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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 11  FOX  May 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: in hollywood, fox news. >> the news keeps coming tonight. shawn yancy now with the news edge at 11:00. the news edge begins in prince george's county county, police there hoping this weekend will be safer than last thanks to some major arrests. three men are now in custody connected to a string of armed robberies that had neighbors on edge. audrey barnes is in the newsroom to get us started. >> this is another big break for detectives in prince george's county. last week they broke up a perfume and cosmetic ring and arrested a couple women involved in that. now they've taken three men into custody for a robbery at a fast food restaurant that could be related to several others. the crime spree started friday, may 11th, and continued through sunday the 13th. 7-eleven convenience stores, gas stations and fast food restaurants from bowie to capitol heights were the target. police arrested three men in connection with saturday's armed robbery at this mcdonald's on ritchie road.
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>> doing a string of robberies. it was basically one or two suspects who went into the establishment armed with a handgun and robbed the establishment of store funds. >> reporter: there's no surveillance tape of the mcdonald's robbery, but this video was captured at one of the others. the suspects wore masks and carried semiautomatic handguns, but tips still came in after the pictures were broadcast. the arrests are welcome news for neighbor lynnette floyd. >> i live less than 5 miles away. i come to this mcdonald's every morning, every afternoon. so actually it's really safe now. >> reporter: police say this case is still open despite the arrests of two 24-year-olds from laurel. tony waters and todd wheeler and 20-year-old brandon cunningham of largo. >> they've been charged with the mcdonald's robbery that occurred may 12th. we are still investigating and looking into the other robberies that occurred. >> reporter: while he applauds the crime spree arrests, joseph
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gusby says he'd like to see police be more proactive. >> with those cameras out there are free to go after other issues, but they seem to never be around when things happen. >> reporter: police are giving the public a lot of credit for these arrests. by the way, a dodge charger spotted at the mcdonald's robbery has been recovered and police say that was a big clue, too. the news edge now on maryland. an innocent bystander shot outside a busy metro station was caught up in the crossfire of an ongoing dispute which ended with a 16-year-old boy shot multiple times. it happened today outside rockville metro station. fox 5's maureen umeh joins us with the details. >> a shooting suspect and person of interest are in police custody and a weapon has been recovered. police aren't saying what the dispute was about, but around 2:30 this afternoon gunshots rang out at rockville metro station. police say a 16-year-old boy and 18-year-old woman were hit. they say the 16-year-old was the intended target.
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the woman was just an innocent bystander. both were taken to the hospital with what police officials say were nonlife threatening injuries. just minutes after the shooting a suspect was arrested at a shell gas station not far from the metro station. passengers are shocked by these crimes. >> it's actually kind of scary. i get off here every day and this is really unknown for here for the rockville station. >> as i said to the policeman here guns? and he said they're everywhere, but this is so peaceful. that's why it's kind of like not here. >> reporter: late this evening another person said to be a person of interest was brought in for questioning. metro service was never disrupted this afternoon. tonight we are learning more about this week's open door incident on metro. officials say an electrical short aaron caused two doors to open on a -- shortage caused two doors to open on a moving train. metro will start inspecting
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train cars for similar issues. no one was hurt. police looking for two men believed to be involved in a string of auto thefts. they say the men stole laptops, gps systems from a number of vehicles in a parking garage on calvert street and also woodley road in northwest. anyone with information is asked to call police. screams from an anti- abortion protestor temporarily interrupted health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius' speech to some georgetown university grads today. >> judas! >> the demonstrators were upset that georgetown violated catholic doctrine by inviting sebelius to speak to a graduating class. she supports abortion rights and contraception coverage. during her speech sebelius quoted president kennedy's views on church and state. >> kennedy talked about his vision of religion and the public square and he said he believed in an america and i
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quote, "where no religion body seeks to impose its will directly or indirectly upon the general populous or the public acts of its officials." >> georgetown says the school invites a wide variety of speakers and students in the schools public policy institute chose sebelius. a man who stabbed 14 people killing five of them knew what he was doing according to mental health experts. laura evans is everywhere at 11:00. >> elias abuelazam had a lack of empathy for his alleged victims. jurors have heard all the evidence of abuelazam charged with a 49-year-old in the summer of 2010. he tried to flee israel because he didn't want to be caughtful closing arguments are expected tuesday -- caught. closing arguments are expected tuesdays. more red light and speed cameras are coming to the district and watch for cameras
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that can catch you not stopping at the crosswalks. d.c. police are trying to get eight of those cameras. drivers caught failing to yield to pedestrians in a crosswalk will be fined 250 bucks. facebook's public debut generating a lot of buzz but not much pop. facebook generated 11% before falling back down. at the closing bell today facebook stock was up just 23 cents. still ahead tonight on the news edge a heated debate over an apology to pakistan. the obama administration is weighing its options. >> plus slimming down the slurpee, your favorite treat without all the guilt. >> here's a look at some of the other stories in our rundown. the news edge at 11:00 is coming right back. >> this is -- this is fox 5
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news edge at 11:00. 
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it's an apology that's been thoroughly discussed behind closed doors, whether to say sorry to pakistan for u.s. airstrikes that killed 24 pakistani soldiers. we've learned there will be no apology. here's more on the politics behind the decision. >> reporter: senior u.s. officials tell fox the obama administration has definitively decided not to apologize to pakistan for this november
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incident in which u.s. helicopters believing they were under attack fired on two pakistani border posts. a heated debate at senior levels of the obama administration over whether to apologize ensued. >> the minute you apologize you're accepting not only responsibility, but the possibility that you're going to have to pay in a currency that you don't like. >> reporter: as with all diplomacy, timing was delicate. in late february as riots erupted in afghanistan president obama wrote to afghan president hamid karzai and apologized for the u.s. military's inadvertent burning of qur'ans. virtually the same time secretary of state hillary clinton was traveling to pakistan to meet with the foreign minister. midflight clinton was told not to apologize for the border incident. apparently to some analysts apologizing to pakistan and afghanistan was politically loaded. >> i think there's not any doubt the romney camp would have seized on it immediately.
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why not? it's very much for them to paint the president being a democrat as weak on defense. >> reporter: one u.s. official pointed to osama bin laden's hideout questioning when the pakistanis would apologize to the u.s. for allegedly giving high level terrorists shelter and then there's the taliban, a militant group that launches cross-border attacks on u.s. d haven inside pakistan. >> even though they are exasperating at times and duplicitous in some of the things they say and many of the things that they do, nonetheless i don't think we can afford a complete divorce. >> reporter: after the border incident an essential supply line for u.s. forces in afghanistan was closed by pakistan. while divided over the apology, administration officials are somewhat optimistic the route may soon be reopened. current and former government officials have described the relationship like a bad marriage with no hope of divorce. if it's going to be a dignified
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exit from afghanistan, one official said the u.s. will need pakistan in its corner. mitt romney's campaign is launching its first tv ad to the general election. romney tells america how he pictures his first day in office. take a look. >> day one, president romney immediately approves the keystone pipeline creating thousands of jobs that obama blocked. >> the ad promises that romney would create jobs, cut taxes, do away with president obama's healthcare plan. it's scheduled to run this weekend in iowa, ohio, north carolina, norfolk, roanoke and richmond, virginia. former president george h bush is returning to the white house later this month. president obama is honoring mr. bush and his wife laura with the unveiling of the former president's official portrait. the trip will mark the first time in more than two years that mr. bush has set foot in the white house. a popular drink slims down and a popular d.c. airshow is expected to be very crowded this weekend. laura is back now with your fox 5 top five. up first tonight how to enjoy a
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childhood favorite without all the calories. no. 5, 7-eleven is rolling out sugar free slurpees. the convenience store chain has spent two years trying to recreate its popular drink for its health conscious and diabetic customers. sugar free mango debuts this month. diet slurpees will be the same price as regular ones. no. 4, heads up baby boomers, the cdc wants everyone born between 1945 and 1965 to be tested for hepatitis c. the cdc says baby boomers account for positive more than 3/4 -- account for more than 3/4 of all americans with the virus. officials hope it will lead to more people getting treatment and more lives saved. no. 3, the state of maryland will recognize divorce for same sex marriages. even though current law doesn't allow same sex couples to marry in maryland, the court of appeals ruled it would be unprecedented for the state not to recognize gay marriages performed elsewhere. no. 2, be prepared for delays if you're taking metro this
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weekend. trackwork on the orange, red and green line will continue until close sunday. buses will replace orange line trains between east and west falls church and expect single tracking on the red and green lines. no. 1 tonight, the annual airshow at joint base andrews continues this weekend. to get to the airshow, you will have to take a shuttle bus from fedex field parking or the branch avenue metro station. inbound buses to the event will stop running at 1 p.m. that is tonight's fox 5 top five. >> we're hoping the weather holds out. there's a lot going on with graduations to the airshow. the pressure is on you, gary mcgrady. >> it's always on. you got to have big showed to do this job whether you want to -- shoulders to do this job whether you want to or not. all padded. tell the tailor extra padding here. >> i did get out tonight. >> it's so good out there,
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temperatures in the 60s now. it's lower 60s in town. we dropped a little bit. one of those great nights you can raise the windows. it does not look like we'll have a humidity issue this weekend. we'll stay right around 80 degrees for a high, give or take how many clouds we have and where you are. it's 63 now, quantico 67. the big thing we're watching, the clouds because that can dictate how much sunshine we have for the weekend. it looks like with the coastal questions in might, at this point now -- well, all of -- in mind, at this point now -- well, all the models are keeping the rain out of here all weekend. so that is good. the big question is how much cloud cover will we get from this area of low pressure to the sought of us? looks like we should be pre -- south of us? looks like we should be pretty good tomorrow and right now it appears sunday we'll get more clouds coming up from the south. they'll thicken up a little bit. we'll keep the temperature
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slightly cooler sunday, more clouds farther south. so fredericksburg down into southern maryland and down towards central and southeastern sections of virginia could be mostly cloudy by sunday, maybe even as early as sunday morning. 54 overnight here in town absorbing getting a little cooler. notice -- town, so getting a little cooler, notice in the suburbs in the upper 40s, winds out of the northeast at 5, maybe 7 miles per hour. a little warmer than today. we managed to hit 76 degrees today for national and dulles and bwi were both 75 degrees. so a little bit warmer tomorrow, but we don't get much warmer than where we were today. as long as we have winds out of the east and northeast we can only warm up so much. we'll go 80 tomorrow. look at our western suburbs, talking only in the upper 70s and by the water tomorrow it should be real pleasant, temperatures there in the middle 70s for annapolis and farther south only in the lower 70s. so sunshine tomorrow morning and 60 degrees, warm at
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lunchtime, already up to 74 and then we'll warm up again into the upper 70s for highs and that's about it. let me show you the setup here on futurecast because you can see the rain offshore. this represents 5:00 tomorrow evening. the rain just offshore north carolina, nowhere near us. i do believe we'll have a few high clouds coming across that futurecast is just not real good at picking up at any time. on sunday at 5:00 notice a little bit thicker cloud cover comes right up here into our southern areas, a few potential stray showers for southern maryland, most of the rain no doubt will stay along the eastern sections of north carolina and then south carolina as well. so we're looking very confident now that we'll have a completely dry weekend, which is good. the better chance for showers for us will be going into sunday night and then on monday. notice this whole thing kind of comes crashing ashore and that brings a better chance for us to get a little rain. so great tomorrow, 80 degrees, pretty good sunday, a few more
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clouds, 79, cooler with scattered showers monday. once we get through the weekend, we get into a little unsettled pattern with temperatures in the 70s and mid- to upper 70s depending how much rain. there's your weather forecast for the weekend. i hope you enjoy it. there's a lot going on, congratulations to all the graduates. now it's time to get over to lindsay murphy who no doubt has the battle of the beltway, orioles and the nats, right, lindsay? this is the verizon 4g lte sports desk with lindsay murphy. >> giving away my story, gary. hello, everybody. this year's battle of the beltway actually means something. the nats and o's have never met until tonight in interleague play and both are playing for first place in their divisions. davey johnson's club 23-15, buck showalter's 25-14 this, one a pitcher's dual. the orioles nine strikeouts
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through seven innings of work and that's edwin jacksons, 8ks in eight innings. bottom of the 6th, nationals down 1-0 , but this one a sure shot, deep fly to left, ian desmond's sixth home run of the season tying the game at one. top 11, one out, nick markakis is up and so is his hit, up, up and away to the second deck in right field off ryan mattheus, his seventh home run of the season giving the birds a 2-1 lead. they win game 1 of the beltway battle by that very same score. >> that was a tough one. he pitched good. i thought the bullpen pitched good. one pitch, ballgame. >> we got a good start from jackson and we played a good game. they beat us. it's nice to play in front of a packed house and it was good energy, fun exciting game. extra innings with your cross-
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town rival, that's what people come to see. >> tomorrow night game 2 of this series can be seen here on fox, game time 7 p.m. tonight game 4 between the celtics and sixers, boston leading the series two games to one. 1st quarter shoppy transition turns into a pretty play for the celtics rajon rondo. boston led by 15 points early on. late in the 1st half philly makes a comeback. it's drew holliday going all the way, not a whole lot of defense. 46-31 boston at the break. 2nd half a different story. philly took the lead in the 4th. this is evan turner, philly shocks boston to even the series at two game as piece, 92- 83 the final. he can play football pretty well, sing and write music and was president of his high school class, but skins quarterback rg3 has a new talent to add to his resume. stay tuned to see what it is. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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welcome back. on monday redskins players will get down to business with the start of organized team activities. three practices will be open to the media. monday is day one. as for rg3 he did get some praise from one of his new teammates, running back tim hightower. >> to meet him in person he seems like a pretty mild mannered guy, seems pretty humble, but pretty hungry, too which is a good sign always for a quarterback. so i don't want to get too ahead. i don't think anything is promised. he knows it's hard to win a game. it's hard to win a championship. it's hard to be good in this league. i'm looking forward to working with him and seeing his progression and helping his progression as well. >> and speaking of rg3 he appeared on the tonight show with jay leno last night talking about growing up as a military kid, his winning the heisman and proposal among other things. in case you didn't think he was talented enough, check out his grand finale last night. >> i try to teach people how to
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beebop, but you can start with simple sounds like this and add whatever you want to. [ beebop sounds ] [ applause ] se ] >> very nice. rg3, thank you, my friend. >> no problem. >> rg3, a man manufacture talents. shawn yancy -- a man of many talents. shawn yancy doing a pretty good job with her imitation as well. that's all for sports. we'll be right back. >> the verizon 4g lte sports desk brought to you by verizon 4g lte. droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4glte network and motorola,
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we're taking the edge off tonight with a pretty amazing accomplishment. a 62-year-old man will celebrate his 800th marathon this weekend. henry rooten has logged more than 21,000 miles running races all over the world, greece, brazil, china, even antarctica. his prerace meal? bananas and mountain dew. have a good weekend, everybody. >> fox 5 news isn't over. go to now for news, weather and entertainment updates. fox 5 news is washington's best news on air and online at brought to you by verizon 4g lte.
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