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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 14, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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against daniel harmon-wright also known as daniel sullivan according to the lawyer filing the suit. fox 5 talked to him. >> she was shot inexplicably for reasons we're not sure of and, you know, he has a constitutional and statutory right to sue and try to get to the truth. >> reporter: for instance, why the five-year police veteran used two names. the story made headlines from the beginning. for some reason pat cook was in the parking lot of a catholic daycare february 9th when someone called police to report a suspicious vehicle. the lawsuit says when daniel harmon-wright approached, he spoke to her in an aggressive manner. that's when she tried to roll up her window and drive away. >> keep in mind this was a hand crank window. it's not an electric window and furthermore, the officer had no
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reason to be reaching inside of the car. she was unarmed. she posessed no threat. >> reporter: the lawsuit says when she drove off, he had one hand on her door and the other on the gun which he fired at her multiple times. she wound up crashing into a utility pole a block away. according to this lawsuit, patricia cook was within her rights when and if she declined to speak to the defendant, when and if she rolled up her window and when she tried to drive away. local miss have not given up much information -- police have not given up much information including the name of the officer. people who live around here think the whole story is just a little strange. >> circumstances look fishy to me, but i don't know, though. i don't know the whole deal of it. so i really can't say one way or the other. >> reporter: this resident has some strong feelings but didn't want her face seen on tv. >> i think something needs to be done. i think it's been long enough and i think that the residents of culpeper deserve some
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answers. >> reporter: gary cook is seeking more than $5 million in damages. in culpeper karen gray houston, fox 5 news. meantime this culpeper man was tasered and arrested last night after a pursuit with deputies. the sheriff's office said rodney lavelle drove off when a deputy approached his pickup. spikes stopped the truck, but he wouldn't get out, so the deputy tasered him. lavelle is charged with 13 offenses including driving with a revoke the license, dwi and acquisition -- revoked license, dwi and abduction because he had a woman in a truck. police are out for two masked gunmen -- are on the hunt for two masked gunmen tonight. >> six armed robberies for sure in prince george's county, perhaps more in the district and others we don't know about. police tonight released surveillance video from one of the robberies inside a bowie gas station friday night around 10:30. the gunmen are hiding their
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faces ordering four young men to the floor. they were friends of the 1 employee working the register that night. nobody was hurt, not a shot fired but certainly a potentially deadly and clearly frightening ordeal. here's prince george's county police corporal mike rodriguez. >> we do believe these are the same two suspects that are responsible for at least six commercial robberies that have occurred since friday night. we do understand the district was hit with a rash of robberies and we do believe the same suspects that are doing the robberies here in prince george's county could be the same ones responsible for the ones in the district. one significant thing, if you look at the surveillance footage or the photographs that we provided, one of the suspects has a distinctive sweat shirt on with red lettering in the front and black lettering in the back. hopefully somebody recognizes that sweat shirt and calls the police. >> among the other businesses targeted by these armed gunmen, two 7-elevens and a mcdonald's in capitol heights.
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the guardian angels have started patrolling a northwest d.c. neighborhood just days after a man was viciously beaten behind his condominium, the whole thing caught on security camera and the attacker is still on the loose. it happened in an alley in the 1400 block of w street northwest. police are planning a community meeting tomorrow at the third district station on v street at 7 p.m. the news edge on maryland now, the big question for residents, are you going to have to pay more taxes? this is day one of a very short legislative session, all of it really just to raise taxes. governor martin o'malley wants a budget deal. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports republicans want to fight it. >> reporter: outside maryland's statehouse the verbal sparring got an early start. >> they bought a candy bar, you think they would get the money back from the sales tax? >> reporter: this is how protestors like tammy tiffany spend their day, trying to stop lawmakers from raising new taxes. >> if they do any kind of an increase, it's going to take away all that money '. >> reporter: in sight, though, the general -- inside, though,
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the general assembly got underway. governor martin o'malley and his democratic house incentive leaders have crafted a new budget agreement that calls for income tax increases on individuals earning over $100,000 households over $150,000. >> we're not trying to come up with fictitious cuts or fictitious revenues. the whole idea, we're here in special session, it's very serious. >> reporter: but maryland's republicans are denouncing any tax increases. house minority leader anthony o'connell tried and failed -- o'donnell tried and failed to table the deal as the special session began. >> so in the spirit of transparency and good government, mr. speaker, i would ask that we delay the bill hearings. >> reporter: governor o'malley and his fellow democrats say the budget deal will prevent school funding cut, layoffs of 500 state workers and other belt tightening measures scheduled to take effect july 1st. >> we definitely need the revenue. it's more than $500 million in
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cuts in critical services, education, public safety. >> reporter: but republicans say raising taxes on people who create jobs and shifting pension costs to the counties will slow down, not speed up, maryland's economic recovery. >> the special session is not needed. the budget as it stands now is $700 million more than last year's budget. >> reporter: while the debate wages back and forth inside the statehouse, tiffany says she plans to keep walking right outside the front door. >> whether i'm confident that they'll listen to me doesn't mean i'm going to stop trying to make a difference. >> reporter: but the political reality is that while republicans say they are going to put up a fight, they are outnumbered in annapolis. democrats control both houses of the legislature and the leaders already have the votes lined up to pass the governor's plan. this entire special session reconvened tuesday morning at 10 a.m. -- reconvenes tuesday morning at 10 a.m. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news. .
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a republican congressman ron paul says he won't campaign in any more primary states. doesn't mean he's off the ballot or is shutting it all down. congressman says to continue campaigning would cost millions he doesn't have, but he urged supporters to keep working within their states to push what they believe in. the end of a week long hunger strike for palestinians in the middle pees. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11 -- in the middle east. shawn yancy is everywhere at 11:00. >> these women ended their strike after they were promised better conditions, celebrating the enof the 27 day strike -- end of the 27 day strike. return militant groups say they will stop violent action against israel. >> a young boy dying of cancer is now trending on twitter. 9-year-old ryan kennedy has a brain tumor that keeps coming back. he doesn't have his own twitter account, but his friends and classmate started talking about him and now he's one of the
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most popular topics. britney spears are among the stars who have sent him messages of support to cheer him up. >> some new jersey lawmakers want to expand existing laws to ban anyone from under 18 using a tanning bad at a salon. the current law bans anyone 14 years old from tanning and allows teens between 14 and 17 with a parent's permission. a new jersey woman is currently charged with child endangerment accused of taking her 5-year- old into a tanning bed. the white house says all the talk about the president's stand on gay marriage is a good thing, but in some states even senators from his own party are balking. so will it help or hurt in november? >> we're watching radar, more showers moving up from the south. i'll let you know if they're going to aing if your morning commute with the full forecast come -- affect your morning commute with the full forecast coming up. >> and check out the rundown. we're back. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00. [ male announcer ] olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan
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magazine hits newsstands today labeling barack obama america's first gay president coming off his endorsement of same sex marriage. fox 5's laura evans has the story on the president's strategy. >> despite signs he may face a political backlash today president obama was basking in the positive light of his decision on same sex marriage. sharing a stage with evan wolfson, a leading advocate of same sex marriage, president obama framed this moment as
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another chapter in the civil rights struggle. >> that's how we achieved women's rights. that's how we achieved voting rights. that's how we achieved workers rights. that's how we achieved gay rights. >> reporter: outside new york the president's move is not playing well in swing states where several democratic senators up for reelection have refused to endorse it. it could also help presumptive republican nominee mitt romney by leading some conservative african americans to stay home in november. >> the traditional african american pastors from traditional black chumps are saying this is too -- churches are saying this is too far from us. >> reporter: meanwhile james clyburn is suggesting the president move further to the left telling msnbc he wants a national policy legalizing same sex marriage and is disappointed the president is heaving it up to the states. hitting newsstands monday, a controversial news er showing president obama with a
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rainbow halo calling him the first gay president. american university professor lenny steinhorn says it reminds him of when tony morrison called bill clinton the first black president indicating he understood the pain, hopes and desires of black americans. >> i think that's what can be said about barack obama in this case with gay americans, that this may be the ultimate aspiration to be seen as equal normalized american and i think by endorsing gay marriage that's what he is articulating. >> we have never gone wrong when we expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody. that doesn't weaken familiars. that strengthens families -- families, that strengthens families. >> and the obama campus hoping what they are calling positive feedback including the news week cover will pay dividends in liberal turnout and campaign cash including tonight's soldout manhattan fundraiser sponsored by the lgbt
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leadership council and headlined by ricky martin. the postal service has good news to deliver. shawn yancy has your fox 5 top five. >> we start off with a change of heart from the postal service. no. 5, the u.s. postal service is doing an about face in halting their plans to close 600 city and suburban post offices concerned many people, especially the disabled or elderly would not be able to access postal services. no. 4, more people are prone to sleep walking than originally thought. although these people are walking in the middle of the day, researchers found people with depression were 3 1/2 times more likely to sleep walk and people suffering with alcohol abuse, excessive compulsive disorders or even taking certain antidepressants were more likely to sheep walk. no. 3, bottles, pass -- leap walk. no. 3, bottles -- sleep walk. no. 3, bottles, pacifiers or sippy
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cups cause children to be prone to more accidents. experts suggest only allowing infants to use those items when they are sitting down or laying down. no. work beware of those button size batteries. the number of e.r. visits by kids who accidentally swallowed batteries like this one has doubled in the past 20 years. experts say if swole lowed, not only are they -- swallowed, not only are they a choking hazard, but they can severely burn a child's throat or kill a child in as little as two hours. no. 1, hoping to get rich when facebook goes public? you'll need friends in very high places or a large of money. you'll need a large active account with a brokerage firm directly involved in the stock sale or you can try to buy shares when facebook begins trading on nasdaq which is likely to happen friday, but you can expect those prices to be much higher than the expected ipo prices 28 to $35 a share. good luck.
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>> well, we've got a bit of a hurdle here, but it's worth it on the other side. >> at least it's on the weekday, right? we got through a beautiful weekend yesterday and saturday. it was so spectacular. we're running a little deficit of 5 inches, so this is helpful and good and beneficial. it was a real soft sweet soaking i thought earlier today. we have not had any thunderstorm activity to deal with, but they have had some down to our south and it's rained a lot heavier down south. some of those weakened remnants are moving in our direction now. first stop, our live radar. you can see not much in the immediate metro area, a little bit over toward the annapolis area, but this area is where we're watching coming up from the south. over to sentinel radar for a closer view, again not so much for d.c., but we get down toward culpeper coming through ruckersville and harrisonburg, charlottesville having heavy rain and flood warnings because of the amount of rain that
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they've had. it's moving north and we'll have these showers around in the next several hours. as we get closer to the morning rush hour, i think a lot of this is going to be more to the east of us as we get going. we'll check out that futurecast in a moment, but we'll get a break tomorrow by midday and maybe one more round around the time of the evening rush hour that could contain some thunderstorms. we've got to wait for this front to come through tomorrow. it will do so tomorrow night. we could have some showers and thunderstorms again tomorrow evenings that front approaches and then wednesday there will be one more reinforcing front that could give us another round in the afternoon with a few thunderstorms. so i think we get tomorrow a little more scattered than the kind of more widespread rain we had today certainly north and west. at 11:00 tonight we watch the moisture coming up from the south. i paused this 70 a.m. to show you the bulk of what we're getting -- 7 a.m. to show you bulk of what we're getting will be east of d.c., but definitely some showers to dodge, maybe heavier showers up
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to our north. we're thinking we pick up another 1/2-inch to an inch of rain tomorrow. at 12:00, though, there's not that much to see, but wait. we get a little sunshine possibly in the afternoon and we cook up another batch that could be with the frontal system in the 5:00, 6:00 time frame. we'll watch that for the evening rush hour. those continue syncing south tomorrow night. wednesday starts out dry and probably sunny and here comes that 2nd front wednesday afternoon that could produce a -- second front wednesday afternoon that could produce a couple more showers and thunderstorms to deal with. after that full steam ahead. it looks like a great forecast of the tonight our temperature is 68. we wrap it up with your five- day forecast. we'll warm up a little on wednesday up to 81 degrees and that may be part of the fuel for those thunderstorms and then thursday, friday and saturday looking terrific in the mid-70s, a great end to the week is on the way. dave feldman has some big news. you were rooting on those caps. they had another big announcement today.
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he's got more. >> this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with dave feldman. >> thank you, sue. dale hunter, we hardly knew you. the caps coach is leaving after less than one season saying he wanted to return home to london, ontario, to run the junior hockey team he owns and spend time with his family. the coach told george mcphee at a meeting this morning and told the team shortly thereafter, hunter had a .500 record in the regular season after agreeing to a one-year deal to take over for bruce boudreau. he played a possession oriented system with an emphasis on blocking shots. washington eliminated reigning stanley cup champion boston in the first round and lost a tough seven-game series to new york. here's dale hunter on his final day as caps coach. >> this is a tough decision. i enjoyed coaching these guys here and being back to a team that is -- i always figure it's not my team, but it's still my team, you know, and so it was a
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tough decision to make, but it was the right thing for me and my family. >> i guess we're all fathers and sons and husbands first before anything else and if we have our priorities right in this life that family comes first and dale needs to go home. >> move did not shock mcphee. he had to talk hunter into taking the job in the first place. the players, however, caught a little more off guard especially since they bought into the new system and had seen the big improvement. >> really unfortunate because he was very, very, very well liked and everybody thinks that what he has taught us and how he taught us was very valuable and so it's tough to see a coach like that not be back, but everybody has their own reasons and there's nothing we can do about it. >> i was sort of shocked when i found out, but he'll be missed. i really learned a lot from him and really valued the effort that he put in, you know. i hope we see him around here
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again. >> we do, too. dale hunter is going away, but we're not. when we return, the teenager with a major league purse, bryce harper highlights coming up. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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all kinds of drama during tonight's nats/padre game. top of the 2nd nats lead 1-0. price harper got a good jump on it -- bryce harper got a good jump on it but couldn't make it. that's an error. game tied 1-1. bottom of the 3rd. 3-1 nats up and harper makes amends. that's a golf swing and it leaves the park. bryce harper's first career home run. nats went 4-1. top of the 4th still 4-1. orlando hudson with a base hit to the gap in right center. there's a score and danny espinosa throws home. chase headley bowls over the catcher and is safe. leone mauking his major league debut forced to leave the game with a sprained right ankle.
11:25 pm
the padres built a 5-4 lead. jesus flores relieves him. bottom of the 6th ian desmond two on, drivers one right center. just short of a home run, rick ankiel scores followed by jesus flores. nats over the padres 8-5 back in first place in the nl east and harper was asked about his home run curtain call. >> it was pretty cool. i'm actually -- i was pretty excited about that. i wasn't sure. i should have went up there, but all the veteran guys were like go, go get it. so i did. it was pretty cool. next monday the redskins begin otas and running back tim hightower will be one of 90 players participating. he signed a one-year deal to return. last year he rushed 84 times for 321 yards before being injured and the orioles fall to the yanks 8-5. i'm dave feldman. brian is back after this. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. droid does.
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 now you have the news edge. see you back here tomorrow. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.
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