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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 18, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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his heisman trophy win, gave leno a gift that was burgundy and gold and showed off a special talent. >> i wanted to take all the heisman finals out. i took them out and did what everybody expected us to do and me and my fiancee went to work out at 2:30 in the morning. i have a gift for you. i got you a pair of your own go catch your dream socks. >> thank you very much. >> i don't get the cape? >> and i don't know if you like socks, but you can cut these up and make a tie out of them. i try to teach people how to beat box. at box.
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. >> very good. rg iii. >> that was awesome. >> he is quite the personality. >> now, we need to get him in here to do that. >> we'll see if we can. >> we still have plenty ahead. more weather, traffic and all of your top stories. fox 5 news continues right now. good morning. straight up 5:00 on this friday, may 1th. taking a look at the washington monument right now. it is nice that we can see it. we are not dealing in kind of fog. just a nice cool morning. good morning. i'm sarah simmons. >> nice way to enter the weekend. >> i'm will thomas. welcome to fox 5 morning news. good morning to you, tucker barnes. it sounds like a good forecast in store for us. going to be a perfect weekend. >> good weekend to go to the beach. >> great weekend to go to the beach. >> i wish i was going. >> you could go anywhere around
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here with this kind of weather. >> yeah, next couple of days will be perfect. we'll show you the radar because -- no, not again. >> nothing. i got everything today. >> there is nothing on it. >> got nothing to show you on it. >> sometimes early in the morning, the computers aren't cooperating but they are today. >> that has been a problem the last several week. your forecast couldn't be better. lots of sunshine. sun gets up early this morning. >> what time? >> about 5:52, i think. so about 45 minutes. humidity, 75%. lots of sunshine and we are expecting fine conditions. we'll be in the mid-70s later this afternoon. >> beautiful. i love it. i have no complaints. >> we know you like it warm. wore talk about moon pies and
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not nutty buddies. >> it's early. we'll get to nutty buddies later. -- we're talking about moon pies and not nutty buddies. 50 is open for business. no problems to report as you travel in through annapolis and bowie. but 197 remains closed off until further notice because of this accident activity. you will find the lanes are open traveling 359 northbound in the express lanes and main line headed up and across the inbound 14th street bridge. no problems to report on the beltway. overnight construct has cleared traveling between annandale and merrifield. here at the american legion bridge, traffic runs smoothly as you continue out towards fairfax. no problems to report on the inner loop from the toll road to 2707. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. . >> thank you. one of the big stories we are following this morning, new details in the trayvon martin shooting case. nearly 200 opinions of previously undisclosed documents were released yesterday including photos, video, witness statements and autopsy results.
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martin's autopsy reveals he was shot at close range. a new grainy photo shows george zimmerman with a bloody nose and a picture shows the gun zimmerman used in the shooting. there is also security camera video from a nearby 7-eleven store that has been released showing the moments just before martin was shot and killed by zimmerman. zimmerman has pleaded for the guilty to second degree murder charges against him claiming he shot mart anyone self-defense. another big story, the g-8 summit. president obama is welcoming the leaders of the world's biggest economies at camp david in frederick county later today. topping their agenda is the european debt crisis. ahead of summit in maryland, president obama sits down with the new president of france at the white house later this morning. new information in an alleged murder fore hire plot in woodbridge, virginia. police have arrested a second man now, ralph justice. ' a jail guard in prince william county. investigators say he conspired
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with michael rucinak to harm his stepson. the plan was to have the stepson arrested and put in jail where he could be sexually salted. police say he later hatched a murder for hire plot against the stepson. we have new details following last week's abduction and robbery in springfield, virginia. police have rereesed had video of a car believed to be involved. investigators say a man was walking out of his house when several men aprofessorred. he was forced into his own car and driven to self banks where he was forced to withdraw money. no one has been arrested at this point. up on capitol hill, there is an investigation into a series of break-ins at congressional offices. capital police say the burglaries are happening in the middle of the night. the thieves are taking cameras, ipods, even a staffer's jacket. they are all stealing inexpensive items that have sentimental value. they are using keys, we are
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told by police, leading some to speculate they are inside jobs. iconic song can you think sung by an iconic performer. music world this morning is mourning the death of this icon, donna summer, the queen of disco. she died yesterday after losing her battle with lung cancer. some of her biggest hits, this once last dance, love to love you, baby and hot stuff, donna summer was 63 years old. she leaves behind a husband and three children. meanwhile, the tribute for the godfather of go-go is still pouring in. chuck brown died wednesday after battling pneumonia. go-go has been playing chuck brown nonstop and fans are call in to express their feelings about the d.c. legend. chuck brown was 57 years old. >> two big losses, unexpectedly as well. do you love browsing the web on your smart phone? up next, why you may soon be counting those minutes and dollars. >> details of who is cutting
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. john lennon's killer has been moved. mark david champ man was transferred for a different facility in buffalo. he was at attica for 31 years. corrections officials report saying why he was moved. he is eligible for parole again this august. jury tblisi rigs are set to begin this morning in the john edwards trial. in close ring arguments thursday, prosecutors argued edwards knew that excusing campaign donations to try to hide his affair was against the law. but edwards' defense team asked the jury to see that what he did was a sin, not a felony. edwards faces up to 30 years from prison in convicted. when the stock market opens later on this morning, the public will able to buy stock in facebook for the first time. shares of the social web site's initial public offering are set at $38. that puts the value of the company at $104 billion and is expected to raise $16 billion
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overall. but some economists are urging caution. facebook has never made a profit. if you use verizon as your cell phone carrier, there is news about the data plan. company is clarifying reports that unlimited data is going way altogether. verizon says existing customers who have unlimited data now will have to give it up for they buy a new phone at a discounted price. those are the kind that usually come with a contract, of course. but existing verizon customer was buy a phone at full price would be able to keep the unlimited data. so hopefully, we've cleared that up. you've heard of hands-free phones. but what about hands-free driving. >> no hands, no feet. in fact, you don't even have to look out the window. up next the car drives itself. that is a little scary. >> i want to learn more. all right. our forecast perfect today. we'll have a lot of sunshine, temperatures expected to be in the mid-70s. i'll have the details on the weekend forecast as well. julie will have say lock at the
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traffic. we'll do it right after the break. 
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. taking a look outside at o. what is a beautiful morning. maybe a little chilly but it will warm up to be a nice day out there. quick reminder for you. down to the identifiable flee on american idol and next week will be the finale. you will want to tube in for it. you could have the chance to
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win a vip ticket package to see aerosmith in concert at jiffy lube live on jewel 3rd. >> i was up late last night, hi a good nap. we are down to the final two, it is jessica and phil. >> they had an elimination last night. you watch the the idol final on may 23rd to see aero smith's live perform's. you log onto and answer a question about the performance to win the prize pack. >> i'm he just going to the music. there you go. i was getting into the moment. >> i wish i was dreaming on right now. >> don't we all? >> especially with weather like this. >> good sleeping weather. >> it is good sleeping weather. >> is there any bad sleeping weather to be honest with you? >> hot and humid. >> with air conditioning, that is great sleeping weather.
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>> okay. it is cool out but it is good sleeping weather. temperatures in the 40s here outside the beltway. 46 in manassas. in washington, not bad. you mix the temperatures in with lowand it feels great. 57 at reagan national. 57 in quantico. cambridge is 52 degrees. and salisbury is 51. so we continue to have some very cool conditions across the region particularly off to the north and west. looking at our satellite-radar, shower activity south and east down into the crimes. got a storm system down there. we have to watch that as we get into the end of the weekend. it is trying to slow a few clouds back towards the wash area. otherwise, we'll be looking great. high pressure will keep is nice and dry. it is to our north. we'll continue to give us the winds out of the north and northeast. we're looking at very quiet weather here the next couple of days. maybe a thunderstorm back in the forecast by late in the weekend and by early next week. if the storm gets close enough, we'll have a few showers and maybe a thunderstorm around. high pressure -- i'm in the way. there you go. to the north and east and our
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wind will be out of the north and east today with lots of temperatures in the mid-70s. beautiful day, sunshine, 76 your daytime high. there are your winds north and east at about five to 10 miles per hour. later tonight, clear skies, cool overnight. get out and enjoy. 519 overnight low. once again, can you keep the air conditioner off. winds out of the east at five to 10. saturday and sunday look great. could be a late storm on sunday. maybe a to% chance. i think most of the day is dry. we'll watch that storm for early next week. it could bring us a identify showers by monday and tuesday. let's do some traffic and julie wright has got your latest. >> all right. unfortunately, we are starting off with bad news this morning. three-car pile-up closes 197 in each direction at route 50 as you travel in through bowie this morning. it is 50 that remains -- excuse me. 197 that remains shut down in each direct as you cross over 50. 50 is open for business. no problems to report as you
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travel between the toll plaza and beltway. each way on 50, your lanes are open. it is 197 that remains closed. at least three cars involved in this. you will find the roadway is blocked off in each direction. 301 would save you have a little bit of time. you do not want to commit to 197 until the investigate has cleared. better news across the american legion bridge. traffic running smoothly leaving 270 headed out to tyson's notch problems to report between the toll road and 270. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. if you are driving to work today, watch out for more bikes on the road. today is bike to work day. estimated more than 10,000 people will bike to work or school on d.c. roads. one cycling magazine claims if you rode a bike just once a week to work, you could save about $1100 a year. that is not chump change. google rolled out some new technology that could make
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getting behind the wheel a thing of past. >> it is a self-driving car and through technology, the car actually drives itself. fox 5's matt ackland shows us how. >> reporter: imagine the day when you can text, eat, even watch the news as you travel in your own car. no need for a driver if after he got google at the wheel. >> i have been assured that this thing is brilliant. >> reporter: d.c. council members tommy wells and mary cheh got to take a spin in google's self-driving car. gules was careful about letting cameras see the equipment inside but years did explain this spinning cylinder is constantly shooting out 64 laser deems to create an image of everything nearby. >> they had a computer in the front seat that we can watch. you can see the pieces that were in front of you and what the car was seeing, in effect. >> reporter: this car is so high tech, it sees just about
5:20 am
everything. it can even tell if the height is green or red. also, if i aperson was to step into the roadway or an intersection, the car stops right away. >> i think it really could be revolutionary in the number of accidents that will be prevented. >> reporter: another advantage of this special car, helping those who aren't able to drive. in this video produced by popular science, a blind man gets in the driver's seat. >> lock, ma, no hands. >> reporter: google admits it still has a lot of testing and perfect to do before the self- driving technology is able available to us automatic. already, those would take a ride inside describe it the same way. >> it was amazing. >> pretty amazing. >> what do you think? you would be brave enough to go in there? >> i would do it. as they were saying, fewer accidents. i would be afraid the computer would like malfunction and i would plummet into the potomac river. >> it is not the google car i'm
5:21 am
worried about. it is everyone else. become a holiday starred isn't always as dplam wrus as it might seem. not sure for i believe it. >> i was getting dressened and i walked out and the costume designer got down on their knees in front of me, unzipped me and put their hand in and started playing with my shirtened i was like all right, so this happens. >> they sat down with kevin mccarthy. we'll hear about that coming
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. live look outside right now. the sun popping out. it is friday, the weekend upon us. going to be a beautiful day. we'll get another check of weather very shortly but first, let's talk about movies. maybe something you can do this weekend. in a new movie, what to expect when you are expecting, elizabeth banks and ben falcone play a stressed-out couple. that brings out the worst in the mom to be. >> kevin mccarthy talked to the pair about the ups and downs of playing a couple on a very steep emotional roller coaster. >> when you find out you're pregnant, you are thrown into this unknown world. you are both not aware of what is going to happen. it will a huge path you will go down. when you first got into the business, what was the moment when you realized you were coming into in world and you
5:25 am
were freaked out. >> the very fits shoot i ever did, i was guesting dress ped and i walked out and the costume designer got down on their knees in front of me, unzipped my pants, put their hand in, started playing with my shirt to pull my shirt down. i was like, okay, so this happens. this is this job. you are not in control of your own self anymore. that was day number one for me. >> for you? >> i did a commercial and i didn't -- stop bragging? >> it was my first and i didn't know what i was going to have to wear and it was a hair net. because i was supposed to be -- i thought it was like you're a scientist and it was something about rocket parts. i did it horribly. i also wore a hair net. i was like you have to wear a hair net. that was it. >> there is a line from chris rock.
5:26 am
i gained an appreciation for what women go through. he says women are olowokandi l allowed to complain when they're pregnant. where is that line drawn? how far are women allowed to go when they're pregnant. >> pretty far. >> pretty far. >> yeah. until they are causing damage to someone or themselves. >> i agree. >> they're okay. >> explain that day to me. when she is slapping you. >> the you mean the day -- the part that was not in the script was suggested by my cast mate. >> i think i want to slap him in the face. wouldn't that be funny. >> oh, yeah, that would be really funny. ben are are you okay with her. okay, sure. but do it real and then i thought -- >> you came up with doing it real. >> i was just going to go -- >> i'm terrible. i said just really do it. >> he is a real method actor. >> i'm sorry. all i want to do is just punch
5:27 am
you in the face. >> a stressed-out couple during pregnancy. big surprise there. >> those two are hilarious. that was one of funnier interviews we've seen. >> that was good. coming up here on fox 5 morning news, a disturbing find for one person at a fast-food restaurant. you women want to find out about that. a-- you will want to find out about that. plus a wild rescue at sea. how day horse get trapped offshore. we are looking at 359 at glebe road right now. we'll be right back. 
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. welcome back. you can see the sun is starting to come up. it is just gorgeous when you look out and see that as it is just getting ready to come over the horizon. it will be a beautiful day too. it might be a little chilly when you first step out but it is going to warm up. >> we have 40s and low 50s across the area.
5:31 am
just a beautiful time of day. it will be up in about 20 minutes. >> the sun seems to be coming up a little early this morning. >> every day, a company of minutes earlier. >> we like that. >> i think we do. >> i do. >> when you're trying to get some sleep and you are sensitive to light. >> it is hard to go to bed at #:00 when the sun is out. >> we all know that. -- it is hard to go to bed at 8:00 when the sun is out. >> we all know that. >> 48 in gaithersburg. 41 in frederick. that is nice and cool. 45 in manassas. out to the west, pittsburgh, 50 degrees this morning and detroit is 50 degrees as well. all right. we'll look at our satellite- radar. we're just looking at radar at this moment. it is very quiet. we should be in for mostly sunny skies today, a nice, try friday for you and a good start to the weekend. most of the weekend featuring quiet conditions and lots of sunshine. we'll keep the streak going for a few more days. 76 your daytime high in washington. 77 in la plata. a little cooler to the north and west.
5:32 am
martinsburg will be 73. >> a great way to enter the weekend though. that is for sure. >> perfect. >> thank you. let's get a check of your on- time traffic with julie wright. >> good morning. right now, we are looking at a very serious crash that occurred earlier this morning. crew in sky fox up early with us giving us the bird's eye view of this crash. this happens to be along 197 near 50 out in bow you. we had reports that at least three vehicles were involve in the crash. there is a longe investigation ongoing at this time and the roadway remains blocked off each direction along 197. 197 remains blocked off at the scene. 50 itself open for business. no problems to report on 50 traveling between annapolis and the beltway. we also have problems with the water main break in roslyn affecting the area around 19th street in fort my are. you will find that metro says their buses will be delayed because of this. again, allow some have time there. out on the roads, you will find lanes are reported across the american legion bridge.
5:33 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. . >> thank you everyone. new details this morning in the trayvon martin case are making headlines. nearly 200 pages of previously undisclosed documents were released yesterday including photos, video, witness statements and autopsy results. martin's autopsy reveals he was shot at close range and that he had traces of marijuana in his system. a new grainy photo shows george zimmerman with a bloody nose. there was security camera footage from a nearby 7-eleven store showing the moments just before martin was killed el by zimmerman. zimmerman claims he shot martin in self-defense but one sanford resident suggests zimmerman might be a racist. >> i don't know at all who this kid was or anything else but i know george and i know that he does not like black people and he would start something. >> stiller man has pled not guilty to the second degree
5:34 am
murder charge against him. in our other big story, the g-8 summit. protester are expected to descend on a small maryland town near camp david. for more on the prep rigs, we turn to sherrily with -- on the prep rigs, we turn to sherry ly with more. >> reporter: good morning. thother world leaders are not scheduled to arrive at camp david until later today but the impact of the g-8 summit is already being felt here. both the national park and adjoining state park near camp david are shut down today and tomorrow for security ropes as leads are from the world's economic powers meet. some roads around camp david will be closed to traffic starting this morning and heavy congestion is expected on all roads around the area. extra police throughout the state have been brought in to help beef up security. the summit was supposed to be in chicago but was moved to the
5:35 am
presidential retreat to avoid getting disrupt bid protesters. businesses have been told to bring in outdoor table signs and furniture that could be used to cause damage and that prospect has local businesses concerned for their safety. >> we live in a day where people want to be note id and recognized and do not care to what extent they are noticed or recognized. >> yes, we are elevated to a little extra security here. >> reporter: frederick county had just two months to get ready for this event because of that move from chicago. an area already has its hands full because a number of local colleges are holding graduations. camp david, as you know, has hosted world leaders before but never in a magnitude hike this. that is the latest here in frederick. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, one day after maryland lawmakers approved a tax increase affecting many local residence,
5:36 am
montgomery county leaders add on. the county council pass a budge that increases spending including a one-time bonus for county works. residential parking permits and meter feess will also jump. and an energy tax increase will be extended. thieves targeting the offices of the nation's lawmaker. they burglarized the rayburn and longworth house office buildings just steps from the u.s. capitol building. they took some big ticket items but also snatched keepsakes, even bottles of wine and a staffer's jacket. they happened in mid april and all were in the middle of of the night when the offices were locked. that has led some to speculate they were allen side jobs done by someone with keys to the offices. an investigate is still under way. new information in a murder for hire plot in wood brim, virginia. police arrested a second man, ralph justice. he was a jail guard in prince william county.
5:37 am
investigators say he conspired with michael ruzinak to harm his 2-year-old stepson. the plan according to police was to have the acceptston arrested and put in jail where he could be sexually assaulted. police say ruzinak later hatched a murder for hire plot against his stepson. a map accused of assaulting two women in arlington is still on the run this morning. police say the first incident happened last friday night around 11:00. a woman was walking home when she noticed a man standing at the bottom of her driveway. she ran inside and called 911 and he took off. about an hour later, another woman walking home was sexually assaulted. both women said the suspect was wearing black gloves leading police to believe they are looking for one guy. a disturbing find for a fast food customer. actress betty white is in washington this weekend. we'll tell you where you might republican into her. a wild rescue at sea. how did a horse get trapped
5:38 am
several miles offshore? we'll explain on the other side. si . . >> but first, world stock markets are sinking after the mod icredit agency downgraded 16 banks in spain. the dow lost 156. the nasdaq dropped 60 points and japan's nikkei plummeted more than 265 points euro night. all asian markets, europe and wall street few thank yous are way down as there are reports of runs on banks in spain and greece. we're back in a moment.
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and now, b vitamins to boot. coffee doesn't have fiber. unless you want it to. splenda® essentials™ are the first and only line of sweeteners with a small boost of fiber, or antioxidants, or b vitamins in every packet. mmm. same great taste with an added "way to go, me" feeling. splenda® essentials™. get more out of what you put in. . making headlines this morning, an arby's customer gets something he did not orderen a michigan boy says he found part of a finger in his sandwich. disgusting.
5:42 am
the fast food company says an employee cut her fink or a meat slicer and that somehow, a piece of that finger was wrapped in the sand watch and served. a spokesman for arby's says they are investigating the unfortunate accident. actress betty white's d.c. visit. one of my favorite interviews, by the way. she kissed me right there. today, she will tour the national zoo and get a chance to see the biggest tractions including, of course, the panda exhibit. yesterday, she made an appearance on the gw campus. she sat down for an interview before signing copies of her book, called betty and friend, my life at the zoo. she says she has always been an animal lover. a horse rescue at sea in california. here is what happened. the animal got spooked and ran into the water. the horse swam about two and a half miles out before rescuer caught up to him. they secured him to the side of a boat and took off for the shore. the horse was president-elect you winded but otherwise okay.
5:43 am
he was being used as part of a photo shoot on the beach before he ran off. he must have gotten a little scared about something. >> a little winded. two and a half miles. everyone loves a good prank. but sometimes they can go a bit too far. coming up next, blindfolded, surrounded by friends. details of what this man thought he was about to do and what actually happened. we are checking your weekend weather and traffic. all, we'll show you a local sports star's appearance on late night television. it is pretty funny actually. we'll be right back. case.
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. welcome back. a live look at the wilson bridge. it is friday morning, the sun out and it will be a beautiful day. tucker standing by to give a i forecast i think you will like in just a moment. first, you've got to take a look at. this part a stag event has now gone viral. this blind folded man surrounded by friends. he was told he was going bungee jumping except they were lying. look at him. there he goes. he was fitted with a harness and thought he was jumping off a bridge. a bridge.
5:47 am
instead, he was pushed off a small ledge into a pond. that is hilarious. but i love too how you could tell he was bracing for that massive fall. >> does he have a hat on or did they die his hair too. >> i'm sure that was part of the stag event too. >> why do they call day stag party. isn't it a bachelor party? >> i don't know. just read it. >> a bachelor party. same idea. >> let's talk weather. >> personally, i would rather fall three feet into the water. >> when you are not expecting it and you just go into the mud. >> did you ever do that? >> no, no. >> the pair chuting is the thing i can't do. all right. weather. >> -- the parachuting is the thing i can't do. >> low humidity, nice breeze later this afternoon. so another beautiful day
5:48 am
expected. in fact, there you go. 77 at reagan national. dulles, 73. bwi marshall, 75 degrees. we are nice and cool. particularly north and west. 45 this morning in manassas. 49 out at dulles. 46 in gaithersburg. very comfortable conditions. kids headed to the bus stop might want to bring a light jacket here early today. we'll warm up very quickly but temperatures will be a little bit on the chilly side early. 50 right now in leonardtown actual cross the bay, stevensville. let me mention the beaches generally nice this weekend although a little bit more in the way of cloud cover. we'll have the storm system off to the south and east. that might be a player in our weather early next week. we have to watch it. good-hook forecast right about here parked across southern new england. we'll get a bit of a breeze here out of the north and east. it should keep us nice and dry with low humidity and very comfortable days for the next couple of days. tomorrow, a little warmer near 80. by late sunday and early monday, we have to watch this area of storminess inform it creeps far enough north, we could get some cloud cover and perhaps a thunderstorm by late
5:49 am
in the day on sunday. maybe again during the day on monday. enjoy your beautiful day. lots of sunshine. a beautiful afternoon. 76 your daytime high. there are your ones out of the north and east at five to 10. and then later tonight, clear skies, cool overnight. 51 the overnight low. here is a good looking weekend forecast. tomorrow, about 0 degrees. lots of sunshine. sunday looked good too with highs about 08. mentioned the possibility of a late storm on sunday. monday and tuesday, we've got to watch that coastal storm. if it gets close enough, it could bring us a few showers, more humidity by early next week. that is a look at the wet weather forecast. good-looking weekend ahead. julie has your traffic. >> we do have a crash involving three cars. we find jeff and jeremy above this incident in bowie. accident activity continues to block the southbound lanes of 197. three vehicles involved in this. we just lost that picture f we can get it back, that would be great. southbound lanes of 197 remain closed.
5:50 am
northbound has been reopened. 50 itself open for business. no problems to report as you guys travel between annapolis, bowie and the capital beltway. but it is southbound 197 that that real estate minutes blocked off at the scene at this time. we have problems in virginia at roslyn with a water main break. this tying up the commute along lynn street. we do have a crew that is headed in that direction. expect to find your buss in this area delayed because they will have on work around this water main break until further notice. back inside, we'll wrap it up along 66 where lanes are open. no problems to report coming eastbound from fair oaks headed in towards 123. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. etraffic. . >> thank you. in sports, washington ?ats have sliped a half game out of the first place in the national heying east. they fell to the pittsburgh pirates last night 5-3. andrew mccutcheon stole the show. he made a great catch. -- in sports, washington nats have slipped a half game out of the first place in the national
5:51 am
league east. >> who has the best record in the american league? that would be the baltimore orioles. this beat the royals yesterday 5-3. adam jones hit his 13th homer of the season. baltimore has won seven straight on the road for the first time since 1999 and leads the american league east with a 25-14 record. tonight, the nationals host the orioles in the battle of the beltways. tomorrow's game two of the series cob seen here on fox. game time is 7:00 p.m. >> that will be fun to watch. both team doing so well right now. the washington redskins' you? est quarterback made his late night tv debut. >> robert griffin sat down with jay leno last night. >> i wanted to take all the heisman finalists out. it wasn't just about myself, a celebration of all of us. you took them out and then did
5:52 am
what everybody expected us to do. me and my fiancee went and worked out at 2:30 in the morning. i do have a gift for you. right back to you. a got you a pair of your own go catch your dream socks. >> thank you very much. i do want get the cape? >> and mr. hugh, you don't know if you like socks, but can you cut these up and make a tie out of them. i try to teach people how the -- to beat box. >> very good. rg iii. thank you, my friend. >> he is a character. >> he is good. he is like justice tip timberlake. couldn't even attempt to do it. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. 
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. you seem educate. >> yes, i went to amherst.
5:56 am
>> i love it when women go to school. it is like seeing a monkey on the roller skates. it means nothing to them but it is so adorable for us. >> well, that was sasha baron cohen in his new movie the dictator. he plays a deposed dictator trying to regain his power base from his exile in america. you saw in that clip he just played an equal opportunity offender. >> his answers were kind of surprising in a recent interview. i asked him how he responded to people would get rangery and offended at his outrageous character. >> i have instances with various lower authorities ranging from the police to the fbi and we were chased by terrorists and various other people with guns so this was a lot more relaxing but still try to keep have is it is kind of hybrid stuff because it is scripted but most of it is improvised as well. >> churr known for. i have to ask the question
5:57 am
because obviously, do you like making people angry or do you like that it is making people think? what it is that you join about doing these kind of characters? >> no, no, no. i think i enjoy making bigots angry. i don't enjoy making your average person angry. if it is a terrorist or it is a white supremacist, i do have a certain perverse joy by antagonizing them. no, there is no pleasure with doing that generally. >> kind of serious. >> he was not in character. i was shocked by it. so-- >> maybe that was a good thing though. >> true. we still have plenty head. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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