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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 16, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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of that and be surrounded by the true heroes and the naval officers, it was great. >> now, i'm like oh, my gosh, i don't know what i'm doing wrong because there is a professional right here. that was really good though. they were very, very helpful. >> reporter: using superstar rihanna, she can add action hero to her resume. >> i want to try comedy. it seemed seems like something that would be fun to shoot. >> reporter: in hollywood, william la jeunesse, fox news. good morning. it is wednesday, may 16th. a live look outside right now at the washington monument. lights are flickering. going to be a warm day, upper 60s right now. what's in store for your wednesday, hump day, wednesday,
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as we like to call it? we are about to find out. >> i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's get more on your weather. should be a pretty nice day. we had a couple of days of rain. i think we can take a break, don't you? >> yes, it will be warm and humid though. >> one more day. tomorrow is the real payoff day. >> you say humid, you are just soliciting the hair comments. >> i didn't have to say anything. everybody out there knows. i'll give them a break this morning. >> yes, lots of warmth and humidity later today. we'll check back y n -- we'll check back in with sarah's hair in a minute. >> thank you. >> we might see another storm later today. i think most of the day will be dry and most of the region should be dry later as well. there you go. you can see, we've got one or two leftover sprinkles there in northeast maryland. that is about it. a warm and humid start to the day. you will notice the humidity when you walk out this morning. 56degrees at reagan national. the humidity, 90%.
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wind are out of the south and west at six miles per hour. and we are looking at a decent day today. and you are going to notice the warmth as well. temperatures in the mid-80s. could be an isolated storm this afternoon by about 4:00 p.m. as we get into the nighttime hours, the real cool air will get in here and the payoff is the rest of the week. >> thank you, tucker. it is flip-flops and shorts weather. >> you will find a lot of folks with the sun roof open and moon roof open as well. if you are travelago long the capital beltway, lanes are open on the beltway between college park and bethesda. this is a live shot of traffic coming inbound along 66 leaving manassas headed eastbound towards centreville. no incidents to report at this time so our lanes are open and traffic is flowing freely headed in towards the beltway. you will found southbound along 270, nice nice, easy drive coming in out of clarkburg. maintaining posted speed headed
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south from 109 through to clarkburg and continuing out towards germantown and out towards montgomery village. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. >> thank you. we are monitoring a disturbing malfunction on metro this morning. multiple doors flew open while the train was still moving. >> it happened yesterday morning on a red line train traveling to the tenlytown station. >> reporter: engineers are still checking over the entire train even though the malfunction only happened on two of the cars on the train. it was headed northbound from the van ness station here to the tenleytown metro station. it happened just after 9:00 on tuesday morning. a metro vieder sent a picture via twitter to the metro blog. it shows the riders holding on. multiple doors on two of those
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train cars opened while the train was speeding down the tracks. metro says they are not sure why this happened. they are calling it an uncommanded door opening. trains often have a mix of railcars. the ones on this train that malsphurchged are the oldest in the system, the 1,000 series. metro says this is an extremely rare occurrence, highly unusual. hasn't happened in recent memory. long-time riders say it is one more frustration. >> i don't got how they spend all this money fixing the trains but everything come out the same -- the ones on this train that malfunctioned are the oldest in the system. >> everyone was offloaded here and given and given transit to where they were going. the 1,000 series cars that are the oldest in the system are scheduled to be replaced. we'll check to see how many of the cars are still left in the
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system. that is the latest for us here in northwest. back to you. >> all right. thank you. after months without a representative, residents of d.c.'s ward 5 will soon have a new council member. kenyan mcduffie easily won the special election to replace harry thomas, jr. unofficial returns show he received nearly 45% of the vote. delano hunter was a distant second with 20%. mcduffie is a 36-year-old attorney. he says ward 5 residents are ready for move past the harry thomas, junior junior scandal. >> one of the things i heard most over the last three months is about integrity. people want to send somebody down there who will be and honest independent broker. a lot of candidates talk about accountability and integrity. i've got a track record of doing those things. of a been a civil rights attorney for the u.s. department of justice where i've held state and local
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governments accountable. >> mcduffie will be sworn sworn in after the result are certified on may 30th. d.c. leaders passed a budget that also lets bars stay open later. the city council is using the expanded alcohol sales to balance next year's $9.4 billion budget. the city had been facing a deficit of $170 million but a statement from mayor vince gray thanks the council for not adding any new taxes or fees. the new budget has a backup plan in case the federal government shuts down. maryland lawmakers are one step closer to approving a budget bill. house of delegates is expected to vote on their version of the bill today. this after maryland's senate approved a package yesterday that would increase income taxes on people would make more than $100,000 and also split teacher pension costs with local governments over four years. today is scheduled to be the last of the day special session. police have arrested a man they say orchestrated a hit on
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on another man. police believe michael ruzniak made the arainesments last week. detectives believe the motive as an ongoing feud. police arrested a man they say was videotaping his female coworkers in the bathroom. police say this man, matthew burkemeyer placeed a small video camera in the rest room at the woodsboro bank. he is charged with 36 counts of private place recording with sexual intent and one count of stalking. a tragedy in southern maryland can serve as a lesson for any parent. listen to. this a 3-year-old boy died tuesday after he got out of his car seat and was hit by an suv. charles county sheriff's officials say the boy's mom had stopped their vehicle on sugar berry street in waldorf. she got out to give something spot mailman and during that time, the boy unbuckled, got out, went around the back of the vehicle and was hit by an oncoming suv. that is just devastating.
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>> a nightmare. our thoughts and prayers go out to that family. a call for drastic cuts in the u.s. nuclear arsenal. that is coming up next as we check more headlines. >> more fallout in the j. p. morgan chase $2 billion trading loss. we'll tell you who else is now being investigated. we'll be right back. 
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an influential panel calls for a reduction of u.s. nuclear weapons and an elimination of all nuclear armed intercontinental blastic missiles. they argue that america doesn't need more than 900 nuke hare weapons in a post-cold war world. republican mitt romney wins the nebraska and oregon primaries. most of the oregon's 25 delegates will now go to romney. but nebraska's 32 delegates will not be determined until a convention in july. romney has now all but chin wered the nomination and he is well on the way to winning the 1144 delegates needed to become the official gop nominee. and george w. bush gave a
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spontaneous endorsement of romney. after speaking in the district, he was getting on an elevator when a supporter asked who he would support, and he replied i'm for mitt romney. the federal government is investigating what caused the large of the bank in the united states to lose $2 billion. lawmakers today are expected to debate how to regulate banks big enough to take down the broader financial system. the hearing was scheduled before j. p. morgan revealed their trading misfire to say the least. timothy geithner says the latest incident bolsters the case for tougher regulations. acrime in progress and a good samaritan to the rescue. coming up next on fox 5 morning news. >> somebody jumped out of the bushes and tried to steal her purse and i refused to allow that to happen. >> his asks placed him smack in the middle of danger and he has the wounds to prove it. details coming your way next. good morning w a warm and
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humid start to your day. it should be a bright and sunny day. i'll have details on the forecast and julie wright has a look at your traffic. effect running smoothly as we've got dry conditions to start your day. what makes hershey's s'mores special?
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taking a look outside right now. the humidity is going to be up there today along with the temperatures this morning.
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so we'll see if this trend is going to continue. first though, before we check in with tucker, downts to the final flee on american idol. next week will be the finale and you want to tune in for that because you could have the chance to win a vip ticket package to see aerosmith in concert at jiffy lube live. you need to watch the finale. log onto to answer a question about the performance to register for your chance to win the concert prize pack. aerosmith. >> that would be so cool, so iconic and you know they would probably be great. >> oh, absolutely. can you imagine the show they would put on. >> i've seen them a couple of times. >> have you really? >> sure. they've been around forever. >> tucker has been around a while. >> oh, yes. yeah, they're great. >> so is the weather going to stick around. >> they were younger when i saw
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them. but so was i. >> steven tyler is holding up though. he doesn't seem to change that much. >> we are humid and warm this morning. close to hot this afternoon with temperatures in the mid- 80s. 56 right now in washington. -- 65 right now in washington. got a lot of 16s this morning. manassas, dulles, 61. culpeper, you are 61 degrees. let's keep it going. 61 in frederick. and 63 in leonardtown. so we are off tie mild start. this is not showing you the humidity but our dew point temperatures are way up so we've got plenty of water in the atmosphere. it will be another very warm and humid day. our afternoon highs yesterday were close to 0. today, they will be close to 85. we'll push temperatures up another five degrees or so up ahead of our cold front. satellite-radar, a couple of bands of moisture. a big one yesterday that came through early in the morning. we've got a few more showers and storms going in the afternoon yesterday. here is our actual cold front. can you kind of see it out
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there north and west of cincinnati. it will bring some much cooler and drier air and that will arrive later this ache. we could kick up a thunderstorm today but most of your day should be dry. -- and that will arrive later this afternoon. futurecast not looking like it wants to develop any storms but the possibility of a few storms later today between about 3:00 and 7:00 and then here comes our cold front. you can see it coming. that looks like that will come through dry. behind that front be the cooler and drier air moves n a beautiful payoff for the end of the week with temperatures in the mid-70s and low humidity. partly sunny skies, chance for an isolated storm later today. most of the day should be dry for you. i think most of the region should be dry. 58 the daytime high. winds out of the west at five to 10. they will pick up out of the north and west as that cold front comes in. we'll get down to 57 overnight so our temperature will be a little cooler. then here we go.
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nice couple of days. 57 on thursday. friday, saturday and sunday look great way nice warming trend around here by zipped. 82degrees. that is nice running weather. all right. that is a look at your weather forecast. julie wright, good morning. >> honey, fix your hair. >> oh, is it a mess? it's early. >> you look like you've been running. all right. good morning to you. on the roads, you will find that the lanes are open in each direction. no problems to report as you travel between tyson's and 270. out are loop looks good headed out to the toll road. you will find that your lanes are open if you are traveling inbound on the dulles toll road traveling in from 2 to the beltway. easy commute out on 66 coming in from manassas. the volume is increasing but still main stain training speed headed in towards fair oaks. -- still maintaining speed headed in towards fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. check this out. if you are planning to hit the road during the upcoming memorial day weekend, you are
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going to have a whole lot of company. aaa has released a survey showing about 30 million americans plan to drive to their destination this year. that just sounds like the beltway traffic, doesn't it? that is up more than a half million drivers from last year. the increase may have a little something to do with this, the declining gas prices we've seen over the past few weeks. the national average sits at $3.73 a gallon. that is down 17 cents from just a month ago. now, that really adds up when you get a tank of gas. the average in d.c. down 27 cents. in virginia, down 32 cents. and maryland drivers are paying an average 29 cents less than last month. >> i note id just a little bit of relief. just a little bit. >> every little bit counts. coming up, customers -- actually right now, acustomers at a popular bar on capitol hill are coming to the rescue of a man would had been serving them their drinks. >> he is a good samaritan and he risked his life to protect a patron a little more than two
5:21 am
weeks ago. his medical bills are piling up. laura evans has his story this morning. >> somebody walks somebody home from here all the time or from wherever else, just a gentleman thing to do. >> reporter: that is what mike boone offered to do for a woman leaving trusty's bar a popular hill east watering hole. it turned out to be a simple matter of wrong place, wrong time. >> we got about a block from here and somebody jumped out of the bushes and tried to steal her purse and i refused to allow that to happen. >> reporter: boone says the fight lasted probably less than a minute. he doesn't remember much, just heard the screaming. >> when the girl started screaming, i realized i had been stabbed multiple times. within a few seconds, i eventually just collapsed on to the ground. and that is about all i remember until i woke up in the
5:22 am
hospital the next day. >> reporter: pictures show the multiple stab wound. boone suffered a collapsed lung. he was hospital eyed for four days and still face a long recovery. >> could be anywhere from $20,000 to $100,000 in medical bills. >> a fundraiser is being held tonight at 7:00 at trusty's which is 1420 pennsylvania avenue in southeast. >> all right. trusty's is the place to go. got to help this guy out. bop didn't want to mention the name of the woman he was walking home last night because clearly, she was so shaken by the incident. she says she has now become a friend for life. >> i can imagine she has. some stay at home moms getting an unwelcome surprise in the mail. their credit card applications denied. >> they say it's case of discrimination. we'll explain as we continue. [ female announcer ] today is the day...
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with. controversy now. a live look outside. that is not controversial. that is an early start to the commute. so far, looks pretty good there. going to be warm out there. here is the controversy. and a question. can should a stay at home parent be able to get their own credit card? right now, the law says no. they have to ask the breadwinner first. >> so some frustrated moms made sure their voices were heard. beth parker with what they did. >> reporter: holly mccall has
5:26 am
two full high pressure time jobs. one is named alexander and the other jonathan. she is a stay at home mom who used for work in the financial services industry even though she knew a bit about the business. >> i was a little stunned at first. >> reporter: she was surprised when her application for a credit card in ore hen nape was denied. >> i've got a really good credit history. >> reporter: that word denied was in bold print tuesday when mccall and the others showed up at the consumer financial protection bureau right near the white house with a stack of petitions. 50,000 signatures from people would want the government to let banks count household income for dolts -- adults applying for credit cards. >> it has longton-term impact. this means a person is not building and maintaining credit in their own name and if something were to happen to their spouse, divorce, death or even domestic violence, that would significantly impact the person's ability to be out on
5:27 am
their own. >> reporter: this that you was not set up to target stay at home parents. it just sort of worked out that way. it was originally designed to protect students from getting into too much debt. >> two of our most notable stay at home moms right now, michelle obama and ann romney. although their family incomes or household incomes are high, under this interpretation of the rule, they would not qualify for a credit card. >> this isn't just about more credit. it is about fair and equal access to credit. >> reporter: mccall says they will keep pushing in the change for the regulation when she is not busy at her other job, full- time mom. this may have someone feeling a little embarrassed. >> melanie alnwick is following our big story this morning. >> reporter: metro riders on alert this morning after some doors popped open in transit
5:28 am
yesterday morning. we'll have the latest on the investigation when fox 5 morning news returns.  [ male announcer ] u.s. olympian gwen jorgensen
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the sky is starting to lighten up just a bit out there on this wednesday. warmer temperatures as you wake up this morning and it will be a warm one out there today as we take a live look over northwest d.c. right now. tucker is on top of your weather. he has been keeping an eye on it and also trying to stretch
5:31 am
after his big day at nats park for the big weather day out there. so-- >> thank you for stretching. >> thank you for getting here. >> i had to fix my hair. >> i know. the humidity. >> julie called me out if a bad hairstyle this morning. i was -- for a bad hairstyle this morning. i was trying to fix it. >> you got a big crowd out there? >> we had a great crowd for weather day. we'll show some pictures coming up in a little bit. and then a great crowd at the game for the baseball game. >> we crossed our fingers for good weather for nats day. >> it worked out well. i think yesterday, we were trying the seats. >> they put you to work. >> of course. whatever it takes. >> let's get to the forecast real quick for you. our temperatures are in the 60s. warm and humid start to your day. it will be a great-looking day if you like summertime heat
5:32 am
because we'll be in the mid-80s this afternoon with lots of humidity. 65 right now in washington. there are some 50s. win chester, 59 degrees at this hour. looking at our radar, shower activity, very limited. looks like we might have a sprinkle up near frederick and one or two showers along the low are eastern shore. a decent start to your day. a partly sunny day today. you will feel the water in the atmosphere so it will be a nice humid afternoon for you. generally dry. i don't think we'll see more than a passing storm. 58 your daytime high. 87 in fredericksburg. a big cooldown tonight and a great-looking forecast for you. >> sounds good. i think a lot of people are thinking ban iced coffee this morning. >> not for julie wright, just straight apple juice all the way. it's got you going, doesn't it? >> that is what gets knee going. later on when it is hot and 85 degrees, it is a --
5:33 am
>> a spiked apple juice. >> that happens on the weekends. someone's got to get up early now. on the roads, you will find lanes are open. no problems reported here at the american legion bridge. they they are checking for a crash. 66 is in food shape. your lanes are open southbound 95, 259 coming in out of laurel. no problems reported inbound on 50 leaving annapolis and bowie headed for the beltway. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. raffic. >> thank you. residents of d.c.'s ward 5 have a new council member- elect. kenyan mcduffie easily won the special election to replace disgraced harry thomas, jr. mcduffie received nearly 45% of the vote, twice the number of
5:34 am
his closest competitor. he is a 36-year-old lawyer who most recently worked for d.c.'s deputy mayor for public safety. he was modest in victory. >> it feels good. >> did you expect it? >> i didn't. i felt confident that ward 5 voters wanteded a new day. i felt confident that they wanted somebody who would stand firm on integrity and i felt confident that we had a campaign that was going to work harder than any other campaign in the race. jot board of elections still has to count provisional votes and absentee votes before certifying election on may 30th. mcduffie will join us in the studio to talk more about his victory and platform. that is coming up live during our 8:00 hour this morning. in the district, city council approved expanded sales of alcohol and balanced a $9.4 billion budget. mayor vincent gray's office thanked the council for not including new taxes and fees and says it closely tracks the mayor's priorities. d.c. was facing a $170 billion
5:35 am
budget gap. chairman kwame brown says the extended alcohol sales will allow bars to stay open longer. in maryland, lawmaker there are one step closer to approving a budget bill. the house of delegates is expected to vote on their version of the bill today. this after a maryland senate approved a package yesterday that would increase income taxes on people who make more than $100,000 and it would split teacher pension costs with local governments over four years. today is scheduled to be the last day of the special session. a crime crackdown into n. a northwest d.c. neighborhood after a vicious beating that was caught on camera. police are now going door to door today handing out flyer ways photo of the suspect. this all started when a man flew a beer can on the ground near an alley at 14th and w last thursday. victim tried to get him to pick opportunity and that is when he was attacked in the head there and kicked on the ground. well, several concerned members of the community attended a meeting at the police station. the victim we are told out of the hospital. friend say his jaw is wired
5:36 am
shut. d.c. police are offering a reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. on it's metro ride passengers will likely never forget. they were en route to the tenleytown station when multiple car doors flew open. that is where melanie alnwick is live with the latest on the investigation into this malfunction. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the malfunction really just happened on two specific railcars. it was the doors on those railcars but nonetheless, metro has taken the entire train offline up to the shady grove station to be inspected. the signal goes through the entire train. it is not car specific. they are trying to figure out what happened here. the train was headed northbound from the van ness station here to the tenleytown station. ate metro rider sent it to the metro blog.
5:37 am
it does show the riders holding o multiple doors on two railcars open while the train was cruising down the tracks. metro says it is not sure why this happened. the train often have a mix of railcars. the ones on this train that malfunctioned are the oldest in the system, the 1,000 series. metro says this is an extremely rare occurrence, highly unusual, hasn't happened in recent memory. people who ride the train say it could have been a terrible accident. >> it is scary. i mean if anyone was leaping on the doors, i know they say don't lean on the doors. but every day, there is somebody leaning on the doors. if there was someone leaning on there at that point, i don't know what would have happened. >> reporter: metro says nobody was hurt. the train again was offloaded here at tenleytown and those people given transit to where they were going. 19,000 series railcars are due to be relaced. they are the oldest in the system. it was two years ago when metro said that replacing and
5:38 am
retiring all of the 1,000 series railcars was the agency's top safety priority. that is the latest from northwest. back to you guys. >> thank you. a man driving a lamborghini gets a little too revved up. it was caught on camera. >> we'll show what you happened when he did a little showing off at a stoplight. plus, a deadly truck accident hundreds of feet underground. we are checking more headlines on the other side.  [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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some hiv tests making headlines this morning. it could give you results in 20 minutes. and fda panel is giving preliminary approval for the home test kit. it use as a mouth swab and even though it is not considered as accurate as a professional diagnostic, the 17 members of
5:42 am
the fda panel voted unanimously to give the preliminary approval. a mining accident now in kentucky leaves one woman dead. the victim identified as 37- year-old angela common. she was driving a dump truck in the mine when it overturned. she was ejected from the truck and then run over. officials say the equipment common was operating was new and had just arrived at the mine. they are investigating the accident. common had four children and a grandson. wait until you see this. an expensive loss of control for one lamborghini owner. ghin >> i got that on video. >> you did get that on video. >> people in another car recorded him revving the think enat a stoplight in chicago. they got a good laugh utah out of t he crashed right into two other cars at low speed
5:43 am
thankfully. the car worth about $200,000. >> maybe now $100,000. i don't know. >> look at that. that is what you get. you know they're just chuckling away. i love how they turn back around and come back with the car. >> they knew that he caught it on camera. >> her a like let's circle back and get this again. >> hopefully, that wasn't a test drive. can you imagine you are just off the lot. another rope to cut down on sugar. maybe this moose problem. it maybe this is my problem. >> can too much sugar make you a little less smart. we have a look at your weather and traffic. stay with us. time now 5:43. now 53. ♪
5:44 am
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let's play ball! exciting times for the fox 5 weather team at nats park. >> that was tony giving the play ball announcement. all part of our weather day with the washington nats where tony, tucker and sue get a chance to meet and talk with
5:47 am
hundreds of local school kids. >> as for the game itself, the nats fell to the padres 6-1. stephen strasbourg gave up four runs and seven hits. he lasted just four innings matching second shortest appearance of his young career. bryce harper homered in his second straight game. >> we didn't bring them the good luck that they needed. you did bring them some nice weather. >> it rained for about five minutes during the game. everybody ran underneath the annings. the sun came out and it was hot and humid. >> like a baseball game should be. >> it was warm out there. i want to thank everybody who came out there and thank everybody for the words of encouragement with the first throw. >> you did well, my friend. >> made it to home plate. not sure for it was a strike but it made it. >> looked like a ball to me, a
5:48 am
little high. >> we've got some pictures a little later. we have some on our facebook page if you want to see whether or not we have pictures of the kids that came out yesterday. 65 right now at reagan national. 61 in gaithersburg. continues to be 61678 that is the winning number north and west of the city this morning. 61 in culpeper. 63 this morning in fredericksburg. warm and humid day. going to be even warmer than yesterday. today, about 85. and lots of humidity out there. i don't think we'll see much in the way of thunderstorm activity. although it is not completely impossible we could see an isolated storm later today particularly east of 95. band one of rain came through yesterday and we had a second band kind of emerge late yesterday afternoon. that is now up into new york city. the actual cold front still off to the north and west. it is off towards cincinnati and chicago. that will get in here later tonight. today will be a warm and humid day. the front will come through
5:49 am
generally dry later tonight. when you get up tomorrow, the payoff begins. lots of sunshine, perfect temperatures in the 70s and low humidity around here for the end of the week. could be a shower later today with that front and then high pressure builds in and here we go. winds will be out of the north and wets tomorrow and it will feel fabulous around here. thursday, friday, right into your weekend. we'll be looking at lots of sunshine. your forecast for today, partly sunny skies. could be an isolated storm a little later today. 859 daytime high. that is warm and humid. winds out of the west at five to 10. notice the wind out of the north and west. the cooler and drier air starts to work n57 the overnight low. here is a great-hooking five- day forecast. thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, lots of sunshine. low humidity. and just about perfect conditions here as we get into the weekend. that is a look at your weather. let's do some traffic and see what julie wright has to off you this morning. >> all right, tucker. on the roads, we've got some problems. if you are traveling the outer loop of the beltway south of
5:50 am
bradley boulevard south of 270 head out towards river road, the accident is in the process of being moved on the shoulder. already a slow roll headed around the big curve headed out towards river road. inner loop, lanes are open, no problems to report there. 66 eastbound, look at that fog settling in here. no problems to report. traffic will slow closer to the rest area and again through centerville. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. it seems that eating too much sugar can make you dumb apparently. that is according to researchers at u cal berkeley. they found that lab rats given a steady diet of high fructose corn syrup lost their memories and some rats got omega 3 fatty acids to boost the bran functions. the ones that got the fatty acids were able to make it through the maze, month problem. the others got lost even though both groups trained on the maze six week earlier. >> that would explain why i can't function after a sugar
5:51 am
high utah candy they are showing is the candy i eat, the jelly bellys. >> i love those. now, a movie, what to expect when you are expecting. >> up next, one of the couples in the romantic comedy sat down with our kevin mccarthy. but the conversation got a little off track. you don't say. [ husband ] i don't talk to them as much as cindy does. good morning, chickens!
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welcome back. time now is 5:54. the new movie, what to expect when you're expecting opens this weekend. its creators turned the popular advice book into a row manhattan incomedy. chase crawford and anna kendrick play one of the couples in the film. >> kevin mccarthy attempted to get them to talk about how the conversation got started.
5:55 am
but it turned into theirent counters with the paparazzi. >> it is interesting to watch your characters be thrown into this unknown world once you find out you are pregnant. both of you guys have to go down this path you are not sure about. when you first came into the business, what was that moment when you realized this is my path but i'm he scared and i have no idea where i'm going to go from here. >> i mean i guess when -- oh, the first time that i ever got like paparazzid or whatever you call it. i don't know what the verb is was in an ikea. like so glamorous. i'm in ikea. and like the guy was like taking pictures of me in the ikea. i was like what is happening? like this is so weird. what are you doing? i like went up to him. because you are apparently not supposed to do that. you are supposed to be like oh, gosh, how embarrassing.
5:56 am
i was like hi. what are you doing? can i help you? and he was like oh, hi. i guess you're new to this. >> here is your introduction. >> that was the low point in your realization. >> this is a weird relationship. >> we're like we're all supposed to pretend. a twilight cast member told me that somebody like -- it was the guy who was knew to being a papparazdo. he came up to this twilight cast member and was like hey, so, how do you want to do this? and this cast member was -- he was like i guess you take pictures of me without myson consent. >> you be creepy and i'll do my thing. >> i don't really know how to do this for you.
5:57 am
>> the insight into the life of a movie star. >> i know. cute story but i guess she also has to learn to stay on topic of the movie. >> maybe we'll talk with kevin a little bit more about the movie. your coffee could soon cost less. we'll explain ahead in our 6:00 hour during this morning's business beat. first, it is time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. there she is. nancy johnson gaskins. she has been watching fox 5 for decades, she says. >> she says she and her grandson neville and her daughter ricana are all celebrating birthdays in may. >> happy birthday and thanks for watching. stay with us. we'll be right back. [ mechanical humming ]
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