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tv   Fox 5 News Edge at 6  FOX  May 19, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> announcer: the uefa champions league post-game show on fox is presented by at&t. ♪ ♪ >> rob: tonight, baseball night in america begins on fox. our primetime coverage kicks off 7:00 eastern with a slate of five games headline by red sox-phillies. it begins in prime time tonight only on fox. ♪ ♪ >> rob: the celebration continues in munich. it's going to go on for a long time here and in london. time now for the top moments of this past champions league tournament. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sensationm strike! >> stunning! >> absolutely incredible! world class. >> what a stop that is. >> saved it again! and this incredible story goes on! they are something special. from nowhere!
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> rob: it's now time for our gatorade recover post-game wrap-up. the competition isn't over. gatorade knows it begins within. win from within. curt menefee has joined us on the desk, as we get set to close things trout here in munich. let's end right now before our coverage turns over to fox soccer. final thoughts in an absolutely memorable evening from munich. >> memorable year. fantastic year for champions league football. this is the toughest trophy to win and congratulations to chelsea. i would haven't thought they would do it but they pulled it off. >> brad: you have to win
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with dignity and lose with dignity. tonight, the last two rounds that chelsea came there, defensive evidents were second to none. you have to take your hat off to them. >> eric: chelsea historians have a field day with this one. what a memorable night in munich for all fans. chelsea. >> rob: more coverage from here in munich coming up in moments over on fox soccer. but for now, we send it to the guy at the end of the table. curt menefee, take us home. >> curt: i'm watching and they will have to kick a lot of chelsea fans out. >> rob: kick us out. >> curt: they are partying in munich. you imagine what is going on in london where they have already said they would have a parade for the club tomorrow. you know what? why not. the chelsea football club has been around since 1905. the champions league trophy by a name or another, since 1956. the two had never been together until tonight. playing with interim manager, without some of their biggest names. and the opponent's hode home stadium, the blues claimed the biggest victory in their
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history. chelsea represents the modern sports world. legendary english club owned by a russian billionaire, star player, african from the ivory coast kicked maybe the two biggest goals of his life. and at the same time, became what we could call a free agent. yet, at the same time, chelsea represents the metaphor that sports always meant. february you don't have your best and have to change course along the way, ultimate success is still achievable. as long as you work hard, and give it your all. hey, so what if it takes extra time to get there? in the end, it's worth the wait. for rob, eric, brad, and our entire fox sports crew in munich, i'm curt menefee saying so long. once again, congratulations to chelsea for the first time ever they are the kings of europe. the best soccer team on the planet. the winners of the uefa champions league final. captioned by closed captioning services, inc
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world leaders were focusing on in maryland. three, two, one. abort. nasa pulls the plug on the first spacex rocket launch. and a first-time roller is making its way up the coast from the south sea to the big apple. we'll talk about the inspiration for this trip. welcome to the news at 6. i'm maureen umeh. we're going to begin with day two of the g-8 summit in maryland. margie has the latest. >> reporter: day two of the 2012g-8 summit is underway. president obama, along with the leaders of the world, major economies are discussing a variety of issues, more specifically what to do about iran's nuclear program. >> awful us are firmly committed to continuing with the approach of sanctions and pressure in combination with
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diplomatic discussion. >> reporter: and the ongoing conflict in syria. >> we are all deeply concerned about the violence that has taken place there and the loss of life. >> reporter: one u.s. official said that world leaders are also keeping a close eye on the global oil supply. >> we're monitoring the situation closely and stand close to calling the the agency to make sure we supplied. >> reporter: the president said that fellow leaders are trying to figure out how to tame europe's debt crisis. >> all of us are absolutely committed to making sure that both growth and stability and fiscal consolidation are part of a overall package. >> reporter: political uncertainty in greece could prompt the country to leave the euro zone. the move could shake global markets. >> all g-8 member states want greece to remain part of the euro zone. >> reporter: this g-8 session
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setting the stage for a european summit in brussels next week. the countries sharing the euro hope to come together to fight steps of rising debt while spurring a recovery. protestors were out in force in maryland angerd about who came to the g-8 summit. the ethiopian prime minister is attending the meeting and ethiopians say he's a dictator who sold off their land to foreigners, tortures people, and let's families starve. >> we don't have -- people are starving. our land is sold and selling our land to foreigners and -- [ indiscernible ] >> he has been in power since 1991. on friday, president obama announced a $3 billion pledge from private entities to help feed africa's poor. new details following yesterday's shoot at the rockville metro station.
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rockville police say two teenagers have been charged in the shooting that wounded two other teenagers. 16-year-old kevin wynn and 17- year-old harris are both charged with attempted first- degree murder and they're being held until a bond review hearing on monday. managers at metro think they have figured out why the doors on the moving red light train, redline train, flew open twice on tuesday. john henrehan reports. >> reporter: when metro is crowded, it's not hard to find the passengers leaning on the doors as the trains roll from station testas station. >> during rush hour, someone will be leaning back and trying to get -- . >> and they're leaning on the doors? >> sometimes. >> reporter: how often do you see them? >> every day. i ride the train about twice a day, probably every day. >> you ever see people leaning on the doors while the train is move something. >> yes.
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>> how often? >> when the train's really full, probably every time. >> reporter: even though the door's are supposed to stay closed, twice they flew open on a redline train going shady grove error error. it happened the first time in the vicinity of the station. they alerted someone and took everyone off and locked the doors and the train continued onward. they checked the doors in every car to see if there were other problems. he concluded there weren't and got off at cleveland park. a pair of doors on the adjoining car flew open. the au graduate student snapped this photo quickly with the doors open on a moving train and passengers nearby. luckily, again, no one was injured. this time, metro took the whole train out of service. after days of tinkerring, metro engineers concluded the problem is not with the pair of cars
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whose doors open but the coupling on the pair of cars on the front of the train. the couplers not only pull the cars, but also transmit information and command. metro thinks the coupler may have been damaged earlier by a, quote, hard coupling, which caused the contact to later short circuit the door open command. the couplers are being independent for similar damage. the inspection should take about two weeks. by the way, metro never recommends leaning on train doors. john henrehan, fox 5 news. d.c. police investigating a fatal stabbing in northwest. the man was found on the 1200 block of north capital street in northwest last night and stabbed multiple times, including on his head. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. anyone with information is urged to contact police. another big story we're following, a chinese activist is on his way to the united
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states. chen wong chang was pushed in a wheelchair surrounded by people at the airport. a flurry of diplomatic wrangling happened between the u.s. and china because of this. he is approved to study law at new york university. teenage girl is dead and several others wounded after a bombing outside of a high school in italy. investigators say the explosion went up a few minutes before classes started today. this is amateur video from the scene. investigators say that they don't know who set off the bomb. the area is known for organized crime but there are no leads in the case. when a federal operations investigate gun running between the u.s. and mexico back fired, a u.s. border patrol agent wound up dead. the republican leaders on the hill want answers from the attorney general eric holder. fox's peter doocie explains. >> reporter: speaker of the house john boehner said that, quote, all options are on the table with regard to possibly holding the attorney general eric holder in contempt of congress for not complying with
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an october subpoena connected to the fast and furious investigation. speaker boehner said that on an interview on "this week" and told george stephanopoulos house republicans want to hold everyone at the department of justice and administration accountable for what happened or what didn't happen in fast and furious. in a letter to the attorney general, the house leadership legislative and elationship executive branches must be predicated on honest communications and can not be clouded by allegations of obstruction if necessary. the white house will act to fulfill our constitutional obligations in the coming weeks. but, that is not strong enough for some rank and file members. congressman quail said he thinks the doj will continue to obstruct and the congressman law said nothing short of a contempt citation is good enough. but, the deputy attorney general wrote on tuesday two oversight -- to darrell issa, quote, we believe a contempt proceeding would be unwarranted. the department continues to believe, however, that efforts
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to arrive at a mutually acceptable resolutions of the matter has not been fully exhausted and house minority leader nancy pelosi told abcs this week she doesn't think that holder is in contempt of congress and that anything he's withheld relates to criminal prosecution and executive privilege n. washington. nasa boarded the -- aborted the first launch of a private rocket heading to the international space station this morning. the spokesperson said the onboard computers for the spacex falcon 9 rocket shut down the launch automatically. the rock set an unmanned private spacecraft. nasa will try again on tuesday. the show did go on for the annual air show at andrews air force base and this is that video of a flyover. the show features the blue angels, the flight demonstration squadron, and the air show runs tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. >> and. just ahead, getting help
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from spontaneous do gooders. you heard of flash mobs, right? coming up, cash mobs. and from south beach to new york. the first-time rowers going the distance for a good cause. the news at 6 will be right back. 
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president obama spent part of his week pushing congress over lunch. the president was at the tailor
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gourmet sandwich shot on the u street corridor on wednesday and sat down for a chat with some small business owners. he wants them to be able to get loans from the small business administration to help start ups. >> it's not going to make up for a bad service or bad product. when you have a great service and great product, and people want to work hard, then action by government and the sba can give them a handout and get them started. >> the president said pushing congress to push a 10% tax credit for new jobs and a 20% tax credit to bring overseas jobs back to the u.s. the house republicans lead the president's current -- believe they're hurting small businesses. the president is not the only one pumps out small businesses. cash mobs are swarming stores, giving mom and pop stores big business and ann coinman has more. >> reporter: cash mobs have
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been popping up all over the country from san diego to buffalo. in this case, the chugging rhino in pomean ab, new york s reaping the rewards and can be anywhere local from a bakery to a movie theatre to a gift shop. the idea is to spend $20 in goods and services v fun and to build relationships. they use social media to spread the word. the owner has been enjoying the boost in business. >> everyone supported me and above all of the businesses that were nominated, it was a good feeling against all of the other deserveing businesses for them to come here and i couldn't be happier. >> reporter: $4-a-gallon gas prices and property taxes have been hurting communities like this one. and that is like cash mob organizers are pushing locals to keep their cash local. >> and if we can take the concepts and put it in the mindset of people living here, perhaps we could create a vibrant economy my grandparents had in world war ii.
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>> and this is going international. one of the organizers here has a friend in spain following suit. anna coinman, fox news, new york. just ahead on the news at 6, the first-time rower dives arms first into the water, going from florida to new york by himself. coming up, we're joined during his stop to d.c. and he tells us how he gets his motivation. we'll be right back. 
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. imagine rowing 1400 miles from miami to new york. you're about to meet the man who is doing it. he wants to raise mean for an international alzheimer's research foundation and has a personal reason for doing it. lewis collumn is joining us live from georgetown. welcome to the 6:00 news on fox 5. >> good evening. >> and can you show with us your connection and experience of alzheimer's, why this is so important to you. >> and starting recently, i went through alzheimer's for a short time. i researched it and it hurts a lot of people. i decided to organize a fundraiser for it. >> you are planning to row 1400 miles from miami to new york and you're doing it now stopping in d.c. do you have
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any rowing experience? >> no. that is the weird thing. i never rowed before and i decided to try and raise money. i thought rowing is something they have never done and would be difficult. that is why i chose it. >> and you want to raise money, how much do you want to raise? how much have you raised this this far? >> the target is to raise $50,000 i raised 23 1/2 thousand. >> wow. >> i'm pleased in my program. >> and people are donating via the website? how are people helping you? >> i actually got a website, which is through that, people can follow on my journey to see how far i am making and see pictures. there is an option there for people to -- on that website. >> you talked about not having rowing experience. the question is, are you being assisted in any way? is anyone following you or tracking you on land? how is this happen something. >> that is the other thing. the journey is so low and unsupported. there is not a support vehicle following me or a land-based team. before i came to america, i
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didn't know anyone in the country. >> my goodness. >> and -- >> we admire your tenacity. there has to be dangers associateed with this and how are you getting around the elements? >> to be honest, it's a low- tech expedition. i didn't have a radio until recently or charts or much communication with the outside world or gps or anything. i tend to know about the dangers. >> okay. >> and that is making life easier. >> you were truly brave for doing this and we admire you. the website is and you're heading to new york. when do you think you're going to complete this trip? >> early june. depends on how strong i am feeling. i am rowing every day and i'm in washington as a detour, this is a 10-day detour. >> okay. >> and i came to see the cal.


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