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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 15, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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weather day. thank you will and alison. sue will be out here in a little bit. we are here for the second annual weather day at nationals park. it looks like the weather is for the most part going to co- operate. >> better and better. i mean, it is cloudy but the rain stopped an hour and a half ago i think we are optimistic this will happen. we have an expert to let us know. >> later on today, if you are coming out for the game at 1:00 p.m., tucker barnes is throwing out the first pitch. that is very cool. >> i just found out i am very nervous, and i got to be honest, i've broken many careers. >> all right. let's find out what is happening. >> if i bounce it to home plate tony i will never hear the end of it. your hd radar most shower and thunderstorm activity from overnight, is out of here. you are looking at gradually improving conditions not a beautiful day but the rain
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should hold off most of the day. scattered showers storms this afternoon. temperature regan national, 68 degrees, warm, humid, humidity 90%, and winds continue to be out of the south and southwest, 10 miles per hour. a quick look at your forecast upper 70s daytime highs, humidity scattered shower or storms, but most of the day or much of the day should be on the dry side. >> you are a brave man giving the weather forecast next to chris strong, a warning coordinator meteorologist with national weather service someone we work with closely. good to see you. good to have you out for weather day. >> yeah. >> how was that forecast. >> he did well. i think we are going to grade him well. >> very good. we are excited you are here. you are going to take part in the festivities tell us what you will do. >> we will bring out a weather balloon talk about weather safety with the kids first of all just to make sure everyone knows how to be safe from weather but part of that is having weather balloons measure the atmosphere. i will bring one out, we will
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watch a mock up of what the actual one would be. they are large. >> air space. >> lunch a little one. >> chris how high do those balloons crime. >> 100,000 feet well into the stratus fear you can see the curve of the earth. >> do they have cameras. >> they can. not on ours because we have to do so many of them. >> sure. very good. you guys do great work at national weather service. we depend on you. >> great to have you guys as partners. >> more weather day coming up in just a little bit. we are going to go back to allison and will in studio. see you in a little bit. got to warm up man. >> sounds good. so glad the weather is cop rating. -- co-operating. another big story this morning special election in dcs ward 5. >> voters heading to the polls starting at 7:00 a.m. this morning, 12 candidates are on the ballot, one will fill the seat vacated by harry
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thomas junior. he resigned in january now headed to prison for stealing public funds. the 17 polling places will be open until 8:00 p.m. this evening. less than an hour from now lawmakers in maryland will resume special session to avoid massive budget cuts. they did not pass a budget in regular session. this morning senate is voting ongovernor o'malley's package that raises taxes on people who make $100,000 a year and will then send it to the house of delegates for a vote this afternoon. the assembly is dominated by democrats republicans do not have enough votes to stop it. to virginia, a huge defeat for governor mcdonald's budget changes. the house of delegates voted 95- 0, rejecting the governor's proposal. one of them was to make a worker bonus contingent on $07 million in cuts, to state agencies another mcdonald proposal would have they say
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complicated virginia's contribution. staying with politics less than 6 months until if november election, a new poll suggest it is race to the white house may be neck and neck until the very end. republican hopeful mitt romney heads to the heartland and president obama heads back to dc after spending time in new york. foxes kelly wright has the latest from the campaign trail where the same-sex marriage debate continues to dominate the headlines. president obama basked in the glow of supporters in new york, touting his position in favour of same-sex marriage outside the big apple, several democratic senators up for re- election refused to endorse it, a sign the road to re-election could get bumpy. >> president obama's motorcade zipped through the seats of manhattan from one -- streets of manhattan from one glitzy fund raidser to the next. the new york cbs poll has mitt
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romney ahead of the president by 3 points the poll was taken after the president made public his support for same-sex marriage which he defended monday as a civil rights issue. >> that is how we achieved women's rights, that is how we achieved voting rights, that is how we achieved workers rights, that is how we achieved gay rights. >> but 67% question his motivation, saying he did it for political reasons. only 24% said it was mostly because he thinks it is right. some are seeing warning signs within the president's base. >> in other words i think there is lots of opposition you look at the poll numbers, it is about half of black america, does not like this, if you go into the churches it is much stronger. >> reporter: obama campaign is on the attack, unleashing a 2 minute ad, casting mitt romney as a job killer. >> they have more money than their families will ever spend. yet they didn't have the money to take care of the very people, that made the money for
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them. >> reporter: it is a subject romney campaign and many republicans are eager to debate. >> consider the promises the debt, the deficit, 8% unemployment, health care, green jobs, gas prices, wall street, lobbiests, i mean, you can go on and on and on and everyone of these cases this president has made a big big promise using his words which is why we feature his words but the reality is it has not squared up. >> reporter: according to the polls top priority for most americans is still economy, 62% versus just 7%, who cite same- sex marriage as their top issue in washington kelly wright, fox news. new this morning, police involved shooting in southeast dc. fox 5s melanie alnwick following this one for us all morning long. she is live at the scene on 6th street. melanie. having trouble with melanie's audio there. hopefully we will get her, as
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the broadcast does continue. as we mentioned dc police are looking into whether the officer involved shooting on 6th street at melanie's location is related to a shooting in 4300 block of 3rd street a man shot in the leg 10:15 p.m. last night and an unrelated shooting happened in the same hour, v street southeast. two men were shot. melanie back to you for the latest at your scene good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison. so the crime technicians have been here for a little more than an hour now for most of the night, several blocks here on 6th street were shut down, those are still shut down. we see back there, you can see the crime scene technicians, they have been paying a lot of attention to the courtyard areas here at crescent park. they are looking for shell casings what we do know there is an exchange of gunfire here 10:47 p.m. in the evening last night. dc police apparently came here,
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because there was an alert for a shooting suspect, spotted a lookout for a black male, armed with a gun. officers responded here to look for the suspect and came upon a man. all we know gunfire was exchanged one officer went to the hospital with a graze wound and then a male suspect shot several times and killed. now police have not released an id on that suspect or age of the man. the reason they came there was report of a shooting as you mentioned 30 minutes earlier, 10:12 a.m. p.m. just a few -- 10:12 p.m. just a few blocks away an adult male shot in the leg. report of a shooting there. an officer responded here because a report of someone who matched the description. i talked to someone who lives in the neighbourhood. they know the suspect, a middle aged man, 35 to 40 years old known in the neighbourhood they
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know because a lot of people are out here walking their dog and according to the people here in the neighbourhood this is a man who is known to be pretty peaceful not known to be violent again dc police have not released the name of the suspect we don't have the name of the officer either who was involved in this shooting. so we are still waiting to get a little bit more of the details here. we know a gun was recovered from the scene according to dc police, and again, they are looking for shell casings and other evidence in the courtyard area there. that is the latest information that we have here in southeast, back to you allison. melanie thank you. new details this morning on a person of interest in the stabbing of a pregnant woman. police released this video of a man they are trying to find and identify. the victim in the attack survived but the boy she delivered did not an autopsy proved the infant was killed by the stab wound. the attack happened march 22nd overnight on th street southeast -- 9th street southeast. a judge will decide whether to over turn convictions of
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seven men, convicted of murdering a dc mother they were convicted of beating and robbing katherine fuller and leaving her body in an alley in southeast. the judge could decide to grant the men a new trial. prince georges county police are on the hunt for two armed suspects, accused of committing a string of robberies, new surveillance video was released from one of the crime scenes. suspects wearing masks are targeting commercial businesses like gas stationfast food restaurants. police believe the pair have exited six armed robberies since friday night. the district was hit with a rash of robberies and we do believe that the same suspects that are doing the robberies here in prince georges county could be the same ones responsible for the ones in the district. >> so far no one was hurt in any of these robberies. coming up 9:10 a.m., an alarming new study looks at number of high schoolers
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abusing prescription painkillers. >> you put it on your food the spice things up. i have a prop but could this, black pepper be key to successful weight loss. >> go ahead. >> you have nothing to worry about. we are checking in with dr. mike live right after this break. you leave that alone. pgh >> oh, boy, flags across the nation will fly at half staff in honor of police officers memorial day and police week. this morning at the capital president barack obama will pay tribute to law enforcement officers killed in this line of duty last year. stay with us 
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>> back now, a live look at nats park students are starting to arrive for weather day. >> look at that crowd. woohoo. >> awe. super cute. tony tucker and sue live we
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will check with them in a little bit. >> that is what it is about. those little enthusiastic faces today at fox 5 weather day at nats park. >> cuties. >> important health alert, today obama administration will adopt the first ever national strategy to fight also alzheimers -- they are looking to find a way to stop the disease by 2025. officials will announce an $8 million study of an insulin nasal spray that could help and funding for international research and ad campaigns. we are talking about tough topics to tackle that may surprise you. kids hooked on painkillers, over weight babies, and is pepper. let's get into it with fox medical teams dr. mike good morning dr. mike. >> hello will how are you?
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>> good thank you. energetic as always. i like it. a lot of ground the cover let's get into it. a growing number of young people becoming hooked on painkillers what is going on here. >> 3% of teenagers, are experimenting and using painkillers, these are prescription drugs, for their parents, laying around the house, and these kids are getting hooked on them, the biggest age risk, age 16. so we are talking about high school kids, we are not talking about college kids, or even younger kids, this is a big problem because as you know will, tylenols and these medications, far cotings is lead to problems -- narcotics can lead to problems with your liver and significant problems if mixed with alcohol. can kill you, ruin the rest of your life. >> well, i guess the message here for parents then, even if you don't think your child is getting into your medicine
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cabinet it is a good idea to secure prescription medications based on this new information. >> you really need to be careful with medications that are around the house because at 16, there is a lot of curiosity, there is a lot of peer pressure. and the biggest thing that i find, is have a discussion with your kids, and say look, this is what can happen. this is not cool. and you really should -- if a doctor -- if i give someone a pain medication for a particular problem, when the problem is gone get rid of it don't keep old medications around the house. it is asking for trouble. >> next topic this morning over weight babies and toddlers. a new study finds mothers are having trouble identifying their children's extra pounds. why is that. >> well, this is is frightening to me as a doctor. what they did was took 281 low income families, they took moms, and their kids. and they asked the moms, to
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tell whether or not their child was obese or not. and only 30% of them got it right. the rest of them under estimated how heavy their kids were. as you know we have an open doming out of childhood obesity -- epidemic of childhood obesity that will lead to these kids not living as long as their parents. >> something michelle obama has come out for in trying to sort of help kids eat healthier but let me ask you this, what kind of problems medically speaking can happen, especially for kids under the age of 5. >> you are going to see epidemic numbers of children with diabetes, high blood pressure, we are already seeing this. obesity is such a major problem in this country that is correct it is going to lead people to not live long -- country that it is going to lead people to
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not live long. if we keep on our current path half of all americans by 2040 will be obese. loss of work time, all kinds of problems, it is a nightmare. >> my final few seconds here, speaking of weight, black pepper right here, actually might help you lose weight be a fat fighter is that true? why? well, will, quickly here is how it works, they did a study of fat cells in mice. there is a chemical in black pepper called pepperrine it reduces ability of fat cells to grow and reproductions deuce. if you put black -- reproduce. if you put black pepper or other spices on food it can rev up your metabolism and help you lose weight. the trick is you have to eat it you don't want a pill or extract you want to put the pepper on good healthy food like broccoli, things like
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that. >> makes it taste better thanks as always for joining us good advice. did you hear that culled peppery and it is in pepper. >> perhaps where they get that name. >> hmm. >> coming up, live, work and play at sea. one entrepreneurs idea that would make it possible. >> cool idea. now four nonstop flights added to regan national. destinations coming up next. good morning holly. >> hey, will, right now i am busy helping volunteers, they are doing all the work. they are decorating one of the famous art carts that are always a part of the northern virginia, fine arts festival in reston and where we are getting a wonderful preview. live later we will tell you how you can eat your art out. get it. later on fox 5 morning news. stay with us
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>> flying across the country got easier for travelers leaving from regan national airport thanks to four nonstop flights, you can fly to portland oregon, san juan puerto rico, austin texas. now, a new law is being put in place, officials hope the move will lower costs for consumer, something passengers are pretty excited about. >> options are always good, and competitive market pricing is always going to come down. just to stay competitive >> this is a great place to live. we have three major airports. it will also maybe innocent vise dulles airport and bwi to think about doing similar things. >> it will also allow carriers to make changes to flight schedules. protest on capital hill today over credit card rules. stay at home mom, holly mccall
9:25 am
of vienna virginia launch add campaign on that collected more than 30,000 petitions. or signatures. she is fighting a provision that does not allow stay at home moms to apply for credit cards, using her husband's income. she calls it demeaning and says it is unfair to her and other stay at home moms across the nation even though they don't have a salary they handle most of their families finances. cofounder of paypal is hoping to build a city on the sea. he wants to create an offshore luxury barge where young entrepreneurs can live, work and socialize without the influence of any government entity. what about broadcast journalists allison? >> will >> this could be sweet. the idea is to have the vessel in close proximity to silicon valley, in san francisco bay area. it would come complete with work and living spaces outdoor areas sports and leisure activities as well. this guy is no joke.
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paypal became a billionaire early investor in facebook. becoming another billionaire. >> smart guy. >> probably a no brainer for him. >> major milestone for a california woman. her celebration is just ahead. it has been a wet morning. will it stay clear for today's nats game. gwen was telling us moments ago the sun is out, look at the players are on the field, some of the field crews can't tell, but they are wearing nats red. tony is out there, sue is showing up too. checking with them right after the break. time 9:26 a.m. 
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>> busy all the time. doing something good and my family they are all nice to me. some words of wisdom from an
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oakland woman who just turned wait for it, 111 years old. >> she looks great. >> she does. no joke and she really does look good her name is dominica she celebrated surrounded by family and friends at a retirement home yesterday. she was born in mexico and moved to the u.s. during the mexican revolution, she started up two restaurants and became an activist for cesar chavez. >> wow i wonder what her secret is. >> she is sharp as a tack too. >> tony tucker and sue are spending the morning with local students teaching them about the weather and baseball. >> there they are. at least two of them. >> live this morning from nats park for weather day. tony tucker good morning again. >> good morning to both of you. we are awaiting arrival of sue palka she should be here in just a little bit. >> any minute. we will teach more about weather and than baseball. >> we will do the weather part. we will let playercoachs and
9:31 am
the like do baseball. it will be a great day. what a change, five hours ago, pouring rain. bright sunshine it is humid out. >> and it is warm. bring your sunglasses if you are coming down >> i wish i brought mine. we have kids we will be talking to. both sue and the children are stuck in traffic right now. >> yeah. >> you know what, we will talk with the kids even if it is only 25 of them. we will do what we can. >> we will do it 100%. >> real quick your forecast, we are looking at gradually improving conditions sunshine out here right now, quick look at temps, 70 degrees, at regan national, at 9:00 a.m. in the morning. temperatures warming up quickly, and let me tell you sun stays out for a period of time we will pump temperatures into the low 80s. forecasting highs upper 70s. all right satellite radar, we did have heavy rain move through overnight but behind us they are drying out the field quickly. we will get the game in could
9:32 am
see more showers and thunderstorms this afternoon particularly if we keep the sunshine nice and bright. that will fuel storms later today with the cold front moving in. a better day than yesterday with warmer temperatures and a lot of humid did. here is a look at -- humidity. here is a will be at the 5 day forecast, 80 this afternoon, a few more showers and thunderstorms later. tomorrow gradually improving conditions, sunshine for the end of the week. nats have a home stand, so i think that will be beautiful. >> saturday now you can watch the nats play the orioles here on fox 5, the first pitch is at 7:15 p.m., speak of first pitches i hope you have a ticket for today's game because you are going to see something phenomenal, tucker barnes, this is really quite an honor. >> i thought you were going to mention strausberg is pitching. >> yes, but you are throwing out the first pitch today. that will be cool >> i am nervous about it. i have a baseball i am going to practice. >> i have to find a mitt >> back in a little bit a
9:33 am
special guest for you. back to you guys. >> have you been practicing tucker? >> not yet. not yet but seems like in a minute i will be out there. >> let's see you throw. you are on camera now give us a throw. not bad. good form. not that i would know. >> he is a natural. >> allison, will, they have a big net up behind home plate so i can't do too much damage. >> all right. >> will it make it to home plate. >> you will be on youtube. coming up 2012 line up announced find out which shows fox is keeping and which one of your face-to-faces won't be coming back. >> -- favorites won't be coming back. >> brittany spears coming to fox 3q what's my secret for sunday lunch?
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my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves.
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the more dirt can spread around the kitchen. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. all in a no-touch design. >> summer is right around the corner folks which means most of your favorite tv shows are wrapping up for the season. fox viewers have something to look forward to next season.
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>> the network has a slew of new shows coming this fall and some are making a return. x factor, brittany spears at the judges table just what, $15 million. that's all. foxes aiynsley earhart has a sneak preview. >> i am so excited >> so excited to be here. >> sort of excited you know about the unknown. >> reporter: excitement fills the air as old and new fox stars gather in new york city, for the official unvailing of foxes new fall 2012, 2013 line up the new girls jake johnson suggests there could be a possible romance between two stars. >> excited for the next story line. >> reporter: glee star, chris says you can expect more big names to guest star on the feel good musical comedy. >> sarah jessica parker next season. >> april cho i haven't seen you. >> since you threw gum at me every day in high school and made my life a living hell. well, i am your estate lawyer now. >> you and your mom are so
9:38 am
suspicious. honestly like i can't just come and hang out with you guys. there always has to be a reason or whatever. okay so here is the deal. >> reporter: you can be sure foxes new shows will bring the funny. >> this triggered his pickism. >> that is not accurate. >> would you like to say something. >> reporter: along with suspense with the following starring kevin bacon >> i never agreed to kill some body >> grace we have a deal. >> right since you caught that. >> you came to me begging and pleading for your brothers life. call off your guys, please. i will take care of his debtly work it off do whatever it takes. yes, you did. >> reporter: drama with the mob doctor about a surgeon caught in a complex web with the mafia. as x factor host l.a. reid tells it. >> stay tuned to fox the fall for all of this and much more
9:39 am
in new york aiynsley earhart fox news. >> getting the boot what is not going to be there. >> i don't know but i read the reason simon could got brittany to say yes -- cowell got brittany to say yes was because he is a charmer. >> i would say money. >> hi guys. hello there, don't talk to us about that, talk to these gentlemen we are joined by special guest, ross debt wilier, pitch we are the washington nationals and assistant general manager, brian, thank you guys for joining us this morning. >> no problem. >> thrilled to have you here. ross you pitched last night nats had a win last night tell us how you feel about how things are going so far >> things are going great. we are hitting the ball, throwing the ball well, you know, putting good games together and just winning. >> it was earlier, we were talking about the natitude some say this year, the team s firing on all -- the team is
9:40 am
firing on all cylinders and the pans are buying -- fans are buying in. some of your thoughts how things are shaping up. >> sure. we have been able the recover, bring players along that can impact the club, and it has been a lot of fun. >> tucker will be throwing out the first pitch, later on today. >> you got any suggestions for me. i haven't thrown a ball in about a year. >> perfect. the only thing can i tell you is don't bounce it. >> yeah. >> everybody will boo you if you bounce it. >> i have seen video of people before that bounced it. hey, it is weather day i have always been curious do you guys care what kind of weather you pitch in. >> you can't care too much you just have to adapt to whatever situation you are in but obviously, you want better weather >> i know that is where the hitters obviously certain types of weather conditions that are better. today we have a fairly humid
9:41 am
day on tap does that matter to pitchers at all. >> easier to get loose and stay loose. you take longer if it is cold. >> ross is able to stay cool in all types of weather. >> both you guys seem rather cool out here this morning. tell us about what we can expect through the course of the rest of the summertime. >> hopefully nice weather like this for the rest of the summer time. we are both relatively new to dc last few years and noticed how warm it gets here the summer but we have a lot of dates here and hopefully that continues on the the field. it should be fun as we get players back from the disabled list and continue to pitch well and score runs and that type of stuff should be a fun year. >> i hard you mention earlier you helped make a decision about whether or not you were going to play because of weather. you have your own special radar down stairs. >> we do. unless the game is cancelled i have nothing to do with that. you know, it is a dynamic
9:42 am
thing. most like games are a little unpredictable you guys know you live it every single day. hour to hour minute to minute especially geographically where we are located in the country. so tucker, we are paying attention from first thing in the morning through the end of the game, and keeping the umpires up-to-date all that type of stuff. >> you guys are generous taking time out you have a game. ross great to meet you man keep up the great work brian thank you very much. >> thank you. all right allison, will back to you. hey, sue is in the house. >> good morning sue. >> she arrived. >> just in time >> i have my bag but i did not bring sun screen. >> oh, i don't have a mic either. >> see you in a little bit. >> she just corked her shard they she came from the -- hard they she came from the club house. >> the sunshine factor went up 50 points.
9:43 am
>> the assistant gm looks like he is 16. my career is on fire. >> oh, well. >> coming up fox 5 morning news, holly morris showing us arts is crafts ahead of this weekend's fine arts festival. find out what she is working on. >> all right and do these characterses look familiar? they will be bigger than you are used to sesame street family is in studio. they are in town for a great cause. how they are helping the uso when we come back. familiar face and new face. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network
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and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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a special visit for military families throughout the area. the sesame street tour bus is making its rounds. joining us this morning the tour's manager, of sesame street and uso tour hello.
9:47 am
>> hi. >> it is our pleasure. good morning elmo. good morning and good morning katie. oh, we just love having you guys here. tell us about the tour and then we want to hear about the characters tons tour. >> absolutely. we have the sesame street uso experience for military families. a resource for families and kids as they deal with challenges of military life. between now and september 30th, 1 in 3 military familys will move somewhere out in the country or around the world. it is a big need a big issue and we have katie here, she is our newest characters. her experience -- she is wonderful isn't she her experience is much like one offs military families, as they are relocating and moving to new bases. and so she and elmo and all of his friends help her understand, how to keep old friends how to make new friends that no matter how scary change can be friends help you get through that. >> there is a real message.
9:48 am
like sesame street always does and uso does good work too. >> sesame street knows kids. with the uso we know troops and military families our job is to enhance their lives bringing them these programs and entertainment. >> okay tell us about the tour bus. it is a rainy sort of dreary day we wanted to bring you guys inside but there is a huge tour bus right? >> we do, it is what we travel around on, and we wrapped it this year with all the characterses and with the logos, it has been fantastic it really helps start conversations. >> there it is there in front of our studios. >> and yeah, it is great it starts a lot of conversations which is what this is about. parents and kids talking about, those difficult changes that are going on in their lives. >> love it. now grover there, oscar is there. so when the kids will see the old favorites as well >> we have grover, cookie monster, elmo, rosita and our new friend katie. >> how old is katie >> brand new >> as far as you look like you
9:49 am
are about 7 or 6? >> there you go. >> 6 years old. a crucial age too. locally so you will stop at three locations here quantico, fort bell for, and anacostia base. and fort lewis.,/sesame and find out what base we will be at next. >> you have been around the world with this. >> we have been at over 460 odd shows at about 135 bases in 33 states and 11 countries. >> how well received is it? as if i need to ask. >> such a phenomenal experience the best part for me personally is seeing families together. we only have jokingly say parents bring their kids so they have an excuse to come themselves. we all grew up with sesame street and this fantastic group of people who have been entertaining and educating for years and it is great. family experience is the best part of it and that dialogue
9:50 am
that gets to happen, you know when elmo says it, some times it has a little bit more understanding for kids than when mom or dad is trying to start that dialogue. >> sure. the hard reality is it is hard. >> it is. you know, you have kids that can be in six different schools in six years and you are always the new kid trying to figure out how to do that and we like to send a message it is about friendship, friends you can hold on to and new ones you can make that will help you get through it >> these guys are something else. i like how you are doing your thing and they are just behind you -- do you get used to it? >> you do. we love them and love having them on the road with us, also. >> well, i got to tell you i love you guys too thanks for all the good work you do elmo to hug you. asure to see you. and katie so nice to meet you sweetie okay you are the best. good luck on the continuing tour thanks for stopping in the dc area for all the different locations please go to our
9:51 am
website the web sit lonnie mentioned will be linked to that. it is a great message. all right. over to you will. you get all the fun allison. >> i know. >> brings back a lot of old memories and new ones now with katie. fox 5s holly morris previewing a great event for art lovers out in reston as they get ready for the 21st annual northern virginia fine arts festival going on this friday, saturday and sunday. holly what is going on out there. >> you are exactly right will and friday, saturday and sunday is key, it is 3 days of creativity, three days for you to come out and support, grace, the greater reston arts center, the people putting on this wonderful arts festival and three days for you to take in this beautiful venue that is reston town center. damian st. clear is the executive director of grace. as we are enjoying this beautiful morning, this is a precursor how wonderful it will be the weekend. we came out to this space
9:52 am
because you are kicking it off here. >> we are friday night we have a party here, 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. we will transform this pavilion into a fund happening evening. festival will open, streets open, and people can come in and out. festival is open, that is for free but here is a ticketed event and special vip event what are somethings going on. it is a dressy affair. >> art ski cocktail. >> artsy cocktail >> drinks by honest tea. mixers and fun stuff. hand rolled cigars as take aways, huge silent auction and music by ted garber and group from new york, doing a premier piece. >> a lot of different things for people to be involved n. you have that party and 200 artists, kids tent but we want people to make note of the art cart. >> yes >> these are fun tell me about them. >> the art carts are meant to draw people to them, this is a way to kind of solicit
9:53 am
donations from folks, at the art carts we will sell $10 off coupons to be used at area restaurants we have fiats out, next to each art cart people will be able to decorate those with magnets. >> they are encouraging people to get involved. >> absolutely >> almost as if you want them to own the mission that of grace. >> absolutely. we want people to be a part of what we are doing this is big fundraiser makes all our programs, so we need people to support it >>ly check in with my cartist these lovely ladies over here. claudia, pj and erica, and what is even more special about them they are volunteers. so tell me about what you volunteer to do for grace >> i am working on the art carts this year and helping kids get all of the equipment together, and i also work on the explore more program. >> why do you choose to give up your time this way. we can all volunteer for a lot of different things. >> grace is very important art
9:54 am
in schools is so important and brings creativity of the kids. >> really as you can see it on their faces when they are proud to have work they have done. >> pj you are serious what is your inspiration. >> finding ways to make it look exciting so people come and buy their gift certificatedonate to grace >> erica i don't wantforget you your favorite thing about the festival. >> the artists. you cannot find the best artists any where else, 200 of the nations awesome contemporary artists just great >> right here all in one space. >> right here all in one space. >> so you heard jamie, thank you ladies i don't want to interrupt your creativity too much. you are hard at work. about the $10 donation which gets you a certificate to participating restaurants, roberto is with me the chef what are you offering up. >> we are going to have home
9:55 am
made ravioli, butternut squash, nutmeg, walnuts, and then it will be stuffed with butter and sage sauce and doe may toe sauce, -- tomato sauce and also a warm chocolate almond cake served with rum infused chocolate sauce, cream anglai sectionse. >> rum -- andlaise. >> rum infused? >> yes, you have to be over 21. >> how did you know i was under 21. >> we feature home made pasta, pizza, bread. >> rum infused sounds better. here is what you need to know our website we have a link to grace so you can find out more about the 21st annual, northern virginia fine arts festival. come out enjoy more fox 5 morning news after the break andly enjoy this.
9:56 am
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>> take me out to the ballpark or nationals park. a live look right now, tony, tucker, sue, giving their weather presentation to students part of our weather day at the park look at them there on mic. about 100 or so people the crowd is growing in anticipation of the afternoon game against the astros. >> padres. >> padres that's right. >> okay. this looks like so much fun >> it does. >> looks like fun for the students >> lots of red. >> the game time, better be practicing. >> you heard that pitcher say don't hit the ground. don't bounce it. >> or they will boo you >> that's fun. >> hope you guy haves


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