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tv   Fox Morning News at 5  FOX  May 21, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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down on him. a dramatic preakness. he wins the preakness and the triple crown will be on the line at belmont park. >> pretty exciting. i'll have another, again, the final leg of the triple crown, belmont, is in three weeks. fox 5 morning news continues right now. t now. good morning. it is monday, may 21st. it is 5:00 straight up. a live look outside right now. kind of hazy. there is some rain in the forecast. i think it might be a humid day. tucker will tell us all about what we can expect as we begin the workweek. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm sarah simmons. let's say hello to tucker barnes. couldn't tell what we were looking at out there. a little thick again. >> got a little misty and
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cloudy. showers back in the forecast for the morning commute. they will be around on and off for the day. >> take the good with the bad. it was a nice weekend. >> we'll take the rain on a monday morning and hopefully we'll clear things out for next weekend. >> especially this. coming weekend, the big three- day weekend. >> always a big weekend. >> memorial day weekend. >> we can wear white, right? or what's the rule? >> white after memorial day. >> i think so. >> i broke the rule several times already. so it's okay. >> the temperatures break out in the 90s. >> just no flip-flops. >> the shower activity generally south and west of the city crossing 95, dale city get a pretty good shower at the moment. alexandria getting a shower. all of this pushing off to the north and west. manassas, reston, you are next. looks like parts of d.c. will see some pretty good showers. just because it is not green
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over your house, it does not mean you aren't getting some light mist. we have an area of storminess off to the south. that will be with us for the next couple of days. big changes from what we had around here this weekend. 67 in washington. 65 the winning number at dulles- bwi marshall. highs will be in the mid-70s. lots of clouds with some on again off again showers and maybe a thunderstorm. >> okay. >> hopefully, it will clear up for the weekend. >> we'll see. >> let's hope that things are clear on the roadways right now. >> let's check in with julie wright to see how that is going. >> did will say no flip-flops? >> not at work anyway. >> oops. >> your feet are never shown. sarah can wear her white pants but no flip-flops. >> i just had my piggies done and they're nice and pink. >> you got to show them off. >> you pay that kind of money,
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you show them off. on the roads this morning, on that wet pe. and a little bit of drizzle. -- on that wet pavement and a little bit of drizzle. this is the commute coming from 109 headed out towards the truck scales. no problems reported at this time. lanes are open off of i-70 and 15. coming eastbound off of 66 headed in towards centreville, all lanes are open, no problems to report continuing towards fair oaks and vienna. >> thank you. we begin this 5:00 a.m. hour with a plea for help in finding a missing boy in the district. take a look at his picture very closely here. this is 6-year-old javon brown. d.c. police say he was last seen yesterday on columbia road near 13th street northwest. he was last wearing a green t- shirt, blue jeans and red and black shoes. making other headlines this morning, the two teenagers charged in the shooting of two other teens will be in court today. >> it happened in the middle of
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the day right outside the rockville metro station. melanie alnwick is live in rockville with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, two rockville teenagers spent the weekend in jail. 17-year-old tavares harris and 16-year-old kevin wynn are now being charged as adults with attempted first doug perioder and many other charges as well. rockville city police arrested wynn at a shell gas station where police say he fled after shooting two other teens at the rockville metro station around 2:30 friday afternoon. one victim, and 18-year-old female was an innocent bystander but the other, a 16- year-old male police say was the intended target. investigators believe that wynn and harris were involved in an ongoing dispute with the 16- year-old victim. both of the teens shot are expected to be okay. police arrested harris at another location late friday night. both are being held without bond.
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they are charged with very serious charges here, attempted first degree murderers, use ever a fire armet in the commission of a felony as well as violent assault and first degree assault -- use of a firearm in the commission of a felony. a man wanted on child porn and sex charges is dead. he was killed by fairfax county police. officers were called to an apartment on backlick road in springfield just after 11:00 saturday night. they had information the map was hiding in a bedroom. when they arrived, they said the suspect threatened them way we have a report and that is when police shot him. forties authorities say the man had seven outstanding warrants. the mother of trayvon martin continues to travel around the country. sybrina fulton spoke at a baltimore church yesterday morning. the church's founder said he wanted fulton to share his story with his congregation because her bravery is a powerful example of how to stand up to injustice. fulton says she is grateful for
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support from the people in baltimore. >> it is overwhelming to see how many people are this affected. even if it happened to them before or they're thinking about their kids or their grandkids and the future. i'm not just working on behalf of trayvon because trayvon is resting right now. i'm working on behalf of other kids, their future and fight for them. >> martin's shooting death in february sparked a national outcry. neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman is charged with second degree murder and released on bond. the former libyan intelligence officer convicted of bombing pan am flight 103 in 1988 is dead. he was found guilty of killing 270 people in the attack.
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most of the people on board were americans. this morning's other big stories, president obama hosting the nato summit. he and nato allies are agreeing to keep troops in afghanistan until the pullout at the end of 2014 despite the sphren french president promising to withdraw early. they gathered in chicago's soldier field for a group photo. this is the largest meeting of nato leaders in the alliance's history. outside the summit, 45 protesters were arrested after clashing with police. chicago police arrested two more after this tied to the nato summit. one is excused of saying he wanted to blow up a bridge in chicago. another charged with trying to build pipe bombs. the charges come after three others and in a chicago court over the weekend accused of making fire bombs scientist prince george's county police officer is accused of drunk driving. police say officer daniel gonzalez was in his marked cruiser early saturday morning when he was involved in an accident in bladensburg. he was off duty at the time. fortunately, no one was hurt.
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he is a six-year veteran of the police department. the naacp passes a resolution concerning same-sex marriage. up next, details of their stance as we check more headlines. >> we are following developing news this morning. a deadly suicide bombing at a military parade overseas. we'll get the latest on that. we are remembering another musical icon. seem like every day another headline. donna summer on friday. bee gees singer robin gibb is dead. 
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making headlines this monday, we are getting word from yemen that 20 soldiers have been killed in a suicide bombing there. it happened at a military parade rehearsal in advance of yemen's national day which is tomorrow. officials say the bomber was a soldier participating in the drill which happened in the main square of the capital. to italy now, where crews are still searching for survivors after a strong earthquake rocked northern italy early yesterday morning. the u.s. geological survey says the epicenter of of the
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magnitude 6.0 earthquake was about 22 miles north of bologna. initial amateur video shows other buildings suffered major damage. at least four people were killed and dozens of others were hurt. re hurt. & how deep is your love. &. >> the music world has lost another star. robin gibb passed away yesterday after a long bat we'll colon and liver cancer. the bee gees had several doesen hits over the decades. they were probably best known for their songs over disco era. they are inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame in the late 1990s. today, the naacp will speak out about its significant endorsement of same-sex marriage. >> they passed a resolution that says marriage equality deserves protection under the law. civil marriage is a civil right and a matter of civil law.
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naacp support for marriage equality is deeply rooted in the 14th amendment of the united states constitution, an equal protection of all people. mother nature's fury captured on video. coming up next, look at. this this destructive tornado touches down. >> we'll get the details as we continue. good morning, tucker. >> good morning. we've got some clouds and some showers moving through the area as we speak. might want to bring along an umbrella today. we'll have showers back in the monday forecast. i'll have details on that. julie wright has a look at your traffic. we'll do it right after the break. [ female announcer ] today is the day...
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welcome back. time now is 5:15. alive look outside on your monday morning. commute under way when you step outside, get ready. a little change for the weekend. check out this video. dramatic images of a tornado caught on camera in kansas. storm chasers captured this video of the twister touching down just west of dipping kent shocknek man over the weekend. the storm toppled trees and produced some hail. so far, no word of any youries. later today, president obama delivers the commencement speech at joplin high school. it is the missouri school that was destroyed by the worst tornado in 60 years. many people are expected to
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ache a walk of unity tomorrow along the storm's path. that storm killed 161 people including two joplin high school students. graduating seniors spent the year if makeshift classrooms, most of them in a shopping mall. what i year i'm sure to remember. >> all those images just sort of more evidence and a reminder and fury and power of mother nature. >> so far, this year, things have been a little bit quieter. rain showers here. gorgeous weekend both saturday and sunday. we had the clouds move in last night. got this little area of storminess just off to the south and east and the computer models have down a good job of picking up the rain. bottom line, clouds and rain, some changes from yesterday. you can see the shower activity moving on in. even the areas here that aren't seeing the strongest showers are getting i agents fog and mist. you saw on the live shot in
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northwest washington, we are not picking up much rain but we have fog and a little bit of mist across the area. manassas, there is some rain. this is all lifting off to the north and west. more showers and then we've got showers here on the south side of the beltway too. southeast side of the beltway. so working into prince george's county. oxon hill, you are probably getting some slight showers at the moment. all of this moving on through. we'll have a lot of clouds around today. we're not going to see rain every minute but we will have the possibility of showers on again and off again and maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. area of low pressure right there in the mouth of the chesapeake. it is throwing moisture back toward the washington area. not terribly well organized. not in any hurry to get out of here. the forecast won't change a whole lot the next couple of days as we have the possibility of showers and storms in the forecast here for the foreseeable future. not even on this map and very weak at the moment, but we had the first tropical storm of the season develop, tropical storm
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alberto. that will not impact us here in washington. that will slip out to sea. it is just a little convexity point. a few thunderstorms surrounding that area of circulation. temperatures right now, we are nice and mild. 66degrees at reagan national. 70 at quantico. mid-70s with the cloud cover. futurecast, put it in motion, can you notice the hit and miss shower activity here at 5:00 a.m. we'll get a few more showers by 8:00. we'll see it on again, off again today. other than overnight, some showers linger into the daytime hours tomorrow. so get ready for a acouple of days with scattered showers. 75 today. plenty of clouds. could be a storm this afternoon as well. wind today out of the east at five to 10. a lot more cloud cover than what we had around here yesterday. could be a shower or two overnight. 63 your overnight low. and if you like the rain showers, you will love the next couple of days. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, a
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few showers each day. maybe a thunderstorm. by friday, i think we'll get you out to the of here. i know we have a big holiday weekend. the holiday weekend looks sunny and dry and warm, very warm. high temperatures by saturday and sunday, mid- to upper 80s. i know who like that kind of weather. speaking of of course let's do some traffic to see what julie wright has got going on. >> every memorial day weekend, they open up the pool and my big hope is that i will see tony perkins do the cannon ball off the high dive. >> are we going do that again this year? >> maybe. you think he'll do t. >> can't even get him in a pair of shorts. how are you going to get him to go swimming. >> there is that. on the roads right now, the wet pavement you're talking about, we have it coming in from the west. as you work in towards centreville, the lanes are open. no problems reported as you continue in towards fair oaks. lanes are open northbound on i- 59. hay the fender bender before newington. the wet pavement to accompany the commute in the express
5:21 am
lanes and main line as you travel northbound headed up to the franconia springfield parkway. no problems reported leaving 650 new hampshire avenue headed around towards silver spring. we are checking for accident activity off the inner loop of the beltway to go northbound i- 95. >> thank you, julie. you hear that music. you know what that means. another season of american idol is almost wrapped up. >> the final two contestants and they are good this season. they are preparing for the biggest week of their lives. fox's nicole collins has the latest this morning from los angeles. it is finally here, the near end of another idol season. the winner will be crowned later this week after the final battle between a southern rocker and a pint-sized diva. >> american idol is coming to a close, another fantastic season. >> season 11, a showdown between two very different artists. philip phillips has stayed true to his rock and roll roots all season. >> i'm not a pop star. never going to be a pop star.
5:22 am
i love maying music that is real to me, that has meaning to it. >> reporter: us weekly magazine says they learned interesting facts about the george-born singer. >> he is petrified of performing in front of people. he never thought he would be on national television. he gets very nervous during interviews. >> reporter: his competition, jessica sanchez, the 16-year- old from san diego with big booming vocals. >> i'm shocked and i'm he excited and nervous and scared and happy and just a bunch. feelings right now. >> reporter: sanchez within over the judges this season earning her a save from the trio when viewers tried to send her home. >> the judges had a lot of faith in her. >> reporter: oning idol is one thing. turns that win into a successful long-term music career is another. >> whether one of these people can go on that-to-a career like a kelly clarkson or carrie
5:23 am
underroad remines to be seen. not an easy task. >> reporter: phillips and sanchez go head to head on tuesday night. the idol winner will be announced on wednesday night's finale. just a quick reminder for you. another rope to tune into the american idol finale. you could have a chance to within a vip ticket package to see aerosmith in concert at justifiy lube live. >> you watch the live performance and then log onto to answer a question about the performance to register for your chance to win the concert prize pack. easy enough. >> both sort of winners to me at this point. >> nothing like aerosmith at 5:30 in the morning. >> what is better than a senior prom? how about two senior proms? >> up next, why some local students say school officials ruined their first prom. time now is 5:23. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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some teens in frederick county say their prom was like a scene from the movie foot loose. they say strict rules took away all the fun. >> last night, they held their own prom away from the eyes and ears of school administrators. audrey barnes has the story. >> reporter: as students started arriving for prom 2.0, it was leer this was going to be different. no fancy dresses or tuxes here,
5:27 am
more shorts and flip-flops. the main decoration, police tape. >> when are you expecting tonight? a lot of fun. i expect it to be what every prom should be. >> reporter: and everything the school's official prom last month was not. frederick county schools immetted new rules for school functions in march prohibiting things like sexually suggestive or explicit dancing. at brunswick high, kids at the prom got wrist bands so chap reasons could identify violators. >> when they first cut the band off, it was a warning. the second time, if you didn't have a band, they would kick you out. >> they would get on you like vultures. it was carey. >> some of your friends kicked out. >> i saw people get escorted out of the building. >> history. >> prom king drew howard helped organize prom 2.0. >> we want everyone to have a fund and safe and controlled environment that they can express themselves the way they
5:28 am
want to express themselves. >> make some senior memories. >> yes, exactly. >> brunswick city administrator rick weldon let a parent rent the city park building for prom 2.0 and both the mayor and police chief signed off on t organizers say about the only one who didn't support the effort was the brunswick high principal. the juniors and seniors paid $30 for the prom last movement this one cost just $8. the best part, these wrist bands are just for fun. >> i think this is actually a great idea. they're graduating. some of them are seniors graduating. this one last big hoopla that they want to express themselves and their ideas and just want to have a good time and have fun. >> reporter: and leave a legacy, the class of 2012 says they can be proud of. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> they didn't seem to be getting in trouble. >> the parents behind it as well. >> we'll have more top stories coming up next. >> stay with us.
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welcome back. we are taking a look at the wilson bridge if you can see it there through that thick moisture we have getting started on this may 21st. >> it won't rain every minute but we'll have lots of clouds and the possibility of some showers and storms for the next couple of days.
5:32 am
>> this is the rain, the showers rousing the visibility right now. >> that is the mist we see. this area of storminess just off to the south and east, right across the mouth of the chesapeake bay. it is going to be a very slow mover. we'll see the showers pop up from time to time. there is your radar. you can see the shower activity and most of the -- or the heftiest rain here just south and west of the city. but you can see that we got some pretty good rain showers breaking out across 95, roughly out towards 66 moving towards reston and leesburg, get some more shower activity. off to the south and east of the city, annapolis, working into prince george's county, some more rain showers. rain showers for the morning commute. i think you will see these pop up from time to time during the course of the day. i mentioned the storminess across the lower chesapeake bay. you don't really see any center of circulation. it is not well organized. we'll see more shower activity. you can see it out to the east of ocean city there. some of that will start to move in later today. we have showers back in the
5:33 am
forecast for monday. lots of clouds too. temperatures a little cooler than they've been, mid 70s for your afternoon highs. 57 in washington with some on again, off again showers. could be a thunderstorm as well. >> wait another 10 minutes for the five-day forecasike a lot o hoping that the memorial day weekend will be clear and warm so you can wear those flip- flops and get in the kiddie pool. >> i waited all wind for you to show up. >> i was in new orleans. >> then you have an excuse. >> yeah. >> bailey had a blanket laid out and everything for you. on the roads, you will find the wet pavement and we do have a slick commute ahead of us. ener loop is where we had reports of accident activity on the ramp to go northbound on i- 95. eastbound 66 on that wet pavement coming in out of manassas, volume building. no problems reported leave aring fair oaks headed for 123.
5:34 am
lanes are open northbound 95 in both the express lanes and main line. we are a little sluggish working your way out of woodbridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-timetraffic. imetraffic. >> thank you. new this morning, d.c. police need your help finding this cute little boy. taken a look. his picture right there on the screen. it is 6-year-old javon brown. he was last seen yesterday on columbia road near 13th street. he was wearing a green t-shirt, blue jeans and red and black shoes. shoes. our other big story, world leaders gather in chicago. the nato summit is giving president obama an opportunity to show nato members his hometown. the first day of the summit was dominated by the timetable for pulling out of afghanistan. today, they are discussing how to pay for the mission and also discuss european missile defense. outside the summit, police say they were assaulted by protesters and arrested dozens
5:35 am
of them. four four officers were injured while taking the protesters into custody. >> police also arrested two others charged with times tied to the sum. a 28-year-old is accused of attempting to make people bombs. prosecutors say the other man is an anarchist who hid bombs inside books. the new charges follow weekend arrests of three others accused of making molotov cocktail bombs. the former libyan intelligence officer who was found guilty of the 1988 lockerbie bombing is dead. he lost his battle to prostate cancer yesterday, nearly three years after his release from a scottish prison. he was convicted of killing 243 passengers and 16 crew members in the terrorist bombing of pan am flight 103. most of the people he killed in that attack over scotland were americans. the two teenagers accused of the shooting outside the rockville metro station will be in court if a bond review
5:36 am
today. this happened around 2:30 friday affect. 16-year-old kevin nguyen and 17- year-old tavares harris are both charged with attempted first degree murder. police believe a 16-year-old male was the intended target after an ongoing dispute. an 1-year-old bystander was grazed by a bullet. both are expected to be okay. a prince george's county police officer is accused of drunk driving. police say officer daniel gonzalez was in his marked cruiser early saturday when he was involved in an accident in bladensburg. he was off duty at the time and no one was hurt during this. the state's attorney will review the case. the mother of trayvon martin shared her family's story ate baltimore church this past weekend. sybrina fulton spoke about how she is coping with her son's death here at the empowerment temple church. the church's found are says he wanted fulton to speak to his congregation because her bravely is a powerful example of,000 stand up to injustice. she says she is grateful for
5:37 am
the support from the people in baltimore. here is more. >> we had no knowledge and we had no clue about how many people were supporting us and how many people had felt the same way that we felt. so it is just overwhelming, just to see how man people are this affected. >> martin's shooting death in february sparked national outcry. george zimmerman is charged with second degree murder and is now release on bond. a reporter getting just a little too close for comfort for entertainer will smith. now, typically, he is it is nicest guy on the red carpet. en says that. up next, why he hauled off with a bit of a slap to the face to this reporter. we'll show you. a family's backyard, a magnet for car crashes. we'll explain why up next. 
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a scary morning for one pennsylvania family. check out these picture of a blue dodge pick-up truck that crashed into their fence just inches away from their brand- new swimming pool. it is the third time a speeding vehicle has ended up in the family's yard. so far, the family hasn't been hurt in any of the incidents but are worried the next time they won't be so lucky including that swimming pool so close to the fence. the family contacted the been pen department of transportation who did put up some warning signs. the family says it is simply not enough. they want a guard rail now and more police enforcement. mark -- mark zuckerberg is off the
5:42 am
market. he married priscilla chan over the weekend. congratulation to them. a russian reporter found out the hard way with will smith when he tried to plant a kiss on the star. this all went down at the russian premiere of men in black three. this is that reporter's thing. that is what he does. it takes someone off guard. >> i think will, even though he is married, would have prefered a beautiful woman would was doing that. we just mentioned facebook there and the first day of its trading. it turns out all did not go well. many are calling to the facebook fizzle. >> that is causing the government to look into how the anthrax handled the buying and selling. we'll take a -- how the nasdaq handled the buying and selling. we'll take a closer look at that next hour. it is a wet monday morning. tucker is back with the full forecast as we continue and julie has your commute. time now is 5:42.
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south welcome back. a live look at the beltway in oxon hill. it is 5:45. it is a wet start to the workweek. but boy, after the warm weekend, who can complain? sarah, you were in atlanta. i was in new orleans. couldn't come back from new orleans without a little
5:46 am
something for you guys. >> we got presents. >> we do? >> here we go. >> will, you're so thoughtful. >> i try. i was raised right by my mom and dad. >> this is chicory coffee. >> this is real gifts. >> i've had this. >> and cafe du monde. i would have brought you the beignets but i'm told they are only good when they're fresh and warm. >> what you about you from atlanta? >> did you want a gift from a baby shower? >> i know. >> thank you, will, very much. >> i think you'll enjoy it. >> thank you. all right. love new orleans. i was here so i don't have gifts for you guys. >> i had nice weather. >> you enjoyed the weather if you were here. >> lots of sunshine and very quiet conditions. things changed big time last
5:47 am
night. clouds moved in and we had showers breaking out for the morning commute. things will be -- might be a the slow as the showers continue to fall in and around the d.c. area. radar showing you the shower activity. got i alittle band here just to the east of washington. working into eastern portions of washington, prince george's county out towards route 50 annapolis, towards glen burnie getting some light showers. and then south and west of the city, we have avenue been watching this for the last hour or development earlier move new dale city and fredericksburg. all this kind of lifting off to the north and to the west as our area of storminess pushes onto our next map and it is just to the south and east. it is right here parked right across the lower delmarva peninsula and it is just not going to budge a whole lot today. you see more moisture just off the coast. it will kind of throw that back towards the washington area later today. not terribly well organized. not going to rain all day today. i think we will have a lot more cloud cover than what we had around here yesterday. it will be humid and we'll see the kind of on again, off again
5:48 am
showers with the possibility of a thunderstorm later today. lets me mention, not even on this map, and it is very weak. down into northern georgia there, south carolina, we've got tropical storm alberto. first storm of the season. the season doesn't officially begin until june 1st. maximum winds, 40 miles per hour. will not impact us directly in washington. it will stay out to sea. temperatures right now here in d.c., nice and mild. 66degrees. 70 in quantico. 63 in gaithersburg this morning and in leonardtown, 63 degrees. our highs will be cooler with the cloud cover. still comfortable, mostly cloudy skies. showers stick around tonight. yep, they linger mostly cloudery with a chance of some showers. 63 the overnight hoe. they linger into the next couple of days. yep, you got it. 7 # tomorrow with some showers and storms. and wednesday, thursday, too. by friday, we'll get it all out of here. we'll have sunshine, warmer
5:49 am
temperatures for the weekend. highs by saturday and sunday upper 80s, maybe we'll touch 90 by next weekend. here comes some heat just in time for memorial day. that is a look at the forecast. let's do some traffic. julie, wait until you see dave ross. he is looking like a golfer this morning. >> a golfer? >> yeah. >> not the gopher, but the golfer. >> the real thing. i'm impressed. >> i hear the team of caddy shack going in my head right now. >> accident activity, this is southbound 207 just before the commit for montrose road. accident activitykinds of squeezing the right side of the roadway here as you work your way south from 28 headed out towards falls road. heads up as you work your way southbound along 270 in the main line. already some trouble spots to report headed out of rockville. lanes are open northbound i-95. the wet pavement tucker is talking about here to accompany your drive out of woodbridge. volume is heavy and slow as you work wror way across the occoquan. lanes are open on 395 beltway to the 14th street bridge. accident activity if you are
5:50 am
traveling northbound 295 at the 11th street bridge. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. everyone loves bryce harper. well, maybe not everyone. >> up next, hear how one member of the baltimore orioles went off when asked about harper. plus, dave ross, who looks like he is ready for the masters will join us for sports breakfast you just don't have the green jacket today. >> i know, will.   we gotta sell the car. where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in.
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hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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a little protection on deck. >> 19-year-old bryce harp he has made a big splash with the nats. but not everyone in the major leagues is ready to heap praises on him. >> take a listen to orioles star center fielder adam jones responding for a question about harper before the start of their weekend series. >> are you looking forward to taking a look at bryce harper. >> why are you asking me about other people hike that? are you asking them are they hooking forward to see me -- are they looking forward to see
5:54 am
me. >> have you asked them that the. >> not yet, imcoverring you guys. >> ask them that first. >> touchy, touchy. >> let's welcome in dave ross with sports breakfast. we'll talk about the nats along with at&t. >> about that though because that is very interesting. hath let's don't like to be asked about other team players. he is saying what about us? we're in first place. we've got stars. don't ask me about their guys. ask me about our team. >> so someone would has cover sports for longer than you care to -- >> yeah. >> you would say that is not a dude with an attitude. this is just par for the course. >> that is it. >> when they feel like they're being slighted a little bit and they're just talking about bryce harper and this 19-year- old kid. this is a big series we have. and here we are. he is calling off the left fielder. he drops the ball. at 19, if you're going to call
5:55 am
somebody off, you got to make the play. there is bryce not feeling real great about that. but he does have the big stick and there it goes. looks like nick is going to catch this. but oh! falls out of the glove. two runs will score. bryce harper goes all the way to third. he is a big reason why the nationals are having some success at the dish. >> stephen stros biewrg, not necessarily his best outing but it was good enough. he did something he has never bun done before. you will see it right now. -- stephen strasbourg. are you kidding me? look how slowly. >> this is the last time i'll probably ever do this. still pretty cool to see the nats score nine straight runs. they win 9-3. afterward, everybody wanted to talk about
5:56 am
the home run. >> i didn't think it was going out. typically, the speed is down so we have to swing a lot harder to hit it out. it just shows you get a good swing to o. stand hit it in the right part, it will go out. >> i didn't expect stras to hit a breaking ball. we said we found a left fielder. yeah, that's great. that ways fun dugout when we started scoring some runs. >> this is yesterday. i was out at the big train celebrity softball game. i was honored to be out there. it was the media against the athletes. this is my trying to score the game-tying run. we're down and am i safe? am i out? i'm called out. and look at mike wise from the watch the post go ballistic on
5:57 am
the ump. it was a terrible call. i was safe. lorenzo alexander's last thing as they walk off the field victorious, 3-2-rbg athletes will do anything to get a win over media guys. -- 3-2. >> you willing out at congressional all morning. >> going right now. see you guys in a half hour. >> thank you, dave. our facebook fan of the day, sue moon bowie. she says we shouldn't pick on tucker. okay, i have to tell you that you have no idea what he does to us behind the scenes during the break. but okay. washington's weather so wacky. she says her daughter likes to wear two light jackets in the spring and fall.
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