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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 16, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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sarah. humidity 90%, we will be in for another warm, yes, warm and humid day, temperatures expected to be even warmer than yesterday, maybe mid-80s afternoon highs, get ready to enjoy one more summer afternoon before cooler air tomorrow. 68 regan national, humidity 81%, dew point, 80s. clouds, south and east of city, to start your morning partly sunny day today, and as mentioned still warm and humid, that air mass we had overhead yesterday, still intact. later today, if you see a few showers north and west of cleveland, that cold front, showers there, that is where the cold front that will get in here later tonight and usher in much drier and cooler air here, as we get into the daytime hours tomorrow. one more day with pretty good heat and cooler temperatures tomorrow. 85 this afternoon could be an isolated storm for you in the washington area. most of the day dry. you will love the 5 day i will have that for you in just
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a couple minutes. back to you. thank you. in the meantime we are monitoring metro for you, a malfunction caused doors on a red line train to fly open while that train was still moving. this is a picture captured by a passenger on that train yesterday morning as it made its way into the tinnily town station. >> that is where we find, melanie alnwick live with the latest. melanie. >> reporter: good morning sarah and allison. yeah, and engineers are checking over the entire train, it has been moved to the shady grove rail yard. even though the doors only opened on two of the cars, they don't know yet whether the malfunction was with the cars or with the signal that actually sends that command to open and close the doors. it was just after 9:00 a.m. yesterday, and that train was travelling northbound, incident between the van nest and tinly town station when it happened. we will show you the picture
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from the metro rider, they sent that to the unstuck metro blog. riders were holding on. the train was heading northbound, multiple doors on the two rail cars opened when the train was speeding down the tracks. >> i mean i would have been scared if that had happened to me even if i was sitting i would have been scared that shouldn't happen. >> i am from new york city so i take the subway a lot, i don't think anything like that has happened in my memory, but yeah, definitely i would be scared. now met recalls this an uncommanded door opening and the trains which are usually 8 car trains, generally have a mix of rail cars they have a new series for every couple years, it was a 1,000 series car that had that malfunction. metro says it is extremely rare incident they haven't heard of it happening, but they did find a malfunction in this series
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4,000 rail cars last july. they took all those out of service. it wasn't something that happened on the tracks they found it in inspection. they took all those 4,000 series cars out of service to make a proactive repair on them, those are back in. metro says the 4,000 car1,000 cars that were involved in yesterday's incident do not have the same door system. again we don't know whether it was a problem with the car don't know whether it was a problem with the signal and hope engineer can figure that out before it happens again. sarah back to you. >> thank you. heart breaking story in and out, out of charles county. a 3-year-old boy was killed in waldorf yesterday after he was hit by an suv. police say the little boy's mother had stepped out of their car just for a moment to hand mail to a postal worker. that is when the boy who was buckled in his car seat, unbuckled himself, climbed out of the car and walked into the road where he was hit. the driver stayed at the scene. john edwards attorneys say their case is winding down but
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we still don't know whether the former presidential candidate will testify or not. last night edwards lawyers were expected to make a final decision on their witness list but may not make that public before the trial resumes today. potential witnesses that could be called are edwards himself, his former mistress and oldest daughter. edwards is accused of using doe mormoney to hide his pregnant -- donor money to hide his pregnant mistress. new information about george zimmerman's injuries the night he shot and killed trayvon martin. he had a pair of black eyes, a nose fracture and two cuts to the back of his head. he was treated at a family practice. zimmerman claims he shot martin in self-defense in february. he pleaded not guilty to 2nd degree murder. dcs ward 5 will soon have new representation. democrat kenyan mcduffy, officially or unofficially won the special election to replace former council member harry
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thomas junior. he beat out 11 other candidates with 45% of the vote. earlier this morning we spoke with the 36-year-old lawyer about his experience and his plans for the residents of ward 5. i worked as a policy and legislative advisor, for deputy mayor, policy and justice. i worked on mtds. concerns with fire and ems department of corrections homeland security. all the agencies in the public justice and safety cluster, i am pledging to restore resident's faith in leadership, bring ethical leadership to ward 5, work hard to make sure we have an inclusive office, that incorporates the voices of all the residents of ward 5. more importantly, make sure we achieve results. >> that is the video from when he won last night. also district leaders gave preliminary approval to a budget that lets bars stay open later. city council is using the expanded alcohol sales to balance next year 's $9.4
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billion budget they were facing a deficit of $170 million. a statement from vince grey's office says thanks to council for not adding any new taxes or fees, a final vote is set for june 5th. down to the wire in maryland, today, as the last day of special session, lawmakers are hoping to pass a budget bill. the house of delegates expected to vote on their version to have bill today. yesterday the is he fate approved a package that would in-- senate approved a package that would increase taxes on those who make more than $100,000 a year. no surprise, last year's primaries in nebraska and oregon, mitt romney won both. most of oregon's 25 delegates will go to romney but the 32 delegates will not be determined until a convention in july. george w bush gave a 1307b tape use endorsement of romney. he was gosh spontaneous endorse
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omit -- he gave a spontaneous endorsement of mitt romney. final preparations are under way for the g 8 and excitement is growing for people near camp david. >> reporter: the two day g 8 summit at the presidential retreat kicks off friday. communities surrounding the area are getting ready for the event but have their hands full as a number of nearby colleges are holding graduation ceremonies. >> we knew this weekend would be by z any way. some properties were forecasting sell outs. hates been a few years since we forecast -- it has been a few years since we forecasted sell outs with the economy. >> reporter: the g 8 includes 8 heads of states advisors and a throng of media. >> we have presidential visits here on a regular basis, so that part is not new for us. we have foreign heads of state who visit as part of those presidential visits, so that
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also is not new for us. the thing that is changed and different, a number of people that are involved in this specific event. >> reporter: both the national park and joining state park near camp david will be shut down. state local and federal police are on aall right as protestors are expected to hold demonstrations. the process has local businesses concerned for their safety. >> we live in a day where, people want to be noticed and recognized and do not care to what extent they are noticed or recognized. >> yes, we are elevated to a little extra security here. >> right after the g 8 summit ends saturday all the world leaders head toshy quay go then for the big -- to chicago then for the big nato summit hosted by president obama. president obama will award the nations highst military honor to a pennsylvania soldier killed in the vietnam war four decades ago. he died protecting his comrades
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from an ambush in cambodia in 1970. this is a picture of him and his wife on their wedding day. he was shipped to war 30 days later. it wasn't until recently a researcher discovered files about sabo and the earlier oversight was corrected. his widow and brother are expected to attend today's white house ceremony. >> marine corp. is celebrating 100 years of marine aviation at the war memorial in arlington today. a fly over of lots of marine aircraft if you see an attack cobra helicopter or hairier jump jet don't be alarmed it is just the marines celebrating. the breath laying ceremony is 6:30 p.m. -- wreath laying ceremony the 6:30 p.m. archbishop december nate laurie will be installed in baltimore he succeeds o'bryan elevated to cardinal in february. today's mass will take place at
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cathedral of mary our queen in north baltimore. >> traffic around the district can be a pain. check this out. drivers in would be state fed up after learn -- in one state fed up after learning this was caused by high school seniors. i will sit down with zach coming down in a bit. there he is author and advocate for same-sex marriages. he is here to tell us about his two moms, we will have the topic of his new book. we will be right back. time 9:10 a.m. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. right now, deer park water is just $3.33 a case. heinz ketchup is only $1.49. that's for the party size. and hillshire farm sausage is an incredible $2.49.
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high school senior prank set off a major traffic snarl in missorry. 50 students -- missouri. 50 students road bikes skate boardscooters to school on a highway yesterday. the drivers were stuck in this mess, they were simply irate. the kids didn't break any laws they say they have more pranks up their too. the school principal is threatening to not allow those
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students to graduate if they try another prank. if you plan to hit the road this memorial day weekend you won't be alone. according to triple-a 30 million americans will drive this year. that is up more than a half million drivers from last year. the increase could be in part due to declining gas prices. maryland drivers are paying an average of 29¢ less than they did last year. allison, the book my two moms is told through the eyes of one young man raised by two moms. zach talks about growing up with two mothers and how his family is not any different than any other. tomorrow hundreds of families will gather in dc to join zach in his mission to encourage congress to evolve on same-sex marriage and other issues first zach is stopping here in studio to share his personal story. thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me sarah.
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>> we appreciate i. tell me about this book, my -- appreciate it. tell me about this book, my two moms. >> the book is structured around the 12 values, of a scout. growing up in boy scouts is a part of my development each chapter is an examination of one of those 12 values, trustworthy, loyal, friendly, courteous, brave, reverent, how i learned that value i learned it at home. what it means to the broader struggle, for full e equality under the law. >> you are from iowa, you grew up there. that is a state in the past that has not necessarily been extremely supportive of the lgbt community. what was it look growing up from the town you are from in that state with two moms. >> there was some struggles i had to go through. having same sex parents, i think it is important for your viewers to understand the
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reason that kids like me had to go through struggles like those, is because of the perception, of our parents not our parents specifically. we only have to go through those challenges because rick santorum or mitt romney or whoever stands up and say they are a real problem. when they say they are a problem they create a problem that is an important difference lost on the other side. >> these are pictures. >> me and my little sister. >> very very cute. now, obviously, you are very passionate about this. you spoke before the iowa judiciary committee, trying to -- >> sorry, i haven't seen that picture in awhile. >> it is a great picture. the frowning face. >> we just put the christmas tree up. >> beautiful family for sure. as i was mentioning you talked about same-sex marriage. you had testimony this is video we have here. tell me about preparing for that. it was -- they were trying to propose a ban on same-sex
9:17 am
marriage. this kind of catapulted you into the spotlight. >> this was taken january 31st, 2011 i was testifying before the iowa house judiciary committee on a proposed constitutional amendment that would have reversed the supreme court decision that would have legalized same-sex marriage in iowa. that died in the senate even though it passed the house where i was speaking. for the moment my moms are still happily married but on a nashle level and federal level -- nash hall level and federal level there is a rag tag patch work of laws that governs how families like mine are treated across the country. that is why i am happy to be here, lobbying tomorrow the iowa delegation when it comes to same sex adoption rights, employment, there is a laundry list of laws and regulations put in place over the years and it creates this problem when you are travelling across the country you don't know if you are protected in one state, another state what the laws look like. that is why having these kind of you know patch work solutions don't work. when you pull equality under
9:18 am
the law. >> i can understand that frustration going state to state which leads me to the question i imagine, when president obama came out and said recently he was in support of same-sex marriage, obviously that was a thrill for the lgbt community but let me ask you this and maybe, your mothermaybe you yourself, was there any dispointment at all, not to hear the president go as far as to say, it should be a federal law, where he wants to leave it up to the state. >> yeah, this is something he talked about on the view the other day. this was a very delicate nuance. there is no doubt marriage is something left up to the state, under the 10th amendment the way that all works however, i think the president has been very clear he supports the repeal of the defensive marriage act which is the most uncon sty constitutional part you have the federal government stepping in saying we are going to get involved in marriage on this specific issue. and inconsistencies there.
9:19 am
by repealing the defenses marriage act, that removes the federal government's role in the way it has been obstructionist so far. so even though, you know president obama also opposes a federal marriage amendment to the constitution which is a stark contrast to mitt romney who supports that amendment. so in terms of him not necessarily giving full throttle support there is always more work to do. but in terms of what is actually proper for the president of the united states, i think he is there. >> okay. zach thanks for coming in. >> thanks for having me. >> we appreciate you giving us insight into your story good luck on the hill. >> thanks i will need it. a huge prize for a college senior. former astronaut explains the space x mission. time to check with holly. hey, good morning we are still in gaithersburg where they are getting ready for the third annual book festival. young adults if you are interested in reading we have something for you. we will introduce you to an
9:20 am
author who wrote about a subject that might be near and dear to young girls hearts. >> if your child wants to be a writer we have a workshop under way. they are coming up with characterses as we speak. we will talk about that and more all live later. first, here is today's trivia question for you, what member of the cat family does not have fully retractable claws the lion, the jaguar, the cheetah, or the bobcat. the answer is coming up later but if you want to guess now head to our facebook page. fox 5 morning news back after the break ♪
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beth! hi! looking good. you've lost some weight. thanks. you noticed. these clothes are too big, so i'm donating them. how'd you do it? eating right -- whole grain. [ female announcer ] people who choose more whole grain tend to weigh less than those who don't. multi-grain cheerios -- 5 whole grains, 110 calories. creamy, dreamy peanut butter taste in a tempting new cereal. mmm! [ female announcer ] new multi-grain cheerios peanut butter. nasa is getting ready to take to the skies. space x is sending its fir flight to the international
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space station. it could change the way business is done in the final frontier and change the way you travel. earlier the morning we talked with former astronaut, charles bolden about benefits of commercial flight. >> space x is flying their final demonstration flight for us this saturday morning. they will carry everything to the international space station for nasa for hire. with the advent of commercial space the cost for launch will go down, we don't foe how much but we know it will go down to less than it used to be. >> bolden went on to say commercial ability the get people to space is going to expand beginning in 2017. it will take thee days for space x to drag in space scrap to reach the international space station. big congratulations to the howard county maryland student who won the sophie kerr prize. washington college announced the winner last night. katherine manyon will receive more than $58,000 at her
9:25 am
commencement ceremony this weekend. the prize is the largest under graduate literary prize in the nation. it was established after the writer, sophie kerr passed away in 1965 and left part of her estate to that college. >> look at that smile. >> congratulations. still ahead, a home that is not meant for people who like to keep their lives private. you don't want to miss this. >> as we head to break, a legendary actress, who is coming to the nations capital, there she is, betty white. she will be in dc visiting the smithsonian. before heading over to the national zoo to see the pandas, elephants and other animals at the zoo. she will sign copies of her book, betty and friends my life at the zoo. white said her parents were animal nuts long before she was born. isn't she great?  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal.
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could you live in a glass house? this is a three story home in japan that that is split level balconies, but no safety rails. anyone on the street can just see everything going on inside. >> oh, i don't want them to see my business. >> well, you got to be super clean all the time. you can see my business just not my streaky glass. >> there is a full set of stairs. it was designed so people living in side have very little privacy for whatever reason. >> and we are also guessing there is a good chance this tv could appear in that home. the transparent tv was part of a 2011 design competition. the company behind the concept is rumoured to be in talks with apple. the tv is see through when off and pops to life when you hit the power button. >> that is cool. >> that is neat. >> then like it is sort of like blends into the background.
9:30 am
you can see that lovely wall paper. >> that is a feature >> i am waiting, not getting an atv until i buy one of those. >> we will wait for 10 years. >> exactly. >> i am going to take care of it. i want to share with you great pictures from our big weather day yesterday at nationals park want to thank the nationals each and everyone of you that came out and of course, big thank you to tony and sue for joining me yesterday. they were fantastic and just some pictures of our presentation. everybody filtered in just in time and we got going, that is steve williams one of our photographers, big thank you to chris strong and national weather service. he had a weather balloon that goes to 100,000 feet he explained that to the kids and then popped it and we didn't know it but, inside was talcum powder and that covered sue. here are some pick which ares that we took afterwards, we did sort of meet and greet.
9:31 am
high five with all the kids. that is me and sue with one of our participants and there were lots and lots of people from all over the area, it is maizing how many people get a chance to watch us, southern maryland, people from front royal virginia, winchester, and just you know all over the area. >> cute. >> that is sue by the way, signing some body's forehead >> my gorbachev >> my gosh,. i am sure they loved that. we had a great time and are looking forward to it next year. a will the of planning as well. >> job well done. >> thank you had a good time. >> of course, the pitch. >> you love talking about that pitch. you are very proud you should be. >> that will be -- >> hopefully it is online. >> highlight of my life. >> you have a pretty good arm. >> thank you sarah. i like to thing so.
9:32 am
70 degrees, regan national, 70 quantico, here we go, we are warm, humid, going to be close to a hot afternoon temperatures expected to be mid-80s but, humidity and dew point temperatures 60s and that combination will make it feel like yesterday, where things got steamy around here, 64 frederick, 68 leonard town, annapolis, 70 degrees. nice mild start, summary afternoon, a couple rounds of showers and thunderer stormoving through and all that is north and east of us. sunshine, north and west of the city, getting a lot of sun. it will be a partly sunny day. off to the north and west, see the showers, very light showers, cleveland, that is our next front, that cold front will drop down into the region later tonight and bring in a big change in our air. drier and cooler air set to arrive overnight tonight, here is your future cast. put it in motion for you. looking fine, there are a few
9:33 am
suggestions, some computer models suggestions you might get an isolated thunder storm. don't be shocked most of the area will be dry there is that cold front i mentioned that will get in here overnight tonight and bring cooler and dryer air tomorrow and for the weekened. the weekend forecast will be fabulous. today, partly sunny skies, isolated storm, 85 your daytime high, bring you back to 80, winds out of the west, 5 to 10 miles per hour. cooler air gets in, after 9, 10 tonight. 57 the overnight low, check out your winds, north and west, 10 to 15. got to let you mow when you feel that wind shift -- know when you feel that wind shift. 75 tomorrow less humidity, 77, saturday and sunday, are you kidding me bright sunshine, low humidity, temperatures 80 degrees, won't be long before the pools open up and we will be well on our way to summer time. >> we had to show it again. check this out, tucker barnes
9:34 am
throwing the first pitch yesterday. >> you are showing it. >> let's listen. [ applause ] >> there you go. this was the sound effect. >> right. >> and this is tucker sighing. it is over. >> so nervous. >> it was a really nice one. no bounce which is what you would hope for. you didn't want any bounce >> i didn't want to hurt anybody. a couple different scenarios, where things go terribly wrong >> nothing like that happened yesterday. >> good job. >> what else. coming up how can you win vip tickets to see aerosmith live. >> more trouble for octo mom. whose bankruptcy case was thrown out of court. octo mom. find out why when we come back. >> who are all those kids. >> all hers 
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great. so, you're all set up. what's going on? installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to 15% back on select seating. ikea, the life improvement store.
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a major set back in octo mom's plan to pile for bankruptcy and a big purchase for ryan seacrest. >> huge. >> all right. let's check the latest hollywood headlines. you know what time of day it is, time to talk with tmz and dax holt. >> good morning how are you guys >> doing okay. let's start with octo mom. you know she can just not catch a break it seems. at all. >> well t problem is she didn't even file for bankruptcy properly. >> oh, that is so sad. >> she went she filed all the paperwork has lots of creditors after her she wanted to file chapter 7 however, she filled out incorrectly she was supposed to appear in court she didn't do that so the judge throughout the whole thing now all the creditors are welcome to come after her once again. she will have to start the whole process over again hopefully file properly, and
9:39 am
actually begin the chapter 7 bankruptcy process. >> surely she didn't do this on her own? >> right. just like how do you do this. come on octo. >> come on octo. >> all right. let's talk about some body having better luck, mr. ryan seacrest buying a new house. >> yeah. not just a house, it is a $49 million mansion, here in beverly hills. he just bought out ellen degenres' house this is a massive estate basically a sit i block the amount of property he -- city block the amount of property he has. the main house 9,000 square feet but has three guest houses on the property, it has this massive i think like a 5,000 square foot gym in there sox literally, where you would get a membership to a regular gym that is the size of gym he will have in his house. and then he has a pool, a bunch of ponds, it is unbelievable and a 9 car garage. so he is doing well. >> dax is he paying $49 million
9:40 am
for it? >> yeah. listed for 49 we know he paid around that amount as well. >> this must be the most expensive property of all time. i know we are out in beverly hills but that is unbelievable. >> in beverly hills you can get much more expensive but you mow who was the best whenner -- you can get much more expensive. but the best winner was the realtor he worked for both. he got like $3 million. >> octo mom and her brood of kids could move and move into a guest house and ryan wouldn't even know. >> this man makes so much money it is unbelievable. >> dax holt thanks so much. >> see you tonight dax. >> bye. oh, boy. it is to dream. it is to dream.
9:41 am
>> yeah. allison, poor brian dunkleman. >> if he were sitting at home, curled up in the fetal position. >> original judge on american idol was brian. >> who quit after the first year. >> he could stay in a room as well. >> you wouldn't know either. >> all right guys. you know what it is down to the final three on american idol. next week, finale and you will want to tune in for that because you could have the chance to win a vip ticket package to see aerosmith in concert. here is what you need to do. watch the idol finale on may 23rd, that can't be that hard. you have to see aerosmith's live performance and then log on to to answer a question about the performance to register for your chance to win the concert prize pack. all right coming up calling all bookworms, and writers, the gaithersburg book festival, takes place this weekend, and
9:42 am
holly is previewing some events, plus, a look at the workshop you can participate in. and, international performers are going to hit the streets in northwest, this saturday as part of the fiesta street fair. some acts join us in studio there is one getting ready to go. a little pint sized act coming up. a sneak peek on the other side. we will be right back does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola, whatever you want to do... droid does.
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>> alexandria is number one when it comes to enjoying a good book. the city is at the top of's best read cities based on sales of newspapers, books and magazines. locals have plenty of company, arlington is number 7 and dc ranked number 9. i had no idea. >> that's great.
9:46 am
>> pretty cool. >> if you are one of the locals who likes to read, listen up. holly morris has a good deal for you bookworms. >> she is in gaithersburg previewing in saturday's book festival. good morning. >> good morning. i have already been inspired for fathers day take a look. this book here fathers day. the author of friday night lights, guess what he will be at the book festival saturday. you can get this book and have him sign it, and give it as a gift for fathers day. i have convinced myself what a great idea. so many great things going on as part of this festival. nonstop books for all ages, all generas and everybody in gaithersburg is reading including the fine mayor himself, mayor it is good to see you. >> thank you for being here. >> thousand are you really reading this book >> i am in fact i am finishing it up. i am going to introduce, proud of the fact i am introducing clint hill for the book mrs. kennedy and me.
9:47 am
got to meet him last year. he and gerald blaine wrote a book about the kennedy event. we will see a friend again. >> another wonderful author taking the time to come be a part of this special day. >> you take a lot of time to encourage reading you were with us in the last segment with the kids, doing the brownies and learning about math but you have a mayors book club. >> we thought about it and then when judd ashman who came up with the idea for this festival we decided to put it as part of this festival. one month, third grades come and read, this year, the elementary school, read over 500 books. one young man read i think 205 books himself. >> gaithersburg is well read. >> he gets the ride in the labor day parade with mayor and council and we are going to go
9:48 am
to field good elementary and have a pizza party with the class at that read the most. >> that is great. if that doesn't encourage kids to read i don't know what does. >> we've got other good work going on right now as we speak here. i want to check with dr. jillshe will speak saturday. tell me what you have going on. >> we are doing one of the activities from my book. this book here is focused on babysitters, has everything from child development, to business development, to help young sitters learn more about children. >> as an author i am curious, how did you know that like, this type of book was needed. >> um, this actually there was a lot of information about it coming from my publisher, and they had kind of background, about things that were necessary in the market. they did a market analysis and said because your background is
9:49 am
child psychology and business development you would be a perfect one to write it >> as a new mom i will need a babysitter i may need to take this with me. >> i will need to get one more thing in kathy crusher, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> you are going to do a workshop. there is 8 different workshops. >> we have been writing a group story together, and it is just been awesome. i think we want to hear from these guys what exactly has been going on. we have been brainstorming characterses does someone want to tell about a characters? yes. >> he is trying to steal jack sparrows money. >> bob the squirrel is this double agent and he is working for jake short, jack sparrow and hobo hair >> what a good story can you tell me more. >> jake short is a psychic who
9:50 am
is aged 39 and very very small. >> oh, my gosh. you guys are good writers, last but not least. >> jack sparrow was a clumsy and best friends with jake short. >> did you guys all just come up with this this morning? you are creative. who is going to be a writer when they grow up? you need to be here saturday you might want to consider it too as it is the third annual book festival here in gaithersburg. they are expecting 10 plus thousand people. take that free shuttle and bus from lake forest mall, that is the best way for you to come out and be a part. if you haven't thought about it already the question of the morning is what are you reading right now. >> what should you be reading back to you all in studio. >> a book lovers event. thanks holly. >> also this saturday, fiesta, asia, street fair. >> the executive director of the asia heritage foundation is
9:51 am
here to talk about the fun festivities, taking place this weekend. we have people in studio too. >> good morning thank you for having me today. i am happy to be here today. this is our second year doing the street fair, run by asia heritage foundation. we close down pennsylvania, avenue, between 3rd and 6th street in front of national galleria, and canadian embassy. so it is a fun activity this is for asian heritage month. every may we do this. this year, we extend it to five different stages over 90 acts and what you are seeing now is one of the star performers, he will be doing a demo, for the demo for the stages. we also have six international acts from philippines, korea, taiwan, and japan coming in. so it will be a lot of fun and
9:52 am
what is the best part it is free. >> free and food did you mention food. >> my goodness so much food from the entire region of asia you have your very traditional dc thai food but more exotic from nepal, cambodia, laos, malaysia. so also food and beer garden for adults and five cultural stages you can go music, dance, martial arts and live auditions for asian american idol. >> fun. >> we like that. >> a couple highlights, we have a yoga hour, from 10 to 11:00 a.m., do you know how to do lotus pose just sitting cross legged for an hour sounds easy. >> you also have a group of dancers ands coming in we want them to come in there is a way for others to get involved. >> absolutely the whole idea is for everybody to celebrate the
9:53 am
heritage and culture and share. so we this year one of the highlights is to bring people out to learn this little number. so what we are going to do is show you a little bit of our dance here and you can learn this on our website, come and dance right along capital hill. i think both of you look good doing that. >> great. let's watch them for a little while. ♪ [ music ] ic ] ♪
9:54 am
>> you can see these wonderful dancers ands this saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. pennsylvania avenues between 3rd and 6th streets. >> okimono line and learn this before -- you can go online and learn this before saturday you are hoping for 500 participants. >> if you don't learn it online. just come out and dance with us. >> asia heritage >> all free, i love living in
9:55 am
dc. the executive director of asia heritage foundation. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> we will be right back  -dad, why are you getting that? -that's my cereal. is there a prize in there? oh, there's a prize, all right.
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>> let's ansate trivia question we asked which member of the cat family does not have fully retractable claws, cheetah. they do not have the sheathe for their claws to retract into which helps make them the fastest animal on land they act as a running shoe although they must stop to rest. it purrs like a kitty cat >> i am sure it is so cute and snuggles with you too. >> unless it is chasing you. >> quick look at your five day forecast. isolated storm, warm and humid, temperatures mid-80s.
9:59 am
cold front, dryer cooler air. check out your weekend forecast, saturday and sunday. >> great weekend > fiesta asia street fair this saturday and wonderful dancing, wonderful dancers ands we would like to thank them. >> come on tuck. >> thank you. >> allison get over here. >> have a good day everybody


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