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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 15, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> thanks so much for joining us tonight at 10:00. here's brian now with the news edge at 11:00. a community is taking action tonight after a vicious beating in their d.c. neighborhood. with the attacker still at large the neighbors are worried and as fox 5's wisdom martin reports, police have a plan. >> it's disturbing video that residents say is still hard to watch. thursday afternoon building cameras capture a 36-year-old man being viciously beaten. police say it started when the suspect threw a beer can on the ground near an alley at 14th and w. the victim tried to get him to pick it up and that's when he was attacked. >> it's not to happen. it doesn't show any respect for another human. that's what's so shocking. >> reporter: randy brown is the victim's friend and lives in the area. >> it's really difficult for me to watch, to see a friend of yours beaten like that. >> reporter: the suspect is still on the run. brown and several other members of the community attended a community meeting at the police station nearby. >> i really want to find out
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what leads they have, what suspects they're looking for, what they're doing to work with many other public agencies to get the word out. >> council member jim graham, police leaders and detectives spoke with concerned residents in the area about the crime and what's going on on w street. >> i was somewhat alarmed just for the fact that he was asking the guy to do something that wasn't really, you know, didn't seem like it was an unreasonable thing to ask somebody. >> i'm just concerned about the crime in the area. i live here. this is my home and i want to make sure it's safe, make sure d.c. is doing all they can do. >> police say tomorrow investigators will be knocking on doors in the community looking for information. they will also be passing out flyers with a picture of the suspect and patrolling the area throughout the day. city leaders say they won't tolerate this kind of crime. meanwhile the victim is out of the hospital and his friends say his jaw is still wired shut and d.c. police are offering a
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reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. police arrested a man they say orchestrated a hit on another man. michael rusnac now charged with solicitation to commit capital murder. police believe he hired an acquaintance to do the job last week. detectives believe the motive is an ongoing feud. monitoring metro tonight with the latest on a major malfunction on the red line during a morning commute. as the train was cruising underground several doors flew open on two cars full of passengers. fox 5's bob barnard with more from tenleytown. >> reporter: it happened just after 9:00 this morning as a northbound red line train was headed from van ness here to the tenleytown metro station. a metro rider, monica arpino, sent this picture via twitter to the d.c. metro blog spot. the door is open on the right. riders don't seem too phased by it. metro is not sure why this
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happened calling it an uncommanded door opening. there were apparently multiple door openings on two railcars both being the oldest series 1000 cars. metro says this is an extremely rare occurrence, highly unusual, hasn't happened in recent memory. still as you can imagine, metro riders a little shaken by the news. >> i would have been scared if that had happened to me. even if i was a passenger sitting, i would have been scared because that shouldn't happen. >> i'm from new york city, so i take the subway a lot. i don't think anything like that's happened in my memory, but i definitely would be scared. >> reporter: what do you think when you hear that? >> dangerous. . they should do something about it. >> metro says nobody was hurt this morning. the train offloaded at tenleytown. the then was taken to the yard at shady grove where engineers have been inspecting the entire train trying to figure out what happened and why, brian. residents of d.c.'s ward 5 have a new council member tonight. fox 5's karen gray houston back
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from the board of elections. >> the voters in ward 5 have spoken and kenyon mcduffie is the winner of tonight's special election. he will replace disgraced former councilman harry thomas, jr. who was on his way to prison for theft. with more than 44% of the vote this appears to be a decisive victory. there were 12 names on the ballot and he trumped them all with his closest competition delano hunter garnering 20% of the vote. ward 5 has been desperate for leadership since tom top stepped down in scandal -- harry thomas, jr. stepped down in scandal back in january. mcduffie is a lawyer. he worked most recently for deputy mayor for public safety. he was thrilled at his victory tonight but modest. >> i feel good. it feels like the work is only about to begin. >> reporter: did you expect it? >> i didn't. i felt confident ward 5 voters wanted a new day and wanted somebody who would stand firm on integrity and i felt confident that we had a campaign that was going to work
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harder than any other in the race. >> the board of elections still has to count provisional and absentee votes to certify the election. district council didn't need to raise taxes in the new city budget. parking fees, more speed cameras and red light cameras are supporting the $11.9 billion plan will include funding for uninsured immigrant healthcare and affordable housing programs, but day two of the special session in maryland ends with tax hikes looming. the senate passed a budget package that increases income taxes on those making more than $100,000 a year, also splits teacher pension costs with local governments over four years. the house has to debate the measure now. lawyers for former presidential candidate john edwards say they'll decide tonight whether edwards will take the stand. his daughter is expected to testify tomorrow. fox's jonathan serrie has the latest on the trial from north carolina. >> reporter: the defense for john edwards insisting the former presidential candidate did not know about the secret funds used to hide his affair.
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john moylan, a close friend testifying the former senator was surprised when he heard about the money from wealthy heiress rachel bunny mellon and the defense continues to attack the prosecution's key witness andrew young saying he had a motive to keep much of that money for himself. according to young's financial records presented by the defense, he was nearly $50,000 in debt in 2006, but he began construction on a $1.6 million home the following year. another witness, edwards former executive assistance, elizabeth nicholas testifying she found young dishonest. today edwards daughter kate was also on the witness list, but she did not take the stand. she could potentially be called tomorrow. they might be putting on his daughter to show the mindset of the edwards family and the concern of the embarrassment that would come out if the fair came out. so i think it would help -- if the affair came out. so i think it would help by putting the daughter on because it gives the jurors a frame of
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mind. there's a high likelihood edwards might testify and she might roll out the red carpet to his testimony. >> on the defense's potential list of witnesses for wednesday mistress rielle hunter, former aide andrew young and john edwards himself, but defense attorneys say if they don't call these witnesses, they will rest their case wednesday. in greensboro, north carolina, jonathan serrie, fox news. the medical reports are finally out in the trayvon martin case with details on george zimmerman's actual injuries. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> court records show that george zimmerman had black eyes, a broken nose and two cuts on the back of his head after he shot trayvon martin. zimmerman did get medical treatment the day after the shooting in february. abc news reports the medical records were part of evidence released today. zimmerman is charged with second degree murder. he is claiming self-defense. fairfax county police arrested two men after a sexual assault in merrifield. we told you about the attack in the 2400 block of gallows road friday night. the victim says the men robbed
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her after the assault. now 34-year-old revalino posada and ruben castro are charged with rape and malicious wounding. metro opened its first bike and ride facility at college park station. the parking structure is secure and allows cyclists to leave their bikes there without worrying about thieves. each cyclist get their own card for access to the garage. the phenom just pennies per hour and -- the fee? just pennies per hour and there are security cameras, bright lighting and emergency call backs inside. if you stay home with your kids instead of going to work, should you be denied a local credit card? find out how a group of local moms are fighting this. >> heads up on the eastern shore, do we have another round coming tomorrow? i'll the mr. you know. i'll let you know. >> this is fox 5 news edge at 11:00.
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the 2013 sl. should stay at home parents be able to get their own credit card? right now the law says no. they have to ask the breadwinner first. so today some frustrated moms made sure their voices were heard. fox 5's beth park we are what they did. >> reporter: holly mccall has two full-time jobs. one is named alexander, the other jonathan. she's a stay at home mom who used to work in the financial
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services industry even though she knew a bit about the business. >> i was a little stunned at first. >> reporter: she was surprised when her application for a credit card in her own name was denied. >> i've got a really good credit history. >> reporter: that word denied was in bold print tuesday when mccall and the others showed up at the consumer financial protection bureau near the white house with a stack of petitions. 50,000 signatures from people who want the government to let banks count household income for adults applying for credit cards. amy flower with came dressed as a '50s houseame from called >> it has long term impact because this means a person is not building and maintaining credit in their own name and if something were to happen to their spouse, divorce, death or even domestic violence, that would significantly impact a person's ability to be on their own. >> reporter: this law was not set up to target stay at home parents it. just sort of worked out that way. it was originally designed to
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protect students from getting into too much debt. >> a few of our most notable stay at home moms right now, michelle obama and ann romney, although their family incomes or household incomes are high, under this interpretation of the rule they would not qualify for a credit card. >> this really isn't just about more credit. it's about fair and equal access to credit. >> reporter: mccall says they'll keep pushing for change in the regulation. that's when she's not busy at her other job, full-time mom. in washington beth parker, fox 5 news. a commitment from the white house to push for better alzheimer's care. shawn yancey has your fox 5 top five. >> we're starting off with a major boost in the five against alzheimer's schools. no. 5, the obama administration announced a brand-new strategy today, providing better treatment, more research and more help for current and future alzheimer's patients and families. the government is launching a brand-new website with everything you need to know about the disease. no. 4, asthma has a major impact on
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the u.s. the proportion of people with asthma in the u.s. jumped nearly 15% between 2001 and 2010. the disease also accounted for more than 3,000 deaths and nearly a half million hospitalizations in 2009. more than 12% of u.s. adults have been diagnosed with asthma. no. 3, facebook is upping the price of its ipo to 34 to $38 a share. originally the price was estimated between 28 and $35. the high ircosts will raise nearly 13 billion -- the higher costs will raise nearly $13 billion. the ipo is expected to be ready for trading friday. no. 2, alexandria is no. 1 when it comes to enjoying a good book, arlington is no. 7, d.c. is no. 9 on the rankings of best read cities. romance novels especially popular. no. 1, more families road tripping it this morning. you can make it more affordable
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with these road trip apps, exit scout, and yelp and yp will help you find better gas prices and that's tonight's fox 5 top five. >> looks like the last bit of this rain on the radar and we'll get it out of here. >> mostly down through lower southern maryland coming across the bay heading over to the eastern shore in a weakened state, but it was dropping some very heavy rain, hail, high winds and a lot of lightning. we'll show you all that in a moment on radar. there could be some isolated showers and storms tomorrow afternoon because another front is on the way. nice looking shot there. i like seeing those clouds and at least the clouds are settling down. we could have a fog around tomorrow morning, too, because it's a huge amount of rain that dropped especially down to our south. we took all of this across stafford and culpeper into
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charles county across to st. mary's county. you're getting rain now, too although it's quite a bit weaker. over to sentinel radar, also lightning a concern tonight. lightning is winding down. you can see why we had a little activity north of the district tonight, by and large, much of this was south and east with the exception of the storm that went up around the balance area. now as we watch this lightning -- baltimore area. now as we watch this lightning over the last couple hours, active but diminishing somewhat. as we get in tighter, we still have heavier rain around drum point area in easton, everything moving east, northeast and away. as we go through the night, it's going to settle down. we'll put our radar in motion for the last six hours. you can see how it concentrates just south. so doppler was estimating right in these regions where these storms took a long time to pass through one, two and in some cases 2 1/2 inches of rain. we'll see if that verifies tomorrow, but clouds will hang tough overnature. could be some fog if we get a few -- overnight. could be some fog if we get a
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few breaks in the clouds. at 11:00 tonight there's a nice handle on what is happening to our south and east on futurecast. run this out to 7 a.m. and the clouds may still be hanging around, but there will be some brightening of the skies and along and west of interstate 80 the sun should be out in full by morning. the rest of us it's out by 12 or 1:00 if not earlier. we do have a front coming through around 5:00, 6:00, could touch off a few more showers and maybe an isolated thunderstorm. we also see that front here at 11:00 tomorrow night, but you can see nowhere near the coverage tomorrow that we saw around the region tonight. boy, is that going to be a refreshing change that comes into town that hangs around thanks to high pressure right through the weekend. as we get into the weekend, high pressure is going to slip off the coast and we'll warm up this weekend. we found the warm side today at 79 degrees. it should be a warm one
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tomorrow. we're going for 83, warm and maybe a little humid tomorrow as well, but front coming through later in the day will chase the humidity out of here. so a couple showers, maybe a couple storms with this front, again nowhere near as widespread as what we had today and then bring on the good stuff for thursday, friday and saturday and yes, even sunday. now it does warm up as we get into the weekend. we're back up to 80 degrees and sunday 81 degrees and maybe that humidity becomes a little more noticeable, but a beautiful stretch of weather on the way. it looks like we won't have to dodge too much in the way of rain tomorrow. we certainly had plenty tonight south of the city. that it is your five-day forecast. we'll send it over to feldy now, big day for the nats. how did they do? this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with dave feldman. >> thank you. stephen strasburg had issues on the hill today, more than just an eight minute rain delay. there happened to be the matter also of some hot stuff, opinion traiting ointment, that according to davey john --
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penetrating ointment that according to davey johnson accidentally got in the wrong place. what in the world? it's a fly ball to left center field, three nats are in the air, but there's a communication breakdown. roger bernadino was the closest. still top of 1st, rain halts the game with a dicey situation. strasburg trailing 1-0, bases loaded and the full count and two outs. after the short delay the next pitch, john baker up the middle, brings in two runs. strasburg goes four innings allowing seven hits and four runs. he struck out five. the nats lone highlight was bottom of the 5th, down 5-0 bryce harper, who had his first major league home last night does it again today, a blast to center field, solo home run, second of his career, but the nats fall to the padres 6-1. lindsay murphy saw it all from nats park and has more. >> reporter: stephen strasburg's eighth start of the season proved to be his toughest. not only was it his shortest outing, but he gave up the most
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hits and runs all season. his four earned runs equaled his total from the month of april. >> it's something i think i can learn a lot from this outing. i just got to find the positives and just remember that there's always going to be days like this where nothing is really going your way. >> all the balls he was getting went and that's why he kept going to the bag and it was wet. so one thing led to the other. >> reporter: strasburg suffers his first loss of the season now 3-1. the nats have won four of their last six. from nats park lindsay murphy, fox 5 sports. orioles hosting the yankees bottom of the 5th, o's lead 2- 0. j.j. hardy with a screaming line drive off the wall in left field. xavier avery scores. orioles in front 3-0. top of the 6th now chin facing swisher and it's a line drive and chin snags it!
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chin goes seven innings and improves to 4 -0. orioles defeat the yankees 5-2 and now 1-4 at home against new york. saturday the nationals play here on fox hosting the orioles in the battle of the beltways. game time 7 p.m. don't go anywhere. when we come back, one of the redskins all time great receivers receives yet another honor. you cannot get enough art monk. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to keep from driving all over for the best deals. you don't need to run around.
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redskins wide receiver art monk inducted into the pro football hall of fame back in 2008. today he received a college equivalent. monk was one of 14 players selected to the college football hall of fame, began his career as a running back at syracuse, then as a senior receiver earned all american honors in 1979. he had 1,140 rushing yards. nba playoffs, heat hosting the pacers, 3rd quarter, dwayne wade has his pass stolen by
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paul george who goes the distance. pacers outscored the heat 28-14 in the 1st quarter. they built an 11-point lead. final seconds heat down three. it's mario chalmers who attempts to tie it, but it's no good. pacers cool the heat 78-75 to even the series at one game apiece. a loss ends miami's 13-game home winning streak in the postseason. maryland ford ashton announced he will transfer to a school near his home in the bronx to take care of his mother. i'm dave feldman. brian is back with more of the edge after this. have a good night. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does.
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taking the edge off tonight with how not to drive a lamborghini. streets of chicago proved too much for that driver. bam! wedged that $200,000 ride in between the two cars. no excuse. see you tomorrow.   >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.
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