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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 14, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. a crime spree caught on camera, armed robbers pointing guns at people making them lie on the floor, the area businesses they're targeting tonight. >> plus new options at a local airport, the airline that's coming to reagan national, what this means for ticket prices. but we begin tonight with the weather team tracking some
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spring showers out there. we haven't seen the last of the rainfall just yet. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm brian bolter. we made it through the wet start to the workweek. there is more rain on the way, could slow down your morning commute, sue palka tracking the showers in the weather center now. >> that's right. we had some decent soaking earlier and a lot of places picking up about 1/2-inch of rain. tonight it's become more scattered, but down south we see a bit more to come and it could affect your morning commute. we start out with live look at radar. it's rather patchy now. we'll give you a little wider view. what we have right now around the region is very light, but there is going to be a bit more to come. i'll take you over to sentinel radar and we'll put this in motion. this is the l.a. three hours with the heaviest rain pushing -- the last three hours with the heaviest rain pushing east. now this is a new round producing flash flood warnings southwest of charlottesville, and some of those in the more
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weak understand state will be in this area the next several -- weakened state will be in the next several hours. this has been beneficial, just give you an idea what doppler can estimate around the region. weave had lighter amounts to our east, only about .1-inch, but farther north and west you start closing in on 1/2-inch to an inch and we could easily pick up an inch in some spots tomorrow. i think the best chance of bogging down the morning commute may be east of d.c. for the early morning hours, but all of us will see showers coming up from the south. we'll stay mild tonight, 65 degrees, and there could be sort of around 3:00 tomorrow, too we may get a break, a bit more and some thunder with that. i'll show you the timeline for when we expect the rain and how much we should get and when it's out of here, brian. i know you like that part. now to a daring crime spree caught on camera, police in prince george's county tonight releasing this surveillance video believing the two gunmen seen here robbing a gas station in bowie the other night have
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been on a terror targeting all kinds of customer friendly businesses. fox 5's bob barnard live in the newsroom with details. >> so far nobody has gotten hurt. the gunmen haven't fired a shot, but until they're caught there's a chance one of their crimes could end badly. prince george's county police pretty certain the same pair has committed six armed robberies of commercial businesses since friday night. this is the shell gas station on annapolis road in bowie that was robbed friday night around 10:30. there are 16 security cameras here, one of them inside capturing the crime as it happened. what you see here is one of the masked gunmen forcing four young men to the for that. they are friends visiting the lone employee working that night who is made to empty the cash register by the second hooded gunman. prince george's county police corporal mike rodriguez calls this as frightening a robbery that you'll see. >> the surveillance footage speaks for itself, shows how bold they are and how dangerous the situation could have been.
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>> police say there are similarities in all six robberies believed committed by the daring duo since friday night. >> they're parking their vehicle, which is a dark colored possibly gray dodge charger, on the side of the business or in the rear. from there they'll walk in. at least one would be armed. the key would be the one demand -- he would be the one demanding the money. the other suspect would go to the register or get the money from the victims. >> reporter: this 7-eleven on central avenue in capitol heights was robbed 2:30 a.m. sunday, another in kettering 45 minutes later. a mcdonald's also in capitol heights was robbed around midnight saturday and that may not be all. >> we do understand the district was hit with a rash of robberies and we do believe the same suspects that are doing the robberies here in prince george's county could be the same ones responsible for the ones in the district. >> reporter: police say the men did a pretty good job hiding their faces, but one has worn a sweat shirt with distinctive red lettering on
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the front and black lettering on the black. >> anyone armed walks into a commercial business, it's a serious situation. it could be dangerous. >> reporter: it could be deadly. >> it could be deadly, yes. >> we're calling these criminals armed gunmen, but there's a chance one of them is a woman. police are not sure. it's hard to tell in the images. if you'd like another look at this video and photos, visit our website new details on a person of interest in the stabbing of a pregnant woman. police released this video of a man they're attempting to identify. the victim in the attack survived, but the boy she delivered died. an autopsy proved the infant named kuron hunt was killed by the stab wound. the attack happened march 22nd overnight in the 4200 block of ninth street southeast. you have any information, d.c. police would like to hear from you. a crime crackdown in a northwest d.c. neighborhood after a vicious beating caught on camera. a man was attacked in the alley of the 400 block of w street northwest last thursday after
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simply asking another man to clean up after himself. the victim is now recovering and now the d.c. guardian angels are on patrol. fox 5's maureen umeh has the story. >> this post up on the corner here and every now and then we'll take a sweep. >> reporter: the guardian angels on patrol looking to stop more trouble on the 1400 block of w street northwest. >> if we see anyone using illegal drugs, using any open container alcohol, we're going to simply walk up to them and hey look, excuse me, can you all take that elsewhere? >> reporter: their presence is in response to a vicious beatdown thursday afternoon here in the alley behind 1413 w street. the building security cameras recorded the attack. it happened after a 36-year-old man who lived in the building simply asked another man to pick up his beer can. >> this happened in the middle of an afternoon. we aren't talking about a late night crime and that's what's
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so compounds the outrage. >> that's really scary, especially since i feel like this area is really up and coming and there's a lot of young people around. it surprises me. >> reporter: the area is undergoing rapid transformation with new condos and businesses moving in along with more affluent residents, but council member jim graham says the seedy crime that's plagued the area for years is still there. he wants more police patrols and arrests. >> i have complaints all the time about what's going on right behind me and the answer to that is the police coming here and arresting people who are using drugs, selling drugs. they should be arrested. >> reporter: the guardian angels say they will patrol twice a week a few hours each day. they're urging residents to be on guard and not hesitate to call police. they say everyone needs to get involved to stop crimes like this from happening again. >> we have to get more people to be involved, come out, do community watch, community patrols and get security guards.
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don't just rely on cameras. >> reporter: the suspect is still on the loose. police will hold a community meeting tuesday night at 7:00 at their third district police headquarters. neighbors are hoping to learn more about the suspect then and also what's being done to make sure things are safer. maureen umeh, fox 5 news. voters in d.c.'s 5th ward head to the polls tomorrow to elect a new representative now that former councilman harry thomas, jr. is headed to prison. thomas pled guilty to using public funds for personal use. the special election is estimated to cost well over $300,000, but voters are ready for a new start. >> we have to move on. we have to go on, you know. you can't stand still. you got to move on. that's life. >> if there is a clear win to remember night, officials will certify the results in five -- winner tomorrow night, officials will certify the result in five days so ward 5 will have representation as soon as possible. tonight head coach dale hunter is out just days after
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the caps are eliminated from the playoffs. dave feldman hear now with the story. >> the move happening after less than one full season on the job. hunter wants to return to his family in canada. he told gm george mcphee at the morning meeting at the kettler iceplex. hunter went 20-3-7, a .500 record after agreeing to a one year deal to take over bruce boudreau helping the caps squeeze into the playoffs. he had an emphasis on blocking shots and washington eliminated boston in the 1st round and then lost a tough seven-game series to new york. hunter had the caps in every postseason game, 13 of their 14 playoff contests decided by just one goal. today mcphee was asked if he tried to talk hunter out of leaving. >> no because there's no gray in dale's life. he's very decisive and the only
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thing i asked dale was does this have anything to do with anything that's going on here and he said absolutely not. he loved it here. this is his team. this has always been his team. it's the only team he's ever wanted to coach. >> it's a tough decision and when i retired as a hockey player, i had to retire because i wasn't -- not that good anymore i guess you would say, but, you know, this was a tough decision. i enjoyed coaching these guys here and being back to the team that i always figure it's not my team, but it seemed like still my team, you know, and so it was a tough decision to make, but it was the right thing for me and my family. >> hunter is the owner of the london knights of the ontario hockey league, a junior team currently playing for the memorial cup. one of his three children is an assistant coach with the knights and hunter's brother took over as head coach when hunter left to join the caps in november. george mcphee says he doesn't have a specific timetable for
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finding a replacement saying it might happen by the draft in june or perhaps not until august. a major announcement that could change the way you nye. a new airline and new flights -- fly. a new airline and new flights are coming to reagan national. >> a little later the surgical procedure that's growing in popularity all thanks to skype and face time, what people want to change about themselves before they sit in front of a webcam. >> ahead on the news edge at 11:00 are your taxes going up? marylanders will probably have the answer to that question soon. find out why republican promises to fight likes might be pointless on the edge. ♪
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feel good about your decisions. a new airline and new round trip flights out of reagan national airport, the department of transportation announced four new nonstop flights out of national today, fox 5's wisdom martin here to explain what this means to us. >> in the past airlines could not fly between national and cities beyond 1,250 miles from
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washington d.c. unless congress passed a law to authorize it. tonight that new law is in place bringing in competition and more options for travelers. flying from reagan national to the other side of the country just got easier for passengers. the u.s. department of transportation announces that alaska airlines can now fly direct service to portland, oregon, jetblue directly to san juan puerto rico, southwest nonstop to austin, texas, and virgin america nonstop to san francisco. each city will receive one new nonstop round trip per day. this will be virgin america's first service at national. >> if you're virgin america, it's a big deal because now you get to fly into the nation's capital. >> reporter: consumer travel alliance is a watchdog group monitoring everything but the cost of travel. >> what the dod has done is added mixed cost carriers of the mix of flights out of
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reagan and that ultimately will mean more competition and lower prices for consumers. >> competition and lower fares is exactly what u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood hoped to create with new nonstop flights. >> options are always good and in the competitive market pricing is always going to come down. so just to stay competitive. >> this is a great place to live because we've got three major airports. so i think it will maybe incentivize dulles airport and bwi to think about doing some similar things. any time the prices can come down, we're going to be more incentivized to want to travel and spend the money. so i think it's a good thing. >> now this new law allows carriers already servicing national to make some changes. we're talking about american airlines. they will trade 1 round trip night to dallas for a flight to l.a. delta will trade a round trip from new york la guard ya for a flight to salt lake city. united airlines will trade a flight from o'hare to u.s. san
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francisco and u.s. air will trade a flight from dallas. you missed all that, go to our website for the details. the beef company that makes pink slime is laying off 86 employees from its corporate office due to the controversy over the beef filler. beef product inc. initiated a second round of layoffs due to its negative publicity over its ammonia treated textured beef. so far 650 lost jobs occurred earlier this month. one nebraska plant will remain open. trouble overseas fueled a big drop on wall street, the dow losing 125 points today. part of the uncertainty, greek leaders are in power sharing talks and there are fears the country could miss a debt payment which could cause the euro to drop impacting the u.s. banking system and not helping the market, jpmorgan chase's $2 billion loss. today its ceo warned it could
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get worse. one top executive has stopped down. two more could be on the way out after word of the colossal mistake. >> ina drew, chief investment officer at jpmorgan chase, stepped down. drew's departure comes after her unit mismanaged a portfolio designed to hedge against risks k takes with its own money. the mistake cost the bank more than $2 billion over a six-week period. drew spent more than 30 years at jpmorgan chase and was one of the bank's highest paid executives pulling in more than $15 million in each of the last two years. according to news reports, drew repeatedly offered to resign in recent weeks after the magnitude of the mess became clear, but her resignation was not immediately accepted because of her past performance at the bank. drew was considered by some market participants as one of the best managers of balance sheet risks until the loss was disclosed late thursday. jpmorgan's ceo jamie dimon admitted his bank made a major
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blunder in a thursday night conference call last week. the disclosure of the massive loss sent shares tumbling friday wiping out $15 billion in stock value in just one day. dimon says the bank's losses could reach $4 billion or more as the situation unwinds in coming months. minutes after the opening bell today jpmorgan stock was down another 3% on top of a 9% decline from last week. the massive loss and jamie dimon's failure to heed the warnings have given regulators in d.c. new ammunition for tightening controls on big banks and requiring them to hold more capital to cushion possible losses in the future. in new york i'm liz macdonald with the fox business network. w some surprising health news from the former ceo of yahoo who was pressured to step down over a phoney computer science degree he listed in his biography. the wall street journal reports scott thompson has thyroid cancer. the paper says he told yahoo's
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board and several colleagues about his condition before resigning and that his decision was due in part to his diagnosis. ross levinsohn has been named interim ceo. a big week for mark zuckerberg turning 28 today, the facebook founder, friday his company expected to start selling stock to the public for the first time and begin trading on the nasdaq. the ipo could value facebook at nearly $100 billion making it worth more than disney, ford and kraft foods. he's the star witness that could land a basketball legend in prison and today he took the stand. we have the courtroom play-by- play in the roger clemens trial coming up next. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi
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lawyers for former presidential candidatedown edwards opened their case today. the defense -- candidates for john edwards opened their case today. a former edwards staffer
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testified the money was not reported because even the federal election committee said the payments were not campaign contributions. edwards has pleaded not guilty to federal campaign finance violations. in the roger clemens trial today brian mcnamee testify ed injected clemens up to 10 times with steroids in the summer of 1998. mcnamee said he knew it was illegal but wanted to find out. >> brian mcnamee took the stand before noon and began telling the court about his job with the toronto blue jays in 1998 and how closely he worked with roger clemens. in a distinctive new york accent mcnamee who at times hesitated before answering some questions told the court he and roger became close and would sometimes socialize together. in fact, the two lived close to each other in the same suite of rooms at the blue jay stadium sky dome hotel in toronto. as clemens looked on from the
10:25 pm
defense table, mcnamee told the court clemens came to him and asked if he could give the pitcher a boomy shot, in other words an injection in the buttocks. mcnamee testified he went to clemens room that night and in the bathroom there was a pitcher, alcohol and syringe laid out. clemens pulled down his pant and mcnamee injected him -- pants and mcnamee injected him. he said i just wanted to help. he wasn't good at it. i figured i would try to help and avoid an injury. i wanted to keep my players safe. when asked how he felt about it mcnamee reply don't feel good about what i was doing. i knew it was illegal. i was young. i made a mistake. i wish i could take it back. mcnamee told the court he injected clemens eight to 10 times before the superstar pitcher developed an abscess on his buttocks and asked mcnamee to get rid of the drugs. >> paul wagner reporting. the fireworks in this trial are expected tomorrow when clemens'
10:26 pm
lawyers will cross-examine mcnamee. a judge will decide whether to overturn the convictions of seven men accused of murdering a d.c. mother. the men were convicted of robbing and beating catherine fuller in 1995 and leaving her body in an alley in northeast d.c. defense attorneys claim an avalanche of new information points to their innocence. the judge could decide to grant the men a new trial. the military's eyes in the skies over afghanistan and iraq, now the feds want to allow drones above the d.c. area and other u.s. cities, the new details released today and the privacy concerns next. >> if you see a story we should look into, send your tips to fox 5 tips or call the number 202-895-3000. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪
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this is fox 5 news at 10:00.
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one of the most effective weapons on terror has been the drone. now the faa wants to license local law enforcement to use certain types of drones at home. the drones would remain 400 feet from the drone and stay inside of airports. >> reporter: according to the statement posted on its website, the faa is streamlining the process for public agencies to fly unmanned aerial surveillance systems including drones inside the u.s. even before monday's decision to make it easier for public agencies like police departments to get licenses for drones this was deep concern on capitol hill. >> we have to make sure that the protections are built in up front rather than having a privacy tsunami hit our country '. >> reporter: in this april letter to the faa democratic congressman ed markey and republican congressman joe barton warn of a potential for a total observation state when used in behavioral analysis, license plate recognition or
10:31 pm
any other system to identify and track individuals. >> the fourth amendment to the constitution, one of the original bill of rights, protects the american public against unreasonable searches. >> reporter: the case of a north dakota man is already testing the legality of drones and their use in domestic law enforcement cases. after six cattle wandered onto rodney brockert's farm a 6 to an hour standoff ensued with local s.w.a.t. team reportedly borrowing a drone from the homeland security department to make sure it was safe to arrest him. >> it's really to provide them with additional safety awareness so they'll have more eyes in the sky to help them going into potentially volatile situations. >> reporter: an advocate for using drones domestically says they are cheaper than helicopters for local police. >> we do believe more law enforcement agencies will start acquiring them because the cost is much less and the training and manpower to operate them is less. >> reporter: drones like these are commonplace in yemen, afghanistan and iraq, but increasingly the unarmed version is used for domestic
10:32 pm
surveillance, but the practice is raising questions about data retention and whether there is probable cause to turn this hi- tech surveillance on american citizens. >> we don't want to look up every time we walk out our front door and wonder whether some invisible eye in the sky is monitoring us constantly. >> reporter: an faa official told fox a proposal for the most commonly used unmanned aerial systems typically under 55-pounds will be released later this year. there will be policies, procedures and standards laid out open for public comment from the faa. the house led security committee is refusing to meet with the colombian prostitute at the center of the secret service scandal. lawyers for dania suarez asked for a meeting in the capitol hill office. king said he declined saying it would have invited a media circus. president obama made a pitch for a crucial voting block in this presidential election. he also went after challenger
10:33 pm
mitt romney in an attack ad targeting his work as a former venture capitalist. also today major announcement from a gop hope. nicole collins has all the news from -- hopeful. nicole collins has all the news from the campaign. >> reporter: news week's cover announces president obama as the first gay marriage, but it may not translate into much at the polls and may even benefit presumptive republican nominee mitt romney. >> it does also serve the purpose of rallying the residence base of the republican party to mr. romney. he'd had some difficulty with that. >> reporter: a recent usa today gallup poll shows 51% approve of the president's announcement while 45% do not, but 60% said it won't influence their vote. >> there's no political calculus in this because it's not smart, you know. if he's going to do it from a political point of view, it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: romney rye irritate rated his opposition this weekend while speaking to christian conservatives at
10:34 pm
liberty university. >> marriage is a relationship between one man and one woman. >> reporter: as the gay marriage debate carries on, both kahns are keeping a focus on the -- campaigns are keeping a focus on the economy with the obama campaign releasing a new ad slamming romney for his time spent at venture capital company bain capital. >> if he's going to run the country the way he ran this business i wouldn't want him there because he'd be so out of touch. >> the romney campaign welcomed that ad saying it pivots the discussion back to jobs and the president's failed record. nicole collins, fox news. the 16th annual law enforcement run, every year runners there to honor the fallen officers. rushern bake are also came out today to join the run. coming up tonight a cutting edge surgical procedure on the
10:35 pm
rise and it is all because of social media, what some people are doing before they use their webcam. >> also ahead tonight. >> reporter: flowers aren't the only thing blooming this spring on the campus of american university. love is in the air. i'm beth parker. it's all captured on videotape. we'll show you coming up. but first here's fox business network neil cavuto. >> another worrisome time for the economy, a new survey showing nearly half of all americans are planning to spend less cash in the next year still worried about a recovery and in the wake of jpmorgan's big trading loss the exec in charge of all investments retiring, ina drew becoming the first to leave after the big blunder. jpmorgan stock tumbled 12% suns the news broke and stocks sliding yet again on more worries over europe's debt crisis now down last nine trading days. meanwhile krispy kreme is taking passage in india, the
10:36 pm
donut chain planning to open 35 new stores in that country in the next five years. this is following dunkin' donuts recent move into the indian market and the slurpee is going on a diet. convenience store chain 7- eleven will start selling low calorie sugar free versions of its classic frozen drink, but slurpee purists don't worry. 7-eleven still serving the name with real sugar, too. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically. ♪
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and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories, america's beverage companies are delivering. the parents of a georgia woman battling a flesh eating
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disease have learned to read lips in order to communicate with her. amy copeland will lose her fingers but they hope to save the palms of her hands. she has already lost most of her left leg. 24-year-old contracted the infection after cutting her leg in an accident on a zip line. boston university is now warning students about driving while study ago broad. three students were killed and five others -- studying abroad. three students were killed and five others were hurt. the crash happened saturday as the students were headed to the new zealand countryside to hike and explore. one student, a junior from massachusetts, remains hospitalized in critical condition. >> en route to that location this was a car accident. it really has caused us to stop a little bit to pause. >> university officials believe two of the other injured students may get released from the hospital soon. two others have been discharged. straight ahead on the news edge at 11:00 an officer sued for shooting a woman to death,
10:41 pm
no criminal charges, so why does the woman's husband think he's entitled to millions? >> and the controversy over same sex marriage driving a national conversation on a magazine cover like you've never seen. is it good or bad for president obama on the edge?
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doing business these days, even catching up with friends is no longer as simple as picking up the phone. technology allows to us talk face to face on our phones and computers and as more people catch on, many are noticing a little flaw they don't like and it has nothing to do with technology itself. fox 5's laura evans has details. >> reporter: skypeing, videoconferencing, face time, the way we communicate these days has us on more often. cindy is 45, a management consultant, does at least one videoconference a day. since she started seeing herself on face time she was noticing her lower face just didn't look like it used to.
10:45 pm
>> i noticed my face kind of sagging down in sort of the jowl area. when you're skypeing or using face time, you're sort of looking down a little bit and if there's already something happening there, it sort of exaggerates the issue. >> reporter: enter the face time facelift, a special technique for that very complaint which is becoming more common. dr. robert seagal, a reston plastic surgeon who developed it, says it's catching on like wildfire. >> first impressions are very important and the more technology takes the place of human interaction, the more important that first impression is going to be. >> reporter: the doctor says the procedure evolved over the past five years. he wanted to find a way to do away with the cut under the chin which someone might see through face time. >> a series of different experiences that i've had as a surgeon sort of led me to this technique where i'm able to generate a lateral sling and change the dynamics of the muscle, this muscle that runs here, so that i don't need to
10:46 pm
make this cut anymore. >> reporter: his wife of the one who pushed him to do it -- was the one who pushed him to do it and to call it the face time facelift. >> she got an ipad and she's looking at herself in this thing and it's just accentuating all of the fullness under her neck and all of the heavy skin and she said this is enough. you've got to do this. >> reporter: and it's resonating. cindy is one of hundreds of people who have had the procedure. >> we need to look professional and look our best. >> there's neff been a society that hasn't altered their -- never been a society that hasn't altered their appearance in one way or another. >> reporter: do you think people end up getting what they want when they look better? >> i think they're not distracted and can come out and be present with other people to a greater degree. >> reporter: cindy is thrilled with the results. while there wasn't any dramatic difference and few people noticed, she did and for her that's all that mattered. >> when i see myself in face time, it looks like me. >> you'll notice cindy allowed us to use her first name but
10:47 pm
not her last. she says she's still a little concerned about the stigma that goes with cosmetic surgery. she said it's the old double standard. there's something about the way we age that's unattractive, we might be judged, but if we don't do something about it, we might be judged for letting ourselves go. back to you. >> double standard there, all right, thank you. very interesting, though. >> i have the easiest cheapest way, less painful way of solving that whole problem. >> sunglasses and a hat? >> no. hold the camera like this. >> oh, you get the better angle. is that how it works? >> simple. >> i would now like to ask that all the cameras please rise when they do the weather. >> nobody looks great when you hold it down like that. >> i agree. absolutely have to do it that way. >> although i have seen myself on face time and gone oh! >> my mom wants to hide and i'm like mom, it's us. we don't care what you look like. >> let's talk about the
10:48 pm
weather. when is this rain getting out of here? >> we have a little bit more rain to go and i see a new surge coming up from the south and west that. will be around in the overnight hours and start sliding east for the morning rush hour and then a little break. i think we might do it again tomorrow afternoon. here's the deal. i think tomorrow we could break for a bit of sunshine and if we, do there's a better chance we start rolling in an afternoon thunderstorm in the mix. first stop tonight is radar. we did have some good soaking rains come through earlier. i found it very refreshing. i slept well as a result of hearing that rain overnight. i hope you did, too. meanwhile it's very scattered now, pretty light. look in this region coming up from the south and west. some of that rain has been particularly heavy down south and west of the charlottesville area. we'll take you over to satellite and radar and a bigger thing in motion and also sliding farther down you can see around madison down to charlottesville, stanton, there's some heavier rain there
10:49 pm
and, in fact, we've had some reports of flood warnings going up. some of those flash flood warnings will go until 3 a.m. we've had the light stuff and don't have much now, but i think this will come in our direction in the next number of hours. we'll watch for this. the air around d.c. is a bit more stable than in these regions, but wean so we'll add to our totals and we'll -- even so we'll add month to our togethers and we'll have more to add during the -- totals and we'll have more to add during the day tomorrow. we're about 75 degrees tomorrow and we've rolled in a thunderstorm. we have a little morning rain east of the city and if we break for sunshine, we'll pop some showers and thunderstorms in afternoon. wednesday also starts out dry. we get up to 81 degrees. there will be one more front coming on wednesday, a little reinforcing shot that could promote some showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon wednesday. i think it would be a fairly
10:50 pm
brief interruption. we dry out thursday, temperature 75 degrees and it's really looking great to end the week yet again. so we may be doing what we did last weekend again this weekend, at least the early indications are good. temperatures are not getting chilly tonight with the south wind still at 68 degrees. annapolis is still 70, quantico 72 degrees. so we will stay right around 65 degrees with these showers coming through overnight and temperatures staying mild thanks to that south wind. tomorrow more scattered showers, could be a thunderstorm in the mix at 75 degrees. i think the thunderstorms would be late morning into early afternoon. at 8 a.m. chance for some showers. the skies could brighten late morning to the noon hour and we get up to about 73 degrees. then after that we'll watch to see if we don't cook up a few thunderstorms and again a few more showers. i don't think it's kind of the steadier soaking tomorrow that we had today, but even so, still some good additional rain counting what we get tonight and during the day tomorrow
10:51 pm
into tomorrow night, perhaps in these blue areas another 1/2- inch to an inch of rain. in the green maybe 1/4 to 1/2- inch of rain coming into the rain buckets. model projection of specific cities and what we might be getting in d.c., about .8 of an inch of rain, maybe 1/2 for annapolis and heavier rain for hagerstown and cumberland. some of those folks have already had an inch of rain. so we may be picking up a nice sort of benefit in the rain bucket because we are about 5 inches below on the year. tomorrow we've got this frontal system. we'll have this area of low pressure slide through and a second one wednesday to keep us maybe in the soup for wednesday afternoon for another round. after that it's looking good. so 75 degrees tomorrow with some showers and storms to keep an eye out for. wednesday's temperature 81 with maybe an afternoon storm and then hang on for thursday, friday and saturday. everything is going to be lush and green and the preakness folks will be happy about that
10:52 pm
saturday forecast, so far, so good, right? >> the infield will be a mess. >> hopefully they'll dry it up by then. >> 76 degrees and sunny? yeah. >> got it. >> social disaster. not a meteorological one. >> thank you, sue. if you named your baby jacob or sophia last year, you're not alone. they were the most popular baby names for 2011. the annual list was released today by the social security administration. for boys mason, william, jayden and noah were the top five. graduation day is a milestone for students and parents. a few local grads made it an even bigger commencement. fox 5's beth parker shows us this graduation day surprise. >> reporter: just when you thought there couldn't possibly be any more tears at graduation -- >> i'm not a big spotlight person at all. >> reporter: but sarah cooper was in the spotlight when her long time boyfriend sam miller
10:53 pm
popped the question during graduation at american university sunday. >> my mom was crying. >> my dad was crying. he's very emotional. my mom was crying. >> reporter: they met during freshman week. classes hadn't even started yet when sam said something silly that didn't really make her life. >> i knew it was now or never with this girl who was pretty darn cute. so i tucked a little flower in her hair and she kind of hung by me the rest of the trip. >> reporter: this is the first picture of them as a couple back in 2008. >> i knew i wanted to marry her after three months in. after three months i looked at her and said wow, you're it. >> reporter: but their parents were paying for college. >> they had a strict rule. they said tattoos, piercings, engagement. we love you, you're welcome to finish college on your own. >> reporter: sam graduated the day before since he had a different major. he was sweating it out through an hour and a half before sarah's name was called on sunday. he's an au swimmer and he had his game face on. >> i look like i'm about to kill somebody, that's actually
10:54 pm
the face i have before i swim. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: you did say yes. >> yes, i did. i think i just shook my head. >> reporter: the wedding is a year or two away. to those who say they're too young? >> my dad passed away when i was young and so i saw like my mom and his relationship cut shooter. >> reporter: this is the place where sam spent a lot of time in the school of communications. he's already scored a job at a p.r. firm. sarah spent a lot of her time in the building behind me and is now searching for work as a middle school social studies teacher, good practice for down the road when they start a family. at american university beth parker, fox 5 news. >> congratulations. coming up details about jc's newest project, a music festival in philadelphia. >> also tonight x-factor officially announced two new judges. >> next on the news edge at
10:55 pm
11:00 a heads up for parents, the batteries that are sending more kids to the emergency room.  >> thisfox 5 program brought to you by siemens. [ female announcer ] with xfinity,
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the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. rapper jay-z is planning to launch a musical festival in philly. the two-day concert will include latin dance performances and will be held in fairmont park labor day weekend. a portion of the proceeds will go to the united way. >> i've always got to make my mama proud, so i can't do half baked work. so i'm really putting my all into this. i'd like to announce that we have 70% of the artists already confirmed so much we're working. it's going to be a great -- confirmed. so we're working. it's going to be great day in philly. >> ticket goes on sale later this -- tickets go on sale later this month. britney spears and demi
10:59 pm
lovato will join simon cowell and l.a. reid as judges on the x-factor this season. the show revealed the new judges at a red carpet fox event today. simon had a quick answer as to how he convinced brit to sit at the judges table. >> i charmed her. >> he's completely adorable. he didn't have to try hard. >> i'm so excited to be here, but yeah, i guess you called and that's how it got set up. >> the new season debuts right here on fox 5 in september. thanks so much for joining us tonight. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. tonight a culpeper police officer is facing a civil lawsuit for shooting a woman to death. the shooting happened three months ago. so far there have been no charges against the officer. fox 5's karen gray houston explains now the shooting happened and why the woman's husband wants the officer to pay. >> reporter: patricia cook's husband gary has filed a


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