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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  May 15, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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a violent night on the streets of d.c. >> police are versioning three separate shootings this morning, one ever them deadly. >> one hour from now, voters in d.c.'s ward five can start heading to the polls for a special election. their choice will fill the seat left by former councilman harry thomas, jr. who resigned amid a scandal. fox 5 morning news begins right now. it is tuesday, may 15th. alive look outside. we joked about this one week it
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was like chicken and stars. it is like a campbell's morning. it is soupy. it is warm to boot. >> it will be nice hater in the week. that is what i keep thinking about. >> we have to look forward. >> i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say good morning to tucker barnes. before he heads out to the big weather day, he will spend some time with us and talk about the weather. >> leaving in about 45 minutes. sunrise right now, just a few minutes ago. probably not going to see that this morning because we have the clouds, fog and very heavy rain. >> you're not going to take the sun roof down in the limo that will cart you out there. >> not this morning. here is your radar. the shower activity is heavy in spots, particularly east now in washington. see that yellow and red there out towards route 50 and working across the eastern side of the beltway. that earlier was a thunderstorm. don't see any flashing currently but it is certainly possible it is still a thunderstorm.
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and it is dropping some very heavy rain. i can see a little thunderstorm activity in southern anne arundel county and down into calvert county as well. it is possible you will be hearing a rumble of thunder and some heavy rain for another hour or two working from generally fredericksburg up towards columbia and baltimore and then we'll start to see things quiet down today. it is not going to rain all day. 67 now in washington. 64 at dulles. it is warmened humid. here is your forecast for today. upper 70s daytime high. lots of clouds around. could be an afternoon storm. you may see a peek of sunshine today too. >> sound good. people are going to want to stick around for the five-day too to learn about the weekend. maybe a little break from this. >> yeah, gets better and better. >> let's see how the rain is treating the roadways with julie wright. >> good morning. we've already had a couple of accidents to report. eastbound 66, we found the crash. most of the activity confined to the right side of the
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highway. as you travel independent bound, expect to find slow traffic from 7100 headed eastbound towards fair oaks. more slow traffic approaching the capital beltway. 395, had an incident near 110 thats that been cleared. lanes are open, still heavy and slow coming across the inbound 14th street bridge working your way into southeast. lanes are open from the gw parkway leaving the crmplet ia headed out to the potomac crossing. southbound 207 on the brake approaching and passing 109 leaving montrose road headed for the split. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. new this morning, a police- involved shooting. >> this happened in southeast d.c. and fox 5's melanie alnwick is live on the scene with the latest. i know there is a lot of unanswered questions still this morning. >> reporter: that's right. as the sun starts to come up a little bit, you can look behind me and see how far this scene goes. we are standing here right at the intersection with darrington and the streets are blocked off for three blocks at
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least all the way down to galveston as police continue their investigation this morning. not a lot of active scene going on here right now. mostly, it looks like police officers just trying to preserve the scene here as they're continuing to the investigation. here what is we can tell you that we do know handed last night. this was an exchange of gunfire between a police officer and a male. we do not know if that male is an adult or a juvenile but we are told that the male was fatally shot by at least one police officer and that a gun was recovered at the scene. we've also learned that one officer was taken from here to the hospital with a graze wound. what is this all about? we believe according to what sources are telling us that it may be related to another shooting which happened 30 minutes earlier. that was just around 10:12 in the evening. it is not very far from here. in that case, d.c. police responded for an adult male shot in the leg. it appears that the two may be related but we're still waiting for confirmation at this point from d.c. police to fill in a
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the bit more of the details for us. back to you. >> i know you will stay on the scene for more updates. thank you. prince george's county police are on the hunt for two armed suspects accused of committing a string of robberies. police released this new surveillance video from one of the crime scenes. the suspects who were wearing masks are targeting commercial businesses like gas stations and fast food restaurants, just sister terrifying for the victims. police believe the pair committed sick armed robberies just since friday night but the number could be higher. >> we do understand that the district was hit with a rash of robberies and we do believe that the same suspects that are doing the robberies here in prince george's county could be same ones responsible for the ones in the district. voters in d.c.'s fifth ward head to the polls today to
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elect a new member. harry thomas re?iepped january and is headed to prison -- resigned in january and is headed to prison. there are 17 polling stations open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 this evening. own ward 5 residents have k. vote in the special election. kwame brown is going to join us in studio to talk more about the special election and also preview some initiatives and programs expected to be in the new budget proposal. that is going be for unveil today for fiscal year 2013. to maryland now and a fight over higher income tax in the state house continues. the democratic controlled general assembly is racing to approve the tax increases to avoid $500 million in automatic cuts. outside the state house in annapolis, some protesters oppose the tax hikes. others don't want cuts to schools and state workers. the senate votes on governor o'malley's proposals later today. a budget battle in richmond too. virginia's house of delegates shot down two proposalled by governor bob mcdonnell. one would have aferl loud fay
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3% bone us for state employees but only at savings of $70 million could be found elsewhere by the end of june. heavily republican house also reject an amendment to withhold state funding for the metropolitan washington airports authority. governor mcdonnell wanted to get seven seats on the agency's governing board before releasing the mondayy. staying in virginia, the house of delegates blocked an openly gay richmond prosecutor from appointment for a general district judgeship. tracy thorn be glin needed 51 votes in the house for election. a massive new effort launching today to help those suffering from alzheimer's and their families. also ahead, big developments to the campaign trail. we'll take a look at the latest polls showing romney in the lead among likely voters. that is when fox 5 morning news
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continues. time now is coming up on 6:08. 
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voters heading to the polls in oregon and nebraska today. the ad wars have begun with attacks from both the obama and romney campaigns. romney has a slight lead over the president. 46% say they would vote for romney and 43% say they would choose president obama. meantime, the gay marriage debate continues making headlines all across the country. to colorado now where republican lawmakers rejected a civil unions bill that would have given gay couples in the state rights similar to married couples. supporters of the bill gathered in fronted ever capital prior to the vote. it was held during a special
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legislative session. democratic leaders are now using the issue as a rallying cry to defeat republicans in the november election. obama administration will adopt a first ever national strategy to fight alzheimer's. the administration is hoping to find effective ways to treat or at least stall the disease by 2025. as part of the plan, government will lawn. a web site offering information about the disease and training on how to care for patients. officials will also announce appear $8 million study of an insulin nasal spray that could help with the disease as well as funning for international research and ad campaigns. coming up next here on fox 5 morning news, i think this one will raise a lot of eyebrows. you never know who gets a patdown at airport security stations. >> one big name in politics put through the full treatment. we'll check in with tucker for the full forecast and found out when all this rain will move out of here. we hope soon. this is a live look at the american legion bridge.
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live look at 395 north at glebe road. it is tuesday morning. streets are slick. it is raining this morning and we are hoping the rain lets up for our big weather day out at nats ballpark. tucker, our fingers are crossed. >> i'm cautiously optimistic as the worst of the rain will be out of here by about 8:00. we'll get a nice dry period. i think our presentation will go off without any problems. >> what about the game? >> i think we'll get the game in. i don't work for the nationals. they got the game in last night with the big home run. >> that was impressive. >> it was saw some. let's get the forecast. as we look at your radar, we are looking at some pretty good rain as cross the region.
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just in the past hour or so, we had some snowstorms bubble up as well. and there you can see most of the action here, the heaviest of rain continues to now be east and south of the city. so prince george's county, you are getting a pretty good deluge at the moment out towards 50. you can see crofton, bowie getting some pretty good rains. as you work up 95, college park in beltsville so some pretty heavy rain. the back edge of this particular band of rain is now starting to merge here out towards reston or manassas. i think in another hour or so, we should start to see things wind down. that will not only help your commute but it will improve things out at nat park as well. we are expecting just some clouds around for much of the morning. let me show you the bigger picture. it is all part of this fronteddal system and this area of low pressure that has been such a slow mover. you can see the rain and heavy rain stretching from fredericksburg up to the district and up towards central pennsylvania. that will lift off to the north and east and we'll be left with a lot of clouds around today
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but much -- just like much of the day yesterday, i don't think it will rain all day today. we might even see some peeks of sunshine. later today as the cold front starts to roll through here, we'll see if we can't squeeze out the atmosphere and get a few more showers or perhaps a thunderstorm bubbling up later this afternoon. there is futurecast. notice at 9:00 a.m., we are done with most of the rain showers at least temporarily and we'll see one or two bubble up in the afternoon. humidity in the afternoon heat and we'll see some thunderstorms, if they don't get going later tonight. the cold front comes through later tonight. then i promise a gradually improving forecast and by thursday and friday, it will be beautiful around here, lots of sunshine with lower humidity. 66 right now. it is warm and humid to start your day. 64 in gaithersburg and leonardtown. later this afternoon, very warm and humid. 79degrees. could be another scattered shower. 81 tomorrow with a possibility
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of a scattered storm. thursday, friday and saturday, lots of sunshine, temperatures in the mid-70s, low humidity. that is a look at your weather. let's do? traffic and see what julie wright is offering up this morning. >> on the roads this morning, we've had several problems for our friends traveling northbound on i-59 in virginia. latest crash occurred as you work your way up towards 630 courthouse road. that was tying up the left lane. from route 3 to quantico, it is about a 35-minute commute heading northbound. more delays as you guys continue from aquia harbor headed in towards stafford -- or excuse me, in towards dumfries and slow traffic in woodbridge as well. eastbound along 66, the accident activity gone here at fair oaks. lanes are open. traffic from business 234 to 228 and again leaving other to 123 as well as at the beltway. no change in the scene here. heavy, slow, that is how she rolls leaving 109 to the scales. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic.
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>> thank you. later on today, we'll have a chance to see some changes that have been made to plans for a memorial honoring president dwight eisenhower. the memorial is being designed by reknowned architect frank geary. eisenhower's family has complained about previous plans saying they focus too much on his humble childhood rather than his accomplishments. the potomac river tops the new list of the most endangered rivers in the united states. american rivers says pollution is the number one threat on our potomac which runs through maryland, d.c., virginia, west virginia and pennsylvania. the organization says agricultural and urban pollution put the health of the potomac at risk. also on the list, the green river which runs through wyoming, route and colorado. the chat hoochy river in georgia and the missouri river and the hoback river in would i why. the post office is saving
6:21 am
600 post offices from closing down. many of the post offices and satellite stations that were due to close serve as neighborhood post offices. last year, the post office announced it wanted to close 2 other post offices. the tsa is getting criticized for forcing a former secretary of state to undergo a patdown. henry sis i thinker, who negotiated the pair peace accords, ending the vietnam war got patted down at la guardia airport in new york. apparently, the tsa agents didn't recognize him. the 89-year-old was in a wheelchair and it h. to stand up with his jacket to have get what witnesses describe as a full patdown. coming up next, we'll go live to fox business network in new york city. is facebook just a fad? what a new survey is stay saying just days way from the company's big ipo. go, dog go. pugsy is the winner of the latest round of britain's got
6:22 am
talent. he performed with ashley butler to take home the top prize. even simon cowell told the talented duo they were one of his favorite ever acts. he is cute. >> it is great. but come o the number one act? >> i don't know. that is pretty impressive. that is quite the dog. any time there is a dog doing anything funny looking, people love it. >> i'm just happy when my dog sits and doesn't bark. look at him go. >> that is great. how can you deny that? >> number one though?
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welcome back. a down day on the market and a new survey reveals what the public think abouts facebook ahead of this week's ipo. lauren simonetti with fox business network is live in new york with the business beat. this facebook survey is quite fascinating. some people actually think facebook is just a passing fad and maybe don't think it isism
6:26 am
po is worth it. >> exactly. half of all people asked by the associated press and cub said that facebook is a fad and another half in another question said that this ipo price is way too high. nonetheless, we are finding out today that the target range has been raised. it was 28 to $35 a share if you could get in on the facebook upo. now that is $34 to $38 a share were the reason why we care is this now values the company at $104 billion at the high end. >> there are a lot of investors very excite about this. in the meantime, the markets, are they exit today? >> we have up arrows. we don't say that a lot. the dow is set to open higher by 70 points right now. we get in u.s. data today. we get retail sales. we also get inflation at the consumer level. germany weighed in with their first quarter growth results
6:27 am
and their gmplet dp rose much more than expected. that was a good thing. look at that damage yesterday, down 125 points on the dow. the relief is coming today. >> thankfully. -- their gdp rose much more than expected. he made it far but not far enough. now, dale hunter has decided it is time for him to move on from the caps. also ahead, d.c. police are investigating three overnight shootings, all happening within just minutes of each other and two may be connected. we are back in a moment with more details.  as a fashion blogger,
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topping our sports headlines, dale hunter stepping down as the caps head coach after less than six months on the job. hunter says he wants to return to ontario to run the junior hockey team he owned and spend some time with the familiarly. he got the team into the playoffs as you know but lost in the second round to the
6:31 am
rangers. to baseball now and a good day for bryce harper. his first big league home run last night as the nats beat the san diego padres 8-5. he became the youngest major leaguer to homer since 1998 going deep on a solo shot to straightaway center field in the third inning off the right-hander. chad tracesy and xavier nadey also homerd for the nats. after the game, harper was asked about his home run curtain call. >> i'm actually pretty excited about that. i wasn't sure i should have went up there. the veteran guys were like go, go get it. i did. it was pretty cool. society. take me out to the ball game. >> hear that. that means today is fox 5 weather day with the nats, tucker, tone you, sue palka will all be at the ballpark this morning with the school kids from all across our region. tony and tucker will be live down there starting at 8:00
6:32 am
a.m. the kids take part in a special weather presentation at 9:45. after that, you can meet the weather team and stay around for the big game against the padres. hopefully the nats win a second time in eye row against the padres. >> maybe you'll be the good luck charm there, tucker. >> i hope to be. >> we need a little break in the rain for your weather presentation and the game a little later. >> i think we'll get it. we had some heavy rain in the last couple of hours. it is slowly lifting off to the north and east. it won't be a beautiful day today but much of the day will be like yesterday. just kind of cloudy with some scattered showers. >> dreary. >> hang in there. let's take a look. we'll see the radar and the shower activity living north and east and some embedded thunderstorms as well. so if you are generally east of the city here out into prince george's county and anne arundel county, you are still dealing with the heavy rain. still some pretty good rains in washington. reston, manassas, we are see something breaks. that will move in shortly. i think much of your morning will just be kind of cloudy and
6:33 am
for our weather presentation down at the park in a couple of hours, i'm keeping my fingers crossed but i think we'll be in good shape. temperature right, 67 at reagan national. your forecast for today, lots of clouds around. might be a peek or two of sunshine. could be a few more storms this afternoon and a few more scattered showers. check out your warm and humid temperatures. >> what is your rain plan, to hang out at the hot dog stand. >> i'll be out there. >> in the rain. >> the kids will be covered. >> happy tuesday to julie wright. >> happy tuesday. another rainy day out on the roads and several accidents have popped up in our way. northbound along i-95, about a 34-minute commute leaving route 3 head up towards quantico. two separate accidents along the way now clear but the damage is done. heavy, slow and steady, that is how she rolls. this happens to be the outer loop of the beltway and as you work your way over towards the
6:34 am
exit for the springfield interchange, accident activity tying up the two left lanes on the beltway outer loop. this is coming from gallows road, from 236 head the in the direction of the springfield interchange. southbound 270, you guys coming in out of clarkburg, heavy and slow before father hurley boulevard headed out towards 370. authorities tell me they are checking for the crash northbound 270 before old georgetown road. new this morning, a police involved shooting in d.c. >> this happened on sixth street into southeast and fox 5's melanie alnwick is there live on the scene with the latest. >> good morning. >> reporter: we are still waiting for d.c. police to fill in the details for us but we do know that last night around 10:47, d.c. police put out an alert saying there was a shooting here in the 4200 block of sixth street southeast and there was a lookout for a black male wear a blue jacket, blue jeans that was armed with a
6:35 am
gun. then we do know that that turned into a fatal shooting but it appears that it was d.c. police that may have shot this suspect. we know that, again, there was an exchange of gunfire here. the roads blocked off for several blocks here between galveston and darrington streets in southeast. an exchange of gunfire between a police officer and a male. we don't know the age of that male, whether an adult or a juvenile. the male fatally shot by at least one police officer. we are told that a gun was roared from the scene. one officer taken to the hospital with what is described as a graze wound. now, sources tell us that this may be related to another shooting that happened 30 minutes earlier. we can put up a map here and show you just how close the two were. that happened at 10:12 in the evening. 4300 block of third street southeast. again, not far from here, police responded in that scene for a report an adult male shot in the leg. there was also a shooting last
6:36 am
night, 10:44 in the evening. in that incident, there were two men shot and wounded. one we're told was shot in the foot and another shot in the arm. that incident on v street we don't believe is related but we do think the other two have something to do with each other. we again are waiting for hear from d.c. police with more information on that. back to you. >> thank you. in other news, the husband of a woman killed in a church parking lot by a police officer is now suing the officer who fired the shot for $5 million. this woman, patricia cook, was shot to death in culpeper in february. police say the officer responded to a call for a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot. cook tried to drive away with the officer's arm trapped in her wind oval the officer shot cook through the glass. her car then hit a telephone pole and she died at the scene. -- in her window. harry thomas, jr. re?iepped
6:37 am
january and is headed to police upon for using public funds to buy a new suv, expensive trips and clothing. there are 17 polling stations that will be open from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 this evening. only ward five residents can vote in this. coming up in our next hour, d.c. council chairman kwame brown joins us in the studio. he is go together weigh in on the special election, also the new budget proposal that will be unveiled today for fiscal year 2015. his reeceent rashes on tickets and other fees in the city, won't want to miss that coming up in the next hour. prince george's county police or the hunt this morning for two armed suspects accused of committing a string of robberies. this new surveillance video from one of the crime screens shows the suspects wearing masks. one of them pointing a began while the other edmontonies at cash register. police believe the pair committed at least six armed robberies just since friday night targeting places like gas station and convenience stores along with fast food restaurants. restaurants. new details this morning on a person of interest in the stabbing of a pregnant woman.
6:38 am
police release this video of a man they are attempting to find and identify. the victim in the attack survived but the boy she deliver dd not make it. an autopsy proved that the infant named kuron hunt was killed by the stab wound. the attack happened march 22nd overnight in the 4200 block of ninth street southeast. if you have any information, police want to hear from you. with ron paul effectively quitting the race, mitt romney no longer has any challengers in today's primaries. new tax ads are being released from both the obama and romney campaignsen they were released as new poll show romney has a slim celine dion over the president. cbs news "new york times" poll show 46 favor romney for 43% for president obama. first lady michelle obama will be quicking it today with worldwide soccer star david beckham. beckham along with the rest of the l.a. galaxy team will be at the
6:39 am
white house this afternoon to be honored for the 2011mls championship. after that, mrs. obama and the beckhams will hit the south lawn for a soccer clinic with some kids from the america scores program. that should be fun. still ahead on fox 5 morning news. >> when is a trip to the doctor's office more like a trip to the spa. we'll have more on how the rich and famous make routine check- ups pretty ritzy. >> that looks good. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable and enjoying it less and less? upgrade to verizon fios tv, internet and phone
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social security administering is out with its list of most popular baby names for 2011. jacob tops the list for boys and sofia is the most popular game for girls. rounding out the girl's list, isabella, emma, olivia and ava.
6:43 am
i like all the names. love them all. very beautiful. the ultrarich splurge on the cars, home, beauty treatments. >> they spend big bucks on staying healthy. we have a report. >> reporter: in hollywood, looks are everything. whether you are on camera or the red carpet, you have got to look your best and that sometimes means a little nip tuck with the white glove treatment but it is not always about koss met ins. actors, athletes and business moguls also indulge when it comes to ordinary health care like a routine physical. >> you have lunch. you have the spa. you take a sauna. steam shower. fun. it is nice. you have cot bomb pewter, watch a little tv. >> at the medical center in new york city, this luxurious head to toe check-up will set you back $12,000. >> that is why i see so many
6:44 am
celebrities and athletes here because they can afford to come here. they take advantage of living longer. >> reporter: dr. eric braverman who run this is explosive office thinks the routine physical is flawed. >> everybody now knows there is something wrong with the physical exam and there is no brain check-up in medicine. so there is two things that we're always offers that everyone likes. brain health check-up, ultrasound physical. and then everybody wants nutritional programs and diet advice. >> reporter: american-trained physicians are highly sought after and many go the extra mile to keep their well-heeled customers happy. >> they don't want people to know they had a little nip and tuck or they need a little botox. so they are willing to pay a premium to have us come off hours, to have them come to their hotel, to their office or to their homes so that no one, not even the doormen of the building is the wiser to what has happened. >> reporter: but that pales in comparison to her recent #,000 mile trip for a simple check-
6:45 am
up. >> i was taken on a trip to dubai so i could perform a follow-up for one ever my surgical patients who instead of coming for new york for the follow-up visit thought it would be much more convenient for i would fly to dubai and examine him and make sure that everything was going well. >> reporter: the doctor he we spoke say insurance rarely if ever comes into play as some clients don't even have coverage. patients usually pay out of pocket for what they consider the best health care in the world. in new york, anna coiman, fox news. >> what about flying contract to dubai. have you to pay her for all of the time of course the flight. >> she got a vacation out of it, i'm sure. >> someone has had a change of clothes here. >> i'm gearing up for the big game. the big performance in this case. we are headed down to the park in just a such minutes but i want to give you one last weather forecast and we'll do
6:46 am
ask the weather guys and we are on our way. >> hoping it is a big success out there. >> we have avenue been planning for a long time. we want to encourage everyone to come down and say hi to us. >> everyone, descend upon nats park. >> come down and watch the nats win too. i know what you're thinking, how are we going to have the game if it is still raining. rain is still falling across the area. this is becoming a tradition. rain moving out. there is across the city. but the heaviest rain has been moving to the east and the past few hours and we'll be out of here shortly. we'll get a bit of a break. notice out towards leesburg and reston, manassas now, we are not seeing much activity at all. that will be moving overhead shortly. i think much of the morning should be dry. i know if you have a morning commute on the way across the eastern side of the beltway, it is not looking pretty at the moment but it will gradually improve. we might see a few scattered rays of sunshine during the course of the day before more
6:47 am
storms arrive later this afternoon. blares you can see the heavy rein moving through overnight. that band is living off to the north and east. we don't have a lot off to the south and west. what we do have is a fold continued that will start to roll in through the course of the day. we have at potential to ea few more showers yesterday. -- you can seat heavy rain moving through overnight. still plenty cloudy out there. as we get into the afternoon hours, just a few scattered showers. i think we'll probably get the game in. we'll see if we don't get some thunderstorms late this afternoon and early this evening as the actual cold front starts to come through. and gradually clearing skies an an improvement in weather conditions as you get into the wednesday, thursday and friday. there is your five-day forecast. 79 today, going to be warm and humid actually few more showers and storms this afternoon. wednesday, possible shower or storm particularly early in the day with that frontal system. then it gets better and better
6:48 am
thursday, friday afternoon. temperatures in the 70s. we'll get a chance to dry out. >> gorgeous. lover it. >> all right. >> look at him. >> i'm ready to go. >> the marketing people must be loving you right now. tickets for life for tucker barnes. >> that would be nice of a -- i have -- that would be nice. of a he been working on it. >> i'm here so you know what it s. time for. today's question, you want restingly enough, comes from screech. >> and it is timely. >> yes, it is time lie. >> the question from screech is which baseball team has the most rainouts? yes, good question. >> is it screech the mascot. >> it is screech the mascot. >> just making sure i got the right screech. >> could be screech from saved by the bell. as you know, last year, we did
6:49 am
weather day with the nationals. it was the first time we did it. we did the whole presentation and everything and then the game got rained out which was very disappointing. i like tucker's forecast. looks like they will get the rain in. >> not going tobacco beautiful did i but it wasn't yesterday and the nationals played and won. >> lets asee. which baseball team has the most rainouts. you guys want to guess? >> i was going to say seattle because it rains a lot. but i don't know this they have -- >> yesterday, i blurted out seattle. it is covered so it's not i'm going to guess the yankees. >> here is the answer to the question. red sox, baltimore red sox in the last decade have had 31 rainouts. boston red sox, 31 rainouts in the last decade. interestingly and i guess when you think about it can the
6:50 am
teams in the northeast are the teams that get rained out most often. they all have open stadiums. accounting of the mets, pirates, yankees. they've all had between about 25 and 30 roughly rainouts. >> as you said, the red sox number one with 31 rainouts. mets, 2 rainouts in the last decade. the pirates, 25 and the yankees 4. you would naturally think the nets and yankees would be tied probably. they play their games on different days and that kind of of thing. so that factors in. the washington nationals during the last decade and remember we've only had the team since 2003 -- >> 2005. >> they've only been rained out five times. >> when you are anchoring the late news, these delays because you come on after the game. we have abeen here many a times going it is 12:55 in the
6:51 am
morning. >> we feel for you. >> here is something fascinating. the houston astros play indoors. and yet weather has canceled two of their games in the past decade. >> was it severe weather like thunderstorm or a tornado warning. >> it was hurricane ike a couple of years ago. >> not the rain but the things associated with severe weather. >> that is interesting. >> the two teams with the fewest number of rainouts during the last decade, the expos and the padres. >> the padres, one. >> expos, one as well. >> then they lost the team. >> even worse. >> so there you go. if you have i question -- thank you, screech fork the question -- thank you, screech, for the question. we'll see you in a little bit. the fox 5 weather team is hoping to hit a home run with the kids today at nationals park. of course, myself, tony and sue will be there for our second annual weather day. we'll give school children
6:52 am
around the region a great weather presentation. we get to use the big screen at 9:45 this morning. of this a chance to meet us. and stay for the game and watch the nationals beat the padres. >> let's he check in with julie wright to get the latest on traffic out there. >> who is buying the cracker jacks? that's all i want to know. >> it better be free. >> that's my line. it better be free. on the roads, you will find we do have problems out there. northbound i-95. trouble with two separate accidents for those traveling northbound out of stafford headed into dale city. from route 3 to quantico, about a 34 minute commute with with all the lanes open. then have you to sit through slow traffic again headed out to the springfield interchange. eastbound on 50 approaching 197, accident activity
6:53 am
reported. water loop will slow 59 to georgia avenue and again approaching 270, crash there tying up the left side of the highway. you will find outer loop of the play headed for the springfield interchange. the accident activity coming from braddock road headed towards 295. here that is outer loop i just mentioned the 5 to georgia and now a slow roll trying to get past connecticut avenue. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. -timetraffic. a protest on capitol hill today over credit card rules. stay at home mom holly mccall of vienna, virginia launched a campaign on that has collected more than 30,000 pet is. she is fighting a provision that does not allow stay at home moms to apply for credit cards using their husband's income. they says it is unfair to her and another stay at home mother as cross the country who even though they do not have a salary handle most of the family's finances.
6:54 am
>> maybe not an official salary but one of the hardest jobs. that is for darned sure. get your art straight from the source. holly is live in reston, virginia with more "fun festival that offers one-stop shopping for all things creative. we'll see what she is up to on the other side. e other side. [ male announcer ] hot outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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good morning i am holly morris. today we will get your creative juices flowing and perhaps give you an idea to do this weekend. we are live in rest on where they are gearing up for the northern virginia, fine arts festival. this is an amazing weekend event you might want to take in. they will be featuring 200 artists 18 categories, this is where you will find things you can't find everywhere.
6:58 am
we are getting wonderful previews over here. ann over here has been part of the festival for 20 of 21 years. she does 2 d mixed media art. there is a huge kids element at this festival they have a kids activity tent, always a theme. we will find out what that is and show case what your kids can find themselves involved in and we will talk about the art carts as well. as you can see there is a lot to it when it comets to the festival. they are -- comes to the festival. >> they are glad it is raining today. we will check with you later. our facebook fan to have day is wendy from culpepper virginia. she gets up every day 4:00 a.m., turns us on 4:30 a.m. her favorite segment is ask the weather guyloves traffic too and julie just so perky. if you would like to be
6:59 am
tomorrow's fan of the day post a comment under wendy's photo. that is it for the 6:00 a.m. hour now over to allison and will. good morning. >> good morning sarah. >> see you later this morning. coming up at 7:00 a.m., violence in the disstrict, three deadly shootings in less than an hour. in one case a police officer was a person who pulled the trigger. we are live with details. voters in ward five head to special elections to fill the seat left vacant when harry thomas junior left amid- scandal. we will talk with chairman kwame brown. fox 5 morning news 7:00 a.m. starts right now good morning everybody, may 15th, rainy tuesday morning out there, but i have hope and faith that we will see a break-


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