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tv   Fox 5 Morning News at 425am  FOX  May 15, 2012 4:25am-5:00am EDT

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good morning. it is 4:25 on a rainy tuesday. it is may 15th, 2012. you can see the rain has been coming down for us today. i'm sarah simmons. >> i'm will thomas. the streets were glistening. that is a shout out to calvin, our producer. that was his description but i think it fits. gwen talbert is in this morning. >> yes, sit tbhg this chair temporarily for tucker barnes. the umbrella, don't put it too
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far away. we'll show you what we're talking about. rain becoming fairly widespread across our area. you can see some yellow and a little bit of red in there. that is pockets of heavier, even moderate rainfall in some areas. this is going to continue to move its way through the area during the course of the morning hours. we'll be deeping with a system that will be sticking around and leave us pretty much in the soup. you can see all the moisture pushing its way up from the south and it will continue throughout the day. some of you will see some heavier spots at different times. others, not quite as much. don't get too comfortable when it starts to take a little bit of a break. humidity is up 87%. feels a little sticky outside. our high today about 79. by the afternoon hours, we are looking at a chance of seeing some thunderstorms kicking in so we'll watch that closely for you. you.
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back to you. an officer shot a man just before 11:00 last night on sixth street in southeast. he has since died. so far no, word on what led to the shooting. police are investigating whether this one is related to a shooting on third street about a half hour earlier. voters in d.c.'s fifth ward will head to the polls today to felt council seat left vacant by normer councilman harry thomas, jr. he pleaded guilty to using public funds to buy a new suv, expensive trips and clothing. polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. the polls are opening in oregon and nebraska for presidential primaries later this morning. as mitt romney is now the only republican left in the race, he is focusing solely on president obama. romney campaigns in iowa with a speech on the economy this afternoon. president obama is appealing to a crucial voting
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block in the 2012 election, women. >> his campaign also went after mitt romney in an attack ad criticizing his attempts at turning around gsp steel. we have a report. >> reporter: courting women voters. president obama delivers the commencement address at all female barnard college in new york. >> we are better off when women are treating fairly in every aspect of life. >> reporter: the president reportedly asked to speak at barnard when a fire storm ignited earlier this year over contraception coverage under the new health care law. now, his campaign is keeping its sights set on discrediting mitt romney's business experience as a venture capitalist highlight be one steel company that went under after romney's former company took over. >> those guys were all rich. they all had more money than they'll ever spend.
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they had more money than their families will ever spend. yet, they didn't have the money to take care of the people who made the money for them. >> reporter: the romney campaign welcomed the attack ads. the campaign also released this ad tout is romney's successful ininvestment with a different steel company where they claim jobs were created. >> building a dream with over 6,000 employees today. >> if it wasn't for a company like steel dynamics, this county wouldn't have a lot. >> reporter: texas congressman ron paul now announcing he will no longer spends resources to campaign for the presidency. in washington, nicole collins, fox news. bryce harper hit his first big league home run as the nationals beat the san diego padres 8-56789 he became the youngest major leaguer to homer since 1998 going deep on a solo shot to straightaway center field in the third inning.
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today is fox 5 weather day with the nationals. tucker, tony and sue palka will be at the ballpark this morning with school kids from all across the region. tony and tucker will be live there starting at 8:00 p.m. the kids take part in a special weather presentation at 9:45. they get to meet the weather team if they want to and stay for the game against the padres. hopefully the rain won't get in the way of all the fun down there. >> hopefully not. we have more ahead. weather, traffic and all of your top stories. >> fox 5 morning news at 4:30 starts right now. ight now. good morning. it is tuesday, may 15th. a live look outside right now. the skies above washington and the u.s. capitol dome. two things you will find as you step outside today. one, a little rainy depending on where you are. and two, it is warm, very warm.
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>> good morning, everyone. i'm sarah simmons. >> i guess if it wasn't raining, you could put the toast out there t would be nice and toasty. >> the dew points are really up. it is feeling a little sticky out there. you know what? the skies are gray and the rain is coming down t will continue into the course of the day. here is a look at the fox 5 live doppler radar. you can see the yellow and red there. that is an indication of pockets of moderate to heavy rainfall. that will pretty much be the story into the course of the day where some areas will get heavier rainfall. others will get lighter rain and others might just get a little bill here and there. keep the umbrella handy. moving its way in from the south, plenty it was just continuing to head through with all the cloud coverage out there. could see the odd sunny break here and there but not looking at a whole lot of that before it is all said and done. current temperatures into the 60s right across the board. today's high, we are looking at about 79 degrees.
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>> it will be a warm and muggy one. >> it sure will. >> thank you, gwen. >> let's check in with julie wright. people have to deal with the rain out there all day today it sounds like. >> the rain, what about our hair? >> i know. that too. i've got a shield on. >> i need to borrow it. the wet pavement, the road spray kicking up in your face, allow extra time out here on the roads as you work your way inbound along 66 leaving fair oaks headed to the capital beltway. the beltway is running smoothly between annandale and merrifield. outer loop of the beltway looks good here at colesville road. no problems to report headed around towards 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. new this morning, a police- involved shooting in d.c. an officer shot a man just before 11:00 last night here on sixth street in southeast. he has since died. so far, no word on what led to this shooting. d.c. police say they are
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looking into whether the officer-involved shooting on sixth street is related to at least one other shooting in southeast last night. that was in the 4300 block of third street. a man was shot in the leg there around 10:15. an unrelated shooting happened in the same hour on v street southeast. two men were shot in that incident. incident. another big story this morning, the d.c. council special election. voters go to the polls in ward five today for fill a seat vacant sincian. former councilman harry thomas, jr. has resigned and is now headed to prison for stealing public funds. matt ackland has more. >> reporter: lionel gaines was born and raised in ward five. it's community he is proud to be a part of and one he hopes will move on from the misdeeds of harry thomas, jr. >> he came from a great family, a great background. and if that to happen, i was
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disappointed. >> reporter: there more than 61,000 registered voters in this northeast ward. it covers bloomingdale, brentwood, brookland and other small communities. >> we have to move o we have to go on, you know. you can't stand still. you got to move on. that's life. -- we have to move on. >> twelve candidates on the ballot. >> only voters in ward five are eligible to vote. >> reporter: this special election is expensive. it is estimated to cost $318,000 to fill one of 13 seats on the d.c. council. many say it is a waste of money because the primary election for other council seats was just last month. but the law wouldn't allow ward five on the ballot last month. >> the date of the special election at this point is fixed in the law. it is exactly a certain number of days after the vacancy occurs is when the special owe legislation takes place. >> reporter: it is lights have
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been off inside the ward five offices at the wilson building for months now. some say, harry thomas' jr.'s fall should serve as a warning for others who are looking to take his spot. >> we can't practice the right thing and do the wrong thing. on the national front, voters are heading to the polls for primaries in oregon and nebraska today. but with ron paul effectively quitting the race last night, mitt romney no longer has any challenges for the republican nomination. meantime, the ad wars have begun with new political attacks from both the obama and romney campaigns. the latest cbs news "new york times" poll shows that romney has a slight lead over the president right now. 46% say they would vote for romney and 43% say they would choose president obama. the survey was conducted between may 11th and the 13th. day two of maryland's special legislative session starts at 10:00 this morning and lawmakers are trying to avoid $500 million in budget
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cuts because they failed to pass a budget in the regular session. today, the senate is voting on governor o'malley's package that raises taxes on people would make more than $100,000 a year. republicans do not have enough votes to stop it. stop it. also making headlines, new details on a person of interest in the stabbing of a pregnant woman. d.c. police released video of a man they are trying to find and identify. here it is. victim in at tax survived but the boy she delivered did not. an autopsy proved the infant was killed by the stab wound. the attack happened march 22nd overnight on ninth street in southeast. prince george's county police are on the hunt this morning for two armed suspects accused of committing a string of robberies. police released new surveillance video from this one. the suspects are wearing masks and ring targeting commercial businesses like gas stations and fast food restaurants. they believe the pair have
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committed at least six armed robberies just since friday night. that number could be higher. >> we do understand that the district was hit with a rash of robberies and we do believe that the same suspects that are doing the robberies here in prince george's county could be the same ones responsible for the ones in the district. >> so far, no one has been hurt in any of the robberies. the husband of a woman killed in a church parking lot by a police officer is now suing the officer who fired the shot for $5 million. patricia cook was shot to death in cull and are back if february. police say the officer responded to a call identify suspicious vehicle in the parking lot. cook tried to drive away according to the police when the officer's arm trapped in the car window. the officer shot cook through the glass. her car hit a telephone poll and she died at the scene. a huge defeat for virginia governor bob mcdonnell over his budget changes. we'll have that story coming up. president obama delivers a
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j. p. morgan's $2 billion trading loss is redrawing the washington battle lines over financial reform. president obama sign the dobbs frank wall street consumer protection act back in 2010. the federal reserve is still finalizing important new rules under the law that will govern how big banks can trade hybrid investments. many republicans want to roll back some or all of dodd frank but democrats maintain the j. p. morgan debacle reinforces the need for reform. the senate banking committee will hold a new round of hearings into implementing dodd frank in the coming weeks. the republican dominated house of delegates in virginia voted 59-0 in rejecting the republican governor's budget proposal. one of them was to make
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a state worker bonus con tinge won't $70 million in cuts to state agencies. another mcdonnell proposal would have complicated virginia's contribution to the dulles rail project. tracy thorn beglin received 33 yes votes and 31 no votes, those all coming from republicans. there were also 10 an stenss in his bid to become what gay rights advocates contend would be virginia's first openly gay jurist. a minimum of 51 votes in 1900 member house is required for election. president obama was feeling the love as he addressed the crowd at barnard college. the president shared the statement with evan wolfson, a leading advocate of same-sex marriage. while giving his speech, president obama told graduates to persevere in life no matter who you are or who you love. >> if you are ready to fight
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for that brilliant, raddically simple idea of america, that no matter who you are or what you look like, no matter who you love or what god you worship, you can still pursue your own happiness, i will join you every step of the way. >> outside new york, the president's move is not playing well in swing states where several democratic senators are up for re-election. they have refused to endorse his views. just more evidence of what i hot political potato that one is. >> absolutely. coming up, more highlight reel material for bryce harper. his first major league home run. we'll show you and hear from the phenom. >> a warning for parents. are pacifiers and sippy cups putting your child in danger. we are checking our health alert. widespread rainfall across many of our areas. some moderate to heavy. how long will it stick around? i'll have the details coming up after the break. everyone's hair breaks.
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to sports now. bryce harper hit his first big league home republican as the nats beat the san diego padres. he became the youngest major leaguer to homer since 1998. chad tracy and xavier nadey also homered for the nats. after the game, harper was
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asked about his home run curtain call. >> it was pretty cool. i was pretty excited about that. i wasn't sure for i should have went up there but all the veteran guys were like go so i did. it was pretty cool. >> very exciting. out there yesterday and it will be today too because our fox 5 weather team is hoping to hit a home run with the kids today at nationals park. tucker, tony and sue palka will be there for the second annual weather day. school children from around the region will be treated for a special weather presentation at 9:45 this morning. after that, they will meet the weather team and stay for the game against the padres. they will get a lesson in rain. >> it sounds like hawaii 5-0. >> you'll be dancing out there in the rain trying to get the raindrops to miss you out there. >> a little difficult to do that because it is coming down
4:47 am
and it will get a little bit more widespread before it is all said and done. you know, just be prepared for that. make sure you have the umbrella handy and all those slickers for the little ones out there today as they are moving outside. fox 5 doppler radar showing you it is to the north and to the west but starting to move its way closer to the east. that will be the pattern through outthe day. it is coming up from from the south. we'll show you the wide range of where it is all coming from. all the way from here pushing its way through with all the clouds and this moisture in the atmosphere making it feel a little sticky outside. it will be just a little bit humid. temperatures will be up as well. be prepared for that. not exactly the most comfortable situation. look at the humidity. 87% this hour already and we are at 67 degrees. so here is a look at our temperatures into the course of this morning right now. we are at 64 at dulles. baltimore, 66 degrees. 68 in annapolis. 63 to the north at frederick.
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that is the same for hagerstown and for martinsburg. 67 at fredericksburg. dulles at 64 degrees and 66 at d.c. so what are we dealing with. we have a system pushing its way through. that is producing all the rain showers that we are seeing. and as we move through in the next 24 hours or so, we're looking at later on today, maybe even a little bit late this morning, we could get a rumble of thunder or two. we could get a chance of some thunderstorms. we are not out of the thick as we move through into tomorrow. once that gets out of the way, a little bit of sunshine to start the day. then we have another frontal system coming through. once again, the set-up begins for a chance of showers as well as for maybe a storm popping up. but wednesday doesn't look like a wash-out. showers and a chance of storms today at 79 degrees. southwesterly winds will stay light five to 10 miles per hour. your five-day forecast showing you the sun does return. take a look. thursday through saturday, doesn't look bad at all. julie wright, how are things going on the roads? >> so far, so good, gwen. no problems reported. but as you are talking about the weather coming in from the
4:49 am
north and west, here is the commute southbound along 270 coming in from 109. lanes are open out towards hyattstown. the road spray kicking up in your face. no problems to report coming in from the west but again, out of manassas, wet pavement to accompany this drive as you travel eastbound headed in towards centreville. you will find your lanes are open inbound new york avenue leaving northeast to northwest. no problems to report right here at bladensburg road. chopt. chopt. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the list of endangered rivers comes out sometime today. while the potomac river is cleaner that it used to be, it is still named the most threatened by pollution from cities and farms. the group american rivers puts out the list every year. with congress considering drastic cuts to protect clean water, it could get worse. the u.s. postal service is now stopping a plan to close 600 city and suburban post offices. most facilities on the chopping block were neighborhood post offices, the result of plummeting profits but the concern was that many people
4:50 am
especially the disabled or elderly would be unable to access postal services. the usps says they are now working on a new plan. bottles, pacifiers and sippy cups may pose a threat to kids under three years old. researchers found there were more than 45,000 accidents involving bottles being pacifiers or sippy cups between 1991 and 2010. experts suggest only allowing infants to use them when they are sitting. coming up next, one man thought he was picking up a stick off the shelf. oh, no. >> no, instead, he landed in the er. we'll tell you what was slithering around. there is your hint as we continue.
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one man's trip to wal-mart
4:53 am
landed him in the emergency room. >> he was bit bin a rattlesnake while picking out garden supplies. before a report. >> reporter: mikah craig left this clarkston wal-mart in pain, fearful and scared. >> i didn't know if i was going to die or not. >> just about everything other than the mulch he planned to pick up all because of a one foot long rattlesnake. >> it was in the garden center craig reached down to move what he thought was a stick so he could read the displayed price. he says no rattle sound, nothing on the snake that tipped him off that he was moving would come back to bite him in the hand. >> i went to fling it off. it stayed on. when it hit the ground, it curls up. >> fish and game experts believe it likely slithered from a nearby field and was sunning itself. >> snakes don't want to bite you. they only bite in response to they're trying to get away. >> reporter: it was likely a
4:54 am
western rattlesnake native to the area but not all that common. uncommon was the place it bit mikah craig. >> it just seems a strange set of circumstances that you get bit at a wal-mart while you are shopping for garden supplies. >> reporter: standing by his side was maria jeffries who rushed craig to the hospital. >> i didn't know what to do. i had a hero there that knew exactly what to do. >> i'm going to stain little more carefully in the garden center now. >> i almost stepped on a rattlesnake. the fact that it happened at a business. he is probably getting with a lawyer. >> i don't know. as long as he gets better. changes coming up for the washington caps. >> one and done for dale hunter. we'll hear from him. get ready for new hit shows
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dale hunter stepping down as the caps' head coach after less than six months on the job. hunter says he wants to return to his home of ontario, canada to run the junior hockey team he owned and spend time with his family. he got the team into the playoffs but lost as you know into the second round with the rangers. the news came as a surprise to the team. >> this is a tough decision. i enjoyed coaching these guys here and being back to the team that i always figure it is not my team but it is still my team, you know. and so it was a tough decision to make but it was the right thing for me and my family. >> it is tough to see a coach like that not be back but
4:58 am
everybody has their own reasons and there is nothing we can do about it. >> i was sort of shocked when i found out. but he will be missed. i really learned a lot from him and really valued the effort that he put in. >> we'll have to see what they do in the off season. big changes. summer is just around the corner which means most of our favorite tv shows are wrapping up for the season. but fox viewers have something to look forward to next season. >> the network has a slew of new shows coming this fall and some old ones are making a return. we have to mention. x factor. britney spears is joining the judges table. ainsley earhart has a sneak preview of what is on the way. >> i'm so excited. >> i'm so excited to be here. >> i'm sort of excited about the unknown. >> excitement fills the air as old and new fox stars gather no new york city for the official unveiling of fox's new fall
4:59 am
2012-2013 line-up. new girls jake johnson suggests there be chi possible romance between two of the stars. >> chris colfer says you can expect more big names to guest star on the feel good comedy. >> oh, my god, april chow. i. >> you threw gum at me every day at lunch and made my life a living hell. >> you and your mom are so suspicious. honestly. i can't just come and hang out with you guys. there always has to be a reason or whatever. okay. so here is the deal. >> the deal is you can be sure fox's new shows will bring the funny. >> the act of stabbing, slicing flesh for arousal. >> that's not accurate. >> would you like to say something, sir. >> the following starring kevin bacon


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