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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  May 20, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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it was too soon. otherwise, it was time. >> the lockerbie bomber is dead. why family of the victims have
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no sympathy. and protesters and police crash at the site of the summit. a couple was found dead in their apartment in colgate way in silver spring today. fox 5's audrey barne is in the newsroom. >> that clue ace suicide note. detectives are not revealing the content but they say it gives a clear indication of just what wentwrong on colgate way. >> reporter: the quiet of the apartment complex was disrupted as officers from the third district in montgomery county rolled in to investigate a missing person's report. inside the apartment, in the 13,000 block, a note. >> there was a note left behind >> reporter: there had not been
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any trouble here recently. >> i have been here for about a year and i have never-curb know, the police have not been around a lot. i'm just speechless right now. >> reporter: police won't say how the couple died or which one left the suicide note. the most valuable clues will come from autopsies. >> the bodies will be transported to the office of the medical chief examiner in baltimore and they'll rule on the cause of death. >> reporter: and after, that the bodies' names will be released once relatives have been notified. a prince george's county police officer is in trouble accused of drunk driving. police say that daniel gonzalez was in his marked cruiser when he was involved in his cruiser in bladensburg. >> the responding officer
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suspected that officer gonzalez was under the influence of alcohol. >> gonzalez was a six-year veteran. police are investigating a deadly police-involved shooting. officers were called on backlick road. when they arrived, the suspect threatened police with a sword, they say and that's when he was shot. the man had seven outstanding warrants on child porn and sex charges. he was rushed to the hospital where he later died. one more development in the long story of tragedy, heart ache and rout rage. the man convict of masterminding the bombing of the pan am flied in lockerbie has died. al-megrahi was reconvicted but
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released after adiagnosis. the family were pleased. >> there were more people involved, no question about that. there is no question in my mind a that iran or syria had to be involved. i don't know if our federal government or the british government will have the stomach to find out the truth. >> reporter: woo two of al- megrahi's codefendants were killed. one those on board the flight was a syracuse student coming home from an abroad program. fox five's john henrehan has the story. >> reporter: when she worked at paycheck jobs, rosemary mild was a career editor. her only child, miriam, was among those killed when a terrorist bomb blew-up the pan
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am jet. her mom has written two books about her late daughter in an effort to keep alive the memory of that vibrant life. >> when we would watch fame on tv to, the minute the music came on, she would bounced and dance around the house. >> reporter: when al-megrahi finally went before the court, rose mayy atented part of the trial. she was later enraged after he was released three years ago for humanitarian reasons, supposedly. >> prostate cancer. however, it was a libyan doctor who diagnosed it and said he had three months to live. no cancer experts were ever brought in. >> reporter: now that al- megrahi is dead, rosemary mild does not mourn. >> if he was in great pain, it was too soon. otherwise, it's good that he's gone. >> reporter: mrs. mild also
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admits taking satisfaction over the execution of long-time dictator qaddafi at the hand of rebel insurgents. she believes that qaddafi gave the order to blow up pan am flight 1033. now aday, security measures are much tighter than they were in 19828. what would you say to people who are growing tired of going through airport security? >> i would say suck it up. they are trying to keep us protected. >> reporter: in severna park, maryland, john henrehan. >> many family members of the victims of the pan am flight were outraged when al-megrahi was released on humanitarian reasons. now, it some question whether there was some back door deal. >> there is no proof of that. there is no absolute document,
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but, frankly, in my mind and in the mind of other -- even fbi agents who looked at the case, there is no doubt that there was a deal made between the british and scottish governments and libya in exchange for not having their business relationship interrupted. number 2, if you look at the case itself, one of the two defendants was acquitted. the other one was found guilty and then let go. i mean, here is a guy who killed almost 300 people. we see the victims -- and most people don't see the victims. the victims are mothers and fathers who never get solace any longer and the fact of the matter is that this is a man -- this man who was released didn't act on his own. i can guarantee you that it was qaddafi. i can't prove it right now but i can tell you that it was a shame on our government and on the british government for not releasing and pursuing theevidentiary trail of evidence that would have told the story. >> and that brings me to the
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next question. there are other people who remain unpunished and who are those people, excluding qaddafi? >> if you look at the history of what happened in the autumn of 1988, there were 12 bombs found in germany that were test continued to go on planes and they were built by iran. i believe that iran and syria as one of the parents said, were involved. they then subcontracted to libya. so it was covered up. that's a stain on our government. >> reporter: al-megrahi, is he considered a hero to islamist extremists? >> i don't know he came back -- when i remember, he came back to libya to a hero's welcome. libya rejoiced that he was set free. here is a killer of 300 people. this is unprecedented that he would be set free. we did protest officially but if we wanted to stop it, that
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is the u.s. government, we could have done it. >> reporter: and one last thing. this is case closeed. >> there is a criminal case. and there is intelligence. we have not released the intelligence. the parents demand that for closure. i don't think that they'll ever rest in any type of closure until they get the right answers. so far, in the last 15 to 20 years, they have not gotten it. it's a stain on our integrity. >> four your insight. >> thank you. meantime, chicago is discussing the vision post- afghanistan. meanwhile, demonstrators upset with the afghan war jammed the streets. >> reporter: protesters took to the streets and found themselves out numbered by police. the protest that have been
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largely peaceful erupted into scattered skier skirmishes and riots. people plucked the truck makers out of the crowds. they took them away from where the leaders of about 60 nations were fared for a nato summit. and three suspects were taken into custody accused of planning on attack on prob's campaign headquarters. one of the major topics in this nato meeting is the future of afghanistan as the alliance plans to end the war bit end of 2014. >> we'll meet to chart the next phase of the transition in afghanistan. just as we've sacrificed together for our common security, we will stand together united in our determination to complete this mission. >> reporter: meeting with
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president obama, afghan leader president karzai reaffirmed his country's stance. >> our country is no longer a burden on the shoulders of the united states and its allies >> reporter: before tensions level increased, a number u.s. veterans spoke emotional will youly to the crowds ands toed their medals towards the convention complex. looks like rain on the way for your monday morning. we have the forecast next. and the ring of fire, solar eclipse is not moving over the east coast but you can still watch it from home. we'll tell you how and many tvs may be coming to a grocery store near you. the future of advertising coming up. we have speech more on the news at 10:00. stay with us. we are back after this. 
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a few clouds this evening. we could be looking at rain for
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your monday morning commute, unfortunately. sorry to be the bearer of bad news. gwen tolbert is here. >> reporter: we had a spectacular weekend. no shortage of sunshine. temperatures were above seasonal and everybody got a chance to enjoy it but there are some changes coming up. we'll let you know where things stood today and where we are headed. we hit 81 degrees at regan national airport, 83 at thurgood marshal. these temperatures above the seasonal average. right now, it is 72 at national airport, 71 at dulles, 72 at b w. i. temperature are in the same neighborhood. skies, as maureen mentioned, not bad at all, just a few clouds going on. to the south, a different story. we are still keeping an eye on storm alberto, not doing a whole lot during the course of the day but definitely will keep us on our toes and it
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bears watching. it's the first named storm of the 2012 atlantic ocean. right now it's off the coast of south carolina, moving very slow, only southwest at 6 miles per hour, expected to move to the northeast into the monday night to tuesday period but not expected to strengthen much. cloudy skies right now, expect showers to move in. wet weather will be sticking around. we need it. we are actually about four inches or more below where we should be in terms of our rainfall so far for the year. so at least, you know, it will help us bring those numbers up. details on the five-day forecast a little later. back to you, maureen. >> thank you, gwen. a ring of fire is blazing. here is the rare solar eclipse above the utah skies late this afternoon. wow, that is cool. we could not see knit our region but if you have the
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computer nearby, we'll tell you how to see it. and we have our expert sky guy. this is not a fulley lips. >> this is the anullar, that's when the moon is not able to cover the sun. you know, remember two weeks ago, when we had the closest moon? well, now, it is at at the farthest. >> we cannot see it but where can we see snit >> right now, it is in colorado, arizona, utah. and end at at the border of texas. you have to have these funky glasses or buy some special solar filters to cover up camera lenses.
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you never look at it. >> even teasing, you can't see it here but you can see it online. >> if they go to fox 5, and go to my blog site and i think we also have a link up there, they can catch the last 15 minutes. >> and how long does it actually last when you are looking at this eclipse? depending upon your location, usually about two hours but anullarrity is only about 10 minutes. >> something involving venus. >> we have another visitor crossing the sun and that's going to be the planet venus. we will be able to see it. i'm trying to work something with sue palka so we will be able to see it. >> i think that would be pretty cool. >> and this venus eclipse is something that we have not seen
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since? >> 1994. that's 18 years. >> come back and size here. >> greg is the expert sky high. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you, maureen. >> if you want to track the eclipse on line, head to sky and or follow greg's blog. go to and search for sky guy. pretty easy to do. thanks for coming in. >> thank you, maureen. televisions may soon be make their appearance in grocery screens. will this tactic be cost effective? >> new lcd screens displaying in store advertisements has companies trying to lure in their customers just before they make a purchase. research shows points of purpose consumer marketing is big business with companies
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spending an estimated $18.3 billion in2011. automated media services ingawld their screen in a new york city supermarket saying they are more consumer friendly than the regular tools. >> they take the action in, without picking up the flier, walking down the aisle and reading it. it is a passive and active element to it. while you are shopping, you are taking it in ray long with all the other messaging and branding along with the other packaging. >> reporter: they just wrapped up an 18-month study with stores in virginia. brands saw a rise in stores that did not have the teks nothing. bloom opted not to ten after the trial. ams says the approach is to have dozens of small screens all over the stores. one customer said it will just
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take time to look out for. >> especially if it's by the register. if it's by the register, that's a great ideas because usually there are long lines and people are looking for something to focus on to make the time go by >> reporter: ams may include ads not represented in the aisle but still related, for example, a local winery in the wine section cheese section. and what went wrong at the very last second of a launch and what does it mean for the next step in space exploration? and music lovers mourning the death of a bee gee. stay with us. us. 
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i always loved that song.
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bee gees fans mourning the loss of singer robin gibb. gibb has been hospitalized several times, most recently last month when he fell into a coma after contracting pneumonia. the bee gees were inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in the late nineties. he was 62 years old. a private space company trying to take over the space exploration mission in america experienced a failure at launch. >> 3, 2, 1, 0. and liftoff. we had a cutoff. liftoff did not occur. >> reporter: the launch aborted with one and a half second to spare. a stunner on the launch pad early saturday morning at the cape canaveral air force station. space x was trying to show the
10:26 pm
world that the commercial rocket company could launch its falcon 9 on a trip to the international space station. the company's president explained what went wrong. >> engine control noted high chamber pressure in engine 5. the software did what it was supposed to do, aborted engine 5 >> reporter: the other eight engines were working pe affectly at the time the launch was aborted. engineers spend saturday afternoon looking for problems. >> we need all engines to lift off. you can lose two engines and still complete a mission, but not for liftoff. >> reporter: she says that space x will move forward with plans to spend the falcon. >> this is not a failure. we stopped with a purpose.
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the national debt greg by the day and two big money issues may play big. today, supporters of president barack obama and mitt romney went head to head on the sunday talk show over the economy. >> reporter: as world leaders gathered at camp david, the right path to prosperity was the part of the debate. cut or cement at the same time, contrasting ideas about cap call growth are also playing
10:31 pm
out on the campaign. we believe in reigniting the idea of an american idea. >> it is not, absolutely not a government directed approach. that's not correct. the president has passed hundreds of billions of dollars of tax cuts for business, for individuals, for workers. he believes that the main driver of the economy is the middle class, it's not very high income people. >> reporter: democrats are hitting romney in ads about his private equity firm, bain capital. >> bain capital walked a lot of money. >> broken, because he has not even come close. >> reporter: on meet the press, wisconsin's paul ryan picked up that argument. >> if the last four years is any indication of the next four years under current management, we will keep kicking the fan, we'll keep making empty promises to voters.
10:32 pm
and then it will be a debt crisis. >> dick durbin blames republicans for the debt burden. >> everything needs to be on the table. if we give the american people -- we have to get back to the same basic bowle simpson. >> we have to it's going to require changing the tax code, change the entitlement so there will be a medicare and social security 40 to 50 years from now, require putting defense spending cut, all of us shoulder to the wheel and being able to take off our democrat and republican hat and put on our country hats first. >> and though cuts are looming for 2013, both sides say, don't expect any solutions until after the election. a blind chinese activist is
10:33 pm
enjoying his first full day in new york city. chen guangcheng arrived in the u.s. after a month long diplomatic battle that tested u.s. and china relations. fox's dade miller has the story >> reporter: guangcheng is now settling into his new life: the self-taught lawyer blinded by childhood ill necessary is still nursing a foot injury. thing speaking out saturday in a way he could not back home. >> the american government has provided great assistance and given me partial citizenship rights here. >> for the one-birth policy and forced abortion, for speaking against it, he was beaten. >> you lie, your hands are all tied up and you cannot move at
10:34 pm
all and then they beat you in that time >> reporter: just fate was unclear. he sought refuge in the u.s. embassy in beijing. following weeks of tense negotiation, chinese government allowed him to leave. >> the chairman who chaired a hearing on capitol hill had only spoken to cheng on the phone. >> when i saw him get out of the one, he was compel rating and it was energizing that we need to do more to tripp our effort. >> cheng has been virtually ignored in china. the state agency says that he is studying abroad. if you do an online search in china for cheng, his story does not appear. no more tweets coming from pakistan. officials blocked tweeters after the social network says that it would not take down
10:35 pm
competition that use the picture of the prophet mohammed. the image of the prophet mohammed is considered blaspheme. more protests in canada, after a hike in tuition in university fees. lawmakers tried to crack down requiring organizers to give eight-hour notice before protests crews are digging through rubbles searching for survivors after a strong earthquake rocked north italy. the 6.0 quake was about 22 miles north of bologna. openedder buildings showed major damage. at least four people were killed and dozens injured. two of your favorite cap stars team up for russia at the world championship. and stephen strasburg is more than just a pitcher in the series finale against the
10:36 pm
orioles. we have the highlights next. and beautiful day today, maureen. a few clouds rolling in across the area and we have some wet weather in the forecast. take a look to the south. tropical storm alberto. where is it headed? we'll have the details later. we'll be back after the break. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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the nats and o's giving it one more go. >> great crowds at nats stadium. >> that's good. >> which they should. nats are a good team but i don't know why it takes the o's to get into town. >> i think that's the rivalry. >> it is burks i say that the nats are good enough. they should go to see strasburg and zimmerman. >> the nats lost their first two games of the beltway battle. and now they unleashed a secret
10:40 pm
weapon, stephen strasburg. and bryce harper unleashes one. nick markakis has it bedoes. no deficit is now 3-2. top of the 4th, now 3-3. strasburg on the mound. luis eppsto. our out. >> jesus flores just homered. strasburg up. first career home run, two hits on the day. fourth victory of the season. nats scored 9 unanswered runs, beat the o's 9-3. strasburg says don't rely on this type of hitting every game. >> i think it's always going to be a work in progress, you know, getting out there and seeing pitches and taking some hacks, you know. obviously we are not going to hit as much as the hitters
10:41 pm
every single day but it's great to get out there and get a feel for your swing, you know sometimes, you run into them i guess. >> he is very humble. russia taking on the czechs in the world cup. ovechkin to semin. what a great pass. russia leading 3-1. datsyuk to semin, his second goal of the game. russia defeats slovakia 6-2 to capture hockey's world championship. coming up, tim hightower, great running back for the redskins, they expect a lot from him. he blew out his knee last year. lindsey murphy sits down with him. you talk about a nice award and what his goals are and what he thinks of rg3. >> and he does what? >> he would make a billy goat -- now, the movie -- by the
10:42 pm
way, that's from the movie rambo. they are talking about rambo, lieutenant troutman. >> you can't get rambo? he can live off the land. >> you got me with that one. you got me there. >> rambo. >> a brave teen takes to the airways with her proposal. his answer and the social media movement it sparked. you won't want to miss that one. that's coming up next.  if you want less, you can always have less,
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it's probably one of the biggest event of the year for any high school senior and finding a date can be stressful and nerve-racking but one local high school student had her heart set on going with one young man. she came with a unique approach for a prom proposal. >> reporter: chloe thomas is very busy these days picking
10:46 pm
out her prom shoes and accessories and scheduling beauty appointments before the big day but getting to this point was a bit of a journey according to her mom, laura thomas. >> she had asked three or more boys from her special needs class to go and they had backed out for one reason or another. >> reporter: she had all but given up on prom when chloe decided to ask joseph broussard a popular boy from her art class. >> he is taken. he is cute. he is funnism he has a great sense of humor. he was making jokes and everything. so i thought he could just go with me or something. >> yeah>> reporter: too embarrassed to ask him face to face, she want the proposal videotaped and played on the school's morning newscast. >> i tried to discourage her. i was afraid if she asked this kid that i didn't know, that she would be hurt.
10:47 pm
and disappointed. and embarrassed. she said, mom, i thought you would be proud of me for being brave to do that. >> i'm so crazy proud of you for what you did >> reporter: we quickly learned what chloe's mom, teachers and friends have known all along. chloe has guts. >> i just want to know if you would go to prom with me. >> i saw that. the whole school saw that. and in the hallways, i was getting all, say yes, say yes, say yes. what are you going to do? what are you going to say? >> i'll take you because you are just cool and everything. >> the next day, i did the same thing. >> here is an important announcement. >> chloe, thank you very much for inviting to prom and i would love to go with you. when i said yes that morning, she was not in school. so that was kind of -- i was a little broken hearted when i came up in second period and she wasn't there. >> reporter: chloe happened to be home sick that day. but her mom got a call from the
10:48 pm
school with the news. >> who knew that kids in this day and age think and feel like that? it's a pretty amazing night. we feel very blessed. >> it is a perfect fit. >> reporter: now, chloe is focused on her dress. >> it's right like the movie, cinderella where she meets her prince >> reporter: and her dance. >> you put that on and you go like this. see that? see. whooo hoo. >> reporter: meantime, chloe has one more video message for joseph. >> thank you for choosing to go with me. i know it took a lot of nerves, but i want to say that you are very good. >> thank you for inviting me to go with you. we're going to have an mazing day. >> it's going to be the best
10:49 pm
party ever. >> you know prom was on friday. by the way, chloe's mom offered to pay for joseph's tux and prom ticket but he would not hear of it. he is such a gentleman. he says he is thrilled to go with chloe. there is now an effort underway to nominate chloe homecoming queen. let's stay tuned. >> do we have that result? we don't have that? okay. but, anyway, i'm sure, she is -- she is a really great kid. >> great story. i love those stories. >> yeah. >> we talked earlier about our changing weather, the solar eclipse. a lot on deck. >> we had a beautiful weekend. >> can't complain. >> now things are switching off a little bit. let's go outside. we had a few high cloud that are going to be rolling in through the course of the night and then start to increase and thicken up across our area, but it's still going to be pretty mild outside and fairly warm and not a bad shot out there right now. we have a little bit of a
10:50 pm
breezy situation earlier. the winds have kind of died down a little bit. here ace look at what's going on. we had some unsettled days ahead as we start off in the five-day forecast. expect much-needed rain. we had a deficit with the rain. we're going to bring the numbers up a little bit. temperatures on the rise and tropical storm alberto, a slow mover has not really done a whole lot. here ace look at hour eyes today. we hit 81 degrees at reagan national airport, 82 indulles. 83 at baltimore thurgood marshall airport. still fairly mild outside. 72 haggerstown. fredericksburg at 72. 72 in annapolis, same in ballot morality dulles, 711 and 72 in the nation's capital. so the clouds are starting to gradually starting to move across the area and they will continue to settle into the north. we mentioned tropical storm alberto not doing a whole lot, just still spinning off the
10:51 pm
coast of south carolina. and it has not really caused a whole lot of activity there at all. for us tomorrow, we're going to be talking about some forms. we have a front tall system out here to the east. that's going to retrograde and move it way back towards the west along the mid-atlantic. then to the west, we have a cold front that will start to approach. a combination of those two will also cause a little instability in the atmosphere and we'll see some storms firing up, especially near the i-95 corridor. storm alberta -- i keep saying alberta. that's because i'm from canada and i'm thinking of alberta, i guess. alberto will move to the northeast. some you you may see a bit of a
10:52 pm
spty showers, not much. as we move into tuesday, that pattern continues. here is alberto. as i said, it will weaken out and heading to the northeast, not affecting much along the mid-atlantic at allthe overnigh at 62 degrees. we are warming up tomorrow to 75 degrees. but keep your eyes to the skies. morning showers, afternoon thunderstorms, storms sticking around in the course of the week each day from tuesday, right through to thursday. we still have a chance of thunderstorms popping up. we are back to dry conditions, 85 degrees. >> sounds good. >> thank you, gwen. want to show you some dramatic pictures of a tornado caught on camera in kansas. storm chasers captured this video of a twister touching down west of kingman yesterday. the storm toppled trees, produced some hail. so far, no word of any injuries. tomorrow, president obama will deliver the commence.
10:53 pm
speech at joplin school, the town that was hit the hardest by a tornado. with no school to go to, graduating students spent the year in make shift classrooms, most in shopping malls. tuesday is the anniversary of the tornado. many people are expected to take walk of unitsy along the storm's path. clear skies for the joint air base show. it's just been announced the am show will now go on every two years instead of every year. people who came out for the show they hope the change is reconsidered. >> that's really sad. this is one of the events that actually brings families and communities together. we have been coming pretty much every year. >> it's hard enough to get down here. washington, d.c. has such a strong presence of military personal that i think it's important that we get a good representation of people see what dod is doing.
10:54 pm
this is the last time that the navy's blue angels will perform for a while. they are scheduled to return in four years who knew there was a 40s icon living in our midst? we have seen this picture taken at the end of world war ii. now a new book says that the woman lives nearby. you will meet her next. and trayvon martin's mother speaks to a baltimore congregation. her message to other moms mourning. 
10:55 pm
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10:57 pm
it's the image that many people associate with the end of world war ii. that kiss caught on camera in time square. the woman in that famous picture lives in maryland and there is a new book out this week that confirms her identity. but as fox 5 tells us, she knew it was her all along. >> every day, you walk around. >> reporter: jew might not
10:58 pm
recognize greta freedman on her man strolls. but you have seen her before. did you have any idea you were photographed. >> not at all. >> reporter: she was a young dental assistant in new york city who set out to see that rumors that world war ii was over? >> we go to time square. that's where you get the news. the sailor grabbed me. i don't know how long. but the photographer made the best of his opportunity. >> reporter: that photographer was alfred eisenstat. people watched as he took that photo. millions would watch in. for years, other people claim. a new book provide, quote, irrefutable proof that was her.
10:59 pm
>> did you have any doubt that it was you? >> not add all. >> the man is george mendoza, here is in a parade. >> he is married man. and hands off. >> mrs. freedman moved here 40 years ago for her husband's work. after her kids left work, she went back to school and got a degree in art here at hood college. she says she are has had a pretty nice life here in maryland. >> reporter: free said her friends and neighbors had known about the photo for years but she does not talk about it much. does it seem like a long time ago? >> no. it moves. time moves so fast. >> reporter: one nine important question. was he a good kisser? >> i don't want to comment on the quality. i didn't have that much experience at that time. [ laughter ] >> reporter: 67 years later, she know as lot more but the power of


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