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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  May 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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just to recap, chuck brown has died today, at johns hopkinshopk hospital, he was 75 years old.od >> just a sad day, i was textinx back and forthwith his manager,m and -- forthwith his manager, he said he wanted the fans to share their thoughts, and we've been getting an outpouring from fans, so thank you for yourr we will continue to get more from the fans, and we want to g to a man who knows the go-go scene. sugar bear, thanks so much for joining us. >> how are you doing? a how are you doing? >> tough day for fans of go-go, we know that you have known himn for long time. what impact did he have on the world of music?mus in particular the go go scene? >> he was the godfather, likelie james brown. he was the godfather to us, youu
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know? he opened up a lot of doors for so many, so many musicians, so many. >> chuck never received some of the accolades his contemporariec did on the national scene, butbu he stayed humble. what was he like for those that didn't know he was personally? >> a father figure to me, a great person, he loved too entertain, he loved people, just like i do, and that's whys wearable humble, we -- we are both humble, we had national suck secion and i had my success because of -- success, and i had my success because of him. he's the one that told me i'd be a star, you know? and it came true. i'm proud of myself because ofcs him, and sure enough, he wass right, and always in my heart,he and as long as i'm living, chuck
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brown will live on, trust me.t >> we were are we are looking at video of one of his concerts he gave in the dc area.ea what will his death, what sorta of impact do you think this wilt have on his fans?fans we've seen our facebook pagesok light up with dc fans who have been following chuck brown sincr owthe beginning. what impact will this have on the fans? >> right now, etcetera going toe be a very -- it's going to be a very sad day in the nation's capital, but the impact is going to be ever-lasting because ofof his legacy, because he washe around for four generations, and grandmothers, nieces andan nephews, mothers and fathers,fa agents a whole generation thatti knows onchuck, and it will be bigger now, i think. even though it's a sad note, but it's going to be a positive outlook of this, trust >> let me ask you, you mentioned that he was like a father figure
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r to you. many people saw him on the sage performing and they knew chuck brown the public figure, but inn addition to being a father figure to artists like yourselfo he's also a true family man. he has a number of children, we saw him performing on the stage with his daughter and son.d so talk about that side of him p. >> that's what he hhe wanted to show the talent,i think a couple sons rap, his, daughter raps, and he would let them come on stage and perform liver. i think that's a rarity in the business, and when you see, an something liked that, it shows the love he had.thlo but not only for his family, bua for the audience, you know? so this, this is the future, you know? i was touched by it. i think that was a great things to do. a lot of national so-called artists don't mention theiron families. a family manmanas
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and a true artist, sugar bear from e-u.e-u thanks for sharing youryou thoughts. >> chuck will live on, thank you. >> chuck brown's death spread quickly via social media and some reaction from our facebook page, brian green wrote rest in peace, wrchuck brown, a true voe for us in dc. samuel glass wrote one of the founders and creators of a truly original form of music, andc, shannon wrote, my prayers go ts the family and friends. he will be greatly missed. and we invite you to stay with fox 5 for continuing coverage on the death of chuck brown, we will bring you updates throughout the hour on air and online. we are also following breaking news from new yorky where the estranged wife oftr robert kennedy junior was foundu dead in niher home. police found mary kennedy dead this afternoon in a parentspare
5:05 pm -- -- pattern pattern, -- pattern suicide.s >> catted lien sebelius has been -- kathleen sebelius has beenbe invaded to speak at georgetown university. and that is causing ain controversy. >> some students are saying the broken ups are missing the points, they say that cardinal and the bishops are wrong if they then sebelius's appearance will violate their religious free do. even if she was a key architect of that healthcare lal to provide employees with contraception coverage. >> reporter: georgetown is the o rgoldest catholic and jesuit university, the question beingbn raised? is whether it should play hostho to a speaker responsible for ans public policy that providespr
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payment for birth control.cont >> i think georgetown has a tradition of having both sides v of any issue inbeing heard, whether or not it's in line with catholic values or not. >> reporter: it was a studentt group wathat invited kathleenkah sebelius to speak at the award ceremony. >> that is a position that oversees some of the largest government programs, and some of the largest budgets, and that it directly relevant to the thingsn we're interested?nter >> reporter: it's the u.s.s. conference of cat their bishopss that is -- catholic bishops that is waging the campaign.mpai >> we like to cooperate. >> reporter: they were not happe when the obama administration shifted its position to require insurance companies to pay instead of employers and now want sebelius uninvited. we did our own survey, and wean were hard pressed to find anynd students who wanted to see theth sebelius invitation withdrawn. >> i didn't think it should be a
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problem, because i think people should be treated equally regardless of what they believe. >> i have no problem with her speaking actually. i think it's nice. georgetown is not just aju catholic institution, we're antn open institution. >> reporter: in a statement, the cardinal calls the choice ofof sebelius the most direct challenge to religious liberty in recent history. georgetown's president says thee secretary's presence should not be viewed has an endorsements on the views.d >> the students say they don't want sebelius to talk abouts contraception or toreligious freedom, and have no intention of withdrawing the invitation.ii the secretary says she plans too be there. big story, the fatefat of john edwards will be in the hands of the jury. the defense rested afteraf presenting evidence.en the focus seems to be on who di not take the stands whoever.
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-- stand how >> reporter: hi, the defense really had a lineup of potential witnesses for today, including john edwards himself, hiss mistress, rielle hunter, his daughter kate edwards and his former aide who was the prosecution's key witness. the defense threatened to callca him back and potentially face an grilling examination by tithe defense, but they rested their case today without any of the witnesses taking the stand: john edwards arriving with his parents in they relations the case without cantlling the ascandidate or his mistress to the stand.sta >> it was a smart move to the te put him on the stand. everyone in that jam despised john edwards for -- in that jury room despised him for what hewht did to his wife.wif >> reporter: there's speculatioe the daughter might be calledre o testify in his defense, although
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missing from the courtroom, sheo has been at the trial nearly every day, sitting right behind her father, at the lure ridat details of his affair were revealed. the defense case was fast and few just, lawyers spenting a couple days calling a series off witnesses and presenting evidence. their goal? to shift the focus to the legal questions of whether edwards'war actions violated federal campaign finance >> the defense is optimisticopti that they are relying on the law here and they are saying to thee jury, jurors, just look at theju law can you may not like thisst guy, but look at the law and thh prosecution has not made itsi case. >> reporter: prosecutors arguinu edwards was the mastermind behind a ploy to funnel close tn a million dollars to hide his pregnant mistress during his run for he pleaded not guilty to six counts of campaign finance if convicted, he could face upup to 30 years behind bars.
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closing arguments scheduled tose begin at 9:15 tomorrow morning. >> laura? >> thank a developing story in maryland, after an intensense three-day long debate, the legislature approved sweepingprv ednew budget agreement which raises some taxes and shifted some costs to government.over the vote was closer than expected. >> reporter: it was when youyou consider that the final tax increase passed by a margin ofof 77-60, that means a good many democrats defected to thed republican side in an effort to stop this, but in the end, this entire three bill package wentwe forward.d. this work now complete with theh budget deal.dg it was called etthe so-called doomsday budget by democrats because of the fact if it had been left alone in the versionin that was passed in the 60 day
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session, it would have -- 90 day session, it would be triggeredtg spending cuts in education, ando caused some schools to have to lay off workers. republicans say that none of the tax increases are necessary. they say this budget increasedad spending by $700,000 and if democrats reduced that spending, none of these new taxes wouldwol have been necessary. at the end of the day, both democrats and republicans differed and continued to hammer it out. >> it's the law of the land, ita don't mean reconciled, and byon the way, it raised spending by $700 million over the previous year. and it didn't have taxta increases, and didn't shifts teachers pensing to local governments. -- pensions to local governments is that a reasonable price tobl increase public education byedu $200 million or toca keep tuitiu
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at a 3% increase? or to give our local jurisdictions money for police protection? you bet it i'm willing, i'm one of those people who will have to pay more taxes. >> reporter: one figure who has remained largely out of sight during this special session has been governor o'malley. he will not be signing the bill today, the earliest expected day for a signature would be nextd e tuesday, consequently, that'squn tlwhen many of the lawmakers wie rshave long since left annapoli, and perhaps many of the media as well. sending it back to coming up, a curveball at the roger klemm benz -- clemens trial. >> the wife of a former basketball coach files a lawsuit
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against espn. >> beautiful day out thereul today, had a dlittle on the wam side, and if it was a little on the warm side, wait, because we, have some cooler air coming in.. beautiful around here!tifu thl e weather's going to be so we'll talk about the first forecast coming up. stay with us. w the news will continue. 
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the -- he's lied beforeefor about fact in the investigationi and his memory has evolvede
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overtime. under crocks, mick nap testified he has been mistaken busch undeu cross examination, -- under cross examination, the witness says he has been mistaken many times. >> roger clemens and brianian mcnamee first met in 1988. waste. [ indiscernible ][ in , the accent from greens, newns york, -- queens, new york. he got mcnamee to admit he wasws wearing a tie a friends hadfr given him during his 2008 congressional testimony ontest steroids in baseball. the tie had a company logo onl it, and mcnamee admitted signini it. mcnamee was once the strengthst and conditioning coach for ther bluejays and yankees admitted co-authoring a book that washa never published. he hoped to cash in on his fame,
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and connection to clemens. hardin wrote the words, mistake, bad memory and lie on an easel set next to the witness stand and the two had the exchange. hardin first asked mcnamee if he had been interviewed about his claimants he injected klemmkle mention with steroid. he said yes. you've been mistaken at times? >> yes. you've lied? est. what is a lie? something that's not true. and you have said these things to people knowing they wereing relying on it to be true. is that right? yes. mcnamee said he was shocked whe clemens asked him for a shot in the buttocks, as the season got underway in 1998. i mcnamee said the word stair steroids was never used ---- steroids was never used.used he did not want him to get hurt.
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the term booty shot was tossed around today with the utmostmost seriousness.ou it's a term mcnamee says clemens used with he wanted an injection, testimony ended atesi noon because a juror had a prioi commitment. mcnamee will be back on the stand tomorrow. >> thank you.yo latest on the penn state child sex abuse scandal. a lawyer for jerry sandusky is asking the court to throw out charges. the motions were justified. j the trial is scheduled to get underway in less than threeree weeks. the wife of a fired syracusea scuft basketball coast fiis threatening to sue espn. she said the network destroyedde hire life.l she is breaking her silence against bernie fine.
5:19 pm
two former players claimed finei molested them decades ago.ago bernie fine has not been charged. laurie says espn ruined her reputation by broadcasting stories about her.ri >> i'm here today as a wife, an a mother, who has had to enjoy the trauma of being smeared in the public as a monster. my family and close friends havs stood by me. they know that i'm a kind and loving person, but my life has been destroyed through theroye defamation i've suffered.fe >> espn says the complaint is without merit and they are standing by their report. nice days, but gary said earlier, it was pretty warm. >> it was nice for a change. i enjoyed it even though it was warm. >> and still gorgeous. >> yes.>> gary?? >> really good.>> >> we may have a shower or twoo tonight, but they will be few and far t but they are signaling change.
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less humid air from the northth and west, e and this will make r a very, very nice few days, and it looks like just to give you a hint, the weekend looks good, too. so all the way through theth weekend, we'll do good. up to the north, we have a couple of showers, even a thunderstorm. i'm not worried about thunderstorms for us later on, but the frontal system is up here, you can see showers north of harrisburg, it's a broken line extending over north ofof pittsburgh, and all that isan associated with a frontal syster which is coming our way. down south, north carolina, theh are getting big thunderstorms.b they've had moreth heat and humidity with temperaturestemp warmer and there for, more raine and thunderstorms. but ththat's going to stay ther. temperature right now here ini the city is 80, gaithersburg,ga 81, warmer for frederick andand hagerstown and martinsburg.mart fred burger is 83 -- fredericksburg is 83. fairly warm at 7:00,7:0
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temperatures in the upper 70s spotty shower. a true clouds at 11:00. few and far between with the rain. i don't think most of us, ik think most of us will stay dry, full forecast moilfor the weeked looks good.od. >> like the sounds of that! the fox 5 weather app puts the weather at your fingertips. find it at police urge this man to tur himself in after a new bride isi found stabbed in her wedding gown. >> chuck brown has passed away.y we talk about the music legend's legacy next.  i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind.
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chicago newlywed is wanted for murdering his bride.e. it is believed he stabbed her ab couple hours after tieing the
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knot. they were last seen at 4:00 a.m. she was found in her bathtub still wearing the dress for her wedding. the sister said he called ande left his wife bleeding after a big fight. the godfather of go go chuck brown died after battling a serious illness.i sheila johnson is live on the phone to talk more about the ma that all of dc loved. thanks for joining us. >> you're so welcome: it was at real shock. >> i think the shock waves areka still coming in over everybody who lives here in dc.c. bed was founded and -- bet was found here. you've known check -- foundedfou here. you have known chuck a long time. me share some memories with us.wit
5:26 pm
>> we have all, everybody coulde dance to his music, we would hand dance to his music, butmus more than anything, we admiredad him for his passion, for really, for the genre of music of go-go, it was our local legend. what i felt more than anything and just being around him, he loved the city, he loved theed people that lived in the city, and he would show that affection and the passion for the people through his music. you could feel it in his performances throughout the city, in the neighborhoods, on the mall, college campuses, and i think i would get the biggest kick out of watching him doinggi the dc lottery commercial. he would be brushing your teeth, and then he comes on, and you would feel happy.ha and then i think it's great toik hear, you know, busing loose ato
5:27 pm
the nats game when they would score. but i think more than anything, i think people don't understand the influence that he had on thh genre of music of go-go. he was a huge influence with son many of the go-go bands that emerged, i don't know a lot ofof them, i just remember big-g and- the backyard band.ard >> let me ask you -- >> he was will go -- >> let me ask you, when you look at chuck brown, he has beenbe performing for decades, for 40 years, plus. 75, he was still performing jusi a few months ago. when you look back at the people that you've met, being a part of this industry, how many people are still performing with therf energy that he orwas performing with just a few months ago? >> it's very rare, but i have to tell you, being a former musician myself, musicians do perform all the way to their last breath. it's in them, they love it, it't
5:28 pm
what , keeps their heart beatint every day.e it's whatve gets them out of bed in the morning, for me, knowing the music world, this is not i unusual at all. i mean, he did what he loved ale the way to his last dieing breath. when i heard he was ill, i really did become very, very concerned, you know?kn >> and certainly --nd- >> it's just the way it is. >> it is heart-breaking for jusu to even learn it's heart-breaking for the fans, for his family.amil sheila johnson, thanks for sharing your thoughts about the godfather of go-go.atgo we appreciate it.i >> you're so welcome.l we're going to miss him a lot. >> bet cofounder, sheilaco johnson. >> she talked about him, how he energized the people walkingd t through the neighborhoods, andan from downtown, you know, i saw him a few weeks after you did your interview with him a few months ago in downtown bethesda, and i had just come from the
5:29 pm
gym, i said hey, chuck!k! he shook me hand, he's, he was a presence, and just the nicest guy. he was so down to earth. >> so down to earth.rt >> the energy was incredible. we heard her say musiciansmu perform their entire just the energy that he still had performing at 70-something was incredible. >> a good guy. >> yeah, he was.h, coming up tonight, it is a project that has been on the drawing board for decades. now metro silver line is experiencing some bumps in thet road. we'll explain.e >> why taking a ride in an i ambulance is about to cost you whole lot more in one county. we're back in a moment. moment. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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will the metro silver lineeo be extended to dulles airport? probably, but without moremor bumps. the agency building the additio is understand pressure from som virginia legislators to abandon the policy for making it easier for unionized construction companies to bid on contracts, and they met today. we have the latest on that. >> reporter: sharp words, lawyes a metro is the second business yes subway -- busiest subwaysu system. it's an expensive some republican office holderse in virginia want the agencyag overseeing construction to savet money by scrapping what arear called project labor agreements. the first half of the silver line metro project will extend train service from falls church to weston.ston it has project labor agreement clauses that give some advantage to companies that have unionizee
5:34 pm
labor forces. the airport authority boardoard approved the contracts. >> it insures you have qualifieu labor on the project, qualifyin meaning they know their trades, they are likely to do the work safer, more fishily, you havefi less lost time and so forth. >> reporter: not everybodyr: agrees that giving a slight edge to unionized conduction companies makes a project mores financially efficient.ef the board of supervisors is threatening to pull out, unless airport authority scraps it the governor and transportationnd secretary have complained thatca the agreements on the project violent the spirit of the state's right to work law. nonsense, thinks robert brown, who tried to get a resolution pointing out that no virginia laws are being violateed the
5:35 pm
resolution created hard burn for committee chair tom davis, former republican congressman who says he is trying to keep together a consensus to finish the line. >> you said it this is ani attempt to try s to embarrass ta governor, i understand thed politics of this. i don't any that's helpful with the funding partners at this stage. i don't think it's what i would call the professional way to handle >> reporter: davis twined them i to put aside the -- con vinceed them to put -- convinced them td put it to the side. laura, when it comes to the silver line, state tuned. >> thank you, we will. the montgomery county council is providing an ambulance fee after being rejected by voters. the council approved a fee to charge patients 300 to $800 for
5:36 pm
ambulance the council claims in most caset health insurance will pay thethe fee. people without insurance or those below a certain amountamo would be exempt. a special lexine ward five,i and a landslide win for new councilman kenyon mcduffc. he was shown to be winning by do you believe the votes. -- double the votes. he resigned to run his campaign. the deputy is taking over thee seat r vacated when tarry thomas pled guilty to embezzles. he talk about his plans forward -- he talks about his plans for has ward five.s . >> work hard to make sure we have an inclusive office, the voices of all the residences ara
5:37 pm
heard. -- residents are heard.a >> he learned a lot about hard work when he was a mail carrierr while working his way through law school, he said. he was born and raised ward 5. -- -- to break into the electronic voting system, and professor halderman did just that. thanks for joining let me ask, how long did it take you to hack into the voting system? >> it was less than two days before washington, d.c., began their trial until we had complete control of the system. >> wow. >> able to change the votes. >> that's scary.>> what's the take-away. should whee do away withaway electronic voting?ni >> the problem is that the technology just isn't ready foro internet some day, maybe with decades off research, but we have to solve some of the most difficult
5:38 pm
challenges in commuter securitye -- commuter security before we get >> counties and states arear turning to electronic voting.ic what should they be doing toto insure that this process isis secure or ready?re >> it's not enough to build the systems that are secure, we neee fundamental research andan break-throughs. the difficulty is right now, going getting, twitter, the penr --, google, twitter, the pentagon, all the commands and agency -- companies and agencieg can't get it right. what are the odds that a municipal government will bebe able to secure their internet voting system? >> bottom line, what's your recommendation if dc or anyone else is asking? >> wait, technology can dote something correctly, and some things beneficially so they cana mailll them out, but computer
5:39 pm
technology just isn't ready for internet voting. >> hopefully they are listening to your advice. thanks so much for coming coming up, memorial service is held to honor a key figure in the watergate scandal.s >> dozens of wounded warriorsw have a new way to get around. we'll show you when we come back. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors...
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a service at washington national cathedral to honor charles kolton.ko he died at the age of 80 lastla month. he was president nixon's special counsel, and served for ad watergate related conviction. he was buried last month withwi full honors. h , military honors.ho dozens of wopped war veterans have a new way to get around -- wounded war veteransvt
5:43 pm
have an in way to get around. they received segways. the disability rightsab organization iland nationalryaly ranked charity --rank >> that is the mission of the - providing them with the tools, the role models, and the pathway to once again seek to travel thh tough road of service to once again regain a purpose-filled life, a life of dignity, and toa once again regain their personal freedom and liberty. >> two of the veterans are from virginia, two others are from maryland, a -- a popular shoe companyco ordered to pay millions.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
5:47 pm
virginia will receive aboute $115,000 for a settlement with withers. it -- with sketch errors. it said it will help people lose weight and strength then muscles. it agreed to provided $40 million for customer refunding to settle similaret tlcharges made by the federal trade one of the largadest advertisers in the nation isna saying good-bye to facebook,fa claiming the ads are not effective. it is sparking concerns as the network prepares to take stokes public on friday -- stocks public on friday. >> reporter: general motors sayo facebook ads don't pay the largest automaker decided to pull the paid ads on the site.he the move by gm puts a focus onc an issue many have been raising, whether ads on facebook actually help them sell more. >> what general mets has done -d
5:48 pm
general motors has done is saying facebook tieing istiei autopsy proven they looked y at it, analyzed te results, and said we can spend our money more effective somewhere else, probably online. >> reporter: gm's decisionor raising questions about thete esabilityti of facebook to sustn the 88% revenue growth achieved in 2011. facebook said first quartered a revenue was down 7.5% from theth previous 3 months. facebook blames seasonal trendsa for sothat, as well as greater number of users outside the u.s. the news comes as facebook boosts the size of the ipo byip '02 25%, and facebook says abous 421 million shares will be solda that's up from 337 million shares planned earlier.a nnit doesn't include anotherde 63 million on tuesday, facebook raised the expected price range for 34 to $38 a share, that's up from 28u
5:49 pm
to $35 a share from before. >> when you look at the price versus the earnings model, or even price revenues, some thinkm it's way too rich. >> reporter: on friday, facebook expected to sell shares in ana initial public offering which could put the company's markets value at more than $100 billion. in new york, dennis neil. this >> did he say 100 billion? >> i don't know. i'm stunned with the >> you just want to hear abouta the weather. >> the weekend looks good, tomorrow and friday are thee best, tomorrow might be the bil of the week, because it's middl' 70s.e friday will be warmer, and we'll warm into the weekend.nt now that you have the entire five day forecast, there's no need for me to say anything. any way, great out there now. there's the possibility we havee a sho wer or two.or a frontal system coming throughm later on. ahead of that front, up to the north through pennsylvania,
5:50 pm
we're getting some showers, noto many, so it will be a few andfe far between showers this evening. cooler and less humid air mass behind the front, so it's going to be real nice the next few days. the warmth will return for ther weekend. we're talking about temperatures looking like we could be lower to mid-80s. this high pressure will build up just to the west of us, ands, that's going to warm things up, and that will do that throughil saturday and sunday.nd maybe even monday. there could be a coastal storm on monday that could changeou things. we'll keep an eye on that.on 80 here in town, fredericksburg, 83, there's the line of showers and some thunderstorms. it's a broken line along the frontal system that extend toexe illinois. it will be several hours before this comes on through, probably more like between 8 and 10,and before we have a chance for somo showers. so just spotty shower along thel front possible this
5:51 pm
otherwise, overnight, we willw become mostly fair, in town talking about 60 degrees or soor outs in the suburbs, looks like it will be upper 50s.. the winds will become northme behind that frontal system, tomorrow, it looks good.lo high pressure begins to build,re the front gets by, the winds will be from the north andnd northwest, and that's nice for us. that pushes humidity to thet south, brings in cooler temperatures, and the way it's looking now, we should have lotw e of sunshine. a few clouds tomorrow morning, 62 degrees, nice at noon, temperatures tomorrow at noonro around 70 degrees or so, high temperatures tomorrow topping i the middle 70s, some will be more like 75-76, probably downdn south and southwest, farther tow the north and northwest, we could be just talking lowerng 70s or so.or look at friday, just as good, a little bit warmer, but stiller plenty of sunshine. saturday is good, a littlee warmer, but still plenty of
5:52 pm
sunshine, around 80 degrees or so, and it's looking like thel heat will continue to build through the weekend, such thatke ndon sunday, we could be lower o mid-80s for some of us, and it looks like on monday, with this potential storm systempote commenting up ntthe coast, maybe we get some clouds, maybe evenay webe have to introduce showersod closer to the events, but there's the possibility that tht storm stays far enough offshore and doesn't bother us at all. but enjoy the next few days, because it looks nice. >> we will.l. >> in today's hot topic, a manner idol judge -- an american idol judge hints about her few had, ryan seacrest is living large, and the top humor prizeum is revealed. sarah? thanks for being with us.u >> laura, any time.any >> we love having you here. >> j.lo hinting she may -- i'mi surprised by this.b >> i'll have more tonight,or because it's unfolding, busun
5:53 pm
fthere's two parts. j.lo was saying next year, her kids are going to be going toto school, and it's so demanding, all the traveling they have toa do to the cities with "american idol," so she eluded she's notse sure she's sticking around, butr the other part -- >> i think to think that'sth difficult within the does she bring her kids with you? did she say anything about that. >> i guess her mother helps, ane they've beenlp on the set.t i think they were on the set last week, they have cutehe pictures of y the twins, but thu other part is there's rumors that all the judges are going ta be cut because their salaries are so high. they are so inflated on the sho so twe're hearing that we might be losing all of them. >> speaking of inflated salaries, did he by, ryan
5:54 pm
seacrest brought -- ellen degeneres's home? >> yeah, ryan and i work for th same company, so i'm thrilled they are doing so he can afford a $37 million home. he bought the home in malibu.bu this, can you imagine having this money? take the $3 million lost on his home because he wanted ellen's home. he gets her home, it was down from 45 she cut him a deal at 37. and we did -- the mortgage, it comes to, 9 million down, it's about $148,000 a month.a >> yikes! yes >> these are all intertwined. so ellen gets the top humor prize? >> have you ever been to the t mark twain awards?o >> no, i'd love to go.e >> i went a couple years ago when george carlin got it, after
5:55 pm
he passed. tina fey got it, bill cosby has been a recipient. and you know it's going to be a great night. >> she is amazing. >> she is, and she'll probablypr do a stands-up spot.sp >> i hope you can take me at your date. >> we're on. we'll sneak in. >> we'll be right back.
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lapd is looking for a missing actor. he has not been seen since may 9. his estranged wife claims he wae seen in skid row area. he made his movie debut in 1993 in the man without a face. thank for joining us at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right
5:59 pm
now. dc has the little legs soul tonight -- less sole tonight.ol chuck brown e has died.s he was creative force behind the funk music that came out of dc in the '70s. his manager confirms he died of multiple organ failure.rg we are joined on the phone by asia georgia deny. i understand you are recorded with him in one of his last songs? >> yes, my husband and i featured him on our last album, we had a song called going to the go-go. and he was just so gracious, and such a brilliant and talented and humble man, and he came andh did that for us, and we'll be forever >> what are your thoughts on


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