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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 15, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> a bullet, a screwdriver. >> you came to me begging and pleading for your brother's life. all off your guys, plead, i'll take care of his debt. i'll work it off. i'll do whatever it takes. >> reporter: the drama with the mob doctor about a surgeon caught in a complex web with the mafia. looking ahead to something new or savoring something he would as x factor oft tells it. >> till within perfect. >> students for fox this fall for all of this and much more. in new york, ainsley earhart, fox news. fox news. -- stay tuned to fox this fall for all of this and much more. it is pretty thick out there and a little difficult to see. we'll see if the rain will stick around. i'm sarah simmons i'm will thomas. gwen talbert joining us for a while this morning. just looking at that, it is kind of soupy, kind of muggy and pretty warm this morning.
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>> it is warm this morning. rain is out there. make sure you grab your umbrella if you are heading out the door. let's begin with a look at your fox 5 live doppler radar. you can see where the rain is and just how close it is to affecting your neighborhood. some spots there of some heavy to moderate rainfall as well and that is going to be pretty much the course of the day. some areas will see a little bit more than others and some night get a light little bit of rain. let's show you where it is call coming from. pushing its way up to the south, take a look. 67degrees at reagan national airport. humidity, 87%. you will feel that when you step outside for sure. so for today, we are talking temperatures that are going to be into the upper 70s but right now, we are into the mid- to upper 60s. we've got about one 72 on
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there. 68 in annapolis. 64degrees at dulles. for today, our high will be 79 degrees. could see a thunderstorm as well. we'll keep our eyes to the skies. >> just a message out there to the ladies. this is hair up day. >> you know who is preparing for bad hair is julie wright. she is checking the roads for us. >> run from your car inside wherever you're going. >> yeah, well, it is not that easy, will. sy, will. >> i'm over simplifying the issue. >> when you have bone straight hair, it only takes this much humidity to go flat. you look like cousin it for the rest of the day. no volume to accompany your commute yet. the play will run smoothly between college park and bethesda. no problems to report coming in
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from manassas headed in towards centreville. check out the ride northbound on 395. both the main line and the express lanes running at speed as you guys travel north of duke street headed out to the 14th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. a police involved shooting in the district. we are about to go to a live picture with melanie alnwick. she is following this on sixth street in southeast. we do want know if this is related to another shooting. you tell us what you know at this hour. >> reporter: well, d.c. police are not saying very much at this hour even though it has been nearly sick hours since this incident happened. we are here on sixth street. it is blocked off for i would say three blocks, three and a half blocks here at sixth street from darrington all the way down to galveston. usually, that not the kind of thing we see. we usually don't see it blocked off for that far. usually, it is in a very concentrated area. here is what we do know. we are in the 4200 block. there was appear exchange of gunfire between a d.c. police
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officer and a male. now, police are not saying in that male was an adult or a juvenile but we do know the male was fatally shot by at least one police officer. we've also learned that one officer was taken from here to the hospital but we don't have a confirmation on the nature of that officer's injuries. now, sources do tell us that this scene could be related to another shooting which happened 30 minutes earlier. that happened at 10:12:00 p.m. in the 4300 block of third street southeast. that is not far from here. d.c. police responded in that situation for a report of an adult male who was shot in the leg. so at this point, they are not confirming that the two are represented but they are not very far from each other. just a couple of blocks. you put in a couple of blocks in relation to each other, the time, and sources telling us that they are looking to see if the two are connected and there may be some connection here. but we are still trying to get confirmation from d.c. police. we do hope to get a public information officer, perhaps
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get in touch with the commander here as soon as we can. we continue to see police officers. this is other thing that is a little different here. this is the seventh district but we are seeing police officers here from many different districts here in the city. so we are going to continue to work on this and when we have more information, we'll bring it to you. back to you. >> thank you. we'll let you follow that. thank you so much. our big story this morning, the d.c. council special election, polls open in less than two hours now for that. voters in d.c.'s fifth ward will elect a new member to fill the council seat left open by harry thomas, jr. many voters say this election is a chance to start fresh. >> he came from a great family, a great background. for that to happen, i was disappointed. >> we have to move on. you can't stand still. you got to move on. that's life. >> seventeen polling stations
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will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 this evening. if there is a clear winner, election officials will certify the results in five days. the polls are opening in oregon and nebraska for presidential primaries later this morning. but as ron paul announced last night, he is in effect quitting the race, mitt rome know no longer has any challenger is. also, new attack ads are being released from both obama and romney campaigns. and romney has a slim lead over the president according to a new cbs "new york times" poll. it shows 46% fair romney to 43% for president obama. lawmakers in maryland resume their special session later this morning. inside the state house, they are trying to hammer out a budget but outside protesters are calling identify stop to tax hikes that governor o'malley wants on workers earning over $100,000 to avoid $500 million in automatic cuts trigger bid a doomsday budget. it it was triggered when lawmakers failed to pass a
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budget in the regular session. new details on i aperson of interest in the stabbing of a pregnant woman. police released this video of a man you are taking a look at here. the victim in tact survived but the boy she delivered did not make it. an autopsy proved that the infant was indeed killed by the stab wound. the attack happened march 22nd overnight in the 4200 block of ninth street southeast. bridge county police or the hunt for two armed suspects accused of committing a string of robberies. there is some new surveillance video from one of the crime scenes. one of those pointing a gun you see right there while the other edmontonies the cash register. police believe the pair have committed at least six armed robberies since friday night targeting gas stations, convenience stores and fast food restaurants. >> certainly frightening for those victims. fortunately, they are not hurt. more backlash from the j. p. morgan investment debacle.
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the house of delegates in virginia blocked an openly gay richmond prosecutor from appointment for a general district judgeship. tracy thorn beglin received approximate 3 yes votes and 31 no votes, all from republicans. there were also 10 abstentions. a minimum of 51 votes in the 100 member house is required for he leaks. gay rights advocates maintain he would have been the first openly gay jurist. president obama signed the dodd frank wall street reform and consumer protection act in 2010. the it federal reserve is still finalizing important rules under that law that will govern how big banks can trade hybrid investments. many republicans want to roll back some or all of dodd frank. the democrats maintain the j. p. morgan debacle reinforces the need for reform. senate banking committee will hold a new round of hearings into implementing dodd frank in
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the coming weeks. the federal government as do wanting a new landmark strategy to fight alzheimer's disease and we'll find out the details when the secretary of health announces it later today. kathleen sebelius will outline the work that has already started. the health department is working to meet a 2025 deadline ever finding ways to treat it. a judge denies gary coleman's ex-wife's bid for control of his estate. the judge ruled that shannon price did not have a common law marriage with the late star even though they lived together after the divorce. the judge is now considering whether or not coleman's ex- girlfriend who managed his affairs for years is entitled to the estate. the child star died of a brain hemorrhage back in 2010. looking for a reason to get away. not that you need one. up next, it just got a bit easier and maybe a little cheaper. >> that is good news. we'll tell you what new flights are come tying local airport coming up plus we have a check of your weather and traffic. stay with us. time now is 5:12.
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bryce harper hit his first big league home run as the nationals beat the san diego padres 8-5. harper became the youngest major leaguer to homer since 1998. nce 1998.
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today is fox 5 weather day with the nats. tucker, tony, sue palka will all be at the ballpark this morning with school kids from all across our area. tony and tucker will be down there live starting at #:00 p.m. then the kids take part in a special weather presentation at 9:45. after that, they will meet the weather team and then they can stay for the game against the padres and hopefully another win. >> yeah, get your rain jackets out though and your boots. you will need them if you are heading out there possibly. >> absolutely. we have rain that is moving in from last night into this morning. it is still sticking around out there. we'll have a look and show you where it is all situated now and what we anticipate. there are pockets of heavier rainfall here. this is our fox 5 live doppler radar and especially right now just to the south of d.c., take a look here at a little pocket of heavier rainfall here. this is all moving its way off to the north-northeast and will continue to do so into the course of the day. i'm not going to say we are not going to have some breaks here
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and there. as sarah said, keep the umbrella handy because it will move its way out before it is all said and done. let's go to the weather maps and show you the wide range of where this is all coming from well from the south and the clouds are sticking around. it is sticky out there. a little bit on the muggy side so you are feeling that as well with all this moisture. we have a lot of warm air in hayes. that will set us up for a chance of some thunderstorms in the forecast. currently at degrees at gaithersburg. 67 at d.c. 66 at baltimore. quantico has warmed up to 72. so with this frontal system, we have a chance of seeing some storms into the course of the afternoon as it has moved its way through. by tomorrow, another front will start to head in. we'll get a mixture of sun and clouds in the early-morning hours and once again, slight chance of some thunderstorms by wednesday afternoon with the rainfall as well. so overall, we are talking a wet day today. could get a break. maybe if we're really lucky, this will start to move out of the way and give us maybe a
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little bit of a different trend. the models are showing that a little bit. tomorrow, once again, mainly cloudy skies. slight chance of a storm and take a look. the sun sticks around just in time to head into that weekend. temperatures one again in the mid- to upper 70s. let's check in with the roads and julie wright. >> all right. making your way around the beltway at this hour, you will find your lanes are open. no problems to report northbound along 395 as you leave duke street headed northbound up towards seminary road. road spray definitely a factor in this morning's commute. wipers getting a good workout as well. allow extra time out here on the roads. southbound 270 starting to build in volume as you work your way south of 109 headed out towards the scales. the lanes are open in germantown headed out towards the lane divide. no problems report the coming across the american legion bridge. northbound i-95, we do have reports of accident activity after # 95 in the direction of baltimore. in virginia northbound i-95
5:19 am
crash here at quantico is tying up the right side of roadway. heavy volume headed out of stafford. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. the list of endangered rivers is coming out sometime today. while the potomac river is cleaner than it used to be, it is still named the most threatened by pollution from cities and farms. the group american rivers puts out the list every year and with congress considering drastic cuts to protect clean water, it could get even worse. a new airline and four new nonstop flights out of reagan national airport. in the past, airlines couldn't fly between national and cities beyond 1250 miles from washington unless congress passed a law to authorize it. >> but now, a new law is being put in place bringing in competition and more options for travelers. wisdom martin explains what this means for passengers. >> reporter: flying from reagan national to the other side of country just got a little easier for passengers. the u.s. department of
5:20 am
transportation announces that alaska airlines can now fly direct serve toys portland, oregon. jetblue, directly to san juan, puerto rico, southwest nonstop to austin, texas and virgin america nonstop to san francisco. each city will receive one new nonstop rue r round trip per day. this will be virgin america's first service at national. >> if air virgin america, it's big deal because now they goat to fly into the nation's capital. >> reporter: charlie nioka is director of the consumer travel alliance, a watchdog group monitoring effect involving the cost of travel. >> what the d.o.t. has done is they've added more low-cost carriers to the mix of flights and out of washington reagan and that ultimately is is going to mean more competition and lower prices for consumers. >> reporter: competition and low are fares is exactly what u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood says they hope to create with new nonstop flights. >> options are always good. and competitive market, pricing always going to come down. just to stay competitive. >> this is a great place to
5:21 am
live because we've got three major airports. i think it will also make bwi and dulles think about doing similar things. >> init is a good thing. >> reporter: wisdom martin being fox 5 news. this new law also carries -- allows carriers already servicing nationals to make some changes too. >> american airlines is going to trade one round trip flight to dallas for a flight to l.a. you may want to take out your benefit and paper for this one. delta is going to trade a round trip from new york la guardia for a flight to salt lake city. united airlines will trade a flight from chicago-o'hare for a flight to san francisco. and u.s. airways will trade a trip to dallas for a flight to san diego. >> quiz later. >> yeah. >> a lesson in love during graduation care ponies at a local university. that is coming your way next. w
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♪ oooh, my turn. ♪ she was in paris, but we talked for hours... everyone else buzzed about the band. there's a wireless mind inside all of us. so, where to next? ♪ welcome back. relates a take the windshield wipe are out a little bit because there is a little bit of moisture in the air as you can probably tell this morning. if you step outside, you will see it on the sidewalks and streets so just be careful on your commute this morning.
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>> you will be singing and driving in the rain. >> i know. graduation day is always a milestone for students and their parents actually couple of local grads made it an even bigger day to remember. beth parker shows us this graduation day surprise. >> reporter: just when you thought there cooperate possibly be any more tears at graduation gentleman i'm he not a big spotlight person at all. >> reporter: sarah cooper was in the spotlight when her long- time boyfriend popped the question during graduation at american university. >> moi mom was crying. >> my dad was crying. i think everyone was crying. >> they met during premier week. classes hadn't even started yet whether sam said something that didn't make her laugh. >> i knew i wanted to marry her three months in.
5:26 am
i looked at her and i was like wow, anterior it. >> sand she was like you're it for me too. >> reporter: their parents were paying for college. >> they had a strict rule, tattoos, piercing, engagement, we love you, you're welcome to pay for school. >> if do you that. he is an au swimmer and he had his game face on. >> when you see the video and look like i'm about to kill somebody, that is the face i have before i swim. >> reporter: you did say yes? >> yes, i d i think i just shook my head. >> reporter: the wetting a year or two way. to those who say they're still too young. >> my dad passed away when i was young. i felt like my mom and his relationship was cut short. >> reporter: this is the quad at american university. sam spent a left his time here in the school communications.
5:27 am
he has already scored a job the a pr firm. sarah spent a lot of her time here in the building right back behind me. she is now searching for work as a middle school social studies teacher. good practice for down the road when they start a family. at american just, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> that is a brave young man. >> i know. wedding proposals never get old. i love showing these clips. >> yeah, it is great. good luck to them. a police involved shooting. >> melanie alnwick is following that story for us this morning. >> good morning. yes, we are here on the scene on sixth street southeast. several blocks here still cordoned off by police officers. we'll have the latest when fox 5 morning news continues. cont
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a live look outside in washington. look at the rain. it is just howling. it is tuesday, may 15th. get ready. i think this wet weather may be sticking around just a little while today. >> that shot was southeast. so it could be raining there and in the in other parts. >> it wouldn't be weather day if it wasn't pouring rain. >> that is true. >> now a i two-year tradition. >> the rating are going to skyrocket and your crowds are building. >> exactly. here is the good news. the rain will be here for the next couple of of hours but i think later today, it will taper off w see the showers and
5:31 am
thunderstorms re-emerge later this afternoon. let's show you the radar. you will see the rain heavy, even some thunderstorms embedded moments ago. looks like the heaviest rain moving right through the district. you can see they are down in old town alexandria working down into the potomac. all that rain kind of pinwheeling through. it is moving slowly to the east and north. looking at our last advisory, most of the heavy rain will be east of us by #:00 a.m. things will start to quiet down for at least a time. 67degrees in washington. 67 so temperatures aren't budge. humidity way up, 90%. you will notice that. your pressure has been falling a little bit as that area of low pressure approaches. more clouds than sun. this might be a peek or two of sun today. lots of humidity. it does feel like summertime. >> we can feel it on the skip and the hair, everywhere. >> you know tucker, we're going to be hearing this all morning
5:32 am
from sarah and julie wright. >> julie hates this humid weather. >> it is not so much that i hate the humidity. i hate having to get dolled up in the humidity. if i could just come in with my hair in a pony tail and i built its of lip gloss, we would be good. >> we would probably scare everyone though. >> they would say julie can you smile, we can't see you. it is just all brown. on the roads, we are dealing with the wet pavement and we have delays along southbound 270 as you work your way in from hyattstown. no problems to report leaving the scales headed in towards clarksburg actually lot of road spray kicking up on the roadways. more slow traffic waiting for you at fair oaks. crash on the beltway reported near 29 colesville road in the left lane with the backup leaving georgia avenue and now northbound i-95, crash here in quantico still in play trying up the right side of the road. big delays coming out of stafford headed north. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic.
5:33 am
new this morning, a d.c. police officer solved in a deadly shooting. fox 5's melanie alnwick is live at the scene for us this morning in southeast this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. sixth street southeast here is still shut down for several blocks and kind of unusual that it would be still blocked off for such a wide area at this hour. we are here at sixth and darrington streets. it is blocked off all the way down to galveston street for anyone that needs to come through the area this morning. again, what we can tell you is that there was an exchange of gunfire along here between a d.c. police officer and a male and this happened around 10:45 or 10:47 in the evening. again, we don't know yet if that male is an adult or a juvenile. d.c. police are not telling us that at this point. we can tell you that the male was fatally shot. we have aalso learned that one officer was taken from here to
5:34 am
the hospital with what is described to us as a graze wound. we all know that a gun was recovered at the scene. now, sources are telling us that this may be related to another shooting in the district. that one was around 10:15 on monday evening. that one was just not too far from here actually. 4300 block of third street southeast. again, around 10:12. so just about a half hour apart. we know that d.c. police had responded to that scene for an adult male that was shot in the leg. they are not saying 100% that the two are relatedded because police are trying to dot their is and cross their ts here still continuing the investigation. had a number of officers here from many different districts so not really sure what all that is about. definitely blocking off at least three blocks and all of the side streets in this area as well as they continue the investigation into the scene and that is the latest that we have here from southeast. back to you. >> thank you for the update.
5:35 am
a crime crackdown on n. a northwest neighborhood in response to a vicious beating and this one caught on camera. d.c. guardian angels on patrol looking to stop trouble around this crime scene 14th and w in northwest. this after a man was attacked in an alley last week. apparently, all he did was say to the guy pick up the beer can and he got beat. community is planning to hold a meeting today hoping to learn more about the suspect who is still on the loose. the husband of a woman killed in a church parking lot by a police officer is now suing the officer who fired the shot for $5 million. patricia cook was shot to death in culpeper back in february. police say the officer responded for a call for a suspicious the parking lot and that cook tried to drive away with the officers arm trapped in her car window. the officer shot her through the glass and her car hit a telephone pole and cook died at the scene. the scene. another big story this morning. the d.c. council special election. voters head to the polls in
5:36 am
ward five today to fill a seat vacant since january. former councilman harry thomas, jr. resigned and is now headed to prison for stealing public funds. polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 this evening. if there is a clear winner, election officials will certify the results in five days. with ron paul effectively quitting the race last night, mitt romney no longer has any challengers in today's primaries. voter are heading to the polls for primaries in both oregon and nebraska today. meantime, the ad wars have begun with new political attacks from both the obama and romney campaigns. the latest cbs news "new york times" poll shows romney has a slight lead over the president, 46% say he would vote for romney at this point and 43% say they would choose president obama. the survey was conducted between may 11th and the 13th. he. day two of maryland's special legislative session starts at 10:00 this morning. lawmaker are trying to avoid $500 million in budget cuts because they failed to pass the
5:37 am
budget in the regular session. today, the senate is voting on governor o'malley's package that raises taxes on people would make more than $100,000 a year. it then heads to a vote in the house of delegates later this affect. a major mile stone for one woman who has been around a long time. >> how long? when she was born, a loaf of bread costs three cents. that is old. a new car, $500. >> the average yearly salary, $650. we're going to meet her next. i can't wait to hear her story. >> she looks good. >> first, a check of the market shows that wall street closed down again for eight of the last nine trading sessions. the dow lost 125. the nasdaq fell 31 points. and japan's nikkei dropped 73 points overnight. all local stock markets took i ahit rattled by the political deadlock in greece. if greece walks away from its debts, an exit could have far- ranging effects on the world economy. time now is 5:37. we'll be right back after this.
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a judge will now decide whether to overturn the convicts of seven men accused of murdering a d.c. mother. the men were convicted of robbing and then beating katherine fuller back in 1984 then leaving her body in an alley in northeast. defense attorneys claim appear avalanche of new information points to their innocence. the judge could decide to grant the men a new trial. a huge defeat for virginia governor bob mcdonnell's budge the changes. the republican dominated house of delegates voted 95-0 in rejecting the republican governor's budget proposal. one of them was a plan to make a worker bonus contingent on $70 million in cuts to state agencies. another mcdonnell proposal would have complicated virginia's contribution to the
5:42 am
dulles rail project. an oakland california woman turns 111 years old. she celebrated her birthday surrounded by family and friends at a retirement home yesterday. she was born in mexico, moved to the united states during the mexican revolution. she started up two restaurants and became an activist throwing her support behind cesar chavez who fought for farm workers. >> the stories she can tell. i wonder what she thinks of today. >> can you imagine her, a loaf of bread for $3.25 in the store right now. it was three cents back then actually car, $500. time have changed. >> certainly have. face for face communication on high-tech gadgets leading to more people getting facebook. >> ahead in about 12 minutes, some might say they are taking it just a bit too far. we'll explain. coming up next, we are checking out your weather and your traffic. more rain out there. you can see it as we take a live look at 395 at the 14th
5:43 am
street bridge. how much are we going to get? tucker is coming up next.
5:44 am
5:45 am
some sports now, bryce harper hit his first big league home run as the nats beat the
5:46 am
san diego padres 8-5. let's shown they do it again today. harper became the youngest major leaguer to hit a homer since 1998 going deep on a solo shot to straightaway center field in the third inning. juror you can hear tucker in the background. he is over here joking around. he will be leaving here soon because our fox 5 weather team is hoping to hit a home one with the kids today at nationals park. tucker, tony and sue palka will be there for the second annual weather day. school kids from around the region will be treated to a special weather presentation at 9:45 this morning. after that, they will meet the weather team and stay for the game against the padres. >> sound good. you're rocking the red today not no the caps but for the nats. >> yeah, can't wait to see the area school kids. are you caffeinated up? >> going to be. i got to pace myself. i know it is raining hard right now. but the good news is i think we'll sneak it in today. the rain will become more intermittent later this
5:47 am
afternoon. still some heavy rain out there at the moment. you can see, notice the yellows and reds. if you are on the east side of the beltway, this is not a fun drive in as these rains have been particularly heavy here. a good little band of rain. there you go across the eastern side of the city now working out towards route 50, beltsville, college park, getting some heavy rain at the moment. down into southeast washington so in heavy rain. you get the idea. we've got a pretty good little band of rain that has been moving through during the past hour. we'll add to these totals as we are still getting some pretty good rains. the back side of it down to the south and west of the city down towards manassas and dale see, once that passes through in another hour or so, we should get some breaks here, at least some breaks in the rain as we get into the morning hour. i think our weather day if you are headed down for nats stadium, we'll get that off without any problems. let's show you the satellite- radar. you can see the big band of rain stretching roughly from fredericksburg north up into baltimore and up towards harrisburg. this is living off to the north and east.
5:48 am
we should start to get some breaks in the clouds. maybe a few peeks of sunshine during the morning hours. that will only help fuel some affect thunderstorms actually cold front will be moving in from the north and west later this afternoon as that fronted approaches, it will squeeze the foyer of all this moisture we have out here. we've got at least the possibility. another round of showers and thunderstorms a little later today. if you see any sunshine, don't be fool the. we are not quite done with it yet. you can see it at 8:00. most of the rain we are getting at the moment is off to the north and east. here we are at 2:00. even some suggestions there mate be a little sunshine from time to time. we'll see if some thunderstorms don't redevelop later this afternoon and tonight along that cold front. and then we'll quiet down and the forecast gets better after today. just a slight chance for a storm tomorrow and then a lot of sunshine for the end of the week. it is warm and humid. 66 right now in washington. 72 in quantico. feels tropical out there. 63 this morning in frederick. here is your forecast for today. showers, then there could be an afternoon thunderstorm.
5:49 am
warm and humid, 79 your daytime high. so shorts weather here to stay. here is the five-day forecast. as we get into tomorrow, could be i storm particularly early, 81. we clear it out thursday, friday and saturday, sunshine, lower humidity and temperatures in the 70s. going be for a great end of the week. that is a look at your weather forecast. let's do some traffic with julie wright. we want you down there with the weather kids. >> to play ball in the rain? >> you got to bring your book bag. >> and my trapper keeper, right? >> yes. >> i'm surprised you remember that. on the roads, you will find if you are traveling northbound along 359 headed up towards army navy drive here at 110, that is where we had the stalled vehicle along the right side of the road. again, some activity here as you guys work your way northbound headed for the inbound 14th street bridge. v-d.o.t. tells me they are checking for the crash rted eastbound 66 approaching 50 fair oaks. inalook into cameras, seeing slow traffic but i don't seat accident yet. we are still looking for it. road spray kicking up in your face. allow extra time out there on
5:50 am
the highway. on the upper loop of 236, stalled car in the left lane. volume increasing as you work your way south of 109. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. if you named your baby jacob or sofia last year, you are not alone. they were the most popular baby games for twoich. >> the associate security administration released their annual list monday. on the girl's side, isabella, emma, olivia and ava. >> for boys, mason, william, jadaen and noah. >> william, let's hear it. >> oh, your full name. i'm going to call you william thomas from now on. >> only when you're mad. up next, the face time face-
5:51 am
lift. we'll explain has we continue. time now 5:50. 
5:52 am
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doing business these days, even catching up with friends is no longer just as simple as picking up the phone. technology allows us to talk fees to face on the phone and our computers. >> as more and more people are catching o many are noticing a little flaw they don't like and it has nothing to do with the technology itself. laura evans has more on this. >> reporter: skypeing, video conferencing, face time. the way we communicate these days has us on more often. cindy is 45, a management consultant, does at least one video conference a day. since she started seeing herself on face time, she was noticing her lower face just didn't look like it used to. >> i note id my face kind of sagging down and -- noticed my
5:55 am
face kind of sagging down and when you are using face time or skypeing, you are looking down a little bit. if there is already something happening there, it sort of exaggerates the issue. >> reporter: enter the face time face-lift. a special technique for that very complaint which is becoming more common. dr.robert siegel, a reston plastic surgeon who developed it, says it is catching on like wildfire. >> first impressions are very important and more technology take the place of human interaction, the more important that first impression is going to be. >> reporter: dr. siegel says the procedure evolved over the past five years. he wanted to find a way to do away with the cut under the chin which someone might see through face time. >> i series of different persons that i've had as a surgeon sort of led me to this technique where of a been able to yen rate a lateral sling and change the dynamics of the muscle, this muscle that runs here, so that i don't need to make this cut anymore. >> reporter: his wife was the one who pushed him to do it and to cowl it the face time face-
5:56 am
lift. >> she got an ipad and she is looking at herself in this thing and it is just accentuating all of the fullness under her next, all of the heavy skin. she said this is enough. you've got to do this. >> reporter: and it is resonating. cindy is one of hundreds of people who have had the procedure. >> we need to look professional and look our pest. >> there has never been a society through outany period in history that hasn't alteredded their appearance to make them gems more beautiful. >> do you think people have a better chance of getting what they want when they look better? >> i think they're not distracted by that voice and they can come out and be present with other people to a greater degree. >> reporter: cindy says she is thrilled with the results. while there wasn't any dramatic difference and few people noticed, she did and for her, that is all that mattered. >> when i see myself in face time, it look like me. >> reporter: laura evans, fox 5 news. >> she looks good. they say you don't want a dramatic change. it is supposed to be subtle. >> think facebook is just a
5:57 am
fad? ahead at 6:00, what a new survey is saying ahead of this week's much anticipated ipo. >> time to said good morning to our facebook fan of the day, wendy fortenay. >> her favorite segment is ask the weather guys. you know, tony. and she loves traffic too because julie is so darned perky. thank you, wendy. stay with us.  [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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