brightening of the clouds in the distance, so, it would -- i will show you here. just in a moment on radar, i kind of think we are getting a break-in the action. i am not sure that it is going to last all night. we are going to have to pay close attention to that. because from what we have already had and what may still be coming could impact the morning rush hour. live look at radar here from
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fox 5. you can see what we are talking about we do have more showers around the region. some heavier downpours disappeared. something we have not seen, thunderstorms heavier rain also, continues down across the care lie thats. over to seasonal -- carolinas. over the sentinel radar. some of the first batch is here everything moving south to north moved up in caroll county. we are getting the light stuff this is how it will be for the next several hours but, there could be a bit more later tonight and during the day tomorrow. and as you heard gary say on our 5:00 p.m. newas i have been saying for awhile we have a rain deficit. i know you are still mowing your grass things are growing but this has been beneficial to make up rain we need. we are 5 inches under since january 1st. picked up a half inch north, across maryland. locally 3/10ths of an inch and a couple spots here and there we picked up an inch of rain. most of us will end up with that 1 inch plus amount by the time we wrap up on tuesday
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night. we put everything in motion here, and by the way there could be another round briefly wednesday but not like what the soaking we are getting today. first batch is through, let's slide on down because there is a little bit more to come. we will watch this activity, looks like it will move more east, but our model guidance continues to insist, there will be more action later tonight. speaking of model guidance, we can kind of pick and choose on the various models to see how much rain potentially could be falling. i picked a lighter one tonight and tomorrow as we run this on out it is suggesting the heaviest rain in the blue here, you can see, potentially for hagerstown and cumberland, lighter amounts as you get toward the eastern shore and across the bay. we will see how that pans out but know that is a good rain and we need it. could throw a thunderstorm in the mention tomorrow especially afternoon and east of 95 temperature of 57 degrees. a little -- 75 degrees. a little bit more scattered around tomorrow and thunderstormment wednesday too.
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wednesday won't be as wet we just think there is one more reinforcing front that swings through wednesday afternoon and with temperature of 81, it could find a little bit of energy to produce a quick line of showers and storms in the afternoon. thursday, looks terrific, we will dry out and heading into the weekend we are in fantastic shape. future cast here at 6 in the morning on tuesday, we are paying attention to this, fox morning news will be out at nats stadium for our weather day, we are hoping that we will get some dry hours in but do have a rain plan, meanwhile, at the noon hour you can see quite a bit lighter but then as we go around 6:00 p.m. we begin to see showers and storms trying to bubble up once again but then we chase it all out until wednesday afternoon right around 6:00 p.m. that second front i was mentioning. that keeps on moving and the skies brighten on thursday. so wednesday is not an all day rain, but we will likely see, at least a brief interruption in the afternoon. here is your 5 day forecast tomorrow 75, showers and storms
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back again, wednesday i think we start out dry and have a brief interruption in the afternoon for showerstorms. and then thursday, friday, saturday, are you ready for a repeat. >> perfect. >> looking like it for the check the weather any time when you download the fox 5 weather ap go to apples ap store or android market, search for dc weather. nats get lost in series finale against the reds, dave feldman on deck withe sports edge, but first, cnn host pers morgan is $60,000 in the hole following man chester city'samazing win over the rangers. morgan lost the pricey bet to one of the players, man city mid-fielder and former arsenal star, morgan, a known arsenal fan confirmed the pay out via twitter saying congratulations you had the last laugh.
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>> good afternoon i am dave feldman. hunter is out as the caps head coach. he quit saying he wanted to return home to london ontario where he own as junior hockey league team. he told the team gm this morning and addressed the team early this afternoon he went 30, 23 and 27 a record after i.e.king to a one year deal to take over for bruce. -- after agreeing to a one year deal to take over for bruce. he emphasized blocking shots. washington eliminated boston in the first round and lost a tough 7 game sererys to new york. even though hunter is leaving he likes the future of this team. >> the teams playing the right way, they are playing stanley cup hockey you have a chance of winning if you play this style. you see them taking a top team, 7 games taking boston you know, and you see the teams left in here they all play hard and i
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am proud of these guys for sacrificing and doing what it takes to win >> i was shocked when i found out, but, he will be missed. i really learned a lot from him and valued the effort he put in, you know i hope we see him around here again. >> mcfee doesn't have a specific time table for finding a replacement saying it might happen by nhl draft in june or august. red skins begin organized team activities at red skins park. 90 players are expected to participate including number 25, running back tim high tower who sign add one year deal to return to the red skins last year, the episcopal high grad rushed 84 times, before being lost with a left knee injury. he will have an opportunity to regain his starting job.
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>> yesterday a tough conclusion to nats three game series. bottom of the 8th, sure ball inning, harper went -- you never saw it. right over his head. runun score. -- 2 run score bottom of the 9th. still 6-5, one strike away from a victory also, one swing from a loss. henry rodriguez to deep right center for a walk-off grand slam, the third homer of the game, nats fall to the reds, 9- 6 and now trail the braves, by a half game in the nl east. tonight nats host the padres saturday nats play here on fox, hosting the orioles, game time 7:00 p.m. yesterday ncaa lacrosse playoffs, first meeting since 1928, final seconds game tied 9- 9, cummings behind the net, makes his move, in front, score s with this 6 seconds left game
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winner maryland defeated lee high, 10-9 earning a quarter final date next saturday against johns hopkins, i am dave feldman. brine back to you. >> thanks. one last look at the forecast. >> looks like a rainy night and tomorrow, might throw in a couple thunderstorms something we have not seen today. looks like we will head for 75 degrees. wednesday warmer and brief interruption for last round in the afternoon after wednesday things look terrific. >> news is always on we are back here tonight at 10, news edge at 11. so, ah, your seat good? got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go.
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