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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 16, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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wilson bridge. good morning i am sarah simmons in for tony perkins. >> and i am allison seymour. tucker barnes has the latest. i was so happy to see the weather held off for you guys yesterday at nats park. >> thank you. yeah, it worked out with a lot of sunshine. got hot yesterday afternoon. will get hot around here later this afternoon as we expect highs mid-80s bring along the shorts if you can as it will feel more like summer time than spring. current temperature regan national, we are hanging out in the 60s. 65 degrees but you saw that live shot still a lot of water, humidity, 90% and fog in spots. that will quickly burn off winds out of the south and west, 3 miles per hour. generally quiet conditions, partly sunny start, later today i think we will be generally partly sunny as we've got, we are sort of in between system,
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a cold front will get in later this afternoon that could kick off an isolated thunderstorm. most of the day will be dry, warm and humid, highs as mentioned in the mid-80s. cooler weather on the way. details coming up in a couple minutes. daytime highs, 85 washington, 87 fredericksburg, 86 la plata. speaking of, traffic and julie has your latest. >> sunny and 85 who can come lain. >> it is perfect. on the roads crew in sky fox checking out our drive coming in along 66. good morning to our team once again as you work your way eastbound. we were in fog a few moments ago coming eastbound, 234 to manassas. now we are into the sunshine. you will be coming through the fog into the bright sun glare as you head in towards 123 through vienna. in the clouds, fog and bright sunshine keeping you guys on if brakes, headed -- guys on the
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brakes headed eastbound. let's update the drive, northbound 395, across the 14th street bridge. nice and easy headed for southeast, southwest freeway. 295, delays to 210. suit land parkway to the inbound 11th street bridge. travelling south, 270 if you look closely you can see we have delays forming, falls road headed out towards the lane divide. no incidents at this time. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thank you. it is a metro ride passengers will not forget. >> they were enroute, when multiple car doors flew open. melanie alnwick is live with the latest on metro's investigation into this malfunction. good morning. >> good morning. metro says no body was hurt in this incident. some people alarmed by it, none the less. the train was off loaded at the stop and the entire train was taken to the shady grove rail yard for inspection. engineers are going to check
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the entire train, involved in yesterday's incident even though the doors malfunctioned on just two cars. a metro rider actually sent a picture via twitter to the metro blog. it shows a door open on the right with riders holding on. it happened after 9:00 a.m. the train was headed northbound when those doors flew open. it was described as multiple doors on two rail cars. metro calls it an uncommanded door opening. now the trains usually they are 8 cars they have a mix of rail cars, the ones on this train that malfunctioned are the oldest in the system the 1,000 series, metro says this is an extremely rare occurrence, has never happened in recent memory. july 2010 they took all of the 4,000 series rail cars out of service because inspectors noticed there was a short circuit on the door motors that could have caused those doors to open while the train was in
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motion. they came up with a fix for that and put those cars back in service but metro says the 4,000 series door motors are not the same as the ones on those 1,000 series cars, those 1,000 series cars, sarah and allison are the ones that are the oldest in the system, involved in that deadly crash in 2009 but that was not a malfunction issue that was crash worthiness. there is a lot of things they have to look at here. was it the door motor, short circuit or something with the circuit on the train. we expect we will find out, when engineers continue their inspection of that car. back to you. >> thanks so much. now for a check of the mornings other top story, dc police stepping up the hunt for a suspect caught on camera, beating a man. this started when the man threw a beer can on the ground near the alley of 14th and w last thursday. the victim was attacked after he tried to get him to pick it up. police held a community
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meeting, to give updates, officers are going door to door handing out flyers of the suspect. >> meantime police in prince william county arrest a man they say orchestrated a hit on another man. he is now charged with solicitation to commit capital murder. police believe he made arrangements last week hiring an acquaintance to do the job. detectives believe motive was an ongoing feud, he is behind bars without bond. heart breaking starry out of charles county. a 3-year-old boy was killed in waldorf yesterday after he was hit by an suv. the little boy's mother stepped out of their car just for a moment to hand mail to a postal worker. the boy was buckled in his car seat but unbuckled himself climbed out of the car and walked on to the road where he was hit the driver did stay on scene. residents of dcs ward 35 have a new council -- ward 5 have a new council member, ken
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january mcdid you have phi is a lawyer who most recently worked for d contractions deputy mayor for public safety. -- dcs deputy mayor for public safety. >> it feels good. like the work is only about to begin. >> did you expect it? >> i did. i felt confident ward voters wanted a new day. i felt confident they wanted someone who would stand firm on integrity and that we had a campaign, that was going to work harder than any other campaign. >> barring a recount or surge by another candidate. mcdid you have any will be sworn in may 30th. dc council did not need to raise taxes. instead parking fees more speed cameras and red light cameras will support the $9 billion
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plan. it will include funding for uninsured immigrant health care and affordable housing programs. they approve sales of alcohol. last day of maryland general assembly lawmakers are hoping to pass a budget bill. house of delegates expects to vote on their version of that bill today. yesterday senate approved a package that would increase income taxes on people who make more than $100,000 a year. and split teacher pension costs with local governments over four years. on capitol hill another debt ceiling debate. key members of congress are warning it may be time to do it all over again. >> this fight promises to be bigger than the last. >> reporter: president obama has a to do list for congress he is inviting a bipartisan group of leaders to the white house to lay it out. at least one republican things the president's priorities are off base.
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the president is reducing his presidency to the size of a post it note. >> john boehner had strong words for president obama yesterday, saying congress is preparing for an ugly battle over the debt ceiling at the end of the year. the president is missing in action. >> this is the number one challenge facing our country and he is worried about all kinds of little thanks. >> reporter: treasurery secretary, tim geithner said he doesn't need to get involved. >> only congress can act to raise the debt limit we hope they do it this time without the drama, and the pain and the damage, they caused the country last july. >> reporter: all that so called drama and pain doesn't scare the speaker. >> we should welcome it, it is an act enforcing event in a town that has become famous for
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inaction. >> reporter: they warn republicans should act sooner than later. >> the games that were played by house republicans, these apparent glee with which some of them approach the prospect of america defaulting on obligations are not one the president is willing to entertain again. >> reporter: speakerrepublicans can gut all they want but must support the programs. on the hill today a key house committee debating bank regulationtiming is just right following the $2 billion trading loss at jp morgan chase. today's hearing in the subcommittee was scheduled long before the trading loss. fdc, justice department and fbi are investigating. time 7:09 a.m., controversy over one of this year's
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commencement speakers at georgetown. word the regions catholic archbishop is getting involved. final preparations get under way this weekend's g 8 is creating a sense of fear and panic. we will tell you why next. >> new details emerging in the trayvon martin case. next how medical records could help defense of the neighbourhood watchman charged in that deadly shooting. >> as we head to break, a live lookout side, the latest weather and traffic from tucker and julie. 7:10 a.m., we will be right back back
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the trayvon martin case is back in the headlines with new details about the man who fatally shot the 17-year-old. george zimmerman had a pair of black eyes a nose fracture and two cuts to the back of his head after the shooting which he claims was in self-defense .
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he was treated at a family practice. zimmerman is charged with 2nd degree murder. in a race for republican presidential nomination, mitt romney picks up two more primary victories, oregon and nebraska. in the meantime he continues to gain more support. yesterday george w bush endorsed romney, it was the first time that president bush spoke publicly about this year's presidential race. a war of words between the president of georgetown university and washington catholic archdiocese stemming from georgetown inviting health and human services secretary to be one of its upcoming commencement speakers. conservative catholics took issue with her being selected because she wrote the obama health care reform. on monday georgetown's president issued a statement saying she was invited before the conception debate erupted a
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few months back her appearance did not mean the university endorsed her views. in a statement yesterday the washington archdiocese called the decision to invite her shocking and said the real issue was an assault on religious liberty. 7:15 a.m., tucker barnes. >> good morning. >> hey tuck. >> how did you do yesterday with the pitch? >> you haven't seen it yet? >> i haven't. >> i mentioned earlier, i was sore from all the high fives i gave out because people were so appreciative i didn't bounce it three times on the way there. i was nervous. >> it was great. >> this you go. >> all right. >> it got there. it wasn't a fastball by any means. >> but it got there. >> good. >> i was nervous too. i was surprised how nervous i was. the mound is high. temperatures, we are in the 60s right now, 66 regan national, focus off to the north and west, 50s pittsburgh,
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57 degrees, chicago 51. cooler and dryer air is on its way. it won't get here today. in fact, we will be warm and humid later tonight, and particularly tomorrow and for the rest of the week into the weekend, we will be in for cool dry air. something to look forward to if you have enough of the early heat and humidity. yes. i felt that yesterday too. sentinel radar, a couple rounds of showers and storms north and east of us, still dealing with warm and humid air mass. it is possible we could see a thunderstorm later today most of the day will be dry and region will be dry. 10, 20% chance of a storm and that front gets through later tonight and brings us cooler and dryer air. the 5 day forecast, 85, 75 tomorrow, less humidity friday, saturday and sunshine, temperatures just about perfect. >> i like when you use those words. >> and the weekend. >> thanks tuck. >> good morning julie wright how is it looking. not too bad i hope i didn't
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just jinx us. we had some delays but for the most part we are incident free with the exception of a wreck reported 28, inner loop of the belt way slowing braddock to gallows, average speed, 21 miles an hour and those continuing forth bound, 395, as you work your way from the belt way headed out toward it is 14th street bridge, a 12 minute commute. overall, not a bad ride in virginia, if you are travelling across the 14th street bridge here is a live camera shot. the pace not so bad crossing over the potomac. you will find lanes are open as you continue into southeast. bridges look good, 295, slowing from 210 to the naval research lab. suit land parkway to the inbound 11th street bridge. lanes are open 95 and college park. right now through the little foggy area, definitely seeing delays from falls road headed out towards the split. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks. dcs annual pothole palooza campaign to repair roads coming
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to an end. the month long effort, wraps up tomorrow. they made an effort to repair potholes within 48 hours. as of may 11th the city filled theory 2,000 potholes. there is more drama in the debate over metro's silver line. a new report from department of transportation raises questions about the agency running the project. metropolitan airports authority is in charge of extending metro out to dulles and beyond. the authority doesn't have a good way of tracking how it awards contracts how much it pays for board member travel and expenses and doesn't go far enough to expose conflicts of interest. >> world leaders will descend on fed rick county. some final preparations under way, the excitement is growing for people living near camp david. >> reporter: the two day g 8
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summit at camp david kicks off friday. communities surrounding the area are getting ready for the event but already have their hands full, as a number of nearby colleges are holding graduationceremonies. >> we knew this weekend would be a busy one any way. some of our properties were forecasting sell outs and it has been a few years since we have been forecasting sell outs with the economy. >> reporter: while the area is used to large gatherings it is likely they have not seen something of this magnitude. it includes 8 heads of state and throng of media. >> we have presidential visits here on a regular visit. that the part is not new. we have foreign heads of state that visit, so that also is not new for us, the thing that changed and different, is the number of people that are involved in this specific event. >> reporter: national park and joining state park near camp david already shut down for security reasons. state, local federal police are
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on alert as protestors are expected to hold demonstrations the prospect has local businesses concerned for safety. >> we live in a day where people want to be noticed and recognized and do not care to what extent they are noticed or recognized. yes, we are elevated to a little extra security here. >> and right after the g 8 summit ends saturday all the world leaders immediately head to chicago for the nato summit also hosted by president obama. time now 7:20 a.m., wednesday morning, special honor for a soldier killed in the vietnam war. why it took over four decades for the army specialist to be recognized. more safety measures ordered for the militaries most advanced fighter jets. why the pentagon is limiting where the f-22 can fly. this weekend your chance to meet some of the world's best authors. holly has the details on the
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gaithersburg book festival. we will be right back 
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later on this morning or later this evening the marine corpses is celebrating 10 -- corps is celebrating 100 years of aviation. don't worry if you see something unusual in the skies that is going on. first a wreath laying ceremony set for 6:30 p.m. in arlington then an hour later, aircr attack cobra helicopters and jump jets will fly around the district. anyone around rossland, arlington cemetery or ox land hill should be able to see them. the u.s. defense secretary ordered the airforce to curtail flights of f-22 raptor fighter jets. pilots complained of dizziness and fainting spells in the cockpit of these. so far the military has not
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pinpoint what had is causing it. he also ordered the airforce to speed up installation of back up oxygen generators for the jets. president obama will award the nations highest military honor to a pennsylvania soldier killed during the vietnam war, four decades ago. he died protecting his conrads from an ambush in cambodia in 1970 this is a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day. he was shipped to war 30 days later. his unit recommended him for the medal of honor but wasn't until recently a researcher discovered files about this military person, and earlier, oversight was corrected. his widow and brother are expected to attend today's white house ceremony. time 7:25 a.m. on wednesday. coming up recap of yesterday's weather day, at nats park. watch tucker throw out the first pitch coming up next. >> plus the race to the white
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house heats up attack ads popping up in key battleground states. and the rest of the we can's big political headlines,. as we head to break, a live lookout side the latest weather and traffic from julie and tucker next
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>> that is is great. >> nice wind up. >> there you go. okay [ applause ] >> a little high but i will give it to you >> high on the outside. >> i am not suggesting that it was -- >> it is great i am just giving you a hard time. that is tucker barnes throwing out the first pitch yesterday at nats park and a nice one. no bounce to the plate, no triple dips, what a thrill. tucker had the honors after he, tony and sue presented the 2nd annual weather day. >> big thank you to nationals for letting me throw the ball and to sue and tony everybody that came out we had a great time. >> how did it feel to hear your name on the loud speaker like that. >> obviously, i was nervous,.
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>> did it make you nervous. >> i was nervous i heard stories about people who had thrown the ball it bounced three times on the way to home plate and so i didn't get a chance to practice and i was just -- i ran out there and -- >> you did a great job. >> yes, you did. >> i was very much relieved. >> how were you the only one with a jersey. >> i don't know. >> we got to ghetto any a jersey. >> -- get, tony a jersey. >> he yelled play ball. i gave him a choice he passed on throwing the ball to home plate. >> he knew he might not make it. >> that was the thought i had too. let's take your temperatures and we are warm and humid starting your day, going to be a warm afternoon temperatures mid-80s this afternoon, and plenty of humidity out there as well. one more day with this early summer preview and then the cooler temperatures will arrive and the dryer air most importantly the drive drier air will -- dryer air will arrive
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overnight. 50s in the map, off to our west, dulles, 59 degrees and martins burg, is 57. want to thank our friends in front royal we had big groups yesterday. good morning to you, 63 leonard town. looking at our -- i don't know what we are looking at. let's put that map in motion and that was a satellite radar showed showers and thunderstorms off to our north and east, out of here this morning and now we are awaiting the arrival of our cold front but up ahead of this front today we will have enough warm and humid air across the area we could pop up, an isolated thunderstorm it is a possiblability but honfully most of the day should be dry and sunny really in the night time hours that front will come rolling through i don't think it will spark off more than a few sprinkles behind it that cooler and dryer air works in. much less humidity cooler temperatures starting tomorrow highs only topping out in the mid-70s tomorrow that is after a hot one today. 85 this afternoon, partly sunny
7:32 am
skies isolated storm. winds out of the west 5 to 10 miles per hour and then partly cloudy skies, cooper overnight dryer air starts to -- cooler other night drier air starts to work in. 10 to 15, how is this, 75 tomorrow sunshine, 77 friday, saturday and sunday just about perfect low 80s, with bright sunshine and low humidity for the weekend. all right that is a look at your weather let's do traffic and julie wright has your latest. >> what an impressive arm. >> thank you julie. >> i am like really impressed. >> i give out more high fives forgetting that ball across the plate. >> than you do getting the weather right. >> exactly. >> you did good tuck. >> thank you. on the roads you will find lanes are open, 395, coming across the 14th street bridge. no problems across the potomac. lanes are open. let me map out problems unfortunately, accident activity reported georgia
7:33 am
avenue and emory lane north of the belt way, inner loop of the belt way, slow going from spring field, average speed at braddock, downtown to 20 miles an hour. 395 not a bad ride at all. you will find your lanes are open and find southbound along 270, below speed leaving german town, father hurly boulevard, 370 s falls road to the split that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. presumptive gop presidential nominee, mitt romney said president obama steered the nations economy toward disaster supporting higher federal debt. the white house countered, blaming over spending on romney backed tax cut for the wealthj and pricey wars in -- wealthy and pricey wars in iraq and afghanistan. democratic political strategist peter feen. >> good morning. >> and already nickering
7:34 am
political strategist, jim innocenzi. what was funny about what i read. >> we were just laughing at tucker. i blame those guys for that weather delay in the first inning and that is why the nationals lost. so that is what we were laughing at. >> got you i thought it was something about the two political candidates going back and forth. good to see both of you. >> we would never snicker at you. >> not at me. >> pete certificate a different story. >> -- peter is a different story. >> peter. i think it is kind of weird if you look at the covers lately, they have nursing mothers of 3-year-olds and so they are trying to -- >> they are pulling out the big guns. >> exactly. but i will tell you the interesting thing about this whole question of gay marriage and gay and lesbian rights, i think republicans are making just an unbelievable mistake here. it may help them a little bit
7:35 am
in the short run or play evenly in this election cycle but if you look at the change in this, you had 62% of the folks against gay marriage, 30% for just 5 years ago now that has flipped around, the american people now almost majority of them support it, if you look at interacial marriage, 1958, gallup started polling, only 4% of americans at that time, favoured interacial marriage. you know, the train is leaving the station on this stuff. young people think what are you talking about, so, what i think is happening here, is that barack obama is taking a tough stand, he is getting hit for it, certainly amongst republican base. but basically, he is doing the right thing and you know it is politically in the long run a terrific move for the democrats and a terrible move for folks like mitt romney who even switches, i mean he even said
7:36 am
he would allow adoption, and two days later after liberty baptist he comes back oh, no, i am not even for that. >> can i ask you a question, what were you drinking at the baseball game yesterday? because you -- >> diet coke. >> are you serious? are you kidding me? you support this rant for two and a half minutes how this is great for the president and bad for republicans, jim where do you think the issue is going the train has left the station >> it has? >> you think -- >> how come -- >> rights for gay and lesbians in this country are going to go down? you will have to jump all over me. >> he is passionate about it jim. >> i am. >> every state that they had it on the ballot it has gone down even in california. >> correct. >> so why is it that this helps the president. you know what he did, he raised $21 million off this position.
7:37 am
that helps the president. everybody knows he did it for political expediency. if he really believed in the issue so passionately as passionately as you did peter he would have been pushing in for the last 3.5 years he hasn't. he is just doing it for political expediency like a lot of politicians do. i think the next net of this whole thing doesn't really matter. if the president really cared why doesn't, hopefully maybe same sex couples who are unemployed will find jobs but that ain't going to happen either. >> let's talk about the back and forth politics of it. we are seeing these new ads being rolled out by the administration, attacking romney's record at bane capital. what is the truth here and how far does this go? because he is attacking romney on the very thing that romney says he can make better in this country. the economy. >> the truth is what you saw in the washington post. the post even said the video that the president did, was a lie. there was -- they extrapolated
7:38 am
stuff. i think the issue is a valid issue, but what happens in this situation, and i think this happens not only with the president but a lot of campaigns they tend to stretch the issue to the point, to make the point and the president's got a problem because, he is not seen as a credible messenger because he hasn't done the good things he said he did. so the bottom line is, and the romney people need to continue to talk about it, in general, romney was a success in creating jobs as a business person. frankly you don't want a president who has done a bad job you want someone who has been successful. you will see that more and more. >> peter it is effective when you see someone deeply emotionally moved, about losing their job, health insurance, part of their pension. the race for united states senate in 1994, between ted kennedy and mitt romney. >> that's right >> was very very close. that was the low point of ted kennedy's senate race.
7:39 am
he came back he won that race by 17 points when folks learned about what bane capital was all about. bane capital is about putting money in their pockets, and making money. fine. but it is not about creating jobs. that is very clear. the ad that we are talking about here, is very specific, about a kansas city steel company. 750 jobs lost, shut down folks losing pensions and $12 million going in the pockets of the bane capital executives. now, that ad, is not the -- >> but the point is he wasn't even in charge at bane capital at the time. >> it was during the 1990s he was part of bane. >> the washington post -- >> look he set this stuff in motion. he was there during the 90s. he is going to take responsibility for this as he has to take responsibility for the state of massachusetts which went from 34th in job
7:40 am
growth to 47th under his leadership. >> so is the president going to take responsibility for the jobs -- >> 4.2 million jobs created under his leadership. he won't -- i tell you what he won't do, he will not take credit for the 700, 800,000 jobs lost in the first two months that came out of bush but he has said, we need to move faster we have to do better. there is no question about it. but jim i think the point of this, to the question is, bane capital -- >> what was the question. >> bane capital is a legitimate issue in the campaign. jobs is a big issue. >> of course. >> you and i talked about this. i am not sure anything else will matter. economy and jobs is where this is going. we could talk about osama bin laden, we could talk about gay marriage, talk about all these other -- >> we have heard both candidates say that. we will have much more time to talk about this next week gentlemen. peter feen, jim innocenzi.
7:41 am
>> love a good fiery debate. how you can enter to win vip tickets to see aerosmith live in concert this summer. senior prank not so funny for drivers, what some students in missouri did to cause a major traffic jam. fox 5 morning news continues after the break k 
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7:44 a.m., in the roger clemens purgery trial the key witness returns to the stand today to face defense cross- examination. brian mcnamee got a brief taste yesterday. clemens attorney questioned him for 10 minutes before court was dismissed for the day. defense is expected to attack his integrity and motives, clemens long time strength coach claims he injected the star pitcher with steroids and human growth hormone by the way, a second member of the jury has now been dismissed. juror number one was released from the panel for falling asleep. >> not funny but the way you said it. >> it was a little funny. a high school senior prank set off a major traffic snarl in missouri.
7:45 am
50 students road bikes, skate boards and scooters, to school on a highway yesterday, drivers stuck in the mess were of course very upset, irate. the kids didn't break any laws they say they have more pranks up their sleeves too. the school principal is threatening to not allow those students to graduate if they try another. >> can you imagine if that happened in dc traffic would be paralyzed people would not be laughing. >> they would not thing it is funny. right outside st. louis. >> yep. >> okay. >> senior week. >> i know but still that effects a lot of people. >> i mean it is not just effecting those seniors. >> you are right. >> everybody trying to get to work. >> usually the pranks are at school aren't they? >> yeah. >> not like on the highway. >> no. >> i was well behaved in senior -- >> please you were not. >> sarah does not believe that. chef >> you don't either. >> she shouldn't believe it. >> your forecast, temperatures 60s, we've got a lot of humidity, a little fog to start your day. we will wind down the fog and be left with partial sunshine today and a warm and humid
7:46 am
afternoon. 66 right now washington. 59 out at dulles and ocean city maryland, 66 degrees, a gorgeous weekend if you are one of the lucky people going to the beach. future cast, put it in motion for you, generally a quiet day although, just like yesterday on the warm and as mentioned, really hot humid side later today temperatures expected to be warmer than yesterday. here we are at 5:00 p.m. tonight, up ahead of our next frontal system which you can see just off to the north and west, southern pennsylvania, we could pop up a thunderstorm. it is a possibility later today we could see one or two ace lited storms then -- two isolated storms then a front comes through cooler and dryer air on the way tomorrow and the weekend, going to be a gorgeous four days here, with temperatures in the upper 70s to 80. lots of sunshine and the best part less humidity. >> that weekend. >> love it. >> thanks tuck. >> let's try to check with julie i am not sure if she is there or headed to the beach.
7:47 am
my guess is she has her flip flops and ready to go. >> tucker said people are heading to the beach i am like why am i not in that car. on the roads you will find we have a little hiccup, southbound, georgia avenue, approaching emory lane, accident activity, along the right side of the road. heads up travelling in, out of albany, no problems to report on the belt way, travelling eastbound, 66, sunshine delays, centerville and fair oaks headed east, 123, heavy volume, 395, 295 below speed, 210 headed out towards the naval research lab. suit land parkway as you continue towards south capital heavy and steady, lanes open. a stalled car blocking the right lane. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks. it is down now to the final three on american idol. next week will be the finale and you will want to tune in. that is because you could have the chance to win, a vip ticket
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package to see aerosmith in concert, at jiffy lube live july 3rd. you need to watch the idol finale on may 23rd, to see aerosmith's live performance log on to to answer a question about that performance, to register for your chance to win the concert prize pack. should be interesting. >> all right. >> hard the believe it is already winding down. >> i know. >> celebration of books writers and literacy excellence. >> holly hanging out in gaithersburg to learn all about it how is it going. >> it is going well. let me tell you, i like this event. here is two reasons why, i've got garrett he published two books in one year's time and steven, he is playing for us this morning but also performed at the white house at the birch mere. both of them will be a part of this book festival in gaithersburg only in its third year but bigger and better than ever. we will show you why live next
7:49 am
time to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day, today nancy says she has been watching fox 5 for decades, she also said she and her grandson neville and granddaughter are celebrating birthdays in may. happy birthday thanks for watching for a chance to be tomorrow's fan of the day head to facebook and post a comment under nancy's photo what about over here?
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sure. no problem. ♪
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that's all the horses sir. ...and the men? all the king's men are here too sir. it doesn't look good. ♪ >> the gaithersburg book festival is this saturday on city hall grounds. >> holly is there to learn about this event. holly i know that you are a major bookworm. you are in our element. >> i am. i know i am a book lover in every sense of the word and this event is a must do.
7:53 am
whether you like to read good books or you are wanting to write a good book we are talking about 100 plus authors, 80 plus exhibitors, 8 different writing workshops, a coffee house for you to be entertained and only in its third year. these people know what they are doing. let me introduce you to the chair of the gaithersburg book festival. >> good porning. >> you have achieved excellence in a short amount of time, 8,000 the first year, 10,000 the second year, 12 plus this year >> i want 20. i always dream big. it is wonderful the way this event has grown. great participation from volunteers who stay up nights to make this great. >> each year you have a new theme or you know, a new little twist. so give us highlights for this year. >> we always have something for everyone. but for example, this year during the politics we have jim layer. >> i can't imagine anyone in dc being into politics. >> exactly. >> sports we have john
7:54 am
feinstein, buzz known for friday night lights, judy free lander, jenny law son. great comedians this year. >> how did you guys get on the map in such a short amount of time. there are a lot of festivals across the nation and you guys have been able to draw people here, to gaithersburg and now only in its third year. >> well, the dc area is full of readers. we are the most literate area in the country. you build it and people will come. we've managed to attract a lot of great authorthe authors bring the fans. >> it is wonderful. and also wonderful this morning steven gelman let's listen to him for a second ♪ [ music ] ♪ steven is from montgomery county a singer and song writer. when his first song came out billboard magazine said he was
7:55 am
intensely sensitive and impressively intelligent we have been impressed this morning. hello thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you have performed at high venues, white house, birch mere. >> i have been doing music full time for a living for several years i play in nursing homes during the day and schools and clubs and coffee houses at night have 6 cds out i love it. >> you will be playing in the coffee house this weekend here. >> yes. >> there is a song references reading. >> yes. it is about the simple pleasures in life, the song and one of my favorite things is reading,. >> well, then you are in good company here. we will let steven go ahead and play again and as we talk about simple pleasures let me hop on over the garrett, he will teach us how to make a drink. >> hi holly. >> he is a self-described, it is important i say self- described, local history dork what does that mean. >> it means i am an amateur historian but love -- very passionate about history and
7:56 am
washington dc region. >> you have written two books within a year. tell me about that. >> they are prohibition in washington dc, how dry we weren't and my latest is potomac river history and guide. that just came out. >> well, in 15 seconds can you teach me how to make dcs drink. >> the rickey is dcs official cocktail. four ingredients a lime, squeeze it into a glass, drop the lime in, add a shot of gin. >> can i see this is tough research you did. >> right. >> and you are going to speak this weekend. >> i will be. speaking at 4:00 p.m. on saturday. >> drop that in. >> you can make this part in advance and then what you do is add the ice. >> all right add away and as he does that i will tell you the festival is this weekend here, on the grounds of city hall in gaithersburg the best piece of
7:57 am
advice, they have free parking and shuttle from lake forest mall. so that is what you need to do hop the shuttle come over here and spend the day. our website we have a link to theirs to find out more, i will take that. and coming up next hour, we will talk more about children's authors two coming and a sports writer coming as well back to you at studios. >> cheers thanks holly. >> results are in. residents of dcs ward 5 have a new councilman this morning. at the top of the hour, kenyan mcduffy joins us live. we will celebrate women's health week and look at why studies show women are their own enemies when it comes to preventative health care. 7:57 a.m., we will be right back
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
we are monitoring metro. frightening moments for some red line passengers when the doors on their train flew open as the train was still moving. plus, dc residents have new representation in city council. kenyan mcduffy one the special
8:01 am
election fore live in studio. >> late they are hour a key to becoming a successful bargain hunter. one consumer reporter has secrets forgetting a leg up on the competition. one of them, make friends with staff where you are shopping. that sounds like a good idea. fox 5 morning news at 8:00 a.m. continues right now. i am will thomas in for tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. i love steve's advice, but if he is going to tell me to try to bargain at regular places like crate and barrel i will not listen. >> one tip, good morning tucker. >> good morning. >> if you make friends with the sales staff they give you the info. >> when the good days. >> yeah. >> i can do that >> i have nothing to add to this conversation. >> please you don't like a bargain >> i do but i am not an expert shopper. >> but weather is looking good. >> thank you warm and humid. >> if you like it warm and humid. >> it's okay. summertime out there, you
8:02 am
can see, that we have a mix of clouds and sunshine, bathing the area, and a lot of watt inner the atmos -- water in the atmosphere. that will be with us for another day. warm, sticky day and then a decidedly different air mass by early tomorrow. temperature regan national, 66 degrees, nice warm start, humidity way on up, 84%, not much wind to speak of. we are not looking at rain showers or thunderstorms, could be a pop up storm later today, most of the area, most of your day should be dry, but possibility of an isolated storm in this summary air mass. humid and kind of hot out there, later today highs mid- 80s. get ready for a steamer, and then, the cooler air gets in here tonight. details on that and a good look at the weekend forecast. >> i always make the girls check our weather gadget before we can see you and sidney said it will be 85 and i said no way. >> yeah, way. >> it will be 84.
8:03 am
>> this was last night. >> okay. >> got to lay the clothes out at night time. >> julie wright is already filling up the kiddie pool. >> i am ready for sunny and 85. no complaining. on the roads right now you will find the accident active aas tucker was talking about the forecast. they just moved it off the road to the shoulder, northbound 395, accident activity moved to the right shoulder find delays as you travel north of the belt way, traffic flows, pentagon to the inbound 14th street bridge. lanes open inbound, south capital headed for the douglas bridge. inbound, suit land parkway as you approach for sterling. a stalled car tieing up the right side of the road. authorities checking for a crash. outer loop of the 50, john hanson highway. looks good. 60 new hampshire headed towards silver springs. we are monitoring metro this morning the transit agency is investigating why several
8:04 am
doors flew open on a red line train while it was moving. this happened as it headed into the tinly town station 9:00 a.m. yesterday morning. metro says they are king diagnostic work on the entire -- they are doing diagnostic work on the entire train. monica, a rider onboard, captured a photo. luckily no one was hurt. now today's top stories, court documents shedding light about george zimmerman's injuries the night he shot and killed trayvon martin. according to court docks, zimmerman had a pair of black eyes, nose fracture and two cuts to the back of his head. he was treated at a family practice. zimmerman claims he shot martin inself defense in february. he is charged with 2nd degree murder. dc police stepping up efforts this morning to catch a suspect, caught on camera, beating a man. it all started when the man threw a beer can on the ground near an alley 14th and w. it
8:05 am
happened last thursday the victim was attacked after all he said was pick up the beer can. we were at the meeting, officers are going door to door handing out flyers of the suspect. police in prince william county arrested a man they say orchestrated a hit on another man. he is now charged with solicitation to commit capital murder. police believe he made arrangements last week, hiring an acquaintance to do the job. the motive was due to an ongoing feud. he is now behind bars without bond. maryland lawmakers are one step closer to approving a budget bill. the house of delegates expected to vote on their version of the bill today, this after maryland senate approved a package yesterday that would increase income taxes, on people who make more than $100,000. and split teacher pension costs with local government over four years, today is scheduled to be the last day of the special session. to the district city
8:06 am
council approved expanded sales of alcohol and balanced a revised $9.4 billion budget. mayor grey's office thanked council for not including new taxes and fees and says it closely attracted the mayors priorities, dc was facing a $170 million budget gap, chairman brown says extended alcohol sales will allow bars to have sales longer. ward 5 new councilmember elect. kenyan mcduffy easily won. that includes neighbourhoods like brent wood, brook land, lamont, you street area. he replaces harry thomas junior and he is here. welcome to fox 5 morning news. >> thanks so much. this is your second attempt you tried a couple years ago came in third you easily won you left your competitors in the dust this time. what are you pledging to do foreward 5. >> restore our residents faith in leadership, bring ethical
8:07 am
leadership to ward 5, work hard to make sure we have an inclusive office, incorporates the voices of all the residents of ward 5, but more importantly make sure we see results. >> you are a native. >> i am born and raised. >> people love a success story that you are sir. you started as a mail carrier while going to law school at the university of maryland. >> yeah, you know what, i learned a lot of things i carried mail as a matter of fact i carried mail in this area and delivered mail to this building. i learned a lot of some of those lessons i learned have carried with me throughout my personal career. working hard. >> who got the most fan letters? got to be allison. >> yeah. >> you worked for the grey administration in public safety what did you do for them and what are doing now. >> i worked as a policy advisor. i worked to -- on things like
8:08 am
concerns about mpd, fire and ems. fire, corrections, homeland security. i worked on policy legislative things with them. right now i was working for a time to win this election i resigned my position in office of deputy mayor. >> your full time job will be that of councilmember. >> no question about it. concerns residents have in ward 5 deserve full time attention. >> your reaction quickly our speed round. some of the topics people are talking about. first harry thomas junior's sentence 38 months in prison your reaction. >> a lot of residents in ward 5 are not focused on this thing that is have happened in the past. obviously they were motivated by those things but they want a councilmember who will focus on ushering in a new day foreward 5, positive leadership that focuses on leadership. >> fair sentence. >> you know what i leave it up to the judge and folks watching to make that determination i am not in the judging business only in concern with making
8:09 am
sure we usher it through. council, would increase traffic cameras, a lot of folks think enough is enough where do you stand on that >> my concern with traffic cameras is make sure they are about enforcing safety if they are not predatory. obviously a lot of folks have concerns about that. as long as we are making sure people are safe in our streets am okay with that. >> final few seconds extended alcohol sales, being pushed by chairman kwame brown. a lot of folks especially adams morgan area hate the idea. >> i think there are some concerns about extending hours. it is something we have to look in depth to make sure, it is something that is supported. residents of ward 5 have concerns. >> ward 5 again congratulations, on the win we will see you again here on fox 5 morning news. >> thank you. >> allison to you. 8:09 a.m., 66 degrees on
8:10 am
wednesday morning. there will be some commotion in the skies today over part of our viewing area. officials want you to know what is going on so you are not alarmed. we will explain that other side of the break. plus a nationwide focus on women's health this week. a doctor will join us in studio to run down the list of tests and procedures women should not neglect. stay with us we will be right back
8:11 am
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maroons are celebrating -- marines are celebrating a hundred years of fly being a ceremony at the war memorial in arlington. a wreath laying ceremony set for 6:30 p.m. and a fly over an hour later. >> don't panic if you see a fly over. it is not the set of a movie it is the real thing but nothing bad. wonder how the skies will be maybe some good viewing. tucker barnes and find out what do you think 7:30 p.m., skies above dc. >> a few clouds, but we will
8:14 am
keep our fingers crossed we get a chance to see it. you know what times the, allison does. >> cuteness factor time. >> that's right. time for cuteness factor of the day. this is 11 month old christian everybody. >> hey, christian. >> a big good morning listen carefully to that music by the way. because you know what he loves more than anything in the world besides his family, his talking elmo. that's right. and if you look carefully there that is elmo's eyes. >> i am glad that is what it is because that could be mistaken for something else. >> that he would be equally excited about around lunch time. >> i get you. >> there is the hair. >> woo. >> all right. his mom says he gets the biggest smile on his face when he sees his beloved elmo. >> okay they got to watch the tape from yesterday when super sized elmo was in here 9:45 a.m. >> you got a hug from elmo
8:15 am
>> i sure did. >> all right christian. thank you so much. your mom and dad, to send your child's picture go to and click on mornings. i like the music. temperatures 68 washington warming up quickly, well into the 80s today, so if you can bring along the shorts do so. it will be warm is humid the afternoon. 68 annapolis, all right, leonard town good morning 64 for you and out to the west, winchester, 63 degrees. cooler temperatures north and west, detroit 53, pittsburgh 59, that is headed our way. so by tomorrow morning our overnight lows will be in the 50s. a lot less humidity. one more day with the warm humid air mass and you can't see it well but just west of cleveland, to our north and west you see a few showers. that is our leading edge of our cooler and dryer air. partly sunny today temperatures mid-80s. yes, there could be an isolated
8:16 am
storm most of your day will be dry and drier and cooler air will get in here later tonight and set us up for a fantastic end to the week and weekend. 5 day forecast, less humidity 75 degrees and we keep the streak going right into saturday and sunday. highs 80 for the weekend. that is your forecast, let's do traffic, some body else who loves elmo, julie wright. >> i do. you know will and i were talking earlier we are having a pool party you should bring over the grill put on some dogs, burgers. >> you want me to bring over the grill. >> you can be in charge of the grill. >> we will talk julie. >> the fire department is close by trust me i have called them a couple times. >> i know they have been at your house more than one occasion. >> true. on the roads travelling the inner loop of the belt way, it is below speed. braddock headed on up to 66, earlier crash, moved over to the shoulder now between the 14th street bridge, a 21 minute commute all lanes are open
8:17 am
southbound gw parkway. we have delays leaving 123 headed back out towards the key bridge. average speed, 28 miles per hour. nothing stopped along the way, travelling the outer loop. no accident activity found so far. 95 to georgia avenue. up in german town, father hurly boulevard and south of middleburg road. so in a lot of families women keep track of medical appointments and other health care considerations but while they lookout for their loved ones, of course a lot of them are neglecting basic health issues of their own. this is national women's health week. dr. marshall with comprehensive women's health joins us with advice on increasing female focus and overall health well cam back. >> good to see you. this -- i don't think anybody will be surprised by that introduction. we are the caregivers we are last on the list but it is time we changed that mentality. >> it is. i talk to women every day and in all the conservations that i
8:18 am
have with them there seems to be a resounding theme, that everyone is so busy taking care of everyone else and everything else, they often put themselves last on the list. it is not good their health suffers. so i think it is important that we have a national women's health week because it is a reminder to women, to be intentional about our own self- care. >> just basic things that you pass along and i like these. when you go to the doctor. first go to the doctor. >> yes. >> when you get there, ask questions don't be afraid to do that. i think a lot of us with all due respect we put doctors on a pedestal we don't want to you know ask too many personal questions but we need to change that thinking. be prepared and talk about concerns. can we lab rate more on this too. -- elaborate more on this too. what kinds of questions should we talk about and should anything be off limits >> no, first of all i think it is really important to have a doctor that you trust. and that you can have a good
8:19 am
rapport with. the doctor patient relationship is really important. first select a doctor you feel comfortable with. once you do that, a lot of those issues go away. but i think nothing is off limits. i think it is really important to be honest with your doctor, because certain screeningrecommendations may change depending on what risk factors if you are a closet smoker that may be important for the doctor to know. i think it is important to disclose your sexual history to your doctor. a lot of things need to be communicated in that visit. >> and just to reassure people listening there is a huge doctor patient confidentiality here. >> absolutely. >> what goes on in there, the conversation stay in that exam room >> absolutely. >> important to know that too. some tests that we need to be getting, we know the routine ones the pap smears, mammograms what else is on that list. >> okay. first and foremost i think it is really important that women
8:20 am
go to the doctor. i think there is so much value in that annual check up, a lot of times people think oh, my doctor doesn't do anything during the physical but, there is a lot of information that is gleamed from that physical just by checking your vie at the signs for example -- vital signs for example. blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, pap smears, mammograms all those are important. >> we often think of breast cancer as the disease that mostly afflicts women but that is not necessarily the case either. >> right. heart disease is the number one killer of women. knowing your blood pressure, your cholesterol, heart rate having a doctor listen to your heart, listen to your lungs all those are really important. >> that is what we should get every year. >> yes, it is important to understand the screening guidelines are just that. they are guidelines. some times those guidelines may change a little bit, depending upon your own personal medical history, your risk factors and
8:21 am
also your family's medical history. some times they may change a little bit depending upon those factors. >> also as we age. other things come into play, osteoporosis, bone health, menopause. >> absolutely. believe it or not there are still vaccines recommended for adults >> i did not know that. >> yes >> all these things you can learn during women's health week. thanks for soming in. >> thank you. >> i will try to get my own family members to listen to your good advice today. dr. angela marshall, with comprehensive women's health. time now 8:21 a.m., star witness on the stand in the roger clemens purgery trial, find out what he told the jury coming up here on fox 5 morning news. later this hour a book lovers dream, holly morris live with a preview of the gaithersburg book festival we will check with her as we continue live look right now back in a moment [ female announcer ] fresh flavor gets an exciting twist
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8:25 am
by jp morgan's loss. at 10:00 a.m. the hearing in the house financial services subcommittee was scheduled before the bank reported the $2 billion loss. the sec, justice department and fbi are investigating the trade. john edwards attorney say their case is winding down but we still don't know whether the former presidential candidate will testify when the trial resumes today. last night edwards lawyers were expected to make a final decision on their witness list but have yet to comment. potential witnesses that could be called edward's former mitt stress, eldest daughter, edwards himself, he is accused of using donor money to hide his pregnant mistress during his 2008 presidential campaign. key witness in the roger clemens purgery retrial returns to the stand. he will be cross examed by the defense. they are expected to attack his integrity and motives. clemens long time strength coach claims he injected the former baseball great with
8:26 am
steroids and human growth hormone. clemens is accused of lying to congress about using performance enhancing drugs during a hearing back in 2008. 8:25 a.m., 68 degrees out there. getting warmer. nats star pitcher out of the game after 4 innings. the problem he was reportedly suffering from some discomfort. it is all the buzz online today. we will explain after the break. >> you are going to be especially squeamish. consumer reporter, steve, with some tips all of us especially bargain hunters need to know. stay with us [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian mebkeflezighi
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woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. this next sports report might make you squirm. nats lost to the padres, yesterday 6-1. strausberg gave up 7 runs and 4 hits.
8:30 am
manager johnson said strausberg was uncomfortable after he took some hot heat rub ointment put it on his legs and quote it went to the wrong place traveled up. bryce harper was one of the right spots, homered in his second straight game. nats begin a series against the pirates tonight. >> oh, great. >> yeah. >> not so good. >> yeah. >> not pretty. >> before the game, fox 5 hosted the second annual weather day at the park. tony parker and sue were there. let's take a look. >> all right. tony kicked off the game, and check this out i got the honor of throwing the first pitch. >> nice. >> that was after we had our morning presentation and there is sue joining us. i want to say a big thank you to everybody that came out to join us. including the nationals and
8:31 am
tony and sue it was a fantastic event. big success. the best part was the baseball this year which was cool afterwards. >> tony trying his hand. >> tony got pumped up. >> screech was happy too he got a weather lesson. >> that was great. >> you got your baseball signed. >> there you go. >> looks like a whole lot of fun. what was that. >> i was a blessing that i managed to throw the the ball and cross home plate. >> you were warned if that ball bounced they would boo you. >> my arm was sore from all the fist bumps and high fives i gave out after i threw the ball. >> that is a good thing. people had your back. >> people were warning me ahead of time. >> can you imagine all the facebook profile picks these guys are on taking those shots with the kids. >> they were great. >> a lot of autographtony and sue were signing people's arms and a forehead. >> signing a forehead? >> you know, his mother is going what on earth did sue
8:32 am
palka do. >> it is sharpie you can't get it off. >> it was a great event. >> awesome. weather forecast co- operated yesterday generally today too if you are out playing sports, just isolated risk for thunderstorms. most of your day will be nice and dry for you but feel summary in fact already does. 68 washington check out quantico, 70 degrees, want to thank our friends out in front royal. we had a bunch of schools in front royal come out. big drive for them and thanks for coming out. 61 manassas and dulles, highs warmer than yesterday. yesterday was 80 or about 80 and today about 85. warmer than yesterday. couple of phases of thunderstorm activity and showers moving through. that is out of here. moving to quieter conditions, enough heat and humidity in the atmosphere it will not take much to brew up a thunderstorm. that is our actual cooler and
8:33 am
dryer air. that cool front will get in here 9, 10 tonight. if you are up late you will feel the wind shift by tomorrow morning we will be under the influence of a whole new regime of air. 85 today, partly sunny skies chance for isolated afternoon storm back in the forecast. winds out of the west, 5 to 10 miles per hour. later tonight partly cloudy skies cooler, 57 overnight notice winds out of the west, 10 to 15. we will dry out the atmosphere. it will feel great. 75 degrees, less humidity check out friday, saturday, sunday, sunshine upper 70s low 80s low humidity, that is close to perfect for this time of year. that is a look at your weather let's toss it back to will and allison at the desk. >> thanks. bargain hunting can be a pretty competitive sport. >> but you can win the fight for savings. one man who is suited up for combat is fox consumer reporter steve. he is live in dallas this morning with the secrets to getting a leg up on the bargain hunting competition. >> good morning steve.
8:34 am
>> let me ask you guys have you ever shopped for outdoor patio furniture? this stuff is so incredibly expensive. i have been shopping for months i need like a defribulator when i see the prices in the store. >> you got to find -- >> you got to talk -- >> you got the find the stuff made in china. >> right. we will talk how you can maybe get a better deal than the next guy. work smarter not harder. never be afraid to engage the staff at your favorite store. these people make a living knowing what is going on in that store. you make a living somewhere else so you can afford to shop in that store. so here is what i do i have a good contact at everyone of my favorite stores if i am waiting for something like discounted patio furniture i leave them a list of exactly what i am hoping will come in. give me a call when something goes on sale. call me when the floor model gets marked down when a customer return comes in and gets marked down. maybe when something gets discontinued don't be afraid to engage the staff, and let them
8:35 am
do the bargain hunting for you. >> i like that idea. >> you are a fan of outlets, discounters i am. shoes i got on right now, at an outlet. what's the deal there? how request you sort of -- how can you sort of save the most. >> the best part about shopping at an outlet store is being there when the greatest selection is there. everyone at your favorite outlet stores, when is truck day. i know exactly when truck day is at everyone of my favorite discounters. that is when you want to be there to get the best stuff. truck day is never friday or saturday, it is usually tuesday or wednesday sox, this might mean -- so this might mean a mid-week trip to the store or having a contact, that can be on the look lookout for you. never under estimate these folks want to sell something as badly as you want to buy. >> what about a better price.
8:36 am
>> here is the deal. you will be amazed at how many discounts there are, if you are not afraid to ask. i think that is the big problem for a lot of shoppers they will say well, i don't want to ask for a better deal. why not you want a better deal. ask for it. i do this all the time when i am shopping. i will say hey, i know what the sale price is but is there any way to save more money. can i like you on facebook for a coupon, maybe a landscaper discount. patio furniture store the other day said did you use a landscaper i said yeah, just give us his name we will give you 10% off. fantastic i will sell that guy out for 10%. maybe a student discount or military discount but you have got to ask. some stores even will give you 3 or 4% for paying cash instead of credit because the store saves that money on the interchange fee to the credit card company. >> very nice. we are out of time i love your tie assuming you got that on discount as well. >> actually, it was a sample, a
8:37 am
friend of mine sells ties for a liveling. >> see i knew. inside information from steve. good to see you, thanks for joining us. >> busted. a couple tickets from 8:37 a.m., wednesday morning change in policy when it comes to cell phones and airplanes. a new announcement from one popular carrier after the break. >> also coming up a wedding night ends with murder. now the groom is on the run. the latest from police as we continue does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
8:38 am
8:39 am
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8:40 am
the hunt for a husband of a woman found stabbed to death hours after their wedding. police found the body in a dry bathtub of her apartment on sunday still wearing her wedding dress. the 26-year-old mother of two married him friday she was last seen alive during their wedding, i will saturday. police issue add first degree murder or warrant against jimenez. the government says they don't have to conduct as many emergency drills as before and not as many people living nearby have to be evacuated. the plants now have to practice for terrorist attacks nuclear regulatory commission says the changes are the first since the 1979 three mile island
8:41 am
accident. attention air travelers you may no longer have to turn off that cell phone before take you have virgin atlantic -- take off. virgin atlantic is lifting its ban. right now airbus passengers, new york to london can use their phones. and only 10 passengers during a flight can use their phones. it is a start. >> yeah, you have to full a number like at the deli counter >> my turn. >> hi mom. >> maybe other airlines will follow suit. 8:41 a.m., a good samaritan attacked walking a woman home. >> local man's friends and coworkers are coming together to lend a helping hand. full story for you coming up next on fox 5. holly. hey, you know what allison, nothing beats a good book. you will find a whole lot of them and more when it comes to celebrating the written word in gaithersburg this weekend where
8:42 am
we are live. they are gearing up for their third annual book festival, kids, this is the place for you. we've got a children's author that will join us live and if you are a sports fan we have a sports author that will join us as well. two highlights of this festival, why you want to make it a part of your weekend plans, live next fox 5 morning news [ male announcer ] hot o outta the oven, it's the pizza sub!
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the obama administration is out with an ambitious plan targeting alzheimers the first national strategy will help patients and families. the goal is to have effective treatments by 2025. 5 million americans have alzheimers without more research, 16 million americans could have it by the year 2050, ceo of the national capital chapter of the alzheimers association joined us on fox 5. >> part of the plan includes physicians outreach and part of our national capital area plan includes physicians outreach. there is an opportunity when you go and take your loved ones to the doctor, that there will
8:46 am
be some conversation as well as resources they can use. alzheimers association has a website and 24 hour hotline if you need more information. the group works to educate the public about alzheimers. catholic university in ohio is ending its student health insurance because of president obama's health care law. francis can university says the contraception mandate requires the school to violate teachings of the catholic church and points to high cost from the health care overhaul, saying basic policy of $600 per student would triple next year. washington catholic leaders say they are shocked georgetown university invited health and human services secretary to be one of its upcoming commencement speakers. the archdiocese tuesday blasted georgetown's president over the decision. she angered the church writing the part of president obama's health care reform that requires employers to provide insurance coverage for birth control. the archdiocese describes her
8:47 am
actions as a direct challenge to religious liberty. school is just about out, meaning summer is right around the corner. during this time of the year it is important to stay protected from that hot summer sun. >> but not all sun screen you buy will protect your skin according to the 2012 sun screen guide, released today, by the environmental working group only 25% of the 800 sun screens tested were safe and effective. yep, to make the list, a sun screen must be free of oxy ben zone. can't have vitamin a in it, because that can heighten skin cancer risk. and sun screen must not have an spf above 50 and must have against uva and uvb sun rays. >> you could get a medical degree after reading that story. i will save that script though. raising money for a good samaritan on capital hill. a dc bartender risked his life to protect a patron two weeks
8:48 am
ago. others who frequent the bar are trying to pay back the favour. >> mike ban would normally be tending bar at trusties patrons are preparing to raise money for him because of what he did to help take a look. >> some body walks some body home from here all the time or wherever else, just the gentleman thing to do. >> that is who mike boone offered to do for a woman leaving trusty's bar a popular capital hill watering hole but turned out to be a simple matter of wrong place wrong time >> we got a block from here and some body jumped out of the bushes and tried to steal her purse and i refused to allow that to happen. >> boone says the fight lasted probably less than a minute, he doesn't remember much, just heard screaming. >> the girl started screaming then i realized i had been stabbed multiple times. within a few seconds i just collapsed on to the ground.
8:49 am
and that is about all i remember until i woke up in hospital the next day. >> photos show the 8 stab wounds boone suffered and a collapsed lung he was hospitalized four days, under went countless medical procedures and still faces a long road to recovery. >> it could be any where from 20 to $100,000 for medical bills. >> unbelievable. as those medical bills pile up, it is just frightening for boone because he can't work right now, the fundraiser, listen up, tomorrow night, 7:00 p.m., trusties, 1420 pennsylvania avenue, southeast, by the way boone didn't want to mention the name of the woman he was walking home that night, because she is so frightened by the whole incident and i just want to check with lauren our producer the event is tomorrow? i am told it is. >> got to love those people who go out of their way to help others. >> if it is tonight i will find out that may have been dated but any way, a lot of people will want to come out and help that man.
8:50 am
if you are looking for fun and educational events this weekend holly morris has a great idea for you. she is in gaithersburg, where the book festival is, this saturday. >> i had to slow that down. holly good morning. good morning i found my next book i am going to read this here, let's pretend this never happened, mostly true memoir, number one on the new york times best seller list just last week for nonfiction. the author, jenny law son guess where she will be gaithersburg here at the book festival. some of the best of the best are coming in. they literally have something for all ages all generas, if you want to foster that love for reading early, you got to do it with your kids. they are specialized in that, in this children's village that is where ann comes in she is a children's author. she did eat your math homework, recipes for hungry minds. how did you become a children's author? >> i was a math teacher originally, and i wanted to
8:51 am
find a way for kids to love math. and so i tried to pair math with fairy tales, those were my first couple books this times the a cook book. >> that is a try teacher, looking for an outside the box way. >> tell me what is going on here. >> they are making two color brownies what they are doing is making a teselation is. >> you will know what it is after this. >> no gaps or overlaps, they are making a fish from the book and they are putting together the brownies now in the brownies there is a secret ingredient after you finish making the fish you can taste and see what the secret ingredient is. >> you will speak this weekend. >> i am. >> what will you speak about. i guess i should say i am sorry to interrupt you are you going to inspire other children's
8:52 am
authors or children or do both. >> kind of do both really. i am going to bring a couple activities we've got some probability trail mix we will do the activity for. talk about experimental probability and theoretical probability and also share really how you can cook and learn math at the same time. >> would either one of you read this book? >> yes. >> that's the right answer. keep going looks like you are having fun. this is one example what will go on in children's village but i also have another example what is going on out here this weekend, this is tim, sports writer i think, you have written like nine books. >> that's right. >> good to see you, you are a journalist,est squire, gq, washington post, teach at johns hopkins do something with your life will you. >> i am thinking of going into tv. >> obviously your specialty is baseball and fastball. >> very mump so.
8:53 am
we have a -- very much so we have a couple things i will deal with summer of 68, deals with the fastball pitchers of that time. my guys here behind me from gaithersburg high school playing tonight against whitman and the guy back there is quite the fastball pitcher. >> he is. that is is nick decar low, and tray martinez is his catcher. nick recently threw a no-hitter >> i have to work him into my next book. >> when it comes -- it seems like there is a lot of sports writers out there and a lot of people that would like to write sports. you will talk this weekend what is your advice how to find the right topic. >> do something you love and i think one of the great things i had a lot of fun with summer of 68 was intertwining politics and baseball and sports of that time. it has been a great deal of fun. any time the team wins, we rally as a hometown and i think the power of sports is something that can never be
8:54 am
under estimated. >> as a writer and someone accomplished in it, do you continually work on your skill. >> you have to. like anything but you can have fun too that is the main thing. some times people thing oh, i would like to get into writing but don't know if i wand to do the drudgery and hard work. but you can make it fun too. >> part of the fun would be being part of test values like this. >> i love being here. >> -- festivals like this >> i love being here >> guys come over i want to get them in, before they go. they got up early just for us how do you feel about the game tonight. >> we are ready. >> confident. >> i like it. so here is the big question i am giving you your pitch here. i know you are going to hit it out of the park what is your favorite sports book. >> probably the autotoe biography about derek jeter, he wrote it, really good about high school and major leagues. >> an inspiration. >> probably the auto biography, by albert pujols. >> what about those books on
8:55 am
the table over there. >> they got it. good luck tonight we are pulling for you guys, thank you. i am pulling for you to come out to the festival saturday. our website. we have a link to the gaithersburg book festival. we will have more fun in our next hour. >> thanks holly. >> quickly the fundraiser for boone, the good samaritan is tonight at 7:00 p.m., trusties on pennsylvania avenue southeast. still to come here fox 5 morning news a young man's passionate defense of his parents went viral last year in part because his parents two women. >> now zach is expanding his family story in the new book my two moms he is in dc to lead delegations of same sex parents and their kids on capital hill. that is a great picture. first he stops by our show in the next hour. 55:00 a.m., stay with us 
8:56 am
 -- 8:55 a.m. stay with us you know what, this looks just like
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>> good wednesday morning i am allison seymour. >> i am sarah simmons. tony is off. a scary ride on the metro when several doors opened while the train was moving. melanie alnwick is live with the investigation. >> a special mononortoday for -- honor today for a soldier from the vietnam war who lost his life at war. why his family is in the district. >> a young man fighting for the rights of gays and lesbians, he is the author of the book my two moms. zach is live in studio to talk about his fight for people to recognize same-sex marriage. international performers in studio ahead of a festival this weekend. stick around for their act plus where you can find them. >> tucker barnes down in the weather center he has the latest on our weather today. sticky out there. >> you ca


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