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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 18, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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this is fox 5 news at 10:00. we are on top of several big stories this friday night. gunfire outside a metro station, tonight we're learning more about how it all happened. >> plus a fox 5 exclusive, police officers apparently caught in a lie. a maryland man spent months behind bars for something that
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didn't happen. >> and facebook folds nearly flat, a look at one of the most hyped stock market debuts ever and the future of the social media giant. we begin with that shooting outside a maryland metro station. good evening. i'm laura evans. >> i'm shawn yancy. two teenagers were hit, one an innocent bystander. tonight a suspect is in custody. fox 5's maureen umeh is working the story for us. >> police say one of the victims, a 16-year-old boy, was the intended target of the shooting they say was sparked by an ongoing dispute. it happened just after 2:30 friday afternoon just outside the tunnel of the bustling rockville metro station. police say gunshots rang out and when it was over, two people had been hit, a 16-year- old boy shot at least once and an 18-year-old woman grazed by another round. police say the woman was an innocent bystander. >> the shooter and primary victim aren in to one another. this is not a strange-based event.
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>> as i said to the policeman here guns? and he said they're everywhere, but this is so peaceful. that's why it's kind of like not here. >> reporter: police say both victims suffered nonlife threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. less than 10 minutes after the shooting police swarmed a nearby shell gas station and took a suspect into custody. a weapon was recovered. metro passengers say they're shocked by the violence. >> it's terrible. i come through here like just about every day and nothing like this ever happened. >> it's actually kind of scary. i get off here every day and this is really unknown for here for the rockville station. >> reporter: late friday evening police located and were questioning another person of interest wanted in connection with the crime. they say the shooting appears to have stemmed from an ongoing dispute between the victim and shooter but wouldn't say what the dispute was. about metro passengers say even though the danger appears to be over, they say the incident is a reminder crime can happen
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anywhere any time. >> it just sort of makes you aware there's a lot of violence in our society and that's scary. >> the victims' conditions are not known. police continue to investigate. service was never disrupted. te we are learning new details about the victim of a deadly car crash today in bowie. anastasia smith was killed early this morning, a passenger in the red car there stopped at a red light at routes 197 and 50. a car rear-ended the vehicle smith was in. a third car was also hit. smith was a cosmetology graduate from navada hair salon. the manager was also smith's friend. she said smith was a special person. >> i will miss her style and the way that she wore color, the way that she expressed herself with color. i really love her laughter and how she, you know, really brightened my day. >> police say the driver of the striking car was hurt and taken to the hospital for treatment.
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investigators say speed and alcohol contributed to the crash. it's a story you will see only on fox 5, a young man from brentwood, maryland, jailed for months for a crime he did not commit. the man is now free and he's speaking out about his ordeal. fox 5's john henrehan has the exclusive on this story. >> reporter: 20-year-old ryan dorm says he and a friend decided on the evening of friday, february 3rd , to go get drinks and chips from the little store at the lowest priced gas station on rhode island avenue in brentwood. ryan's friend was wearing a ski mask on that cold night. a pair of plainclothes prince george's county police officers thought they looked suspicious and entered the store focusing on the young man in the ski mask. ryan walked out of the store but was accosted on perry street a couple blocks away. the prosecutors office says video surveillance from perry street shows that a gun carried by one of the plainclothesmen
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discharged as he hit ryan over the head with the weapon. >> i thought i was going to be shot. >> reporter: do d you think these guys were robbers or -- did you think these guys were robbers or what? >> i didn't know what he was. >> reporter: did he ever say we're police? >> never said nothing to me, even to the point of putting the handcuffs on me never said nothing to me. >> reporter: ryan dorm spent 3 1/2 months in jail on a charge of assaulting one of the two officers. a spokesman for the prosecutors office says all charges will now be dropped against ryan. his attorney jimmy bell is angry about the incarceration and about the fact that prosecutors have refused to hand over the security video, especially since it contradicts the officer's first story that the gun discharged when ryan dorm allegedly lurched for a weapon. >> a public has a right to know when their public servants paid by our tax dollars, if they're doing this type of behavior, the public needs to know. >> reporter: again prosecutors say the security video shows the weapon discharged when ryan
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was whacked in the head by the cop. luckily the bullet missed every one. the two police officers have not been on regular duty since the incident. ryan just got out of jail yesterday. today the prosecutors office said all charges remaining against ryan dorm will be dropped and a decision will be made soon as to waterworn or more of the police officers involved in thiness -- whether one or more of the police officers involved in the incident may be charged. the attorney representing dorm jimmy bell says his client is going to sue prince george's county. supreme court justice stephen breyer startinged by burglars for the second time in three months. authorities say -- targeted by burglars for the second time in three months. authorities say his home was burglarized for the third time this month. no one was home at the time unlike in february at breyer's vacation home in nevis. breyer and his houseguests at the time were threatened with a machete by a gardener who took
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$1,000. today jurors in the john edwards corruption trial asked to see specific evidence including a list of all exhibits and office supplies, among them a note from heiress and donor rachel bunny mellon. they'll have to decide if edwards committed a crime during his 2008 presidential campaign when he used money from wealthy donors to hide his pregnant mistress. edwards denies breaking any campaign finance laws. day one of the g-8 summit is over for world leaders meeting at camp david. it's the largest gathering of leaders to ever stay at the presidential retreat in the maryland mountains. presidents and prepares began arriving before dawn. the discussion will focus on world security. the most intense talks are likely to be on the euro crisis, food security also another priority. in fact, the president announced $3 billion in private sector pledges to fight hunger in africa. he will ask other g-8 leaders to make similar efforts. >> the wealthiest nation on earth, i believe the united
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states has a moral obligation to lead the fight against unger and malnutrition and to partner with other -- hunger and malnutrition and to partner with others. >> at the nato meetings coming up and protestors will most likely meet there as well. demonstrators are gathered just outside of camp david. fox 5's tom fitzgerald reports. >> reporter: fairmont, maryland, population 6,000, but this weekend that number is going up. ahead of the g-8 economic summit this small town in western maryland is as close as anyone who is not invited to catch david will get to camp david -- camp david will get to camp david. >> we're used to presidential visits. they occur all the time. >> reporter: corporal jason west of the frederick county sheriff's office says beefed up federal, state and local law enforcement are ready for any protests. >> there may be more than this. there may be no more that show up. regardless we are prepared for
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whatever situation arises. >> reporter: so far, though, the protestors have left fairmont's locals unimpressed. >> just protecting my business. >> reporter: sheryl jones says just the idea of occupy protestors is driving away customers. >> kind of keeping the people down. clients are kind of staying away. >> reporter: the protestors will say this is exactly where they should be because in their view the g-8 summit represents how economic decisions on wall street will affect main streets like this one. okay. not all of them will talk to you. >> do not give interviews to mainstream and i especially do not give interviews to news. >> reporter: others are sounding off on everything from food safety to global economics. >> i'm kind of against the idea that all 7 billion of us on this planet are being represented by economic decisions made by eight people. >> you have a bipartisan revolt among patriots who recognize what's happening right now.
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>> reporter: overall locals say they don't expect any trouble from the protest on everies. >> this is a pretty quiet -- protestors. >> this is a pretty quiet town and not a lot happens out here. >> reporter: the protestors say while folks in thurmont may stare they have been polite. >> people give weird looks at something they don't understand sometimes, but, you know, we're just here trying to make a presence. i guess we do stand out. >> reporter: what remains to be seen is if the g-8 leaders up on that mountain will get along as well as the folks down here in thurmont. tom fitzgerald, fox 5 news >> well, it was a picture perfect day, still is tonight. temperatures are mild. this is a live picture from northwest d.c. there is a lot going on this weekend between the preakness and the andrews airshow. what can we expect as far as temperatures? let's check in with fox 5 gary mcgrady in the weather center. >> i think pretty comfortable.
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it's going to be warmer than normal, but i don't think we will be over 80 degrees and the humidity looks like it's going to stay in check this weekend. we have to deal with a few clouds. we've seen some today. we'll see some tomorrow and sunday as well. let me show you temperatures now. in some places it is so great, 66 in town, 54 culpeper, fredericksburg 60, but still a real great day has turned into a very nice evening. there are clouds down to the south. they'll pretty much be there all weekend long. area of low pressure along the coast and that is kind of pushing those clouds up our way. clouds are a little thicker down to the south, temperature in town right around 54 degrees. especially north and west of town will be in the upper 40s. what the heck. tomorrow is the 137th running of the preakness. it looks like it's going to be dry most importantly. it won't be a sloppy track. we'll have a few high clouds.
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temperatures will be probably in the upper 70s or so compost time. that will be later in the evening -- come post time. that will be later in the evening. sunday pretty good. we'll have a few more clouds, full forecast coming up. facebook has made its public debut in one of the most anticipated ipos ever, but it didn't quite live up to all of the hype. we look at what this could mean for the future of the company. >> and coming up on the news edge another big break for detectives in prince george's county if they get three more accused burglars off the street. 
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facebook founder mark zuckerberg rang the nasdaq opening bell today to start the biggest day in his company's history. wall street actually traveled to zuckerberg taking the opening bell on the road to menlo park, california. after epic hype for months trading for the year's most eagerly awaited initial public
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offering did not go perfectly. nasdaq revealed details of a glitch that impacted early trading. in the end the facebook stock gained about 23 cents today. fox 5's wisdom martin is here with details. >> the experts say think back to the days of google, krispy kreme and some of the other big name ipos when they came out. most of them had huge first day runs and even ran up a couple months. facebook was hoping for the same kind of success. the much anticipated, much hyped facebook stock initially hit the market at $38 per share. while some consumers couldn't wait -- >> i haven't been interested in stock for ai think it's a good i like what they're doing. >> reporter: -- others stayed away from this one. >> i don't have the money. >> i think this one round with this one company is really hyped up. i think it's a matter waiting 30, 60, 90 days and buying at the right time. >> i did not buy any today. >> reporter: why? >> because it was too rich for
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my blood. it was a little expensive. >> reporter: are you going to buy any in the future? >> i don't know. we'll have to see where it goes. >> reporter: it went as high as $45 closed at $38.23, yes, a whopping 23 cents above the initial offering price. part of the problem for the lackluster opening day was a glitch by nasdaq that caused a 30 minute delay. experts say it was almost 2 1/2 hours before its trade messages were working normally. >> i put in a limited order with my broker still sitting there unfilled. >> there was so much demand they couldn't match the buyers and sellers. so that created the delay which created some concern and so it got off to a rocky start. >> reporter: the director of financial planning with edelman services says what really happened was kind of a flop for facebook. >> what the stock market is going to do to facebook is say that's great that you did this. you accumulated all these users and have all this opportunity. where's the profit and where's
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the profit not just from what you've already got, where's the profit going forward? >> reporter: he says what happens next with facebook is anybody's guess. >> forget what have you done for me lately. it's what are you going to do for me next? that's the problem. >> he says most stocks, in fact, 60%, trade below their ipo price within three years. bottom line, be a smart investor. don't chase one company just because you use it and remember, diversify and don't put all your eggs in one basket. >> always good advice, wisdom martin, thanks. facebook stock now makes bono the richest musician in the world stealing the title from sir paul mccartney. according to british magazine, facebook's ipo will substantially boost bono's wealth. the u2 front man's private equity firm bought 2.3% of the shares in facebook for ninety- three million dollars three years ago, the shares now valued at 1.5 billion. we all know there are traffic cameras to catch us
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speeding and running red lights. in d.c. there will soon be cameras to catch drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians trying to cross the street. fox 5's matt ackland explains. >> reporter: the law is clear in d.c. if there's a crosswalk, the pedestrian has the right-of- way. but the law is often ignored. these are good examples. first watch as this woman crosses in an suv and metrobus -- and an suv and metrobus don't bother to stop. a short time later it happens again. this man enters the crosswalk, but cars keep moving. >> i did read the sign that did say that it was d.c. law that they were supposed to stop. so that kind of encouraged me to go across. i was kind of wondering how i'd get across the street with all the traffic going by. >> that's behavior that we want to stop that's very dangerous. >> reporter: many d.c. leaders support the enforcement of the crosswalk law but say before cameras are put in place the
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amount of the fine needs to be reviewed. >> when people get hit with the fine at $250, i mean that's quite an impact. >> the more and more we use cameras to ticket people, the more we need to reduce the size of the fines. >> reporter: we're told d.c. police plan to use eight cameras for the crosswalk enforcement. this technology will be mobile. so the cameras could pop up anywhere across the district. a good idea, most agree, the only issue, the cost of the fine. >> you cross the line and a camera catches you, $250 just for that, that's outrageous. that's not necessary. >> it should be higher, at least 500 bucks. >> we wanted to know how much this new camera enforcement program would generate for the district of columbia. well, one council member gave us a conservative estimate of $175,000 a year, but once again that's a conservative estimate. in the newsroom matt ackland, fox 5 news.
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demonstrators protested outside pepco shareholders meeting today in northwest d.c. the group claims nearly 50 shareholders were blocked from attending that meeting. those shareholders intended to challenge pepco's ceo's pay raise, the $499 million tax refund and its request for a $42 million rate hike. >> we're not paying their taxes. they're taking my money. it's our money! >> i'm tired of lies! >> pepco says it let all shareholders know the necessary documentation they needed to provide to taney the meeting and also say they -- to attend the meeting and also say they allowed in more than signed up to attend and seated as many people as possible. busy weekend throughout our area this weekend. the preakness stakes tomorrow. will the kentucky champ make a run and end the three decade drought? >> plus what you need to know if you're headed to the airshow
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at andrews air force base. we're back in a few. 
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take metro if you want to see the 2012 joint service open house and airshow. andrews air force base is hosting this weekend's airshow saturday and sunday. however, there's no parking for unapproved cars. the blue angels and golden knights will be performing. today on fox 5 morning news we got a preview of what you can expect. >> you're going to see a lot of marine corner aviation as we celebrate their 100th year. you'll see aircraft and helicopters from every service because this base, joint base andrews is, a total force base. we have active duty guard and reserve and enjoy soldier, sailors, airmen, marines and coastguard. >> you have to take a shuttle bus from fedex field parking to get to the airshow. inbound buses to the event will stop running at 1 p.m. another big event this
10:26 pm
weekend, the 137th annual preakness stakes at pimlico race course tomorrow. kentucky derby champ i'll have another will be looking for another win, but he'll have some stiff competition. fox 5's lindsay murphy has his story tonight. >> at tomorrow's preakness stakes features an 11-horse race but it appears to be a two- horse affair. many say the winner will be i'll have another or body meister who was the favorite at the derby. i'll have another beat the speedster two weeks ago beat the speedster by 1 1/2 lengths. a repeat performance would set up a triple count tram three months later at the belmont stakes. bodie meister has won the race five times in 11 tries and explains why he no longer get nervous at these events. >> i've run so many races all year long and i've been with
10:27 pm
the favorite like 80% of the time. so it's not to me i guess if i was just starting out maybe i'd be under pressure, but to near all the same. >> not lacking any confidence. it has been 34 years since racing has had a triple crown winner. in 1978 affirmed got it done. 11 horses have won the first two legs only to come up short in the belmont. coming up next yet another rare case of a terrifying flesh eating disease. >> plus this video could help solve a local murder mystery. there are a few things in this video that could lead police to the killer. we'll show you coming up. ♪
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♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money.
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see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. this is fox 5 news at 10:00. new evidence in a deadly armed robbery at a corner market in northeast d.c. surveillance video shows two men storming the store 17 months ago. investigators have still not been able to identify the men who shot the owner to death.
10:31 pm
as fox 5's bob barnard reports tonight, detectives are now asking us to show the brief video to you hoping that may finally help get the killers off the street. >> newton food mart is still open here in the heart of brookland but with new owners. the patel family sold the place and moved out not long after the murder. >> understandably. so i mean how do you sit there and face that every day and then they probably feel so victimized maybe they feel like the bad guys will come back. >> they first entered the corner market around 6:40 p.m. saturday, december 18th, 2010. two men were wearing hooded sweat shirts, at least one armed with a handgun, this surveillance video clear but a little jerky, the clip lasting 19 seconds ending with the gunman confronting mrs. patel behind the counter. >> at that point the owner of the store, mr. patel, comes out from the back and for no
10:32 pm
apparent reason that we can tell it appears he is cooperating, he is shot. >> rag patel was 46 years old -- raj patel was 46 years old, lived in bowie with his wife and son. >> it was very painful, sad situation. >> he was a very nice guy, one of the most friendliest store owners around here. so we really miss him. >> at one point in the video you can see one of the gunman's face. >> a year and a half later the case is open. we're hopeful somebody may recognize the little bit of the subject's face that is on the video or perhaps even the clothing. >> this unspeakable tragedy. >> three days afterward the community turned out for a candlelight vigil, the son chris overwoman with emotion surrounded by affection -- overcome with emotion surrounded we affection.
10:33 pm
>> when it happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. that is the big story here. >> shortly after the murder police released still pictures from the video but no good leads came of it. now investigators are hoping something about the way the two gunmen moved or acted that night and caught on camera will be enough to have someone give them a call with a name or two. bob barnard, fox 5 news. things got downright ugly in roger clemens perjury trial today. clemens lawyer rusty harden was relentless attacking the prosecution's main witness brian mcnamee who claims he injected clemens with steroids. he brought up mcnamee's previous arrest and claimed he made up stories. this was the fifth day of the witness on the stand and today the judge criticized the pace of the trial saying he's imposing a time limit on future witnesses trying to speed things up. the maryland court of appeals will not reconsider a ruling that bars police from
10:34 pm
collecting dna samples from people arrested for committing violent crimes. opponents argue taking a sample before someone is convicted violates constitutional protection from unreasonable search and seizure. more setbacks for the georgia grad student battling a flesh eating bacteria. when amy copeland was told she needed more surgery to remove her hands and remaining foot, she mouthed let's do it. doctors already amputated most of her left leg. she will likely lose her fingers. she contracted a fair infection after cutting her leg in an accident on a zip line over two weeks ago. we are following another case of flesh eating bacteria in the south. a georgia landscaper said he got sick within hours of being injured on the job. he's undergone several surgeries as the infection spread from his abdomen to his back. >> reporter: an agonizing time for amanda nicholson and her two children. husband bobby vaughn has been hospitalized for two weeks with a flesh eating bacteria. he's in the same augusta
10:35 pm
hospital as amy copeland, the desperately ill university of west georgia college student. >> he's worried, of course. everybody's worried. >> reporter: the cartersville landscaper fell from a tree two weeks ago and was injured at work suffering a cut to his side. >> he got a cut on his side and took him to the hospital. my son said he was throwing up and took him to the hospital. they treated him. he chose to leave. got up the next morning and it had spread. >> reporter: nicholson said vaughn spent a week at cartersville medical center. she says the infection quickly spread from his abdomen to his back. he was eventually of ited to doctors hospital in augusta -- transported to doctors hospital in augusta. >> for some reason it was like every two days when they would go to check, it was spreading still. so they finally -- that's when they sent him to augusta. >> vaughn has had five surgeries. doctors have removed nearly two
10:36 pm
pounds of infected tissue. up next find out why a virginia pilot was arrested trying to board a plane. >> also ahead. >> reporter: a lot of the graduates here today at bowie state university can look up in the stands and see some family, but one of them has to look just right next to her. she and her mom are graduating together. i'm beth parker, that story coming up. but first here's fox business network's neil cavuto. >> call it the facebook fizzle, investors finally getting a chance to friend the social networking giant friday as facebook makes its highly anticipated wall street debut, stocks hitting a record for the number of shares trading on its very first day, but guess what? after an 11 percent pop the stock finished out less than 1% on the dale as the rest of the street had a -- day as the rest of the street had a very rough week, stocks posting their worst five day meantime more states are adding job, a new report saying 32 states are putting more people to work last month. indiana is leading the way with
10:37 pm
upwards of 17,000 new jobs. here's some welcome news for you sunday drivers, gas prices dropping yet again, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded down more than 20 cents since hitting a high in early april. the coffee good to the last drop is getting a price drop, kraft lowering the price for its maxwell house coffee by 6% this, coming as food companies are paying fewer bucks for those beans. that's business. i'm neil cavuto.   >> this fox 5 stock market report is brought to you by your lexus dealer. live life heroically.
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a virginia pilot charged with trying to carry a loaded revolve onto a plane. 52-year-old brett deeter is accused of trying to board a flight to buffalo with a gun in his bag. the screener spotted the .357 magnum in the airport.
10:41 pm
investigators believe he had been flying with the gun since wednesday and had made seven flights since then. salvage teams in italy hoping to have the wreckage of the costa concordia out of the water next year. the group responsible for removing the ship announced a plan today to refloat it and tow it to an italian port all in one piece. >> i think that the size of the project is unprecedented. in terms of the greatest risk, obviously we have two very critical operations. one is to roll the vessel upright onto the platform and the second is to safely refloat it. >> the plan to refloat the ship was designed to reduce the environmental impact of the operation. coming up on the news edge at 11:00 the weight of an apology, the obama administration makes a big decision about saying sorry to a nation overseas. >> also ahead tonight maryland may not recognize same sex marriages, but what about same
10:42 pm
sex divorce? we'll be right back.
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at college graduations all over the country this week you'll see excited students posing with their friends and family. there was plenty of that going on today at bowie state, but one family chose a different way to celebrate. fox 5 beth parker has the story. >> reporter: on this sunny day most bowie state university graduated had to peer way out to the crowd to find their families. tanickie gomillion just had to look at the next seat over. daughter and mom crossed the stage one after another. each earned a masters degree in mental health counseling. there's no question they're related. >> my husband, my youngest daughter, the children, i mean they put up with our craziness, our late nights, our
10:46 pm
internships. >> reporter: nora field gave birth to tanickie when she was 16 years old. she wasn't too happy when tanickie became a teen mom herself. >> i knew how hard my life was when i got pregnant with her and i didn't want her to go through the same thing that i went through because for a while we were homeless. >> reporter: years later they went for a ride. >> i just told her come ride with me. >> reporter: really she was headed to register for college. >> she said mom, you said you were going to a doctor's appointment, not college. >> it was a doctor's appointment. it was just what the doctor ordered. she thinks she's my mother, but that's natural because she's the oldest child and most of the oldest think they're in charge. they're bossy. >> she's controlling. >> i am controlling. >> reporter: they finished undergrad in three years. >> i look like i'm done. i can't do this anymore. >> i said come on, mom, because i felt i couldn't do it without her. >> reporter: which brings us back to this day. >> hi. i had a 3.7 i think. what you got? >> i'm not going to answer. >> 3.6.
10:47 pm
>> you did it, mama. >> reporter: nora works for the census bureau, tanickie at a d.c. public charter school. no work today. >> we're going to party like 1999. don't put that on television. >> that's okay. >> reporter: the message for nora's tiny granddaughter. >> you can achieve and you can be educated and you can be somebody. you can walk and hold your head up. >> reporter: this family is just getting started. in bowie, beth parker, fox 5 news. >> congratulations to them both. you got to love the competitive spirit there. >> i love it. they have such a great relationship, too. how fun to do it together. >> what a nice day to graduate. >> congratulations to all the graduates, too because we have them across the board. high school and college. >> graduations tomorrow, too. >> big pressure. we were able to successfully navigate last weekend. it was mother's day last
10:48 pm
weekend. >> that's right. >> it was nice that day, wasn't it? >> it was beautiful. perfect. >> i thought that. it's going to be pretty good this weekend, too. we've been talking about this little storm down to the south along the coast. it looks like it is going to behave. i just got some new info in, was checking it out and i'll just say it right here. the one guidance feature we were looking at that was actually trying to bring some rain in on sunday is actually no longer bringing the rain in sunday. that was the one lonesome hold out. some good encouraging news for change out there. temperatures, the high temperature today 76 for d.c. at reagan national, dulles just about there and bwi 75 as well. we'll be a little warmer tomorrow it looks like closing in on 80 degrees. we'll see some high clouds from time to time. more clouds coming in on sunday. that's the way it's looking now, but we'll keep it dry with some clouds around temperature a little cooler, perhaps upper 70s instead of right there bumping up at 80 degrees. again just some high clouds tomorrow and more clouds coming
10:49 pm
in sunday. it looks like at a point in time on sunday it could be cooler down south. i think the clouds will be a little thicker down there sunday. mild out there now, 66 degrees. depending on where you are out in the suburbs, manassas 55, culpeper one of the cooler spots and it's nice along the bay, too annapolis now sitting in the middle 60s. so it looks like tonight, even though we'll have some of these very high thin cirrus clouds, generally speaking it's going to be mostly fair. the thicker clouds will be farther down to the south, winds out of the northeast 5 to 10 miles per hour. this is this little coastal feature we've been tracking for the last few days. the big problem with this storm system is it's kind of just cut off from any flow. the jet stream can't move it along and it's in a sense trapped by the high pressure up to the north of it there and there's just nothing moving it
10:50 pm
here. so it's just sitting and spinning. that does a couple things. that leaves the clouds in place for us, but it makes it a little tricky to forecast. so it takes a while for our forecast models with any reliability to kind of hock in on that feature and give us -- lock in on that feature and give us a really good forecast. it looks cloudy. look at satellite and radar. the clouds coming across and a lot of this is real high thin stuff that's barely noticeable. before the sunset it was so gorgeous for just about everybody. tomorrow we're warm with temperatures approaching 80 degrees, some places may get to 81 or 82, but the winds will be coming from the northeast tomorrow. any time the winds come from the northeast it's hard to get the temperature up very much. of course, we'll be watching this storm. not a great impact for us, but by sunday there could be a few showers along the shore. sunshine tomorrow morning, some clouds, too 60. warm at noon, 74 and again some clouds. that's pretty much the feature we'll be watching this weekend,
10:51 pm
temperatures topping out tomorrow right at 80, again a little cooler sunday with more clouds. we stay dry, though, sunday. a few showers possible sunday night, but mainly on monday we'll have scattered showers, some thunderstorms coming back for fuse and wednesday. again all things consider -- tuesday and wednesday. again all things considered it's going to be a real nice weekend. with the presidential race heating up both candidates came out swinging this week attacking each other's economic plans. earlier today i talked to fox news sunday host chris wallace. >> we'll focus on the big topic and that, of course is, economics. the president and his team went after romney and his record as a job creator at bain capital and romney went right back at the president on his record with the debt and deficit. we'll have a debate sunday between paul ryan, the republican chair of the house budget committee, and maybe the really leading intellectual force on capitol hill for the republicans. he's going to debate austin
10:52 pm
goolsby who used to be the chairman of the top economic advisors and we'll talk about all that. romney's record on bain capital, the president abbey record as president the last four years -- the president's record as president the last four years, their idea of getting the country forward and obama's stewardship on the budget and debt and deficit coming up on fox news sunday. >> there has been so much talk about the influence super pacs will have on this election. of course, we heard about the gop super pac and the plans for this attack ad against president obama. how much impact can we expect to see from these super pacs on the election? >> considerable just because the fact that is something set about banks that's where the money is. we saw the enormous impact nat super pacs. had they really kept alive -- impact that the super pacs had. they really kept alive mitt
10:53 pm
romney and newt gingrich. you can see hundreds and millions of dollars with very little accounting of it in these independent super pacs and sometimes as is case, it didn't end up happening, of these attack ads about obama and reverend wright where they're doing things that the candidate they are supporting doesn't want them to do. i think it will have a real impact. we've never seen it before. this is the first time it's ever happened because of the supreme court decision. >> switching gears, we understand and i quote from my producer you killed it on jeopardy last week. how was the experience? >> well, you know, it was like a roller coaster. there were tremendous ups and downs. now i can bask in the kudos because i did win, but you don't know that's going to happen going in. the opportunity to really make a fool of yourself is out there. so i'm he breathing a lot he's -- i'm breathing a lot easier. it was great fun, but that's also because it turned out okay. >> congratulations. we were all rooting for you.
10:54 pm
we'll see you 9 a.m. on sunday. >> thanks, shawn. coming up american idol down to the final two contestants, up next their thoughts on last night's elimination and we look ahead to the final showdown. >> plus metro doors opening while the train is still moving. the transit agency knows now why it happened this week, the story next on the news edge at 11:00.  [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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10:58 pm
after joshua ledet was sent home last night. here's a look at the final two. >> the person going head to head against jessica is phillip phillips. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and then there were two, surviving tens of thousands who auditioned for season 11, only 16-year-old jessica sanchez and 21-year-old phillip phillips were left to battle it out in next week's finale. >> i'm really sad for josh because he's one of the best we've ever had in the competition, but so is jessica and phillip. any three of them, they're all winners. >> i think that was the loss i felt the most in the past two seasons every single moment watching josh go today. it was hard. >> reporter: louisiana native joshua ledet may have missed his shot at the title, but he did get a hometown hero's welcome last week. now the focus turns to the finale and the two very different styles. >> we have two very diverse contestants in the final.
10:59 pm
so it should be interesting. you know, it's like the big voice battling the kind of artist. >> reporter: adding to the excitement, adam lambert took the stage performing never close your eyes from his new album. the season eight runner-up had some words of wisdom for this year's final two. >> there's a lot of outside influence right now, a lot of expectations. tune into what you want to do as an artist, who you are and make sure that's coming out in all your choices. >> reporter: with more than 90 million voting this week the pressure continues to be. next week each will perform three songs in the ultimate battle to take the idol crown. >> the pressure is not messing up for me. i'm not worried about if i don't win, it's okay. if i do win, that's awesome. >> now that we're at the final two it's like got to fight for it now. you can't just be like oh well, whatever happens happens. i'm definitely going to fight for it.


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