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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  May 17, 2012 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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chuck brown ♪ [ music ] >> go go club, go go girls, go go music. i decided to call it go go music. goes and goes that is how go go got its name. brown started the trendy sound in the nations capital in the 70s and it took off. straight ahead a look at his life and legacy. a morning filled with special guests, new and were influenced by the funk pioneer. usually if something sounds too good to be true it probably is. sketchers paying out big time accused of being a little sketchy for its line of shoes that promised a toner and leaner body. are you in for a refund. a woman paralyzed by a stroke does something she hasn't been able to do for 15 years, move on her own. more on this medical milestone. fox 5 morning news at 7 starts
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now. good morning there is a live lookout side, a fine start to this day and it looks like it is going to be a spectacular day. maybe a spectacular couple of days as a matter of fact. this is thursday, may 17th, 2012. we want to get right to the weather. tucker barnes, that was tucker, tony and tucker together, joining us with a look at this thursday weather. >> all right allison thank you very much. cold front came through overnight. we are in for just fantastic weather next couple days as humidity is on its way out. bright sunshine in the forecast for your thursday. let's start off with a look at radar. nothing going on at the moment but that blue line that is a cold front pushing south and east, down towards ocean city and soon offshore. in its wake we have winds that picked up and that is bringing in cooler and drier air. get ready to enjoy a fine
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couple days across the region. currently temperatures at reagan national, 65 degrees. humidity 70%, dew point temperatures are falling. in fact, off to the north and west, it is looking here hagerstown and winchester, dew points have fallen to 40s. that gives you an idea how much drier the air will be. winds out of the north, 15. here is your forecast, lots of sunshine a few clouds this afternoon. highs mid-70s. more good news on the 5 day. that for you in just a minute, traffic with julie wright. good morning. good morning tucker. major tie ups as you travel the inner loop of the belt way approaching bw parkway, that is where you find a crew in sky fox, inner loop approaching the accident activity, approaching this box truck not headed in the right direction. inner loop of the belt way, three left lanes getting by as you continue from route 1 college park. delays as you travel off of the belt way from 95 and continue
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on to the inner loop. that will slow down your ride. outer loop open for business. two right lanes blocked right lane and transition lane that remain closed big tie ups headed through green belt. we will update the ride along 66. travelling into the shine, slow traffic as you continue in towards vienna, headed for the belt way. he provided the sound track to dc culture for five decades, chuck brown passed away but his music will live on. >> the gravelly voiced band leader, best known as the god father of go go. more on reaction to his passing good morning. >> reporter: good morning allison. chuck brown was some times called a constant and tireless tour did you force. fans came here to historic howard theatre last night to
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celebrate his life. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: an impromptu vigil swelled to the hundreds. fans and friends of dc great chuck brown gathered to remember him. radio station, wkys pumped out a continuous stream of his songs. he was supposed to hold a concert at the howard last month but had to cancel when he fell ill. >> he put dc on the map. >> reporter: musical map. he helped launch a whole new genera of music called go go and became known as the god father. songs like bust ifa loose grew his fan base. last year he received his first grammy. his family is asking for privacy but not before thanking his many loyal fans. >> the family is devastated at this time. so, my dad's manager will come out with an official statement, we thank this great city for
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loving chuck brown as much as they loved chuck brown. please keep the family in your prayers. he was more than go go he was a family man. >> reporter: both his sons played football at virginia tech. chuck would schedule concerts and other appearances around their home games. after the hokie tragedy many concerts included a moment of prayer for the victims. it was that love that set brown apart. >> he made you feel like you were engaged and part of your family and loved you for that. it was wonderful. >> reporter: jus teen love has known brown for years he sang at her high school prom. when she hears his songs now she is on her feet. >> go go and chuck brown. he truly was the god father of go go. >> reporter: and you know some
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people called it a vigil out here last night others described it more as a block party. one chuck brown himself would be proud of he was hospitalized april 18th complaining of fatigue and other health issues, he died of complications from pneumonia. no word yet from his band manager, we are expecting to hear from at some point what mans will be for a bush plans will be for a funeral or public -- plans will be for a funeral or public memorial. >> joining us now charles c stevenson a go go historian. founder and manager of experience unlimited, a dc based go go band. thanks for coming in. >> thank you for having me. >> i am sure you had a late night. you were at the howard can you tell us about the energy. >> just so positive. it reflected chuck brown and the perfect sense. people were there and in a celebrator mood and hugging and
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kissing each other. it was a home coming of sorts just very very positive. i was just so proud to see theoutpouring of love. >> tell us about your history with chuck brown. >> i am from new york, point vernon new york i moved here in 1907, went to -- 1970, went to my first go go. i heard the young senators. when i first heard chuck i was astounded he was crisp his music so sharp and the audience responded with such jubilation, i had just never really experienced that before. but at the time i was managing experience unlimited he gave experience unlimited their first break. he allowed us to open up for him at the panorama room. he took sugar bear aside and told him, he said man, son, you got it. he said they love you, stick with it, and sugar bear says that message is what propelled
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him to success. >> a lot of artists wouldn't be that generous. >> true. >> a lot of artists would say this genera came from my years and los latinos when i was playing guitar at the penitentiary. they wouldn't give that away. by all accounts chuck brown was just that kind of man. >> that is the person he was. i know we call him the god father of go go but he was really the god father, he embraced everyone. i hate to be cliche. but he was certainly the person who did that he did not want others to repeat the experiences he did. and so, when you went to a chuck brown show, the reason i say he was a god father when you went to a chuck brown show you knew how to conduct yourself. you never heard of people really getting outside themselves at a chuck brown show. i don't care he was a hustler
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or whatever when you went to a chuck brown show you conducted yourself in a responsible, positive manager. >> i said to our director when we came in it feels different today a little less love in the world today. what is chuck brown's legacy. how will that live on >> i got to start with love. that is what he wanted us to do. everyone to love each other and his music was an instrument. i mean, for him to express that message. and obviously, his greatest legacy, will be go go music. and i think that is great. >> he would be okay with that. >> i think he would be great with that. i was listening to some of his music on the way here and just fans i mean from duke ellington to camp call away. to gospel he has done. due wets he has done with eva cassidy and jill scott he is just -- i know the rest of the
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country, they probably don't really get it in terms of why dc has embraced this man, the way we have. well, you have to really be here as a go go, appreciate go go music, you have to be there. to really appreciate chuck brown's hold on this city, you have to be here. >> what he did. >> what he did >> what he meant. >> the politicians, mayors, members of congress. >> and to stay based in dc that shows you love. >> that's right. because chuck could have toured. >> could have been any where. >> he always wanted to be home. loved his family loved his community, and he loved washington dc. >> well, i just couldn't get enough of chuck brown yesterday on the radio. thankfully stations were playing him all i had to do was switch back and forth. when something like this happens you realize how much you will miss that voice. you want to hear it all. i am sure he and eva cassidy are tearing it up. >> chuck brown just as today if we just hugged each other, and
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just looked into each other's eyes and tell each other how much we really love and appreciate each other i think that is really the legacy again i started with love i didn't start with the music i started with love because that is really what chuck was about. >> it has been a pleasure talking to you. >> it has been a pleasure being here. >> charles stevenson is a go go historian. >> the beat, go go music from washington dc. >> and former manager of eu. >> please tell charles i said hello. >> how you doing tony. >> good to see you. thank you for coming in. 7:11 a.m., now on this thursday morning. still ahead a man in fairfax county is found dead in his car overnight. we have the latest details next and successful special session for maryland lawmakers, details of a new budget package coming up. another big momentum shift in the race for the white house a new poll breaking it down. a live report from capital hill
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coming up next. as we head to break more of chuck brown's music we have a live lookout side, we will get the latest on our weather which looks spectacular and our traffic not so spectacular from tucker and julie coming up next. 7:12 a.m. 7:12 a.m. 
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welcome back. a homicide investigation is making head leans. a man was found shot in his car in fairfax county late last night. crime scene investigators are still on the scene this morning in the mount vernon area off route 1. the man was sitting in his car with gunshot wounds to his upper body he died at hospital and has not yet been identified. budget deal struck in maryland's special session, in the state capital, raises
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income taxes on 300,000 tax payers. house of delegates passed it by a vote of 77-60. single filers who earn more than $100,000 a year and those who file jointly making more than $150,000 will pay more in taxes. nationals are back in first place in nl east they beat the pirates last night, 7-4. bryce harper hit his first major league triple and came around to score the first run. gonzalez pitched 7 solid innings striking out season high of 10 batters and adam has 3 hits including a solo home run. same two teams meet tonight at nats park. first pitch set at 7:05 p.m. he is really doing -- >> he is doing it lately. >> yeah. >> home run day before yesterday and triple yesterday >> i wasn't here yesterday because i was out sick but didn't get to join if thanking the nats and everything for weather day tuesday but it was
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great. >> saw the video when you said, play ball. >> yes. >> was it okay? >> it was great. >> you guys are the dynamic duo. >> yeah, i heard you were throwing t-shirts out in the crowd. >> one, yeah. >> cool. >>th inning like -- -- nothing like -- >> look forward to next year. we will get you down with us next year. >> promises promises. temperatures, -- it will be fun. >> you have to be willing to sign foreheads and arms and legs. >> i did see that. >> we have a lot of pictures of you and sue signing people's arms and legs and foreheads. >> every kid who asked i said is your mom okay with this they said sure. >> i am sure that is not the first time kids said their parents would be okay with it. >> 65 washington, cooler air working in from the north and west, hagerstown, check it out, 53 degrees, let me mention the dew point temperatures off to the north and west, 40s. that gives you an idea how dry
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the air is. vibrant blue skies. >> vibrant. >> off to the north and west 40s. pittsburghs, 45, 47 detroit, tomorrow morning parts of our area will get up to temperatures in the 40s. it will be very comfortable next couple day, satellite radar, front moving through, down near ocean city a few clouds later today all of us enjoyed sunshine, dry conditions and temperatures in the very comfortable department. 75 today, 51 tonight, and then friday, saturday, sunday even monday, close to perfect upper 70s low 80s, low humidity, a lot going on this week spend weather couldn't be better. >> thanks tucker. >> thank you sir. >> let's go to julie and get an update on this mornings rush hour traffic. >> well, good morning to you once again behind me this is a live shot of 395, leaving duke street, heavy, slow and steady, lanes are open also slow traffic coming inbound, suit land parkway, south capital and
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douglas bridge. no accidents to report just volume the crash we had courtesy of sky fox on the inner loop of the belt way past the bw parkway. accident activity tieing up the right lane has been moved to that narrow shoulder area and transition lane. right at the transition lane, bw parkway to inner loop is where we find the accident activity. delays starting to stack, 95, coming out of bell stone, down to the belt way as you make that decision point to head to the right to go to the outer loop or left, inner loop that is where you are hitting that back up. it will remain slow flowing, transition lane remains blocked off, partly blocked from the bw parkway to the exit for the inner loop. outer loop looks good. no problems to report making your way to college park. that is a check of your fox 5 traffic. in the race for the white house a new poll shows it may be changing fast. >> foxes doug luzader joins us live from capital hill with new numbers this morning. doug good morning. >> good morning guys.
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election is still more than 5 months away. there are signs the president may be building some momentum. >> this is serious. >> reporter: president obama preparing to break bread with congress as his campaign team was digesting new polling numbers that offer them good news. a new fox news poll shows the president with a sizable lead over republican challengers mitt romney, 7 points. real clear politics average of poll shows a much tighter race with a spread of 2.5. but romney is trying to gain ground, campaigning in front of a ticking debt clock. >> it is high time we have a president who will stop this spending and borrowing inferno and i will. i will get the job done. >> reporter: the romney campaign thinks the debt issue hits home and latest numbers may show why asking respondents to rank the president on a whole range of issues, it is the bottom one the federal deficit, where his approval numbers are the worst.
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the president meanwhile is taking on congress, he was buying sandwiches in fact for a meeting with congressional leaders as he urges them to move on a series of measures to spur the economy. >> this is the reason why we think it is so important for congress to act now. the economy is recovering, but we've still got a long way to go. >> reporter: and the poll shows the real challenge is for both sides. the president still carry as sizable lead among women. mitt romney may have an advantage when it comes to independent voters. thank you very much. >> 7:21 a.m., 67 degrees on thursday morning. general motors is unfriending facebook, we will tell you why next. >> plus a medical milestone, coming up how this woman was able to move this robotic arm with her own thoughts. >> with strawberry season in full swing, a northern virginia farm is celebrating with its
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annual, strawberry jubilee, pie eating contest, diaper derby, just a few things to enjoy this weekend at great country farms. details later.
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welcome back. 7:25 a.m., a major advancement in the race to restore movement to people who have lost control of their muscles. take a look at this amazing video. for the first time since suffering a stroke 15 years ago, this massachusetts woman was able to pick up a bottle of coffee and sip it all by herself. she did it by moving a robotic arm with her thoughts. researchers implanted an electrode the size of a baby aspirin into her brain it listened to signals as she thought about moving her own arms. a computer sent that signal to the robotic arm. scientists working on the project said it will be years
7:26 am
before the device is widely available but called the advance, a milestone. indeed. if you bought a pair of sketchers shape ups, you could be getting some money back. the refund is part of a $40 million settlement that sketchers agreed to pay in response to a lawsuit filed by the federal trade commission and 44 states including maryland, district as well. the lawsuit alleges, sketchers made false claims in ads for athletic shoes saying they would help people lose weight and strengthen muscles. general motors is pulling its ads off of facebook. gm invested $10 million a year on the site and wasn't happy with the return. ford and chrysler however say they plan to keep advertising on the social network. the announcement comes as facebook gears up for its initial offering on the stock market tomorrow. 7:26 a.m. on thursday morning. coming up next we are sharing your thoughts about the legendary chuck brown.
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nations largest bank under investigation by the fedthe race for the white house heats up on the campaign trail. we are breaking it down with two former congressman after the break. >> as we head to break, more music from chuck brown. >> that is my favorite. >> i like this. ♪ [ music ] >> love it. >> oh, i am supposed to talk. i want to listen. more chuck brown and latest weather and traffic stay with us  [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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we continue to remember dc legend chuck brown the morning. he passed away yesterday at age 75. we asked you to share your favorite hem memories of chuck. carla wrote my favorite memories will always be sneaking out of my parents house in wood bridge virginia to go to the burgundy room to party with chuck brown. it was worth the restrictions when i got home. >> stan posted i remember when
7:31 am
busting loose was the jam and they played the class of 1977, cardosa prom. >> mariah wrote she will miss that smile. rest in peace chuck. >> we invite you to share your thoughts on chuck brown. go to search fox 5 morning news. he made you feel so special. unlike you, sir, i only met him a couple times but the first time that we met, i was gearing up to take a picture and his wife was like no, no, he wants to take a picture with you i was like what? a friend of mine posted that picture i didn't even know where it was any more. but really warm and you know, just he exuded love. >> i find, we are sad that he has passed but i am smiling a lot because of his positive attitude, that music that
7:32 am
brought so much joy to all of us and his willingness. he was everywhere. my mom called me yesterday afternoon and told me she heard it on the news and she was pretty much in tears and i was nervous because i thought a family member had passed away. she loved chuck brown. and then later on in the day i thought well n a way a family member did pass away. he was so special to all of us. >> right >> been around so long. >> feels like just woven into the fabric of the city and beyond. >> more to come later. >> i don't think we can help it. >> i brought in my chuck brown bobble head as i said earlier that is the coolness. if you have a bobble head, you are cool. >> love it. >> keep nit the package it is worth more money. >> as if i would get rid of it. >> weather wise. perfect next couple days lots of sunshine, low humidity, just bright sunshine through the weekend. >> cold front came through last
7:33 am
night, between about midnight and 3:00 a.m., and didn't notice much difference, we didn't get any rain showers with it but did get cooler air now working in on these nice breezes out of the north and northwest. 65 washington off to the north, 60s. 65 gaithersburg, 54 agreed rick, 52 winchester, -- frederick, 52 winchester, warmer south and east. cooler air hasn't quite filtered in. but it will shortly i promise you will feel winds as they have shifted out of the north and northwest and this will continue to pump in dryer air for that day. 16-mile per hour winds currently we will see winds gusting 15 maybe 20 miles per hour for a time this morning, 10 quantico, 13 manassas. a little breezy from time to time today otherwise picture perfect forecast, today tomorrow through the weekened as our frontal system pushes off to the south and east. look what is happening to the north and west, clear skies all the way up to st. louis is chicago area of high pressure
7:34 am
moving overhead and will dominate the weather across the mid-atlantic. if you got weekend plans, mountains, down to the beaches this will be a really nice weekend as it will feel like summer time without the humidity. 75 today, mostly sunny skies, breezy, winds north, 10 to 15, clear skies, cool tonight look at that 51 degrees. keep the windows open. winds out of the north a to 10. there is your 5 day forecast. lots of sunshine next 5 days get out enjoy saturday and sunday. outdoor activities, big baseball games looks fine temperatures 80. that is weather let's do traffic. all right tucker on the roads right now, very busy this morning. we will find delays if you are travelling the inner loop of the belt way, toward it is baltimore, washington parkway. the inner loop is still stacking up from college park in fact, the trip southbound, 95 as you work your way out of laurel, southbound commute, 95,
7:35 am
leaving 198, outer loop, leaving 195, towards georgia avenue. other side of town. crash motorcyclist, cleared over to the shoulder lanes open once again delays, you will find slow traffic on the inner loop of the belt way, leaving springfield headed out towards 66, a 16 minute commute, no problems on 395, slow going from the belt way to king street. pentagon to inbound, 14th street bridge. below speed alabama to stanton, heavy volume across south capital and the douglas bridge. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. on the campaign trail mitt romney gets another endorsement from a former republican presidential candidate and the fbi now investigating the $2 billion loss by jp morgan chase. with more insight into this and more, former democratic congressman of illinois, marty russo now ceo of russo capital strategies and robert walker former congressman of pennsylvania, now executive
7:36 am
chairman of wexler and walker. i turned on the news yesterday and saw john boehner and then a clip from president obama talking about the debt ceiling debate, i almost fell out of my chair, i thought are we going to talk about this gain. now. in an election year. >> let's just get our old cliprun them gain. probably the same answer. >> i mean, now why is this -- is boehner bringing this up? or why is this coming up now. >> there is a fiscal clip that comes perhaps before the election, certainly immediately after the election, and i think what speaker boehner was doing was setting the terms of the debate that is going to take place at least from the republican side because that is one of the item that is is there. you also have tax cuts running out. there are several things about to hit, that some people think you can delay until after the election, there are others who believe that they will end up being debated before the
7:37 am
election. >> marty, what do you think? >> i -- you know, we are in a major fiscal problem december 31st. not only do all the bush tax cuts go away, but the fix for the amt goes away. this is such an enormous problem and the idea we can fix it during -- well, it would be outrageous to think that could happen in a lame duck session. >> i heard speaker bay non-say the other night there is no way -- boehner say the other night, there is no way you can get all this done. >> but will anything get done before the election? >> well, that is the problem. i think that is the reason why john boehner was making the case, that we've got to start looking at this now and oh, by the way here are our parameters for this debate because the debate probably has to take place well before the lame duck because you can't get there in a few weeks. >> i am not sure that will
7:38 am
happen because according to secretary treasure geithner said he thought based on authority given by congress they can delay it into a first quarter of next year, january/february. the debt limit doesn't have to be resolved end of the year but it is another one of those huge problems, you know, to quote john boehner we kicked the can we kicked the can, we kicked the can. at what point do we stop kicking the can. now the problem is so enormous, how do you solve -- you can't in a lame duck session. >> right. it will probably be if they do kick it into the first quarter next year you could potentially have a new administration coming in but if it is old administration it will be a new congress. all tried to get organized they are faced with a massive problem of the debt extension. >> i want to succeed a couple other -- squeeze a couple more things in.
7:39 am
jp morgan chase i heard some suffer surprised by the tone the president has taken -- surprised by the tone the president has taken. hey, these are problems some of these banks will have. mr. diamond is a good executive, et cetera et cetera. there was some people feeling like oh, boy, some heads are going to roll here and marty, give me your take. >> listen, my take is one of the biggest problems with the president facing is his economic ping comes from wall street, headed by tim geithner. if you look at the boca rule it says if you are going to have deposits in your bank, it means bob and i and you and everyone else is insuring it then you are not allowed to take the risk with it because if you fail, then the federal government has to step in and tax payers pick up the check for it. >> jp morgan was lobbying against that in the treasury department, that is a big fight why the reds aren't out now. the fight is the treasury
7:40 am
department supports it. it doesn't make sense to m. goldman sachs, jp morgan had a choice. they could stay in the investment company and do whatever they want. there is no federal guarantee they chose to go to the window and say i want to be a bank. well, that case there ought to be certain rules. you can't risk us. >> one of the issues here is that the boca rule would not have prevented this according to expert that is looked at it. secondly, it does speak to the level because $2 billion is one whale of a lot of money but represented 1,000 of the assets of jp morgan. and so you know, inside jp morgan this is the big problem, is it the next bank failure, for jp morgan, probably not. i think what the administration is trying to do is balance off those two things. i would hope what we don't do out of this is say well, we are need a wave of regulation over what we now have the financial
7:41 am
industry at the present time is in real tough straights, with regard to their consumer programs. it is very difficult still to get a mortgage. >> we are reporting this morning, i want to move on to one more thing, fox news poll showing president obama leading mitt romney this morning, up 7 points is that a surprise to both of you and herman cain endorsing romney, anyone care? >> i don't think anyone cares if herman cane endorses anyone right now but the key, the president is ahead. the bottom line you got to look at the battleground states. it is not a popularity contest any more. fit was president obama would hand down. you know, the only reason why al gore lost to george w bush was because he was likable. obama is very likable. >> you know i have been thinking herman cain will be an asset to romney doing what he
7:42 am
needs to do at the present time, build credibility. herman cain was very popular with republican debates. therefore i think romney using him as a surrogate probably helped. i think the romney folks will be concerned about a 7 point spread on the other hand what they have to look at is exactly what marty talked about, what does it look lthe battleground states, they are a very different picture from a nationwide poll where california and new york play a role. >> thank you very much. >> we still have more we could talk about. we will be back it is 7:42 a.m. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation.
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>> making headlines an autopsy planned on the body of mary kennedy. the estranged wife of robert kennedy junior and mother of four was found dead at the family property in a new york city suburb yesterday. authorities are not releasing cause of death but we are hearing it was apparent suicide. she had a history of alcohol and drug problems her husband
7:46 am
filed for divorce in 2010. first time in united states there are more minority children being born than white children. they now make up more than half up from 37% in 1990. these new 2011 census estimates show the next generation will grow up in a much more diverse population. 7:46 a.m., tucker barnes with us now. >> just a beautiful day. 65 washington we will be in for a nice -- it is not just today it is tomorrow, right into the weekend. >> excellent. >> rolling out the perfect weather. >> love it. >> there is your live shot. i will do the traffic report as well things are running smoothly >> july will do that. don't upset her. >> you can see the sky looks great. lots of blue sky out there, the blue will be a deeper blue, less water in the atmosphere. >> i love that. >> we all do. >> lower humidity. >> yeah. >> 65 washington. 61 baltimore. 50s to the north and west,
7:47 am
frederick, 55. watch the clouds, the cold front, they are out of here, at 2:00 p.m. today, most of the area looking at bright sunshine later tonight, nice and clear right into the daytime hours tomorrow not much to show you makes the forecast easy, we are looking at nothing but sunshine during the day, nice cool nights for the next several days, 5 day forecast, 75, a little breezy at times, winds out of the north, 10 to 15. your weekend forecast, we got nationals orioles and preakness and baltimore, there is a lot going on and it will be perfect. >> thank you sir. to julie wright now withest on this mornings rush hour traffic. tucker can do traffic if i get to do the weather because then it is sunny and 85 all week. >> we can't have that. >> why not? there is a pool party at my house on the deck. will is coming and everything. >> she inflated the pool yesterday. >> tucker is my lifeline.
7:48 am
okay on the roads right now, you are going to find 395, going in separate stretches, continuing out towards duke street. slow traffic as you work your way north from the pentagon, gw parkway traffic, starting to slow at the cia continuing down towards the key bridge. inner loop delays, braddock headed out towards 66 inbound suit land parkway, crash at alabama avenue, right lane expect slow traffic, as you go to south capital and douglas bridge. inner loop of the beat way, baltimore washington park -- baltimore washington parkway. >> did you know strawberries are the first fruit to ripen in spring. >> every year a farm in northern virginia celebrating their harvest, hey, holly >> this is how i am working it this morning ready? okay guys i need you to go out there and find the perfect strawberry. go. run. run. run. i just send them to get the fruit they bring it back to me
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and i can eat it. i love it yes, it is may we are celebrating the berry because, for the first time in history of great country farms, we are live, the strawberry jubilee is happening in may. thanks to our warm spring we are going to talk about this year's crop and how you can come out and celebrate the fruit yourself live next fox 5 morning news stay with us. you guys can bring back more than one if you want  i style everyone. my family, my home... my boyfriend. i can't help it.
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7:52 am
fox 5s holly morris has take an road trip out to great country farms in blue mount virginia. >> she is learning about the strawberry jubilee. >> you just keep piling them right there. that looks good. mm. i don't know i think maybe you need to go back and find some more. i love when kids do the work. this is so much fun. you can have this much fun with
7:53 am
your family too. this weekend out here, like you said the strawberries jubilee is going on at great country farms in blue mount. with the farm she joins me. >> good to see you holly. >> who knew we were going to see you in may. >> i know it has been the craziest season all that warm weather back in march brought the strawberries on 3 weeks earlier than we have ever had them on. >> this is the earliest festival event. >> absolutely. >> we are talking peak harvest let's talk about the crop. one thing people may not know you grow them two different ways. >> we do that because it helps us get a longer picking season these berries are grown on plastic culture where the plastic, the sun hits that plastic, warms up the ground and brings berries on sooner. we were seeing blooms way early this year so that is why you are seeing strawberries now. these strawberries, they actually are reblooming because
7:54 am
it was warm. >> i wonders what the flowers were. >> so these are strawberries going to come on you will see the little berries coming this is two weeks away and the bloom is three weeks to strawberries. >> so if we come over here you will see there is no plastic. >> right these are grown traditionally. you have the straw. we roll these out over top. you roll the straw over top to mulch them and keep them warm and protected all winter then we pull the straw off the plants and let them bloom and grow. when you look at these you don't see the red berries because these are a couple weeks behind. >> but they will be more on the schedule we are used to. >> exactly more traditional, they will begin that regular schedule where the plastic got so warm we have berries way early >> you were saying too, while your bear rivers may not -- berries may not look the most beautiful the key is they are organic. >> strawberries are on that
7:55 am
dirty dozen list of fruits you want to eat without pesticides or chemicals on them. you will see there are some weeds here in these fields they are not pristine and perfect we don't use chemicals so they are healthier to eat. >> another way you can enjoy the berry if you want, in the form of wine which is where bob comes in with blue mount vineyards,. >> nice to see you. >> you are using these to make wine. >> we do. well, we sell the wine up there in the tasting room. and we talk to our guests that arrive and we point right down here, to great country farms and say this is where the fruit came from. so, we do traditional grape wines up at blue mount but we also do these one off fruit wines. they are a unique way to show guests you can do a lot of things. >> strawberries make good wine >> it does. this particular wine we make like a red wine lend a little bit of red wine in this as well
7:56 am
but it is a great pair with cheese cake. >> wine and cheese cake. do wines get any better? come on. >> this is how it can get a little better. kids come over i want you to show me your perfect strawberry. as the kids come back let me tell you the festival is this saturday and sunday, 9 to 6, $10 children, $12 adult it is pick your own part in the mornings it goes quickly last year they were picked out by 10:30 a.m. hold up your perfect strawberry. you guys are pretty good pickers, who can eat the perfect strawberry. there we go. that is what i like to see. coming up next hour we are heading up to the store we will talk more about all that will be going on this weekend, including diaper derby, we will meet the strawberry princess and i don't know did i say you could have seconds? you can have as many as you want. back to y'all in studio. >> you are learning. let the kids do the dirty work, you are learning.
7:57 am
>> if only hayden could crawl. >> he will be soon. >> she is a new mom. coming up ahead at 8:00 a.m., popular radio personality, mike will be joining us live here to talk about a charity event that benefits soldiers in combat. more about the poker run motorcycle ride coming up. plus ... >> the only way you leave that place is ... >> a piece of history, the few people that have heard about it more than 150 alleyed airmen were illegally imprisoned in a concentration camp during world war ii, now their story is part of a new documentary next hour we will sit down with an american aviator who served time at that concentration camp. we will be right back
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
dc is mourning the death of the god father of go go this
8:01 am
morning but celebrating his music and legacy. singer song writer difarrist, chuck brown -- guitarist chuck brown helped define that legacy. more ahead in a live report. >> maryland lawmakers wrap up their special session and new budget which includes higher taxes for many residents. if you are lookin to save cash or maybe just have a different experience when you travel there is an ap for that. it helps you live like a local when in a foreign town. we will head to the smart phone zone coming up. good morning i am tony perkins. >> i am allison seymour. fox 5 morning news, and tucker barnes joining us now, he has a look at what is just a stellar forecast. yep only getting better from here as the cold front came through. now looking at sunshine. >> love it. >> next couple days. i like the outfits today >> purple day. >> you forgot >> i just got it. >> you are doing the black and white which goes with
8:02 am
everything. >> thanks allison. >> next thursday i will get it right. temperatures 65, there is your radar. and notice the cold front the blue line down towards ocean city the front is now south of us winds shifted out of the north. in fact, breezy, winds gusting to about 15 miles per hour, but otherwise a beautiful day. let's show you the temperature regan national, 65 degrees, 65 regan national, humidity on the way down. dew point to our north and west running in the 40s, and last couple days 60s. so much more comfortable air a lot less watt inner the atmosphere and winds north, 16 miles per hour. your forecast today, bright sunshine, blue skies, no rain in sight. over the next several days, 75 your daytime high. a little warmer as you get into the weekend. but, it is a really good looking forecast. >> thanks tucker. let's see if everyone like it is drive into work. julie wright has the latest. how is it going. >> very slowly, we have some problems out here on the
8:03 am
highway if you are travelling northbound, 395, find yourself on the brakes as you travel from the belt way out towards king street. pentagon crossing over towards king street bridge. accident activity, belt way, both shoulders keeping you tied up as you travel north from turkey run. southbound 270, headed for the split. outer loop remains slow, inner loop closed. b 95 to the parkway. suit land parkway, trouble, trying to get past an accident. headed for south capital street and the douglas bridge that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. a one of a kind sound synonymous with dc culture. the music world mourning the death of the god father of go go. chuck brown passed away after battling several illnesses last few months. >> brown may be gone but the memories and his music will live for. fox 5s melanie alnwick is live at the howard theatre in
8:04 am
northwest, with more reaction to his death. hey, melanie. >> reporter: good morning tony. yes, fans flocked here, to the howard theatre upon hearing the sad news last night. chuck brown was scheduled to play the first sold out show at this reopened historic venue. it is not far from where chuck brown grew up, selling newspapers and shining shoes before he became, a music legend. the 75-year-old brown grew up in washington dc. when he was younger he spent time at laurton penitentiary and traded five packs of cigarettes for a guitar. the go go sound was born in the 70s a mix of jazz, blues and latin beats. brown called it go go because it is music that just goes on and on, for all his fame he remained rooted in washington dc evidenced by the many fans who gathered here at the howard and they celebrated his life not so much as a vigil but
8:05 am
block party style. while he was consider add music legend he is remembered for commitment to music and family. local djs say he was a man who never forgot what was important. >> yesterday i cried a lot of us cried, because to us, chuck brown is immortal we thought he would never leave this earth. he is the type of person you want to be like. you want to be like chuck. the perfect human being you want to motedle yourself after him how -- model yourself after him. how humble he s. we are going to celebrate. we have his music. >> brown was hospitalized on april 18th, complaining of fatigue, and other health issue, his daughter says he died from complications of pneumonia at johns hopkins university hospital in baltimore. we have no word yet, tony and allison, yet on what the plans may be, for a funeral or some sort of public memorial but you can be sure, there will be one. >> absolutely. all right melanie thank you
8:06 am
very much. >> we will hear more from the people who were closest to chuck brown. >> coming up top of the next hour, andre johnson chianti will join us onset. other top stories a man shot in his car, fairfax county police first got a call of a noise complaint in the mount vernon area, just off route 1, around 11:30 p.m. last night they found a man in his car with gunshot wounds to his upper body he was rushed to hospital where he was pronounced dead. invest gator haves no suspects they have not identified the victim yet. two suspects wanted for impersonating police officers are in custody after a police chase ends and a messy multicar crash, look at the end there. the chase ended yesterday, evening on south dakota avenue, northeast dc. that is where the suspects plowed their black suv into three other cars sending several people to hospital.
8:07 am
allison, maryland lawmakers wrapped up their special session, bypassing a new budget which includes higher taxes for many of you. the tax increase effects individuals who make more than $100,000 a year and couples earning more than $150,000 a year. also part of the deal, county governments will have to share half the cost, of teacher pensions, democrats in maryland say the moves are needed to preserve programs that the previous budget came up short on. >> busy weekend for world leaders coming to maryland. president obama welcomes g 8 heads of government to camp david friday. big topics, europe's financial problems and international terrorism. then on saturday night, most of them head to chicago for the nato summit to discuss the timeline for withdrawal from afghanistan. 7 minutes after the hour on thursday morning there are some new arrivals at the international space station this morning. details coming up afterthe break. >> save on hotel fees and experience the life of a local
8:08 am
when you travel. or, rent out your home or a room and make some cash. all possible through one website and ap. we will head to the smart phone zone to find out how you can do that. it is 8 minutes after 8. we will be right back [ dog barking ] mom!
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8:11 am
>> there is a new crew at the international space station. three astronauts arrived on a russian spacecraft overnight. two are russian cosmonauts is one is american from nasa. they are getting ready for the first ever private cargo ship arriving on. >> saturday. >> thank you. so called ring -- johnny cash. he has a song ring of fire. a so called ring of fire solar eclipse, will be visible in parts of the u.s. on sunday the moon will slide across the sun, blocking everything but a halo of light. now unfortunately we won't be able to see that in our area but we are willing to bet you
8:12 am
may see pictures popping up online from your friends out west. it will be visible from parts of oregon, northern california, nevada, utah, arizona, new mexico and and texas panhandle. >> et was too good to pass up. tucker barnes is joining us once again. what a graft forecast, if -- what a great forecast if you needed anything more you have the cuteness factor of the day. >> that's right. let's get to it time for my first five photo of the day. >> kicking back. >> hey, everybody this is ralph. >> ralph now that is a name you don't hear very often. >> yes. >> no, you don't. >> he is all of one year old you know what he is up to sitting in his favorite chair watching the news. now, tony when i saw this picture a minute ago, it took me a good 30, 40 years to get down the perfect posture hanging out watching tv he
8:13 am
mastered it at 1-year-old. >> you needed a custom chair built for you. >> he looks awfully comfortable. >> all right ralph thank you for joining us for my first five photo of the day. if you want your child to be my fox photo of the day go to click on mornings. all right we hope you are watching right now in your chair if you head outside, with your mom or dad, it is comfortable, 63 washington, but off to the north and west, pittsburgh, 59 degrees, 51 detroit. the morrow morning parts of our area, we will wake up temperatures in the 40s. that is how comfortable this aromas is moving into place. satellite radar, cold front coming through, early this morning, south and east, you can see shower activity in the carolinas, across the mid- atlantic, beautiful the next several days if you have weekend plans, it will be just about perfect temperatures near 80, both saturday and sunday, lots of sunshine. there is your five day forecast today, 75, it will be a little breezy at times winds out of
8:14 am
the north 10 to 15 miles per hour friday, saturday, sunday, monday, close to perfect temperatures upper 70s low 80s and low humidity, no rain here for the next five days, get out and enjoy. that is a look at if forecast. traffic and see if julie wright can deliver. >> not easy to follow that unforchew they lit. major tie ups -- unfortunately. major tie ups a portion of route 7 shut down berlin turnpike heavy volume delays, eastbound, towards hamilton station. travelling inbound gw parkway lanes are open southbound, traffic down to 17 miles per hour, trying to hit south of 123, northbound traffic where we had the accident before the belt way, that has been moved over to the shoulder. inbound suit land parkway accident activity alabama avenue cleared all our lanes are opened, big delays route 5 heavy volume as you commit to south capital, southbound 270, lanes are open no problems reported slow traffic coming
8:15 am
out of gaithersburg and out towards the split that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. thanks, cheaper than staying in a hotel but in some ways offers more. >> air b and b is a website and ap where travelerrers can connect with locals to rent out rooms or homes. along with saving cash it is all about the experience. lauren demarco has more from the smart phone zone. >> it all started in 2007 with a couple guys who decided to blow up an air mattress and rent out their spare bedroom instead of calling them a b and b they called it an air b and b. since then, it has been used to book more than 5 million nights worldwide. i spoke with a representative from the company and a local couple who uses the service. >> we have had people from virtually every continent. >> they use air b is b to rent out rooms in their sill tremendous spring home. in the past three years they
8:16 am
have had several hundred bookings. >> they get the local experience you know when they are travelling, to washington dc they are going to get a chance to see the big sites if they are here for tourism we give them the local aspect. >> reporter: air b and b website and ap pretty much define user friendly. plug in a price or search by neighbourhood or amenity check out the hosts profile and send them a message if you are interested. emily jeffrey on the company's director of consumer strategy and insight says it has come a long way since it started in 2007 and recently has expanded to more than just accommodations. >> we are seeing this take off with rooms, cars, we are seeing it take off with the idea of sharing local experiences. access to goods, it is more important and more powerful than ownership of those goods. so for example, there is no need to own multiple homes around the united states if you can go and travel and stay in
8:17 am
them whenever you want to. if you have a bicycle you are not using it why not rent it out the other 50% of the time and monetize the extra asset that you have there. >> with air b and b we make about $27,000 a year this past year. gross. that helps tremendously in depraying the cost of our mortgage >> safety is a concern so air b and b includes user revies on hosts and guests. there are some extra features for those just getting started. >> we also have an engine called recommendation so i can send recommendation requests to my friends and have them actually look at my profile and write a quick review of me as a person. that gives people a little jump start into their reputation. >> and you can link your profile to your facebook page. hosts and guests correspond one on one to confirm the booking as well. the beards say so far, they
8:18 am
have not had a bad experience. >> often we feel like we almost know them before they get here because there has been a lot of communication, and you can tell a lot about a person when you are communicating with them. >> the key to their success has been that open communication, and some important touches. >> when you go to a hotel you hand them a credit card first thing here they get offered cookies. >> they have learned a lot about the world, without ever leaving home. >> you get all this interesting background about all these things going on in south africa, talk to them about the wine country in south africa. >> they have made life long friendships. >> they are like sisters. they come and they just love coming here, and it is like their get away they are from new jersey they come every couple months and stay for threedays. they are kind of like kind of like family now. >> air b and b is the best way to bring the world into your
8:19 am
home or experience the world, and for what it actually is. i think it is a social movement that is going to change the way that people travel, and the way that they bring those stories back home >> it is a fabulous cultural experience for us. >> we are people people. >> they are people people >> they really are >> you can tell they have made a business out of it they have little pamphlet they have made on their own not through the site and they rent out several rooms within their home so you can rent out your whole home, not just a room i mean. >> what do you do lauren if some bod is looking to get into this -- some body is looking to get into this there is somethings to take care of >> air b and b folks help out with taxes there is a 1099 form they give you but the beards say they do work with their accountant to handle there and commercial insurance. >> all right very good. very interesting. thank you very much. all right coming up in just
8:20 am
a little bit defense rests in the john edwards trial, and there is an update about a death in the kennedy family, all coming up next on fox 5. >> late they are hour, holly is hanging out in some strawberry fields, hopefully not forever. north earn virginia farm holding a strawberry jubilee she will show us why you should head on out there. we will be right back. 8:20 a.m. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake.
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feel good about your decisions.
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8:22 a.m., making headlines an autopsy planned for mary kennedy estranged wife of robert kennedy junior and mother of four was found dead at the family property in a new york city suburb yesterday. multiple media outlets are reporting she hanged herself but war thousand it is have yet to release an official -- authorities have yet to release an official cause of death. closing arguments set to begin in the criminal trial of john edwards after just two days of testimony. the defense team rested their case yesterday without calling edwards. his former misstress or his oldest daughter to the stand. the former presidential candidate is accused of using donor money to hide his pregnant misstress during his 2008 campaign if convicted he faces up to 30 years in prison.
8:24 am
when president obama welcomes nato allies to chicago summit sunday he will ask for help funding the afghan army. >> it is expected to focus on the time table for pulling out of afghanistan. more than 20 nations have afreed to help. >> finger pointing over the violence against women act is reaching a fevered pitch. republicans in the house passed it version of the act despite strong opposition from the democrats. it is different from the -- vastly different from the bill passed by the democratic senate last month. >> every day three women are killed by their spouse or partner, that is why we must mass a bill and get it to the president's desk. what is happening in the house is inexcusable. >> republicans say their bill does more to protect tax payers from fraud. democrats and president maintain it does not go far
8:25 am
enough to protect abused immigrants, native americans or gays. 8:24 a.m., thursday morning. dc is mourning the loss of a music legend. one of our own. we will share some of your facebook comments and memories of the late great chuck brown. my good friend and wonderful funny man, michael mara is hosting a great event next month that helping military families he is in studio to talk about that. we will be right back and ask him what he is wearing this morning [ sneezes ]
8:26 am
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[ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro. back with your remembrances of chuck brownment on our facebook fan page angela wrote, my favorite chuck things were ladies to the front, gentlemen ladies to the front. i want to say people not the signs. >> that's right. >> several facebook fans wrote their favorite chuck brown song
8:29 am
is his go go take on the gospel favorite, can't no body do me like jesus. yeah. there is so many songs and you know we tend the keep hearing the same ones over and over again but there are a lot of them. ab wrote it is a spiritual song with a go go twist, chuck is singing his heart out. a great arrangement that makes you want to dance >> more chuck brown memories throughout the morning we honor his life. there it is. playing right now. the song. >> i mentioned earlier, look at this. >> that is my picture with the god father right there. somebody posted that. i didn't post that on facebook. i was just looking at how strong and vibrant he looked right there. you know and that is how i will remember him. right there. >> 57 years old but youthful, i mean, you know, with the music and everything, the lifestyle that he led, kept him young. he was out there playing all the time. >> and speaking, speaking engagement at wilson high school together that was backstage and he went out and
8:30 am
got the crowd all pumped up and had his message staying in school staying out of trouble i forget what i did but i was just happy to meet chuck brown. >> if you are going the check out his music i suspect a lot of people who haven't before will now, he did everything r&b, jazz, a lot of good stuff. check it out. >> right. tucker, you are giving chuck brown a great day today >> yeah. >> you are giving chuck brown and his fans, the chuckaholics as they call themselves a great day. >> couldn't be better. temperatures in the mid-70s low humidity, you won't be sweating too much and beginning of the week conditions perfect for all our outdoor events. nationals, orioles, preakness. >> a lot of stuff going on. >> soccer, baseball, softball games, things will be fine. 63 washington. cooler and dryer air has been working in during the overnight hours and we are falling back,
8:31 am
still falling back, gaithersburg 57 degrees and check out low to mid-50s north and west. hagerstown, temperature 54 but dew point is running in the 40s of course from the dew point temperature when it falls we lose water in the atmosphere it will feel a lot better than it has the last couple days, 61 manassas. warmer to the south, still working in. let's will be at breezes out of the north and northwest, gusting to stay. 20 miles an hour, sustained winds, it will be breezy from time to time particularly this morning as we set this very nice air mass into place. cold front came through overnight, shower activity, far off enough to the south and east we should see nothing but bright blue skies a few passing clouds, generally, bright sunshine, for you, as high pressure builds from the north and west. i know high pressure will be a slow mover. next several days through your five day forecast looking fine here temperatures just a few
8:32 am
degrees above normal and humidity in check. look at this 5 day forecast, 75 today as we get into tomorrow mid- to upper 70s cool nights here with temperatures low 50s. saturday, sunday even monday, temperatures upper 70s near 80. that is weather tony and allison back the you at the desk. >> thank you very much. cruising for a great cause. the poker run motorcycle ride is kicking off soon. you can help raise money for military families by participating. last year, organizers were able to raise $10,000 they are hoping for more, this year, joining us now with more detail it is man hosting the event, mike o 'mara and my old college pal how are you sir. >> when i sit next to you i realize what a wonderful profile you have >> thank you. >> they should shoot you from the side on this show. really >> is it that good >> i have always thought you were a lovely man. i owls thought you were
8:33 am
handsome -- i always thought you were handsome. >> what are you wearing speaking of handsome. are you in the village people. >> my name is mike o ' mara and i am a fat man. this is my biker vest. we are riding for fisher house. >> fisher house. >> wonderful organization that donates houses for families of the military, there is a fisher house on every major medical facility in the country, and they do great things for our military. >> when veterans are getting treatment, and rehabilitation and all that stuff their families can come and be near them. >> stay for free. it is very expensive some times people have to travel thousands of miles to be with a loved one. i know you have been to bethesda, walter reid, it is so important for the family to be
8:34 am
there when their loved ones are getting medical care. not just injured service men but someone going to have medical treatment a veteran wants to get medical treatment fisher house there is one in every single facility. >> i love the idea of -- this is so unique, the poker run, tell us how that works. >> it is very -- well, june 9th, second saturday in june, saturday morning we meet out at patriot harley davidson fairfax. everybody registers we send people out 10:00 a.m. in the morning you get a card and poker hand, for each stop along the way. >> each time you stop. >> you start you get a couple stops we finish up at jimmies old town at that verne, american done virginia, and we find out who has the best poker hand and have prizes for the winner usually the weather is fantastic, knock on wood. we have a great day, second saturday in june. everyone come to patriot harley
8:35 am
davidson. you can come outearn if you are not riding last year we had upwards of 300 motorcycles and it is a wonderful day and perfect timing because it is after rolling thunder which is a huge biker event and people are saying i want to do it again and i give you a chance with the ride. >> can people still register. >> yep people can show up the day of the event bring your motorcycles down have a good times the a great thing, about the third or fourth i have done >> i didn't know that. >> let's put information on the screen if you want to register. how long have you been a biker when we were in school when i knew you early -- >> i am not this is a fake uniform i don't ride motorcycles they prop me up >> do you have your own bike. >> i have 11,000 miles on my fat boy. how is that for appropriate. i have been riding for a long time, 2005 is when i started. >> really.
8:36 am
>> i got the training important to get the right training but, i love it, i love the freedom of it tony. that is what i enjoy. the freedom of the wind and what is left of my hair and yours. >> i want to ask you about the mike o ' mara show you did a live show at the state theatre. >> you were gracious enough to attend. >> these are people who follow your pod cast. sold out. it was a great night. >> great night. >> a little bawdy. >> are we going down to the mercantile to get something for our vapours. body, that cutting edge language you hear on fox 5. bawdy. yeah, it was a bawdy event. we read chaucer and fed each other grapes. it is great for existing as i do in the land of the internet,
8:37 am
w many downloads. .com. >> 13.5 million downloads. that is where people can find me. i like to do things like this so i can tell people, on a large scale that is where we exist we have a great show it is vailable online each and every day. i do a show five days a week, two on thursday, 9 to minutes of nonstop hill lairty and fun. very little nudity. >> get it on itunes and the like. >> i am not telegenic. >> you are aging gracefully >> i appreciate that. we are the same age. hard to believe anybody looking in now saying what happened to him. i am not talking about you. but it is always nice to be here and come out to the ride >> i will. >> do you ride. >> i do not but i enjoy watching. >> okay. and i know i have over stayed my welcome. i wouldn't wouldn't be doing my job. >> you have to read something now. >> yes. >> i would shake your hand but
8:38 am
i have a cold >> stay away >> we will be back with more in just a moment [ male announcer ] they were born to climb... born to leap, born to stalk, and born to pounce. to understand why, we journeyed to africa, where their wild ancestor was born. there we discovered that cats, no matter where they are... are born to be cats. and shouldn't your cat be who he was born to be? discover your cat's true nature.
8:39 am
purina one. got the mirrors all adjusted? you can see everything ok? just stay off the freeways, all right? i don't want you going out on those yet. mmm-hmm. and just leave your phone in your purse. i don't want you texting, all right? daddy...ok! ok, here you go. be careful. thanks dad. call me -- but not while you're driving. ♪ [ dad ] we knew this day was coming. that's why we bought a subaru. ♪
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[ people screaming ] hmm... oh, one small black cocoa creme iced coffee, please -- yum. woman: will that be all? [ brakes squeal ] uh-oh! not good. let me out of here! let me out of here! try dunkin's new black cocoa creme iced coffee and call star-star-d-d for a text to capture your alien today. the galaxy runs on dunkin'. we are following another case of flesh eating bacteria. a new mother who delivered twins last week in atlanta is
8:41 am
battling the bacteria in south carolina. a few days out of the hospital she noticed an unusual spot the size of her palm on her leg 6 hours later it more than doubled in size. the mother has already had four surgeries and is in critical but stable condition this morning. for the first time ethnic minorities make up more than half of the children born in the u.s. new census figures show minorities made up 50.4% of births ending in july of last year. that is up from 37% in 1990. minorities now make up more than 36% of the total u.s. population. 8:41 a.m. now on thursday morning. 168 alleyed airmen arrested by the gestapo during world war ii ended up in a concentration camp. their story is told by a new documentary that screens in dc this weekend. coming up on fox 5 we will talk with one of the survivors who participated in the filming.
8:42 am
>> what an honor >> holly is providing us with a taste of summer. good morning, what will a baby do for a strawberry. what will the babies parents do for a strawberry. diaper derby, one of fun family events, grace country farm. we are live and they are gearing up for their annual strawberry jubilee. you guys have your game faces on. we will tell you how you can be part of it too live next fox 5 morning news. stay with us 
8:43 am
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>> it is a simply extraordinary story few americans have heard about. 168 alleyed airmen arrested by the gestapo during world war ii and it matily sent to -- and ultimately sent to concentration camp. mark dorsey has a personal connection to this story his grand father was imprisoned there. he traveled extensively to find others i prisoned there as well. the result is the award winning documentary called lost airmen
8:46 am
and screens this sunday in washington. don sheerer is one of the airmen who survived that death camp. we are very honored to have him with us this morning good morning. >> good morning. >> how do you feel about your story being brought to life now in the documentary >> i feel it is long over due. >> yes, sir. >> our own government never admitted we were in there because you weren't supposed to be military people in a concentration camp. >> how did that happen how did you get there? why weren't you in a pow camp. >> well, we were betrayed by a trader in the under ground. and even though the gestapo knew we had purchased this, we were military people, they arrested us as political criminals and started us on the road to that route rather than
8:47 am
as a prisoner, um, we were in a local prison there in paris, four days before the alleyed liberated paris they unloaded people in the jail and put us in boxcars, boxcars being sort of like a tractor trailer and there were 70 in my car we were locked in there for five days until we got to the concentration camp. >> it must have been so horrifying, not knowing where you were going what treatment you would receive once you got there. can you tell us about that feeling while you were being transported. >> well, we thought -- we hoped we were going to a prisoner of war camp. >> yes, sir. >> we didn't know we were going there. and so all we were concerned with was right then was the conditions which we were sufferling from in this boxcar it was august, hot, the toilet
8:48 am
was a bucket a wine barrel that got full and ran over and so we were in pretty miserable situations until we got there. >> when you got there, sir, what were conditions like there? how did you survive that mentally and physically? >> well, mentally, we formed a camp -- this club, klb, we thought we was going to get to go home and so we kept our spirits up, in recognizing that we would be getting out and we were a little bit concerned because they shaved our heads and we were going to have to go home with bald heads. >> mm-hmm. right. >> and so what we had to put up with was lack of food, for the first couple weeks we slept on the ground like cattle, and then for the morning we got a piece of bread and some times
8:49 am
it would be -- have some margarine on it, made out of coal and a cup of coffee made out of acorns and then at noon we got -- you remember half litre coke bottle it was a third of a litre of soup and it was like barley cooked like oats with the worms still in it and then next day maybe we get green death soup, clear liquid with yellow flat and grassy stuff but what helped us was that we still were military people and we marched where we wanted to go. >> you defied them. >> yes our men, our head man, will be in the movie, he took charge and said they couldn't work us even though they wanted us to work us but he took a beating and so forth, so that we didn't have to work. well, we had to just exist. >> you talk about the group,
8:50 am
the club, in essence that you formed do you have the pin with you? that is it. >> that is it. >> that is it. that is so special so over the years i would imagine you get out of this camp do you stay in touch with the surviving men? the 100 or so men who survived? >> well, we did for awhile but with our club, when we got back, we visited different places, we were up in canada a couple times, but our lives changed and we were busy working, coming back to being a livelihood we were proud of. >> that is you right there? that handsome young man is you? next to your aircraft, world war ii, of course we want to -- i have so many more questions for you mr. shearer but let me -- before we mention the time of the documentary, a lot of people are just not familiar with this history and you have said before partially because the american government didn't say that this necessarily
8:51 am
happened, this did not happen what cow want people to know -- what do you want people to know now, about the way we humans can treat each other, in times of war, under the guise of war. what do you want people to remember about that? >> i say people have a mean streak. they give authority to other people, then the cruelty is going to happen. and to me, the problem is, that you have to be sure that who you are following is taking you where you want to go. >> where you want to go. good advice during war times and all time. we thank you so much >> right >> for coming today. want to give you information as we look at the documentary here. information where you can see this, at 3:00 p.m. on sunday, part of the gi film festival, sunday may 20th, naval heritage center, which is at 701 pen sylvania avenue northwest. -- pennsylvania avenue
8:52 am
northwest. veterans get 20% discount off ticket prices all the information is i sit here with an american hero thank you for coming in. >> you are welcome glad to be here >> honor to have him here. i never heard that story. they are celebrating the strawberry this weekend at great country farms blue mount virginia, holly morris is there to preview their strawberry jubilee. >> tony let me tell you the road trip is well worth it. let me prove it to you. take a look at those berries. that is one heck of a strawberry and the strawberries are in full swing here at great country farms. earliest ever in may due to our warm spring and so they are celebrating in every way possible. we have a lot to show you. jaclyn jenkins is farm experience manager and this is impressive. >> i grew it myself >> i hear you. you guys have a lot going on when it comes to strawberry jubilee. >> we do. our 5-acre play area is gigantic in itself our famous
8:53 am
jumping pillow is 1200 square feet, we have pedal cars and farm animal barnyard but the strawberry festival physics, our diaper -- specifics, our diaper derby. >> these are bait. you tell me how this works. so tell me how the diaper derby works. >> we start the babies over here at one end and we have luke, where is lucas, for a start out and we start them on this side and put parents on the other and of course the funniest part is when the parents are trying to encourage their kids to come to the other side. >> let's start them. >> are you ready, get set, start your babies. >> all right let's go. [ overlapping voices ] >> this is nonstop action. a precursor sot preakness. i am telling you. luke there you go. we will check in with lucas' mom. oh, coming from behind. now have you been training.
8:54 am
>> no. >> are you sure? i don't know. >> okay. wait look, going in the lead have you been training? >> we do practice runs in the morning. that is how we get our exercise. >> we might have to come back and check on this race our time is fleeting. we have another race we have to get in. over here also this weekend you are having a strawberry pie eating contest. >> strawberry pie eating contest. here we have our strawberry pie. >> hands behind your back >> on your mark get set, eat those strawberry pies. >> there we go. >> come over here strawberry princess as this is going on refined strawberry princess could never find herself eating like that. but tell me miss strawberry princess how does one become the strawberry princess. >> you see my mother nature gave me the gift of strawberry kisses so every year i come and
8:55 am
kiss all the the strawberrymakes them turn a beautiful red color. >> you are here this weekend doing what. >> teaching all the little girls how to do a flower blooming stance yeah, and then watching the diaper derbypie eating contest. >> where did this beautiful dress come from > honey bees ma with a gift. >> complete with a bouquet with strawberries. >> how does it taste? >> good. >> who is going to win >> me. >> keep eating. >> okay very good. just a tip of the iceberg of strawberry fun here. our website we have a link to theirs festival is saturday and sunday. pick your own strawberries in the morning. come early they sell out fast. more fun in our next hour stay with us right now you are watching fox 5 morning news. keep it going keep it going. [ male announcer ]  olympic tennis players bob and mike bryan do a lot of sending... and receiving. sending...and receiving. sending...and receiving.
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♪[ music ] there he is. remembering chuck brown this morning. the pioneer of go go music. coming up this hour, going to be sitting down with two musicians who had the chance to work with the legendary artist and influenced by him. >> then a remarkable story of hope, a member of our fox 5 family and one of thousands in our area, fighting blood cancer she has been battling it for a few year, at 9:30 a.m. she is sharing her story. heart warming prom story you don't want to miss. a local senior broadcasts her proposal in front of the whole school. find out his response later. and some very special guests in studio, julie of sea world and busch gardens is in studio and brought along some of her best friends


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